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*C.I.A. MRC 710003874. 1985.
C. I. A. (Christ in Action)
Ska band, circa late 1997. Roskanna: guitar. Jordan: drums. Chiquita (Kieta): vocals. Rachel: vocals. Beka: guitar. Becky: bass. Brian: sax. Daniel: sax. Shawn: sax.
Cider House
Petoskey, Michigan
*Den of Thieves. 1996.
Cincinnati Choir
*The Holy City. Chime LP2001. 196? LP.
*Lord Let Me Walk with Thee b/w not known. Brunswick 84032. 45rpm.
England. Full name, Cindy Kent
*I Am Your Servant. York FYK 418, 1973. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Laura-Beth Cinquini
*The Mystery of His Love. Fish FR101. 1971? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Vinnie Cioffi
*Vinnie. Freedom 334. 197? LP.
*My Tribute. Freedom 529. 197?. LP.
Circadian Rhythm
Lynchburg, Virginia. Name comes from Luke 9:23 and from a Latin root meaning "to die daily."
*Circadian Rhythm. CD. 1999.
Will Pavone: vocals, piano, B-3 organ, keyboards, tambourine. Andy Zipf: lead guitar, vocals, harmonica. Dan Cuomo: drums, percussion, vocals. Aaron Paganini: acoustic guitar. Paul Barber: bass, tambourine.
Circle of Dust
Bethpage, New York
see also Klank
*Circle of Dust. R.E.X. Music 7901429003. 1992. CD.
*Brainchild. R.E.X. Music REX46001. 1994. CD.
*Circle of Dust. R.E.X. Music REXD46011. 1995. CD.
Circle of Dust (1995)
Scott Albert: vocals, guitar, keyboards, "etc." is considered to be the only real "member". But the album mentions his touring band: Jason Tilton: acoustic and electronic drums, percussion. Daren "Klank" Diolosa: guitar, "extraneous vocal samples."
Songs: Onenemy. Demoralize. Self Inflict. Rational Lies (bass: Chris Donohue). Nightfall. Twisted Reality. Consequence. Dissolved (bass by Chris Donohue). Nothing Sacred. Parasite. Hidden track(?): Bed of Nails (it's listed in credits as featuring additional vocals by Evol Eye Jeni and "conversation" by Jen Mahoney).
Producer: Scott Albert. Engineer: Vin Syrek and Scott Albert. Studio: Circle Studios, New York. Mixed at Circle Studios and Soundscape Studios, New York.
Mastered at: Unknown, not listed. Remix engineer: Not listed. Design and illustration: Nucleus, Chicago, Ilinois (original cover,1992) Vance and Vance Design, Nashville, Tennessee (1995 reissue).
Comments from liners: "Seven of the songs on this album originally appeared in different forms on the first CIRCLE OF DUST release in 1992. Due to more factors than I'd care to name, I wasn't satisfied with that first release. Some two-plus years later I was given the opportunity to re-work and re-record the songs I thought were still relevant. These, along with a few new songs, comprise what I consider to be my first album. Confused? So am I." Scott.
Circle of Friends
Southern gospel
*The Call. 2003. CD.
The Call
Songs: That’s Why I Love to Call His Name. I Do Believe. Little Bitty Mustard Seed. At the Foot of the Cross. In That Great Getting’ Up Morning. He Called Me Out. More Than You’ll Ever Know. Come On, Let’s Go to That Land. Alpha & Omega. Salvation Is a Miracle to Me. The Lord’s Prayer.
Brad Ashburn: bass. Chip Barker: tenor. Debbie Ashburn: alto. Lisa Pierce: soprano. Began in the summer, 2002.
Circuit Riders
*Jesus, What a Friend He Is. Praise PRS147. 197? LP.
Texas, circa 1999
Mike X: lead guitar, vocals. Brit X: keyboards, backing vocals. Molly X: vocals, guitar. Super Wonder Kid: bass. David Rocha: drums.
North Devon, England
*Lord of the Universe. Custom. No date, but some songs copyrighted 1983, others 1987. CS.
Julian Tewkesbury: lead and backing vocals, guitar and bass. Rachel Warrilow: keyboards and backing vocals. Alexa Aggett: bass and backing vocals. Steve Spittle: drums and backing vocals. All songs by Julian Tewkesbury, except as noted.
Side 1: Streetlight. You Broke Down the Walls. Lord of the Universe. Tomb Breaker. Sunshine.
Side 2: Enemy. Angie. Why Did It Take So Long? (Tewkesbury - Baker - Jenkins). Without You. Think It Over.
Recorded at Wolden Studios, Bideford, Devon. Engineered by Geoff Hocking. Produced by Julian Tewkesbury and Geoff Hocking.
City Limits
see also
Albrecht, Roley and Moore
Scott Roley.
*City Limits. Spirit ND 3008. 1981. LP.
City Limits
John Rosasco: string and brass arrangements, keyboards. Joe English: drums. Larry Paxton: bass. Guitars: Kenny Mims, Jon Goin, George Cocchini. Alan Steinberger: mallet instruments and synthesizers. Horns: Donnie (Sax) Sanders, Ernie Collins, Dennis Solee, Matt Davich, Sam Levine, Terry Mead and Rob Hill. Backing vocals: Diane Tidwell, Lisa Silver, Sheri Huffman and Michael Albrecht. Percussion” Terry McMillan.
Side 1: Holdin’ the Key (Roley / Rosasco 3:09). Christians (Rosasco / Rogers 4:23). Lost in His Love (Roley / Rosasco 3:59). In Each Heart (Roley / Vipond 2:58). Sacraficing Love (Roley / Rosasco 3:53). Side 2: Heavenly Father (Roley / Rosasco 3:15). The Awakening (Rosasco / Rogers 3:00). Cross Your Heart (Rosasco / Rogers 3:16). In Your Love (S. Roley 3:38). Man from Heaven (S. Roley 3:15).
Produced by John Rosasco for Primary Productions. Executive producer: Ray Nenow. Engineers: Randy Holland, Scott Hendricks, Pat Holt, Jim Baird. Mastering by Hank Williams at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville. Recorded at Glaser Sound Studios and Lower Level Studio, Nashville. Photograph of Scott Roley by Melody McGuire, Nashville. Art direction and design: Ron Brant, Stan everson Design, Inc. Photography: Larry DuPont.
Clairborne Brothers Quartet
*At the World’s Fair. Corner Stone CQ705. LP. Reissued: Word W3191. 1963. LP. Also: WST8120.
*My Heavenly Home. Corner Stone CQ701. 196? LP.
*Cross at the Crossroads. Corner Stone CQ702. 196? LP.
*On Tour. Corner Stone CQ703 196? LP.
*At Winona Lake. Corner Stone CQ704. 196? LP.
*Happy and Sincere. Mark 2115 197? LP.
*Clairborne Quartet Sings. Corner Stone CQ706. 197? LP.
*Satisfied. Corner Stone CQ707. 196? LP.
Marty Clancy
*Stayin' Revived. Awake Song Records LP0500. 1970s? LP.
Stayin' Revived
Side 1: Jesus Is Alive and Well. No Other Name But Jesus. Stop This Haulin' Water. He's Alive. Soldier of the Light. Side 2: Hosanna. Our God Reigns. Walkin' on a Cloud. I Am. Blow the Trumpet of Zion. We Are the Reason.
*Gloryland. Chapel Hill CH001. 1969. LP.
Bobby Clark
*Bobby Clark. Zondervan ZLP780. 1969. LP.
Dr. Caesar A. W. Clark
*I Die Daily, Part II. ACR RHS337236. 198? LP.
D. J. Clark
Nashville, Tennessee, circa late 1996. Has a CD available. Style is acoustic, contemporary pop.
Elbernita ‘Twinkie’ Clark
*Praise Belongs to God. Nine/Sound of Gospel Records. SOG-091. 1979. CS.
Praise Belongs to God
Songs: Praise the Lord. Fountain Full of Blood. Jesus, I’ll Never Froget. Hallelujuh to the Newborn King. Oh Taste and See. God, You Got the Glory out of My Life.
Eugene Clark
*Organ Moods With... Victory ZLP520. 195? LP.
*Majestic Organ Tones. Victory ZLP530. 195? LP.
Glen Clark
Plant City, Florida
*Obedience. Out of the World Records UR-LUV-2. 1989. CS.
*The Rain. Out of the World Records UR-LUV-2C. 1996. CD.
James Clark and the Love Revival Singers
*James Clark and the Love Revival Singers. Benson LPS566. 197? LP.
Mattie Moss Clark
*And the Clesiatric Sounds. Unknown label LP14249. 197? LP.
*Is My Livin' in Vain? Newbirth LP7056. 197? LP.
*Sincerely. Newbirth LP7058. 197? LP.
*The Wages of Sin Is Death. Sound of Gospel SOG072. 198?
*He Was Hungup for My Hangup. Sound of Gospel. 198?
* I Am Crucified with Christ. Sound of Gospel SOG084. 198?
*Make Me the Building Not Made By Hand. Sound of Gospel SOG089. 198?
*God's All You Need. Sound of Gospel SOG098. 198?
*That's Christ. Sound of Gospel SOG099. 198?
*Wonderful Grace of Jesus. Sound of Gospel SOG4002. 198?
*I Don't Know What I'd Do Without the Lord. Sound of Gospel SOG4008.
Mildred Clark and the Melody Aires
*God’s Got Everything You Need. Savoy SL14529. 1980. LP.
*I'm Gonna Tell Everybody. Savoy SL14571. 1980. LP.
*My God Can Do It All. Savoy SL14607. 1981. LP.
*You’ve Got to Give an Account. Savoy SL14639. 1982. LP.
*2000 Years. Unknown label PY59234. 198?
Paul Clark
*Songs From the Savior Volume One. Seed Records PSR-001. 1971. LP. Also released as Sonrise SMC001. 1973. LP and Creative Sound CSS 1568. 1972. LP.
*Songs From the Savior Volume Two. Sonrise SMC002. 1973. Seed Records PSR-002. 1975. LP. *Come into His Presence (Songs From the Savior Volume Three). Sonrise Merchantile Company SRC 007. 1974. LP. (Two covers for 007). Reissued as Myrrh MSB 6715. 1983. LP.
*Good to Be Home. Seed Records PSR-004. 1975. LP. Also: Sonrise S1001. 1975. LP.
*Hand to the Plow. Seed Records PSR-005. 1977. LP.
*Change in the Wind. Seed Records PSR-007. 1978. LP.
*Aim for the Heart. Seed Records PSR-008. 1980. LP.
*Minstrel's Voyage. Seed Records PSR-009. 1980. LP.
*A New Horizon. Myrrh Records MSB 6678. 1981. LP.
*Drawv to the Light. Myrrh Records MSB 6727. 1982 / 1983. LP.
*Out of the Shadow. Myrrh Records SPCN7016786064. 1984. LP.
*Awakening from the Western Dream. Seed Records SRO12. 1989. CS. CD: CDSR102. 1990.
*Paul Clark Vol. 1: 1970-1974. Seed Records SR201. 1990. CD. Reissue of "Songs from the Savior" volumes 1-3. 2 discs.
*Paul Clark Vol. 2: 1975-1979. Seed Records SR202. 1990. CD. Reissue of "Good to Be Home," "Hand to the Plow" and "Change in the Wind." 2 discs.
*Paul Clark Vol. 3: 1980-1985. Seed Records SR203. 1990. Reissue of "Aim for the Heart," "A New Horizon," "Drawn to the Light" and "Out of the Shadow." 2 discs.
*When the Moon’s Behind the Clouds. Seed SR103. 1992.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Roy Clark
*Magnificent Sanctuary Band. Dot DOS25993. 1972. LP. Reissued as: Sings Gospel. Word WST8654. 197? LP.
*Last Word In Jesus Is Us. MCA MCA879. 198? LP. Also MCA5260. 198? LP.
*Roy Clark Sings Gospel. Word Records1980s? CS. Previously released by ABC/Dot Records.
*Roy Clark Sings and Plays Gospel Greats. Wonder Workshop W-213.1997. CS.
Roy Clark Sings Gospel
Songs: Magnificent Sanctuary Band. Jesus Is a Soul Man. He Is My Everything. Be Ready. Wait a Little Longer, Please Jesus. A Brand New Day. Just a Closer Walk with Thee. Why Me. Jesus Is the Bridge over Troubled Water. I Know Who It Is (and I’m Gonna Tell on ‘Em. Put Your Hand in the Hand
Roy Clark Sings and Plays…
Songs: Vol. 1: Gloryland Way. In the Sweet By ‘n’ By. Where Could I Go? When We All Get to Heaven. Old Time Religion. I’ve Got Peace Like a River. Mansion over the Hilltop. Send the Light. I Am Bound for the Promised Land. There’s Power in the Blood. Vol. 2: When the Roll Is Called up Yonder. I Saw the Light. At the Cross. Bringing in the Sheaves. The Church in the Wildwood. Unclouded Day. Just over in the Gloryland. Are You Washed in the Blood? Shall We Gather at the River. ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.
Performed: Roy Clark and the Roy Clark Gospel Singers. Recorded March 1996 at Donelson Free Will Baptist Church, Caravell Studios, Branson, MO and Priciple Studios, Nashville.
Sherry Clark
*Sherry. CMP CPCMP87620. 1976. LP.
Clark Sisters
Black gospel
*Sincerely. New Birth NEW7058. 1982. LP.
*Conqueror. Rejoice 7015002229. 1988. LP.
