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B4 the Rapture
Family gospel band (acoustic folk, light contemporary, southern gospel) from Dunster, British Columbia, Canada. Circa 1998.
Jim Boos: 12 string guitar. Cheryl Boos: piano, bass. Amanda: lead guitar. Buck: drums. Jenny: violin, bass.
*Amazing Grace. CS.
*Walk in His Light. CS.
*Deeper Walk. CD and CS.
Dr. Morgan Babb
*Holy Boldness. Nashboro LP7027. 196? LP.
*I Have a Father Who Can. Nashboro NB-7112. 1972. LP.
*The Reason I Love Him. Nashboro LP7137. 1974. LP.
*I Will Not Bow. Nashboro LP7151. 1975. LP.
*Pray for Me. Nashboro LP7194. 1978/79?. LP.
*Keep Faith. Nashboro 4006-2. 1995. CD.
I Have a Father Who Can
Songs: I Have a Father Who Can (5:00). God Shall Wipe Away All Tears (4:30). Search Me Lord (3:45). I’m Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always (4:55). Lord You’ve Been Good tome (4.52). Go on My Child (5:38). By and By (4:51). Life
S Railroad to Heaven (4:24).
The Reason I Love Him
Songs: Prayer. Only the Lord Knows. That’s the Reason That I Love Him. We’ll Understand It By and By. Lord You’ve Been Good to Me. What Are They Doing in Heaven Now. God Will Take Care of You. Pass Me Not O Gentle Saviour.
I Will Not Bow
Songs: I Will Not Bow. He Knows How Much We Can Bear. No Friend Like Jesus. I Can’t Find My Way. Interview of Rev. Babb. Invitation. (May be other songs not listed).
Pray for Me
Songs: What Would I Do? Moving to My Heavenly Home. Pray for Me. Is He Yours? There Is a Fountain. Just a Closer Walk with Thee. All the Way. I’m Going Through. Makes Me Feel Like I’m Flying.
Keep Faith
Songs: Keep Faith in God (3:01). Sinners Don’t Wait (2:39). My God Works Wonders (2:46). This Soul of Mine (2:41). What Is This (3:11). Don’t Leave Me Jesus (2:45). The Devil’s on Your Trail (1:43). What More Can Jesus Do (2:33). In Love with Jesus (3:23). No One Knows (2:36). You Ought to Have Been There (2:27). Don’t Stop Serving God (2:34). What Could I Do? (2:32). Moving to My Heavenly Home (2:43). Pray for Me (7:11). Is He Yours? (3:27). There Is a Fountain (3:16). Just a Closer Walk with Thee (2:38). All the Way (4:18). I’m Going Through (3:50). Makes Me Feel Like Flying Away (3:23).
45 rpm
*God Will Wipe Away All Tears, Part 1 / Part 2. Nashboro 932. 196?
Liz Babbs
United Kingdom
*Immerse. Kingsway Music KMCD2770. 2007. CD.
Band from Germany?
*The First Time. Custom CS.
Garco Mons: vocals, guitar. Marcel Mons: bass. Alexander Bijl: soll guitar. Oscar Pathuis: drums, keyboards. Andre Venema: engineer.
Side 1: Bye Bye Color (music: G. Mons / lyrics: L.S.U.). First Love (G. Mons – O. Pathuis). The Letter (G. Mons / O. Pathuis). Mr. John (G. Mons). Marianne (G Mons / O. Pathuis). Ddpet van tante jet (Mons / O. Pathuis). Side 2: program repeated.
Recorded at Studio Jacobl ’mountain’, Arnhem.
Alice Babs
*What a Joy. Bluebell Records130. 197?
Baby Alive
Female Christian band from Los Angeles. Circa 1998.
Babylon Mystery Orchestra
Sidney Allen Johnson
*Axis of Evil. Custom CD. 2008.
Axis of Evil
Songs: Annuit Coeptis. We Ride, You Die. Devil Spawn. Islam. God Given Right. Crusader. Diabolus Apocalypse. Illuminati. Novus Ordo Seclorum. Xenophobia. Marytr (the Patience of the Saint). Come Drink the Wrath. God Damn the Children of the Beast.
Babylon Siren
Band from Australia.
Back Home Choir
*I Do Believe. RCA Victor LPM1857. 1958. LP.
Back Home Choir
*Wonderful. Vee Jay Records VJLP-5011. 19?? LP.
Songs: Bye and Bye. It Took a Miracle. God Is So Wonderful. I’m Going Through. What a Friend. Trouble Don’t Last Always. He Has a Way. Said He Wouldn’t Leave Me. Sow Righteous Seeds. He Delivered Me.
Arranged by Rev. Charles Bands and Jeff Banks. Program notes by Nat Hentoff: container. Back Home Choir of the Greater Harvest Baptist Church.
Back Pew Boyz
Band played contemporary rock music, circa 2000. Name was a play on Backstreet Boys.
Back Pocket Prophet
Oxford, England
*Dead Men Walking. CD EP. 2007.
*Transposition. CD EP. 2008.
Adam Gough: lead vocals. Tiny was the band’s vocalist (now gone). Vic Barton: bass, vocals. Tom Power: drums.
Back Porch
Gainesville, Florida area, circa 1996.
*Just Look in Your Heart
*Walk by Faith. 1996.
Back to Basics
Pop music
*Perfect Love. Custom CS EP. 1994. 4 songs. Allan is the lead vocalist. Two of the songs are: ‘So Tired’ and ‘Power of Love.’
*The Lesson. Custom CS. 1997. 8 songs. Stephen Cowan: guitar. Allan Hampson: vocals. Tamsin Frost.
*Back to Basics. Custom CD. 2000.
Back to Earth
Ambient / Meditational
*Dreams and Hopes. Custom CD.
Back to Jordan
See also: Tribe of Dan, Dan Donovan
*Back to Jordan. Custom tape. 1986. CS.
*Voice in the Wilderness. Tunnel Records Cassette CC001. 1987.
Back to Jordan
John Cook: bass, backing vocals. Ali: drums. Dan Donovan: guitar, lead vocals.
All songs by Donovan / Cook, except as noted
Side A: Set Me Free. It Means Nothing. Side B: Breaking Hearts. Cold (Donovan). Crying (Donovan). Produced by Peter Banks.
Voice in the Wilderness
John Cook: bass, keyboards, acoustic guitar; lead vocals on "Words." Dan Donovan: guitars, lead vocals. J. R. Lamont: drums, Emax and stikclix
Side 1: All Alone (Donovan / Cook / Lamont). So Dirty (Donovan). Words (Cook). Black Gets Black, White Gets Whiter (Donovan / Cook). Side 2: Touch (Donovan / Cook). Learning from You (Donovan). Voice (Donovan). Return Trip (Donovan / Cook / Lamont).
Produced by Peter Banks. Engineered by Nigel "Chopper" Palmer. Recorded and mixed at the Villa Studio, Tollesbury, England.
Back to Reality
"Back to Reality is a monthly youth event in Middlesex, England.
*Let the Music Now Begin. Independent CD. 2001.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of "Let the Music Now Begin." CR Feb.-Mar. 2001: 43. Some of the cast: Gillian Lea, Tom Callister, Suzie Leveson. Production: Jess Duley and Matt Weeks.
Back to the Bible
Lincoln, Nebraska. Founded by Rev. and Mrs. Theodore Epp in 1939.
*Back to the Bible Choir. Singspiration ZLP107. 1954. 10 inch.
*Favorites. Singspiration ZLP108. 1954. 10 inch.
*Back to the Bible. Singspiration ZLP125. 1955. 10 inch.
*Broadcast Choir. Singspiration ZLP135. 1956. LP.
*Choir and Quartet. Singspiration ZLP151. 1958. LP.
*Radio Favorites. Singspiration ZLP159. 1959. LP.
*Faith Is the Victory. Custom LP1527. 1960. LP.
*Choral Classics. Singspiration LP160. 1960. LP.
*Christmas Medley. Singspiration LP166. LP.
*Sacred Recital. Back to the Bible LP1529. 1960. LP.
*Dr. Theodore Epp Presents Vol. 1. (Back to the Bible Broadcast). RCA Victor LSP2128. 1960. LP.
*Dr. Theodore Epp Presents Vol. 2. RCA Victor LSP2282. 1961. LP.
*Voices of Youth. Back to the Bible LP1532. 1962. LP.
*Ring the Bells. Back to the Bible LP1533. 1963. LP. Choir and Male Quartet. Also: Good News 1533.
*King of Kings. Back to the Bible. LP1534. 1963. LP.
*Saviour Teach Me. Back to the Bible LP1537. 1968. LP.
*Send the Light. Back tot he Bible LP1541.
*Songs of the Cross. Good News LP1545.1969. LP.
*Promos Series #18. Broadcast. 196? One-sided 10 inch LP. Radio spots. Good News 26783-01.
*This Is Our Song. Good News LP1554. 1973. LP.
*Men with a Message. Back to the Bible LP15589. 1975. LP.
*Jesus Is a Wonderful Savior. Good News LP1556. 1978. LP.
*Old Favorites. Good News LP1566. 1978. LP.
*I Love to Tell the Story. Good News LP15651. 1978. LP.
*Learning to Lean on Jesus. Good News LP1567. 1979. LP.
*The Greatest Story Yet Told. Back to the Bible BBB951. 197?
*Rejoice. Good News LP15716. 1983. LP.
*Songs of Triumph. Zondrervan ZLP1601. 198?
*50 Years of Ministry. Back to the Bible Publishers. 1989. 3 CS.
Choral Classics
Side 1: A Shelter in the Time of Storm. When I See My Saviour. I Want to Be Like Jesus. We Shall Walk Through the Valley. In the Hour of Trial. Wear a Crown. Do You Think I’ll Make a Soldier. Nothing But Leaves. What You Are. Side Two: Shall I Crucify My Saviour? I’ve Found the Way. Cert’ny Lord. No Hidin’ Place. At the Battle’s Front. Climbin’ Up the Mountain. Cheer the Weary Traveler. Lord, I’m Coming Home.
Christmas Medley
Choir and Quartet. Rosella Mills, featured soloist. Eugene Clark, organist.
Side 1: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing. Come, Thou Long, Expected Jesus. There’s a Song in the Air. Seeking for Me. Silent Night. Let Us Put Christ Back in Christmas. Side 2: Long Years Ago in Bethlehem. The Birthday of a King. It Was a Holy Night. God Rest You Merry, Gentlemen. What a Saviour. No Room in the Inn. Thou Didst Leave Thy Throne.
Dr. Theodore Epp Presents Vol. 1.
Side 1: Leave Your Heavy Burden at the Cross (male chorus) (2:35). Room at the Cross (quartet) ( 2:35). The Price of a Soul (choir) ( 3:08). Satisfied (male chorus) (2:20). Springs of Living Water (quartet) (2:00). Come and Dine (male chorus) (2:25). Only Jesus (quartet) (2:35). They That Wait Upon the Lord (choir) (2:16). Side 2: There Is a Green Hill Far Away (choir) (2:48). No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus (quartet with Rosella) (2:40). I Shall Not Be Moved (male chorus) (2:38). Just When He Needs Me (quartet) (1:45). Speed Away (male chorus) (2:15). I Never Walk Alone (quartet) (2:15). Just a Little While (chpor) (2:08). Title on label says “Back to the Bible Broadcast.”
This Is Our Song
Back to the Bible Quartet
Side 1: Blessed Assurance (Phoebe P. Knapp 2:26; arr. by John Bartsch)). Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (Anthony J. Showwaler 2:50; arr. Bartsch). I’m Climbing Up the Mountain (Mosie Lister 2:27). The King Is Coming! (William J. Gaither 3:59; Brian Erickson, baritone; Norman Voth, trumpet). Sweet By and By (Joseph P. Webster 3:56). How Long Has It Been? Mosie Lister 2:28). Side 2: Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim (William Croft; arr. Bartsch 2:25). Do You Think I’ll Make a Soldier? (spiritual, arr. Bartsch 2:43). Forgiveness (Eugene L. Clark, arr. Bartsch 2:46). Without Him (Mylon R. LeFevre 2:55). A Pilgrim and a Stranger (John Bartsch 3:40). Nearer the Cross (Mrs. J. F. Knapp, arr. Bartsch 3:38).
Norman Voth: second tenor; graduate of Wheaton College. Del Dueck: bass; graduate of Grace Bible Institute, Omaha, Nebraska. Brian Erickson: baritone; graduate of Bethel College. Peter Schroeder: first tenor. John Bartsch: pianist; graduated from Grace Bible Institute.
Bernard Backman
*Portrait of Man. Mandala 69-52. 1969. LP. Folk music.
*50 Years of Ministry. Tape.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Portrait of Man
Songs: Portrait of Man. Frog and Cricket. Jerusalem Road. What Did You Learn in Church. Solemn 22 or 23. River Is Risin. High Flying Bird. You Can’t Legislate Morals. The Pills. East and West. Reverse Creation. Wayfarin’ Pilgrim.
50 Years of Ministry
Tape 1 pt.1. Founding speakers. Tape 1 pt. 2. Associate speakers. Tape 2 pt. 1. Youth ministry. Tape 2 pt. 2. Music. Tape 3 pt. 1. Warren Wiersbe, live. Tape 3 pt 2. DynaMoments / Gateway to Joy. Nor musical.
Backroom Congregation
Dance / Electronic
*Sunday Morning. Thickk. 12 inch vinyl single.
