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Am Drive
Alternative pop
*AM Drive. CD.
*Grassroots Sampler Vol. 3. CD. Song: Stones.
AM Drive
Songs: Stones. Send Me Your Angels. Better Off Just Me. Pleasant Dreams. A Little More Time. Won't Back Down. Mary. Don't Fear. Hold On. Just Let It Slide. Pleasant Dreams (remix).
Maia Amada
*Maia Amada. Custom tape. 1992.
*Maia Amada. Word/Dayspring 7014220578. 1992.
*Faith Remains. Intersound 84418-75612. 1994.
Maia Amada (Word issue)
Side 1: Love Came Calling. What’s Heart to Do. Soul Deep. Love never Fails. Love Is for Always. Side 2: Hold Me. Three’s a Place. Minute by Minute. Only Love.
Amadeus Chorale
*Christmas with Friends. Dynamic Recording. No number. 2003. CD?
Christmas with Friends
The Holly and the Ivy. (2:17). Angels! (Angels We Have Heard on High) (3:30). I Saw Three Ships (1:47). Deck the Halls (1:54). The First Noel / Pachelbel’s Canon (Kate Porter, solo 4:11). Shepherd’s Awake (2:03). O, Little Town of Bethlehem (2:35). Mid-winter (3:49). Bring a Torch Jeanette, Isabella (2:27). Do You Hear What I Hear? (4:12). Go, Tell It on the Mountain (Clare Farnung, solo 3:02). O Come, O Come Emmanuel (4:00). Carol of the Bells (1:39). Carols Four (Laurel Downs, sol 5:10).
Christmas songs performed by the Amadeus Chorale Concert Choir. Darla Bair: music director. Sally Martin: piano. Agape Ringers on 12th. Selection. Susan M. Boring: director. Recorded at Dynamic Recording, Rochester, New York.
Sheboygan, Wisconsin, 2005?
Eric Neave: bass, mandolin, lead vocals. Nick DeMaster: rhythm guitar, trumpet. Zach Vinson: lead guitar. Joel Stokdyk: drums.
*Play the Man. CD. Engineered and produced by Mike Middleton and Nick Radovanovic, of the band Hangnail
Urban / R&B / Gospel
*A Time to Dance. Diamond Cut DPRO14171. 1999. CD single.
*Issues of Life.
*Songs of Love.
Issues of Life
Songs: Tell ‘Em (intro). Prayer Groove. A Time to Dance. Time Out. Anptha Chance. Urban Love Theme. Could Have Been. Wedding Day. Teach Me to Love You. You Are My Sunshine. The Potter. Sanctified Woman. One Love. Heaven on Earth.
Songs of Love
Songs: Intro. My Last Name. Will You? Wedding Day. Seventeen. Best Friend. Sanctified Woman (featuring F.T.F.). Time Out (featuring Shelita Milburn). Birthday Girl. Crazy over You (interlude). Long Haul (featuring Stephanie Hogan). Missing You. Anniversary (featuring Myron ‘Biz’ Skelton). Crazy over You.
*Keep on Singin'. Asaph AR 1048. 1990. CD.
Metal / hardcore
Sunland, California, circa 2005
Kyle Logan: guitar, vocals. James Krausse: bass, vocals. Brandon Pugmire: drums, vocals. Shaun Pugmire: vocals. Tyler Sampson: guitar, vocals.
Amason Twins
*Hallelujah! Herald Records HRS 5269. 1975. LP.
Hallelujah! The Lord Is Coming Again
Boyd Amason: acoustic guitar. Floyd Amason: standup bass, harmonica. David Ezell: acoustic guitar. Bill Huffman: acoustic and electric guitar. Mitch Humphries: piano, vibes. Joe Robins: organ. Jim Rumsey: fiddle. Billy Reynolds: drums. Steve Mauldin: bass.
All songs by Boyd Amason.
Side 1: Hallelujah! (The Lord Is Coming Again) (3:15). Thank You Lord (3:32). Transendental Meditation (3:25). Prayer and Praise (3:04). He'll Help You Out (If You Just Don't Doubt) (2:57). Side 2: Don't Talk the Talk (2:35). Voices (4:30). Rock and Roll (2:45). Praising God for Passing Sorrows (3:27). Life Can Be Fun (3:15).
Produced by Erv Lewis. Mitch Humphries: orchestration. Dave Reddick: engineer. Bill Huffman and Erv Lewis: remix engineers. Cover design by the Herald Association. Art direction: Michael Burnette. Al Brooks: front photo. Chappie Chapman: back photo. Recorded by Mark Five, Greenville, South Carolina.
Paul Loader: lead vocals, bass. Dave Steel: keyboards. Alan Tyghe: lead guitar. Phil Williams: drums. (This lineup comes from the article in New Music listed below).
*Straight Talker. Sonrise SR001 (UK). 1979. Tunesmith TS 6002. No date. The British original is quite rare.
Straight Talker
Derek Walker: lead vocals. Jeremy Coad: lead guitar, vocals. Richard Grinter: rhythm guitar, vocals. Paul Loader: bass, vocals. Dave Steel: keyboards. Phil Williams: drums, vocals. Gerald Davies: additional guitar on "Peace." Keith Loring: additional vocals.
Side 1: Way, Truth, Life. Say Goodnight. No 1. All Is Peace.
Side 2: Night Walker. Slowly. Peace. He Is Lord.
Produced by Eric Cribb and Keith Loring. Recorded at Sound Conception, Bristol (England). Engineered by Chris David.
*Davis, Paul. "Amaziah: Christian Rock on the Road." New Music (UK) 17: 26-27.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Amazing Bone
see also Alexia; Contact; Punishing People. Name was taken from a children’s book by William Steig.
*Demo. 1992.
*Demo. 1993.
*Demo. 1994.
*Demo. 1995.
*Smirk, Titter and Wink. Crank Records. 1994. Song: Pretty Blood.
*Samantha. Dwarf Records. 1996. Song: Frightened Dogs.
Amazing Pilots
Belfast, Ireland. Style is alt country pop. Paul Wilkinson: guitar, vocals; and other band members
*Graduate Blood. Custom. 2001? CD EP.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of "Graduate Blood." Cross Rhythms May - June 2001: 26.
Amazing Rhythm Aces
*Stacked Deck. ABC ABCD913. 1975.
Amazing Zion Travelers
*God Is Alive. Co-Op LP107. 1990.
(The) Ambassador
English hip hop artist, previously with the Cross Movement team.
*Christology in Laymen's Terms. Seventh Street SSD8421. 2000? (UK) CD.
*Rev. of "Christology in Laymen's Terms." CR June-July 2000: 39.
Ambassador Youth Choir
*The Ambassador Youth Choir. Christian Faith LPS1315. 196? LP.
Australia. Began 1996. Nathan Carey, Tim Dube, Tim Hutchison and Nick Dube.
*In Gospel Country. Sacred Artist LP2069. 1970. LP.
*Sheltered in the Arms of God. B.M.C. NR884. 1972.
*Glad Reunion Day. Cam ST110. 1973.
*Amazing Grace. Sword & Shield LPM8003. 1973. LP.
*Will Your Name Be Written There. Sword & Shield LPM8011. 1974. LP.
*Excited about Jesus. Blackwood AK3574. 1975. LP.
*God's Gonna Getcha for That. Skylite SLP6151. 1975. LP.
*Joy in the Morning. Skylite SLP6163. 1976. LP.
*With Love. Skylite SLP6169. 1977. LP.
*Love Is Easy. Skylite SLP6184. 1977. LP.
*With Feeling. Sing MSP9070. 1977.
*Easy Listen'in. Encore LP683. 197? Also (no label) LP-1001.
*I'm Thankful. McKinney LP2900. 197?
*Higher Ground. Perfection LP5007. 197?
Easy Listen’In
J. D. Forbus: tenor. Joel Tingle: baritone. Dennis W. Dykes: bass? Larry Cotton: lead singer.
Side 1: This Little Light (2:12). It’s Still the Lord for Me (Cotton 2:04). Nobody (2:25). Who Am I (3:58). Touch Me Lord Jesus (2:46). Remind Me Dear Lord (3:26). Side 2: Weary Pilgrim Come Home (Dykes 2:41). On the Sunny Banks (3:10). His Grace Is Sufficient (2:35). Wait for Me (5:02). Most of All (2:37). That’s Enough (2:00).
Dennis Dykes: piano. Rev. Chas Miles: guitar. Troy Lewis: drums. Linda Valley Farque: organ. Leo Ladner: bass. Larry Cotton: tambourine. Engineered by R.E.A. Recordings, New Orleans.
Ambassadors for Christ
Eustis, Florida
*Run with Patience. Candlestick NR11576. 1980. LP.
Ambassadors Quartet
Jeffersonville, Indiana
*Close to the Master. Herald LP1001. 1966 LP.
*All Glory to Jesus. Zondervan ZLP751. 1969.
*Who Am I. Herald HLPS1651. 196?