*Bringing It Back Home. Word 7019113508. 1989.
*Unworthy. Sound of Gospel SOG075. 198?
*New Dimensions of Christmas Carols. Sound of Gospel SOG085. 198?
*He Gave Me Nothing to Lose. Sound of Gospel SOG092. 198?
*You Brought the Sunshine. Sound of Gospel SOG132. 198?
*Heart & Soul. Rejoice 7015010658. 1990.
*Miracle. Sparrow SPD1368. 1994.
*Dixon, Dulcie. Rev. of Bringing It Back Home. CR 1 (1990): 70.
Terry Clark
*Welcome. Good News Records GNR 8107. 1978. LP.
*Melodies. Good News Records. GNR 8111. 1980. LP.
*Living Worship. Asaph Records. 1984. Also: First Fruits CBCR001. 1985. LP.
*Let's Worship. Asaph Records. 1986. Also: First Fruits FFR003. 1986. LP.
*Heaven Is Not That Far Away. Asaph Records. 1990. Asaph ARD1035. 1995. CD..
*In the Secret Place. Asaph Records. 1990.
*Live Worship With. Maranatha! CD08706. 1990. CD.
*I Am Yours. Asaph Records AR-1068. 1992. CD.
*U Gada No. Asaph ARD1079. 1993. CD.
*Love Heals. New Port NPD1604. 1998. CD.
*Living Worship / Let’s Worship. New Port NPD1609. 1999. CD. Reissues.
*Only Believe. New Port NPD1612. 2000. CD.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Karen Clark-Sheard
*Finally. Island 1LD0850. 1998. CD.
*Second Chance. Elektra 62767-2. 2002. CD.
Claudelle Clarke
*Reggae Songs of Praise. VP Records. 1998. CD. Second track is dancehall reggae worship from Denzil Dennis.
Clarksville Baptist College Quartet
*His Grace Reaches Me. Custom. 1970. LP.
*The King Is Coming. Custom NR1210. 1971. LP.
Clash of Symbols
*Begging at the Temple Gate Called Beautiful. BAI 4013. 1995. CD.
Class of Rags
*Class of Rags. 1993. CS?
Songs: Not Enough Words. Traditions. I Just Need You. Dr, D & the Spiritual Medicine Show.
Two names on the cassette from: Darryl Davis and Tony Evola. Phone number was in the 615 phone number area.
Classic Crime
Seattle, Washington
*Albatross. Tooth and Nail TND35536. 2006. CD.
*Seattle Sessions: the Acoustic EP. Tooth & Nail. 2007. CD.
Matt MacDonald: vocals. Justin DuQue: guitar. Robbie Negrin: guitar. Skip Erickson: drums. Alan Clark: bass.
Songs: The Fight (3:18). Flight of Kings (3:31). Who Needs Air (3:44).. Blisters and Coffee (3:21). The Coldest Heart (3:40). All the Memories (3:51). Say the Word (4:26). I Know the Feeling (2:49). TheWarrior Poet (2:54). The Bitter Uprising (4:15). We All Look Elswhere (4:28). Headlights (4:58).
Produced by Michael Baskette and Dave Holdredge. Digital editing and programming by Jef Moll. Cello played by Dave Holdredge. Recorded and mixed at Studio Barbarosa, Bavon, Virginia. Mastered by Brian Gardener at Bernie Grundman Mastering, except ‘The Coldest Heart’ mixed by Tom Lord-Alge at South Beach Studios.
Seattle Sessions
Songs: Seattle. Blindfolded. The Test. Wake Up (Shipwreck). Drink in My Hand (Live). When the Time Comes. Far from Home.
Jeannie Clattenburg
*Chosen Generation. Tempo R7199. 1977. LP.
Cynthia Clawson
*One in the Spirit. Crescendo CR7107. 1971. LP.
*In the Garden. Triangle TR101. 1974. LP.
*Bright New Wings. (Musical). Triangle TR109. 1978. LP.
*The Way I Feel. Triangle TR112. 1977. LP. Reissued: Priority BJU38239. 1982? LP?
*Forever. Priority BJU38633. 1983. LP.
*Angels. (Musical). Triangle TR115. 1979. LP.
*It Was His Love. Triangle TR116. 1979. LP. Reissued: Grapevine GRV141. 1980. LP.
*A Private Showing. Triangle TR118. 1980. LP.
*You're Welcome Here. Triangle TR124. 1981. LP.
*Finest Hour. Triangle TR148. 1981. LP.
*Immortal. Dayspring 7014145010. 1986. LP.
*Hymnsinger. Dayspring 7014162624. 1988. CD.
*Carolsinger. Dayspring 7014172573. 1988. CS number.
*Words Will Never Do. Dayspring 7014185627. 1990. CD.
*Blessed Assurance. Genovox 414901. 1993. Reissued: Civic CVC-1-009-2. 1999. CD.
*River of Memories. Chapel CMD3306. 1994. CD.
*Prayer and Plain Song. Challalilly CLP5951. 1995. Also: Civic. 1997. CD.
*Broken: Healing Heart. Civic CVC1-006-2. 1999. CD.
*In the Beginning. New Born NB 7043. 1984. LP.
In the Beginning
All songs by Ken Bitner
Side 1: He's the Light (4:55). Clay Radio (4:35). Greater Man (4:00). Circle Circus (3:10). Walkin' (3:05). Side 2: He Lives (4:55). One Way (3:47). You Fill My Whole Life (4:15). Highest Ground (2:25). He Did It All (2:15).
Cover illustration by John Bianchi.
Clay House
Riverside, California
*Take Me. N-Soul Records NSD 9923. 1995.
Paul Dexter: bass, acoustic guitar, keyboards, programming; rhythm programming; backing vocals. David Snow: drums, percussion; rhythm programming; backing vocals. Russ Reshaw: bass. Doug Nofsinger: electric guitar. Frank Sandoval, Dave Wronski, Glenn Pearce: electric guitars. Dave Stanley: acoustic guitar. James Raymond, Jeff Sierota: piano. Todd Lynch: Rhodes, backing vocals. Glenn Prior: Hammond. LeRoy Wainwright: soprano sax. Allen Savori II, P. J. Hughey, Jennifer Dawn: backing vocals.
All songs by Dexter - Snow, except as noted.
Take Me. Flowers Fall. Granted Faith (Dexter / Snow P. J. Hughey). Master Painter (Dexter / Snow / Hughey). Still Life (Dexter / Snow / Hughey). Intermission. Silent Eyes. In My Dreams. Take the Time. Sweet Sure Love. Tears for Your Soul. Take Me Further reprise.
Kevin Clay
see also My Little Dog China
*Watch Me Fall. Alarma 8441876192. 1996. CD.
*Jesusville. Reborn. 2000. CD.
*Nashvegas: the Landof Milk & Money. Fashion Pop. 2000. CD.
Otis Clay
*Otis Clay. Jewel LP1200. 1985. LP.
*When the Gates Swing Open. Paula PC810. 1996. CD. Reissue.
*Land of My Father. Victoria Ltd. VCC-004. 1987. CS.
Land of My Father
Kathy Jameson: vocals, keyboards. Ralph Clayton: vocals, bass, horns. Patti O: vocals. Randy Mitchell: guitars. Jim Lenn and Art Rodriguez: drums on "Across That River." Danny Young: bass on "Across That River."
Produced by Clayton-Jameson, Jim Saad and Ken Roberts ("Across That River"). Recorded at Sound Logic and Victoria Studios ("Across That River"). Engineers - Jim Saad and Ken Roberts ("Across That River"). Mixed at Sound Logic. Cover art by Vesta Rose McMeans. Photograph by Excalibur Photographics.
All songs by Ralph C. Sappington, except as noted.
Side 1: Land of My Father. Home. Across That River. On Our Own. Side 2: Waiting for the Lightning (Sappington - Kerry Alan Wahla). Blessed Quietness (traditional, arranged by Kathy Jameson). Heart Like a River. Angels.
Merry Clayton
*Miracles. CGI Records 5141611122. 1994. CD.
CLC Youth Choir
*Live... in the Spirit. Command 7015522020. 1993. CD.
Clear (US)
*Clear. Ardent / Koala Music CD0982. 1997. CD.
*Clear. Ardent ARD1701. 1998. CD. Pre-release number: DPRO13548.
*Follow the Narrow. Ardent ARD2501R. 2000. CD. Pre-release had only eleven songs; missing "Able and Willing."
Clear Frontier
Tampa, Florida, circa mid 1997. Tom Cummins: guitar, vocals. Aaron Levin: drums, vocals. Jenifer Gasbarro: vocals. Dion Southard: bass. Kim Cummins: vocals. Songs include: My Life in Christ. Master of the World. Follow Me.
Clear Light and Living Dimension Singers
*Message. Artronics ART7624. 197? LP.
Dallas, Texas, circa 1997. Heavy rock
*Clearwiew. Indie / custom. 1998. CD.
Songs: I Don’t Care (3:51). Mindcrutch (2:55). 2000 A.D. (4:03). You (4:37). Fly (3:25). All I Need (2:45). Broken (4:07). Alone (3:36). Don’t Try (3:07).
Clearwater Christian College Concert Choir
*Message. Artronics ART7624. 197? LP.
Robinson Cleaver
*The Church Organ. Decca DL5360. 1951. 10 inch LP.
Clefs of Calvary
*God's Light. Gospel Truth GT14015. 197? LP.
James E. Cleland
*Two Sermons. Word W3293. 1965. LP.
Clemency was to have had a song on a compilation issued by Laceration Productions, late 2000.
Charles Clency
*He Is So Wonderful. Jewel JC0147. 197? LP. Reissued: Jewel JC0147. 1996. CD.
Portland, Oregon
*The Clergy. Custom CS. 1990.
*Tender, Soft and Milky. Custom CS. 1991.
*Fill'er up Mister. Custom CS. 1992.
*Ruami. Broken Records 84418-8888-2. 1993. CD.
The Clergy
All songs by Leon Goodenough, except as noted.
Side A: Timberline. Utterly Helpless. Me & Steve. Not Fallin. Side B: Beggar (Collins / Simonatti / Goodenough). Hey Hey. Creator. Follow Christi (Simonatti / Collins - Swanson).
Recorded November 13, 1990 in Annette and Sarah's basement, Salem, Oregon.
Tender, Soft and Milky
Randy Simonatti: drums. Christi Simonatti:vocals. Jim Swanson: bass. Leon Goodenough: guitar, vocals. With: Chris Miller: lead on "Flower Girl."
All songs by Leon Goodenough, except as noted.
Side 1: Enter In. Free My Skin. Desperate. Godshower. Side 2: Twice. Mad Hornets. Mystic. Flower Girl (Simonatti - Diehm). Image.
Recorded August 1991 at Head Injury Studios. Edited at North Star. Tape hiss intentional. Produced by Chris Miller. Cover art by Christi.
Oviedo, Florida, circa 1997. Had at least one release.
Ashley Cleveland
*Big Town. Atlantic 82185. 1991. CD.
*Bus Named Desire. Reunion 7010081727. 1993. CD.
*Lesson of Love. Reunion 7010098522. 1995. CD.
*You Are There. Cadence 9470532. 1998. CD.
*Second Skin. 204 204-02. 2002. CD.
Cleveland Colored Quintet
*The Famous. Sacred LP9037. 1958. LP. Red vinyl.
The Famous
Songs: Hold out Your Light. Over in Glory Land. Peace. It’s Wonderful. There Is Joy Sweet Joy. Reign Jesus Reign. Oh Happy Day. We Shall Shine as the Stars. He Answers Prayer. I’m Gonna Walk Right In. Lead Me Guide Me. Swing Low Sweet Chariot. He Is My Friend and Guide.
Cleveland Golden Echoes
*Old Time Religion. Checker CK10025. 1966. LP.
Old Time Religion
Side 1: Old Time Religion. I Was on My Knees. Glory's Coming. I Finally Made It. Christian Testimony. Hymn Time. Side 2:: Looking Back on My Life. If You Come to My House. Looking for a Man. He's My King. You Should Have Been There. Have Mercy, My Father.
James Cleveland
*I Walk with God. West Q16030. 196? LP. Reissued: Sony A18030. 1991. CD.
*King and Queen of Gospel I. Savoy HBX2175. 196? LP.
*King and Queen of Gospel II. Savoy HBX2184. 196? LP.
*James Cleveland. Savoy HHP7003. 196? LP.
*Jesus Is the Best Thing. Savoy DBL7005. 196? LP. Also Savoy SGL7005. 1977.
*Touch Me. Savoy DBL7009. 196? LP.
*Out on a Hill. Savoy MG14045. 1961. LP.
*No Failure in God. Savoy MG14052. 196? LP.
*Christ Is the Answer. Savoy MG14059. 196? LP.
*How Great Thou Art. Savoy MG14063. 196? LP.
*The Soul Of... Savoy MG14068. 196? LP.
*Peace Be Still. Savoy MG14076. 1962. LP.
*The Sun Will Shine After Awhile. Savoy MG14085. 196? LP.
*I Stood on the Banks of the Jordan. Savoy MG14096. 1964. LP.
*Heaven Is Good Enough. Savoy MG14103. 196? LP.
*Give Me My Flowers. Savoy MG14117. 196? LP.
*It’s Real. Savoy MG14125. 196? LP.
*Grace of God. Savoy MG14134. 196? LP.
*You'll Never Walk Alone. Savoy MG14159. 1960. LP.