Lancaster, Ohio
*Pilgrim's Road. Pretzel no number. 1976. LP. May have two covers?
*Conversations. Hickory Hill JRC80871. 1980. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Pilgrim’s Road
Mike Wood: vocals, guitar. Anne Hart Back: vocals, guitar. Lloyd Williams: Fender bass, vocals, Nick Weiland: guitar, mandolin, vocals.
Side 1: I Am My Brother’s Brother (2:40). Because We Are One (2:50). Pilgrim’s Song(2:25). Love Is Like a Circle (1:35). Lonely Days (Song of Hope) (words by Mary Zettler 2:15). We Reach out for Love (1:57). Amy’s Song (new arrangement and additional verse: Mike Wood) (2:20). Together Again (Scotty’s Song) (2:35). Side 2: Glory (3:03). Daily Bread (words: Win Randall 2:53). Celebration (Timmy’s Song: First Communion) (1:55). God Gives Freely (2:50). The Earth Is Filled (2:45). Praise and Honor ((0:55). Alleluia, Christ Has Died ((0:50). Alleluia (before Gospel) (1:00). Lamb of God (1:14). On the Road (2:18).
“Mike and his wife, Patty, have three children, Timothy, Scott and Amy. He studied religion at St. Joseph College at Renesselear, Indiana, for two years and received a B.S. in Education from Ohio Dominican College. Mike has taught in the Lancaster Public Schools since 1968. He is currently Music Director of St. Mark Catholic Church and performs in nightclubs, music festivals, weddings, and liturgical settings.
Anne Hart Back has an extensive musical background and sang professionally for a number of years, primarily in Chicago. She is responsible for harmonic arrangements for Backwood. Anne is a graduate of Ohio Dominican College with a degree in Art and is a Junior High School art teacher. She has two daughters, Jessica and Sarah.
Lloyd Williams has perhaps the most varied background of the group. Lloyd graduated from Kalamazoo College, Michigan, with a B.A. in Religion. Following graduation he played in a rock and roll band in New England for two years. He left the music business and went to the racetrack to learn to ride thoroughbreds and has been galloping for Lancaster Thoroughbred Farm ever since. Lloyd plans to leave the horse business for parts unknown in the Fall.
Nick Weiland, a native of Lancaster, provides lead guitar and mandolin. He and his wife, Molly, reside in Cincinnati, Ohio.”
Backyard Bluegrass
*I'll Sing, Sing, Sing. Sword & Shield LPS9052. 1980. LP.
Backyard Gang
*Come on Over to My Own Backyard. Impact R3890. 1985.
Bad Fallacy
see also Three Go Camping.
Bad Little Duck
*Full Color Inside. Ugly Rec’s Release. 1997. CD.
Full Color Inside
Songs: The Grace. Spiritual Warfare. Two Natures. Don’t Let Me Down. V.E.R.T.I.G.O. Millions of Questions. Like the 3 Monkeys (remix). Powercore. Believe in You. Everyday.
Hip hop
*God’s Woman. Custom CD. 2004.
*Sutherland, T.A. Rev. of God’s Woman. CR Sept.-Nov. 2004: 29.
British band from Middlesbrough, circa 1998.
Jamall Badry
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Graduate of Oklahoma University
*Fill My Cup Lord. Word WST8422. 1968. LP.
*Pass It On. Word WST8506. 1971. LP. Arranged by Burl Red.
*Oh to Be Like Thee. Word C5083. 1973.
*Over My Head. Word C5097. 1973.
*Sweet Sweet Spirit. Word WST8510. 1973.
*Old Time Religion. Triangle TR102. 1974.
*Listen to the Children. Triangle TR111. 1977.
*Acres of Diamonds. Custom JB101. 197?
Fill My Cup, Lord
Songs: Fill My Cup, Lord. I'm Gonna Walk the Streets of Glory. Jacob's Vision. Here's One. Why Do I Sing about Jesus? All the Way My Savior Leads Me. Our Great Savior. If You Know the Lord. Kum ba ya. The Lord My Shepherd Is. Jesus, Lover of My Soul. I'm Gonna Sing.
Pass It On
Side 1: Good News Medley: Come Alive (Oldenburg); He Shall Live Again (McCully); Wake Up and Live (Hearn / Lunn) (6:57). Medley: All These Things Belong to Me (Baker); Jesus Loves Me (Bradbury) (2:18). Who Made the Sun? (Jordan 2:16). Who at My Door Is Standing? (Everett / Slade 2:36). The Master Hath Come (1:58). Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (arr. Red 2:27). Side 2: O Thou to Whose All Searching (Butler 2:27). Master Designer (Kaiser 3:43). Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (Wyrtzen 2:08). Just As I Am (Landgrave 2:34). He's Everything to Me (Carmichael 2:30). Pass It On (Kaiser 2:23). Arranged and conducted by Buryl Red
Sweet, Sweet Spirit
Songs: Sweet, Sweet Spirit. Put Your Hand in the Hand. Lonely Voices. I Hear Thy Welcome Voice. His Gentle Look. Love Is Surrender. He Touched Me. He's Always with Me. Grace So Amazing. Reach out and Touch. Take Up Thy Cross.
Arranged and produced by Buryl Red.
Old Time Religion
Songs: I Don't Know Why. Would You. Faith Like a Rock. Blessed Assurance. Sheltered in the Arms of God. I Will Arise and Go to Jesus. Old Time Religion. Where Has He Gone? Had It Not Been. Have Thine Own Way. Bring Back the Spring Time. 'Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.
Jamall Badry: soloist. Arranged and conducted by Buryl Red, with instrumental accompaniment. Listen to the Children
Songs: All Things Bright and Beautiful. The Tater Family. Living Hand in Hand. I'm So Happy. Over My Head. Some Children See Him. He Is Life. Living Water. For the Beauty of the Earth. Into My Heart / In My Heart There Rings a Melody. The Family of God. Listen to the Children.
Jamall Badry: soloist. The Buryl Red Min-Singers. The C&E Celestial Sound Symphony. The Triangle / Triune Damily Chorus. Buryl Red: conductor.
Ray Bady
*Mission K. O. B. (Keep on Believin'). Gospo Centric 5751700392. 2002.
Sonnie Badu
Croydon, England
Property developer and worship leader
Grandson of Ghanaian guitarist Akwasi Manu
*Lost in His Glory. Custom CD. 2008.
Edwin Baer
*Abide with Me. Chapel LP1512. 195? 10 inch.
Jim Baer and Bill Krauss
*I Believe in Jesus. Custom 4122N5. 1974. LP.
I Believe in Jesus
Jim Baer: vocals, acoustic guitar. Bill Krauss: vocals; acoustic, bass, classical and electric guitars. Richard Salamone: piano. John Walk: drums. Don Dixon: steel guitar.
Side 1: I Believe in Jesus. He Turned the Water into Wine. Outlaw. I Find No Fault. In the Spirit. Confidence. Side 2: To Know. Steppin’ on the Clouds. Why Me. He Looked Beyond My Faults. Pamela. For Those Tears I Died.
Don White: recording engineer. TPC3: graphic design. Recorded and mixed October 1974 at Cathedral Teleproductions, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Modern rock and worship from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Circa late 2003.
Tim Bagwell
*Morning Train. Gospel Towne LP001. 198?
Wendy Bagwell / Sunliters
Southern Gospel / comedy.
Wendy Bagwell. Jan Buckner, Jerri Morrison
Wendell Bagwell was born in Chamblee, Georgia. Went to West Fulton High School. Parents were Cajer and Arza Bagwell. Wife's name was Melba; had two daughters - Reta and Wendy.
*Old Time Religion. Stateswood SW426. 1959. LP. Reissued: Skylite SSLP5978. 1961. Reissued: Where Will I Shelter My Sheep. Skylite SSLP6284.
*Reunion in Heaven. Hilltop GS-7009. 1961?
*Down Home. Sing MSP 4041. 1960. LP. Reissued: Temple TLS7701. 1968.
*It's Wendy and Em Again. Sing MFLP4042. 1961. LP.
*At Carnegie Hall. Songs of Faith SOF101. 1961. LP. Also: Gospel Time 5000. Also: Modern Sound 1001.
*Gospel Trio. Scripture 105. LP.
*Keep Walking. Skylite SSLP5991. 1963. LP. Reissued as Sweet Jesus. Skylite SSLP6327.
*Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. Scripture S105. 1964. LP.
*The Family Bible. Scripture S110. 1965. LP.
*Hand in Hand with Jesus. Scripture S112. 1965. LP.
*Reunion in Heaven. Hilltop JS7009. 1965. LP.
*Golden Award Album. BAI LP12006. 1966. LP.
*I Looked All Over Heaven for You. BAI LP12007. 1966. LP. Reissued: I'm on My Way. Custom. 1975.
*Our Heavenly Flight. BAI LP1001. 1966. LP. Also: Sims LP133. 1967.
*Just Over the Rainbow. RCA Victor LSP 3924 or 3942? 1968. LP.
*The Gospel Truth. RCA Victor LSP 4056. 1968.
*Faith Is the Way. Hilltop JS-6061. 1969. LP.
*The Gospel Music World of Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. RCA Victor LSP 4136. 1969.
*The Exciting Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters. RCA Victor LSP 4259. 1970.
*Talk About the Good Times. Canaan CAS9678. 1970. LP.
*I’m on My Way. No label. Custom LP. No date. Mono.
*This, That and the Other. Canaan Records CAS9679. 1970. LP.
*The Old Cager Bagwell Place. Canaan CAS9689. 1971. LP.
*You Won't Believe This. Canaan CAS9699. 1971. LP.
*By Your Request. Canaan CAS9716. 1972. LP. CC 9716, cassette number.
*I Had a Vision. Canaan CAS9724. 1972. LP.
*The Carpenter's Tool. Canaan CAS9741. 1973 LP.
*He Was Talking about Me. Canaan CAS9763. 1974. LP.
*Bust Out Laffin'. Canaan CAS 9765. 1975. LP. CS number CC 9765. May be spelled Laughin'
*The Spirit of '76. Canaan CAS 9780. 1975. LP.
*We're Not Getting Older, Just Closer to Home. Canaan CAS 9794.1976. LP.
*Plain Georgia Gospel. Canaan CAS 9810. 1977 LP. Also listed as Peanuts to President.
*Appearing Tonight. Canaan CAS 9831. 1978. LP.
*Old Time Religion Coming Down. Skylite Records SLP 6191. 1978. LP. Reissued as Temple TEM 8508. 1985. LP
*On the Road. Canaan Records CAS 9845. 1979. LP.
*Both Sides of the River. Canaan CAS9859. 1980. LP.
*Known Comic. Canaan Records CAS 9869. 1981. LP. CS number CC 9869.
*All Together Now. Canaan Records CAS 9885. 1982. LP.
*Three German Police Dogs. Canaan Records CAS 9903. 1983. LP.
*Above It All. Canaan Records 9913. Also: 701991313X. 1984. LP.
*Sweet Jesus. Skylite SLP 6327. 1984. LP.
*It Ain't Love - Till You Give It Away. Canaan Records 9934. Also 7019934137. 1985. LP.
*And That's a Fact with My Hand Up! Word Records WC-8331. 1986. K number. Also Canaan 7019950132.
*Silver and Gold. Temple TEM8565. 1986. reissus of Skylite material.
*Let's Turn the Lights On. Cannan. 1987.
*What's That Name? Cannan Records WR 8404. 1988. CS number WC8404. Also Canaan 7019967531.
*Absolutely Live. Canaan Records 7019983537. 1989. CS number.
*Roll Away the Stone. Canaan Records 7019989632. 1991. CD. CS: 7019989535.
*Spread the Word. Canaan Records 7019511538. 1992. CS number
*Laugh and a Half - Comedy at Its Very Best. Canaan Records 7019526632. 1993. CD. Also released as Homeland Records HD9804. 1995 (on disc) 1993 on back cover. Reissue of stories.
*Tell It Again. Canaan 7019528632 . 1993. CD. 7019528538. CS.
*Timeless. Canaan Records 7019535631. 1994. CD. CS: 7019535534.
*I Feel Like Singing. Canaan Records 7019674607. 1995. CD. CS: 701967450X.
*The Wendy Bagwell Collection. Homeland HD9637. 1996. CD. Canaan material.
*Canaan Classics: This, That and the Other. Homeland HD9824. 1998. CD.
*Wendy Bagwell Collection. Homeland HD9848. 1998. 2 discs.
*Great Moments of Gospel Music. Gospel Time 5017. 1960's? LP. Song: He's Got the Whole World in His Hand
*Gospel Time - Happy Time. Canaan Records CAS 9671. 1960's? LP. Song: Road to the Valley.
*Country Music Time. United States Air Force 37018-37024 / 131-144. 1970. 7 LPs.
*The Gospel Music Association Top Ten Songs for 1979. Heart Warming R-3711. 1980. LP
*Country Gospel Classics. Canaan Records 7019918131. 1983. Bagwell song: I Firmly Promise You
*Gospel Favorites Vol 1. Sagittarious / Out of Town no number. 1983 LP
*Canaan Twentieth Anniversary. Canaan Records 7019921531. 1984. Bagwell song: Ole Ralph Bennett's Volkswagen.
*Gospel Worship and Praise. Canaan Records 7019926134. 1984. LP.
