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Ara Nova
*Ara Nova. EKM Publishing. CS. 1985.
Ara Nova
Side 1: Glory to the Lord. Even When You're Wrong. White Dove. Face of God. Let It Shine. Side 2: Borrowed Time. Morning Sky. Two Hearts. Because of You. Light of the Lord.
Aradhna is an American group playing Christian bhajans: Indian religious songs. Band is Chris Hale: sitar, vocals. Peter Hicks: guitar. Travis McAfee: bass. With Naren Budhakar on tabla. All songs are sung in Hindi. English translations are on the lyric sheet.
*Deep Jale. Independent CD. 2000?
*Luke, George. Rev. of "Deep Jale." CR Feb.-Mar. 2001: 43.
Main person in band is Ross Assink from Custer, Washington.
*Music for the Sacrifice. CS. 1991.
*The Healing Power of Death. 1992
*Propitiation Complete: the Shedding of Deity's Blood. 1994.
*Electro Shock Therapy. REX 41032. 1995. Arbitrage song: A.F.A.A.M.E.S.T.M.
Music for the Sacrifice
Side 1: Die for Me. Return from Hate. Lie. Monster. Stone Cold. Side 2: Mind Rape. Nothing. Rot. Quonset Jungle.
*Review of Music for the Sacrifice. WT #13 p55.
New South Wales, Australia
Began late 1996 / early 1997. Jason McPhail: guitar, vocals (spring 1997 departed to join band Aroma). Paul McPhail: guitar (spring 1999, left for youth ministries work). Garry Hol: bass, vocals. Stephen Crichton: drums. Shaun Sandison: guitar, piano, vocals. CD, no information.
Arc Gospel Choir
*Bound for the Promised Land (En Avant Pour la Terre Promise). Ocora 4560005. 1990. CS.
Bound for the Promised Land
Songs: The Purpose / The Apostles’ Creed / Gloria Patri (1:46). When We All (3:54). Say No to Drugs (9:20). Shout Now (4:24). Kum Ba Ya (3:31). Jesus Wash (3:35). Thank You Lord (10:03). Amazing Grace (10:03). I Don’t Know What You Can to Do (3:20). Higher (3:15). He’s My Light (7:40). Ride On (3:36). I’m Bound for the Promised Land (9:40). When We All (reprise 2:57). Reverend James Allen, director. Recorded June 26-29, 1990, at the Riverside Church, New York City.
*Arcade. Maranatha 7100273846. 1989.
Arch Stanton
Minnesota. Jason Brouwer: vocals, guitar Matt Alexander: drums Brian Larson: bass, vocals. Mike Gelhar: bass, vocals.
*Simple Green Holiday. 1997.
Gary and Sharon Archer
*Thank Heaven for Me. Light LS5687. 1975. LP.
Iain Archer
*Rain. Custom EP. 1994.
*Playing Dead. Sticky Music. 1994.
*Wishing. Sticky Music GUMCD29. 1995. CD. UK.
*Crazy Bird. Sticky Music. 1996.
*Revelation Bell. Secret Words. 1997.
*Flood the Tanks. Bright Star BSR27. CD. 2004. U.K. Essentially a secular album,
CD Singles
*Summer Jets / Colouring In / See the Survivors / Summer Jets (video).
*Boy Boy Boy / Holywood Seapark / Everything I’ve Got.
*Running in Dreams. Promp contains two extra tracks: Lights / Flood the Tanks.
7 inch Single
*Summer Jets b/w Colouring In.
Songs: Wishing (5:00). Something from Nothing 6:04). The Breeze (4:24). May You Never (2:55). Songs 1-3 by Iain. Wishing and Something are from the CD playing Dead. The Breeze and May You Never were recorded live at the Greenbelt Festival, August 27th, 1994. May You Never, written by John Martyn.
Playing Dead
Iain Archer: acoustic guitars, backing vocals; electric guitars. Charlie Irvine: telecaster; second guitar; backing vocals. Dot Reid: piano, organ, backing vocals. Steve Butler: bass, backing vocals; percussion on Love Is the Last Thing. Eddy John: percussion, drums. Ewen Vernal: bass.
All songs by Iain Archer
Songs: Wishing (5:15). Drink Your Fill (4:52). Expectations (4:48). Playing Dead (5:20). One of These Days (3:45). Love Is the Last Thing (4:14). Rain (4:56). Tumbling Down (5:05). Soul Cries (5:58). Something from Nothing (6:02). Papa Burns (3:58).
Produced by Steve butler, Vharlie Irvine and Dot Reid. Engineered and mixed by Steve and Charlie at Heaven (?) Studios, Daly (?), Scotland, Feb. – June 1994. Mastered by David Wright, Gemini Sound. Photography by Geoff Crawford (?) and Dan Donovan. Sleeve design by Sean Shack (?).
Flood the Tanks
Songs: Pressure Drop. Running in Dreams. Boy Boy Boy. Not Yourself. Does This Have a Name? Summer Jets. I Wasn’t Drinking But You Got Me Drunk. A Few Conclusions. The Shadow. That One You Always Do.
*Crazy Bird. The Cutting Edge 113 June 1997.
*Lewis, James. Rev. of New Stranger in This Part of Town. CR December / January 1995: 38-39.
*Long, Andrew. Rev. of Ringing the Revelation Bell. CR August / September 1998: 30.
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of Flood the Tanks. CR Sept.-Nov. 2004: 41.
Steve Archer
See also the Archers
*Solo. Home Sweet Home 701000939-2. 1982.
*Through His Eyes. Home Sweet Home 701675106-6. 1983.
*Action. Home Sweet Home 7010002398. 1985.
*Off the Page. Home Sweet Home 7010018391. 1987. LP. 10 songs.
*Hits. 1988.
*Stay Right Here. Kle-Toi Records. 1998.
Steve Archer: lead and backing vocals. Carlos Vega, Clay Caire and David Huff: drums. Dennis Bellfield, Mike Brignardello and Gary Lunn: bass. Hadley Hockensmith, Michael Landau, Jon Goin and Dann Huff: guitars. Harlan Rogers, Bobby Ogdin, Billy Smiley and Kurt Howell: keyboards. Ollie Mitchell and Charles Davis: horns on "Livng in the Hands" and "But You Didn't." Debby Boone: duet on "Evermore." Pete Brewer: sax on "Evermore." Sandie Hall, Rick Riso, Steve Archer, Debby Boone: backing vocals on "Evermore." Strings on "Evermore": Anshel Brusilow, Norma Lewis Davidson, Margaret Lee Brouwer, George Padich, Peggy Miller Zimmers, Mildred R. Moxley, Gloria G. Stroud. Dann Huff: lead guitar on "Good News" and "Bring Me Closer." Billy Smiley: backing vocals on "Bring Me Closer." Dan Cutrona: Prophet on "Live It."
Side 1: Treasure (Mike Barnes 3:00). Living in the Hands (Stephen Bower / Chris Christian 3:51). He's Coming Back for Me (Chris Christian 2:39). Armor of the Lord (Rick Riso / Joey Arreguin 3:17). Evermore (Kelly Willard / Rick Riso 3:55).
Side 2: But You Didn't (Gary McSpadden / Chris Christian 3:17). Good News (George Ratzlaff 3:20). Bring Me Closer (Smiley / Mark Gersmehl / Dann Huff 2:54). Unto Me (Billy Masters / Chris Christian 3:18). Live It (Randy Thomas 4:02).
Produced by Chris Christian. Engineered and mixed by Jack Joseph Puig. Additional engineers: Tom Adler, Jeff Balding, Bill Deaton and Tim Jaquette. Recorded at Gold Mine Studio, Nashville, Tennessee (tracks, overdubs and remix); Mama Jo's, Hollywood, California (tracks); January Sound Studio, Dallas, Texas (strings). Track and backing vocals on "Bring Me Closer" arranged by Billy Smiley and Dann Huff. Strings on "Evermore" arranged by Bergen White. Production assistance: Dawn Allen. Project coordination: Daryl Bush. Cover design: Keith D. Yates. Cover photograph: David Brandt.
Skip Conte: Linn 9000; keyboards. Lee Kix: percussion. Bob Parr: bass. Michael Thompson: guitar. Jeremy Dalton: keyboards, backing vocals. John Schriener: keyboards, synths; Linn 9000 programming. Steve Archer: lead and backing vocals. Tim Archer: backing vocals. Howard Smith: backing vocals. Chris Christian: bass, backing vocals. Dan Huff: guitar. Alan Pasqual: bass. Paul Jackson: guitar. Robbie Buchanon: keyboards. David Hungate: bass. Dan Cutrona: keyboards. Keith Thomas: synths, DMX drum machine, synclavier; backing vocals. Glen Allen Green: guitars, backing vocals. Mike Brignardello: bass. Denny Henson: backing vocals. Jack Miller's Allstars: drums, bass, guitar, keyboards on "Holy Holy." Special Friends Choir: backing vocals on "Holy Holy."
All songs by Jeremy Dalton, except as noted.
Side 1: I Can Do All Things (3:26). Everything I Am (3:55). Safe (Duet with Marilyn McCoo 4:08). Action (3:40). Loves Finest Hour (3:16). Side 2: Run (Glen Allen Green / Keith Thomas 4:14). Holy Holy (4:11). Who Will Own Your Heart (Julie and Buddy Miller 4:17). Make a Joyful Noise (3:47).
Produced by Skip Conte, Chris Christian and Keith Thomas. Executive producer: Chris Christian. Recorded at Front Page, Gold Mine West, Mama Jo's, Gold Mine East. Art direction and design by Rhonda Jesson. Photography by David Brandt.
Off the Page
Romeo Williams: bass. Michael Thompson: guitar. Frank Casonova, Jeff Lams and Skip Konte: keyboards. Lee Kix: drum overdubs. Albert Wing: sax. Dara Bernard, Mary Bernard, Carol Sue Hill and Vicky Rosino: backing vocals.
All songs by Jereny Dalton, except as noted.
Side 1: S.O.S. (4:03). Part of the Heart (4:52). If You Were the Only One (Gary Floyd / Robert Sterling / Cindy Sterling 4:04). Forever (3:50). Jump (Steve Archer / Jeff Lams 3:50). Side 2: Blaze of Glory (3:49). Off the Page (Gary Floyd / Chris Christian 3:32). If You're Ready (Come Go with Me) (Homer Banks / Raymond Jackson / Carl Hampton 3:37). Never Too Late (3:57). (Tell 'Em All To) Move Aside (Billy Batstone / Jeff Lams 3:56).
Executive producer: Chris Christian. Produced by Steve Archer and Skip Konte. Production executive: David Bendett. Track arrangements by Romeo Williams. Vocal arrangements by Steve Archer. Recorded and mixed at Front Page Recording, Costa Mesa, California. Engineers: Steve Kempster, Dan Humann, Charlie Watts and Skip Konte. "If You Were" and "Off the Page" produced and arranged by Chris Christian. Recorded and mixed at Gold Mine Studio, Dallas, Texas. Engineered by John Carey and Chris Christian. "S.O.S.", "Part of the Heart," "Forever" and "Blaze of Glory" remixed by Chris Christian and John Carey. Photography by David Brandt. Art direction and design by Rhonda Jesson.
*If You Were the Only One (4:04) b/w S.O.S. (4:03). Home Sweet Home SA 45#0018. 1987. Promo 45rpm. Yellow vinyl.
*Off of the Page (3:32) b/w Part of the Heart (4:52). Home Sweet Home Sa 45#0018-2. 1988. Promo 45rpm. Yellow vinyl.
*Ledesma, Stephen. Rev. of Through His Eyes. CCM Feb. 1984: 31, 33.
See also Steve Archer
*Any Day Now...We'll Be Going Home. Charisma Records CH 7000S. No date - probably 1973, as the two Andrae Crouch songs date from '73 or earlier. LP.
*The Archers. Impact R3213. 1973. LP. This is the same as "Any Day Now..."
*Keep Singin' That Love Song. Impact R3224. 1974. LP. Lyric insert.
*Things We Deeply Feel. Light Records LS-5679-LP. 1975. LP.
*Fresh Surrender. Light Records LSB-5707. 1977. LP.
*In the Beginning. Impact R3503. 1977. LP. Reissue of Impact R3213/R3224.
*Best of. Impact R3554. 1978. LP.
*Stand Up! Light Records LS-5755. 1979. LP.
*Celebrate. Light Records LS-5773. 1980. LP.
*Spreadin' Like Wildfire. MCA Songbird MCA-5258. 1981. LP. Also: MCA5016. 1982.
*At Their Very Best. Light Records LS 5815. 1982. LP.
*All Systems Are Go. Light Records LS-5869. 1984.
*Golden Classics. Light Records LS-5847. 1984.
*Colors of Your Love. Reunion Records 7010062722. 1991.
*Second Time Around. Diadem 7901131748. 1992.
Any Day Now... We'll Be Going Home / The Archers
Tim and Steve Archer. Nancy Short. Billy Masters. Tim Jaquette: Fender bass. Tim Johnson: keyboards. Tim Short: drums.
All songs by Masters, except as noted.
Side 1: God's Love (4:12). I've a Friend (3:19). Put on Jesus (2:27). Life in Jesus (Stipe; arranged by the Archers 3:05). It Won't Be Long (Crouch 3:47). Side 2: As Long as I Know (Short 4:01). Basically Roamin' (3:55). Jesus Is the Answer (Crouch 3:24). God's Throne (Archer 2:12). For Me, For You (5:00).
Gary Archer: producer. Clark Gassman: arrangements. Ami Hadami: engineer. Bob McConnell: art direction (The Archers). Bill Grine: photos (The Archers). Album design on Any Day Now: Woody Woodward Grafix.
Keep Singin' That Love Song
Side 1: Keep Singin' That Love Song (Danny Lee 2:50). Truth, Peace and Joy (Nancye Short 3:21). He Washed My Sins Away (Andrae Crouch 2:34). Children (Jon Ferrin - Nancye Short 3:11). Jesus (He Is the Son of God) (Danny Lee 3:00). Side 2: Thank You, Lord Jesus (Billy Masters 3:51). Little Flowers (Danny Lee 4:16). Soul Down (Billy Masters 3:00). He Loves You (Nancye Short 2:42). There Is a Light (Phil Johnson 3:38).
Produced by Bob MacKenzie. Art direction: Bob McConnell. Cover photos: Bill Grine. Vocal arrangements by the Archers and Bob Sisco. Instrumental arrangements: Bob Sisco. Recording engineer: Stu Evans. Recorded at Sunwest Recording Studio, Hollywood. Remix engineers: Lee Hazen and Toby Foster. Mastering engineer: Toby Foster.
Things We Deeply Feel
David Patch: keyboards. Clark Gassman: Moog. Jay Graydon, Dan Ferguson, Ben Benay and Lee Ritenour: guitars. Red Rhodes: steel guitar. Ed Green and Hal Blaine: drums. Leland Sklar: bass. Allan Estes: percussion. Harold Hensley: electric fiddle.
Side 1: Music (He Brings a New Song) (Masters / Cole 3:35). Giver of Life (Masters 3:27). Sit Yourself Down (Short 2:54). Lord, You've Been Good to Me (Crouch 2:47). It Wouldn't Be Enough (Aldridge 3:59). Side 2: I'm with Jesus (David Erwin 3:15). Brand New Day (Masters 3:31). You Are My Inspiration (Masters 2:58). If You Can't Believe in Love (You Don't Believe in Anything at All) (Paxton / Hellard 3:17). It's Love to Me (Masters / Aldridge 3:01). Praise Him (Aldridge / Masters 2:52).
Bill Cole: producer. Bobby Sisco: arranger of rhythm charts. Clark Gassman: arranger of strings and brass. Jerry Barnes: engineer.
"This album is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend and arranger, BOBBY SISCO, who died suddenly as the result of an auto accident, while we were in the process of recording. He was an extremely talented arranger, who had contributed much of himself and his talent to the 'ARCHER SOUND' over the past two years. We will truly miss him." The Archers.
Fresh Surrender
Drums: Mike Baird, Jim Keltner and Paul Leim. Bass: Wilton Felder, Dave Hungate and Reinie Press. Guitars: Ben Benay, Dean Parks, Lee Ritenour, Tony Sena and Fred Tackett. Keyboards: Phil Kristianson and Larry Muhoberac. Strings: Jimmy Getzoff, concert master. Vocal arrangements: Tim, Steve and Janice. Instrumental arrangements: the Archers and Larry Muhoberac. Orchestrations: Larry Muhoberac.
Side 1: I Need You (Masters 3:33). Fresh Surrender (Masters 2:55). With Every Breath I Take (Aldridge 4:28). Water into Wine (Archer 3:16). Give Him Praise (Kristianson 4:48). Side 2: I'm Gonna Rise (Tsapralis 3:12). Change (Tsapralis 3:31). Sanctified Life (Archer / Kristianson 3:33). Make Me an Instrument (Coffey 4:41). You Know the Future (Learning 4:23).