*Rock of Ages. Crusade LPS805. 196? Cover: Ambassadors Quartette.
*Introducing. Gospel Note M20. 197?
*Rainbow of Love. Crusade LPS1480. 1974
*Glorious. Herald HLPS1654. 197?
*Gospel Bells. Gospel 6077. 197?
*Sweeter Gets the Journey. Crusade LPS1479. 197?
*Claim Jesus. Crusade 1PM1101. 197?
*Ambassadors Quartet. Justice 109. 197?
*We've Come This Far by Faith. Converzion LP1003. 197?
*Live on the Lake. Crusade UG83-14. 198?
Close to the Master
Side 1: Close to the Master (Lefevre / Hughes). It’s Different Now (David Beatty). He Touched Me (William Gaither). I’ll Be There (Henry Slaughter). I Cannot Fail the Lord (Doris Akers). From Now On (J. D. Sumner). Side 2: Not My Will (Arthur Smith). When I’m Alone (J. D. Sumner). I’ve Found the Way (Curtis Doss). It Will Be Worth It All (V. B. “Vep” Ellis). Walk, Talk and Sing (Whitey Gleason). Walk with Me (Al Langdon).
From the back cover: “Some of the present personnel of the Ambassadors Quartet… are not heard on this album.”
Rock of Ages
John Leach: second tenor. Jarrel Tunnell: first tenor. Steve Harrah: lead. Ken Samuel: bass.
Side 1: Hide Me, Rock of Ages. What Will Your Answer Be? Farther Along. I’ll Be a Friend to Jesus. The Judgment of the Lord. What a Day That Will Be. Side 2: The Great Reddemer. Nearer, Still Nearer. In Gethsemane Alone. There Is a Place of Quiet Rest. Living for Jesus. Follow.
Ambient Theology
see also Virus
*Ambient Theology. NSoul / Velocity.
Johnny Ambrose
*Canada Tenor. Victory ZLP513. 1958. LP.
Ambrosian Singers
*A Chorale Tapestry Volume I. Avant Garde AVS128. 1969. LP.
*A Chorale Tapestry Volume II. Avant Garde AVS129. 1969. LP.
*Jesus. Avant Garde AVS 130. 1969. LP.
*Jesus. Avant Garde. 1969. LP.
Songs: Now He Is Born. Tis Christmas This Night. Wither Bound. What Miracles of Beauty. St. John the Evangelist. Peter, Peter Heat Me. Judas, Why? On the Mount of the Olive Grove. Is It Not Too Late. They Cast There Nets. Doubting Thomas. It Is a Great Day of Joy. (I suspect there are some mistakes here).
Jade Ambroze
*A Better Day. CD. 2002?
Amburgey Family
*What a Beautiful Day. Tri-State TSRC753420. 1975. LP.
*The King Is Coming. Nashville Records NR1529. 197?. LP.
AME Four
*Don’t Worry / There’s Coming A Day. Vee Jay 967. 1965. 45rpm.
Jim Ameche
*The Bible: Book of Matthew. Abba 1966-1. 197? 3 LP set.
Amen Choir
*Amen. Liberty LST7433. 1961. LP. Reissue: Light LS5505. 1969. LP.
*That Old Time Religion. Liberty LRP3463. 1962. Reissue: Light LS5519. 1970. LP.
*Now Hear This. Light LS5539. 1971. LP.
*Hymns Triumphant V. II. Birdwing 9990. LP. With the London National Philharmonic Orchestra.
America Gomorrah
A Christian progressive / rock / metal band from Denver, Colorado. HM magazine, issue 85 (2000), page 14 stated "the band combines elements from classic progressive bands like Kansas, Yes and Genesis with the energy of contemporary rockers like Dream Theater and Queensryche..." (from the "Hard News" section). Gene Crout: guitar, vocals, programming. Bob Waldman: bass. Carl Busser: drums. Big Mac: keyboards.
*Exchanging Truth for a Lie. CD. 2000.
*CPR Volume 1. CD. Date? AG song: Two Sisters
Exchanging Truth for a Lie
Songs: Truth for a Lie. Seven Trumpets. More Than a Carpenter. Yamiso. Good and Faithful Servant. Revelation 101. Better Man. Prelude / This Present Plague. Through a Glass Darkly.
American Crusaders
*Hymns. Sacred LP7018. 1955. 10 inch LP.
American Culture Experiments
*American Culture Experiements. Accidental Sirens. 2002. CD.
American Guild of Organists
*8th Annual Choral Festival. Austin LFM336419. 197?
American Invasion
Band on schedule for G.A.S. Tour May 24 / 25, 1997 Barry Expo Center, Hastings, Michigan.
American Lutheran Church Choir
*A Time for Singing. Lutheran LP55597. 197?
American Made
Began circa 2000
*Red. Audio X Records. CD.
*Against the Flow. KMG Records. 1999. CD.
Songs: Days Left Behind. Better Off Dead. Andy's Tools. Matt & Benny. Aggie. Radio. Giving Up. Had a Chance. What You Want. Struggle Me. Aplified. After All.
Against the Flow. Earth Girls. Against the Flow. Enough Is Enough. Nate.
American Tragedy
*As I Lay Dying / American Tragedy. 2002. CD. Split CD. AT songs: Choking on a Dream. World Intruded. Spite and Splinter. Porcelain Angels. Moments and In Between.
American Zion
*American Zion. Custom tape. 1989.
American Zion
Side 1: Make a Joyful Noise. As Hard As It Seems. Waiting on You. Joey. In the Devil’s Dreams. Side 2: Never. Joy in the Presence. Holy Wars. Jesus Is the Ultimate Cool. Fortress. All songs written, arranged, and performed by American Zion. Produced by Jim Pope.
*Spirituals. Tops LP1623. 1957. LP.
Amerson Brothers
*Singin' and Shoutin'. Shining Light Records SL01LPS. 10 songs. Cover depicts the brothers at Slippery Rock High School.
*Country Gospel. Shining Light Records SL04LPS. 10 songs.
Steve Amerson
*Shine on Me. Light 7115710058. 1987.
*Call Upon the Lord. Amerson Music AMM0102. 1990.
*Living at the Horizon. Amerson Music AMM0105. 1997.
*To the Ends of the Earth. Amerson Music AMM0106. 1998.
Ames Brothers
*There'll Always Be a Christmas. RCA Victor LPM1541. 1957.
*Sing Famous Hits of Famous Quartets. LP.
*One Day Too Late. Rainbow R5005. 1974. LP.
*Sinceramente Your Amigos. Rainbow R5025. 1976. LP.
*Ten Thousand Angels. Heart to Heart LPH1878. 1977. LP.
*The Amigos Live. Heart to Heart AAS1899. 1978. LP. With Charles and Frances Hunter.
*Angels on Assignment. Heart to Heart. AAS12122. LP.
*Something Special. Brentwood 5017. 1982. LP.
Ten Thousand Angels
David Velasquez, Eli (Chico) Velasquez and Larry Velasquez: vocals. Don Johnson: keyboards. Hadley Hockensmith: acoustic, rhythm and lead guitar. Jim Hockanadel: acoustic guitar and harmonica. Laverne Berry: bass. Jerry Hall: steel guitar. Steve Wright, Duane Nichols and Ricardo Quinbar: drums. Les Stallings: horn arrangements. Don Johnson: string arrangements.
All songs by Eli Velasquez, except as noted

Side 1: Come On and Lift Your Hand (2:40). I Must Go Away (4:04). A Love Song to Jesus (4:04). A Mama's Prayer (5:12). Side 2: Jesus, Let Me Love You More (3:25). He Is the Light (L. Velasquez / H. Velasquez 2:38). Soon and Very Soon (Crouch 2:57). Ten Thousand Angels (R. Overholt 6:37).
Front cover design: Eugene Anderson. Produced by Don Johnson. Engineered by Carl Warren.
"The name 'Ammi' is a Hebrew word that in the English translation means 'My People." Hosea 2:1.
"Our purpose is, through music, to let people know the inheritance that is rightfully theirs through Jesus Christ." John 3:16.
*Foreword. Joyful Noise Records JNR004. No date. 1983/1985?
Frank Catrambone: drums. Marco Falancia: rhythm, drums. Hugh Williams: keyboards, vocals. Craig O'Neill: lead, vocals. Dave Rapley: bass, vocals. Jeff Dancey: concert engineer. Andy Lewarne: concert lighting.
Side 1: Symmetry (Falancia 4:11) (Colossians 1:16, 17). How Wonderful Is His Love (Williams 5:47). Side 2: Saints of Sunday (Falancia 4:17) (Hebrews 11:16). Think of the Glory (O'Neill 6:52).
Country rock. Glendale, California
*Really Here. Redtail RTR 5121. 1980. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Among the Thirsty
New Port Richey, FL
Ryan Daniel: lead vocals, lead guitar. Brock Douglas: bass, backing vocals. Greg Smith: drums. Scott Henderson: rhythm guitar, backing vocals.