*Reunion in Heaven
Songs: Across the Bridge. Take Me Home. I’m Better Off. When the Wagon Was New. Family Circle. Endless Glory. Shake Hands with Mother Again. Reunion inHeaven. Rest Awaiting Me. My Life’s an Open Book of Jesus. *Down Home
Songs: Master Potter. I Firmly Promise You. Sweeter as the Days Go By. I Want Jesus to Lead Me. I Want to Walk as Close as I Possibly Can. Is He Satisfied with Me. We Shall Walk. Man of Galilee. I’d Like to Kneel Down. Willie McNeil.
*Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters
Side 1: Good News. When I Reach That City on the Hill. Heaven. The Ninety and Nine. Come and See Me. Lord Build Me a Cabin. Side 2: If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again. Over Yonder, By the Sea. I Love My Savior. Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All. Rock of Ages. I’ve Been Waiting.
*The Family Bible
Side 1: Working the Road. Family Bible. Lay Your Burdens at His Feet. Grand Homecoming Week. Paul’s Ministry. Livin’ in the Promised Land. Side 2: When I Get to Heaven. I Believe There’s a Heaven. Be Careful of the Stones You Throw. No Tears in Heaven. The Lifeboat. Amazing Grace.
*Hand in Hand with Jesus
Side 1: Come and Dine. Hand in Hand with Jesus. You Sho’ Do Need Him Now. Something Got Hold of Me. Someone to Care. Steal Away. Side 2: Treasures on the Other Side. Glad Reunion Day. When the Morning Comes. I’ll Have Somebody with Me. Near the Cross. Heaven Is My Goal.
*Just over the Rainbow
Songs: Road to the Valley. Jesus Meet the Woman at the Well. He’ll Hold to My Hand. The Little Country Preacher. The Lord’s Gonna Smile on Me. God Will. Keep on the Firing Line. Haven’t Been to Church. The Wilderness. There’s a highway to Heaven. Unbelievable. Just over the rainbow.
*I’m on My Way
Side 1: My Uncle George. Running and Looking. He’s My Jesus. An Empty Mansion. I’m on My Way. Side 2: Pray the Clouds Away. He’s the Lily of the Valley. Follow Him. Just a Few More Days. Fellowship. Wendy, Jerri, Jan, Charlie.
*The Exciting Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters
Songs: The Meeting in the Air. This Train. Jesus Is Coming. All Alone. His Blood Now Covers My Sin.
*This, That and the Other
Side 1: Here Come the Rattlesnakes (8:18). They All Wore Wigs (5:08). Trouble in Europe (11:41). Side 2: Pickin’ Up Paw Paws (13:25). When We Played Carnegie Hall (7:50). Comedy album. The rattlesnake story was first told at the “annual gospel music convention in the winter of 1969.”
*I Had a Vision
I Had a Vision (Smith 5:26). Coat of many Colors (Parton 2:52). The Desert Shall Bloom (Ellis 2:32). I Want to Tag Along (2:00). Miracle Worker (Bails 1:46). I’ve Been Everywhere (Snow 2:23). Side 2: Wilbur Wingate (Bagwell 9:13). Who’s Gonna Cry for Me (Bagwell 2:24). He Showed Me Mercy (Buckner 2:18). Take a Moment and Live (2:03).
*He Was Talking about Me
Side 1: He Was Talking about Me (Bagwell - Buckner 5:27). Mama Taught Me How to Pray (3:01). Billy & Rex & Oral & Bob (Cash 2:31). In That City Where the Lamb Is the Light (Buffum – Winsett 1:50). My Testimony (Jackson 2:20). Never Alone (4:03). Side 2: Today’s Gonna Be a Brighter Day (Aaron Brown – Lynda Faye England 2:31). Life’s Railway to Heaven (Tillman 2:59). What I Want You to Be (Aaron Brown – Dave Hall 2:49). Drifting (Henson 1:59). The Only Thing in Heaven Made by Man (Hosea 3:07). The One Hundred Dollar Bill Story (Calvin Runion 3:34).
Charlie Beatenbo: guitar. Producers: Don Light, Marvin Norcross. Recorded at Monument, Nashville. Director of engineering Tommy Strong. Back liner notes: Cecile Norcross. Photography: Floyd Studio, Smyrna, Georgia. Cover design: Charles Wallis. Inspirational picture of Christ on front cover: copyright 1958, John T. Benson, Jr.
*Bust out Laffin’
Songs: Introduction of Sunliters (4:28). Old Ralph Bennett’s Volkswagen (10:15). Hard Times (2:42). The Days in Coronary Care (8:27). Preacher and the Dog (3:21). Rattlesnake Remedy (1:21).
We’re Not Getting Older, Just Closer to Home
Side 1: We’re Not Getting Older (Paxton 3:30). It’s Kinda Like (Bagwell – Buckner 2:18). Anywhere Is Home (2:08). The Next Time You See Me (Frazier 2:58). I Firmly Promise You (arr. Buckner 3:58). After Awhile (2:47). Side 2: No Measure of Time (Ballard 3:03). The Upper Window (2:25). Lay Your Burdens (1:47). Satan and the Saint (1:27). Savior Gently Take Me Home (arr. Buckner 3:06). 10-4 on the Cotton Top (Bagwell 7:25).
Charlie Beatenbo: guitar, piano, bus driver. Marvin Norcross: producer. Recorded at RCA-B, Nashville. Director of engineering: Bill Vandevort. Back liner notes: Cecile Norcross. Photography: Floyd Studio, Smyrna, Georgia. Cover design: Dennis Hill and Phil VanDuivendyk.
*Old Time Religion Comin’ Down
Side 1: Old Time Religion Coming Down. Where Will I Shelter My Sheep (Grieshop – Stier). It’s Different Now. How Beautiful Heaven Must Be. Hang a Light. Side 2: He’ll Pilot Me. Lazarus. Pappy’s New Banjo. Keep Walking (T. Tuck). To Me He Is So Wonderful (Ralph Goodpasture).
*Both Sides of the River
Songs: Both Sides of the River. Mama;s Sugar. He Took Me In. Ready to Leave. Come to Calvary. Jesus Is Coming Very Soon. I Love You. One of Them Is Me. Sweeter His Way. The Rock.
*Known Comic
Monologues: Anybody Seen My Teeth. Wendy’s New York Tour. Odds and Ends. The Rattlesnake Story. Pickin’ up Paw Paws. Old Ralph Bennett’s Volkwagen. Recorded live at the Joyful Noise, Atlanta, Georgia.
*Sweet Jesus
Side 1: Sweet Jesus (3:15). Sweetest Gift (1:38). Silver and Gold (2:02). Travel Onward (1:38). A Friend Like Jesus (3:23). Side 2: Neither Do I Condemn You (2:57). Ole Lizah Prayed (3:38). Do You Remember (2:32). I’ll Be Present (1:54). I Traded with Jesus (2:43).
*It Ain’t Love… Till You Give It Away
Songs: I’ve Got His Footsteps. The Tomb Is Empty (My Life Is Full). They See God There. Beautiful Prayer. The Day Will Come. His Word Will Stand. His Love Did a Work in Me. Forsyth County, Georgia. It Ain’t Love Till You Give It Away. How Can You Say No.
*Tell It Again
Rodger Morris: piano, keyboards. Gary Prim: keyboards and organ. Robin Mew: bass. Kelly Back: electric guitar. Kevin Williams: acoustic and electric guitars; mandolin. Derrick Jackson: acoustic guitar, hi-string; mandolin. Bobby All: acoustic and electric guitar. Russell Mauldin: string arrangements. Kristin Wilkinson, Lee Larrison, Bob Mason, Pamela Sixtin, David Angell, Ted Madsen, David Davidson: strings.
Side 1: You Can’t Draw from a Dry Well (Michael Puryear / Jeff Silvey). I Wonder Who (Jan Buckner / Virginia Collins). Tell It Again (Jan Buckner). Wake the Dead (Niles Borop / Bruce Carroll). The Mother of Judas (Jan Buckner / Niles Borop / Virginia Collins). Side 2: A Thousand Times No (Jim Chapman, III / Joel Lindsey). In My Corner of the Field (Rom Burlingame). Footprints of Faith (Dee Gaskin / Jerry Salley). Nothing But the Blood (Robert Lowrt, public domain; arranged by Jan Buckner). Trade My Cross (public domain, arranged by Jan Buckner).
Produced by Bobby All. Assistant producer: Jan Buckner. Vocal producer: Robin Mew. Engineers: Denis Ryan and Robin Mew. Recorded at Suite 16 Studio and Quad Studio, Nashville. Mixed by Robin Mew. Lyrics on cassette jacket.
*Let’s Turn the Lights On
Songs: Let’s Turn the Lights On. Only Child. Eyes Not Seen. My Last Sunset. Two Men A Prayin’. He Is Risen. Howard Gray. We Are America. Praising the Lamb. You Loved Me All the Way Home.
Where the Soul of Man Never Dies. If You Could Die for Me, I Can Live for You. I Know, He Knows, I Know. He Is Risen. Kneel at the Cross. What’s That Name? Walk Around Me Jesus. Angel Band. Sing Me Home. I Can, I Will, I Do Believe. I Firmly Promise You. Unclouded Day.
*Roll away the Stone
Songs: Clinging to the Master’s Hand. Until the Last Child Has Come Home. A Great Reunion. I’m Looking for Jesus. ‘Til the Answer Comes. Roll away the Stone. On My Mother’s Side. The Blood Will Secure. He’ll Be There for You. Looking at Calvary. Leroy “Spiritual Man” Howard.
*Spread the Word
Songs: Spread the Word Around. The Blood Runs Deep. In Spite of Myself. Borrowed. What a Little Love Can Do. Bring Before My Face a Picture. Wandering Soul. Pour on It. Goodnight or Goodbye. Come on Home to Jesus. Me, Ole’ Ronnie and the Monkey.
Anjula Bahl
*Anjula Bahl. 2 song custom tape. 1992. CS.
Anjula Bahl
Anjula: lead vocal, keyboards; backing vocals. Gord Ponak: guitars. Jay McAlister: bass, additional backing vocals. Bryan Harder: drums, backing vocals; additional keyboards. Dan Baldinger: drums; additional backing vocals.
Side 1: Lookin’ for a Way. Just a Simple Carpenter. Side 2: repeats side 1.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Bryan Harder. Songs by Anjula. Arrangements: Anjula Bahl, Gord Ponak, Jay McAlister, BryanHarder, Dan Baldinger. Cover design by Gord Ponak, Anjula Bahl. Photography: Ron McKee.
Darlene Bahr
Kansas City, KS
*Journey Back. CD. 1997. Pop music.
World music. Kenya.
Umongikazi (the Nurse) / The Hungry Earth. CS. 1983.
Bailes Brothers
*The Bailes Brothers. Audio Lab LP24. 1959.
*The Bailes Brothers. Audio Lab LP28. 1959.
*The Bailes Brothers. Audio Lab LP29.. 1959.
*Avenue of Prayer. Audio Lab AL1511. 1959.
*I'll Pray for Your Family. Loyal LP232. 196?
*The Bailes Brothers. Old Timey LP126. 196?
*Johnnie and Homer Vol. 1. Old Homestead CS103. 1975. CS
*Johnnie and Homer Vol. 2. Old Homestead OHS104. 197? LP.
*I've Got My One Way Ticket. Old Homestead OHS70009.1978.
*Gospel Reunion. Starday Records SLP476. 1978.
*Family Reunion. Old Homestead OHS70023. 197?
*Yesterdays and Todays. White Dove WDR1027. 198? 2 LP set. Label: Gatlinburg, TN.
*Oh So Many Years. Bear Family Records BCD 15973 AH. 2002, 1945-1947. CD. ISBN: 389795883X. Other: 4000127159731.
Johnnie and Homer Vol. 1
Songs: How Many Biscuits Can You Eat? Silver Trumpet. Tell Me Now (Or Tell Me Never). That Beautiful Picture. How Many Biscuits Can You Eat? Remember Me. I Love Her More Now Mother’s Old. It’s So Hard to Smile. I’ll Shout and Shine. Roadside Rag. Remember Me. Remember Me. White Dove. I Can’t Help If I Cry. I Need the Prayers. Remember Me. Remember Me. Remember Me. You’ll Understand. I’ve Got My One Way Ticket. Remember Me.
Four radio programs recorded in 1948 and 1949 for KWKH in Shreveport. Homer Bailes: vocals. Johnnie Bailes: vocals. Shot Jackson: steel guitar. Ernest Ferguson: mandolin. Leon McCrary: bass fiddle.
Yesterdays and Todays
Disc 1: Original Bailes Brothers Yesterdays. Dust on the Bible (2:52). Building on the Sand (2:41). There’s a Handwriting on the Wall (2:51). That’s What We Need (2:17). Goodbye, Hallelujah I’m Gone (2:25). Avenue of Prayer (2:52). Watch and Pray (2:50). Jesus Is the One (2:42). There’s a Difference in Religion and Salvation (2:33). Read Romans 10 & 9 (2:50). Ashamed to Own the Blessed Savior (2:49). Muddy Sea of Sin (2:32). Standing Somewhere in the Shadows (2:50). God’s Hand Rules the World (2:26). Daniel Prayed (2:51). Drunkard’s Grave (2:42). Disc 2: Original Bailes Brothers Today. I’ve Got My One Way Ticket. Mommy Please Wake Up. Out of the Darkness, Into the Light. Whiskey Is the Devil. Twilight Is Stealing. I Saw the Light. Traveling the Highway Home. He’ll Go with You. Jesus, Hold My Hand. Looking This Way. Come on up Here. Precious Memories.