*I've Come a Long Way. Savoy MG14165. 1962. LP.
*Somebody Knows. Savoy MG14167. 1962. LP.
*Bread of Heaven. Savoy MG14171. 1963. LP.
*Pilgrim of Sorrow. Savoy MG14176. 1963. LP.
*Lord Hold My Hand. Savoy MG14188. 1963. LP.
*How Much Can We Bear? Savoy MG14200. LP.
*At the Cross. Savoy MG14205. 1964. LP.
*And the Angelic Choir. Vol. 8, Part 1. Savoy MG14206. 1965. LP. Also SL14206.
*Free at Last. Savoy MG14211. 1965. LP.
*God's Promises. Savoy MG14220. 1966. LP.
*Come Ye Disconsolate. Savoy MG14225. 1967. LP.
*And the Angelic Choir Vol. 9. Savoy MG14230. 1967. LP.
*See about Me. Savoy MG14235. 1968. LP.
*I'm One of Them. Savoy MG14236. 1968. LP.
*Psalm #134. Savoy MG14245. 1968. LP.
*Hark the Voice. Savoy MG14252. 1969. LP.
*Amazing Grace. Savoy MG14260. 1969. LP.
*Beautiful Garden of Prayer. Savoy MG14262. 1969. LP.
*99 1/2 Won't Do. Savoy MG14265. 1970. LP.
*Give Me a Clean Heart. Savoy MG14270. 1971. LP.
*Gospel Worship Mass Choir. Savoy MG14281. 1971. LP.
*I'll Do His Will. Savoy MG14284. 1972. LP.
*The Greatest Love Story. Savoy MG14286. 1972. LP.
*Trust in God. Savoy MG14302. 1973. LP.
*Down Memory Lane. Savoy MG14311. 1973. LP.
*Free at Last. Savoy MG14314. 1973. LP.
*Lord Help Me to Hold Out. Savoy MG14319. 1973. LP.
*In the Ghetto. Savoy MG14322. 1973. LP.
*Our God. Savoy MG14333. 1973. LP.
*Save Me Lord. Savoy MG14336. 1974. LP.
*I Love to Tell the Story. Savoy MG14343. 1974. LP.
*All You Need. Savoy MG14346. 1975. LP.
*God Has Smiled on Me. Savoy MG14352. 1975. LP.
*To God Be the Glory. Savoy MG14360. 1975. LP.
*With the World’s Greatest Gospel Stars. Savoy MG14375. LP.
*He's Working It Out. Savoy MG14388. 1975. LP.
*Give It to Me. Savoy MG14412. 1977. LP.
*The Lord Is My Life. Savoy SGL14425. 1977. LP.
*Live at Carnegie Hall. Savoy DBL7014. 1977. LP.
*The Very Best of James Cleveland. HRB Records 1003. 1977. LP. 20 selections.
*Think of His Goodness. Savoy SGL14438. 1978. LP.
*Everything Will Be Alright. Savoy SGL14499. 1978. LP and CS.
*Reunion. Savoy SGL14502. 1978. LP.
*And the Charles Fold Singers. Savoy SGL7020. 1978. LP.
*I Don't Feel Noways Tired. Savoy DBL7024. 1979. LP.
*James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir. Savoy / Malaco SC7035. CS. 1979.
*Lord Let Me Be an Instrument. Savoy SGL7038. 1979. LP and CS (SGC).
*In God's Own Time. Savoy SGL14525. 1979. LP.
*The Promise. Savoy SGL14526. 1979. LP.
*Think of His Goodness. Savoy SGL7046. 1980. LP.
*Victory Shall Be Mine. Savoy SGL14541. 1980. LP.
*Fourth of May. Savoy SGL14629. 1981. LP.
*With the World's Greatest Choirs. Savoy SGL7059. 1981. LP.
*With the Metro Mass Choir. Savoy SGL7067. 1981. LP.
*And the Chapter of the GMWA. Savoy SGL7071. 1981. LP.
*This Too Will Pass. Savoy SGL7072. 1982. LP.
*And the Cleveland Singers. Savoy SGL7080. 1982. LP. Also Harlem Hitparade 7003. LP. Same LP?
*Hallelujah Tis Done. Savoy SGL14697. 1983. LP.
*And the New Jersey Mass Choir. Savoy SGL14709. 1983. LP.
*For the Prize. Savoy SGL14714. 1983. LP.
*Sing with the World’s Greatest Stars II. Savoy SGL14732. 1983. LP.
*And the Los Angeles Gospel Messengers. Savoy SGL14735. 1983. LP.
*And the New Jersey Mass Choir. Savoy SGL14761. LP.
*Sings With. Savoy SGL7089. 1984. LP.
*And the Gospel Music Workshop. Savoy SGL7090. LP.
*Having Church. Savoy SGL7099. 1985. LP.
*Gospel Music Workshop of America. Savoy SGL7100. 1985. LP. Also: King James Records KJ8504. 2 LPS. These the same??
*And the L. A. Gospel Messnegers. Savoy SGL7103. 198?
*The Best Of. Savoy SGL7111. 198?
*Songs My Mother Taught Me. Savoy SGL5009. 198? CS and LP?
*In the Beginning. Kenwood LP509. 197?
*I'll Walk with God. Up Front UPF163. 196? LP.
*Inspired. King James KJ85078. 198?
*God Can Do Anything But Fail. Liquid 8 12083. 2003. CD.
45 rpm
*One More Time b/w Deep River. Hob 120.
Somebody Knows (1962)
Songs: I Walk With God. Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen. Jesus Is Always There. Don't Lose Your Soul. Jesus Lifted Me. The Whole Truth. Somebody Knows. Just Wait A Little While. I'll Tell It. There's Gonna Be a Fire.
And the Angelic Choir, Vol. 8, Part 1 (1965)
Sings: A Lost Sheep. There’s Been a Great Change in Me. In My Father’s House. His name Is Wonderful. Have You Tried Jesus? Directed by Rev. Lawrence Roberts.
Everything Will Be Alright (1978)
Songs: Everything Will Be Alright (8:20). Through the Years (5:15). Let Me Have a Dream (8:00). Satisfied (3:00). I Don’t Feel Noways Tired (7:40). Seek Ye the Lord (7:30). Don’t Let Him Catch You (With Your Work Undone) (5:10). Prayer Changes Things (4:30). With: the New Jesusalem Baptist Chirch Choir.
James Cleveland and the Southern California Community Choir
Songs: He Shall Feed His Flock. Please Make Me Better Lord. I appreciate. I’ll Let Nothing Stop Me. Prepare to Meet Him. There’s Nothing Else on My Mind. Stand By Me. God Is. When Jesus Speaks to Me. There’s Nothing to Hard for God. If You Just Hold Out. Somebody’s Gone on Home. Quiet Place. Life Boat Is Coming. Don’t Let Him Catch You. On the battlefield for My Lord.
Lord Let Me Be an Instrument
With the Charles Fold Singers
Songs: Let Me Be an Instrument. I Just Want to Thank You. This Is Where I Want to Be. Tell It. Since Jesus Came into My Life. Come and Go with Me. I’ll Wait on Jesus. I Just Can’t Forget How He Brought Me Out. Never Will I Turn Back. He Lives. Joy to My Soul.
Victory Shall Be Mine (1980)
Songs: Victory Shall be Mine. Safe in the Arms of Jesus. One More Time. Eternal Life. I Believe in Miracles. He Just Keeps in Being God. Work for the Master. We Shall Walk Through the Valley in Peace. With the Salem Inspirational Choir.
Songs My Mother Taught Me
Songs: Beams of Heaven. I Surrender All. Heavenly Father’s Children. Everybody Ought to Know. Said He Would. Thy Will Be Done. All over Me. Pilgrim of Sorrow. ‘Til We Meet Again.
Scott Cleveland
*Waiting for Reality/ QBF Records QPF 1230. LP.
Waiting for Reality
Songs: The Work of God. A Smoking Wick. A Portable Philosophy. Desihner Blue Jeans. This Is Not Making Love. That’s What Mercy Is. When Reality Touches Down. Overtime. The Sheepskin Shuffle. A Hiiden Life. Where the Children Go.
D. Dee Click
*Lonely Hearts Need Love. Life Stream LIFE3015. 1983. LP.
Lonely Hearts Need Love
Side 1: Lonely Hearts Need Love (Mark Gershmehl / Billy Smiley 3:54). There’s Nothing Wrong with Being Right (David Baroni / Niles Borop 2:54). Capyured by Love (Baroni / Borop 3:24). Jesus on My Side (Richard Mullins / Billy Simon 3:10). Behold the Man (Baroni / Borop 4:51). Side 2: Pilgrim Song (Baroni 3:32). Flames of Fire (Baroni / David Goins 3:34). The Real Me (Larry Bryant 3:38). It’s a Matter of Life Then Death (Borop / Tricia Walker 3:17). All for the Glory of God (Baroni 3:53).
Executive producer: Dr.Nelson S Parkerson, Jr. Produced by David Baroni and Rex Bledson. There’s Nothing Wrong and TheReal Me produced by Bruce Koblish, David Baroni and Rex Bledsoe. Engineered by Gene Rice. Recorded at Emerald Sound Studio, The Reflections, Music Mill, A. M.I. Studio. Mixed at Music Mill. Mastered by M. C. Rather at Custom Mastering. Strings, horns and synthesizers arranged and conducted by Don Hart. Graphics by Eddie Coutras.
Click Kids
*The Click Kids Are Coming. Custom CSL001. 1971? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Cliff Temple Baptist Church Youth Choir
*Celebrate. Crescendo CMP7302. 197? LP.
Helen Clifton and Ronnie Carroll
*In Gospel Country. New Life NL2-101. 198? LP.
Bob Cline
*Something to Believe In. Rainbow R5004. 1977. LP.
*He's Coming. Rainbow R5019. 1979. LP.
*Hallelujah Maranatha. Rainbow R5036. 1980. LP.
*Gospel Classics of the Decade. Rainbow R5042. 1981. LP. with Jim Wesson.
*New Kind of Music. Rainbow R5048. 1982. LP. with Jim Wesson.
Charlie Cline and the
Lonesome Pine Fiddlers

*Sunset Is Coming. Old Homestead OHS70037. 1982. LP.
Curly Ray Cline
*Old Kentucky Fox Hunter Plays Gospel. Old Homestead OHS70047. 1982. LP.
Patsy Cline
*Here's Patsy Cline. Vocallion VL73753. 1967. LP.
*Just a Closer Walk with Thee. MCA MCA204392. CS reissue.
*Dear God. MCA MCAD20848. CD reissue. Half of CD: Loretta Lynn.
Hugh Clinton and the Keystone Troubadours
Country gospel
*Gospel Singing. WFB Recording. 195? LP. Label from Souderton, Pennsylvania.
Gospel Singing
Songs: I’ve Been Changed. I Saw a Man. 10,000 Angels. You’d Better Do It. The Stream That Is Flowing for You. When I See the Blood. Take Up Thy Cross. Jericho Road. A House of Gold. Satisfied. The Nail Scarred Hand. God’s Mansion in the Sky.
Western Australia, circa 1988
*Clockwerk. Custom CS. 1988.
Tim Hawkins: lead vocals, guitars. Ainslie Grosser: keyboards, harmony vocals. Grant Grosser: bass, harmony vocals. Martin Beattie: drums, percussion.
All songs by Tim Hawkins, except as noted.
Side A: Maybe Next Time (4:20). Brand New Start (4:28). Rock Your Socks Off (4:06). Pardoned Forever (4:14). Drawing Lines (A. Grosser / Hawkins 4:31). Side B: Sing It (4:27). All in Good Time (4:24). Tell Him (Hawkins - A. Grosser 4:30). Will You Follow (3:02). What a Way to Go (3:36).
Produced by John Villani and Clockwerk. Engineered and mixed by John Villani. Recorded at Planet Sound Studio, Olive St., Subiaco, Western Australia. Artwerk, photography and cover concept by Jerry Verschoor.
Ohio. Released a single under the name Jonah.
*Anthem for His Majesty. Mars Hill MHLP-1001. 1978. LP.
Anthem for His Majesty
Paula Grack: vocals. Gail Campbell: vocals. Angelo Natalie: vocals, keyboards. Bob Tome: vocals, guitars. Mike Watson: electric bass; Mini-Moog on "Don't Be Sad." Tom Stone: drums, assorted percussion. Other band members: Scott Campbell and Dave Kostuck. With: Pete Natalie and Frank Torok - valve trombone and trumpet respectively on "The Skaters' Waltz." Mike Goodwin: alto sax on "Skaters" and "Make His Path Straight." "An Italian kid, who is into jazz and chose to remain anonymous, played tenor sax on "Make His Path Straight." A half-dozen fiddlers from Cleveland played on "Take the Plunge." "Keith Veshecco, Howie Bolton, Jeff Crossman and Lee Valimont made extrakaraneous noises here and there."
All songs by Angelo Natalie, except as noted.
Side 1: Happy to Be the Moon (2:12). Wandering Star 3:38). The Skaters' Waltz (Emile Waldteufel 0:38). Time to Dance (4:26). New Thing in the King (Tome - Grack 6:18). Side 2: Don't Be Sad (3:07). Take the Plunge (Tome - Grack 5:38). Make His Paths Straight (2:52). Anthem for His Majesty a: In the Courtyard (0:40) b: Before the Throne (4:23). Thief (Things to Come) (1:22).