*Among the Thirsty. Worship First Records. 2005. CD.
*Homeward Bound. Rev Music Group. 2006. CD.
Among Thorns
Houston, Texas
*Among Thorns. Worship Extreme. 1999. CD.
*Desperate. Worship Extreme. 2001. CD.
*Draw Near. Worship Extreme. 2002. CD.
*Rasmussen, Kris. Rev. of Draw Near. CCM Nov. 2002: 56.
Among Thorns
Songs: Shelter Me. Living Fountain. Rain Down. Rise Up. You Are God. Holy Anointed One. I Will Call. Holy Spirit. Start a Fire. Embrace This Place.
Songs: No Rock. Lay It Down. Jesus Christ. Wind of God. Take My Hand. Jealous God. Desperate. Breath of Life. Come Holy Spirit. Forever.
Draw Near
Songs: I Can't Deny. Home. There Is No One. Could Not Love You More. Invitation. Draw Near. Rescued Me. Falling at Your Feet. The Heavens Declare. We Run to You. Beautiful. Bless the Lord. Reach Down.
"Progressive, doomy gothic metal" from Brazil. Helder Domingues and Evandro Vaz on guitars, Rodrigo Shimabukuro on vocals.
*Gothic Soul. 2002. First pressing sold out. A newer, remastered version with three bonus tracks is available.
*Morrow, Matt. Rev. of Gothic Soul. HM Sep.-Oct. 2002: 77.
Gothic Soul
Songs: Prelude. In the Storm. Stranger. Promise. Flower of Blood. Memories. Gothic Soul. Evil's Root.
Amplified Version
*One in the Son. New World 1002. 197?
*So Free. New World NW1005. 1974.
*He's My Brother. New Life NL7202. 197?
*Whatcha Gonna Do. Newpax NP33004. 1975. LP.
*Alive. Chrism R7809. 1979. LP.
Whatcha Gonna Do?
String arrangements: Ron Huff. Horn arrangement: Buddy Skipper and Phil Forrest. Kenny Malone: drums. Steve Gibson, Reggie Young and Phil Baugh: guitars. Farrell Morris and Charlie McCoy: percussion. Charlie McCoy: harmonica. Jack Williams and Steve Schaffer: bass. Shane Keister, Tony Migliore, Bill Pursell and Buddy Skipper: keyboards. Strings: Sheldon Kurland, Stephanie Woolf, Steven Smith, David Vanderkool, Pamela Sixfin, Lennie Haight, Gary Vanosdale, Marvin Chantry, Roy Christensen, George Binkley III. Horns: Phil Forrest, Buddy Skipper, Bill Puett, Don Sheffield, Norman Ray, George Tidwell, Roger Bissell. Lang Scruggs: banjo. Noboru Morishige: country fiddle.
All songs by Gary Paxton, except as noted.
Side 1: Jesus Is My Lawyer in Heaven (3:12). Whatcha Gonna Do? (When You Ain't a Kid No More) (2:15). I Just Came to Praise the Lord (Romero 3:10). Jesus Keep Takin' Me Higher and Higher (3:17). He Was There All the Time (3:50). Side 2: The Gadget Man (6:44). Life in the Son (3:37). Victim of the System (2:59). Let There Be Music (Hoppen /Hall 3:10). Jesus Can (Morgan 3:24).
Produced by Gary S. Paxton, Joe Moscheo and Bob MacKenzie. Recorded at Sound Stage, Columbia "A", Starday and Pete Drake's, all in Nashville. Engineers: Ron Reynolds, Tom Semmes, Warren Peterson, Lee Hazen. Remix engineers: Warren Peterson, Tom Semmes, Gary S. Paxton. Mastered at Masterphonics by Glenn Meadows in Nashville. Basic track arrangements by Gary S. Paxton; "The Gadget Man" by Shane Keister and Gary S. Paxton. Art direction and album design: Dan Klatt. Lyric sheet included with album.
Jorge F. Marsal: percussion, congas. Michael Bearman: guitar. Fred Liapitan: drums. Rohn Bailey: keyboards. Bass: Billy Morgette. Paul Morgan, Carol Morgan, Shirley Marsal and Marty Powell: vocals.
Side 1: Peace (Morgan / Hibbard 3:14). Funky Feelin' (Morgan / Marsal 3:03). Just Your Love (Morgan 3:25). Everybody Needs a Savior (Bailey 4:36). Side 2: Take All Your Cares to Jesus (Bailey 2:40). Ever in Praise (Bailey 3:42). Caught Up (Morgan / Marsal 5:53). I Wonder If God Cries (Paxton 2:43). You Make Me Feel So Alive (Powell / Bearman 4:30).
Arranged by Jorge F. Marsal and Dave Williamson. Produced by Jesse Peterson, Frank Kejmar and Dave Williamson. Musical director - Jorge F. Marsal. Recorded at Whitney Studios, Glendale, California. Engineer - Frank Kejmar. Graphics and design - D. Brent Harris. Lyrics printed on back album jacket.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of So Free.
Debbie Amstutz
*No Other One. Greentree R3719. 1980. LP. Lyrics on inner sleeve.
No Other One
Debbie Amstutz: vocals, backing vocals. Dallas Holm and Phil Johnson: backing vocals. Dony McGuire: keyboards. Shane Keister: keyboards, synthesizer. Jack Williams: bass; string arrangements. Kenny Malone: drums. Jon Goin and Steve Gibson: guitars. Denis Solee: lyricon, saxophones. Strings: Shelley Kurland's Strings.
All songs by Debbie Amstutz, except as noted.
Side 1: Don't You Think It's Time (3:26). So Much (2:14). Don't Be a Fool (3:08). Jesus I'm an Open Book (Dallas Holm 3:37). Trusting Jesus (3:04). Side 2: No Other One (3:31). Rose Petal Lady (3:13). Praise Song (3:18). Softly and Tenderly (2:23).
Produced by Dallas Holm and Phil Johnson. Recorded at Great Circle Sound, Nashville; engineer - Bob Clark. Remixed at Great Circle Sound, Bob Clark and Warren Peterson- engineers. Woodland mastering - Hank Williams. Photography by Michael Borum. Art direction and design: Michael Harris Design.
*Amedea, Marie. "Five Ladies and Waiting." Rev. of No Other One and four other albums. CCM Oct 1981: 39.
Amy and Alice
Amy Sewall and Alice Gomez
San Antonio, Texas
*Are You Ready. Zion Productions. 1984. CS.
Are You Ready
All songs written, performed and produced by Amy Sewall and Alice Gomez
Side 1: Are You Ready. One Kind of Love. Without Jesus. He Will Come Again. Quiet Time. You Need Jesus Christ. You Were Always There. Side 2: The Lord’s Prayer. Take a Look Around. With Your Faith. Without Jesus. Trust in the Lord. Jesus Loves Me / Holy Holy Holy.
Jesus Loves Me / Holy Holy Holy medley arranged by Alice. Byron Spears: sound engineer. Al Gomez, Jr.: flugelhorn on You Were Always There. Alan Richards: lead guitar on Are You Ready.
*The Second Incarnation. Endtime Productions. 1999. CD.
The Second Incarnation
Songs: The Second Incarnation. Enter the Illusion. As Darkness Falls. Beyond the Death. Beneath the Sun. Your Soul Denied. To Bleed. Abstract Pain. By Nothingness Embraced.
Anah Aevia
Brutal metal
*Statistical and Diagnostic Manual of Mental Disorders 7th Edition. Selah Records. 2001? CD.
Statistical and Diagnostic Manual
Songs: Closed Arms and Clenched Fists. Lying Beneath a Dream. Mourning the Innocent. Gather and Weep. To Christ Alone Be the Glory.
Pioneer, Ohio. Style was acoustic folk / alternative.
Disbanded effective December 3, 1999. Jon Stoops: lead vocals, guitars, songwriting (music and lyrics). Is pursuing a solo music career. Dave Turner: percussion, vocals, songwriting (lyrics). Entering some type of ministry opportunity.
Aaron Anastasi
Contemporary rock and praise. Anastasi also fronts a more secular band called Unsent Letters.
*Star Seven. Custom, no number. 1998. CD.
*Here I Stand. Custom, no number. 2000. CD.
*Worship. Custom, no number. 2001. CD.
Star Seven
Aaron Anastasi: acoustic guitar, vocals. Nathan Chapman: electric guitar. Josh Rice: drums. Chael Tiller: bass. Sallie Ard: backing vocals. Shawna Alexander: violin. Jeff Sandstrom: trimpet. John Carrozza: B3, Wurlitzer, piano, field snare.
All songs by Aaron Anastasi
Tomorrow. God of Israel. Solid Ground. Love. Pray! Servant. Wisdom. Freedom. Lost. Eighty-Nine. Not Gonna Force You.