Oh So Many Years
Songs: The Drunkard’s Grave. Searching for a Soldier’s Grave. As Long as I Live. Dust on the Bible. There’s Tears in My Eyes All the Time. Fare Thee Well. I’ve Got My One Way Ticket to the Sky. I Want to be Loved (But Only by You). Down Where the River Bends. I Guess I’ll Go on Dreaming. Whiskey Is the Devil (In Liquid Form). Broken Marriage Vows. Building on the Sands. We’re Living in the Last Days Now. You’ll Always Be the Only One. Oh So Many Years. If You Have Retreated from God. Ashamed to Own the Blessed Savior. Do You Expect a Reward from God? Read Romans Ten and Nine. Come to the Savior. Remember Me. Has the Devil Got a Mortgage on You? My Heart Echoes. You Can’t Go Half Way. Pretty Flowers. Sinner Kneel Down and Pray. Will the Angels Have a Sweetheart.
Homer Bailes
*Tenderly He Watches. Old Homestead OHCS70043. 1987.
Bob Bailey
*Lookin' Forward. Light LS5782. 1981. LP.
*I'm Walkin'. Light LS5827. 1983. LP.
I'm Walkin'
Songs: I Want Jesus. Use Me. Rainy Day Christian. Ebenezer. I'm Walkin'. I Can Do All Things. Since I Met Jesus. Stand. Now I Have a Song to Sing. Poem.
Bailey Brothers
*Have You Forgotten. Rounder LP1018. 197?
*Early Duet Stylings. Old Homestead OHCS138. 197?
Charlie Bailey
*Everlasting Joy. Old Homstead OHCS102. 1975.
Dick Bailey
*Friend of the Father. Clarion CL2126. 197?
Jim Bailey
Worthing, England. Children's music.
*Refuge and Strength. Custom release. 1991.
*We Are Kingdom Kids. Kingsway. 1994.
*Kingdom Kids: D'ya Wanna Be in God's Gang" Kingsway. 1996.
*Children of the Cross. Kingsway. 1997.
*The Stonkin' Christmas Mix. Kingsway. 1998.
*Stonkin' Kid's Music. by Tony Cummings. CR 49 (1999): 36.
Pearl Bailey
*Searching the Gospel. Roulette R25318. 1966. LP.
Philip Bailey
Former member of Earth, Wind and Fire.
*The Wonders of His Love. Myrrh 701679606X. 1984.
*Triumph. Myrrh LA 7016834069. 1986. LP. Also: Horizon SP-754. LP.
*Family Affair. Myrrh 7016877612. 1989 or 1991? CS.
*A Gospel Collection. Myrrh 7016929388. 1991. Reissue of previous material,
*Best Of. 1991.
The Wonders of His Love
Paul Jackson, Jr.: guitars. Jerry Brown: drums. Skip Scarborough: keyboards. James Jamersaon, Jr.: bass. Alan Pasqua: synthesizers. Paulinho DaCosta: percussion. Don Myrick: saxophone. Carl Carwell, Jeanette Hawes, Philip Bailey: backing vocals.
Family Affair
Side 1: This Is How the Work Gets Done. Family Affair. No Compromise. Lonely Broken Hearted People. Oasis.
Side 2: Where CanI Go? Let’s Talk about Jesus. Love That Lasts. Call to War. Lord You Reign.
Stan Bailey
*That Jesus Kind of Love. No label. FR232. 197?
Geri Baird
*Cool Age. New Born NB 7027. 1980 or 1981?
Cool Age
Geri Baird: lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitars, claps. Donnie Gossett: drums, bass, lead and rhythm guitars, electric piano,, echo piano, strings, synthesizer, backing vocals, claps. Ron Stelting: drums, congas, dancing. Gary Schellenberg: piano, strings, Rhodes. Garth Kent: saxophones. Ken Schellenberg: drums. Rick Adams: bass. Judy Gossett: percussion, backing vocals and backing vocal arrangement on Living on Broken Hearts. Michael Leon Gossett: bass on Super Heroes.
All songs by Geri Baird
Side 1: Super Heroes (3:40). Backside of the Desert (4:00). Cool Age (3:03). Somebody Loves Me (3:23). Family (2:39). Side 2: Taking Baby for a Ride (2:48). Living on Broken Hearts (3:06). Visions (3:30). Just a Heart (2:26). I Know (4:40).
Produced, arranged and engineered by Donnie Gossett. Assistant engineer: Geri Baird. Recorded at Gossett Brothers Studio, Summer 1980. Mastered at Location Recording, Burbank, California. Cover concept: Geri Baird. Layout: Marg Davies.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Bill Baize
Baize spent 5 1/2 years as a backup singer with Elvis Presley and also sang with the Stamps Quartet. He currently performs and records with his daughter, Susan Farah.
*Because of Calvary. Skylite SLP6165. 1976. LP.
*Sings with the Stamps. Skylite SLP6178. 1977. LP.
*Unchanged Love. Skylite SLP1978. LP.
*For the Joy. QCA Recording Studios. LP395. 1973. LP.
*What Is Truth? Skylite SLP6241. 1980. LP.
*Release Me. Skylite SLP6275. 1983. LP.
*His Name Is Jesus. Skylite SLP6342. 1985. LP.
*God Bless the USA. Skylite SLP6366. 1986. LP.
Because of Calvary
Songs: I Find No Fault in Him. Because of Calvary. How Great Thou Art. I Feel Like Something Good Is about to Happen. Soul’s Harbor. Learning to Lean. When It’s My Time. If You have Jesus. I’ll Keep Holding On. If It Keeps Getting Better.
For the Joy
Songs: God Is Not Dead. It’s So Good. He Died That I Might Live. Amazing Grace. The Holy City. The Word. I Just Want to Praise You. You Must Be Born Again. For the Joy. Close as the Mention of His Name. Recorded at QCA Recording Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio.
What Is Truth?
All songs by Bill Baize, except as noted
Side 1: What Is Truth? (2:48). He’s Coming Back (Laverne Tripp 3:01). I’m Safely in the Arms of Jesus (Sonny Throckmorton 3:08). That Old Book (2:35). If You Have Jesus (2:58). Side 2: I Call Him Lord (Dottie Rambo 3:54). I’m Looking Forward to Heaven (3:06). More Than Yesterday (2:21). All I Need Is Jesus (Laverne Tripp 2:43). His Love Conquers All (Suasan Baize 2:35).
Dan Baker
*Dan Baker. D-Ton DB1001. 197?
David Baker
Cincinnati, Ohio
*My Faith Has Found a Resting Place. Pinebrook Recording PB1304. LP.
My Faith Has…
Side 1: My Faith Has Found a Resting Place (2:16). He Was Wounded (3:17). Since I Am Found in Thee (Rodeheaver 2:12). This Is My Father’s World (2:08). Balm in Gilead (2:55). Side 2: I Hear Thy Welcome Voice (3:25). Satisfied (3:02). Jesus, My Lord, My Life, My All (3:13). Eternal Life (Theodore Presser 2:30). The Savior Is Waiting (3:00).
Baker has degrees from Seattle Pacific University and the College-Conservatory of Music, Cincinnati, Ohio. Received additional training at the American Institute of Musical Studies, Graz, Austria. During the academic year 1976-77, he was Artist in Residence at Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore, Kentucky
Dick Baker
*Looking for Jesus. Word W2014. 1955. 10 inch LP.
*Keep Looking Up. Word W3027. 1958. LP.
*Just for You. Word W3189. 1963. LP Stereo version: WST8118.
*Everybody Is a Gift. 196?LP.
Baker Family
*In My Father's House. Melody MSLP62. 197?
Gary Baker
*Why? Wind Records DRP-8202. 1982. LP.
Gary Baker: vocals, acoustic guitar, harmonica. Joe Wilson: acoustic and electric guitar; electric piano. Ginger Kelly: backing vocals.
All songs by Gary Baker, except as noted
Side 1: Why? (3:30). Just Like a Love Should (2:34). You Belong with Me (2:38). Jesus Saves (3:23). Life Is a Rainbow (2:43). Side 2: I’m Gonna Make You Mine (3:18). How Much Dirt Does a Seed Grow Through (2:55). Why Don’t We Want What We Have (Gary Baker / Cindy Kubica 2:03). You Are My Provider (2:05). Time (3:01).
Cover design by Gary Baker. Typing by Megan Edwards. All printing and layout by Dave Pitt.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Gene Baker
A Time for Singin'. AVA A13 197? LP?
Isabel Baker
The Challenge of Calvary Ministry, Inc.,
Garden Grove, California
*I Like God’s Style. Romco HF-101. 1965. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Kenny Baker
*Sings Favorite Hymns. International LP10051. 1955. 10 inch LP.
*Favorite Sacred Hymns. International LP10053. 1956. 10 inch LP.
*Christmas Carols. International LP10055. 1956. 10 inch LP.
*The Stranger of Galilee. International LP5121. 1957. LP. Reissued as Kenart LPKA5. 196?
*Hymns of Comfort, Inspiration and and Peace. International LP5123. 1958. LP. Reissued as Sings Sacred Music. Kenart LPKA7. 196?
*Carols for Christmas. International LP5125. 1958. LP. Reissued as Kenart LPKA6. 196?
*Hymns of Mary Baker Eddy. Shelley TV15580. 1959.
*Hymns from the Christian Science Hymnal. Kenart LPKA2. 196?
*Hymns Sung by... Kenart LPKA3. 196?
*Teach Me to Love. Kenart LPKA4. 196?
*Always. Kenart LPKA8. 196?
*Moments of Melody. Kenart LPKA9. 196?
Lavern Baker
*Saved. Atlantic 8050. 1961. LP.
Marilyn Baker
*He Gives Me Joy. Pilgrim PLM455. (UK).1980.
*Refresh Me, Lord. Pilgrim PLM495. (UK). 1982. LP.
*Whispers of God.
*Marilyn Baker. Fortress Records R84030. 1985. LP.
*A New Beginning. Word WST 9703. 1990 (UK).
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of A New Beginning. CR 1 (1990): 69.
Marilyn Baker
All songs by Marilyn Baker
Side 1: Abraham (3:12). Where Can I Go from His Spirit? 3:39). I Am the Way (4:49). Whenever You Are Lonely (4:30). Medley (5:06). Side 2: Jesus, You Are Changing Me (3:27). Can a Mother Forget? (3:34). Light of the World (3:14). I Don’t Want to Be on My Own (4:50). Jesus (3:35). Do Not Criticize (3:48).
Produced by Ray Nenow. Assisted, mixed and engineered by Chris McCollum.
Ray A. Baker
*Lord I Believe. JERB123. 197?
Ray and Wanda Baker
*Sing Unto the Lord. Continental 60343. 198?
Richard D. Baker
*This Is Living. CMP CMP87428. 197?
Richard H. Baker
*The First Coming. RPC AZ 09071/2. 1971. LP. “Recorded in The First Presbyterian Church in Washington, Pennsylvania.”
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Teresa Baker
*Introducing. Charity CHR118. 1989.
*Watchman on the Wall. Zion Z103. 199?
Rob Baker
Ampthill, Bedfordshire, England. Easy listening / pop.
*Creation. Custom recording. CD. 2000?
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of Creation. CR June - July 2000: 41.
Jim Bakker
*How to Accomplish the Impossible (With the Big Three Mountain Movers). GRT GRT9001. 197? Also: Pax PMR7001-R. A teaching LP.
*How I Accomplished the Impossible. No label R401. 197?
Jim and Tammy Bakker
*Building on the Rock. Singcord ZLP963. 1975. LP.
*Oops There Comes a Smile. Zondervan ZLP948. LP.
*Clap Your Hands. Singspiration ZLP3030. 1977. LP.
Building on the Rock
Side 1: The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock (2:04). We’re Going to a Mansion on the Happy Day Express (1:00). Jonah and the Whale (0:56). Let the Sunshine In (2:23). The Devil Is a Sly Ole Fox (1:28). It’s Bubblin’ (1:03). We’re Marching, Marching (1:37). Isn’t It Grand to Be a Christian (0:58). The Devil’s After Me (0:59). Only a Boy Named David (0:62) (that’s what it says). Side 2: Jonah and the Whale (8:56). The House on the Rock (7:15).
You think this is Jim and Tammy’s record, but it’s not really. I made most of it. I’m Susie Moppet and Jim and Tammy are my friends. We sing and tell stories for boys and girls. When Jim and Tammy said we were going to make a record, it made me so happy. I sing ten songs for you, and all of us, including my friends Allie, the Talking Alligator, and Muffin, the Talking Dog, join in to tell two old stories in a new, new way. We had lots of musical help from the Goss Brothers and Vic Clay. They played their instruments so I could sing. We all hope you like what we put on the record for you.
Tammy Faye Bakker
*Love Never Gives Up. Pax LP2400. 1977. LP.
*Sings PTL Favorites. New Pax NP33044. 1977. LP and CS.
*We're Blest. PTL PTLLP1819. 1979. LP.
*Tammy. Herald HPS7237. 197? LP
*Songs and Stories from the Jim and Tammy Show. Majestic LPS1043. 197?
*Run Towards the Roar. PTL PTLLP 1820. 1980. LP.
*The Lord's on My Side. PTL PTLLP1822. 1981. LP.