Produced by Bill Cole, Tim and Steve Archer. Art direction: Thel Eichmann. Photographer: Alan Bergman.
Stand Up
Drums: Mike Baird and Paul Leim. Bass: David Hungate and Reinie Press. Guitars: Tim May, Greg Poree, Thom Rotella and Tony Sena. Keyboards and synthsizers: Phil Kristianson, Larry Muhobreac and Billy Preston. Tenor sax solos: Ernie Watts. Trumpets: Jay Daversa and Chuck Findlay. Trombone: Bill Watrous. Woodwinds: Buddy Collette and Don Menza. Percussion: King Errison. Strings: Jimmy Getzoff, concert master.
Side 1: Only His Love (Aldridge 4:39) (Solo: Steve). We're All Gonna Leave Here (Hockensmith / Hibbard 3:09) (Solo: Tim). Fool's Paradise (Bower 3:55) (Solo: Steve). Moments with You (Learning 3:50) (Solo: Janice). Stand Up! (S. Archer / Kristianson 4:45) (Solo: Steve). Side 2: Blame It on the One I Love (Willard 2:45) (Solo: Janice). More (So Much) (Aldridge 3:32) (Solo: Steve). Livin' in Your Love (Sherberg 4:13) (Solo: Tim and Steve). God Loves You (Preston - Schuler 2:51) (Solo: Tim and Steve). Pickin' Up the Pieces (T. Archer 5:11) (Solo: Tim).
Bill Cole: executive producer. Produced by Larry Muhoberac and John Guess. Associate producers: Tim and Steve Archer. Recording and mixing engineer: John Guess. Additional engineering: Phil Kaye and John Banuelos. Arrangements by Larry Muhoberac. Recorded at Jennifudy Recording, Hollywood Sound, Devonshire Sound and Hollywood Central. Mastered by Bernie Grundman at A&M Recording Studios, Hollywood, California. Art direction: Klingensmith Design Group. Photography by Alan Bergman.
Michael Fickling: drums. Tim Jaquette: Fender bass guitar. Tony Sena: electric guitar. Phil Kristianson: Hammond B-3, clavinet, Fender Rhodes, Arp, synthesizers. Dan Cutrona: acoustic piano, synthesizers, vibraphone, marimba. Paul Bahn: percussion. Sandra Couch - percussion. Steve Archer - percussion. Charles Davis: trumpet. Larry Hall: trumpet. Bill Reichenbach: trombone, euphonium. Gary Herbig: saxophone, flute. Stephanie Reach: backing vocals.
Side 1: Celebrate (Riso 3:50). Wonderful to Feel Your Love (Thomas 2:40). Where Could I Go? (Coats 5:03). Lord, Keep Your Lovin' Hand on Me (Learning 4:43). Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (S. Archer 3:28). Side 2: I'm Gonna Rise (Tsapralis 3:42). It Wouldn't Be Enough (Aldridge 3:55). Waitin', Anticipatin' (S. and T. Archer 3:31). Fresh Surrender (Masters 2:56). Stand Up (S. Archer / Kristianson 4:04). Celebrate (Reprise) (Rise 1:13).
Arrangers: Boby Cisco, Dan Cutrona, Clark Gassman, Phil Kristianson, Larry Muhoberac, Bill Richardson (horns), The Archers (basic arrangements), Tim, Steve and Janice (all vocal arrangements). Produced by Tim and Steve Archer and Bill Cole. Design and illustration: Kernie Erickson. Photography: Gary Null. Concert introduction: John Styll. Recorded at Melodyland Christian Center, Anaheim, California. Recorded by Filmways / Heider Remote Unit: Biff Dawes: engineer; Billy Youdleman: 2nd engineer. Mixdown and assembly: Martinsound Recording, Alhambra, California; Jack Puig: engineer. Concert supervision: Joy Productions, Woodland Hills, California.
Spreadin' Like Wildfire
Larry London and Alex Acuna: drums and percussion. Abraham Laboriel: bass. Shane Keister and Dony McGuire: synthsizers. Hadley Hockensmith: electric guitars. Bill Kenner: mandolin. Tony Sena: electric overdubs on "Merry-Go-Round" and "Never Say Goodbye." Strings by the Shelly Kurland Strings: Sheldon Kurland, George Binkley, John David Boyle, Marvin D. Chantry, Roy Christensen, Conni L. Ellisor, Carl J. Gorodetzky, Lenni Haight, Dennis W. Molchan, James R. Skipper, Samuel Terranova, Gary Vanasdale. Horns: Dennis Solee (sax solos), Buddy Skipper, George Tidwell, Roger Bissell.
Side 1: Spreadin' Like Wildfire (Hal and Rachel Newman 4:01). I Never Knew Love (Reba Rambo / Dony McGuire 4:02). Sooner of Later (Steve Archer / Reba Rambo 4:22). Back in Your Arms (Tim Archer 4:45). Everyday (George Ratzlaff 4:11). Side 2: Runnin' Too Long (Tim Archer / Reba Rambo 4:13). Care (Steve Archer / Dan Cutrona 4:33). Nothing Can Separate Us (Reba Rambo / Dony McGuire 4:15). Merry-Go-Round (Steve Archer 5:19). Never Say Goodbye (Bruce Hibbard 3:53).
Produced by Dony McGuire. Track and vocal arrangements by Dony McGuire. Strings and horns arranged by Buddy Skipper. Recording and mixing engineers: Warren Peterson and George Michael Psanos. Recorded at MCA Whitney Studios, Glendale, California. Vocal overdubs recorded by Willie Harlan at IAM, Irvine, California. Remixed at Sound Stage Studios, Nashville, Tennessee. Mastered by Steve Hall at MCA Whitney Mastering Studios, Glendale, California. Photography by Bob Duffy. Art direction by George Osaki. Design by Randy Moses.
At Their Very Best
Side 1: It Wouldn't Be Enough (Aldridge 4:01. Solo: Nancy Short). With Every Breath I Take (Aldridge 4:28. Solo: Steve). Pickin' Up the Pieces (Tim Archer 5:11. Solo: Steve). I'm with Jesus (Erwin 3:17. Solo: Steve). Music (He Brings Me a New Song) (Masters / Cole 3:59. Solo: Steve). Side 2: Lord, You've Been So Good to Me (Crouch 2:47. Solo: Steve). Fool's Paradise (Bower 3:55. Solo: Steve). Change (Tsapralis 3:31. Solo: Janice). Only His Love (Aldridge 4:39. Solo: Steve). Make Me an Instrument (Coffey 4:41. Solo: Steve).
Golden Classics
Side 1: Stand Up (S. Archer / Kristianson 4:45). Brand New Day (Masters 3:31). Sanctified Life (S. Archer / Kristianson 3:33). Moments with You (Learning 3:50). Sunshine on a Cloudy Day (S. Archer 3:28). Side 2: Celebrate (Riso 3:50). You Are My Inspiration (Masters 2:58). I Need You (Masters 3:33). More (So Much More) (Aldridge 3:31. Solo: Steve). Give Him Praise (Kristianson 4:48).
All Systems Are Go
Bob Somma: guitar. James Jamison: bass. John Andrew Schreiner and Herb Jamerson: keyboards. Albert Wing: saxophone. Lee Kicks: drums. Joe Lala: percussion.
All songs by Jeremy Dalton, except as noted.
Side 1: All Systems Are Go (4:09). What's It Gonna Take (4:24). Heaven in Your Eyes (4:00). Get Ready Get Right (Steve Archer / Bob Somma 4:10). My Hope (John MacArthur, Jr. / Sterling Crew 4:22). Side 2: Walk Like He Walks (3:42). Winnin' Again (Steve Archer / Dan Cutrona 4:26). Don' Let It (Tim Archer / John A. Schreiner 3:22). Every Good and Perfect Gift (6:28).
Produced by Skip Konte, Tim and Steve Archer. Executive producer: Tim Archer. Engineered by Skip Konte. Recorded at Front Page Productions, Costa Mesa, California. Arrangements by Herb Jamerson. Mastered by Bernie Grundman. Photography by Craig Incardone. Hair by Craig DePhillippi. Cover art direction and illustration: Kernie Erickson. Sleeve Design: Bob Payne.
*Platt, Karen Marie. "A New Sound for the Archers." Rev. of Spreadin' Like Wildfire. CCM Dec. 1981: 38.
Kevin Archie
Gospel singer from England.
*Love Should Come Easy. Custom CD. 2000? Appearances by James Bignon and Darius McCary.
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of "Love Should Come Easy." CR Feb.-Mar. 2001: 43.
Arden-Davis Singers
*Livin' It Up. Fireheart. no number. 1987.
Area Code
*One Big World. Myrrh Records 7016934616. 1991. CD.
*DeLaurentis, John. Rev. of One Big World. WT 12 (1992): 30-31.
Carolyn Arends
*I Can Hear You. Reunion 7010101523.1995. CD.
*Feel Free. Reunion Records CD10000. 1997. CD.
*This Much I Understand. Reunion Records 02341000042. 1999. CD.
*Seize the Day and Other Stories. Reunion Records. 2000. 14 previously released songs, 5 of which are "live" versions. 2 new tunes. CD.
*Travelers. Signpost Music. SPLR2-102. 2001. CD.
*We’ve Been Waiting for You. 2002. CD.
*Under the Gaze. Signpost. 2004. CD.
*Christmas: an Irrational Season. Signpost.. 2004.
*Simply Carolyn Arends. Provident – Integrity. 2005.
*Pollyanna’s Attic. Signpost. 2006. CD.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of "This Much I Understand." CR 55, Feb - Mar 2000: 45-46.
*Feel Free. 1997.
*Living the Questions: Making Sense of the Mess and Mystery of Life. Harvest House. 2000.
*Ragamuffin Prayers. 2000. By Jimmy Abegg, contributions by Carolyn Arends and others.
*We’ve Been Waiting for You. 2002.
*Wrestling with Angels: Adventires in Faith and Doubt. Harvest House. 2008.
Areno Boys
Bluegrass / gospel
*Too Late for Praying. Prestige 730114. 1973. LP?
*Sing the Gospel. Prestige 77203. 1978. LP.
*Good News. JCL LP 1011. 1980. LP.
Argo Singers
*Near the Cross/ Vee Jay VJ5012. 197? LP.
*I'll Serve the Lord. Vee Jay VJ5035. 197? LP.
*The Soul of. Vee Jay VJ5063. 197? LP.
*The Argo Singers. Everest GS66. 197? LP.
*He’s Alright with Me / Near the Cross. Vee Jay 201. 1956.
*He Never Said a Word / Somebody’s Knocking. Vee Jay 876. 1956.
*I’ve Got the Holy Ghost / Jesus Is Sweeter. Vee Jay 895. 1961.
*Near the Cross / He’s Alright with Me. Vee Jay 900. 1956.
*I’ve Been Saved / That’s How I Know Jesus. Vee Jay 903. 1961.
*How I Love to Call His Name / I’ll Be Waiting fro You. Vee Jay 925. 1963.
*Fill Me Now / What Have I Given Today. Vee Jay 951. 1964.
78 rpm
*He’s Alright with Me / Near the Cross. Vee-Jay Records.
The Soul Of
Side 1: He Will Provide (A. McClellan). My Faith Looks Up to Thee (M. Colbert). I'll Live for Him. Divies (S. Wahls). Jesus Steps In (A. McClellan). Destination (Barbara J. Elias). Side 2: Jesus Is the Answer (M. Colbert). In My Heart (B. J. Elias). Fill Me Now (R. Nixson). Lamb Under the Altar (S. Wahls). See How He Helps Me (R. Nixson). What Have I Given Today (A. McClellan - M. Colbert).
Argyle Park
See also Brainchild; Circle of Dust; Klay; AP2.
*Misguided. REX REX 41017. CS and CD. 1994.
*Suspension of Disbelief. Tooth and Nail. 2000. CD. This is from Buka (founder of Argyle Park) and Level as AP2.
Side A: Fufuge. Headscrew Agony. Futile. Scarred for Life. A Burden’s Folly. Circle. Doomsayer. Side B: Leave Me Alone. Violent. Diesel. Gutterboy. (iamiam). Og. Misanthrope. Skin Shed. Uffern.
Argyle Park is: Buka. Deathwish. Dred. Others: Jim Thirwell, Klank, Gyro, Ted Cookerly, Dirk Lemmens, Lauren Boquette and Marco Forcone; Jeff Bellew, Tommy Victor, King Solomon. Photos by Christopher Vincent.
*I Predict a Clone. 1994. Tribute to Steve Taylor.
*Demo-lition III. 1994. R.E.X. Sampler ’95. R.E.X. Records. 1999. CD.
*Can You Dig It? III. 1994. R.E.X. Records. 1995. CD.
*R.E.X. Sampler ’95 III. 1995 R.E.X. Records. 1995. CD.
*Doom and Gloom: Visions of the Apocalypse. 1995. Nesak International. 1995.
*Sweet Family Music – A Tribute to Stryper 1996, Styrper tribute).
*Wilson, Jon. Rev. of "Misguided." CR April-May 1997. p56.
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of "Suspension." CR June-July 2000: 41.
Musicians in the band (s): Buka, Deathwish, Dred, Klayton. The band included Jim Thirlwell (Foetus), Klank, Jyro Xhan (Mortal), Dirk Lemmenes (Stavesacre), Tommy Victor (Prong), Lauren Boquette (Drown) and others. Argyle Park made their only live concert at Cornerstone Festival , 1995.
Jerry Arhelger
*Let Jesus Love You. Herald HRS5434. 1977. LP.
*I Don't Belong Here. Herald HRS5560. 1978. LP.
*Portrait. New Music FP1023. 1980. LP.
*Breaker Breaker Sweet Jesus. Unity Records. 1986. LP.
Chris Aridas
Catholic folk. Locust Valley, New York
*Out of the Darkness. Aslan ASL101. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Ariel. Ariel Records AR001. LP only.
*Review of Ariel. WT 3:14.
see also First Call
*Bless This House... Please: an Ear Movie. Reunion 7010003122. 1983. LP.
Bless This House...
Ariel is Wayne and Nan Gurley, Dan and Bonnie Keen. Gerritt Wilson: synthesizer. Mark Sorrells: piano, organ. Juan Ho's "Hawaiian Passion" Orchestra: Gary "Tiny Bubbles" Chapman: pedal steel. Bonnie Keen: organ. Mark Sorrells: bass. Lisa Cates: tape box, toothbrush, paint brush. Voices in the faceless crowd: Lisa Cates, Bob Clark, Laura Hammond, Chris McCollum, Joe and Mildred Nolan, Michael Nolan, Mark Sorrells, Scott Troxel and Ariel.
All songs by Nan Gurley and Bonnie Keen, except as noted.
Side 1: Good Morning America! You're a Winner! Road to Happy Meadows. Margrut and the Sunbeams / Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam (Kevan). One Life to Louse Up / Quality Time. Saturday Morning. The Byrds. Side 2: Let's Play Cards. Suppertime. Sunday Morning Mania. Love Suffereth Long. Shhh! This Is Church / If Your Hair's Too Long (Glosson). Hold on to Your Dreams. Bedtime.
Produced by Michael Nolan. Executive producers: Michael Blanton and Dan Harrell. Creative consultant: Michael Nolan. Engineered by Bob Clark and Chris McCollum. Additional engineering: Ralph Henley. Recorded at Great Circle Sound Studio and Ralph's House. Photography: Mark Tucker. Art direction: Kent Hunter. Art production: Cathy Benson.
Sixty-five voice youth choral group from the First Baptist Church, Delray Beach, Florida.
*Good News. Atlantis Records CS-0698. Early 1970s? LP.
Good News
Side 1: Good News. We’re Coming On. Let Your Heart Sing. Sunday’s Child. Wake Up and Live. Stand Amazed. I’m a Rebel. We’re Gonna Change This Land. Come Alive. He Shall Live Again. Side 2: If There’s to Be Tomorrow. Four Spiritual Laws. The Greatest Miracle. Testimony. Is It Getting Through? Do You Really Care? Good News (reprise). Clay Brasington, Tommy Blecher, Doug Woofter: guitars. Larry Roush: bass. Sue Roush: piano. Mike Woodfin: drums. Robin Roush: student director. Tommy Pignato: reactor. Bruce Allen: narrator. Martha Griesemer: testimony. Carl E. Storey: minister. O. Guy Woodfin: minister of music.
Folk rock
*Happy Days. Toby 7083N13. 1976? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
South Carolina
*Voyages. No label 810/71. 1978. LP.Reissued in Belgium, 1994.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
See also Dave Kelly
*...The Angels Come. Spirit Records NDR 3002. 1979. LP.
The Angels Come
Dave Kelly: vocals, rhythm guitar. Derek Jeffrey: vocals, rhythm guitar. James Kehn: vocals, drums, percussion. David MacKay: bass. Al Perkins: lead guitar. Guest performances: Greg Nelson: orchestra arranger and conductor; piano on Arms of the Lord. Jay Larremore: organ on Don’t Look Now. Special thanks to the Edinburgh Symphony.