Produced by Al Perkins. Engineered by Frank Pavlich, Keith Veshecco, and Al Perkins. Horn and string arrangements by Angelo Natalie. Recorded at Agency Recording Studios, Cleveland, Ohio and The King's Place, New Providence, Pennsylvania. Mastered at ABC Recording Studio by Lanky Linstrot and Al Perkins. Jacket painting by Gary Lantz, Anthem Graphics. Jacket logo designed by Kevin Bensink, lettered by Howie Bolton, Para-grafix. Additional paste-up by Craig Firment. Layout, label design and Clockwise logo by Howie Bolton.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Claire Clonniger
*Surrender. Word 7018972108. 1985. LP.
*Come Celebrate Jesus. Word 7018966507. 198? LP.
*Everlasting Light. Word 701900850X. 198? LP.
*The Gift Goes On. Word 7019009506. 198? LP.
*Now I See You. Word 7019021506. 198? LP.
*Son! A Savior. Word 701904459X. 198? LP.
*Deck the Mall. Word 7019100597. 198? LP.
Elaine Clontz
*Come Spring. Pride LP107. 197? LP.
Rosemary Clooney
*Hymns from the Heart. MGM E3782. 1959. LP.
Clott Family
Folk music
*With Dwayne Friend. Wildwood Family.
United Kingdom
*Free to Fly. Dovetail DOVE16. 1975. LP.
*Watered Garden. Dovetail DOVE44. 1976. LP.
*The Resting Place. Dovetail DOVE62. 1977. LP.
*Hallowed Ground. Kingsway KMR369. 1982. LP.
*The Vine Songs of. Fellowship. 198? LP?
*The Promise Songs of. Fellowship SFR103. 1985. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Mercedes Cloud
*Sacred Music. Century LP23139. 197? LP.
Cloud Merchants
San Diego
Robert Evans: guitar. Michael Van Eik: vocals. David Ybarro: bass
*Release. Salt Inc. Music CD54402. 1995. CD.
Cloud of Witnesses
Simi Valley, California
*Single. 2-song cassette single. 1988. "Dare to Hear" b/w "Innocent Man." Steve Kim: songwriter. Brad McGregor: lead vocals, guitar. Glenn Grosh: bass, vocals. David Page: keyboards, vocals. Rocco Blake: drums, vocals. Don Grosh: lead guitar, vocals. Produced by Brian Miku. Engineered by Ercole Di Berardo. Recorded at E.D.B. Audio and Video Productions, Saugus, California.
*Cloud of Witnesses. 1992. CS.
All Fall Down. Love and Peace. Another Day Goes By. Everybody. When Love Came Down. Dreamer's Holiday.
Clouded Vision
Tyne & Wear, England. Last heard of touring with youth ministry in Europe 1997
*The Truth Will Set You Free. Cassette. 11 tracks. 1995.
Clouded Vision is Peter Laws: all vocals, instruments & programming.
Geoff Howlett of the British zine NFN (Never For Nothing) furnished the information on Clouded Vision.
*Steamin'. No label, DR7003. 197? LP.
*The Gate Beautiful. N-Soul NSD1807. 2000. CD.
Yves Cloutier & Richard Taupin
* Yves Cloutier & Richard Taupin. Trans-World International TI-6024. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Jerry Clower
*Ain't God Good. Word WST8737. 1977. LP.
Celeste Clydesdale
*Starting Now. Impact RO3844. 1984. LP.
*No Doubt. Royal Tapestry DTL33009. 1985. LP.
David Clydesdale
*Everybody Sing Praise. Milk & Honey MH1011. 1979. LP.
*Imagination. Milk & Honey MH1018. 1980. LP.
*Celebrate the Joy. Impact R3744. 1981. LP.
*Dreamin'. Milk & Honey MH1040. 1982. LP.
*We Shall Behold Him. Impact R3780. 1982. LP.
*The Reason for the Season. Impact R3787. 1982. LP.
*Beyond Imagination. Impact R3798. 1982. LP.
*Upon This Rock. Impact R3842. 1983. LP.
*I Am. Impact R3843. 1983. LP.
*The Day He Wore My Crowns. Impact R3868. 1983. LP.
*Dreamin' Again. Milk & Honey MH1053. 1984. LP
*Forever. Royal Tapestry DTL33002. 1984. LP.
*A Symphony of Praise. Word 701907460X. 1988. CD.
*Collection Vol. 1. Royal Tapestry DTQ33171. 1993.
*Again I Say... Rejoice. Custom 7109796507. 1996. Label may be Word.


Makiah Coakley Band
Lancaster, Ohio
Mikiah Coakly: vocals, guitar. David DeFelice: lead guitar. Trentin Manning: bass. Corey Carter: drums.
*Reaching Through the Nail Holes. Soul Joy Records. 2006 or 7? CD.
David Coate Group
*State of the Heart. Turning Point TPR001. 1985. LP.
State of the Heart
David Coate: lead vocal, lead guitar. Larry Lee: drums, percussion. Mike Sarni: bass. Mark Adamy: keyboards, vocals. Phil Praino: guitar, sax, flute, vocals. Horn arrangements on “Standing”: Mark Adamy. Sax: Lionel Hamilton. Trumpet: Jeff Sender. Trombone: Jeff Stark. Additional backing vocals: Gina Praino.
All songs by David Coate, except as noted
Side 1: Star of the East (4:28). The Battle (4:20). Standing Together (3:24). Don’t Lose Heart (Adamy 3:14). Walking in the Light (4:19). Side 2: Wait Just a Minute (5:36). I Believe (2:54). Wanderer (4:43). Breaking Away (5:48).
Produced by David Coate. Engineered by Bob Winsor. Recorded at Normandy Sound, Rhode Island. Mastered by George Marino at Sterling Sound. Arranged by DCG. Album concept and design: Tom Goosmann and Jihn Zarba. Photography: Matthew Hayward.
Dorothy Love Coates
*The Best Of Vol. 1. Specialty SPS2134. 1970. LP.
*The Best Of Vol. 2. Specialty SPS2141. 1970. LP.
*The Winner. Nashboro LP7080. 1972. LP.
*Seeds of Truth. Nashboro LP7097. 1973. LP.
*The Best Of. Nashboro LP7132. 1974. LP.
*When It's All Over. Nashboro LP7138. 1974. LP.
*These Are the Days. Savoy MG14466. 1977. LP.
*A City Built 4 Square. Savoy MG14500. 1978. LP.
*20 Greatest Hits. Nashboro LP7186. 1978. LP.
*Live. AVI Records 50007. 1981. LP.
*The Best Of. Specialty 75052. 1991. CD.
*Get on Board. Specialty SPCD7017. 1992. CD.
The Winner
With the Gospel Harmonettes
Songs: The Winner. In My Home over There. How Many Times. Somebody Bigger Than You and I. Stop, Take a Little Time to Pray. Canaan. A Place of Rest. They Won’t Believe. Love Lifted Me.
Seeds of Truth
With the Gospel Harmonettes
Songs: That’s Alright. Remember Me Oh Lord. If I Had My Way. One Day. My Soul Needs Resting. I’ve Got to Make It. He’s RightWork On. Does Jesus Care.
A City Built 4 Square
Songs: A City Built Four Square. Step Back. The Kingdom of Babylon Is Falling Down. Don’t You. I’ll Make It. I’m Glad He Found Me. Open the Door. Jesus, I Love You.
With the B.C.&M Choir
Songs: Holding on and I Won’t Let Go of My Faith. Lord You’ve Been Good to Me. (Dorothy Love Coates). I’m Here to Serve the Lord. You Shall Reap Whar You Sow. God Holds the Future. You’ve Got to Answer. It Ain’t Easy (B,C,&M).
Carol and Dennis Coats
*Gift of Love. Sand Point SRC1002. 1977?
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bill Cobb
*After All. Clarion CL2102. 1972. LP.
Bill Cobb Trio
*Eternal Paradise. Scripture S126. 196? LP. Reissued: Gloryland LP6005. 197? LP.
*Brand New Feeling. SOA LP1056. 197? LP.
Tom and Karen Cobb
*Special King of Man. Custom LPS9064. 197? LP.
Tara Leigh Cobble
*Home Sweet Road. Custom CD. 2002.
*Things You Can’t Stop with Your Hands. Custom CD. 2005.
*Humor Me: Fun Little Ditties. Custom CD. 2005.
Home Sweet Road
Songs: Winter’s Ending. Better Than This. All My Songs. I Wonder. Tipton’s. Regarding Miranda. Power of the Gospel. The Band. I Prefer. Home Sweet Road.
Things You Can’t Stop with Your Hands
Songs: White T-Shirt. Beautiful Drive. Calendars & Maps. I Wonder. Quiet Love Song. Every Girl I Know. Damage. Things You Can’t Stop with Your Hands. Hard to Get. Here’s to Hindsight. Follow. Back When (You Used to Adore Me).
Humor Me
Songs: The Redneck Anthem. Tress Are Cool. Naming the Dog. The Breakup Song. The CCM Song.
*The Cobblers. Herald ELR1073. 1966. LP.
Great Britain
*Warm Are the Sounds. Emblem JDR314. 1967. LP.
Warm Are the Sounds
Side 1: Shades of Night. Come Unto Me. Time After Time. Warm Are the Sounds. Where Do I Go from Here. Time and Eternity. Side 2: Beyond the Sunset. Not a Chance. I Have a Saviour. His Gaze. The Key. Exodus.
Judi Cochran
*A Song of Wholeness. Custom PR2502. 1976 or 1977. LP.
A Song of Wholeness
Songs: Let Somebody Love You. You Put This Love in My Heart. Give Them All. Sweet Mama. I Choose to Follow You. Do You Want to Be Healed. A Song of Wholeness. The Peace Is Gone. The Lord Is Near. The Promise. I’d Like to Sit You Down.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bruce Cockburn
*Bruce Cockburn. True North TN 1. 1969 / 1970. Epic E 30812. LP.
*High Winds White Sky. True North TN 3. 1971. LP.
*Sunwheel Dance. True North WTNX 7. 1972. Epic KE 31768. LP.
*Night Vision. True North TN 11. 1973. LP.
*Salt, Sun and Time. True North WTN 16. 1974. LP.
*Joy Will Find A Way. True North TN 23. 1975. LP.
*In the Falling Dark. True North 1LTN9463. 1976. LP. Also TN-26.
*Circles in the Stream. True North TN 30. 1977. LP.
*Further Adventures of. True North TN 33. 1978. LP.
*Dancing in the Dragon's Jaw. True North TN 37. 1979. LP.
*Thirsty Ear. Bruce Cockburn Special. Millennium DJL 1-3583. 1979 / 1980.
*Humans. Millennium BXL1-7752 (US). 1980. LP.
*Bruce Cockburn Radio Special Part ii. 1980. LP.
*Resume. Millennium BXL1-7757. 1981. LP.
*Mummy Dust. True North TN 45. 1981/1982. LP.
*Inner City Front. Millennium BXL1-7761. 1981/1982. LP.
*The Trouble with Normal. True North TN 53. 1983. LP.
*Stealing Fire. Gold Mountain GM 80012. 1984. LP.
*Rumours of Glory. Plane. 1985/1986?
*World of Wonders. MCA MCA 5772. 1986. LP.
*World of Bruce Cockburn. 1986.
*Waiting for a Miracle. Gold Coast. 1987. LP.
*Big Circumstance. Gold Coast D1-71320. 1988. LP.
*If a Tree Falls: A Collection of His Greatest Hits. 1989.
*Live. 1990.
*Nothing But a Burning Light. Columbia CK47983. 1991. CD.
*The Bruce Cockburn Primer. 1991.
*Christmas. Myrrh 7016980383. 1993. Also issued on Columbia.
*Dart to the Heart. Columbia CK53831.1994. CD.
*Charity of Night. Rykodisk RCD10366. 1997. CD.
*You Pay Your Money... Live. High Romance RCD10435. 1997. CD.
*Breakfast in New Orleans Dinner in Timbuktu, Rykodisk. CD.
*Anything, Anytime, Anywhere. Rounder. 2002. CD.
*In the Spirit of Crazy Horse: Songs for Leonard Peltier. Four Winds Trading Co. 1992. Stolen Land.
*A Christmas Happening. Sony Music Special Products A 24989. 1994. O Little Town of Bethlehem
*Radio Daze: Pop hits of the '80s. Volume Two. Rhino Records R2 71891. 1995. Wondering Where the Lions Are.
*Acoustic Edge: Great Acoustic Music of the '90s. Rhino Records R2 71969. 1995. Southland of the Heart.
*In Their Own Words: A Bunch of Songwriters Sittin' Around Singing. Volume 2. Razor and Tie Music RT 2824. 1996. Silver Wheels.
*Oh What a Feeling (Juno Award Twenty-Fifth Anniversary: A Vital Collection of Canadian Music). JUNO-25. 4CDs. 1996. If I Had a Rocket Launcher.
*Brave Souls: Writers and Artists Wrestle with God, Love, Death and the Things That Matter. Toronto: Stoddart. 1996. ISBN 0773758321. Cockburn is credited with a piece entitled The New Ancients.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Reviews of LPs from Salt Sun and Time through Humans.
June Cocker and the Scriptures
*At the Gate of the Garden. Sword and Shield LPM4020. 197? LP.
*Valley of Peace. Sword and Shield LPM4021. 197? LP.
Cockerham Family
*Thanks. Custom. 198? LP.
*Reality. Custom. 198? LP.