*Christmas with Love. PTL PTLLP1824. 1981. LP.
*PTL Music Family. PTL PTLLP1826. 1982. LP.
*You Can Make It. PTL PTLLP1827. 1982. LP.
*Old Hymns. PTL PTLLP1829. 1982. LP.
*In the Upper Room. PTL PTLLP1840. 1984. LP.
*Movin' on to Victory. PTL PTLLP1845. 1984. LP.
*Don't Give Up. PTL PTLLP1850. 1985. LP.
*Enough Is Enough. PTL PTLLP1855. 1986. LP.
*The Ballad of Jim and Tammy. SUD 867. 1987. 12 inch.
Sings PTL Favorites
Songs: The World Didn’t Give It to Me. The Blood on the Way Home. He Was There All the Time. Layed Back. Grandma Sang Off Key. Learning to Lean. Please Release Me from My Sins. Praise Medley
We’re Blest
Recorded at The Wax Works Studios, Nashville; Sound Stage Studios, Nashville and Reflection Studios, Charlotte, North Carolina. Engineers: Gene Rice, Gary S. Paxton, Warren Peterson, Steve Haigler, Wayne Jernigan. Mastered at Masterfonics, Inc., Nashville by Glenn Meadows. Strings and horns on “No Shortage,” “I’d Rather,” “Here We Are” and “Wonderful Day” by Buddy Skipper. Strings and horns on “We’re Blest,” and “Bigger Than” by John Darnell. Strings and horns on “More of You,” “Sweet,” “I Won’t Move” and “Lord, You’ve Been Too Good” by Don Tweedy. Music by the PAX Superpickers. Kenny Malone: drums. Steve Schaffer and Curtis Young: bass. Pete Wade, Reggie Young, Harold Bradley, Pete Bordanali: guitars. Bill Wiggins: percussion. Hargus (Pig) Robbins, Alan Steinberger, Randy Goodrum, Tony Migliore: Keyboards. Backing vocals: the Gary S. Paxton Singers, the PTL Singers, the Novella Williams Singers, the Bobby Jones Singers.
Side 1: We Are Blest (Margaret Douroux 6:14). Bigger Than Any Mountain (Gordon Jensen 3:11). No Shortage (Gary S. Paxton 3:15). More of You (William and Gloria Gaither 4:35). Wonderful Day (Nancy Harmon 3:06).
Side 2: Here We Are (5:55). I’d Rather Have Jesus (George Beverly Shea / Rhea S. Miller 3:43). I Won’t Move (Doris Akers 3:23). Lord, You’ve Been Too Good to Me (Gary S. Paxton 2:57). Sweet, Sweet Spirit (Doris Akers 3:29).
Front and back photos: Phil Egert. Cover layout and graphics: Jerry Dunning, Tammy Faye Bakker, Gary S. Paxton, Phil Egert. Art layout: Rose Teasley.
Run Toward the Roar
Recorded at The Wax Works Studios, Nashville; Sound Stage Studios, Nashville and Reflection Studios, Charlotte, North Carolina. Engineers: Gene Rice, Gary S. Paxton, Warren Peterson, Steve Haigler. Remix engineers: Gene Rice and Gary S. Paxton. String and horns arranged by John Darnell (side 1:2, 4, 5; side 2: 4, 5); Buddy Skipper (side 2: 1); Don Tweedy (side 2: 2). Darnell and Tweedy conducted the songs they arranged. All basic tracks arranged and conducted by Paxton. Backing vocals: the PTL Singers – Jon Mohr, Luanne Mohr, Karen Kelley, Ernie Frierson, Bob Bailey, Shari Larson, Kevin Hofer. Additional backing vocals: the Heritage School of Evangelism Choir on “It’s Real.” Backing vocals on “Love Song for Grandma” – Jeannie C. Riley, Reba Rambo and Gary S. Paxton. All backing vocals arranged and conducted by Brad Kelley and Gary S. Paxton. Music by the Paxton Superpickers. Drums: Jerry Carrigan, Bob Nickerson, Gene Chrisman, Bob Gelotte. Bass: Steve Schaffer. Keyboards: Bobby Wood, Morris Chapman, Alan Steinberger. Organ: Novella Williams. Guitars: Pete Wade, Harold Bradley. Harp: Cindy Reynolds. Percussion: Bill Wiggins, Terry McMillan. Harmonica: Terry McMillan. Horns: the John Darnall Section. Strings: the Shelly Kirkland Section.
Side 1: Fill Me Up Lord / Thank You Lord for Loving Me the Way That You Do (medley) (Morris Chapman / Novella Williams 5:37). Lord, I Need You Right Now (Paxton 3:57). Alleluia / Rejoice, You’re a Child of the King (medley) (arranged Gary Paxton / Tammy Faye Bakker; Bill and Gloria Gaither 4:44). Before the Rocks Cry Out / I Live / He Is Exalted (medley) (Rich Cook, Dave Feit / Rick Cook / Bin Soto 5:00). My Dependable Friend (Paxton 3:32). Side 2: Run Toward the Roar (Jon Mohr / Brad Kelley 2:56). Oh How I Love Jesus / Thou Art Worthy (medley) (arranged Paxton / T. F. Bakker / Pauline Mills 5:12). Love Song for Grandma (John Ham 2:56). All in the Name of Jesus (Steven Adams 3:47). It’s Real (Doris Akers 4:51).
Mastered at Masterfonics, Inc., Nashville by Glen Meadows. Front cover layout: Charles McCallen of Design Graphics, Nashville and Gary S. Paxton. Front cover concept and design: Boomer Castleman of BNA, Nashville and Tammy Faye and Gary S. Paxton. Front cover photos: Phil Egert and Boomer Castleman. Back cover design: Paxton and T. F. Bakker. Back cover photos: Lions by Castleman, Tammy Faye by Phil Egert. Back cover layout: Charles McCallen, Paxton, Greg Crouse. The lion courtesy of Lloyd and Juanita Tytlandsvik, owners of the Tennessee Game Farm, Joelton, Tennessee.
Old Hymns
Side 1: Rock of Ages (3:09). Going Home: Medley (Lord, I’m Coming Home / Softly and tenderly / In the Garden / What a Day That Will Be / O I Want to See Him 5:50). What a Friend We Have in Jesus (4:15). Amazing Grace (6:10). Side 2: Blessed Assurance (5:52). Jesus: Medley (Jesus Loves Me / Oh How I Love Jesus / More about Jesus 4:25). Precious Lord / Some Golden Daybreak (5:20). Sweet Hour of Prayer (4:00).
Executive producer: Jim Bakker. Arrangers / producers: Tammy Bakker, Howard McCrary, Larry Brubaker. Engineer: Steve Haigler. Recorded at Reflection Sound Studios. Production coordinator: Debbie Patton. Design: Jim Bakker, Jerry DeCeglio, Jerry Dunning. Photography: Jum Bakker, Ken Beebe. Rhythm: Howard McCrary, Russell DeShields, Terry Peoples, Paul Nabb, Derek Floyd. Horns: Larry Brubaker, Karl Sievers, Paul Telehany, Lance Duguay, Jim Winters, Rodney Pritchett. Woodwinds: Herman (Sonny) Burnette, Lynn Daniels. Backing vocals: Howard McCrary, Harvey Lyon, Edythe Lyon, Benjamin (BB) Winans, Priscilla (CeCe) Winans, Robyn Wisler, Mychael, Bob Vander Maten, Joleen Vander Maten. Backing vocals directed by Howard McCrary. Rhythm and vocal arrangements: Howard McCrary, Larry Brubaker, Tammy Bakker. Horn arrangements: Jim Winters.
Movin’ on to Victory
Side 1: Now Is the Time (Guy Heath). We’re Blessed (Margaret Douroux). Count Me In (Randy L. Scruggs / John W. Thompson / Michael Card). If It Had Not Been (Margaret Douroux). The World Didn’t Give It tome (Gary S. Paxton). Side 2: Victory in Jesus (Eugene M. Bartlett). Bigger Than Any Mountain (Gordon Jensen). God’s Not Through Blessing You (Mike Murdock. Blessed Assurance. You Can Make It (Mike Murdock).
Jim Bakker: executive producer. Eric AuCoin: producer. Jim Deal: engineer. Frank Clar, Jerry DeCeglio, Jerry Dunning: graphics. Photography: Ken Beebe and Phil Aull. Typography: Terry Barbee.
Tammy Sue Bakker
Daughter of Jim and Tammy Faye Bakker of PTL Club fame.
*Sixteen. Eklectic Records 7900600515. 1986. LP.
Abe Laboriel: bass. Cactus Moser: drums. Smitty Price: keyboards. Wayne Brassell: guitar. Charles Barnett: percussion. Tim Miner, Cindy Cruse Miner, Janie Cruse Stone, Charles Barnett, Joe Cruse, III, Karen Cruse Adam, Dee Oldham: backing vocals. Tim Miner: keyboards, drums, bass, guitar. Keyboards overdubs: Tim Miner, Rhett Lawrence, Gary Leach, Smitty Price. John Mullins: lead guitar on Still in His Hands; guitar. Renee Saenz: saxophone. Tammy Sue Bakker: vocals, backing vocals. Gary Leach: keyboards. Ralph McGee and Steve Morgan: guitar. Becky Cruse: piano on Someone. Children laughing on It’ll Be Alright: Donnie Adams, Jonathan Adams, Jody Cruse, Ryan Cruse.
Side 1: It’ll Be Alright T. Miner 3:19). Higher (T. Miner / C. C Miner / Don Wallace 3:23). What a Love (T. Miner / Leach 3:54). Still in His Hand (T. Miner / Leach 4:23). Side 2: Little Girl (T. Miner / Leach 3:44). Free (T. Miner 3:47). Know You’re There (T. Miner 2:54). From the Fire (C. C. Miner / Leach / T. Miner 3:38). Someone (T. Miner / C. C. Miner / B. Cruse 2:26).
Jim Bakker : executive producer. Produced and arranged: Tim Miner. Mixed by Greg Hune, Tim Miner. Engineers: Greg Hunr, Tim Miner, Mark Williams, Michael Ross, Steve Haigler. Assistant engineers: Mark Williams, Michael Ross, Daffydd Morgan, Steve Haigler. Recorded and mixed at Rosewood Studios, Tyler, Texas. Additional recording: Bill Schnee Studios: North Hollywood, California; Reflections Studios: Charlotte, North Carolina; Weddington Studios: North Hollywood. Mastered by Bernie Grundman Mastering, Hollywood. Arrangements: Tim Miner and Cindy Cruse. Keyboard programming: Rhett Lawrence and Gary Leach. Cover coordinator: S. Badger & Company, with Jim Bakker and Tammy Sue Bakker. Cover design and art direction: I Rule Designs. Photography: Robert Newcombe. Hair: Laurie Coe Pittman. Make-up: Regina Rutherford. Wardrobe: Mary V’s.
Baldknobber Country
*Hymntime. Mark HMC2586. 197?
Wayne Baldridge
*Oh, Lovely Galilean. Creative Sound CSM 1518.
Ann Baldwin
*He Whispers Peace. Benson. LP.
Don Baldwin
*More about Jesus. Hymntone HPS7085. 197?
Jay K. Baldwin
*A Quiet Place. Chapel S5213. 1975. LP.
*Looking for Jesus. Chapel S5305. 1977. LP.
Mark Baldwin
*The Calling. Wordsong 7019071503. 1989.
*New Every Morning. Shalavah 02380. 199?
*Jesus Cares. No label SF707. 197?
*Sing Along Play Along. MEN LP218. 196? LP.
Trace Balin
*Florida Festival Presents Star Song. Sea World of Florida NR14195. 1982. LP.
*Champions. Dayspring 7014167626. 1988. CD. LD number: 7014167014. CS number: 701416757X.
*Here and Now. Dayspring 7014182625. 1989. CD.
*Out of the Blue. Dayspring 7014214578. 1991. LP? CD number: 7014214624.
45 rpm
*Only for You b/w Rock These rafters. Dayspring 9016647155. Total: 8 minutes. Promo 45rpm. 1988.
Songs: Champions. All I Wanna Do. Only for You. We Need Each Other. We Are an Army. Walk in the Spirit. Take Me There. Rock These Rafters. Use Me Jesus. I Don’t Deserve Your Love.
Here and Now
Songs: Here and Now. Well Done. If I Don’t Have Love. Eye of the Hurricane. Never Let It Be Said. When the Well Runs Dry. Jesus at the Heart. Just Between You and Me. All Hail the Power. Why Me.
Out of the Blue
Songs: Stranger. Changes. My Heart Is Set on You. Answer to Prayer. This Is Where. Out of the Blue. The Love We Know. Meet You in the Garden. Walk It Out. You Were My Last Hope.
E. C. and Anna Ball
*With the Friendly Gospel Singers. Rounder LP0026. 196?
*Fathers Have a Home Sweet Home. Rounder LP0072, 196?
*The Friendly Gospel Singers. Country LP711. 196?
Br. Gregory Ball, F. M. S.
*Come Let Us Worship. GIA MS114C. 196?
Ann Ballard
*Keep Me Reaching. Trinity 206. LP.
Gregory Ballerino
*Come Let Us Worship. GIA M/S-114C. 1968? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Angelo Ballestero
Orlando, Florida
*The Wind Will Carry Me. La Pinta Records. 1992. CS.