All songs by Derek Jeffrey and Dave Kelly, except as noted.
Side 1: Hold Me Tonight (2:25). Birthsong (Paul Bolland and Dave Kelly 2:35). For All You Know (3:25). A Place for Love (2:56). Hungry World (3:03). Side 2: Don’t Look Now (4:02). All to Pieces (2:28). Standing at the Door (2:23). Arms of the Lord (3:25). Why? (2:40).
Produced and engineered by Al Perkins. Photography by Gary Heery. Design by Stan Evenson and Lynn Robb. Recorded at Soundcastle Studio. Mastered at ABC Records by Lanky Linstrot.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Ark Valley Boys
*Solid Gospel. Valley Records VLP10. LP.
Solid Gospel
Rob Wilson. Ron Baggett. Glenn Hanna. Dick Warren. Dave Thomas. Fered Townsend. Curt Baggett.
Side 1: Jesus Walked All the Way. I Like What's Happened to Me. Wait for Me at Jesus' Feet. He Did It All for Me. Everybody Ought to Know. Side 2: I'm Getting Ready to Leave This World. The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me. The Coming of the Lord. Hallelujah Square. Ready to Leave.
See also Redemption, Kemper Crabb; Radiohalo; Atomic Opera
*Warrior. Joyeuse Garde Records JGR-001. 1980. Reissued: Star Song SSR0018. 1981. Reissued: Kingsway KMR337. 1981. (UK). Reissued: Joyeuse. 1997. CD. Reissued: Millenium 8. 2000.
Kemper Crabb: voice, classic guitar, lute, recorder, drums, tambourine, finger cymbals, kalimba, acoustic guitar. Randy M. Sanchez: drums, mall toms. Richard Conine: Fender Rhodes electric piano, Hammond B-3 organ, Arp 2600 bass synthesizer. David Marshall: bass, electric guitar, electric rhythm guitar. Andy White: bagpipes.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Lonna Arklin
*Songs of Adoration. Corner Stone LP621. 195? LP.
*Left the Highway. 8 tunes, CD.
*Dodd, Jason. "Pick of the Litter." HM 89 (2001): 83.
Arlandale Ladies' Chorus
*The Family of God. Ludwig LS298. 1977. LP.
Arlington, Texas, First Baptist Church, Junior Choir
*Hymns for Junior Worship. Broadman 089. LP.
Armada (KY)
*Demo. CS. 2 songs. Forever After. All for You.
Armada (MI)
Holt, Michigan. See also Xalt. Ed Englerth.
Randy Carlson and Jim Erdman were also in Xalt. John Heald contributed reviews to White Throne under the name J. Emerson H. Englerth released several cassettes under his own name and as part of the Linear Action Band.
*All Four One. 1986. Custom CS.
*Frontline. E and E Records 1230. 1987. Custom CS.
*Black and White. E and E Records 3853. 1988. Custom CS.
*Hope of Glory: An Anthology. 1997. CD.
All Four One
Randy Carlson: bass. Dave Dawdy: guitars. John Heald: drums, vocals. Rick Ledesma: vocals. Additional keyboards: Rick Nalett.
Let God's People Go (Heald / Dawdy - Carlson). Witness (Heald / Copeland). Turn Around (Heald / Dawdy). Streetwise (Heald / Copeland). Rock'n (Heald / Dawdy). Shelter (Heald / Dawdy). You'd Better Believe It (Heald / Dawdy / Ledesma). Cutting It Close. Turning Point (Heald / Dawdy / Carlson).
Produced by Mark Miller at Harvest Productions, Lansing, Michigan.
Randy Carlson: bass. David Dawdy: lead guitar, guitars, keyboards. John Heald: drums, vocals; lead vocals on "Pride." Doug Oxford: lead vocals, guitar, keyboards. Jeffrey Sipe: lead guitar, guitars, keyboards, vocals. Additional musicians: Jim Erdman: lead guitar fill on "No Retreat / No Surrender." Bill Bartolson: lead guitar fill on "No Alibi." Shouting Chorus: Terry, Marty and "The Midnight Crew" at WSAE-FM.
Side 1: Communication (Heald / Sipe / Dawdy). Frontline (Heald / Sipe / Dawdy). The Calling (Oxford). Pride (Heald / Sipe / Dawdy). Shine the Light (Heald / Heida / Sipe / Dawdy). Side 2: But It's Only Rock n' Roll (Heald / Dawdy / Carlson). No Retreat / No Surrender (Heald / Dawdy / Sipe / Carlson). Loud and Bold (Heald / Dawdy / Carlson). No Alibi (Heald / Ledesma / Dawdy). All You Need (Salvation) (Ledesma / Sipe / Dawdy / Carlson / Heald).
Produced by Ed Englerth. Assistant producers: Jim Erdman and Mike Robertson. Recorded at SCP Studios, Lansing, Michigan. Engineered by Ed Englerth, Jim Erdman and John Heald. Additional overdubs recorded at Mike's studio. Mixed by Ed Englerth, Mike Robertson and John Heald at Lansing Sound. Cover concept art and design by Dennis Preston.
Black & White
Dave Dawdy: lead guitar, guitars. Ed Englerth: bass, vocals. John Heald: drums, vocals; lead vocals on "Renegade." Doug Oxford: lead vocals, vocals, keyboards, guitar. Jeffrey Sipe: lead guitar, guitars, vocals.
Side 1: The Missing Peace (Oxford; instrumental). Black & White (Heald / Oxford / Dawdy / Englerth). I Wonder 'Bout This World (Englerth / Dawdy / Sipe). Hail to the King (Heald / Sipe / Dawdy / Englerth). Cry for the Children (Heald / Sipe / Dawdy). Flesh 'n Blood (Englerth / Dawdy / Sipe). Side 2: Hope of Glory (Heald / Oxford / Sipe / Dawdy / Englerth). Renegade (Heald / Dawdy / Englerth / Sipe / Oxford). All Day Long (Oxford). Suicide (Heald / Dawdy / Sipe). Jesus Is Calling You (Englerth).
Produced by Armada and Jon Frazer. Engineered by Jon Frazer and Mark Miller. Recorded at Harvest Productions Recoding Studio, Lansing, Michigan, July / November / December 1988. Cover art concept by John Heald and Dennis Preston. Cover art: Dennis Preston. Photo by Marvin Hall.
See also Second Chance
*The Money Mask. Talkingtown Records / REX 000-138-4414. 1989. CD. CS: 000-138-4236. 1989.
The Money Mask
All songs written by Mike Vance and Robby Lee, except as noted.
The Money Mask (3:20). Mercenaries of Unjustice (4:08). More Than Conquerors (3:58). Looking out for You (5:42). The Ship of Changes (Vance / Lee / Lamont Coward 5:23). (Liberation from) Blazing Wasteland (3:45). Nightlight (5:44). Giving It to You (Phil Zeo / Vance / Coward 4:23). The Judge (4:50). We're Outa Here (3:59).
Produced, recorded and mixed by Paul Kruger for K-Productions. Recorded at Morning Star Communications, Spring House, Pennsylvania. Design by Jeff Spencer.
Armageddon Experience
See also Michael Omartian
*The Armageddon Experience. MM Records MMS 300. 1970. LP.
The Armageddon Experience
All songs by Michael Omartian, except as noted.
Side 1: Carpenter Man (J. Thompson 2:33). I’ve Got the Love (2:18). I Believe in You (Stookey 2:34). Life Is out of Tune (McEver 2:14). Oh Happy Day (arr. Omartian 3:30). Side 2: People in Motion (2:33). Revolution Now (2:35). God Leads a Sheltered Life (2:50). Bethlehem (arr. Omartian 3:38).
Produced by Jim Williams and Mike Omartian. Technical coordinator: Larry O’Nan. Photo, cover design and layout by Weldon Hardenbrook. Engineers: Bill Schnee and Bob Sullivan. Recorded at Mark Studio, Hollywood, California and Summit Sound Studio, Dallas, Texas.
Seattle, Washington, circa 1987; thrash metal. Greg Humes: guitar. David Ezekiel: lead vocals. Darth Creek: bass. Clint:drums.
*White Metal News. WT 3:2.
Band is from Poland circa 1998. Most of web page is in Polish. Musical style is punk, but that may not be accurate.
Armor (MI)
Nashville, Michigan.
*Get Armed! Custom CS.
*Putting It On. Custom CS.
Get Armed!
Jim Ashley: lead vocals, bass, keyboards. Steve Messcar: lead guitar. Mike Olney: drums.
All songs written and produced by Armor.
Side 1: Mountain Mover. The Promise Is Yours. Are You Ready. Voice within Your Heart. Side 2: Father of Lies. Searching. Hear the Word. Footprints.
Produced by Armor. Engineered and mastered by Greg Haynes and Sound Expectations. Recorded at Armor Home Studio, Nashville, Michigan. Cover design and art: Mike Olney.
Putting It On
Dave Wall: lead vocals. Terry Osborn: vocals, bass. Steve Messcar: lead guitar. Mike Olney: drums.
All songs written and produced by Armor.
Side 1: What Will You Do. Putting It On. Side 2: Lock 'n' Load. Thank You.
Engineered and mastered by Ray Martens.
Armor (MN)
Robbinsdale, Minnesota
Demo. 1989? Custom CS.
Ken Arnold: lead vocals, lead guitar. Jeff Hall: lead guitar, vocals. Kevin Jacobson: bass, vocals. Tim Buelow: drums, vocals.
Songs: Waiting. Stand Up. Don't Play with the Fire. Heaven's Child. Give Him Your Heart Tonite. Straight Up.
Songs 1-4 recorded locally in an 8-track studio in April, 1989; songs 5 and 6 were recorded in 1987 / 1988.
Armored Choir
Christine Steel: lead vocals. J. D. Miller: lead and rhythm guitars. Kandy Slaughter: bass and 12-string acoustic guitar. Dave Calliano: drums. Additional musicians: Russ Kirkland: keyboards. Carl Albrecht: session drums. Russ and Doug Kirkland and Dale Tiemann: backing vocals.
MSSC as a credit for the music of a song is Miller-Steel-Slaughter-Calliano.
Turn Around (MSSC / Steel 3:30). Someone Believes in You (Russ Kirkland 3:38). Armored Choir (MSSC / Steel 3:39). Coming Back to You (Miller / Steel 2:29). Forever Yours (Slaughter / R. Kirkland / Steel 3:44). The Valley (MSSC / Steel 3:14). You're No Good for Me (R. Kirkland / Miller 3:28). Bishop of Souls (R. Kirkland / Miller - Slaughter / Steel 3:56). Take It Away (Rechtien Knox 3:23). The Candle... The Flame (R. Kirkland / Miller 3:30).
Produced and engineered by Russ Kirkland for September Music Productions, St. Louis, Missouri. Recorded at Papa K's Studio. St. Louis. Photos by Doug Smith for Commercial Photography, Inc. Cover design by Jeff Spencer for Sudden Images Studio.
*Review of demo tape. WT #3 p27.
*J. Emerson H. Rev. of "Armored Choir." White Throne 8 (1991): 25-26.
Armstrong Brothers
*Can You Treat Him Like a Brother b/w Far Away from God. Jewel 216. 45rpm.
Jim Armstrong
*The Tender Touch. Sounds of America LPS2008. 197? LP.
Louis Armstrong
*Louis and the Good Book. Decca DL78741. 1959. LP.
Riley Armstrong
*Riley Armstrong. Flicker FLD2601. 2000. CD.
*Whatever the Weather. Flicker FLD2608. 2002. CD.
*Willey, Peter. Rev. of "Whatever the Weather." Cross Rhythms Nov.-Dec. 2002: 40.
Vanessa Bell Armstrong
*Chosen. Onyx R3825. 1984.
*Peace Be Still. Onyx R3831. 1985.
*Vanessa Bell Armstrong. Jive 10742J. 1987.
*Following Jesus. Muscle Shoals MSS68001. 1987.
*Wonderful One. Jive 12004J. 1989.
*Greatest Hits. Muscle Shoals MSS8012. 1989.
*Something on the Inside. Verity CD5568. 1993.
*The Secret Is Out. Zomba CD5611J. 1995.
*Desire of My Heart - Live. Verity 1241431142. 1998.
*A Brand New Day. Tommy Boy TBCD1527. 2001.
Thomas Whitfield: keyboards, Yamaha acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, DX7, Kurzweil, special effects. Earl J. Wright, Jr.: keyboards, DX7, Kurzweil, special effects. Lanar "Dr. Kern" Brantley: bass. Michael Wright: lead guitar on What He’s Done, There’s a Brighter Day, Nobody But Jesus, Reprise and Waitin. Gabe Dunbar: lead guitar on Walk with Me, Teach Me O Lord, and I Feel Jesus. Geno Parker: drums on all songs except What He’s Done. Ted Thomas: drums on What He’s Done. Carl “Butch” Small: percussions and timpani drums. Backing vocals: Charlene Bell, Margaret Bell, Beverly Allen, Ron Kelly, Denise Morton, Gwen Morton and Lydia Wright. Guest vocalist on Waitin: Earl Buffington. Special improvisations on I Feel Jesus: Margaret Bell and Vanessa Bell Armstrong
Side 1: What He’s Done for Me (Thmoas A. Whitfield 4:01). Nobody But Jesus (Steven Roberts (6:55). There’s a Brighter Day (Thomas A. Whitfield (3:31). Teach Me Oh Lord (Lonzetta White Furlow 5:06). Side 2: Walk with Me (Thomas A. Whitfield 5:22). Waitin (Whitfield 4:42). I Feel Jesus (Carolyn Vinson 4:05). Faith That Conquers (Rev. Andre Woods 3:40). Nobody But Jesus (reprise) (Roberts 1:50).
Comments: On the song Teach Me Oh Lord, the insert leaves off the letter “h.”
Butch McGhee: executive producer. Thomas A. Whitfield: producer. Earl J. Wright, Jr.: co-producer. Gwen Morton: production manager. Recorded at RMJ Studios, Detroit. Engineered by Warren Woos and Brian Spears. Mixed and textured by Warren Woods, Thomas A. Whitfield, Brian Spears, Carl Small and Earl J. Wright, Jr. Mastered at NRP (Nashville Record Productions). Orchestration, instrumental and vocal arrangements bt Thomas A. Whitfield. Additional arrangements by Earl J. Wright, Jr. Art director: Paul Proctor. Album design and layout: Buddy Jackson and R. J. Lyons, Jackson Design, Nashville. Cover concept: Butch McGhee
Army of Love
La Jolla, California
*Army of Love. Squadrun Records. 1983.
Army of Love
Mark McCoy: lead vocals, guitar. Ivan Knight: drums, percussion, backing vocals. Jeffrey Harris: bass, backing vocals.
All songs by Mark McCoy, except as noted.
Side 1: King of All (4:17). Yaweh (Yah-Way) (McCoy / Creed 4:28). Kingdom Rockin (2:42). Side 2: Exodus (4:10). Vine Dresser (4:53). It’s Friendly (Sunday’s Coming) (McCoy / Harris 3:43). Cover lists variant spelling for songs: Exodous; (Sunday’s Commin).
Produced and arranged by Tony Creed. Engineered and mixed by Dennis Dragon. Kevin Roberts: percussion. The Fowler Brothers – Walt: trumpet. Bruce: trombone. Steve: saxophone. Art direction and design: Mike Twigg. Photo: Ronnie Jones.
Brian Arner
Clearwater, Florida
*My Song. BAC 0694. 1994. CS.
My Song
Lari Goss: piano, keyboards. Jonathan Black: keyboard programming. John and Mark Hammond: drums. Mark Baldwin: guitar. Craig Nelson and Jackie Street: bass. Terry Blackwood, Lisa Glasgow, Camille Schmidt, Leanne Steinhauer, Ladye: backing vocals. Orchestra: Nashville String Machine.
Side 1: Risen with Him (Gary Driskell / Marty Hennis). Higher Ground (Don Koch / Dave Clark). There’s Just One Rock Medley (Gary Driskell / Marty Hennis). Emmaus (Gary Driskell / Marty Hennis / David Hamvelt / Jeff Silvey)). Champion of Love (Phil Cross / Carolyn Cross English). Side 2: Don’t Wait for the Rain (Dave Clark / Don Koch). My Song / His Eye Is in the Sparrow (Amy Susan Foster / Mak Kaylor). Come to the Water (Terry and Barbi Franklin). I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy (public domain; arranged by Laru Goss). Haydn’s Song (Joseph Haydn and Wayne Goodine).
Produced by Lari Goss. Engineers: B. J. Goss, Bret Teegarden. Assistant engineer: Mike Logan. Recorded at Classic Recording and Creative Recording. Mastering by Custom Mastering. Photography: Russ Harrington. Graphic design: James Sigmon for Classic Production Company.
Arno and Andreas
*Weder Arno noch Andreas. Blue Rose MC 25 100. 1978. CS.
*Die Platte. Blue Rose MC 25 114. 1980. CS.