*Together. Christy Carol CHR106. 1989. CS.
Anita Cockrell
*Angels on Assignment. Vine VI771023. 1977. LP.
Debbie Cocoa
Martinez, Georgia
*Refuge. Custom CS. 1993.
Code of Ethics
*Visual Paradox. REX. 1991. CD.
*Code of Ethics. Forefront FFC3009. 1993.
*Arms Around the World. 1995. CD.
*Soul Bait. Forefront. 1997. CD.
*Blaze. Word. 1999. CD.
Cody Bell Choir
*Cody Bell Choir. Stereo. 29335. 196? LP.
Formed 1965, Cody’s Eastside School.
Boys aged 10 to 12.
Cody Bell Choir
Choirmaster: James E. Hager. Record label states: Joe Kessler, Billings Montana.
Fifth grade ensemble: Mark Smith, Ronny Reesy, Curt Garner, Joel Kuper, Rodney Welch, Joe Nicola, Alan Kousoulos, Lynn George, Larry McDonald, Gred Smith, Joe McCaffrey, Bill Gamble, Michael Haines, Roger Sparks, Mark Abbott.
Sixth grade ensemble: Bob Curtis, Val Brinkerhoff, Marc Breitling, Tony Timmons, Michael Kraft, Michael McGary, Marvin Gideon, Scottr Pulse, Jerry Boydston, Tony Richard, DAavid Hartwig, Clark Johnson, John Fish, Michael Pederson, Tim Deroche, Perry Walker.
Side 1: Forest Green. The Clock. Fantasy on Ton-y-botle. Side 2: Four Festival Tower Rings. Adeste Fideles Ring. Prelude on Vom Himmel Hoch. Silent Night.
Rusty Coffee
*The Highest Praise. Rainbow R2807. 198? LP.
Coffers Quartet
*The Coffers Quartet. Baldwin CS8304. 198?
Coffey Family
*Songs about Heaven. Heartwarming Records.
Chuck and Connie Coggins
*I Belong to Jesus. Hidden Springs NR10237. 1979. LP. “Recorded live at Hidden Springs Retreat Centre in Howell, Michigan on October 28, 1978.”
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*A Song Is Born. Nashboro NA8703. 197? LP.
Violet Cohn
*Singing with a Message. Diadem DLP115. 196? LP.
Shirley Cohorn
*Happiness. Heart Warming R3024. 1969. LP.
*He Never Changes. Heart Warming R3072. 1970. LP.
Cold Men at Murray's
Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Began February 1992. Drew Maxwell: fretted and fretless bass, guitars, vocals. Kerry Mullen: drums, vocals. Duncan Nicholls: guitars, mandolin, accordion, vocals..
*Past Their Bedtime. 1992? CS.
*Beyond the Towers. 1994. CD.
Bill Cole
*Right Now. Light LS5545. 1972. LP.
*Life Worth Living. Lefevre MLSP2930. 197? LP.
Carson Cole
*Cure for the World. New Born NB7044. 198? LP.
*Mainstreet. Frontline R09014. 1986. LP.
Jim Cole
*Complete in Him. QCA 906060. 1976. LP. Two versions exist: 10-song and 12-song.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Jim Cole
*Every Generation. Impact IMC7502. 1994. CD.
*Leap of Faith. Impact IMC9605. 1996. CD.
*Live in Cincinnati. Impact IMD9732. 1999. CD.
Jim and Jan Cole
*Sing Gospel Solos and Duets. Zondervan ZLP737. 1968. LP.
Johnny Cole
*Hymns. Crown CLP5084. 196? LP.
*Hymns. Crown CST122. 196? LP.
*And the Robert Evans Choir. Crown. 196? LP.
Nat King Cole
*Everytime I Feel the Spirit. Capitol W1249. 1959. LP. Reissued as Sings Hymns and Spirituals. Capitol ST2454. 1965. LP.
*The Christmas Song. Capitol SW1967. 1963. LP.
*Sweet Hour of Prayer. Capitol 4XL9375. 1986. LP. Reissued material.
Sue Cox Cole
*I've Got a Song. Heart Warming HWS1958. 1968. LP.
*God Isn’t Far Away. Heart Warming HWS 3000. LP.
*Joy in the Morning. Heart Warming R3080. 1970. LP.
Colemen Brothers
*One Day (CR5961) b/w Lonesome Valley (CR5963). Coleman Records. 10 inch 78rpm.
Jack Coleman
*The Centurion. Light LS5534. 1971. LP.
*The Boy Who Caught the Fish. Light LS5588. 1972. LP.
*Zack Jr. Light LS5620. 1973. LP.
*Joy in the Prayer Rppm b/w Somebody Save Me. Timely 102. 1950s. Cynthia Coleman. Label: New York City. Colemans
*Yesterday... and Today. CSS JAFATC02000. 198? LP.
*John Henry Fletcher and the... Windchime. WC35002. LP.
*A Song for Jesus. Coleman Sound TC200. 198? LP.
*Mellow or Die. Custom CD. 2002.
*The Colemans. Velvet Blue Music. VBM060. CD.
Mellow or Die
Steph Coleman: vocals. Luke Coleman: guitar. Dave Coleman: keyboards. Jon Cameron: bass. John Herrin: drums. Songs: So That I See. The Same Dress. Ghostships. Window at Night.
The Colemans
Songs: Can Not Be Denied. Show Me. The Cliff. You Want Me.
Daryl Coley
*Just Daryl. PLM First Epistle 7012. 1985. CS. May also be called ‘Daryl Coley
*I'll Be with You. Light 7115730180. 1988. CS number
*Live... He's Right on Time. Sparrow SPD1234. 1990. CD.
*When the Music Stops. Sparrow SPD1324. 1992. CD.
*In My Dreams. Sparrow SPD1390. 1994. CD and CS.
*Twelve Best Loved Songs. Sparrow SPD1446. 1995. CD.
*Beyond the Veil: Live. Sparrow SPD1523. 1996. CD.
*Home Again. Verity 1241430241. 1998. CD.
*Christmas Is Here. Verity 1241431462. 1999. CD.
*Oh, the Lamb. Verity 1241431592. 2001. CD.
Just Daryl
Songs: Closer. II Chronicles. Hang on in There. Caught Up. I’ve Been Born Again/ Nobody Like the Lord. Deliverer. Stand Still
*Time Passes On. Cuca K1170. 1968? LP.
*So Many Faces. Cuca K1190. 1969? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
College Park Baptist Church,
Orlando, Florida
*All Hail the Power of Jesus' Name. LP and CS. 198?
College Student Ministry,
First Baptist Church, Waco, Texas

*Lead the Way. CP-CMP. 1977. LP.
Collegian Quartet
*Singing We Go. Crusade LPS22701. 197? LP.
Collegiate Quartet,
Bethany Nazarene College

*To God Be the Glory. Echo ELP7023. 197? LP.
Olivet Nazarene College
*Collegiates. PB 1160. 1970s? LP.
Songs: You Don’t Know What You’re Missin’. The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power. I’ve Got Confidence. Walk with Me. I Believe. A New World. God Loves You. The New 23rd. I’m Gonna Keep on Singin’. My Tribute
George Collichio
Spencerport, New York
*Breaking Forth. Morada MZS 212. 1984. CS.
Side 1: Gentle Touch. Here Comes the Son. Since You Came into My Life. Missed You. Empty Life. Side 2: Turn on the Light. From Your Love. Now That I Believe. The Cross. Time Together. Bea Collins and the Christian Singers
*What a Beautiful Day. Rose LPR761. 197? LP.
Charlotte Collins
*He Touched Me. Majestic GTL208. 197? LP.
Dr. H. Frank Collins
*East of the Morning. Diadem DLP160. 196? LP.
Robert Hall Collins
*The Sacred Ministry of Song. Dorco RR4M0282. 196? LP.
Tommy Collins
*Light of the Lord. Capitol T1125. 1959. LP. Mono.
Bud Collyer
*Bible Stories for Children. Harmony HL9532. 1961. LP.
*Stories of Children in the Old Testament. Harmony HL9537. 1962. LP.
Paul Colman Trio
*New Map of the World. Essential 8306106862. 2001. CD.
*Of Washington, D.C. Savoy MG3067. 1965. LP.
*The Colmanaires of Washington, D.C. Cotillion SD059. 1971. LP.
Colonial Quartet
*Love Like the Love of God. Temple LP339. 1966. LP.
Colony Singers
*We Still Awake the Dawn. Guild Craft GC1001. 1968? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Color Blind
Southgate, California
*Pain, Prejudice, Stupidity and Pride. S. P. I. Records. Late 1980's?
Pain, Prejudice, Stupidity and Pride
Dimitri Craven: lead vocals, bass. Dan Behringer: electric and acoustic guitars. Duane McDonald: keyboards. Eric Chavez: drums, percussion. Fred: backing vocals.
All lyrics by Dimitri Craven
Side 1: Pain, Prejudice, Stupidity and Pride. I've Been in Love. Under My Skin. Junk Food. Little Michael. Side 2: Not This Man. How Long. Home. I See.
Produced by Fabian Gordillo. Engineered by Greg Heil. Arrangements by Color Blind. Recorded at Cazba Studio / Tri FocalPro, Fullerton, California. Album design by Gordillo and Craven. Photography by Tom Katrell. Make-up: Teresa Buckman. Mixed by Gordillo and Heil.
Color Me Red
Kansas City, Kansas
*Anatomy of a Renewed Mind. CD. 1999?
*The Coloradans Sing. Sacred Artist LP2070. 1969. LP.
Colorado Mass Choir
*Watch God Move. Benson 8441843652. 1995. CD.
Colors of LCGC
*Man Within. Cantio SLP587. 1989. LP. Some songs: Only You. Weather the Storm. Say a Prayer. Choose to Stay. Holy Spirit. People Cry. God Is Trying to Tell You Something. The LCGC may be Lynchburg College Glee Club – or not.
Lincoln, England. Disbanded 1994
*Live, in Toyland! Cassette (6 tracks). 1992.
*Searching? Cassette (6 tracks). 1993.
The Colour: Anna Fane: vocals. Greg Fane: guitars. Jo Holland: vocals. Rich Holland: drums. Tim Kay:bass. Mike Reid: guitars.
Geoff Howlett of the British zine (Never For Nothing) furnished the information on the Colour.
Jessi Colter
*Miriam. Capital ST 11583. 197? LP.
Columbia Bible Institute
*Columbia Bible Institute Choirs. Praise PRS180. 197? LP.
Columbia Choir
*The Christmas Mood. Columbia CL6336. 1954. 10 inch LP.
*The Christmas Mood. Columbia CL2546. 1954. 10 inch LP.
Columbus Boy's Choir
*Singing for the Joy Of It. Decca DL74135. 1961. LP.
*Festival Songs. Decca DL78106. 1964. LP.
Combat Junkies
Clinton, North Carolina. Style is punk rock. Band began in March of 1999. Line-up as follows: Kevin Junkie: lead guitar, backing vocals; lead vocals on departure of Chad Blackmon. Erik Klaus: bass, backing vocals (replaced by Adam on bass). Brian "Bam Bam" Skywalker: drums. Combat Matt Pitts: backing vocals, rhythm guitar (replaced by Jonny Stone on guitar, February 2001).
*Live Demo. 3 songs. April 2000.
*My Dad Hates Punk Rock Music Volume One. New School Records. EP. October 2000.
*Split EP with Officer Negative.
*Once and For All... Anthems for the Punk Rock Nation. Screaming Giant Records. 2001.
Michael Combs
*Lambitis. Harvest HAR1349. 1993. CS.
*The Glory Train's A Comin'. ACA ACA6991. 1995. CS.
*Tell Me That Story. ACA ACA1154. 1996. CS.
*It's Time to Get Up. ACA AVA7088. 1997. CD.
*Remember Me. ACA ACA7105. 1998. CS.
*Not for Sale. Lamb Lover Music LLM4688. 1999. CD.
*I Came Here to Praise the Lord. Lamb Lover Music LLM5751. 2002. CD.
Tommy Combs
*Happiness Is the Lord. Custom 6074N3. 197? LP.
Bill Comeau
*Gentle Revolution. Avant Garde AVS 122. 1969. LP. Lyrics on album cover.
*Fragments from an Unknown Gospel. Avant Garde AVS 123. 1970. LP.
*Some Beautiful Day: A Rock Celebration of the Life of a Dreamer Named Jesus. Avant Garde AVS 127. 1970. LP. Comeau wrote the words.
Gentle Revolution
Side 1: Gentle Revolution: Part I (Comeau 3:05). Turn! Turn! Turn! (Book of Ecclesiastes; music and adaptation by Pete Seeger 3:00). How the Children Learn (Comeau 3:25). If Children Ruled the World (Comeau 3:02). Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell 3:00). Eleanor Rigby (Lennon - McCartney 3:15). Side 2: Mr. Dreamer (Comeau 3:40). Up Over My Head (adapted words and traditional music arranged by Bill Comeau 4:15). Suzanne (Leonard Cohen 3:58). Jesus, Is Your Sunshine Fading? (Comeau 1:50). Gentle Revolution: Part II (Comeau 5:13).
Fragments from a Unknown Gospel
Side 1: Late Night Lonely Discovery. Jesu Wept. Funny. Help. Erotica Runs. Voyages into Freedom: Revisited. Question. Billy Treem. Summer Dream. Jesus Walks Upon the Water. Dreamer. A Man Run. Good Friday. Lines on Hands. Cross. To Eden with Hope. The Postlude of John. The Gospel According to Clyde. Side 2: For the Young Lovers.