The Wind Will Carry Me
Tim Akers: orchestration, sequencing. John Guess: trumpet. Michael Crane: synth programming. Mark Hammond: drums. Tommy Sims: bass. Dann Huff: electric and acoustic guitars. Angelo Ballestero: acoustic and classical guitars. Phil Keaggy: classical guitar. Jeff Nelson: keyboards. Joe Hogue: keyboards, synth overdubs.orchestration. Gary Lunn: bass. Bryan Lenox, Joe Hogue.
Ballew Sisters
*We're Going Home. Skylite SLP6060. 1967. LP.
*Higher Ground. Skylite 6064. 196? LP.
*Somebody Loves Me. Lefevre MSLP2525. 196? LP.
Higher Ground
Songs: Higher Ground. He Cared ThatMuch for Me. From Now On. I’ve Been o Calvary. Jesus, I Love You. Meeting in the Air. Poor Rich Man. At the Crossing. He Touched Me. Jesus, What a Wonderful Name. Lord, I Need You. We’ve Got a Great Big Wonderful God.
Cathryn Ballinger
*Just Think of His Goodness. No label S4022. 197?
Rev. Robert Ballinger
*Swing Down, Chariot, Peacock LP119. 198?
*The Land, the Bread, and the People. Grrr no number. 1998. CD.
*Out of the Fertile Crescent. Grrr GRD3535. 2000. CD.
The Land, the Bread and the People
Songs: Tale of Ballybowse. Sails. Bud Morris. Lucrece. The Banshee Song. Walkin’ On. Song for Elie. Innocent Born. Bleak. The Didge Song. Nothing. The Land, the People and the Bread. Redhands.
Ballybowse: Andrew Mandell, Ronina Mandell, Nate Peters, Craig Holland, Brian Grover, Dan Kool, Chris White, Dave Baumgardner.
Out of the Fertile Crescent
Songs: Weapon of Mass Destruction. Blood I n Our Guts. Open the Records. Masefirld Drowned. Like a Drunkard Reel (A Birth). Honga and Freylekhs from Podoloy. Jan. 18, 1943. The Rowing Song. George Macdonald. The Channel. Crescent. Sons and Daughters.
Andrew Mandell: vocals. Robina: vocals. Nate Peters: vocals, guitar, mandolin. Darren Davick: guitar, vocals, bass, octave mandolin. Brian Grover: bass, singing bowls, didgeridoo, throat singing. Dan Kool: vocals, bodhran, concertina. Levi Nerad: drums. Donnie Anderson: drums. Dave Baumgardner: violin. With Tony Krogh: highland pipes. Hilde Bialach: cello.
Paul Baloche
Pop music
*Our God Saves. Integrity 42212. 2007. CD.
Our God Saves
Songs: Our God Saves. The Kingdom of God. Rock of Ages You Will Stand. Only True God. Prayer. Hallelujah to My King. I Cling to the Cross. You Gave Your Life Away. Praise. The Way. God Most High. How Great Thou Art. Great Redeemer. Your Love Came Down.
Band Aid Smile
Chandler, Arizona circa 1997; pop punk.
Band of Gold
*Band of Gold. International 770931. LP.
Moe Bandy
*Gospel Favorites. Intersound BRD9316. 1995. CD.
Willie Banegas
*Sentimiento Christiano Vol. 1. Arka 701. Spanish language. LP.
Band plays Christian music for children and their families. From Kirkland, Washington. Treesa Bangs: lead vocals. Anthony Dorrough: lead vocals. Randy McMillan: piano, keyboards. Jim Bill: drums, percussion. John Bangs: bass, music director. Bob Gavinsky: electric guitar.
Banks Brothers
Newark, NJ
*Greater Harvest Baptist Church. Savoy MG-14184. 1968. LP.
*And the Renaissance Choral Ensemble. Savoy MG14300. 1972. LP.
*Revival Time at the First Baptist Church Nutley, NJ. Savoy 14329.
Greater Harvest Baptist Church
Songs: Nobody But You Lord. I Don’t Know Why. He Will Provide. I Know What He’s Done for Me. Softly and Tenderly. The Man That Didn’t Believe. Wonderful. Jesus and Me. I’m Going to Wait. My Rock.
Gospel songs for chorus directed by the Banks Brothers: Charles and Jeff. The Back Home Choir. Revival Time at the First Baptist Church
Songs: Heartaches. Out of the Depths. No Night There. It’s Not My Goodness. He’s Been a Shelter for Me. Sweet Spirit. Sow Righteous Seed. Beams of Heaven. Can’t You Say Lord I’ll Go. Revival Time.
Carl Banks
*Jesus Signed My Pardon. Eternity LP1015. 196? 10 inch LP.
Rev. Charles Banks
*It's Alright Now. Savoy SL14704. 1982. LP.
Bishop Jeff Banks
*For My Sake. Savoy MG14071. 1963. LP.
*Wondrous Cross. Savoy MG14082. 1963. LP.
*It Took a Miracle. Savoy MG14102. 1963. LP.
*Stand by Me. Savoy MG14146. 1964. LP.
*Do Not Pass Me By. Savoy MG14168. 1965. LP.
*My Rock. Savoy MG14184. 1965. LP.
*Jesus Knows. Savoy MG14216. 1966. LP.
*Holy Spirit. Savoy MG14248. 1966. LP.
*By and By. Savoy MG14264. 1967. LP.
*There's Power. Savoy MG14300. 1968. LP.
*Revival Time. Savoy MG14329. 1974. LP.
*Silver Anniversary Album. Savoy MG14399. 1974. LP.
*Master Mind Is He. Savoy MG14444. 1977. LP.
*The Righteous. Savoy MG14503. 1979. LP. 40 minutes.
*Don’t Give Up (Stay in the Race).Savoy SL14565. 1980. LP.
*Work on Me. Savoy MG14671. 1982. LP.
*Love Lifted Me. Savoy MG14749. 1984. LP.
*Touch Me One More Time. Savoy SL-14772. 1986. LP.
*Caught Up in the Rapture. Savoy MG14787. 1987. LP and CS.
*The Storm Is Over. Savoy SAV-14796. 1989. LP. 43 minutes.
*He's All Over Me. Savoy SCD7108. 1993. LP. CS, CD.
*I Am What God Says I Am. Savoy SCD7118. 1995. CD and CS.
Master Mind Is He
Songs: Handwriting on the Wall. Master Mind Is He. Jerusalem. Put Your Trust in Jesus. God Can Do What You Want Him to Do. He Knows How Much We Can Bear. I’m a Child of the King. Guide Me on Thou. Jesus Is a Rock. Performed by Bishop Jeff Bands and the Revival Temple Mass Choir. Avery White: director. Recorded live in Newark, NJ.
The Righteous
Songs: The Righteous. Just Ask. Go Ahead. Just Jesus. Song of Praise. If It Wasn’t for the Lord. He Keeps on Making a Way. You Can Make It.
Notes by Avery White on container. Performed by Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Mass Choir.
Don’t Give Up (Stay in the Race)
Songs: Stay in the Race. One Way. Stay in the Will of God. Jesus Will Never Let You Down. Sho’ do Need Him Now. Holy Spirit. Run Safe to the Rock. Use Me Until You Come Again.
Performed by Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Mass Choir. Avery White: director. Recorded ‘live’ in Newark, NJ.
Work on Me
Songs: Work on Me (P. Gainer 7:00). Come See about Me (L. Cutler 4:00). Jesus You Never Gave up on Me (P. Winstead 4:30). Read It for Yourself (P. Gainer 5:30). Standing on the Rock (M. R. Biggham 6:15). Give Somebody Hope Today (J. Shipley 5:30). When It’s All Over (J. Perry 5:45). Come to Me (P. Gainer 4:30).
Bishop Jeff Banks; the Revival Temple Mass Chois. Avery White: choir director. Recorded ‘live’ in Newark, NJ.
Love Lifted Me
Songs: Prayer Will Fix It Everytime. That Was the Day I Found the Lord. It Was Too Long Ago. It’s Time to Clean Up. Love Lifted Me. There’s a Reality. Jesus I Love You. There Is a Way That Seems Right unto Man. Universal.
Preformed by Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Mass Choir. Avery White: director. Recorded ‘live’ in Newark, NJ.
Touch Me One More Time
Songs: Touch Me One More Time. Old Time Religion. You Sure Been Good to Me. Let Me Walk in the Spirit/ Saved Today. Leave It in God’s Hand. Baptised Believer. Saved! So Glad about It.
Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Mass Choir.
Caught up in the Rapture
Songs: Caught up in the Rapture. You Can Make It If You Try. I Couldn’t Keep It to Myself. I’ll Be Alright. Let’s Go Back (to the Old Landmark). Put Your Time In. He’ll Make It Alright. Talk to God. Here Am I. Guide Me on Thy [sic] Great Jehovah
Revival Temple Mass Choir.
The Storm Is Over
Songs: The Storm Is Over. The Search Is Over. Lord I Live You. Didn’t I Tell Ya. God Can. I’m a Soldier. Yes Jesus Loves Me. I Trust in God. He’ll Make a Way for You. All Things in Jesus I Find.
Performed by Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Mass Choir.
He’s All Over Me
Songs: He’s All over Me (5:41). Holding On (part 1) (6:14). Holding On (part II) (3:32). I’m in My Right Mind (6:21). He Loves Me So (7:20). I’ve Learned to Put My Trust in Jesus (6:58). Get away Jordan (5:24). Worthy (4:35). I’m Blessed (5:19). He Alone (4:53). Blessed Assurance (3:30). Where Would I Be (4:50). Happy Tonight (2:58). I Can’t Complain (3:00). Who’s [sic] Side Are You Leaning On (5:21).
Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Mass Choir. Recirded on location at Newark’s Symphony Hall, Newark, NJ.
I Am What God Says I Am
Songs: I Am What I Am (4:55). Stand (6:21). Fall Fresh on Me (5:30). Worth It All (4:47). You Don’t Know Like I Know (5:36). I’m Living for Jesus (5:48). I’ll Tell It (5:53). I Can Depend on Him (4:51). He Has Done Great Things (4:45). I Found Jesus (4:37). Carry You Through (4:50). Make Me Whole (7:21).
Performed by Bishop Jeff Banks and the Revival Temple Community Choir. Recorded live at Revival Temple Center of Deliverance, Newark, NJ.
Phil Banks
*Love and Inspiration. Crusade LPS 1321. LP.
Robert Banks
*The Message. Verve V-5016. 196? LP. “New gospel folk sound.”
Willie Banks and the Messengers
*Things I Can't Change. HSE HSE1457. 198?
*God's Goodness. HSE HSE1478. 198? Malaco SXCD 3111. 1997. CD.
*God Will Take Care of His Own. HSE HSE1497. 198?
*For the Wrong I've Done. HSE HSE1521. 198?
*Show Me the Way. HSE HSE1532. 198? Passport Audio CD-1024. 2005. CD.
*Look at the Blessings. Malaco MAL4428. 1986. LP. MCD 4428. 2004. CD.
*Masterpiece. Malaco MAL4437. 198?
*Mother Why. Black Label BL3000. 1980. LP. Also HSE of America BL3000.
*The Best Of. Black Label BL4001. 198?
*God Is Still in Charge. Black Label BL9605. 198?
*House of Prayer. Black Label BL9620. 1990.
*Heaven Must Be a Beautiful Place. MCA MCAC2061. 1990. Also on Peacock 1973
*The Legend Lives On. Malaco MAL4490. 1991. LP. Also number: 4802144491
*The Legend. Black Label BL9627. 1991.
God’s Goodness
Songs: In the Name of Jesus (6:31). One More Chance (w/ Willie Mitchell) (6:12). Can’t Keep from Crying Sometimes (4:47). His Love Will Carry Me w/ Willie Mitchell (5:55). A Prayer for the Children (3:20). God’s Goodness (5:46). For the Wrong I’ve Done (2:25). Lord Revive Us (3:15). Lady You’re Wrong (5:40). Prayer Will Fix It (w/ Milton Biggham).
Show Me the Way
Songs: Show Me the Way. Praying Time. Help Me One More Time. One More Chance. If It’s Alright. God’s Calling for the Liar. Beside Mother. Walk on Until You See His Face.
Look at the Blessings
Songs: Look at the Blessings (4:23). Can’t Keep from Crying Sometimes (4:47). Pity Me (3:37). He’s Bringing Love to the Nation (5:34). You’ll Die Young (4:25). His Love Will Carry Me (5:55). A Prayer for the Children (3:20). A Child Who Loves Jesus (4:02). Recorded at Malaco Studios, Jackson, Mississippi.
Mother Why?
Songs: Mother Why? Beautiful Day (H. Wesley). Pity Me. Amazing Grace. Death Road (W. Mitchell). You Been Good to Me. Old Time Hymn. Mother’s Still Alive.
The Legend Lives On
Songs: Everybody Living’s Got to Die. Waiting on Jesus. Lord Revive Us. Prayer Is the Answer. In the Name of Jesus. Glad I’ve Been Sanctified. Lady You’re Wrong. Prayer Will Fix It.
Roger Bankson
*Roger... Sings High. Benson Sound Studio LPS186. LP.
*You Are Loved. LPS 189. LP.
Roger... Sings High
Side 1: Love Like the Sun. He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Need. Happiness Is. Who Am I. All My Doors. Sweet Sweet Spirit. Side 2: Someone Above. Everything Is Beautiful. Emptiness. I've Got Confidence. What a Savior.