Produced by John Carrozza and Aaron Anastasi. Engineered and mixed by John Carrozza. Recorded July 1998 at Twelve Oaks Studio, Atlanta, Georgia.
Here I Stand
Aaron Anastasi: acoustic guitar, vocals. Aaron Siller: electric guitar. Casey Malone: drums. Josh Serum: bass. Noelle Matthes: backing vocals. John Carrozza: B3.
All songs by Aaron Anastasi
Faithful. Stupid Religious Show. Get Over It. Here I Stand. Come to Me. Win Souls. You Are My God. Lord of All. Are We Hearing From God? Trust in Christ.
Produced by John Carrozza and Star Seven. Engineered and mixed by John Carrozza. Recorded May of 2000 at Twelve Oaks Studios, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia.
Aaron Anastasi: lead vocals, electric and acoustic guitars. Chas Smith: backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitar. Casey Malone: drums. Josh Serum: bass. Andy Lee: drums on "Refuge" and electric guitar and drums on "I Love You." John Carrozza: program techno loops, electric guitar, piano, B3 organ.
Hero. Refuge. Future. I Love You. I'm Free. Everything. You Come After Me. My Soul Clings to You. Sorry. God of Life. Broken. New Perspective.
Anchor (Erie, Pennsylvania) melds "the aggression and energy of hardcore with the catchiness of punk rock." Composed of members from xDiscipleX AD, Shockwave and Dodgin’ Bullets. Neil Hartman: guitar (xDiscipleX AD). Dan Quiggle: drums. Adam Salaga: bass (drums for xDiscipleX AD).
*Shipwrecked Life (SWL). Facedown Records FR015. CD EP.
*Wycoff, Collette. "Facedownfest Corona, CA: March 10, 2001." HM 89 (2001): 66. Anchor was one of the bands.
*Bandoppler, Treble. Rev. of "Shipwrecked Life." HM 89 (2001): 71.
*McCready, Tim. "Come on Down." HM 90 (2001): 26.
Shipwrecked Life
Songs: Devil's Revenge. The American Dream. Education in Reverse. Shipwrecked Life. Anchor. Face in the Crowd. Back from the Dead.
Anchored Soul
Indiana. Began August 1996 at Oakland City University. Band is Brian Vance. Paula Vance. Terry Prather. Ermil Wilhite (departed April 1997).
*Show the World. 1997. Songs: Why. My Father Runs. See You Again. Nature's Beauty. Anchors of the Faith. Confusion. Lift My Eyes. Show the World. Here with Me.
*Something for Everyone. Wes IRC 1209. 1981.
*Come on In. ECP ECP1209. 1982. LP.
*Better Get Ready. Commandment LP0019. 1983.
*Songs That Will Last. Commandment LP0033. 1983.
*Sweet Communion. Windchime WC5030. 1986.
*Higher Power. Song Garden SG2001. 1987.
*Heaven Holds All. Harvest HAR1152. 1988.
*Anchored in the Haven of Rest. Custom TSRC2049. 198?
*Rise Up to Meet Him. Custom TSRC2264. 198?
*Thank You Jesus. Custom. 198?
*Heart of the matter. Morningstar MST4105. 1990.
*On the Threshold. Mark Five MV7855. 1991.
*In Concert. Mark Five MV8060. 1992.
*Come to the Fountain. Century II TA5860. 1994.
*Adoration. Sonlite SON172. 1995.
*Anticipation. Zion Z248. 1997.
*Reflections of Life. Zion Z262. 1999.
*Unsinkable. Mainstream 6468501512. 2001.
Come On In
Songs: Jesus Be Lord. I’ll Take Jesus. We Are Those Children. I’ve Never Been This Homesick Before. He Can Be Depended On. I’ll Keep Holding On. Just a Little While. I Am Blessed. I Owe It All to Thee.
Ancient Hero
New Castle, Indiana. Styles are hardcore, metal, punk and praise and worship. Band has released one 5-song demo. Joseph Gossett: percussion. Tony Thompson: bass. Anthony Smith: lead guitar. Active mid 1998.
Ancient of Days
Began in 1997. Josh Hostetler: vocals, guitar. Adam Shilling: bass; replaced by Jim Jullien; replaced by Don Yoder. Bill Wensel: drums. David Owen: guitar.
*Custom CD. Similar to record on Rescue. Some songs rerecorded.
*Ancient of Days. Rescue Records. 2000. CD. Songs: Innocence. He Is. Transmogrified. If Confusion Were a Virtue. Imminence. Long Rainy Drives. Staring Down at Wine. Untie Me. Shades of Gray. Sometimes It Echoes.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of "Ancient of Days." CR May - June 2001: 26.
Ancient Prophecy
*Days of Doom. 1999. CD.
Days of Doom
Songs: The Birth. The Birth II. The BIrth III. Hands on the Wall. Pain. Days of Doom. Alla Turcani. Silent Dream. Omega.
West Midlands, England
*Get Real. Nu Life Nu CD 194. (UK). 1994.
And Academy
*Two-song 7 inch red vinyl. Thunder Kick Records. 2001?
Bill Anders
*The Glory Road. Word W3006. 1956. LP.
Eric Anders
*Lord of My Life. Golden PRS373. 1978. LP.
Bill Anderson
Anderson grandfather was a Methodist minister
for most of his life
*I Can Do Nothing Alone. Decca DL74886. 1967. Reissued: Coral CB20002. 1973. Also Decca DL 4886. LP.
*Sing His Praise. Decca DL75339. 1972. with Jan Howard. Reissued: MCA MCA143. 1973.
I Can Do Nothing Alone
Side 1: I Can Do Nothing Alone (Bill Anderson 2:50). Standing on the Promises (R. Kelso Carter 2:30). Angel Band (traditional 2:12). Papa (Bill Anderson 3:33). Less of Me (Glen Campbell 2:17). Where He Leads Me (J. S. Norris / E. W. Blandy 3:04). Side 2: Just As I Am (Charlotte Elliott / William B. Bradbury 2:42). Light at the River (Carl Story / Bud Brewster 2:18). Most Richly Blessed (Luther T. Brandon / Archie Campbell 2:25). Take Up Thy Cross (Rev. A. H. Ackley 2:25). I Dreamed About Mom Last Night (Fred Rose 2:58). Blessed Assurance (J. F. Knapp / Fanny Crosby 2:20).
Musical accompaniment by the Po’ Boys. The Jordanaires appear through the courtesy of Columbia Records.
Bill Anderson
*I'll Tell the World. Heart Warming HWS3043. 1969. LP. May also be listed as Impact 3043. With Ronn Huff and Orchestra.
Bob Anderson
*Onward Christian Soldiers. Word W2009. 1954. 10 inch.
*Organ Meditations. Word W3052. 1958.
*Sunrise. Word W3141. 1961. LP. WST8078: stereo.
Anderson Brothers
*Country Gospel. Shining Light Records SL-04. 197?
Country Gospel
Songs: He’s My Best Friend. In God I Trust. What a Lovely Name. I Should Have Been Crucified. Hallelujah. Walking in the Light. Statue of Liberty. Sweet Hour of Prayer (instrumental). Jesus Never Changes. I Don’t Worship the Cross
Bruce Anderson
Seattle, Washington
See also Family. Joyous Celebration
*Dialogue. Artronics ART-271. 1971? LP.
Songs: Pride of Man. Dialogue. I Wish We’d All Been Ready. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. Sweet Sweet Song of Salvation. I Am the Resurrection. Oh Lord My God. Bridges of Love. Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus. Walking with Jesus. Sweet Little Jesus Boy.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Christine Anderson
*Tapestry in Bronze. Hope Publishing Company. No number. No date. 1990s? CD.
Anderson College Choir
*Music of the Church of God. Word W3123. 1961. LP.
*What A Mighty God We Serve. Paragon 1011. LP.
What a Mighty God We Serve
Side 1: What a Mighty God We Serve (Brooks / Warren 2:04). I Am the Lord’s (Naylor / Teasley 2:10). The Kingdom of Peace (Warren 2:23). Let Not Your Heart Be troubled (Warren 2:23). A Child of God (Warren 2:48). Side 2: The Church’s Jubilee (Naylor / Byers 2:21). Consecration (Howard / Byers 3:25). I’m Redeemed (Fisher 1:58). Let Me See Jesus Only (Oldham 2:45). I Will Praise Him, Hallelujah (Teasley 1:53).
Produced by Robert MacKenzie and Dale Bengston. Recording engineers: Frank Kejmar and Marshall Sanders. Cover art and layout: Kurt Burgess. Recorded at Whitney Recording Studio, Glendale, California and Pinebrook Recording Studio, Alexandria, Indiana.
Anderson College Choralairs
*Songs of Christian Brotherhood. Word Records W3192. 1963. WST8121: stereo. LP.
Dave Anderson
*Sings "Through It All." Hallelujah H223. 1973. LP. Also Fellowship Records, Seattle?