Poetry by Bill Comeau. Music by Carmel Sigma.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
C. P. Comer
*Beyond the Sunset. Rainbow R2008. 198? LP.
*When I’ve Sung My Last Song b/w Teach Me to Prayer. Sellers Co. Recording Studios. No number. 78 rpm. Accompanied by Mrs. Nan Frazier.
Tony Comer and Crosswind
*Tony Comer and Crosswind. Myrrh MSB6639. 1980. LP.
Coming Rain
*Coming Rain. CS. 1995. Band was in
the 509 area code.
Michael Carpenter: bass, vocals. Mike Hansen: guitar. Mary Espericueta: drums, percussion.
Songs: Not Like the Others. Ain’t Easy. See Your Face. One song was by a person named John Thompson.
Some copies give name as Commanders Quartet
*Walk with Me. Gospel Truth GTS2712. 1972. LP.
*Souled on Him. Chapel S2232. 197? LP.
Commissionaires Quartet
*Because of Him. Golden Shield. 197? LP.
*I'm Going On. Light LS5861. 1985. LP. Reissued: Light 4857. 2003. CD.
*Go Tell Somebody. Light 7115711461. 1986. CD.
*Complete: I'm Going On / Go Tell Somebody. Light 5141610682. 1986. LP.
*On the Winning Side. Light 7115720053. 1987. LP.
*Will You Be Ready? Light 7115730190. 1988. CS number.
*Ordinary Just Won't Do. Light 7115740267. 1990. CD.
*State of Mind. Benson CD02653. 1990. CD.
*A Collection. Light 7115730563(?). 1991. CD.
*Number 7. Light C02808. 1991. CS number.
*Matters of the Heart. Benson 8441428682. 1994. CD.
*Commissioned. Benson 8441841862. 1995. CD.Reissued material
*The Light Years. Light 5141611592. 1995. CD. Reissued material.
*Irreplaceable Love. Benson 8441841844. 1996. CS number.
*Time and Seasons. Verity 1241431362. 2000. CD.
*Reunion "Live." Verity 1241431902. 2002. CD.
*Legends of Gospel. Light 5482. 2003. CD. Reissued material.
I’m Goin On
Songs: I’m Goin’ On (3:50). ‘Tis So Sweet (4:12). I Can See Jesus (4:38). Unworthy (4:20). You’re Got a Friend (3:50). The City (3:55). Giving My Problems (To You) (4:23). Surely We Need Him (4:30).
Commissioned Brotherhood
*The Essence of Time. Sound III ST3002. 196? LP.
*The Committee. Creative Sound MRS2135. 197? LP.
*Heroes. Motown M8939MI. 1980. LP.
Common Bond
*Come Quickly Jesus. Hope LP1021. 1974. LP.
*Faces. Hope LP1033. 1975. LP.
Common Bond
Costa Mesa, California
*Common Bond. same. 3-D Records and Tapes CB-01. 1983. CS.
*"Matter of Time" (Ken Samuels 4:37) b/w "Modern World" (Ken Samuels 3:23). CB 04 / 05. 1984. 7 inch 45rpm. Picture sleeve.
*Heaven Is Calling. Broken Records SPCN 7100307821. 1986. LP.
*Anger into Passion. Frontline Records RO 9017. 1987. LP and CD.
Common Bond
Side 1: Original Recipe: Common Bond. Heartbeat Away. It Don't Come Easy. Secret Agent Christian. Remind Me of Your Plans. Is Your Heart Right. Is He Lord. Side 2: Extra Crispy: Your Life. The Party's Over. New Beginnings. Christ the Cornerstone. Late for Life. Song for My Wife. For You. No Mercenary.
Engineered and produced by Doug Doyle. Assistant engineer: Bruce Swift.
Heaven Is Calling
Ken Samuels - lead and backing vocals, bass. Chuck Cummings: drums, percussion. Steve Durham: electric and acoustic guitars. Additional musicians: Backing vocals: Bruce Swift, Terry Taylor, Rob Watson, Jerry Chamberlain. Additional guitars: Doug Doyle and Bobby Salsedo. Jerry Chamberlain: guitar solos on "Bittersweet" and "Imagining." Terl Bryant: drums and percussion on "Matter of Time;" and percussion doo-dads on "YSHUA."
All songs by Ken Samuels.
Side 1: Matter of Time (4:37). I'm in Control (2:45). Heaven Is Calling (2:51). Bittersweet (3:48). YSHUA (3:05). Side 2: My Dorection (3:50). Savor My Saviour (2:40). The Dickens (3:50). For You (2:30). Imagining (3:20).
Produced and engineered by Doug Doyle. Recorded and mixed at 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa, California. Cover illustration by Terl Bryant. Cover design and layout by Ed McTaggart. Photos by Craig Incardone.
Common Bond
*The Journey. Destiny C7033. 1994. Custom CS.
*Mark, Luke and John. Custom CS. 1995.
*Reflections. White Field WFM6011. 1997. CD.
Common Brothers Band
*The Common Brothers Band. Custom LP. 1976?
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Common Ground
*A Thing That Grows. Custom. 1973? LP.
*Common Ground. Tempo R7167. 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Common Round
*Sing True. Marble Arch MAL1199. 1969. LP.
*Fourpence a Day. Galliard GAL 4015. 1971. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Common Yet Forbidden
Orlando, FL
Extreme music
*Struggle. Bombworks Records. 2007. CD.
Songs: The Struggle. The Prodigal. Lake of Fire Wake of Souls. Saints O Saints. Face of the Father. We Only Chase Wind. Anthem. Dead Alive. Still We Remain. Riff List (Instrumental).
Community of the Promise
*Lift Up Your Hearts and Sing! Sound 80 C/P 7401. 1974. LP.
*Sing All You Children. Sound 80 C/P 7501. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Compassion International All Star Band
Phil Keaggy. Randy Stonehill. Margaret Becker. Joe English.
*One by One. Sparrow 1216. 1989. CD / CS.
*Homan, Joy. Rev. of One by One. CR 1 (1990): 70.
Complex Zero
Fargo, North Dakota. Circa 1999. Ben Larson: guitar, vocals. Matt: bass. Mike: drums.
Nigel Compton
Dee Why, Australia
*Life Goes On... New Born NB 7039. 1981? Lyric sheet enclosed.
Life Goes On...
Andrew Gander: drums. Peter Sneesby: bass. Mike Haughton: soprano, tenor and alto saxophones; flute. Peter Beveridge: Prophet 5, Rhodes, electric grand piano; piano; harmonies. Michael Schubert: percussion, congas. Nigel Compton: acoustic 12-string, vocals; harmonies. Andy James: bass, fretless bass. Greg Olsen: electric guitar. Paul Rich: harmonies, guitar. Sarah Fogerty: harmony voice on "Seam of Gold."
All songs by Nigel Compton, except as noted.
Side 1: Life Goes On (5:15). Rachael (3:05). Only Jesus (3:53). Seam of Gold (3:45). Emmaus Road (2:55).
Side 2: Cochran Fair (3:45). Take Me Home (4:00). Still You Go On (Andrew Simmons - Nigel Compton 3:15). God Still Loves You (2:57). Dance with the King (3:07).
Produced and arranged by Peter Beveridge. Paul Rich: engineer and production assistant. Pat Tapper: assistant engineer. Recorded and mixed at Unison Productions. Roger Hanlon: photography. Artwork: Keystone.
*Soul Purpose. Emblem JDR 303. 1966. LP.
*A Turn for the Better. Emblem JDR 311. 1967. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Concrete Rubber Band
Duncan Long: synths, guitars, lyrics
*Risen Savior. American Artists custom AAS-1164-LP. 1974. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Pennsylvania. Plays hardcore. Circa 1998.
Aaron Vlahos: guitar. Chris Greening: guitar, bass. Catlin Gould: drums
List of songs by the band:
Pepperoni Blue. Last Minute. The New Song. Hanging Floor Beautifier. Stolen Goods. Heithcliff. Stewarts. Chipmunk Adventure. Rainbow Brite. Plank Road aka (Dick Gracen). Lime Green. No Equal. 7 - 30 x 120 = HEY. Special Delivery Twizzler Boy. In The Secret. Concussion.
Other tunes: Cage Boyz. Wisdom Virtue. Bob Ice Cream. Matt Adamo and his broken olive jar! Aaron Broke My Def Leppard Tape When We Ring And Rang The Browns House On Saturday Night!!!
Tom Condon
Catholic folk / folkrock
*Wind off Waters. World Library FR-2241-SM. 1971. LP. Vocals shared by Vincent Mesi and David Leary.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Kalamazoo, Michigan
*The Confirmation. Custom. 1987. CS.
David Grant: guitar, vocals. Tom Griffioen: bass, vocals. Andrew Bennett: drums.
Songs: Start Again. Gilded Wings. Leave These Chains Behind. Crossing November Winds. One Hundred Times. Cassette design by Andrew Alleman.
United Kingdom. Dance / electronic
*Jammin on a Prayer. 1999. CD.
*Good Jesus Music Inside. Custom label. 197? LP.
Wilmington, North Carolina
Play pop punk. First name was 79 cent Special
Matt Capps: bass. Shaun Paul: guitar. Phillip Gootee: drums.
For stage purposes, members now have "Coniptions" as last name.
Some song titles- Friar Tuck. Do You Know. Chrissy Is So Mean. Suzy Doesn't Like Me. Around Your Head.
Conjunto som Maior
*Mais de Cristo. Suaveson SM. 85006. 198? LP. Label: Brazil. In Portuguese.
Mais de Cristo
Songs: Mais de Cristo. Cristo Grande Amigo. Confirmacao. Livra-Me, O Deus. Manso E Suave. Circulo 3. Cristo Ja Nasceu. Tenha Jesu. Jesus Cristo Mudou Meu Viver. Jesus Cristo E O Senhor. Deus Vai Por Fogo Em Tudo Aqui.
*The Connection. FourMost FM7220CS. 1972. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Orlando, Florida
*The Connection. Nolabel TC-1132. 1974? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Wichita Falls, Texas
Thrash band
*Image of Deception. Custom CS. 1992.
*Image of Deception. Bombworks Records. 2004. CD.
Image of Deception
Glenn Johnson: guitar, vocals. Ashley Lawson: drums. James Chavez: guitar. Rob Ojeda: bass.
Side 1: Submission. Image of Deception. Mindlessly Betrayed. Vision Ignored. Sayings of the Wise. Free from Death. Side 2: Repeats side one.
Tape was recorded at the band's practice pad, April 1992 in one evening by Dee Kinnet, except "Free from Death," recorded February 1992 by James McWilliams at the same location.
Image of Deception (CD)
Songs: Submission (3:03). Image of Deception (3:39). Mindlessly Betrayed (3:16). Vision of Ignored (3:30). Sayings of the Wise (4:05). Free from Death (3:25). Make Me Laugh (4:55). Satan Lies (4:09). Saving Song (4:41). Messiah Calls (4:20). Troubled Years (4:17). Casted (7:11).
*Stretch out to the Lord. Nashboro 7105. 1977. LP.
*Holy Spirit. Nashboro 7228. 1980. LP.
Stretch out to the Lord
Songs: We Should Try to Do God’s Will. I Found Everything I Need in the Lord. Stretch out Your hand to the Lord. I’ll Take a Stand. Just to Behold His Face. It Must Be Jesus. The Lord Loves You (And So Do I). I Will Always Trust in Jesus. Amazing Grace. God Is Reain in My Soul. How Many Prayers Did It Take. All Day Long.
Holy Spirit
All songs by Sullivan Pugh
Side 1: Come on Holy Spirit (3:18). Jesus Has Saved Me (4:42). Come Back Home (2:00). Praising the Name of the Lord (4:29). Good Time in Heaven (2:10). Side 2: A Little More Faith in Jesus (3:32). Wake Up (3:08). You’ve Got to Cross over the Bridge (3:10). Love Is What We Need (3:08). Bless My Soul (2:02).
Lakewood, California
*Be Ready. Contagious Music SPCN 7900820604. 1987. LP.
*Free Indeed. Regency 7900821678. 1988. LP.
Be Ready (1 Thes. 4:16-18)
Mike Gribionkin: guitars, backing vocals. Ryan Crampton: drums, keyboards, backing vocals. Mark Lewis: bass guitar, lead vocals.
All songs written by the band
Side 1: Water Then Fire (3:00). Jesus Is the Way (3:40). He’s the Light (2:45). Side 2: One Way, One Truth (3:04). Nowhere to Run (3:13). Lost and Lonely (3:57). Produced by Randy Thomas and Contagious. Recorded at Lamda Studios, October 1986. Engineered by Fred Tadesco and Randy Thomas. Mastered at Capital Records by Wally Traugott. Photography: Rick Bergquist.
Gurnee, Illinois
*Contender. Purified Rock Records PRP 1001. 1985. Custom LP.
*Contender (demo). Custom CS. 1988.
John Pennell: bass, vocals. Rick Rasico: lead guitar. Ken Stilley: guitar, vocals. Rick Sundblad: drums, percussion. Leia Thomas: lead vocals, synthesizer. Dan Thomas: synthesizers, vocals.
All songs by Ken Stilley, except as noted.
Side 1: No Secret Mission (3:21). Time Bomb (5:03). Sonrise (Rick Rasico 5:36). Deceiver (6:36).