Mark and Helen Banner
*Journey to the Light. Creative Sound CS1592. 1986.
Brown Bannister
*Talk to One Another. New Pax NP33108. 1981. LP. Reissued: Reunion 7010011524. 1985.
William Banowsky
*Freedom Is Never Free. Restoration LPL 667. LP.
Baptist Assembly of Free Spirit
Churches Mass Choir
*Free Spirit. SOG SOG156. 1986. LP and CS.
Free Spirit
Songs: I Have So Much to Thank God For. Jesus Will Bring You Joy. Almighty God. Joy Like a River. Everywhere I Go. Optical Illusion. There’s Not a Friend. New Jerusalem. I’m Glad to Be in the Service.
Rev. Charles Nicks presents the Baptist Assembly of Free Spirit Churches Mass Choir.
Baptist Bible College
Chamber Singers
*Go Tell Your World. Susquehanna Sound LP1026. 197? LP.
Baptist Christian Upper School – Cleveland
*We Come with Music. Queen City 10400. LP.
Baptist Church Choir
*He Touched Me. Custom no number. 1972. LP.
Baptist Hour Choir
*Jesus Shall Reign. Custom SBC7405. 1956. 10 inch LP.
*Spirituals. Custom no number. 1956. LP.
*The Baptist Hour Choir. RCA Victor LSP1486. 1957.
*Hymns of the Christian Faith No. 2. Broadman BR9581. 1958. LP.
*A Calm Retreat. Word W3142. 1960. WST8079: stereo. LP.
*We Praise the King. Custom J80P1234. 1962. LP.
*Hearts and Voices. Custom no number. 196? LP.
*The Lord's Supper. Custom LP614S. 196? LP.
*Songs of Easter. Christian Home P4RM5028. 196? LP.
*O Sacred Head. Custom no number. 197? LP.
*Sweet Peace. Susquehanna LP921. 1979. LP
*Close to Thee. Susquehanna Q3922. 197? LP.
Phil Baquie
*Glimpse. Independent CD. 2003.
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of Glimpse. CrossRhythms 75 (2003): 49, 51.
Barb and Toby
*Comin’ Home. LP.
Comin’ Home
Songs: Comin’ Home. Put Your Hand in the Hand. Sunny Days. At Times Like These. Dear Heart. God You,ve Me So Much. Jesus Is the Answer. He. If I Had My Way. Creator. Come to Calvary’s Holy Mountain.
Lucille Barbee
*I Just Can't Keep It to Myself b/w Where Could I Go. Republic 7034. 78rpm.
Paul Barber
*We're Not Strangers Anymore. Clarion CL2196. LP.
Barberville Baptist Church Choir
*We've Come This Far by Faith. Halo LP4344. 197? LP.
*What Love. Halo LP4413. 197? LP.
*Oh What a Morning. Halo LP4798. 197? LP.
*There Is a Peaceful Green Valley. Herald HR4652. 197? LP.
John and Anne Barbour
*Real Love. Metro One MOCD1522. 1996. CD.
Kathy Barbour
*Presence of the King. Century LP43769. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
*Do You Know Jesus. Tri-State TSRC6496. 197?
*I Forgive. Tri-State TSRC751410. 197?
*Keep on Keeping. Tri-State TSRC756449. 197?
Joseph Barclay
*Gospel Duets. International 10015. 195? 10 inch LP.
Dr. William Barclay
*The Beatitudes. Word W6120. 1965. LP. Sermon.
*The Lord's Prayer. Word W6141. 1968. LP. Sermon.
James Barden
*Thirty Pieces of Silver. House Top HTR714. 1978. LP.
Bobby Bare
*This I Believe. RCA Victor LSP3688. 1967. LP.
Bare Bones
see also Barren Cross
Mike Lee and Kai Reiss
*Barebones. 1995. CD.
Songs: Ugly (4:21). Wanna-maker (3:04). I Got My Head Stuck in the Cupboard (3:37). Row Your Boat (4:03). Fleas of a Thousand Camels (3:06). To Die For (3:42). Turn Back Time (4:23). Home on the Rage (3:28). Slow Melt (5:15). Icebone (4:40). Andre’s Song (5:20). Wingless Plane (2:47).
Barefoot Christian
Georgia, circa 1998.
Warren Barfield
*Warren Barfield. Creative Trust Workshop 0311022. CD. (UK pressing).
*Warren Barfield 2003.
*Reach. 2006.
*Worth Fighting For. 2008.
Warren Barfield
Songs: My Heart Goes Out. Beautiful Broken World. Mistaken. You Inspire Me. Whisper to Me. Soak It Up. Grace. Pictures of the Past. Love Is Looking for You. Somewhere Tonight. 10 Hours.
*Honeyman, Lins. Rev. of Warren Barfield. CR Sept.-Nov. 2004: 32.
Valeri Barinov
*The Trumpet Call. Fortress Records R84012. 1985.
*The Trumpet Call. I Care 007. 1985.
*Lonely Road. CD.
*Imperfect @ Best. CD.
Bob Barker
*This Is the Day. Miracle no number. 197?
Dawn "Michelle" Barker
*Sincerely Yours. Commandment LP0012. 1983. LP.
Fred Barker
*The Life I Live. New Life Songs LP-1003. LP.
The Life I Live
Songs: The Life I Live. Each Day Is Full of Miracles. His Life Is My Life. I’m Happy (Shouting Happy). Heaven’s Ransomed Choir. We Know We Are Going to Win. Jesus Is Alive. I Lift My Hands. The Mansion I Own. I Won’t Be Afraid to Go. Just One More Chance. I Give Myself to Thee. There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood.
Graham Barker
Australia circa 1996.
John Barker
*Give Them All to Jesus. Waymaker LP1001. 1976. LP.
Barking Dogs
*New Material. Broken Records (UK) BRS 012. 1984. CS.
New Material
John Bradshaw: keyboards. Alistair Coles: all guitars and vocals. Andy Day: drums.
Side 1: New Material. So Good. Feelin’ Alright. Alone. In Silence. Side 2: I’m Like a Bomb. Just a Man. I’ve Been Falling. The Garden. Revelation.
Tape operator: Gavin Ranford. Mix down: Steve Wheeler. Engineered and produced by Julian Payne. Recorded April 1984. Design by Hemlocknosis.
Joseph Barklay
*Tenor. International LP10015. 1956. 10 inch LP.
*Duets. Christian Faith BG5001. 1962. LP. with John Gustaffson.
*Tenor. Christian Faith LP5061. 1963. LP.
Rue Barklay
*Country and Folk Rock Songs. Christian Faith LP1583. 1962. LP.
*Hymntime. Rural RR145. 196? LP.
Barleen Family
*Music Show. Aard-Vark BE908. LP.
Barlow Girl
Rebecca, Alyssa and Lauren Barlow
*Barlow Girl. Fervent / Spirit-Led. 2004. CD.
*Another Journal Entry. Word Entertainment WD2-886446. 2005. CD.
Barlow Girl
Songs: On My Own. Pedestal. Never Alone. Harder Than the First Time. You Led Me. Mirror. Superstar. Clothes. She Walked Away. Surrender.
Another Journal Entry
Grey. Let Go. I Need You to Love Me. Enough. Porcelain Heart. Take Me Away. Psalm 73 (My God’s Enough) (featuring Todd Agnew). 5 Minutes of Fame. Thoughts of You. No One Like You. Never Alone (acoustic version).
There is an enhanced version of this CD. Enhanched songs: For the Beauty of the Earth. On My Own (acoustic). Porcelain Heart (acoustic). I Need You to Love Me (acoustic). Never Alone (radio edit).
Recorded at Platinum Lab and Emerald Studios, Nashville, TN and at Twelve-18 Sound Labs, Brentwood, TN.
Songbooks and Tracks
*Never Alone. Praise Hymn – Sound Performance. Cd accompaniment tracks for solo vocalist. 787771109025.
*Another Journey Entry. Songbook for medium voice, piano, guitar: chords only. Word Music HL309944. 112 pages.
Vincent Barlow
See also Barlow Girl
*Head and Heart. Given Records VB-1001. 1981. LP.
Head and Heart
Songs: Little Bit of Heaven. Home Is Where the Heart Is. Parents Song. Don’t Go to Sleep Angry. Hoedown. Leave This Town. Slippin’ Away. Father. Dominoes. Rip My Heart Out.
Includes: Joseph Barlow, Pam Verity Harris, Joe ‘Woody’ Pusateri, Joseph Kriz, Judd Sager, Matt Murphy.
*Hear the Light. Tunesmith TS 6004. 1980. LP. Reissued - Light LS 5839. 1984. LP.
*Find Your Heart a Home. Tunesmith TS 6009. 1982. LP. Reissued - Light LS 5840. 1983. LP. This LP and Hear reissued: Millenium 8. 2000. CD.
*Approaching Light Speed. Light LS 5829. 1983. LP. Reissued: Millenium 8. 2000. CD. Includes one extra song.
*Feel the Fire. Light LS 5860. 1984. LP.
*Little Foxes. Light LS5889 / 7115708967. 1986. LP.
*The Gospel According to Barnabas. Thorne Records TRCD 001. 1992. CD.
*Artifacts and Relics. Millenium Eight Records M8D-1062. 2000. CD.
Hear the Light
Side 1: Saviour (3:02). There’s a New World Coming (2:35). Directory Assistance (3:55). Little Faith (2:54). He Loves You (3:20). Side 2: B.C (2:22). Playin’ for Him (3:33). No More Blues (7:28. Father of Lies ( a song about the other guy) (2:30). It’s Up to You (3:00). Produced by the Grace of God and by David Storrs. Art direction: Dan Lienart. Photography: David Randle.
…Find Your Heart a Home
Side 1: Find Your Heart a Home (Klingensmith 4:44). The Conflict of Desire (Klingensmith 4:49). Way to Destruction (G. C. Mann 4:38). Boogie Tyme (Klingensmith 4:26). Side 2: Swordsman (M. C. Donner 3:47). Southern Woman (Klingensmith 5:28). Star (G. C. Mann 7:50). Produced by Barnabas. C0-produced: David Storrs. Art direction: Dan Lienart. Photography: David Randle.
Approaching Light Speed
Nancy Jo Mann: vocals. Brian Belew: guitars. Gary Mann: bass, keyboards. Kris Klingensmith: drums, percussion.
Side 1: No Freedom (Belew / Klingensmith 4:30). Stormclouds (G. Mann / Klingensmith 4:39). If Love Brings Love (G. Mann / Klingensmith 4:03). Waiting for the Aliens (G. Mann / Klingensmith 6:10). Side 2: Warrior (Belew 3:55). Never Felt Better (Belew / Klingensmith 3:20). Subterfuge (G. Mann / Klingensmith 5:47). Crucifixion (G. Mann 5:59).
Produced by Barnabas and Tom Tucker. Recorded August – September, 1983 at Triad Studios, Des Moines, Iowa. Engineered by Tom Tucker. Additional technical assistance by John Hurst. Special vocal effect on “Waiting for the Aliens” by Bob Cook. Cover art: Kernie Erickson. Photography: Dennis Mabie.
Feel the Fire
Nancy Jo Mann: vocals. Brian Belew: guitars. Gary Mann: bass, keyboard. Kris Klingensmith: drums, percussion.
Side 1: Prelude (Belew / Klingensmith 2:20). The Dream (Gary Mann / Klingensmith 2:32). Breathless Wonderment (The Dream Becomes Reality) (Belew / Klingensmith 6:48). Hearts (Gary Mann / Klingensmith 7:02). Side 2: Feel the Fire (Belew / Gary Mann / Klingensmith 5:22). Northern Lights (Gary Mann / Klingensmith 3:45). Follow You Up (Belew / Klingensmith 5:09). Suite for the Souls of Our Enemies (Part 1: Hammer and Sickle) (Gary Mann / Klingensmith 5:03).
Produced by Tom Tucker and Barnabas. Arrangements: Barnabas. Recorded at Triad Studios, Des Moines, Iowa, July and August, 1984. Engineer: Tom Tucker. Assistant engineer: John Hurst. Cover art: Kernie Erickson. Art director: Dan Lienart. Additional vocals courtesy od Susie Tucker and Marci Meyocks on “Breathless Wonderment.” Jack Dawson, Tom Tucker, Gary Man and Brian Belew on “Follow You Up.”
Little Foxes
Nancy Jo Mann: vocals. Brian Belew: guitars. Gary Mann: bass, keyboards. Kris Klingensmith: drums, percussion.
Side 1: Gospel Maniac (Belew / Klingensmith 5:04). Little Foxes (G. Mann / Klingensmith 4:05). Destroy After Use (Belew / Klingensmith 4:56). Aucchwitz (G. Mann / Klingensmith 4:42). Side 2: China White (Belew / Klingensmith 3:20). Sins of the Fathers (G. Mann / Klingensmith 5:21). All Alone (M. Donner / Klingensmith 5:13). Suite for the Souls of Our Enemies (Part 2) (G. Nann / Klingensmith 3:27).
Chris Hicks: Saxon Lover. Jeff McGuinness and Chris Hall: additional vocals on China White. The “little Foxes” Trio: Lisa Mann, Valene Geery and Chystal ‘C. J.’ Johnson. John Ronloff: blood curdling scream in Little Foxes. Awesome B. J Mann and Scott ‘Scooter’ Huston: vociferousness on Little Foxes and Gospel Maniac. Ellen Klingensmith: a watchful eye on countless Little Foxes on this project. Driver Music: guitar amplification. The Voice from Hell in Auschwitz ’87 is genuine.