Sings “Through It All”
Songs: Through It All. Alleluia, The Way, the Truth and the Life. No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus. How Great Thou Art. Two Hands. His Name Is Wonderful. Father I Adore You. Sweet, Sweet Spirit. Welcome Back.
Dave and Barb Anderson
*Touch My Friend Lord Jesus. Fellowship F230. 1979.
*Sing Praises. Fellowship F238. 1981.
*The Best of. Fellowship. 1981.
*Lift High the Cross. Fellowship. 1983.
*Just for Kids.
*Road in Winter: Special Songs for Christmas.
*Sometimes Alleluia.
Earle Anderson
*Sacred Concert. Sacred Records 7041. 10 inch LP. Red vinyl. With Lorin Whitney on the pipe organ.
*The Holy City. International LP10035. 1956. 10 inch.
*Baritone. Christian Faith EA71. 1956. 10 inch.
*Baritone. Christian Faith EA73. 1956. 10 inch.
*Baritone. Christian Faith EA75. 1956. 10 inch.
*Earle Anderson. Christian Faith EA4071. 1956.
*Baritone. Christian Faith EA4073. 1956.
*Baritone. Christian Faith EA4075. 1957.
Ed Anderson
*I’ve Found a Friend. Majestic LPS 1061. 1973? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Anderson Family
Bluegrass and gospel
*Life’s Railway to Heaven. Mag 1137. 1980. LP?
*Life’s Railway to Heaven. OD OC 1001. 1980. LP?
*Will the Circle Be Broken? OD OC 1011. 1979. LP?
Brother James Anderson
*I'm Gonna Move in the Room with the Lord b/w My Soul Needs Resting. Sun 406. 45rpm.
Judith Anderson
*The Book of Judith and the Book of Ruth. Caedmon TC1052. 196? LP and CS.
*Reading the Psalms and the Tale of David. Caedmon TC1053. 196? LP and CS.
Lil Anderson
*Welcome to My World. Unknown LP6219. 197? LP.
Marian Anderson
*Heav'n, Heav'n / Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child. Joe Davis 8900. 10 inch 78rpm.
*Sings Spirituals. RCA Victor LM1102. 1956. 10 inch. Reissued as Sings Negro Spirituals. RCA New Zealand BLP1060. 1956. LP.
*Spirituals. RCA Victor LM-2032. 1956. Reissued: RCA New Zealand RPL3008. 1956. LP.
*Sings Negro Spirituals. First Records FL-1221. LP. Taiwan pressing.
*He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. RCA Victor LSC2592. 1962. Reissued: RCA BG261960. 1994.
*Farewell Recital. RCA Victor LSC2781. 1965.
*Jus' Keep on Singin'. RCA Victor LSC2796. 1965.
*Christmas with Marian Anderson. RCA LM8p-4672. LP. A special world-wide Lutheran Hour broadcasrt; Dr. Oswald Hoffmann conducts the interview part.
*Marian Anderson Sings. Royal 61. 10 inch LP.
Side 1: Deep River / He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. Roll Jerd'n, Roll! / Go Down, Moses. Crucifixion / Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child. Let Us Break Bread Together / Plenty Good Room. Everytime I Feel de Spirit / If He Change My Name / O What a Beautiful City! Side 2: Nobody Knows the Trouble I See (American Negro Medody) / Hear de Lam's a-Cryin' (Arr. by Lawrence Brown). My Lord, What a Morning / Were You There? (Arr. by H. T. Burleigh). Oh Ma Journey (Arr. by Edward Boatner) / De Gospel Train (Arr. by H. T. Burleigh). Soon-a Will Be Done (Arr. by Edward Boatner) / Sinner, Please (Arr. by H. T. Burleigh). Honor, Honor (Arr. by Hall Johnson) / Ride On, King Jesus (Arr. by H. T. Burleigh)
Marian Anderson, contralto with Franz Rupp at the piano.
Marvin Anderson
*Pattern My Life. King KSG31056. 197? LP.
Michael Anderson
*Sound Alarm. A and M Records SP5203. 1988. LP
*"Until You Loved Me" b/w "Sound Alarm." A and M Records CD17621. 1988. CD. 2 song promo with picture sleeve.
*Until You Loved Me. A&M 17621. 1988.
*Michael Anderson. A and M Records 750215295. 1990.
*Saints and Sinners. Forefront FFD3004. 1993.
*Love Is the Hard Part. Forefront FFD 5143. 1996. CD.
Sound Alarm
Michael Anderson: vocals, guitars. Josh Sklair: guitars. Jimmy Z.: harmonica. Chad Cromwell: drums. Buck Silvertone: bass. Terry Manning: keyboards. Backing vocals by Jimmy Jaimeson, Buck Silvertone, Toni Anderson and Terry Manning.
All songs by Michael Anderson, except as noted.
Side 1: Sound Alarm (5:31). I Know That You Can Stand (5:14). I Need You (Anderson / G. Roache 4:51). Until You Loved Me (3:49). Sanctuary (5:43). Side 2: Little Bit O' Love (4:24). Memphis Radio (4:47). Soweto Soul (4:03). Shine a Light (4:49). Time to Go Home (5:10).
Produced and engineered by Terry Manning. Recorded and mixed at Ardent Studios / Alpha Sound, Memphis. Mastered by Bob Ludwig, Masterdisk, New York. Art direction - Chuck Beeson and Donald Krieger. Design by Donald Krieger. Photography: Glen Erler. Hair: LeMaire.
Michael Anderson
Dave Raven: drums. Don Kirkpatrick: guitar. Randy Mitchell: guitar. Taras Prodaniuk: bass. Michael Omartian: keyboards, percussion. Jimmy Z: harp, horns. Michael Anderson: guitars, bass, vocals. Backing vocals: Toni Anderson, Michael Omartian, Jeff Rollings. The Choir: Steve and Linda Tavani, Michael Omartian, Toni Anderson, Jeff Rollings, Alphinette Silas. Additional musicians - Dean Chamberlain: guitar, backing vocals on "Heaven Help the Lonely." Rob Watson: keyboards on "True Love." Mike Landau: solo on "Could You Ever Love Me Now." Steve Lukather: guitars on "Flame in the Fire." Buck Silvertone: bass. John Anderson: guitar, attitude.
Side 1: True Love (Anderson / Kirkpatrick). Could You Ever Love Me Now (Anderson / Kirkpatrick). The Rose and the Fire (Anderson / Omartian). Heaven Help the Lonely (Willie Nile / Dean Chamberlain). Heartbeat from Glory (Memorial Day) (Anderson).
Side 2: Raymond Chandler Said (Anderson). Slip Away (Anderson / Omartian). Flame in the Fire (Anderson). In the Dark Tonight (Anderson). Let It Rain (Anderson).
Produced by Michael Omartian. Recorded and mixed by Terry Christian. Assistant engineers: Kevin Becka and Mick Higgins. Production coordinator: Janet Hinde. Recorded and mixed at Lighthouse Recorders, North Hollywood, California. Additional recording: Sound House, North Hollywood; Homelands, Beverly Hills, California; Master Control, Burbank, California; MCA Studios, Universal City, California. "Let It Rain" produced by Michael Anderson. Recorded by Ernie Sheesley. Remixed by Terry Christian. Josh Sklair: guitar. Ian McLagan: piano. Dave Raven: drums. Michael Anderson: guitar, bass, vocal. Michael Omartian: keyboards. Ian Wallace: percussion. Jeff Rollings: guitar, backing vocals. Toni Anderson: backing vocals.
Art direction: Chuck Beeson. Design: Rebecca Keeley. Photography: Aaron Rapoport. Hair by Le Maire and Robert Hickland.
Love Is the Hard Part
Michael Anderson: vocals. Tommy Spurlock: guitars, sitar, backing vocals. Paul Ebersold: rhythm guitar, keyboards. Kirk Eberhard: bass. Greg Herrington: drums, programming. The Silvertones: backing vocals. Randy Mitchell: guitars. Steve Dudash: violin. Buck: keyboards, backing vocals. Roscoe Meek: guitars. Kevin Page: backing vocals. Toni Anderson: backing vocals. Chris Mundie: backing vocals. Baby Buck: heartbeat on "No Easy Way."
All songs by Michael Anderson, except as noted.
Love Is the Hard Part (5:54). I Know It's Not the Rain (5:13). Heart and Soul (5:12). Shot Down (Larry Norman 5:08). Soul Man Myself (3:59). Be Not Afraid (3:53). Revival (6:38). No Easy Way (4:16). Fighting to Surrender (5:20). David's Harp (Meek / Anderson 4:29). The Post Moderne Soul Antenna (8:38)
Produced by Michael Anderson and Paul Ebersold. Executive producers: Dan R. Brock and Eddie DeGarmo. Engineered by Paul Ebersold. Recorded at Buck's Studio, Nashville, Tennessee. Drums recorded at Dave's Garden of Eden, Nashville. Mixed at Ardent Recordings, Memphis; mixed by Paul Ebersold. Mastered by Ken Love at Mastermix, Nashville. Photography by Norman Jean Roy. Make-up by Lorrie Turk. Art direction by Sara Remke.