Side 2: Ready or Not (Dan Thomas 3:09). I Feel Good (4:23). Missing Link (3:30). Two Directions (4:26).
Produced by Contender / Purified Rock Productions. Recorded at Tone Zone Studio, Chicago, Illinois. Engineered by Roger Heiss. Front cover art by Shane. Photography by Cornerstone Graphics, Chicago, Illinois. Mastered at Wakefield Inc, Phoenix, Arizona.
Contender (demo)
Leia Thomas: lead vocals. Ken Stilley: guitars. Dan: drums. All songs by William (Ken) Stilley.
Side 1: Don't Do It. Guilty of Love. Serpent Slayer. Kiss Me Not. Side 2: empty
Produced by Contender. Recorded at Tone Zone Studio, Chicago, Illinois. Engineered by Ed Bailach. Keyboards: Thomas Penna.
Continental Singers
Cam Floria: director
*Soul. Light Records LS-5526. LP.
*Come Trust the Lord. New Life Records NL0816-2. LP.
*Now or Never Christian. Christian Artists Records. 1985.
Songs: Let the Lower Lights Be Burning. I Know Where I’m Going. The Solid Rock. Whiter Than Snow. He’s There Waiting. Tell Me the Story of Jesus. The New 23rd. Wonderful Words of Life. Saved by Grace. Pass It On.
Convicted was a punk / hardcore band from the Seattle, Washington area, circa the end of 1997. Mark: lead screamer. Jeff: guitar. Ben: bass. Pete: drums.
Bronx, New York. Began in 1993. Style is rock. Frank Palermo: drums, vcls. Don Jimenez: guitar, vocals. Steve Johnson.
Conviction of Sin
Burrito was also in the bands The Warning and 7 Ball Cholos.
*Godcore 1: US Decay. The Furnace Room. 1989. CS.
*Godcore 3: Conviction of Sin Live. The Furnace Room. 1989. CS.
Godcore 1: US Decay
Burrito: vocals. Keith: guitar. Mark Brown: bass. Don Daudet: drums. Recorded at Guido's in Covina, California (February 1985) by Tracy G. Chris Yambar: executive producer (the tape). Steven Mathewson: co-producer. Cover art by Chris Yambar for Artatak Studios. No song titles are listed on the cassette.
Godcore 3: Conviction of Sin - Live
Same lineup as US Decay. Recorded in Los Angeles, California at a live show (which also showcased the bands: Outcast, 316 and Bill Walden). Chris Yambar - executive producer (the tape). Steven Mathewson - co-producer. Cover art by Chris Yambar for Artatak Studios. No song titles are listed on the cassette.
Liner Notes from the two cassettes
Before becoming a Christian, Burrito was heavily involved in the LA hardcore scene. Violence and rebellion were popular forms of expression among the youth. After becoming a Christian, Burrito saw that there was a great need to reach others with the truth of Jesus Christ so he formed a band called GVA (God's Victorious Army). Although Burrito fit into the scene (with his black hair, blonde mohawk, triple earrings, trench coat and Doc Martins) the other members of GVA did not really understand it since they were never really a part of the community. Burrito then went on to form Conviction of Sin. As a band COS gigged 9 months abd recorded two cassette projects which went unreleased until now (the second project being Conviction of Sin - Live). During this time the Christian underground began to thrive with ZOTT and The Activist keeping it informed. Bands wern't concerned with getting signed. The scene was alive and vital.
(Continued on Godcore Tape #3)
The bands just wanted to preach Christ. ATOC, Circle One, The Scattered Few and The Lead were all in the vortex of the Christian punk / Godcore movement. There were no studios, only garages and basements. There were no expensive mixers, only tape decks and boom boxes. There were no promoters or managers, only friends with a willingness to pitch in. The word 'community' meant something. When a song was sung you knew what they were talking about and where they stood. Lyrics weren't simply 'positive,' they were open and totally upfront. This was the Underground Burrito was involved in. His main interest was in ministry, so he and two friends (Mike and Gary) formed Radicals for Christ. It was then that Burrito was asked to join a band called Moral Majority... (continued on Godcore Tape #2). (I do not have a copy of #2).
Christie Cook
Folk singer from Nacogdoches, Texas, circa 2000.
*Their Stories Do Linger. CD. 1997.13 songs.
Their Stories Do Linger. Jack Pine. Unspoken Truth. Just Be. By the Way. Cobblestones of Mexico. Mind Over Matter. Dance On. The Bum. Sing My Mockingbird. Harvest Moon. Weekend Rendez-Vous. Stan's Song.
*Fair Breeze. CD. 11 songs.
Snowcastle Dream. What If. Fair Breeze. You Never Know. Perfect Times. Slow Down. Round and Round. Rest Awhile. Above and Beyond. Send Me an Angel. Flyin Man.
Johnny Cook
*Real Goodness. Calvary 5131. . LP.
Tim Cook
*Treasure. Bridge records. 1985? LP.
Sterling Cooke
Tamaqua, Pennsylvania
*Above and Beyond. Full Force Music FFM1. 1994. CS.
Above and Beyond
All songs written and arranged by Sterling Cooke, except "Walkin' Shoes" by Sterling Cooke and Gene Anthony and "Frankenstein" by Edgar Winter. All instruments, guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, drum programs and percussion performed by Sterling Cooke.
Side 1: Above and Beyond. New Day. Fred Zeplin. Greenpeace. Walkin' Shoes. Rainbow Bridge. Side 2: Frankenstein. Kick Some Acts. Reflections. Back to Cali. The End Times.
Produced by Sterling Cooke and Al Cox. Engineered by Al Cox. Recorded and mixed at Studio 213, Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. Post production assistance - Russ Diamond. Cover photo - Diana Productions, Hazelton. Pennsylvania. Layout - Dave Mengel.
Edna Gallmon Cooke
*At the Gate. Nashboro records LP 7041. LP.
At the Gate
Songs: At the Gate. Remember Me. He’s Coming Back Again. Shake My Mother’s Hand. Jesus Is My Only Friend. His Blood Has Made Me Whole. Bottles of Tears. When I Get Inside .Down on Me. You Must Be Born Again. Stay in the Field. Poor Me.
45 rpm
*Who’ll Be a Witness (Cooke 2:50) b/w My Joy (Cooke 2:59). Nashboro Records 45-553.
Tony Cooke
Hull, England. Tony now works in school's ministry in and around the Hull area.
*Walls Fall Down. Cassette. 6 tracks. 1991.
Geoff Howlett of the British zine NFN (Never For Nothing) furnished the information on Tony Cooke.
(Singing) Cookes
*Holding to Jesus. Cooke Records C-2900. LP.
*My Lord Will Send a Moses. LP.
Holding to Jesus
Side 1: Holding to Jesus. A True Lord. Climb the Mountain High. Fear Not I’m Here. Dry Bones. Side 2: Footsteps of Mama. Gonna Make It. Sinners Prayer. No Place Like Home. Jesus Speaks Peace.
My Lord Will Send a Moses
Other songs: My Lord Will Send a Moses. He Must Have Walked the Lowest Valley. Beyond the Sunset for Me. Until the Race Is Run. How Great It Is. Oh What a City. It Makes It All Worth While. Sounds of that City. I’ll Stand for Jesus. We’re All Going Home.
Cookin’ Mama
Sixties style rock
*New Day. Rock Bottom CFS3007. 1972?
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Cool Hand Luke
Formed by Brandon Morgan and Jason Hammil at Middle Tennessee State University, 1998.
*Demo Schmemo. 1998. CD?
*So Far. EP. CD?
*I Fought Against Myself. Custom CD. 2001.
*Wake Up O Sleeper. 2003. CD.
*The Fires of Life. 2004. CD.
*The Balancing Act. 2007. CD.
Mark Nicks: vocals, drums, keyboards, piano. Joey Holman: guitar. Casey McBride: bass. Former members: Jason Hammil: guitar. Chris Susi: guitar (on Fires of Life). Brandon Morgan: bass.
David Cooley
*True Worshippers/ NewMorning Records NW 1600. 1985. LP.
True Worshippers
Side 1: True Worshippers (Mike Shreve). It Beginning to Feel Like Spring (Cooley). Paradise (M. Shreve). All the Way (Shreve / Cooley). Reprise, True Worshippers (M. Shreve). Side 2: Heaven on Earth (Shreve / Cooley). A Throne-Crowned Kind (Cooley). Matchless Love (M. Shreve). Empty Vessels (David Shreve). Recorded at Swann Studios, Asheville, North Carolina. Album design by Tina Hardy.
Cooper Brothers
Orlando, Florida. Southern gospel
*How Great Thou Art. Waxwing Studio (Leesburg, Florida) W-LP-1001. 197? LP.
How Great Thou Art
Side 1: How Great Thou Art (2:00). The Lighthouse (Ronnie Hinson 2:45). He Filled a Longing (Joel Hemphill 2:37). The Family of God (William J. Gaither 2:32). The Cross Made the Difference (W. J. Gaither 2:02). I’m Free (W. J. Gaither 2:03). Side 2: When I Prayed Through (W. J. Gaither 2:14). Sheltered in the Arms of God (Jimmie Davis 3:20). Heaven (Floyd Robinson 2:19). Why Me Lord (Kris Kristofferson 2:29). If That Isn’t Love (Dottie Rambo 2:26). The Holy Hills of Heaven Call Me (Dottie Rambo 2:53).
Earnest Cooper: tenor. Edward Cooper: lead. Catherine Gaskins: pianist. Nathan Browning: guitar, vocals. Danny Crabtree: bass guitar (also plays in the Lighthouse Quartet).
Scottie Joel Cooper
*Blood of an Innocent Child. Custom tape. 1987. Spoken word.
Pat Copalello
*Daybreak. Kerygma 1001. 1977. LP. Small pressing of about 500 copies
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Mascoutah Illinois, near St. Louis
Hardcore / metal /punk. Circa 1996+
Kenneth Copeland
*The Word. KCP SLP 1003. LP.
*The Music Ministry of Kenneth Copeland. KCP SLP 1007. LP.
The Word
Side A: Thou Art Worthy (Rev. 4, 5; Psalm 24. 4:32). O Come Let Us Sing (Rick Powell / Copeland. Psalm 95. 3:13). Blessings (Bill and Janny Grine. Deut. 28, Malachi 3. 3:36). This Is the Day (Powell / Copeland. Psalm 118. 3:13). Bless His Holy Name (Andre Crouch. Psalm 103. 3:23). Side B: Thou Art a Shield (Freda Tapp. Psalm 3. 2:25). Psalm (Powell. Psalm 23. 3:36). Fear Not (Isaiah 43. 3:26). The Lord’s Prayer (Albert Hay Malotte. Matthew 6. 2:47). He Is My Refuge (Powell. Psalm 91. 2:30).
*Neo-Fusion. Fortress SPCN7900600019. 1986. LP.
Greg Brown: bass. Barry Swan: guitar. Roy Schoombie: drums. Gabby le Roux: keyboards.
Side 1: Monix (Le Roux 3:53). Slapper (Brown 5:32). Copious (Brown / Schoombie 6:14). On Target (LeRoux 3:48). Side 2: Logo-Motif (Brown 6:13). Creation (Brown / Schoombie / LeRoux 5:43). Seasons (Brown 6:47).
Arranged and produced by Copious. Engineered by Tully McCulluch. Recorded at Spaced Out Studios. Jacket design by Jeff Spencer.
Googie and Tom Coppola
*Shine the Light of Love. Columbia 36194. 1980. LP.
Shine the Light of Love
Greg Poree: electric and acoustic guitar. Paul M. Jackson, Jr. and John Rowin: electric guitars. Watne Douglas and Eddie Watkins: electric bass guitars. Nate Neblett and Raymond Pounds: drums. Jerry Peters: keyboards. Tom Coppola: keyboards and synthesizer. Stephanie Spruill, Bobbye Hall and Paulinho da Costa: percussion. Oscar Brashear, Gary Grant, Kenny Mason, Jerry Hey and Chuck Findley: trumpets. Randall Aldcroft, Maurice Spears, George Bohanon, Garrett Brown and Bill Watrous: trombones. Jim Decker, Sidney Muldrow and Richard Perisis: French horns. Ernie Watts, Gary Herbig and Jackie Kelso: woodwinds. Violins: Assa Drori (concertmaster), Mari Botnick, Nathan Ross, Stanley Plummer, Arnold Belnick, Bonnie Shure, Endre Granat, Jay Rosen, Rol Folson and Sheldon Sanov. Violas: Rollice Dale (principal), Denyse Buffum, David Schwartz and Barbara Thomason. Cellos: Ray Kelley (principal), Nils Oliver, Julianna Buffum, Daniel Smith and Jan Kelley. Haprs: Dorothy Ashby and Gayle Lavant. Background singers: Ann Ester Davis, Gwen Matthews, Marti McCall, Jim Gilstrap, Angela Winbush, Maxi Anderson, Googie Coppola, John Lehman.
All songs Googie and Tom, except as noted
Side 1: Shine the Light of Love (5:18). Broken Wings (J. Peters / J. Hancook 5:09). Nothing in This World (5:22). Everything Is Coming to the Light (3:38). Side 2: Missing Love (5:16). Joyous Flame (5:11). Let This River Flow (2:52). Family of Man (J. Peters 6:39).