Weder Arno noch Andreas
Side 1: Ein Gesprach Mit Jesus (T. Talbot 2:23). Psalm 139 (J. McKenzie / D. Cooke 3:00). Nehmt Einander An (A. Backhaus 4:37). Der Gammler (L. Norman 3:29). Liebe Ist (K)ein Problem (A. Malessa 3:16). Und Fragte Nach Des Lebens Sinn (A. Malessa 1:59). Side 2: Versagerblues A. Malessaa 3:07). Es Ist Ein Guter Weg (B. McGuire 2:21). Schrei Nach Hilfe (M. Deasy 3:09). Noah (F. Field . H. Cutrona 2:01). Eine Kneipe Fruh Am Morgen (A. Malessa 2:27). Abendlied (A. Malessa 5:20). A. Malessa is credited on numerous songs, probably as a translator. Nils Kjellstron: arrangements and production. Josef Bertram Giese: production.
Die Platte
All songs by Andreas Malessa,
except as noted
Side 1: Die Platte (4:46). Sonniger Montag (Danniebelle Hall 2:08). Tage Mit Sturm Und Regen (Barry Mann 4:12). Frohes Fest (3:00). Bin Kein Genie (Arno Backhaus 4:40). Side 2: Immer Im Kreis (Johann Hub 4:21). Thunfisch (2:47). Das Ist Wirklich Nicht Naiv (3:38). Wenn Ich Rufe (Judy MacKenzie 3:15). Ganz Nah (2:56). Das War’s (2:36). Nils Kjellstrom: production.
Cathy Arnold
*My First for God. Power Play Recording (Grove City, OH). No number. CS. 1998.
My First for God
Grace. For Every Cross There Is a Crown. Where There Is Faith. He’s Living Again. I Cry. Love Is Strong. A Few Good Men. Lazarus, Come Forth. Thank You. You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God.
Recorded at Power Play Recording Studio, Grove City, OH.
Eddie Arnold
*Wanderin'. RCA Victor LPM1111. 1955. LP.
*Anytime. RCA Victor LPM1225. 1956. LP.
*Chapel on the Hill. RCA Victor. 1956. LP.
*Praise Him, Praise Him. RCA Victor LSP1733. 1958. LP. Fanny Crosby hymns.
*Faithfully Yours. RCA Victor LSP2629. 1963. LP.
*In the Chapel. BMG 5517448922. 1999. (RCA reissues).
*Take My Hand, Precious Lord. RCA Victor / Record Prevue. EI-VB-4617. 2:15 b/w Open Thy Merciful Arms.
Arnold Trio
East TN
*Jesue Will Love Me Just the Same. Dunn Sound Productions Records 568276. LP.
*Beyond Words. Light LS5791. 1981. LP.
*Read Between the Nails. Cherish CMC105. 1994.
*Stand and Testify. Zion Z231. 1996.
*Whatever It Takes. Cherish CMC113. 1997.
*Sing Unto the Lord. CMD0114. 2000. CD.
*Faithful. Cherish CMD116. 2002. CD.
New South Wales, Australia. Comprised of three musicians. Jason McPhail: vocals.
*The Man. Custom CD. 6 songs, 25 minutes. 1998?
*Review. The Man. by Graham Jovanovic. CR 48 December / January 1999. p45.
Lev Aronson
*Cello Classics. Word WST8528. 1971. LP.
El Paso, Texas
*The Water. Custom CS ARRI 1. 1990.
*Demo. Three songs- Forgiven Man / Things Were Meant This Way / Da Blues Song.
*Ring of Honesty. 1992. 4 song demo.
The Water
J. J. Plasencio: all guitars, backing vocals. Bill Schmidt: percussion, harmonica, lobster. Rene Sanchez: bass, backing vocals. Keith Giles: lead vocals. Backing vocals on "Running Away" were by Tonia Plasencio, Wendy Giles, Lisa Schmidt, Gema Beltran, Mike Amparan, Mario and Julie Escobedo, KG, JJ, Rene, Bill.
All songs by Arrival, except as noted.
Side A: Running Away. Hard Rain (Giles: words). 4GLR27%. Forgiven Man. White Flag (Giles: words). Side B: Psychomachia (Giles: words). The Water. Freewill. Da Blues. Things Were Meant This Way (Plasencio: words).
Recorded at Bethel Studios. Executive producer / mixmaster: Ben Hodge III. Produced by Marvin Parker. Engineer: Paul Tubbs. Cover design: Bovine Press. Cover art: Lito Moore. Photos by Rico Barcena and Lito Moore.
Ring of Honesty
J. J. Plasencio: all guitars. Bill Schmidt: percussion. Keith Giles: vocals, lyrics.
All words and music by Arrival.
Songs: Three Long Nails. Ring of Honesty. Battle Lines. Double Rainbows.
This Arrival is possibly from Colorado, circa 2001.
*Van Pelt, Doug. "Pick of the Litter." HM 89 (2001): 82.
Martina Arroyo
*There's a Meeting Here Tonight. Angel. S36072. 1974. LP.
There's a Meeting Here Tonight
Songs: There's a Meeting Here Tonight. I Stood on de Ribber of Jerdon. Let Us Break Bread Together. Little David Play on Your Harp. My Lord What a Morning. On Ma Journey. There Is a Balm in Gilead. I Gotta Robe. Were You There. He Is the King of Kings. Steal Away to Jesus. I Want Jesus to Walk with Me. Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit. A City Called Heaven. I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray.
Clearwater, Florida
*Demo. 1987. CS.
*Armored Choir. Regency Records SPCN 7900823565. 1990.
*Classic Metal. Regency Music SPCN 790-082-3212. 1990. Arsenal song: Stand Strong.
Calvin Arsenia
Olathe, KS
Some songs: Rain Down. Lauren’s Song. Dwell. Balloon Song. Revealed
Arthur Family
*No Burden Up There. Marbone 4769. 197? LP.
Article of Faith
Band is from Napa Valley, California. Previous name was Dress for Success. Jeff Blumer: guitar, vocals. Mark Evans: bass, programming. Mark Zavala: keyboards, effects. Young Sandbak: drums. Stephen Logoteta (occasional member): oboe, sax.
*Everything. CD. 2000.
Walter Arties
*Sings Jewels of Faith. Atlantic R5004. 1967. LP.
*Peace. Bridge S2230. 1972. LP.
*I'm Gonna Sing. Tempo R7067. 1973. LP.
*Softly and Tenderly. Tempo R7157. 1974. LP.
*Gentle Exhortations. Chapel C5429. 197? LP.
*Almost Over. Ultimate Records S-7516. 1979. LP.
Walter Arties Chorale
*His Name Is Wonderful. Atlantic SDR017. 1968. LP.
Artist Singers
*Prayer, Faith, Hope, Love. Baldwin CS7958. 197?
Artistic Sounds
*Message to a Nation. Savoy SL14455. 1977.
*Helgards Fall. CD.
Helgards Fall
Songs: (all lyrics in Norwegian) Ut Fra Havn. I Skogens Morke. Hyllest. Morkets Dal. Tapre Krigere. Kalt Ved Navn. Kongsarven. Fanget Av Vinden. Endetiden.
Cerilla Arwood
Honaker, Virgina
As Cities Burn
*God Moves My Mountains. No label TSRC-6573. 197? LP.
*As Cities Burn.
*Son I Loved You at Your Darkest. Solid State Records. 2005? CD.
*Come Now Sleep. Solid State. July 2007. CD.
Son I Loved You at Your Darkest
Songs: Thus My Lips, by Yours, My Sin Is Purged. Love Jealous One, Love. Incomplete Is a Leech. Bloodsucker, Pt. 2. Terrible! How Terrible for the Great City!. Widow. Wake Dead Man, Wake. Admission: Regret. One: Twentyseven. Of Want and Misery: The Nothing That Kills.
Come Now Sleep
Songs: Contact. Empire. The Hoard. This Is It, This Is It. Clouds. New Sun. Tides. Wrong Body. Our World Is Grey. Timothy. 12 page insert with lyrics.
As For Me
From Duluth, Georgia, circa 2001/2002. Began as a ska band called Askay, then morphed into the punk band Leftover Pizza. Finally settled on name As For Me, which comes from Joshua 24:15. Band is composed of Parks Reese: drums, vocals. Andrew Goode: guitar, vocals. T. J. Bennett: bass, vocals.
*Facing Tomorrow Today. CD.
As I Lay Dying
*As I Lay Dying / American Tragedy. 2002. Split CD. AILD songs: Illusion. The Beginning. Reinvention. The Pain of Separation. Forever.
*Beneath the Encasing of Ashes. Pluto Records. 2002? CD.
*Frail Words Collapse. Metal Blade Records. March 2003. CD.
*Shadows Are Security. Metal Blade Records. January 2005. CD.
*An Ocean Between Us. Metal Blade Records. March 2007. CD.
*The Powerless Rise. Metal Blade Records. May 11, 2010. CD.
Beneath the Encasing of Ashes
Tim Lambesis: vocals. Evan White: guitar. Jordan Mancino: drums. Noah Chase: bass.
Songs: Beneath the Encasing of Ashes. Torn Within. Forced to Die. A Breath in the Eyes of Eternity. Blood Turned to Tears. The Voices That Betray Me. When This World Fades. A Long March. Surrounded. Refined by Your Embrace. The Innocence Spilled. Behind Me Lies Another Fallen Soldier.
Frail Words Collapse
Songs: 94 Hours. Falling Upon Deaf Ears.Forever. Collision. Distance Is Darkness. Behind Me Lies Another
Shadows Are Security
Songs: Meaning in Tragedy. Confined. Losing Sight. The Darkest Nights. Empty Hearts. Refection. Repeating Yesterday. Through Struggle. The Truth of My Perception. Control Is Dead. Morning Waits. Illusions.
Produced by Tim Lambesis with Phil Sgrosso. Mixed by Andy Sneap.
An Ocean Between Us
Songs: Separation. Nothing Left. An Ocean Between Us. Within Destruction. Forsaken. Comfort Betrays. I Never Wanted. Bury Us All. The Sound of Truth. Departed. Wrath Upon Ourselves. This Is Who We Are.
Produced by Adam D. and As I Lay Dying. Mixed by Colin Richardson.
As If
*Flame. Cassette ep. 1995.
*Forget Me Not. Spirit Music SMD 130. 1997?
*Strange Blue Thing.
As They Sleep
Detroit, Michigan
Melodic death metal / Metalcore
*Blacken the Sun. Solid State Records. 2008. CD.
Line-up: Aaron Bridgewater: vocals (3003-). Nick Morris: guitar. Barry Gomez: guitar. Derek Kosiba: bass. Tony Lukitsh: drums. Former member: Paul Burkett: drums.
Alan Asbury
*Somebody's Prayin' Me Through. Doxology DXD5114. 2002. CD.
*Bonus Live CD. Doxology DXD5115. 2002. CD.
Asbury College Glee Club
*The Singing Men of Asbury. Heart Warming LPHF1715. 1965. LP.
Asbury Lane
Raleigh, North Carolina area. Alternative / modern rock. Circa 1998. Linc Butler: one of the members.
Streator, Illinois
*Follow the Path. 1986. Custom tape.
Follow the Path
Gary Smith: lead and harmony vocals, guitar. Steve Stripling: lead and rhythm guitar. Greg Smith: bass, Taurus pedals. Mike Kondourajian: drums, percussion. Glen Smith: acoustic grand piano, analog and digital synthesis, harmony vocals; lead vocals on "Tempted."
Side 1: Follow the Path (Glen Smith). Tempted (Glen Smith). The Lesson (Stripling). What's Mine (Stripling). Side 2: Tribulation Man (Bob Baker / Stripling). Proverbs 1:7 (Glen Smith). Wisdom (Stripling / Baker). Immortality (Glen Smith).
Produced by Gary Manuel and Ascension. Recorded at Barnburner Studios by Dave Kingland, Gary Manuel and Tom McLaughin. Mixed by Harry Heath and Greg Smith. Cover by Dig Deep Art.
Ascension (AL)
Birmingham, Alabama
*Fish Faves. Floppy Fish Records. Song: Frenzy.
Ascension (IRE)
Northern Ireland
*You - Me - Everyone. Custom CD. 1997?
*Everything in Nature Cries. Custom CD. 2000? 3 songs
*Trendy to the Roots. 2000
*Review of "You - Me - Everyone." CR 38 April - May 1997: 56
*Hudspith, Patty. Rev. of "Everything in Nature Cries." CR 56 April - May 2000: 52.
*I Will Meet You in the Morning. Mark V AS4910. 197?
Ash Mundae
Chuckie and Jeremy Ash. See Ashland below. This is the name used in CR review - see below.
*Model Citizen. Red Hill Records RHPD2153. 2000.
Derbyshire, Dancin' Dave. Rev. of "Model Citizen." CR Aug. - Sept. 2000: 46.
Ash Wednesday
Miami, Florida circa 1996. Industrial.
Ashcroft and Bacon
John Ashcroft and Max Bacon. John was the Attorney General in George W. Bush’s first term
*In the Spirit of Life and Liberty. American Artists AAS1291. LP. Label: Springfield, Missouri.
*Truth. American Artists AAS1149. LP.
In the Spirit of Life and Liberty
Songs: God Bless America (2:44). America Medley: America the Beautiful / Tell America / This Is My Country (2:15). Freedom Isn’t Free (2:43). Keep the Bell of Freedom Ringing (4:23). Let Christ’s Freedom Ring (2:12). Free Indeed (2:02). Statue of Liberty (3:10). Amazing Grace (1:46). The Father’s Medley: God of Our Fathers / Oh God Out Help in Ages Past / Faith of Our Fathers / America (3:52).
Side 1: Why Me, Lord (2:44). Reach out to Jesus (2:25). Jesus Hold My Hand (2:22). The Broken Vessel (3:38). King Jesus (2:13). Unseen Hand (3:25).
Side 2: Didn’t He Shine (2:40). I Find No Fault in Him (3:00). More about Jesus (2:14). We’ve Come This Far by Faith (2:12). Come Holy Spirit (2:25). Jesus Is Lord of All (2:56).
Doug Ashdown
*The Age of Mouse. Coral. 1970. LP.
Ashen Mortality
See also Seventh Angel
*Sleepless Remorse. 1996.
*Your Caress / Sleepless Remorse. Cold Fusion. 2005. CD.
Your Caress / Sleepless Remorse
Songs: Broken Bonds. Your Caress. In Empty Eyes. My Reflection. From This Cage. Our Eden. Through the Vale.
Ashland is brothers Jeremy and Chuck Ash. Also listed as Ash Mundae.
*Model Citizen. Red Hill Records RHPD2153. 2000. CD.
Bob Ashton
*Songs of Living Hope. Light LS5531. 1971. LP. Reissued: Stylist SA200. 1973.
*Songs of Living Faith. Light LS5536. 1971. LP. Reissued: Stylist SA100. 1973.
*The Prodigal. Gospel Publishing GPH0634. 197?
Susan Ashton
*Wakened by the Wind. Sparrow SPD1259. 1991. CD and CS.
*Angels of Mercy. Sparrow SPC1327. 1992. CD and CS.
*Susan Ashton. Sparrow SPC1388. 1993. CD and CS.
*Along the Road. Sparrow SPC1389. 1994. With Becker and Dente. CD and CS.
*A Distant Call. Sparrow SPC1458. 1996. CD and CS.
*So Far. Sparrow SPC1522. 1995. CD and CS. Best of.
So Far
Songs: Here in My Heart. Waiting for Your Love to Come Down. Stand. Remember Not. Down on My Knees. No One Knows My Heart. Hide or Seek. Ball and Chain. In Amazing Grace Land. Grand Canyon. Hunger and Thirst. Beyond Justice to Mercy.
Produced by Wayne Kirkpatrick. Executive producer: Peter York. Production assistant: D’Ann McAllister.
*Review of A Distant Call. CR #38 April / May 1997 p56.
Fiona Ashworth
Kent County, England.
Style of music is ambient / meditational.
*Season of Mists and Mellow Fruitfulness. Custom CD. 2001?
*Kirk, Trevor. Rev. of "Season." Cross Rhythms Mar.-Apr. 2002: 42.
Asight Unseen
Garden Grove, California.
*Circus of Shame. New Breed Records FLD 9147. 1991.
*Hollywood Proverbs. Metro One MOCD 1192. 1993.
Circus of Shame
Bert Sanchez: drums, cymbals and gadgets. Derek Bell: guitar, pick slides and yelling. Mike Longridge: guitar, vocals. John Oliveira: bass. Jason Lohrke: lead vocals, whistle. Additional vocals by Stacey Berardino, Alexandria and GeeGee. Guest musicians: Rob Watson: keyboards. Chris Lizotte: harmonica and backing vocals on "Back Door." Mike Johnson: T-bone. Frank Lendejas: mean trumpet. Glen Schroder: pick slide. Shawn Tubbs: bongos on "Circus of Shame."
All music written by Asight Unseen; words by Jason and Derek.