Moira Anderson
*At the End of the Day. EMI Records. 1974. LP. UK.
Patty Anderson
*Sweeter as the Years Go By. Vision PA187. 198?
Robert Anderson
*He's Coming Back for Me / Eyes Have Not Seen. Apollo 296. 78rpm.
*How I Got Over / Trusting in Jesus. United 111. Gospel Caravan sings second song. 78rpm.
Ruth Anderson
*Ruth Anderson. Chapel LP1209. 195? 10 inch.
Scott Anderson
*Somebody Loves You. Pan-Trax PTX-D-89002. 1989. CD and CS.
*Somethin' Diff'rent. Mercy FLD9298. 1992. CD.
Somebody Loves You
Kent Wells: guitars. Gary Lunn: bass. Steve Grossman: drums. Eddie ‘Bluesman’ Seidenkranz: keyboards. Tony Stephens: harmonica on “I Forgot.” Bill Sinclair: saxophone, harmonica on “I’m Not That Kind of Guy.” Marabeth Jordan and Mike Eldred: backing vocals. Special thanks to the musicians on: “Penny Arcade”: Dan Vitco: all keyboards and samples. David Pickett: guitar, voices. “Peanut Butter and Jelly”: Ben Vaughn: guitars. Aldo Jones: bass. Gus Cordovox: accordion. Palmyra Delran: banjo, jungle toms, vocal scream. Dan Vitco: Farfisa, triangle. “What I’m Living For”: Dan Vitco: keyboards, guitars.
All words and music by Scott Anderson
Somebody Loves You (3:58). I Ain’t Clowning Around (No More with God) (3:12). I Believe in Him (4:55). Give It All You Got (3:53). I Forgot (4:25). Penny Arcade (1:55). Too Cool for Sunday School (5:11). I’m Not That Kind of Guy (4:56). Peanut Butter and Jelly (3:12). What I’m Living For (3:42). I Belong to You (4:45).
All songs produced, engineered and mixed by Chris Thomason and Paul Salveson, except Peanut Butter, Penny Arcade and What I’m Living For by Mark Schultz. Executive producer: Scott Anderson. All songs recorded at Scuzzycat, Nashville, except the same three above, at Azimuth Studios, Newfield, New Jersey. Cover design by Pamela Neff. Photography by Bob Donohue. Digitally mastered at Master Mix by Hank Williams.
Andersons (Dave and Linda)
*God Is So Good. Klujics LPS1776. 197? LP.
Randy Andregg
*Randy. Creative Sound CRS5301. 197? LP. Also found as Chapel 5301. LP.
Andrew Andrews
*An Hour of Revered Organ Melodies. Royal LP1450. 1952. LP.
Dana Andrews
*And God Said. Epic SLN3534. 1960. LP.
George Andrews
*Because I Am. Clear Light Productions CL2-101. 1973. 2 LPs.
Inez Andrews
*The Need of Prayer. Songbird SBLP 200. 1963. LP. As Inez Andrews and the Andrewettes. Reissued: MCA 28054. LP.
*Letter to Jesus. Songbird SBLP 201. LP. As Inez Andrews and the Andrewettes. Reissued: MCA 28055. LP.
*Close to Thee. Songbird SBLP 213. LP. Reissued: MCA 28057. LP.
*Lord Don't Move that Mountain. Songbird SBLP 226. LP. Reissued: MCA 28061. LP. Reissued: Jewel JCD3800. 1996. CD.
*More Church in the Home. Songbird SBLP239. 197? LP. Reissued: MCA 28067. LP.
*The Munich Gospel Festival. Songbird SBLP 254. LP. Reissued: MCA 28072. LP.
*This Is Not the First Time. Songbird SBLP 259. 1975. LP. Reissued: MCA 28074. LP.
*War on Sin. Songbird SBLP 266. 1976. LP. Reissued: MCA 28075. LP.
*Inez Andrews. Savoy MG14591. 1980. Reissued? Savoy MG14731. 1990.
*Chapter Five. Songbird SBLP266 or 269?. 197? LP. Reissued: MCA 28076. LP.
*Shine on Me. MCA 28115. LP.
*Jehovah Is His Name. Jewel JC0800. 1986.
*If Jesus Came to Your Town Today. Miracle MIR 5004. 1988. LP.
*I Made a Step in the Right Direction. Savoy MG14638. 198?
*My Testimony. Savoy MG14682. 198?
*Raise Up a Nation. Word 7019268501. 1991.
*The Two Sides of. Shanachie SF1001. 1996. CD.
Lord, Don’t Move the Mountain
All sings by Inez Andrews, except as noted
Side 1: I’m Free (2:45). The Greatest Warrior (3:00). What You Send Out (3:25). Something Is Moving (2:35). Lord, Don’t Move the Mountain (Doris Akers 2:55). Side 2: Wandering Child (7:00). Please Turn Me Around (2>25). Please God (4:15). Looking Back (Otis / Benton / Hendricks 4:20).
Janice Andrews
Gainesville, FL
*I Want the World to Know. Ludwig Sound LS-223 or LH-13607. 1975. LP.
I Want the World to Know
Darrell Holt: piano. Glenn Adams: organ, flute, vibes. Ed Garcia: bass guitar. Dave Waters: lead guitar. Frank Sandoval: drums. Chris Brandesky, Liz Brandesky, Darrell Holt, Rosie Bayer, Melodie Gries: backing vocals. Strings: Ludwig Sound String Orchestra. Larry Brubaker: trumpet. David Lanagan, Paul Terrell, Darrell Holt: trumpet, flugelhorn. Jimmy Battle, Kenny Goodson: trombone. Janet Blair, Joel Duskin: French horn.
Side 1: I Want the World to Know (3:50). Can't Wait Till He's Here (2:40). As I Trust You (4:00). The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (4:10). Gentle Shepherd (4:45). Side 2: Tell Yourself You Need Him (4:15). His Hand in Mine (4:35). Oh I Need Him (3:55). Holy Glory (3:18). Where Is the Answer (3:58).
Arrangements: Darrell Holt. Photography: Ralph Wilkerson. Engineering: Charles Ludwig, Glen Adams. Liner notes: N. B. Langford, Jr.; North Central Baptist Church, "Home church for the University of Florida."
Julie Andrews
*A Christmas Treasure. RCA Victor LSP3829. 1967. LP.
Andrews Sisters
*I Love to Tell the Story. Decca DL5306. 1950. 10 inch.
*Favorite Hymns. Hamilton HLP12154. 196? LP.
Andrews University
Andrews University is in Berrien Springs, Michigan
*Organ Dedication / Recital. STCP 662. 1966. LP. Dr. C. Warren Becker, organist. Concert took place in the Pioneer Memorial Church on the campus.
Andrus and Blackwood
*Holiday. Nissi Records EMR 4608. 1984.LP. Lyrics on insert.
Smity Price, John Rosasco: keyboards. Marty Walsh: guitar. Leon Gear: bass. Cactus Moser, John Ferraro: drums. Art Wood: synth and Simmons programming. Jack Kelly: Linn drums. Rhett Lawrence: synthesizer and Fairlight CMI programming. Brandon Fields: saxophones. Alex Acuna: percussion. Backing vocals: Terry Blackwood, Sherman Andrus, Sandi Hall, Melissa Mackay, Susan McBride, Gail Farrell, Linda McCrary, Charity McCrary, Alfred McCrary.
Side 1: Builder of Bridges (John Rosasco / Don Rogers 4:06). Warriors (Rosasco / Rogers 4:12). The Love in His Eyes (Rosasco / T. Blackwood / Rogers 3:46). Witness (Sherman Andrus 3:12). Joy and Peace (Rosasco / Raymond Brown 3:22). Side 2: Amen Again (Rosasco / Rogers 4:51). The Prayer (Rosasco / Rogers 3:27). I Can Do All Things (T. Blackwood / Billy Smiley 3:58). Nothing Separates Me (From His Love) (Andrus / Rogers 5:01).
Produced and arranged by John Rosasco. Mixed by Robert Cotton. Engineers: Peter Haden and Wally Grant. Assistant engineers: Michael Ross and Tim Robertstad. Recorded at Weddington Studio, North Hollywood; Paramount Recording, Hollywood; Redwing Studio, Tarzana, California; Can-Am Recording, Encino, California; Peace in the Valley, Arleta, California. Audio production coordination: Katherine McNabb. Art direction and design: Craig Ross. Illustration: Craig Pursley. Lettering on back cover: Allison Conley. Photography: Sue Choi. Production coordination: B. Charlyne Hinesley.
Andrus, Blackwood and Co.
*Grand Opening. Greentree R3467. 1977. LP.
*Following You. Greentree 2R3515. 1978. LP.
*Live. Greentree R3570. 1980. LP.
*Soldiers of the Light. Greentree R3738. 1981. LP.