Produced and arranged by Barnabas. Engineered by Barry Stramp. Recorded November – December 1985 at Studio Seven, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Cover art by Paul Gross, Paradise Graphics.
The Gospel According to Barnabas
Songs: No Freedom. Warrior. Follow You Up. Northern Lights. Stromclouds. If Love Brings Love. I: Prelude. II: The Dream. III: Breathless Wonderment. Subterfuge. Feel the Fire. Waiting for the Aliens. Hammer and Sickle. Never Felt Better. Crucifixion.
Remixed from the original 24-track masters.
Artifacts and Relics
The Bethlehem White Sox: Batter Up (D. Storrs). Can’t Get There from Here (M. Cooley). Nancy Jo Mann: Shauna Marie (N. Mann). Goodbye (G. Mann / Klingensmith). All Alone (M. Donner / Klingensmith). Barnabas: Intro / Conflict of Desire (Belew / Mann / Donner / Klingensmith). Directory Assistance (M. Cooley). Southern Woman (G. Mann / Klingensmith).
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008. Review of Hear the Light.
David and Phylis Barnard
Phylis has released several albums with her
puppet Joey.
*I'm a Child of the King. Signature DB1110. 196? with The Songfellows Quartet and Orville Phillips.
*A New Thing. Sound of Victory DB2001. LP.
*The Barnards. Rainbow R2330. 1975. LP.
*Here's Joey. Two different covers. Phylis and dummy Joey.
Shane Barnard
*Rocks Won't Cry. Crystal Clear. 1999.
*Psalms. Inpop. 2002.
Ronny Barner
*The Church in the Wildwood. Custom WRB745. 1979.
Bill Barnes
*Morning Dove. Sword SWR-7005LP. 1980. LP. Has two cover variations.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Debby Barnes
*Hurry to This Heart. Custom CD. 2000? (UK)
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of "Hurry to This Heart." CR April-May 2000: 53.
Rev. F. C. Barnes and Company
*When It Rains It Pours. Atlanta International AIR10041. 1982. With J. Brown.
*Rough Side of the Mountain. Atlanta International AIR10054. 198?
*No Tears in Glory. Gospel Air Records AIR-10077. 1984. LP. With Janice Brown.
*Can't You See What Drugs. Atlanta International AIR10149. 198?
*God Delivered. Atlanta International AIR10172. 1991.
*A Live Reunion. Atlanta International Records AIR10246. 1999. Two cassettes.
A Live Reunion
Vol. 1: Talking About a Good Time. God’s Promise. Jesus and Me. He Just Put Himself in My Place. When It Rains (medley). Take You Burdens to Jesus. Waiting for Direction. Stand by Me. Great Day. Spirit Fall Down. Ain’t It Sweet. That Other Shore. Vol. 2: It Was a Great Thing. Jesus Cares. If My People. What Will You Be Doing. I’m Going Away. Something Inside of Me. I Know It Was Jesus. What More Can I Do. I Wanna Go Back to Glory. Someone to Lean On. So Satisfied. Rough Side of the Mountain. Heaven on My Mind.
Participants: the Red Budd Gospel Choir; Re.v F. C. Barnes and Company; the Sunset Jubilaries. Recorded live at OIC Auditorium, Rocky Mount, NC by Sam’s Tape Truck, Atlanta, GA.
Rev. F. C. Barnes and Rev. Janice Brown
*No Tears in Glory. AIR 10077. LP.
*I Hear Jesus Calling. AIR 10120. 1987. LP.
*Live. Air 10130. LP.
*It’s Me Again, Lord. AIR CSR-70101. CS.
It’s Me Again, Lord
Side 1: It’s Me Again, Lord. It Me Again, Lord, Thanking You. Take Your Burden to Jesus. He Said He Would and He Did. O Lord, Will You Help Me. Side 2: Thank God for the Bible. Uncloudy Day. Running. Come in the Room.
Jerry Barnes
*The Voice of. Word W3021. 1957. LP.
*Tenderly He Watches. Word W3041. 1958. LP.
*Sings for Cadle Chapel. Zondervan ZLP616. 1959. LP.
*Hymntime Sing-A-Long. Word W3176. 1963. LP. WST8110: stereo. Reissued: Sword S1412. 197? LP. SS2412: stereo.
*Sings Country Gospel. Zondervan ZLP641. 1963. LP. With Swanee River.
*Sings the New Born King. Zondervan ZLP645. 1964. LP.
*Sacred Folk Stylings. Word W3302. 1965. LP. WST8302: stereo.
*It's Not an Easy Road. Zondervan ZLP686. 1965. LP.
Lee Barnes and the Gospel Crusaders
*That’s the Way the Good Lord Planned It. ABC Songbird Records SBLP-261.
That’s the Way…
Songs: That’s the Way the Good Lord Planned It. Unto the End. Children. Nothing Can Ever Separate Me. Keep on Doing Whatcha Doing. Ten Thousand Tongues. Where I Long to Be. Free. A Different Man.
Linda Barnes
*Linda Barnes. Associated AAS12083. 1978.
Luther Barnes
*I'll Take Jesus for Mine. Atlanta International AIR10036.198?
*When We All Get to Heaven. Atlanta International AIR10058. 1983.
*God Gave Us All He Had. Atlanta International AIR10062. 198?
*I'm Going Away. Atlanta International AIR10076. 198?
*See What the Lord Has Done. Atlanta International AIR10116. 1987.
*Oh My Lord. Atlanta International AIR10123. 1989. LP.
*So Satisfied. Atlanta International AIR10135. 1989.
*Still Holding On. Atlanta International AIR10157. 1990. LP.
*An Invitation. Atlanta International AIR10170. 1990.
*Enjoying Jesus. Atlanta International AIR10182. 1993.
*Wherever I Go. Atlanta International AIR10259. 2000. CD.
*Come Fly with Me. Atlanta International AIR10278. 2002. CD.
Marcus Barnes
*’Tis So Sweet. Deliverance DR 1122. 1970. LP.
‘Tis So Sweet
Side 1: Tis So Sweet. Walk Together Children. How Tedious and Tasteless. I Know the Lord Has Laid His Hands on Me. Guide Me O Thou Great Jehovah. Side 2: Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child. Truly I’ve Been Delivered. At the Cross. Amazing Grace. Blessed Assurance.
Barnes was in the Marines in the late 1960s. In November, 1969, he was discharged and began a career as a singer.
Organist: Frank Walters. Pianist: Robert McNeal. Design / layout: Jerome J. Boyd. Cover photo: Edwin Griffith. Jasper Samuel: manager. Deliverance Records: Brooklyn, NY.
Mike Barnes
*I Like It Hear. Mike Barnes Ministry TO-016. 1980. LP.
I Like It Here
Mike Barnes: acoustic piano, Fender Rhodes, Prophet 5 synthesizer, Arp Odyssey synthesizer, Hohner D-6 clavinet, percussion. Bass: Kenneth Bentley, Ricky Keller. Electric guitar: Mike Spivey. Acoustic guitar: Sonny Lallerstedt. Drums: Herby Sully III, Jimmy Jackson. Congas: Luis Stefanell. Backing vocals: Taj Kilgore, Ramona Hutton, Mike Rogers, Babbi Mason, Veronica Woods.
All songs written and arranged by Mike Barnes
Side 1: Nobody Wants to Go (4:23). I Will Sing to the Lord (4:42). The Blood of Jesus (4:33). If I’m a Fool for Jesus (4:19). Side 2: I Like It Here (4:35). People Respond to Love (4:57). Treasure (3:55). Father God (5:22).
Recorded at Twelve Oaks Recording Studio, Smyrna, Georgia. Produced by Mike Barnes. Engineer: Sonny Lallerstedt. Mixed at Twelve Oaks by Sonny and Mike. Cover design: Scott Phillips. Photography: John Sumner.
Sidney Barnes
Contemporary inspirational
*I Have My Faith. 2005. CD.
I Have My Faith
Songs: I Have My Faith. Take My Breath Away. You Are (I Believe in You). (He Said) You Are Loved.
Alvis Barnett
*Nashville's Gospel Guitar. Praise PRS151. 197? LP.
Alvis Barnett and the Barnetts
*All in the Family. Cam CAM1434.1972. LP.
*Satisfied Mind. Cam CAM1451. 1973. LP.
*Hide and Watch. Joy Song JS33028. 1973. LP.
Doris Barnett
*For His Glory. Rainbow R2683. 198?
Dr. Harold E. Barnett
*Just a Closer Walk. Crusade LPS127-03. 196? LP.
Les Barnett
Barnett was born in the little mining town of Eldorado, Illinois. At the age of 14, he enrolled I n the Kroeger Conservatory of Music, St, Louis, Missouri
*Les Barnett. Singspiration ZLP103. 1954. 10 inch LP.
*Orgam, Piano, Celeste. Singspiration ZLP124. 10 inch LP.
*Plays the Organ. Sacred LP7027. 1956. 10 inch LP.
*Les Barnett. Sacred LP9013. 1958. LP.
*Les Barnett… Shrine Auditorium. Sacred LP9021. 1958. LPS6015: stereo.
*Les Barnett. Sacred LP9022. 1958. LPS6016: stereo.
*Easy Listening with. Sacred LP9058. 1958. LPS 6006: stereo.
*Les Barnett. Word W3032. 1958. LP. Reissued as Everybody's Favorites Sword S1413. 197? LP. SS2413: stereo.
*Hymns of Fanny Crosby Word WST8016. 1959. LP. W3070: mono.
*The Favorite Twelve. Tampa TP37. 196? LP. Also issued as Musicor MM2042. 1965. Musicor MS3042.
Les Barnett: Plays the Giant Moller Pipe Organ in the Shrine Auditorium
Side A: How Great Thou Art (S. K. Hine 4:40). On Jordan’s Stormy Banks (T. C. O’Kane 3:10). Bring Your Vessels Not a Few (Sankey 2:37). Leaning on the Everlasting Arms (J. Showwalter 2:50). When We All Get to Heaven (Mrs. J. G. Wilson 2:15). Bringing in the Sheaves (G. Mason 2:23). Side B: Wonderful Peace (Cooper 3:40). I Will Pilot Thee (Wilson 3:10). Still Sweeter Everyday (Miles1:54). What a Friend (Converse 3:00). I Am Resolved (Fillmore 2:01). Shelter in the Time of Storm (Sankey 2:13).
Plays the Hymns of Fanny Crosby
Side 1: Blessed Assurance (Crosby / Knapp). Tell Me the Story of Jesus (Crosby / Sweeney). All the Way My Saviour Leads Me (Crosby / Robert Lowry). Praise Him! Praise ! (Crosby / Allen). Saved by Grace (Crosby / Stebbins) / Safe in the Arms of Jesus (Crosby / Doane). Near the Cross (Crosby / Doane). I Am Thine O Lord (Crosby / Doane) / Cloes to Thee (Crosby / Vail). Redeemed (Crosby / Kirkpatrick). Side 2: He Hideth My Soul (Crosby / Kirkpatrick). Tis the Blessed Hour of Prayer (Crosby / Doane). Rescue the Perishing (Crosby / Doane). My Saviour First of All (Crosby / Sweeney). Give Me Jesus (Crosby . Sweeney). Pass Me Not (Crosby / Doane). To the Work (Crosby / Doane). Though Your Sins Be as Scarlett (Crosby / Doane). Jesus Is Calling (Crosby / Stebbins). To God Be the Glory (Crosby / Doane).
Barnett Sisters
*What Will You Do with Your Love? Savoy MG14683. 1982.
Tommy Barnett
*Someone Who Cares. Sacred LP3028. 1963. LP.
Barngrover / Light
Huntington Beach, California
*Living on the Outside. CRS Records. No date. CS.
*The Cry of the Child. CRS Records CRS 71197-88. 1988.
*Dangerously Live. CRS Records. 1990. CS.
*Refridgerator Blues. CRS Records. 1992. CS.
Living on the Outside
All words and music by B/L
Side 1: Days Like These. Living on the Outside. Sure City Revisited. Side 2: I Want to Go There with You. History 101. The World Turns On.
Written, perfomed and produced by Robert Barngrover and Stephen Light. Additional vocals: Dorothy Light. Living on the Outside recorded with Blue Shift.
Dangerously Live
Steve Light: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, harmonica. Robert Barngrover: vocals, lead guitars; acoustic guitar on Barbarians. Tom Barile: drums. Mark Henri: bass guitar on Crossroads, Mystery and When Will I See You Again. Fronz van Ouwerkerk: bass guitar on There’s Danger, Days Like These, Surf City, The Web of Life and The World Turns On. Jerry King: saxophone. Dorothy Light: additional vocals.
Side 1: There’s Danger All Around (vocals: Steve) (5:28). Days Like These (3:46). Living on the Outside (vocals: Robert) (5:40). Crossroads (vocals: Robert 5:42). Hey Dude! (:48) Surf City Revisited (vocals: Steve) (6:15). Side 2: The Web of Life (Spins Round) (4:42). Mystery Train (3:06). The New Barbarians (7:10). When Will I See You Again (3:50). The World Turns On (6:01).
These recordings were done live, to 4-track, mostly between June and August 1990, while on the Living on the Outside Tour.