Songs: Road to Bonoa. The Purging. The Gimmick. Feel Fire. Psychic Babylon. Back Door. Circus of Shame. Jimi Jones Boogie. Raucous. Electric Angel Blues. Screamin' for Glory. God's Ways.
Produced and engineered by Chris Wimber. Mixed by Jeff Dykehouse. Recorded and mixed at Vineyard Studios, Anaheim, California. Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc, West Hollywood, California. Cover painting and all photos by Trevor Lohrke. Dove logo by Dan Newmire. Design by Bob Payne.
Hollywood Proverbs
Mike Longridge: guitar. Derek Bell: guitar. Jason Lohrke: vocals. Bert Sanchez: drums. John Oliveira: bass. Additional vocals by Stacey Berardino and Crystal Lewis. B-3 on "Crowns" by Curtis M. Keyboards on "Dave" by Gene Eugene.
Songs: The Big Whamboowee. Keepin' Time. Plastic Flowers. Crowns. Slide. Ausgaphlipt. Thirsty Again. The Chant. Dave. Hollywood Proverbs.
Produced by Mark Christian. Recorded December 1992 and January 1993 at VMI Studios in Anaheim, California and ASAPH Studios, Costa Mesa, California. Engineered by Dave Hackbarth / Wally Grant. Second engineer: Don Feinburg. Mixed by Gene Eugene, except tracks 1, 2, 7 and 8 mixed by Gene Eugene and Mark Christian. Mastered by Doug Doyle at digital brothers in Costa Mesa, California. Cover and band photos by Trevor Lohrke. Art layout and design by Gene Ray George.
Formed 1998. Santa Monica, California. Sung Kyu Kim: lead vocals, acoustic guitar. Yaz Kim: drums, bass. Kason Kim: electric and acoustic guitars. Monica Kim: keyboards. Jennie Na: saxophones. Hardcore alternative rock / pop ballads.
*Stand Firm in the Gospel. 2003? CD.
Ask Alice
Name came from Jefferson Airplane song?
*Cabbages and Kings. Custon CD and CS. 1994?
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of Cabbages and Kings. CR June - July 1994: 57.
Aslan (CA)
Band was part of the early Jesus Music 1972 - 1978 in California. Jim Abdo: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, keys, percussion, ukelele. Rick Conklin: vocals, bass, paino, acoustic guitar. Johnnie Graves: drums, percussion. Mike Holmes: electric and acoustic guitars, bass. Bill Hoppe: piano, organ, synths, vocals. Toni McWilliams: vocals, violin, mandolin, acoustic guitar, percussion.
Aslan (CAN)
Ontario, Canada
*Aslan. 1986. 3 song custom tape.
Jeff Bersche: vocals, harmonies. Jeff Johnson: drums. Jeff Miller: guitars. Karl Nielsen: bass, keyboards. With: Dan McCabe: backing vocals on "Take Me."
All songs written and arranged by Aslan and Frank Koka.
Take Me (Bersche). Digital Dream (Nielsen). Silent Scream (Bersche - Johnson).
Produced by Frank Koka. Engineered by Mark Wright. Bed tracks engineered bu Corby Luke. Recorded at Comfort, E-Norm-Us, and Cherry Beach Studios, Toronto, Canada. Graphics by Waves.
*Album review. WT #3 p26.
Aslan (GA)
Georgia. Featured Scott Roley, with Ron Moore assisting and providing the engineering.
*Aslan. Airborn AR-1002. 1973. LP. Has two different covers. Reissued: Heartsong. 197?
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Aslan (KY)
Clinton, Kentucky. Late 80's?
*Demo. 4 songs. CS. Tear Down the Walls. Breakaway. Open Your Heart. Shadow of Your Wings.
Aslan (UK)
British folk outfit.
*Paws for Thought. Profile GMOR 006. 1976. LP. UK.
*Second Helpings. Profile GMOR 144. 1977. LP. UK.
*Rev. of Paws for Thought. New Music 6: 31. (1977). UK publication.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980. 2nd ed. 1999. p.10-11.
Aslan (WV)
Country rock band from West Virginia.
*Aslan. No label 206048X. 1982. LP
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980. 2nd ed. 1999. p11.
Frank Asper
*Mormon Tabernacle Organ. Columbia MS6215. 1964. LP.
David Asplin
Cornwall, England
*Embryonic. Independent CD. 2000? 6 songs.
*Goodge, Mark. Rev. of "Embryonic." CR Feb.-Mar. 2001: 43. Reviewer says several of the songs "are a bit raw and could probably do with going through a few more rewrite cycles before being put on public display..."
Assembly Gospel Singers
*Mansion for a Home. Rebel SLP1483. 1969 LP.
*From Us to You. Lo-Ran Records SLP013. 1973. LP. With Sid and Ed.
From Us to You
Songs: Some Day. Build My Mansion. Jesus Hold My Hand. The Family Bible. Where I Learned to Pray.
Assembly of Christ Church
Midland, Texas
*I Am the Resurrection. Zak Tone LP10978. 197? LP.
Assembly Quartet
*Big Homecoming. Pitt SLP1014. 197? LP.
*The Best Is Yet to Come. Mark Five AQ4998. 197? LP.
Association of Believers
Austin, Texas. Dana Martin, Jr.: lead vocals. Katherine Campbell: backing vocals. Grace Springer: backing vocals. Mark Hotopp: keys, backing vocals. Brandon Albers: percussion. Nic Griffen: electric guitar. Scott Sterriker: acoustic guitar. Dave O'Leary: bass, backing vocals.
*Assurance. Crusade LPS1303. 1979. LP.
Nina Astrom
*Person to Person. 1991.
*A Matter of Time. Myrrh (UK) MYRCD 1302. 1994. CD.
*Moods. Spark Records SK7036. 1995. CD.
*A Friend. 1999. Produced / arranged by Luca Genta. Finnish version, Vierelle Jaat, released in 2000.
*A Little Bit of Love. Javelin (Finland). 2001? CD.
*Merry Christmas, Jesus. 2001.
*Kirk, Trevor. Rev of "A Little Bit of Love." CR 65 (2001): 26.
Ft. Worth, Texas area. Two members were Mike Foster and Jeff Hall.
At Peace While Burning
*At Peace While Burning. Unscene Records. 2000. CD?
Mike Atcheson
*You Better Get Ready. Fireheart. 1989.
Randall Atcheson
*The Artistry of... Word WST8809. 1979. LP.
Athan Asia
*Through a Glass Darkly. Watchman. 1994. CD.
Bobby Atkins and the Countrymen
*Bluegrass Gospel. Old Homestead OHCS80083. 1987.
Chet Atkins
*Christmas with... RCA Victor LSP2423. 1961. LP.
*Back Home hymns. RCA Victor LSP2601. 1962. LP.
Flynn Adam Atkins
Style is hip hop
*Louder. Eartube Empire ELD002. 1997. CD.
*In Like Flynn. Illect ILL0003. 2004. CD.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of "Louder." CR June-July 2000: 41.
*Adams, Stephen. Rev. of In Like Flynn. CR 83 (Dec. / Jan./ Feb 2004): 32-33.
Fred Atkins
Southern gospel / Country
*My Great Loss Today. 2000. CD.
My Great Loss Today
Songs: My Great Loss Today. Without You. The Coming if Jesus. The Peace That Jesus Gives. When He Was on the Cross. Nobody Like Jesus. Mama Kept Praying. I Have a Bridge. Murder by Name. Holy Christmas Deity.
Stephen Atkins
From Australia
*Love Never Fails.
Dixie Atkinson
Winter Garden, Florida
*From the Heart of Dixie. TC-1202. Custom LP. No date, probably 1970s.
Ricky Atkinson and Compassion
*On Our Way. Gospel Heritage GHCD9001. 2001. CD.
*My Life. Gospel Heritage. GHCD27202. 2002. CD.
Atlantic Ocean
*I Thought a Lot Today (3:08) / Sunday Mornin’. Coulee CAS-13. 45rpm. (Label: La Crosse, Wisconsin).
Atlantic Philharmonic Chorale
*Anyhow. Savoy MG14443. 1977. LP.
Name changed to Sheltershed. Wil Foster is now in Massivivid. Band is from Adelaide, South Australia. One man band named Wil Foster. Style is industrial dance circa 1997.
Atomic Circuit
Nathan Martin: bass, backing vocals. Jonathan Bowling: lead guitar. Michael Sheedy: drums.
Atomic Opera
*For Madmen Only. Giant Records 9 24540-2. 1994.
*Penguin Dust. 1997
*Gospel Cola. Metal Blade Records.
For Madmen Only
Frank Hart: lead vocals; lead, rhythm and Flamenco guitars; organ. Jonathan Marshall: rhythm guitar, backing vocals; weasel reference. Mark Poindexter: drums, backing vocals. Jonas Velasco: bass, backing vocals.
Joyride (Hart 5:11). Justice (Hart / Allison Smythe / Sam Taylor / Poindexter, Velasco 3:33). Achilles' Heel (Hart / Smythe 5:54). I Know Better (Hart / Smythe 4:16). All Fall Down (Hart / Smythe / Poindexter / Marshall / Velasco 3:38). War Drum (Hart / Smythe / Hancock / Allen 5:33). Blackness (Hart / Smythe / Hancock / Allen 4:09). December (Hart / Smythe 5:07). This Side of the Rainbow (Hart / Smythe 3:37). New Dream (Hart / Smythe / Hancock / Allen 9:41).
"Gloria Patri: used in "New Dream" courtesy of Kemper Crabb. "Onward Christian Soldiers": lyrics by Sabine Baring-Gould; music by Arthur S. Sullivan. "I Surrender All": lyrics by Judson W. Van DeVenter; music by Winfield S. Sullivan used irreverently in "War Drum."
Penguin Dust
Frank Hart: vocals, bass, guitars, cello. Kemper Crabb: mandolin, vocals. Mark Poindexter: drums. Todd Bragg: cymbal and toys on "Water Grave." Garrett Buell: percussion on "Water Grave." Bragg and Buell are members of Caedmon's Call.
All songs written by Frank Hart, except as noted.
Make a God. Stop the Rain (Jonas Velasco / Frank Hart). Fade. Thirst. God of Hate. November. Spirit of the Age. Freak Show. Water Grave (Steve Chapman). Fever Dream.
Recorded at Fever Dream Productions by Ryan Birsinger and Frank Hart. Mixed at Ranch onMars by Ryan Birsinger and Alan Doss. Mastered by Ty Tabor at Alien Beans. Produced by Frank Hart. Cover art and design by Frank and Kim Hart.
Atoned is from Australia. Formed in January 2000. Shireen Stevens: keyboards, vocals. Chris Shield: drums, vocals. Garth Humphries: bass. Brad Gee: lead guitar, vocals. Cleve Stevens: lead vocals, guitar. Siblings, Shireen and Cleve, were originally from South Africa.
*Conquered. 5-song EP. Released September 2000.
*Jammin 1. 2001.
Atonement Quartet
*Feature Big Lew Garrison. Tri-State TSRC7210210. 197?
*Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde / Shiny Funk. CD single (Slovakia).
Band is from Slovakia. Began in September 1995. Lubomir Sramo. Vilo Sandoe: drums. Peter Kolarovski. Martin Chovaner: bass. Rasio Peniastek: guitar. Ludmila Sramova: vocals.
Band is from Sweden
George Atwell and Richard Milham
*Bread for a Hungry World. Van Hess 4192-13. LP.
Bill Atwood
*3:25 A.M. Dovetail DOVE38. 1976.
*Sing Unto Him. Paidion BAKST1000. 1978.
David Atwood
*Let's Be Friends. Chapel S2263. 1973.
*When Love Shines In. Chapel S2275. 1974.
Rudy Atwood
*I Will Praise Thee. Christian Faith RA1193. 1958.
*In the Secret of His Presence. Christian Faith RA1194. 1958.
*Songs of Glory. Christian Faith RA1195. 1958.
*Songs of Comfort. Christian Faith RA1197. 1959. Also issued with a Golden Hours cover.
*Piano Solos Vol. IV. Christian Faith RA1199. 1959.
*Piano Solos Vol.I. Christian Faith RA1201. 1960.
*Piano Solos Vol. II. Christian Faith RA1203. 1960.
*Piano with String Quartet Vol I. Christian Faith RA1205. 1961.
*Piano Solos Vol. III. Christian Faith RA1207. 1961.
*Piano and Instrumental Ensemble. Christian Faith RA1209. 1962.
*Everlasting Songs of Adoration. Christian Faith RA1211. 1962.
*The Incomparable Rudy Atwood. Word WST8579. 1972. LP.
*Wonderful Old Chestnuts. Word WST8591. 1973. LP. 32 min. 12 sec.
*My Savior First of All. Word WST8603. 1975. LP.
*Jesus Is a Friend of Mine. Word WST8633. 1975. LP.
*Crown Him with Many Crowns. Word WST8672. 1977. LP.
*Rudy Atwood. Custom LP7702. 197?
*God Opens a Door. Harvest H1013. 197?
*Gospel Grandeur. Supreme SLP391. 197?
*Keyboard Rhapsodies. Supreme SLP394. 197?
*Piano Favorites. Word WST8943. 1984.
*Echoes of Songfest. Faith Music missions 91162. 1991. CS. Contributes five songs. Piano.
Other Appearances
*Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet. Christian Faith Recordings. LP. Piano.
*Old Fashioned Revival Hour Quartet. Just a Little Walk with Jesus. LP. Piano.
Wonderful Old Chestnuts
Songs: Beyond the Sunset. All That Thrills My Soul. Great Is Thy Faithfulness. He the Pearly Gates Will Open. Dwelling in Beulah Land. Some Golden Daybreak. Face to Face. His Eye Is on the Sparrow. Our Great Saviour. How Great Thou Art. Amazed. If I Gained the World.
Tommy Atwood
*God Opens Doors. Harvest HAR1013. 1972.
*This Side of the River. Harvest HAR1018. 1973.
*Tommy Atwood. Sonlight LP7702. 197? LP.
Eric and Rosalinde Aucoin
*We Are One. PTL PTLLP1837. 1983. LP.
Band is from Dudley, West Midlands, England. Circa 1997. Style is adult oriented rock.
*EP. 1997.
*Entertaining Angels. Custom CD. 2000? England.
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of "Entertaining Angels." CR 56 April - May 2000: 52-53.
Audio Adrenaline
*Demo. 2 songs.
*Audio Adrenaline. Forefront FFD2936. 1992. CD.
*Don't Censor Me. Forefront FFD3012. 1993. CD.
*Don't Censor Me: Extended Play Remixes. Forefront FFD3018. 1994. CD.
*Live Bootleg. Forefront FFD5136. 1995. CD.
*Bloom. Forefront 7243825144. 1996. CD.
*Some Kind of Zombie. Forefront 7243825182. 1997. CD.
*Hit Parade: the Greatest Hits. Forefront FFD5273. 2001. CD.
*Lift. Forefront FFD5299. 2001. CD.
Some Kind of Zombie
Songs: Some Kind of Zombie. Some Kind of Zombie (criscoteque remix). Free Ride. The hairbrush Song “Live at the Gardens” (archives series).
Songs: You Still Amaze Me. I’m Alive. Beautiful. Ocean Floor. Rejoice. Speak to Me. Glory. Summertime. This Is Everything. Lift. Tremble. Beautiful (Radio Remix). Lonely Man (from the demo session).
*WOW 1999. Provident Music Group SPD1686. Also SPD1551 and SPD1557. 1998. 2 CDs. Song: Chevette.
*WOW 2002. Sparrow SPD51850/51852. 2001. 2 CDs. Song: Beautiful.
*WOW 2003. Sparrow SPD39776. 2002. 2 CDs. Song: Ocean Floor.
*Review of Audio Adrenaline. WT 13 p:6.
*Review of Audio Adrenaline. CR 13 (1993): 51-2.
*"Dead in Christ." Mike Rimmer. CR 43 (1998): 10-11.
*Rake, Jamie Lee. Rev. of "Hit Parade." HM 89 (2001): 77-78.
Audio Paradox
Band is recording vehicle for Josh Pyle from Plano, Texas.
*Demo. Dash Recordings. 1994.
*Control Method. EP. Dash Recordings. 1995.
*Construction 009. Arts Industrial. 1995. One song
*Electro Shock Therapy. REX 41032. 1995. Song: Grace 1.
*Full Frontal Lobotomy. Flaming Fish Music FFMCD001. 1997. Song: Ageless (5:30:47).
As of 6/24/2004, the band was: Matthew Edwards: Dallas, Texas. Kane Kelly: Dallas. Josh Pyle: Chicago. Kris Rosentrater: Seattle. River Tunnell: Dallas.
Aug. 17
Aug. 17 was from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
*Demo. 1985. 2 songs. CS. Wishing (My Life Away): based on Matthew 16:3, Romans 12:11, I Corinthians 7:29 and Revelation 1:3 and several suicide notes at the Oklahoma City police department. Real Danger: based on the Book of Revelation.