Produced by Jerry Peters. Side 1 and Let This River Flow: co-produced by Googie and Tom. Eric Wangburg: engineer. Recorded at Hollywood Sound Recorders, Hollywood, California. Assistant engineers: Ross Pallone, Ron Garrett. MCA Whitney Recording Studio, Glendale, California. Assistant engineer: Gary McGachan. Studio 54 Recording Studio, Pasadena, California. Assistant engineers: Fred Mitchell, Gene Shively. Total Experience Recording Studio, Hollywood. A&R Recording, New York. Mixing engineer: Gerry Block. Arrangers: Jerry Peters, Googie and Tom. Album coordination: Carolyn Hervey and Tracy Arthur for C&H Musical Services. Lyrics on inner sleeve.
United Kingdom
Dave White and Jane Radcliffe
*A Break in the Clouds. Acorn AX002. 1979.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Mt. Sinai, New York
*Light My Way. Custom tape. 1996.
Songs: Side 1: Light My Way. Solid Ground. Side 2: Gently Speaking. The Only One
Rob Carlton: guitar. John Gortaire: guitars, backing vocal's. Jimmy Kehoe: lead vocals. David Moen: bass, harmony vocals. Peter Prianti: drums. Recorded at A and J Recording Studios, Inc., New York, New York. Engineered by David P. Moen. Produced by David P. Moen and Corban.
Glendale, Arizona
Sean Keller: drums, bgv's. Wade Myers: guitar, vocals. Aaron Keller: bass.
*Chlorine. Custom CD.
*Three. Organic Records. 1997?
*When the Godhead Speaks. 2000?
Rodney Cordner and
Jean-Pierre Rudolph

*On the Other Hand. Pilgrim Records 501. 1983.
*Up Hill and Down Brae. GMI 1018. 1985.
*We Stand Forgiven. GMI 1028. 1987.
*A Touch of Irish Joy. 1989.
*Sing for the Song. OHM 5002. 1990.
*Ireland: A Sense of Place. Saar Records 12513. 1993.
*Measure of Dreams. Pleitegeier Records PGD 5910. 1996.
On the Other Hand
Rodney Cordner: vocal, guitar and bodhran. Jean-Pierre Rudolph: fiddle, mandolin, guitar, whistles, bass, backing vocal and strings on “No Longer Dead.” With: Siebren Rijpma: bass and backing vocals. Roel Toering: bass. Frank van de Gaag for the “Ting.”
All songs by Rodner Cordner, except as noted
Side 1: Tell Me Stranger. Danny Farrell (Pete St. John). Mad, Mad World. Harvest Home (trad.; arr. Rudolph). No Longer Dead. Patti’s Song. Side 2: Mountains. Awake. Praisin’ Paddy (trad.; arr. Cordner). Delight in the Lord (T and J. M. Talbot). The Rights of Man / Paddy John’s Swarbsody (trad.; arr. Rudolph). Deliverance Song. Lyric sheet included.
Cordova’s Wake
Southwest, Georgia. Circa 2006
Kris: lead vocals, guitar. Ricky: lead guitar, vocals. Donnie: drums.
Corinthian Temple Radio Choir
David and Luvonia Whittley: conductors
*Give God the Glory: Luvonia Whittley Presents Minister David Whittley and the Corinthian Temple Radio Choir. Savoy Records SC14828. 1995. CS.
Give God the Glory
Songs: Give God the Glory (5:47). If I Can Help Somebody (3:10). It’s a Blessing to Be Saved (5:02). I’ll Never Stop Loving You (5:53). He Took My Sins Away (4:29). Endure to the End (5:50). Jesus, We Love You (6:04). Showers of Blessings (4:51). I Am Not Afraid (4:00). The Lord Is Blessing Me (3:09).
Recorded at Corinthian Temple C.O.G.I.C., Chicago.
Cornerstone Quartet
Aberdeen, South Dakota
*Shine On. Mission label.
Ted Cornell
Wyckoff, New Jersey
*His Piano and Chorus. LP.
*Just. Cornell TC 8002. 1973. LP.
Side 1: Immortal, Invisible God Only Wise. (Welsh tune). Come We That Love the Lord (medley 2:55). I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked (O’Hara 3:30). Showers of Blessing (3:12). For All the Saints (4:17). Side 2: Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah (3:09). That’s for Me (K. Kaiser 3:15). I Never Walk Alone (Ackley 3:00). Reach out to Jesus (R. Carmichael 3:15). I Will Pilot Thee (3:13). Jesus Saves (3:15).
Casey Corum
Houston, Texas
*More Than Ever: Live from the Rockies. Vineyard Music / Word. 2006. CD.
Chuck Cossin
Mr. Hymntime
*Personal Testimony of Chuck Cossin. Christian Faith CFS6710. LP. Produced by Joel Gentry. Recorded at DBM Studios, Nashville. Recording engineer: Ben Hall. Cossin was executive vice-president of Crawford Broadcasting Company and general manager of WMUZ, Detroit and WWGM, Nashville.
Jean Costner
*We Celebrate. JCM Records JCM7-1000-X. 1985. LP.
We Celebrate
Drums: Mark Hammond. Piano: John G. Elliot, David Huntsinger. Guitar: Jon Goin, Mark Baldwin. Bass: Craig Nelson. Fairlight: John G. Elliot. Yamaha DX-! Programmed by Elliot. Percussion: Farrell Morris. Harp: Cindy Reynolds. Backing vocals: Bonnie Keene, Marty McCall, Melody Tunney, Janet Hadaway, Rose-Anne Coleman, Dan Jones, Greg Fisher, Cindy Statham, Bridgett Evans, Lisa Bevill, Billy Gaines, John Darnell, Jon Mohr, Dave Maddux, Jean Costner, Rick Gibson, Elizabeth Groner. Strings: The Nashville String Machine, Carl Gorodetzky, concert master. Brass: Barry Green, Ernie Collins, Mary Lou Doley, Tom McAninch, Wes Ramsey, Eberhard Ramm, Eric Brooks, John Rommel. Woodwinds: Sam Levine, Lee Carroll, Cynthia Estill, Ann Richards, Bobby Taylor. Orchestrations: Alan Moore, John G. Elliott, Dave Maddux, Lari Goss.
Side 1: Your Kingdom Come (Elliot 4:59). We Celebrate (Michael Hudson / Bob Farnsworth 2:03). Give to the Lord (Bev Darnall / Melody Tunney 2:30). A Heart That Tears Can Touch (Elliot 6:01). Side 2: The Name of Jesus Is Excellent (Scott Wesley Brown 2:19). Your Loving Kindness Is Everlasting (Bob Farnsworth 2:18). Great Is Thy Faithfulness (Thomas O. Chisholm / William M. Runyan 3:47). Peace Be Still (Bev Darnall / Melody Tunney 4:46). Let There Be Praise (Dick and Melody Tunney 2:53).
Produced by John G. Elliot. Engineered and mixed: Bob Clark and Doug Sarrett. Additional engineering: Brent King. Recorded and mixed at Great Circle Sound, Nashville and Stage III, Nashville. Mastered by Hank Williams at Mastermix, Nashville. Album concept: Dennas Davis and Michael Tumblin. Album design: Dennas Davis. Phogography: Mike Mitchell. Make-up: Vanessa Sellers. Layout: Telicia Montague. Copyist: Eric Brooks, Eberhard Ramm. Pilot: Dr. Don Kendrick.
Christopher Cote
Lewiston, Maine. Singer / songwriter. Acoustic guitar
*Out in the Street. Witness Outreach Records 310030.
No date. 1970s? LP.
Out in the Street
Christopher Cote - guitar and vocals.
All songs by Christopher Cote.
Side 1: Get out in the Street. Pick up Your Cross. Julie's Song. Teenage Prayer. A Song for Steve. You Died for Me. Side 2: You Can Be What He Wants. He's Coming Soon. I'll Be Followin' You. You'll Never Be the Same. Out in the Street. When Will You Go.
Cover design and production by Christopher Cote. Photography: Edward A. Boucher. Photo processing: Bill's Photo Shop. Recorded at EAB Recording Studio, Lewiston, Maine.
Jeremy Cotter Project
Jeremy Cotter. Rusty Deal. Jon Miller. Mike May
*Undertow. 2004. CD.
*Home Recordings. 2006.
*The Jeremy Cotter Project. 2007. CD.
Songs: Daddies Song. Empty Me a New. Jesus Is the One. Soon I’m Going Home. Find Them Offensive. Holy Spirit. Undertow. On Calvary. God Qualified the Called. We Thank You Jesus. God Father. Time to Choose.
Home Recordings
Songs: Daddies Song (acoustic). Darkness. The Mission. We’re Going Home. Testimony. Holy Spirit (live). Empty Me Anew (live).
The Jeremy Cotter Project
Songs: Your God (no vocals yet). Kingdom Come. The Mission.
Gene Cotton
*Charity Street. Platinum P-S 1002. 1968. LP.
*Power to Be. Impact. HWS 1984. 1969. LP.
*Peace. Impact HWS 3059. 1970? LP.
*In the Gray of the Morning. Monya BG-001. 1972? LP.
*Liberty. Myrrh MST 6524-LP. 1974. LP.
Marilyn Cotton
“Marilyn’s singing career began when she was three years of age. At fourteen she sang the soprano solo parts of Handel’s Messiah with the Southern Missionary College chorale. Four years later she became a regular artist on the Faith for Today television series. While she was in New York with Faith for Today she gave sixteen performances in Carnegie Hall. Recently she completed a film series with William Loveless and, prior to that, a series with George Vandeman.”
*When Tears Hide Tomorrow. Chapel S5138. 197? LP.
When Tears Hide Tomorrow
Side 1: When Tears Hide Tomorrow (Johnson 3:31). Don’t Spare Me (Meir 2:11). I Know What God Is (Reye / Bowen / Freeman 3:00). Sleep, Holy Child (Peterson 4:02). I’m Not Alone (Lange 2:53). Side 2: My Father (Hamblen 3:23). Real Peace (Meir 3:25). Calvary Conquered My Heart (Peterson 2:10). Known Only to Him (Hamblen 3:27). Peace Through the Lord (Hillman / Allen 3:28).
With the Chapel Ensemble. Ray Casey: director and arranger. Alfred Walters: orchestra manager and concertmaster.
Charles Couey
*Do You Know My Jesus? Mission Records MR.CC-8000. 1989? LP.
Do You Know My Jesus?
Songs: He Washed My Eyes with Tears. Do You Know My Jesus? He Touched Me. I Believe (In a Hill Called Mount Calvary). The Old Rugged Cross. Room at the Cross for You. I’m Free. It Is No Secret What God Can Do. At the End of the Road. You Can Have a Song in Your Heart at Night. Had It Not Been. Jesus Is Waiting for You.
Country Ham
*Old Country Church. Vetco LP519. 197? LP.
Country Pilgrims
*Jesus Never Fails. Rainbow R2033. 1971. LP.
Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania
Dave, Duane and Neil
*Down Memory Lane: Early American Hymns. Hymntone HPM-7142. LP.
*Sing-A-Thon. Hy1103. LP.
*Nothing But…the Gospel. Warner Brothers 1514. LP.
*The Sensational Sounding. Canaan CA-4608. LP.
*I’ve Got a Reason. Tempo TL-7018. LP.
*Sing Gospel Favorites. Tempo R7044. LP.
*Comfort, Strength and Happiness. Tempo R7176. LP.
*Sing Folk. Tempo R7059. LP.
*Dedicated to Singing. Paradise Records PR 1001. LP.
*I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say. Paradise Records 1003
*Re-Visit Vanzants. Paradise Records 1006. LP.
Side 1: He Hideth My Soul. Cleanse Me. T’was a Glad Day. My Redeemer. We’ll Work Till Jesus Comes. Hallelujah, What a Savior. I’d Rather Be an Old Time Christian. Down Memory Lane. Side 2: Coming Up the Road. Ivory Palaces. How Tedious and Tasteless. Camping in Canaan’s Land. Love Him So. My Task. Dear Jesus, Abide with Me.
Nothing But…the Gospel Truth
Songs: Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel. Sweet Jesus. Down by the Riverside. He’ll Understand and Say Well Done. Were You There. Oh Lord. Open Wide Thy Merciful Arms. Whosoever Meaneth Me. I Am Counting on You. If You Know the Lord. Gos Is Love.
Re-Visit Vanzants
Side 1: Leave Everything to Him. He Will Provide. I Cannot Comprehend It. Oh, Tell Me More. What a Day.
Side 2: I Appreciate You, Lord. You Must Be Willing. Call Upon My Jesus. No Greater Love. Too Late.
Courtney Family
Baker, Florida. Original name was the Good Hope Quartet: Pete, Jack and Jeanette Courtney, and W. O. Etheridge. In 1969, Albert Locke replaced W. O. and the name changed.
*Precious Memories. Joyful Sound Records 1001. no date. LP.
Cowboy Copas
*Inspirational Songs. Starday SLP 133.
Inspirational Songs
Songs: Almost Home. I Have a Friend. How Big Is Man. A Satisfied Mind. Wings of a Dove. The Hem of His Garment. We’ll Walk Along Together. Wherever He Leads I’ll Go. Remember Man, Thou Art Dust. From the Manger to the Cross. Don’t Shake Hands with the Devil. We Need a Lot More Jesus (And a Lot Less Rock and Roll).
Ronald Coyne
Ronald Coyne Revivals, Tulsa, OK.
*When God Smiled on Ronald Coyne. “Plastic Eye Miracle.” SH-1645. Began in the 1950s – the plastic eye.