*The Best of. Greentree R3763. 1984. LP.
*Step Out of the Night. Greentree R3942. 1982. LP.
Grand Opening
Shane Keister - keyboards. Jack Williams: bass. Steve Gibson and Reggie Young: acoustic guitars. Larri London: drums. Farrell Morris: percussion. George Tidwell and Dennis Good: brass. Bill Puett, Bobby Taylor and Dennis Solee: woodwinds. String players by Sheldon Kurland. Jack Williams: string and woodwind arrangements on "Questions," "All That I Want," Filled," "Steve" and "You Are My Everything." Vocal arrangement on "You Are My Everything" by Bergen White. Other vocals by Terry Blackwood.
Side 1: I'm Gonna Rise (Nancye Short 2:36). Never Be (Phil Johnson 3:33). All That I Want to Be (Bruce Hibbard 3:01). Something Right (Phil Johnson 2:36). Oh What a Day (Chi Coltrane 3:15). Side 2: You Are My Everything (Tim Sheppard 3:18). Questions (Bruce Hibbard 3:33). Rescue Me (Bruce Hibbard 2:57). Filled to Overflowing (Alice and Shane Keister 2:53). Steve (Phil Johnson 4:18).
Produced by Phil Johnson. Recorded and remixed at Great Circle Sound, Nashville. Engineered by Bob Clark and Jon Yeaworth. Art direction: Bob McConnell. Cover photos: Dill Beaty. Hand tinting by Tom Haggerty.
Following You
Shane Keister: keyboards. Randy Goodrum: keyboards. Larrie London: drums. Jerry Carrigan: drums. Jack Williams: bass. Farrell Morris: percussion. Jon Goin: guitar. Steve Gibson: guitar. Reggie Young: guitar. Billy Sanford: guitar. Joe Huffman: guitar.
Side 1: Following You (Phil Johnson 3:30). Starting All Over Again (Tim Sheppard 3:22). Story of My Life (Bruce Hibbard 3:50). Give It Up (Tim Sheppard 3:52). You Keep Me Happy (J. Sherberg 2:53). Side 2: There Aren't Words Enough (M. Chapman 4:10). Never Ending Love (D. McGuire / R. Rambo 4:45). Falling in Love (K. Voegtlin 2:49). Sweet, Sweet Friendship (Tim Sheppard 2:25). Side 3: Jesus, You're So Wonderful (S. Fromm 3:30). For So Long (Bruce Hibbard 3:17). You're Such a Comfort to Me (K. Voegtlin 3:32). It Happened (B. Villareal 3:30). You're So Good to Me (Bruce Hibbard 4:30). Side 4: He Must Have Lovin' Eyes (Phil Johnson 4:35). The Rock (B. Farrell 2:52). All of Me (Hibbard / Hockensmith 3:54). He's Here Right Now (R. Cook 3:42).
Produced by Phil Johnson. Recorded and remixed at Great Circle Sound. Bob Clark: engineer. Bob McConnell: art direction. Dill Beaty: photos.
Sherman Andrus: lead vocals. Terry Blackwood: lead and backing vocals. Billy Blackwood: drums. Rocky Laughlin: bass. Bob Villareal: lead guitar and vocals. Karen Voegtlin: keyboards, vocals.
Side 1: Rescue Me (Hibbard 3:13). Never Be (Johnson 3:35). You Are My Everything (Sheppard 3:20). Give Them All to Jesus (Johnson / Benson 2:59). He's Here Right Now (Cook 4:38). Bless That Wonderful Name (public domain 2:52). Side 2: Jesus You're So Wonderful (Fromm 5:19). Oh, What a Day (Coltrane 4:34). If You Abide in Me (Rogers 4:06). Following You (Johnson 3:46). I'm Gonna Rise (N. Short Tsapralis 3:41).
Produced by Phil Johnson. Recorded live with Fanta Mobile in the Florida Room of the Executive Inn, Evansville, Indiana. Engineers: Bill Fast, Mervin Louque and Johnny Rosen. Remixed at Soundshop & Soundstage, Nashville; engineer: Bob Clark. Woodland mastering: Hank Williams. Art direction and photography: Dill Beaty.
Step out of the Night
Side 1: No You May Not (Phil Johnson / Smitty Price 5:15). Step out of the Night (Phil Johnson / Randy Goodrum 3:18). Stone's Throw Away (Phil Johnson 3:50). Live It from Day to Day (Hadley Hockensmith / Bob Cotton 3:40). Without Love (John Rosasco / Keith Stegall 3:38). Side 2: Wake the Town (David P. Baroni / Niles A. Borop III 4:12). Comin' Back (Hadley Hockensmith 4:03). Better Than I Know Myself (Judy MacKenzie / David Cook 3:45). More Like You (Hadley Hockensmith / Bruce Hibbard 3:08). Shine (If You Care) (Keith Thomas 3:10).
Produced by Phil Johnson. Production assistance: Smitty Price, Sherman Andrus, Terry Blackwood. Recorded at Weddington Studios, North Hollywood, California and at Soundstage Studios, Nashville. Engineers: Bob Cotton, Warren Peterson. Overdubs recorded by Warren Peterson, Smitty Price, Wally Grant. Remixed by Warren Peterson at Soundstage Studios, Nashville. Second engineers for the overdubs and remix: Vicky Hicks and Lee Groitzsch. "Comin' Back," "Live It from Day to Day" and "More Like You" arranged by Hadley Hockensmith. All other tracks arranged by Smity Price. Mastered by Hank Williams at Woodland Studio, Nashville. Album design by Bill Brunt. Photography by Mike Borum.
Sherman Andrus
*I've Got Confidence. Impact R3019. 1973. LP.
*Soon Coming. Shalom SH1143. 1976. LP. Reissued: New Born NB7007. 1976. LP.
*How the Years Pass By. Shalom. 1978. LP. Label from Oklahoma, OK.
*Revisited. Christian World CW5009. 1982.
*Caution to the Wind. Amethyst AA8822. 1988.
*Seize the Moment. Exodus. 1993.
I've Got Confidence
All songs by Andrae Crouch, except as noted.
Side 1: Say a Little Prayer. I've Got Confidence. Oh, I Need Him. Try Me One More Time. Jesys Met the Woman at the Well (traditional). He Looked Beyond My Fault (Rambo / Rambo). Side 2: Mine for the Asking (Akers / Manna). Life. Heaven. The Impossible Dream (Leigh / Sam Fox). Why. God Will Never Leave You.
Produced by Bob MacKenzie and Andrae Crouch. Arranged by Jimmy Owens, Clark Gassman and Andrae Crouch. Arranged by Jimmy Owens, Clark Gassman and Andrae Crouch. Vocal back-up: The Andrae Crouch Singers. Art direction: Bob McConnell. Cover design: Michael Harris. Cover photo: Bill Grein. Production supervision: Lee Woolery. Recording engineer: Frank Kejmar. Recorded at Whitney Recording Studio, Glendale, California.
Soon Coming
Harlan Rogers: piano, organ, synthesizer. Hadley Hockensmith: guitars, bass. Jerry Wilson and Eric Lemmons: bass. Lanny Hansen and Keith Edwards: drums. Fletch Wiley and Jim Rachel: trumpets. Joe Davis and Bob Beasley: saxes. Kent Kidwell: trombone. Backing vocals: Holiday Sisters, Terry Blackwood, Sherman Andrus, Rhenda Edwards. Judith Cotton, Kelly Willard.
Side 1: The Other Side (H. Rogers 3:04). Father Me (H. Rogers 3:35). If You Abide in Me (H. Rogers 3:00). Satisfied (I'Ve Got Jesus) (S. Andrus 2:48). Walk in the Spirit (H. Rogers 3:23). Side 2: Soon Coming (H. Hockensmith 4:05). Only Jesus (Can Satisfy Your Soul) (3:58). Keep Hold'in On (D. Hall 3:44). Lord Bless This Day (B. Hibbard 3:33). One God (S. Andrus 2:51).
Produced by Bobby Cotton. Recorded at Associated Recording Studios, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Background vocal arrangements: Terry Blackwood and Sherman Andrus. String and horn arrangements: Fletch Wiley. Engineered and mixed: Bobby Cotton. Photography: Michael Harris.
Horace Andy
England. Reggae music
*Seek and You Will Find. Blakamix Int’l Records BLKMCD 015. 1995. CD.
Seek and You Will Find
Songs: Know Yourself. God Is Real. He Conquered. Withered Away. African Girl. Live Up, Live Up. Men + Men. Stop the Fussing + Fighting. None a Dem. Seek + You Will Find. Recorded at Blakamix Studios U.K.
Angel Band
*I Choose to Be a Christian. Grapevine G1020. 1988.
Angel Family Singers
*Sing a New Song. Lu-Tex LP1001. 197? LP.
Hayley Angel
England. Style is roots / acoustic.
*A Glimpse of Heaven: the Demos. Custom CD. UK. 2000?