Augsburger Family
*I Thank You Lord. Ritten House RCR1023. 197?
Myron S. Augsburger
Augsburger was President of Eastern Mennonite College.
*Two Sermons. Word Records W-6103. 1960s? LP. Sermons: The Satisfaction of Christ / The Cross and Forgiveness. Part of Word's Great Sermons Series.
Augustana Choir
The choir originated at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. Began in 1929. They appeared on the Ed Sullivan "Toast of the Town" show in 1955.
*Augustana Choir. Word Records W4001. 1956. LP.
*Augustana Choir. Word Records W4005. 1956. LP. Henry Velt, conductor.
*Augustana Choir. Word Records W4012. 1957. LP.
*Henry Veld Conducts. Word W4029. 1958. LP. Also as W9029.
*Sacred and Secular Choral Works. RCA Victor LBC1075. 195? LP.
*Favorite Hymns. RCA Camden CAL546. 1960. LP.
*Christmas Music. RCA Camden. CAS636. 1963? LP.
*Happy Holidays. RCA Victor PR129. 1962. LP. Song not listed.
*Augustana College Choir. No label, no number. 1982. 2 LPs. Donald E. Morrison, conductor.
*A Christmas Tapestry. BMG Special Products 45681-2. 1999. CD. Song: Away in the Manger.
78 rpm
*(Divendres Sant) Good Friday Music in a Catalonian Church, Part 1 and 2. Victor 2206. 1942. 10 inch. In Latin. Margarete Ford, contralto solo.
*Echo Song (Orlande de Lossus) / Oh! Susana. RCA Victor 1971. No date. 10 inch. Henry Veld, conductor. English version of Echo Song by Nathan Haskell Dole.
Augustana Choir (Word W4005)
Side 1: Blessing, Glory and Wisdom (J. S.Bach). A Ceremony of Carols, Op. 28 (Benjamin Britten). Gute Nacht (German folk song). Side 2: lessed Is the Man, Op. 37, No. 3 (Sergei Rachmaninoff). Jesus and the Traders (Zoltan Kodaly). Tonerna (Sjoberg; arr. by Lundholm). Come to the Manger (Richard Kountz). The Great Angelic Host (arr. Grieg).
Henry Veld Conducts
Side 1: Lead on, O King Eternal (Shurtleff – Smart 2:16). Sing Ye Birds (Mongolina; arr. Sargent 1:26). Lullaby (Korean; arr. Sargent 3:07). Nature Carol (Filipino; arr. Sargent 1”10). Lullaby (Hawaiian; arr. Sargent 3:00). God Be in My Head (Davies 2:07). May You Ever, Ever Prosper (Bach; ed. Tillinghast 4:35).
Side 2: Beautiful Savior (Christiansen 3:22). O Vos Omnes (Casals 3:19). Agnus Dei (from Missa, “Jesu, Splendor Patris”; Lemacher 3:13). Wohin (Whither) (Schubert; arr. Gilbert 1:51). The Cloud Capp’d Towers (Williams 1:58). Over Hill, Over Dale (Williams 1:00). The Maiden in the Woods (Dvorak 1:57). Now the Day Is Over (Baring / Gould / Barnby 2:20).
Sacred and Secular Choral Works
Songs: The Servant Is Downcast (motet for double choir) (Brahms). We Hasten with Feeble But Diligent Footsteps (No. 2 from Cantata No, 78) (Bach). Traume (Wagner). Sheep May Safely Graze (from the Birthday cantata, Was Mir Behagt) (Bach). God Be in My Head (Walford Davis). Hymn to King Stephen (Kodaly). Grief (Dvorak). Thou Guide of Israel (from Cantata No. 104) (Bach). Carol of the Drum (Katherine K. Davis). Jacques, Come Here (traditional French; arranged by Richard Donovan). Henry Veld, conductor.
Favorite Hymns
Side 1: Onward Christian Soldiers. Rock of Ages. Stand Up for Jesus. Abide with Me. The Old Rugged Cross. Lead Kindly Light. Nearer My God to Thee. What a Friend with Have in Jesus. Side 2: A Mighty Fortress Is Our God. The Doxology. Holy, Holy, Holy. O Sacred Head. All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name. My Faith Looks Up tp Thee. Thine Is the Glory. Unto the Hills Around.
Program notes by Leonard Raphael. Henry Veld, conductor. Recorded in Rock Island, Illinois.
Christmas Music
Songs: Hark the Hearald Angels Sing. What Child Is This (Greensleeves). Silent Night. Angels We Have Heard on High. The Fairest of Roses. Away in a Manger. O Little Town of Bethlehem. In the Bleak Midwinter. It Came upon a Midnight Clear. Come to the Manger. The Coventry Carol. What CanThis Mean. The Blessed Birth. How Brightly Beams the Morning Star. Selections from a Ceremony of Carols: Wolcum Yole!; There Is No Rose; Balulalow; As Dew in Aprille; This Little Babe; Deo Gracias.
Program notes by Leonard Raphael. Henry Veld: conductor.
Augustine's Garden
AG formed at Anderson Universiry in Indiana. Band active circa mid 2002.
*Augustine's Garden.
*Welcome to the Garden.
Aunt Bertha
*Storytime with... Zondervan ZLP556. 1959. LP.
*Singtime with Aunt Bertha's Happy Family. Diadem DLP114. 196? LP.
*I'll Live for Jesus. Diadem DLP136. 196? LP.
*Tell Me a Story. Diadem DLP157. 196? LP.
*Susie Reads the Bible. Diadem DLP171. 196? LP.
*Delightful Duets. Diadem DLP191. 196? LP.
*Family Favorites. Diadem DLP230. 196? LP.
*Singtime. Diadem DLP268. 196? LP.
*Storytime for Children. Diadem DLP283. 196? LP.
*Please Tell Me a Story. Zondervan ZLP678. 1965. LP.
*Stories for Children. Zondervan ZLP700. 1966. LP.
*Stories and Songs. Zondervan ZLP752. 1968. LP.
*Songs for Children. Zondervan ZLP800. 1970. LP.
*Tell Me Another Story. Zondervan ZLP824. 1971. LP.
*His Story in Song. Singcord / Zondervan ZLP861. 1973. LP.
*Children's Story Time. Zondervan ZLP881. 1974. LP.
*Children's Story Time. Zondervan ZLP920. 1975. LP.
His Story in Song
Side 1: Away in a Manger. Hark the Herald Angels Sing. Out of the Ivory Palaces. Ring the Bells. Wonderful Things to Know. Scripture: Luke 2:41-52. Stranger by the Sea. His Name Is Wonderful. Wonderful. He Went About Doing Good. He Touched Me. Side 2: Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. Jerusalem; Crown Him. Crucify Him. He Carried the Cross for Me. He Died for Me. They Crucified Him. He Arose. Bringing Back the King. The King Is Coming. I Want toBe There.
Aunt Bettys
See also LSU; Mike Knott; Cush
*Aunt Bettys. 1996.
Aunt Martha
Aurora, Illinois
Jon Solomon: vocals. Johnny Egan: guitar, vocals. Frank Thom: bass. Brian Roe: drums.
*Demo. CD?
Aunt Theresa
*Old Testament Heroes. Word W3299. 1965. Also as: WST8229. LP.
*Songs and Stories for Children. Zondervan ZLP715. 1967. LP.
Lauren, Rachel and Raquel Smith. The last two are twins.
*Aurora. Red Hill 0224821682. 2000. CD.
*Bigger Than Us. Pamplin PRCD2279. 2001. CD.
Cummings, Tony. "Teen Pop: Aurora." CR Feb-Mar. 2001: 13.
Adrian Austin
Originally from Christchurch, New Zealand. Now lives in Australia. Acoustic contemporary, praise and worship.
*Wooden Ships. 1995.
*On the Water. 2001.
Austin College Choir
*Europe 71. Witness LP7181. 1971. LP.
*O Magnify the Lord. Mark MC6813. 1971. LP. Also may be listed as TRAV MC6813.
O Magnify the Lord
Side 1: Create in Me. O Cast Me Not. Grant Me the Joy. Sing, Ye Righteous. O Clap Your Hands. O Magnify the Lord. Side 2: Path of the Just. O All Ye Works. Bright Mansions. Antipon.
Debbie Austin
*Never Defeated. Savoy SL14737. 1983.
Dennis Austin
*Sings Songs of Faith. Myrrh 7016947306. 1992.
*Do You Know Him. Word 7019403506. 1994.
John Austin
*Embarrassing Young. Glasshouse 7014701029. 1992. CD
*Authorized Unauthorized Bootleg. Twitch TRCD-0794003-L. 1994. CD.
Embarrassing Young
John Austin: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica. Tim Chandler: bass on "We All Need Love" and "Back to the Garden." Andrew "Hank" Crawford: electric guitar. Derri Daugherty: electric guitar on "Back to the Garden" and all guitars on "We All Need Love." Mark Heard: accordion, mandolin, Gretsch guitar, drum programming, whistle and various noises. Steve Hindalong: drums, percussion. Buddy Miller: electric 12-string guitar. David Miner: standup and electric bass. And introducing Erin Echo on vocals.
All songs by John Austin
The Embarrassing Young (3:39). Island Girl (3:51). Fallout (2:50). Mercy Squeeze (3:32). Tellulah (2:58). Farthest Thing from My Mind (3:47). Under the Bed (2:51). Miss Nebula Jones (3:42). We All Need Love (3:32). Back to the Garden (4:02). Say Goodbye (3:54). Awake, Alone (4:46).
Produced by Mark Heard, October 1991. Executive producers: Dan Russell and Steve Hindalong. Recorded at Fingerprint, Los Angeles, California and at Neverland, Cerritos, California (drums). Except "Back to the Garden" and "We All Need Love" produced by Steve Hindalong, Derri Daugherty and Mark Heard, March 1992. Recorded by David Hackbarth and Derri Daugherty at Neverland and by Mark Heard at Fingerprint (vocals). All songs mixed by Mark Heard. Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Bros. Art direction: Joel Russell for the Russell Group. Additional design and consulting: John Flynn for F2 Design. Photography and style: Leiza Schmidt.
Authorized Unauthorized Bootleg
All songs written and performed by John Austin. Newton Carter: recorded, mixed, additional guitar, made bricks from straw. Timothy Eddings: management. Michael Lucchi and Clint Moore: executive production and coffee. Cover by Kevin Frank. Inside photo by Wendy Bako. Back photo by John Bryson. Bruce Bitmead: connections. Lyndon Ketterman: assistance. Mark Strine: keeper of Our House (Concerts).
I've Got the Rest of My Life. Red Dog. These Things Take Time. King of the Beasts. Little Girl Lost. Only the Strong. Go Ask the Dead Man (Mark Heard). Reprise.
These tracks were recorded at Lyndon's house in Kansas City on one 72 hour day in June 1994.
Letia. "The New Kid in Town." WT 13 (1993): 44-45.
Austin Public School
*Eighth Annual Music Festival. Custom CS335904. 1959. LP.
Ron and Linda Austin
*Miracles. Pinebrook Studios PB1720. 1981? LP.
Side 1: Promises (D. Brubaker 3:56). If I Were a Butterfly (B. Howard 2:23). Gentle Shepherd (William and G. Gaither 3:48). The Sacrifice Lamb (J. Chernoff 4:17). Jesus, Name Above All Names (N. Hearn / P. Cain 2:10). Side 2: Miracles Happen All the Time (A. Culverwell 3:08). Beneath the Cross of Jesus (Clephane / Maker 3:38). I Am Loved (William and G. Gaither 4:10). His Name Is Jesus (E. K. Rusthoi 3:24). All in the Name of Jesus (S. R. Adama 4:26).
Produced by Steve Millikan. Arranged by Steve Millikan and Jerry Nelson. Engineered by John Bolt and Steve Archer. Ron Austin: acoustic guitar. Instruments by Pinebrook Musicians. Art direction: Katie Kennedy. Front cover drawing: Anna Ohalla. Back cover photography: Ron Austin. Recorded and record production: Pinebrook Studios, Alexandria, Indiana.
Auto Voice
Ontario, Canada. Stephen Heyerdahl: vocals, programming. Bennett J. Smail: programming, synthesizers, Wave / sample editing.
*Auto Voice. Mere 00000011. 1996. CD.
*Full Frontal Lobotomy. Flaming Fish Music FFMCD001. 1997. Song: Decay Displacement (2:41:22)
*Machines in the Garden. Blacklight BLR 003. 1998. Song: Construct (3:14).
Gene Autry
*Sings Songs of Faith. Republic RLP6017. 1977. LP.
Tom Autry
*Tom Autry. Star Song SSR-001. 1976. LP.
*Blood of the Lamb. Star Song SSR-0006. 1978. LP.
*Better Days. Star Song SSR-0017. 1980. LP.
*Mockingbird. WTA Records and Music WTAR 001. 1982. LP.
Tom Autry
Songs: Jesus, I’m Glad That You Found Me. All I Really Need (Is to Trust the Lord). God Is Real (And He Loves You and Me). Jesus, I Want to Give My Life to You. Jesus, You Are the Real Live Sonshine. As It Was in the Days of Noah. Walk Me Through Another Valley. Father, Father, I Love You Today. Jesus, I Want to Walk Closer to You, If His Light Doesn’t Shine.
Blood of the Lamb
Tom Autry: keyboards, vocals. Randy Adams: bass, autoharp. Carl Napoli: drums. Backing vocals: B, C & S, Carol Chambers, Janet Harris and Lisa Munson. John Davis: electric guitar. Rick Crawford: acoustic guitar. Russell Dunlap: percussion. Dedra Payne: harp. Bobby Walzal: sax. Gary Rhodes: Baroque trumpet. Paul Mills: additional keyboards. Strings arranged and conducted at Anvil Studios, London, England, by Fletch Wiley.
All songs by Tom Autry
Side 1: Blood of the Lamb (4:09). Sweet Smell of Faith (4:14). Is It Wrong? (3:26). NaturalMan (3:00). Blood of the Lamb (Reprise) (1:31). Side 2: Sacrifice (2:50). Without You (4:02). I Want to Set You Free (3:39). You're My Rock (3:24). Sacrifice (Reprise) (0:40).
Produced by Wayne Donowho and Darrell A. Harris. Engineered by Brian Tankersley. Recorded and mixed at Rivendell Sound Recorders. Album design and Artwork by George Werth. Photo by Ken Berg. Arrangement assistance: Randy Adams.
Better Days
Darrel Cook: bass. Keith Edwards: drums. Fletch Wiley: flutes. Hadley Hockensmith and Jerry McPherson: guitars. Russel Dunlap: percussion. Tom Autry, Jonathan Brown, Paul Mills: keyboards. Tom Autry, Marty McCall, Craig Smith, Brian Tankersley, Rick Crawford, Randy Adams, Carol Chambers, Becca Donowho, Audrey Adams, RickThigpen, Paul Mills, Dallas Holm. Pat Dorflinger. B, C & S, Susan Autry.
All songs by Tom Autry, except as noted
Side 1: Lay It Down (2:26). Stay Together (2:10). Song in the Night (Randy Adams 4:30). Lean on Me (Bill Withers 3:28). To Love (3:30). Side 2: Master Plan (D. Crawford 3:10). Pious Piper (3:23). Solomon (Autry / Ron Stone 2:50). Justified (3:15). Time to Believe (3:45).
Produced by Randy Adams. Engineered by BrianTankersley. Additional engineering by Paul Mills and Randy Adams. Recored at Rivendell Sound Recorders, Pasadena, Texas. Strings and horns arranged and conducted by Fletch Wiley. Vocals arranged by Paul Mills and Randy Adams. Renee Crawford: art. Bob Thigpen: photography.
Tom Autry: Yamaha GS-2, grand piano, Rhodes Chroma, KorgK-2, Rhodes piano. Pat Bautz: drums, percussion. Dan Smith: bass, fretless bass. Jerry McPherson: guitar. Larry Slezak: sax. Paul Mills: Rhodes Chroma. Fletch Wiley: flute. Keith Edwards: drums. Darrell Cook: bass. Hadley Hockensmith: guitar. Robert Herridge: harmonica, fiddle. Marty McCall, Craig Smith, RickCrawford: backing vocals. Randy Adama: bass, backing vocals on Mockingbird. Jerry Williams and Ed Kerr: backing vocals on Afterglow. Susan Autry: backing vocals on More Than We Can Say.
All songs by Tom Autry, except as noted.
Side 1: What We Need the Most (3:04). All th' Souls (4:04). In Everything (2:18). Peter (Ron Stone - Autry 3:38). Mockingbird (3:26). Side 2: Lookin' Back (3:22). Like a Child (Stone / Autry 3:28). Thanksong (3:08). Afterglow (2:57). More Than We Can Say (2:23).
Arranged and produced by Tom Autry and Randy Adams. Engineered by Randy Adams. Recorded and mixed at Rivendell Recorders. Art anf album design by Paul annan.
Autumn Rains
Marshall, Texas. Acoustic folk mixed with blues and jazz. Shawne Martinez: lead vocals, guitar. Ginny Ebarb: vocals. Justin Hayes: guitar, sax. Mathew Blossom: bass, mandolin, harmonica. Stephen Adams: keyboards, flute, percussion. Jody Woolverton: drums, percussion.
*Legacy. 1997. CD.
Autumn Rose
Orange County, California.
*Autumn Rose. 1988. 3 song demo. I Will Be There. In Love Again. I Surrender.
Autumn War
Wheaton, Illinois. Began late 1996. Acoustic-based rock. Christopher Bunn: vocals, rhythm guitar. John Blum: drums. Jon Reich: bass, backing vocals. Mike Pilato: lead guitar, backing vocals.
*Three song demo. 1997. Cassette only. Recognize. Birkenua. Ozymandias.
*Six song demo. 1998. CD. Jamie's War. Recognize. Mr. Robinson. Around the Sun. Help Me. Ozymandias.
*Angel Pool.
*In the Russet Gold of the Vain Hour.
*Le Carillon. 2001/2002?
*Moore, Annie. Rev. of Le Carillon. HM Mar.-Apr. 2002: 62.
Autumn’s Embrace
Metal-core from Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Began summer of 1998.
see also Jody McBrayer
*Avalon. Sparrow SPD1485. Also 7474003642. 1996. CD.
*A Maze of Grace. Sparrow SPR1639. 1997. CD.
*In a Different Light. Sparrow SPD1687. 1999. CD.
*Joy. Sparrow SPD1733. 2000. CD. Christmas album.
*Oxygen. Sparrow SPD1796. 2001. CD. Colector’s edition exists with one extra song.
*O2: Avalon Remixed. Sparrow SPD51936. CD. 2002.
*Testify to Love: The Very Best of Avalon. Sparrow SPD42949. 2003. CD.
*Faith: a Hymns Collection. Sparrow 7742. 2006. CD.
*WOW 1999. Provident Music Group SPD1686. Also SPD1551 and SPD1557. 1998. 2 CDs. Song: Testify to Love.
*Music from and Inspired By Jesus, the Epic Mini-Series. Sparrow SPD1730. 2000. CD. Also Capitol G2724385173028. Song: Fly to You.
*I Will Be Here: 25 of Today’s Best Wedding and Love Songs. Sparrow SPD51905. 2001. CD. Songs: By Heart, By Soul (with Aaron Neville). Can't Live a Day.
*WOW 2002. Sparrow SPD51850/51852. 2001. 2 CDs. Song: Wonder Why.
*WOW 2003. Sparrow SPD39776. 2002. 2 CDs. Song: I Don't Want to Go.
*Aaron Neville. Devotion. Tell It Records EGD0287. 2000. Guest vocals on By Heart, By Soul.
Songs: Give It Up. This Love. The Greatest Story. Picture Perfect World. Don't Be Afraid. Here to Deliver. Let It Be Forever. My Jesus, I Love Thee. Savior Love. Jesus Is Lord.Grant Cunningham, A&R direction. Recorded by Shane D. Wilson at Re:think Studio, Sound Stage and Javelina Recording Studios; assisted by Richard Rose, Mel Jones, Joe Hayden, Chris Schara and Chad Fifield. Produced by Charlie Peacock. Katy Krippaehne: production coordinator.
A Maze of Grace
Songs: Testify to Love. A World Away. A Maze of Grace. Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Adonai. Speed of Light. The Move. Reason Enough. Forgive + Forget. Dreams I Dream for You.
In a Different Light
Songs: Take You at Your Word (4:46). In Not Of (4:04). In a Different Light (3:25). Can't Live a Day (4:47). Always Have, Always Will (4:18). I'm Speechless (5:06). If My People Pray (5:04). Only for the Weak (4:47). Let Your Love (4:03). Hide My Soul (5:33). First Love (4:33).
Produced by Brown Bannister. Executive producer: Grant Cunningham. Production manager: Traci Sterling Bishir. Recorded by Steve Bishir at the Sound Kitchen, assisted by Hank Nirider. Additional recording by Shane D. Wilson, Gary Paczosa and Hank Nirider.
Joy: a Christmas Collection
Songs: Joy (to the World). The Angels Medley: The First Noel; Angels We Have Heard on High; Hark the Herald Sing. Don't Save It All for Christmas Day. Jesus Born on This Day. Winter Wonderland. Light a Candle. Good News. The Christmas Song. Manger medley: O Come O Come Emmanuel; Away in a Manger; O Little Town of Bethlehem; Silent Night. We Are the Reason.
Songs: Wonder Why. The Best Thing. By Heart, By Soul (with Aaron Neville). Undeniably You. I Don't Want to Go. Never Givin' Up. Make It Last Forever. The Glory. Oxygen. Love Remains. Come and Fil My Heart. (The Collector’s edition has one extra song: Beyond the Clouds).
O2: Avalon Remixed
Songs: My Oxygen (Red Decibel mix). Testify to Love (New Birth mix) (featuring Zoegirl). Wonder Why (Larring mix). The Best thing (Euro Stack mix). In Not Of (Soul 2am mix). Can't Live a Day (DJ Tiesto mix). A Maze of Grace (Ghost mix) (featuring the Katinas). Speed of Light (mint Royale mix). Undeniably You (Jeff Savage mix). Make It Last Forever (Millinneyum mix) (featuring Out of Eden). Wonder Why (Roswell mix). A Maze of Grace (The J. Edgar Hoover mix).
Grant Cunningham and Christopher York: executive producers.
Testify to Love: the Very Best of Avalon
Songs: New Day (new recording). The Greatest Story. Give It Up. Everything to Me (new recording). Testify to Love. Adonai. Knockin' on Heaven's Door. Take You at Your Word. Can't Live a Day. Always Have, Always Will. In Not Of. Pray (new recording). The Glory. Wonder Why. I Don't Want to Go. Don't Save It All for Christmas Day.
Ronnie Avalone
Tenor for the Metropolitan Opera
*The Holy City. Victory ZLP518. 1957. Reissued as C.M.P. CMP1001. 196?
*Thundertones of Praise. Word Records W3034-LP. 1958. LP. Reissued as Sword S1411. 1965.
*Singing. Word Records W3058-LP. 1958. LP. also WST8005. Stereo. Reissued as Ronnie Avalon Singing. Gab LP1346. 198? Also issued in Australia.
*I Sing Because I'm Free. Victory ZLP153. 1960.
*I Know a Name. Word Records W3145-LP. 1961. LP. Also WST8084. Stereo. Reissued as Gab GAB1348. 198?
*Singing in the Spirit. Victory ZLP1599. 1962.
*Songs of the Nazarene. Supreme Recordings SM-1027. 1964. LP.
*O Divine Redeemer. Supreme SM-1034. LP.
*Cavalcade of Artists. Word Records WLPD 3. 1960s. LP. Song: Singing.
*Sing! America! Sing! Word Records WST9501. 1960s. LP. Song: The Old Rugged Cross.
*Conference of Southern Baptist Evangelists: Proceedings. Philadelphia June 7, 1972. 2 reel-to-reel tapes. Avalone was one of many performers.
Thundertones of Praise
Side 1: Oh What a Day. What a Friend We Have in Jesus. In Days Gone By. How Great Thou Art. Bless This House. Oh What Love. Side 2: Were You There? He Whispered Peace Be Still. Calvary. I Have Found a Hiding Place. I Know They're Gone. Wonderful Saviour.
Arrangements by Dick Anthony. Herman Clebanoff: orchestra conductor and violinist.
Side 1: Singing (H. W. G. Homer / W. Grimes 2:33). Jesus, Saviour Pilot Me (E. Hopper / C. J. Bond 3:25). If the Lord Could Have His Way. Then Jesus Came (Oswald J. Smith / Homer Rodeheaver 3:46). Someone's Last Call (music from Verdi’s opera Il Travatore 4:12). Come Unto Me (E. Hewitt / D. Milam 3:48). Side 2 : Nobody Knows de Trouble (spiritual 3:05). No ONe Ever Cared for Me (C. F. Weigle 3:04). Gethsemane (J. R. Clements / B. D. Ackley 3:28). Holy Art Thou (music from Handel's opera Xerxes 3:23). Lord, I Want a Diadem (Merrill Dunlop 2:25). The Lost Chord (Sir Arthur Sullivan 5:12).
With the Concert Orchestra of London. Orchestrated and produced by Paul Mickelson.
I Know a Name
Side 1: I Know a Name (Lillenas). In the Garden (Miles). The Only Answer (Avalone / Curtis). Day by Day (Ahnfelt). The Wonder of It All (Shea). Side 2: The Old Rugged Cross (Bennard). I Have Been Born Again (McDaniel / Gabriel). How DoI Know? (Loes / Harrison). Sing Praise to His Name (Avalone / Venetian folk song). Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Chisholm / Runyan). My Father Watches over Me (Gabriel).
Produced by Kurt Kaiser. With the Ralph Carmichael Orchestra.
Songs of the Nazarene
Side 1: When God Speaks (Buck / Simpkins). The Unveiled Christ (N. B. Herrell). It's Real (H. L. Cox). My Wonderful Lord (H. Lillenas). Shop Ahoy (Cartwright / Towner). Wonderful Peace (Braun). Side 2: Look and Live (W. A. Ogden). All That Thrills My Soul (Thoro Harris). The Love of God (F. M. Lehman). Ten Thousand Angels (Ray Overholt). He'll Understand and Say 'Well Done' (Lucy Campbell). Jubilate (Young - Bortniansky).
With the London Concert Orchestra and Choir. Arranged and conducted by Paul Mickelson.
O Divine Redeemer
Side 1: When God Is Near (Ackley). A New Name in Glory (Miles). Close to Thee (Crosby / Vail). Do You Know My Jesus (Lakey / Ellis). I'd Rather Have Jesus (Miller / Shea). Submission (Miles / Forman). Side 2: God Did a Wonderful Thing (Peterson). He Smiled on Me (Twohig / O'Hara). Near to the Heart of God (McAfee). I Never Walk Alone (Ackley). O Divine Redeemer (Gounod).
With the London Concert Orchestra and Choir. Paul Mickelson: conductor, organist. Charles Magnusin: pianist. Produced by Jo Mickelson. Engineers: Robert Auger and Tom Sheffrey.
Reverend Barnard Avant
*And the St. James Gospel Choir. Gospel Truth GTS3710. 1972. LP.
Keith Avedon
*St. Thomas Episcopal Church Presents Mass… Now. Audicom Corporation USR5176. 1973. LP.
St. Thpmas Episcopal...
The Family Jam: Dugg Duggan: guitar, bass, harmonica. Melody Duggan. Roy Wanamaker: bass, guitar, fiddle. Keith Avedon: piano. Stanley Baron: percussion. Pam Duncan: soprano of the St. Thomas Choir. The St. Thomas Choir, conducted by Robert C. Johnson. Tim Petersen: jazz organist. Back cover list Johnson as organist.
Side 1: Kyrie. Creed. The Great Thanksgiving.. Side 2: He Will Come Again. The Lord’s Prayer. Agnus Dei. The Feast Is Done.
Avenue G
Wichita, Kansas.
*The Path. Ransomed 00104. 1991. CS.
The Path
Nichole Lundgren: lead vocals, acoustic guitar. Greg Sparks: acoustic and electric guitar, bass, mandolin; acoustic bass, percussion. Lee Lundgren: high strung guitar, vocals, organ, synthesizer, harmonica, mandolin, calimba. Mel Whiteside: drums. Jeff Sack: vocals, tin whistle.
All songs by Nichole and Lee Lundgren, except as noted.
Side 1: The Path. Inland. I've Given Up the Past. Home (N. Lundgren). Side 2: I'll Find Mercy (N. and L. Lundgren - Arty Morty). Thread of Love (N. Lundgren). Poet's Dream. I Will Go.
Produced by Greg Sparks and Lee Lundgren. Engineered and mixed by Greg Sparks. Additional engineering by Lee Lundgren. Recorded at Down Town Sound. Photography by Mark Gale. Layout by Studio One. Art direction: Nichole Lundgren.
Al Avilla
*Overshadowed. Chapel S5199. 1974. LP.
Bobby Ross Avilla
*Into My Life. Holy Terra 8441875894. 1995.
*Avion. RCA AFL 1-4570. 1983.
*White Noise. EMI Australia EMX 430046. 1986.
*Celebration b/w Ransom. EMI 1825. 1985. 45rpm. picture sleeve.
*Live. 1987? Custom tape.
Evan Murray: keyboards. Kendall Waller: bass, backing vocals. Randall Waller: vocals, electric and acoustic guitars. John Waller: drums, backing vocals. Martyn Toole: guitars. Additional keyboards, synthesiser programming: Rick Chadwick.
Side 1: I Need You (R. Waller 3:51). Diamond Eyes (R. Waller 4:17). Lady of the Night (R. Waller / David Smallbone / L. Waller 2:58). We Can Try (R. Waller / J. Waller / K. Waller 3:24). Warrior (R. Waller / A. Caswell 4:34). Side 2: Never Let Me Go (R. Waller / J. Waller / K. Waller 4:27). Where Do We Go from Here (R. Waller / C. Gilbey 3:40). Always Waiting (R. Waller 3:32). Who's Crying Now (R. Waller / J. Waller / K. Waller 3:06). Once Bitten Twice Shy (R. Waller 3:19). The "L. Waller" of "Lady of the Night" may have been a typo on the record label. May have been John Waller.
Produced by Chris Gilbey. Recorded by John Bee at Studio 301. Mixed by Bob Clearmountain at the Power Station. Assistant engineer / David Greenberg. Mastered by Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk. Executive producer / Peter Plavsic. Logo and album art by the Bennett Blanket Company.
White Noise
Randall Waller: lead vocals, guitars. Paul Gannell: guitars, backing vocals. John Waller: drums, backing vocals. Evan Murray: piano, synthesisers, backing vocals. Kendall Waller: bass, backing vocals. with Sam McNally: synthesisers on "Secrets" and "Never Too Late." Also assistance on synthesisers on all songs except "Celebration" and "Berlin Wall."
Side 1: Celebration (R. Waller / Clive Shakespeare / P. Gannell 4:05). Berlin Wall (R. Waller / J. Waller 3:35). Elle (R. Waller 3:56). In My Mind (R. Waller / E. Murray 3:33). Ships (R. Waller / J. Waller 4:45). Side 2: We've Got Secrets (R. Waller / Sam McNally 3:58). Calm Before the Storm (R. Waller 4:41). The Next Big Thing (R. Waller 3:24). On and On (R. Waller / Gannell 4:50). Never Too Late (R. Waller / Sam McNally 3:55).
All songs, except "Secrets," recorded at 301.
"Celebration": produced by Clive Shakespeare and Randall Waller. Engineered by Peter Cobbin. Mixed by John Bee, Clive and Randall. "Berlin Wall": produced by Avion and Peter Blyton. Engineered and mixed by Peter Blyton. "We've Got Secrets": produced and engineered by Ross Cockle (A. A. V., Melbourne). Mixed by Spencer Lee (Alberts II).
All others: produced by Peter Dawkins, Peter Blyton and Avion. Tracks engineered by Peter Blyton and Richard Lush, assisted by Tony Espie and Greg Henderson. Mixed by Blyton and Avion, assisted by Henderson.
Randall Waller: lead vocals, guitar. Paul Gannell: guitar, vocals. Evan Murray: keyboards. John Waller: drums, vocals. Kendall Waller: bass, vocals. with Sam McNally: keyboards on "Secrets," "Money or Love," "I Need You" and "Never Too Late."
Side 1: Long Night (R. Waller / Gannell). Where Do We Go from Here (R. Waller / C. Gilbey). In My Mind (R. Waller / Murray). Ships (R. Waller / J. Waller). Secrets (R. Waller / McNally). Warrior (R. Waller / A. Caswell). Ransom (R. Waller). Side 2: On and On (R. Waller / Gannell). Money or Love (R. Waller). Berlin Wall (R. Waller / J. Waller). Celebration (R. Waller / Clive Shakespeare / Gannell). I Need You (R. Waller). The Bigger You Are (R. Waller). Never Too Late (R. Waller - McNally).
Secrets, Money or Love, I Need You, The Bigger You Are and Never Too Late were recorded September 13, 1986 at Sydney Entertainment Centre on the Jands mobile. Original 24 track recording by Wyn Wynyard. Remixed by John McConnell. All other songs recorded June 13, 1987 at Selina's in Sydney, directly from the stereo p.a. mix.
In memory of Evan Murray.
Evelyn Avoglia
Connecticut. Folk music
*An Offering of Songs. No label, no number. 197? LP. Evelyn Avoglia. Kathleen Deignan. Mary Liguori. Gina Sader.
Avondale Symphonic Choir
*My God and I. Strand SL1013. 1959. LP.
My God and I
Side 1: My God and I. Let Thy Holy Presence. He Is Coming. Listen to the Lambs. Go Heralds of Salvation. Beautiful Savior. Side 2: O Lord Most Glorious. O Thou in Whose Presence. Marches of Peace. Send Forth Thy Spirit. O God Our Help in Ages Past. Music of Life.
Austin, Texas
*Spiritual Warfare. Shadow Records SHC 1001. 1990. CS.
Spiritual Warfare
Mike Botello: lead vocals, electric bass guitar, acoustic 6-string guitar, keyboards, synthesizers. Jesse Villegas: electric 6-string guitar. Rob Battalion: drums, percussion, vocals.
All songs by Botello, except as noted.
Side 1: Prelude. Reconcile. Only the Strong Survive. The System (Villegas / Botello). Drums of War (Villegas / Botello). Unjust (Villegas / Botello). Change. Truth and Reality. Side 2: Mirror, Mirror (Awake / Botello). The Kingdom (Villegas / Battalion). See Me Now. Faith (Botello / Battalion). Spiritual Warfare (Botello / Battalion).
Produced by Awake and Freddie Martinez, Jr. Executive producer: Jesse Botello, Sr. Engineered by Freddie Martinez. Additional engineering by Greg Garcia, Mike Botello and Rob Battalion. Arrangements by Awake. Mixed by Freddie Martinez, Jr., Greg Garcia and Awake. Recorded at Freddie Records Studio, Corpus Christi, Texas, September 1989 - February 1990. Artwork - Mike Soliz. Photography - Bill Bastas.
*God Came Down. Christos CS1001. 1974. LP. Band consisted of 8 teenagers.
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
See also 100 Days; the Obvious
*Two Worlds. Slipp Discs SPD 8607. 1986. LP.
*Sanctified. Reunion Records 701002412X. 1987. LP.
*Into Thy Hands. Reunion Records 7010035520. 1988.
Two Worlds
Ian Tanner: keyboards, lead vocals. Allan Powell: bass, vocals. Mike Powell: drums, vocals. Andrew Horrocks: guitars, vocals.
Side 1: You Can't Hide (Horrocks 4:50). All You Need to Know (Tanner 3:31). Two Worlds (A. Powell - Tanner 5:03). Lift Your Heart (Horrocks 4:00). Turn Them Away(Horrocks 3:58). Side 2: Fireside (M. Powell 5:13). The Only Way (Tanner 4:31). When the Crying Stops (A. Powell / Tanner 4:57). The Forest (Tanner 5:32).
Produced by Richard Hutt. Co-produced by the Awakening and Glenn Koehler. Engineered by Richard Hutt and Lloyd Walker. Additional engineering: Andrew Horrocks. Album concept by Mike Powell, Andrew Horrocks and Glenn Koehler. Graphics by Mike Powell. Photography by Stephen Horrocks. Layout by Glenn Koehler. Album co-ordination: Andrew Horrocks and Glenn Koehler. Keyboard and computer programming: Hutt, Tanner and Koehler. Introduction to You Can't Hide by Tanner and Hutt. Introduction to Fireside by Horrocks, Tanner and Hutt. . Recorded at Cedartree Recording Studio, Kitchener, Ontario.
Ian Tanner: keyboards, lead vocals. Allan Powell: bass. Andrew Horrocks: guitars, vocals. Mike Powell: drums, vocals.
Side 1: You Can't Hide (Horrocks 4:06). All You Need to Know (Tanner 3:33). My Only Hope (M. Powell / Horrocks 2:49). Two Worlds (A. Powell / Tanner 5:04). Distant Light (A. Powell / Richard Hutt / Horrocks / Tanner 4:09). Side 2: Turn Them Away (Horrocks 3:28). Fireside (M. Powell 5:16). The Only Way (Tanner 4:33). The Forest (Tanner 5:32).
Other information same as that of Two Worlds.
Awakening (South Africa)
Originally formed March 95 after Martyr's Image disbanded. Ashton Nyte: vocals, guitar, programming. Jenni Hazell: bass, replaced by Thaun: bass. Av: guitar. Philip Booyens: 2nd guitar, joined 12-95. Johannesburg, South Africa.
*Ethereal Menace
*The Fourth Seal of Zeen. CD
Van Pelt, Doug. Pick of the Litter. HM 89 (2001): 81.
Awful Truth
*Awful Truth. 1990. CD.
Awful Truth
Songs: It Takes So Long. Circle. I Should Have Known. Higher. Ghost of Heaven. No Good Reason. Drowning Man. Mary.
Merritt Island, Florida. Name is an acronym for
At the Will of the Lord.
*At the Will of the Lord. Jirah Records. 1986. Custom CS.
At the Will of the Lord
Paul Peters, Jr.: lead vocals, lead guitar. Amy Howald: lead and harmonizing vocals; synthesizer. Erich Mahnke: lead guitar. C. J. Martin: bass; cover art. Syboy James: percussion. Stephen Ty Keller: percussion.
Side A: Tanya. Got the Spirit. We're Gonna Win. Road to Zion. Risque. Side B: Jesus. Save Me. Blowin' the Amps. El Shaddai.
Roland Magnum Gloria: lead vocals, guitar. Jeff Villarreal: bass. Erin J. Backofen: vocals, cello. Joey Rios: drums, rhythm and power. Sid Edwards: vocals, guitar. Al Salinas: sax, keyboards, vocals. Circa 1998.
Swansea, South Wales. Gareth Edward: vocals. Luke Morgan: guitar. Joe: bass. Rory O'Hare: drums. Gareth and Luke were previously in the band Eskimo Sunbed. Circa 2002.
Aya Singers
*The Great Controversy. His Word HW108. 197?
Bob Ayala
Huntington Beach, California
*Joy by Surprise. Myrrh Records MSB 6577. 1976. Also Pure Joy LP102. 1976. LP.
*Wood Between the Worlds. Myrrh Records MSB 6608. 1978. LP.
*Journey. Myrrh Records MSB 6635. 1980. LP.
*Rescued. Pretty Good Records 005. 1985. Also as PGR 5435. 1986. Different cover. LP.
Joy by Surprise
Bob Ayala: acoustic guitar, vocals. Shirley Ayala: backing vocals. Bill Baker: tenor sax, all strings arrangements, except on New Beginnings. Billy Batstone: electric bass. Virgil Beckham: electric guitar. Darrel Gardner Quintet: brass. David Gardner: piano, Fender Rhodes. Don Gerber: Acoustic guitar, banjo. Pete Jacobs: piano; harpsichord on New Beginnings. Al McDougall: drums, percussion. Al Perkins: pedal steel, electric guitar. T. B. Stringalongs: strings. Mike Viccaro: oboe.
All songs by Bob Ayala
Side 1: Stephanie, with Love (2:25). Do You Know Him? (2:52). Try and Keep the Peace (4:06). To the Ancient of Days (3:33). Peace (2:05). Side 2: Silent Witness (3:08). Joy by Surprise (2:30). Song of Joseph (4:29). Lord (4:34). New Beginnings (3:55).
Pete Jacobs: arrangements for New Beginnings. Produced and engineered by Buddy King. Assistant engineer: Rick Donaldson. Recorded and mixed by Buddy King / Buddy King Studios. Cover concept and photography by Clark DeNoon. Cover art by David McCall Johnston.
Wood Between the Worlds
Bob Ayala: acoustic guitar, backing vocals. Don Gerber: acoustic guitar. Al Perkins and Virgil Beckham: electric guitar. Tom Keene: electric guitar, keyboards. Dave Garland: keyboards. David Coy: bass. Gary Malibar and Fred Petri: drums and percussion. Manoochehr Sadeghi: Santour and Egyptian clay drums. Bill Baker: brass and string arrangements. Shirley Ayala: backing vocals.
All songs by Bob Ayala
Side 1: Empty Cup (2:42). That Hideous Strength (2:56). Nicodemus (2:31). Red Letter Day (2:51). Babylon (4:35). Side 2: Tammuz Celebration (3:12). I Need Love (3:18). Pamela (3:31). Born on Easter Morning (3:36). Medley: Prelude to Flight & Wood Between the Worlds (3:09).
Produced and engineered by Buddy King. Recorded at Soundcastle Studio, Los Angeles, CA.
All songs by Bob Ayala, except as noted
Side 1: Journey (4:25). Valerie (3:53). Positive Confession (3:02). On My Way (3:17). Beauty for Ashes (2:29). Side 2: Anna (Ayala / Donald James Gerber 2:38). Dear God (3:20). Head in the Clouds (3:35). We've All Seen Them (3:20). Vanya (3:10). Little Praise Song (1:12).
Guitars: Hadley Hockensmith. Drums: Bill Maxwell. Percussion: Alex Acuna. Keyboards: Russell Ferrante and Michael Ruff. Bass: Jimmy Johnson and Hadley Hockensmith. Synthesizers: Michael Ruff, Rhett Lawrence and Russell Ferrante. Fairlight and synthesizer programming: Rhett Lawrence. Rhythm and Fairlight arrangements: Scott Smith. Saxaphone: Justo Almario. Backing vocals: Bob Ayala, Howard Smith, Michael Ruff, BeBe Winans, and Phyllis St. James. Shirley Ayala Gerber - backing vocals on We Welcome You Lord.
All songs by Bob Ayala, except as noted
Side 1: How Can I Tell Them (4:59). Lord Won't You Come out to New York (5:05). Who'll Be the Next to Go? (4:40). While I'm Waiting for You (3:25). Pour Through Me (3:00). Side 2: Heidi (4:27). Make Me Shine (4:35). It's My Dream (3:42). Turn It Over (Ayala / Melody Green 3:06). Heart of Steel (3:30). We Welcome You Lord (2:20).
Produced by Bill Maxwell. Engineered by Christopher Banninger, Win Kutz and Hal Sacks. Album mixed by Christopher and Bill Maxwell. Art direction and design: Terry DeGraff. Photo: Constance Ashley. On the Sparrow distributed LP - Timothy Yerrington: design. Larry DeGraff: photo, front cover. Marty Justice: photo, back cover.
Jim Ayars
*Welcome Delightful Morn. Hosanna House S5332. 1978.
Scott Ayers
*Piano Praise. No label. SLP1217. 197?
Walter Ayers
*The Story of My Conversion. Custom 11517. 1977. LP.
Bill Ayres
*Be Yourself. Sadlier 5491. 1974.
Powder Springs, Georgia. Began 1996?
*Poor Boy. Custom. 1996?
Began 1985. San Jose, California area. Many changes. LaVada Black: lead and backing vocals, songwriter. Paul Gentry: lead and backing vocals, songwriter. Dan Swan: director, arranger, songwriter. With: Paul A. Fox: lead vocals, guitar, arranger, producer. Ed Goldfarb: lead vocals, keyboards, arranger, producer.
*Inroad Project. 1991
*Synergy. CD. 1992
*Daybreak. 1993
*Gateway. CD. 1996
Azimuth (UK)
Swaythling, Southampton, England. Began 1992?
Azimuth. Desire 1264. 1996. CD
*Review - Azimuth by Tony Cummings. CR #32 April / May 1996. p57.
*Hello. Elco. 1971.LP. Reissued on Modo. 2000.
Puerto Rico
Black Metal
*Strong as Death. Bombworks Records. April 2008. CD.
Strong as Death
Songs: Intro. A Mortal Way of Life. Interlude I. A Cadaveristic Desire… Interlude II, Stigma from Hell. Interlude III. Master of Light. Interlude IV. The Dark Lust of the Rotten Soul. Interlude V. Crawing from the Grave. Outro.
Cincinnati, Ohio
*Demo. 3 songs. I Pledge Allegiance. Saved and Sanctified. Drawing Lines.
*Drawing Lines. 1990. Custom CS.
Drawing Lines
Jeff Wilson: guitar, backing vocals. Jonathan Price: drums, backing vocals. Len Little: bass, keyboards, backing vocals. William Price: guitar, keyboards, lead and backing vocals. With: David Huff: backing vocals; guitar solo on "Saved." Sax on "Here Today" by J. Orr, M. Lorenz and K. Laivins. Scott Carter: percussion. Rayborn Huff: keyboards on "Drawing Lines" and "Saved", and solo on "Open Arms."
All songs by William Price and Az-U-R.
Side 1: Drawing Lines. Open Arms. Into Your Will. Hold on Together. Never Stop.
Side 2: I Pledge Allegiance. Here Today. Saved and Sanctified. If You Don't Know. Close to You.
Produced by David Huff and William Price. Recorded and mixed at Huff Recording Studio, Forest, Mississippi. Engineered by Scott Carter. Remixed by Scott Carter and Az-U-R. Arrangements by William Price and David Huff. Photography by Bridgette Henebry.
Azure Skies
Gothenburg, Sweden
*Azure Skies. Ant-Zen ACT115. CD.
*Machines in the Garden. Blacklight BLR 003. 1998. Song: To Ache So Deep (4:59).
Azure Skies
Songs: Crater. Deniability. Hydrazine. Collapse. In Eclipse. Bring Nothing Back. Still. Forward Contamination. Water, Tree, Stone.
Azusa Pacific College
Concert Choir
*He Gave Me Joy. Mark MRS2161. 197?
Azusa Street
*Azusa Street. Custom CS. 1994? Produced by Norman Barratt.
*Long, Andrew. Rev. of Azusa Street. CR June - July 1994: 57.
Azusa Street Band
*One Way. Gospel Live Productions ONE 712. 1985. LP.
*Yield. Morada Records MZS 332. 1985. LP.
*Avenue. Quicksilver QS-10005. 1988? LP.
*"Together" b/w "You'll Never Hide." Quicksilver QSDJ-3. 12 inch single. 1988. From the album Avenue.
*You'll Never Hide. Quicksilver QSDJ3. 1988.
One Way
Steve Hall: lead vocals, acoustic and lead guitars. Dave Yarnall: vocals, electronic keyboards. Randy Meador: vocals, rhythm and lead guitars. Bill Curton: vocals, bass. Mark Orr: drums, percussion.
Side 1: The Door Is Open (Meador 4:10). It's Up to You (Yarnall 3:06). Jesus Gave Me a Second Chance (Yarnall 4:32). I'm a Fanatic (David Huff 3:21). Side 2: He Is Our Light (Hall 5:12). Last Chance (Yarnall 4:29). He Will Meet Your Needs (Yarnall 5:24). Jesus Is Coming Soon (Hall 5:03). Song titles taken from the LP label. Inner sleeve has S1:3 as "Second Chance" and S2:4 as "Jesus Is Coming Soon Again."
Recorded at Sterling Sound Productions, Sterling Heights, Michigan. Engineered by Gordon Carver and the Azusa Street Band. Mastered at Sterling Sound,Inc., New York, New York. Artwork and cover design by Gilbert Davenport. Produced by the Azusa Street Band. Photography by Carlos Diaz.
Steve Hall: lead vocals, lead and rhythm guitars. Dave Yarnall: Roland JX3P, Yamaha DX7, acoustic piano, CP35; lead vocals on "Shoulder" and "First Hello." Randy Meador: rhythm and lead guitars, backing vocals. Bill Curton: electric bass, backing vocals. Mark Orr: drums, percussion. Additional musicians: Bob Sweat: sax, sax solos. The Norwegian Submarine Exchange Clamour Club: percussion and background noises on "Why Be Normal."
All songs by Dave Yarnall, except as noted.
Side 1: Something So Simple (Hall 4:17). It's Up to You (2:50). Satan's Pushover (4:43). Shoulder to Cry On (4:08). Head Above the Water (4:13). Side 2: Selling Out (3:52). First Hello, Last Goodbye (5:48). Who's Foolin' You (Hall 4:41). Second Chance (4:15). Why Be Normal (Hall 2:45).
Produced and engineered by Allen Wright. Recorded at Big Mama Music Group, Knoxville, Tennessee. Mastered at Master MPX. Cover design by New Day Productions / D. Higgins, L. Doge. Photography by Carlos Diaz.
Steve Hall: lead vocals; lead, rhythm and acoustic guitars. Randy Meador: lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals. Bill Curton: electric bass, backing vocals. Mark Orr: drums, percussion, backing vocals. Additional musicians: Eugene Mann: saxophone. Randy Davenport: keyboards, backing vocals; lead vicals on "Together." James Bolton, Tammy Hugger, Kelly Huff, Lesea Fox, Lana Fox: backing vocals.
All songs by Steve Hall, except as noted.
Side A: Avenue (4:19). Together (Randy Davenport 4:31). Church Be the Church (3:42). I Have Hope (Dave Yarnall 3:04). He Will Meet Your Needs (Yarnall 4:30). Side B: Whole Other City (3:42). Movin' on to Glory (4:03). Nothing But Love (3:49). You'll Never Hide (3:26). Family of God (M. Willhoite / Hall 4:30).
Produced by David Huff and the Azusa Street Band. Engineered and mixed by David Huff and Terry Ostrivitch. Recorded at Huff Recording Studios, Forest, Mississippi (LP jacket says "Missouri"). Mastered at Capitol Records. Cover design and photography by Lauren Garza. Group photography by Marisa Miller, Focal Point Studios.