*Rev. of "A Glimpse of Heaven." Cross Rhythms June-July 2000: 39.
Angel Mine
Chesterfield, Virginia. Nathan Joyce and Brad Beaton began the band in October 1999; played their first show on December 4, 1999. Daniel Spivey (bass) joined on January 22, 2000. Style is mix of acoustic folk / indie pop / rock and some loud metal.
Angel of Mercy
Paramus, New Jersey. Circa 1998
*Fall Down. CD. 1998?
Angel Orange
Nottingham, England
*Dream Chasers. 2002. CD.
Minnesota? circa 1997
Angelic Choir
*Hold the Light. Savoy LP7001. 1973. LP.
*In the Holy Ghost. Savoy MG14049. 1973. LP.
*Concert Choir. Savoy MG14075. 1973. LP.
*Climbing Up the Mountain. Savoy MG14105. 1973. LP.
*I've Got It. Savoy MG14124. 1974. LP.
*Heaven Is Mine. Savoy MG14163. 1974. LP.
*The Last Request. Savoy MG14191. 1975. LP.
*Just in Time. Savoy MG14217. 1975. LP.
*I Love Jesus. Savoy MG14234. 1976. LP.
*A Mother and Her Son. Savoy MG14254. 1977. LP.
*Throw out the Lifeline. Savoy MG14275. 1977. LP.
*Angelic Choir. Savoy MG14357. 1979. LP.
*Live. Savoy MG14416. 1980. LP. Title also listed as When I Get Home.
Angelic Gospel Choir
*Don't Stop Praying. LP
Angelic Gospel Singers
Margaret Allison, Lucille Shird, Josphine McDowell, Ella Mae Norris
*My Sweet Home. Nashboro 7003. 1961. LP.
*Songs from the Heart. Nashboro 7021. 1964. LP.
*The Best of the Angelic Gospel Singers. Nashboro 7047. 1967. LP.
*Jesus Paid It All. Nashboro 7061. 1968. LP.
*Somebody Saved Me. Nashboro 7088. 1970. LP.
*Jesus Will Never Say No. Nashboro 7136. 1974. LP.
*I'm Bound for Mount Zion. Nashboro 7150. LP.
*Gotta Find a Better Home. Nashboro 7178. LP.
*Margaret, Josephine and Bernice. Nashboro 7186. 1978. LP.
*Cover Over Here. Nashboro 7196. 1979. LP.
*Together 34 Years. Nashboro 7207. 1979. LP.
*I'll Go with You. Nashboro 7236. 1981. LP.
*Rejoice. Nashboro 8789. 1984. Best of.
*Touch Me Lord Jesus. Malaco MAL4381. 1982 LP. Reissued: Heritage CDI1. 1995.
*Don't Stop Praying. Malaco MAL4388. 198?. LP.
*40 Years. Malaco MAL4398. 198? LP.
*I've Got Victory. Malaco MAL4407. 198? LP.
*Lord You Gave Me Another Chance. Malaco MAL4436. 1989. LP.
*The Best Of. Nashboro 4509. 1995.
*The Best of Volume 2. Nashboro 4261. 1996.
*Just Jesus / This Same Jesus. Gotham 613. (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)
*Somebody Saved Me / Yes, My Jesus. Gotham 618.
*Back to the Dust / He Never Has Left Me Alone. Gotham 640.
*Do Lord, Remember Me / Almost Persuaded. Gothem G649. Matrix numbers: AG15, AG16. 1950s.
*Jesus Will Answer Prayer / In the Morning. Gotham G663. 1950? With the Dixie Hummingbirds. Matrix numbers: AB2, AB4.
*If Jesus Goes with Me / Blessed, Blessed Jesus. Gotham G711. 1950s. 10 inch.
*Angels Watching Over Me / I’m Going Home to Jesus. Gotham G755.1950s. 10 inch. 78rpm.
*Jesus Is the Light of the World / Only a Look. Gotham G-774. 195? 10 inch. 78rpm. Matrix numbers: AG 45, AG 46.
*Today (Angelic Gospel Singers) / One Day (Dixie Hummingbirds). Okeh 6858. 78 rpm.
*Dear Lord, Look Down Upon Me / Standing out on the Highway. Gotham Records AB-3. 10 inch. 78 rpm. With the Dixie Hummingbirds.
Jesus Will Never Say No
All songs are public domain, except as noted.
Side 1: Pray for Me. On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand. Get Right Church. Lord Jesus (W. Carr). Over Yonder by the River. Side 2: Jesus Will Never Say No (E. Cooke). There Is a God Somewhere (Thomas Dorsey). I Will Trust in the Lord. I've Got Faith. A Child of the King.
Produced by Shannon Simmons.
Touch Me, Lord Jesus
Side 1: Touch Me, Lord Jesus. When I See Jesus. What Have You Done for the Lord Today? I Give the Lord All the Praise. Side 2: Walking and Talking with Jesus. Back to My Father’s House. Sweet Home. I’m Depending on. Jesus.
Keyboards: Margaret Allison, Haran Griffin. Guitar: Frank Williams. Bass: Paull Peters. Engineers: Wolf Stephenson, Haran Griffin. Album coordination: Roy Wooten. Jacket design: P. R. Allen.
The Best of... Volume II
Songs: Bound for Mt. Zion. Jesus Will Never Say No. I Hope It Won't Be This Way Always. Thank You for One More Day. Welcome Home. Jesus Paid It All. Pray for Me. If It Wasn't for the Lord. Prayer Changes Things.
Ontario, Canada
*Angelica. Intense Records CD09061. 1989. CD. Lyrics on insert.
*Walkin' in Faith. Intense Records CD09204. 1990. CD. Lyrics on insert.
*Rock, Stock and Barrel. Intense Records FLD9250. 1991. CD. Lyrics on insert.
*Time Is All It Takes. Intense Records FLD9282. 1992. CD. Lyrics on insert.
*Greatest Hits. Intense Records FLD9453. 1993. CD.
*Angelica / Rock Stock and Barrel. KMG Records KMG8663. 1998. Reissue is missing Ahh!, S.O.S. and Face to Face from the debut album. CD.
Robert Pallen: bass. Scott Ernest: drums. Dennis Cameron: guitars. Andy Lyon: vocals. All lead vocals were performed this time round by Rob Rock; except lead vocals on "Face to Face" by Ken Tamplin. Backing vocals: Ken Tamplin. Keyboards: Marc Hugenberger.
All songs by Cameron and Lyon, except as noted.
There's Only One Hero (4:05). Are You Satisfied (3:30). I Believe (3:45). Danger Zone (3:42). Shine on Me (3:05). Only a Man (3:40). One Step at a Time (Cameron 3:31). Will I Ever Learn (Cameron 3:20). Take Me (3:32). Ahh! (Cameron 3:00). S.O.S (3:50). Face to Face (Cameron 3:23).
Produced by Dennis Cameron. Vocal production by Ken Tamplin. Recorded at The Mixing Lab A. Engineered by Dave Jahnsen and Eric Kibby. Illustration by Jeff Foster. Photography by Michael Seeley. Art direction by Ed McTaggart.
Walkin' in Faith
Jerome Mazza: lead and backing vocals. Dennis Cameron: guitars, drum programming, backing vocals. Robert Pallen: bass, backing vocals. Keyboards by Daryl Wicker, except on "Time" and Walkin' in Faith" by Dennis Cameron.
All songs by Dennis Cameron.
Walkin' in Faith (4:41). Hold On (4:28). All I Can Do (4:49). Soul Search (4:11). Time and Time Again (4:13). Sing and Shout (4:26). Set Me Free (4:33). Not Too Late (5:19). Bring into Being (4:41). Harvest (3:21).
Produced by Dennis Cameron. Co-produced and engineered by Daryl Wicker. Mixed by Scott Seehower, Daryl Wicker and Dennis Cameron. Recorded at GCC Production House, Bradenton, Florida. Mastered by John Matousek at Soundworks West. Cover illustration by Jeff Foster. Art direction by Ed McTaggart. Layout by Joe Potter.
Rock, Stock and Barrel
Drew: lead vocals. Dennis Cameron: guitar, backing vocals. Robert Pallen: bass, backing vocals. Bobby Lawrence - drums. With: Daro and Christophe Marchand - keyboards. Additional backing vocals by Michele Eckert on "Without Words;" Patrick McManus on "The Fire Inside" and "Rhyme and Reason."
All songs by Dennis Cameron, except as noted
The Fire Inside (4:23). Someone to Believe in Me (4:46). Cover Me (4:54). Home Sweet Heaven (4:55). A Little Love (3:57). Sail Away (4:11). Keep Pushin' On (4:46). Bumble Boob Groove (instrumental; author unknown, arranged by Cameron 1:52). Rhyme and Reason (3:52). Without Words (4:26). Oh Canada (instrumental; author unknown, arranged by Cameron 1:46).
Produced by Dennis Cameron. Co-produced by Daro. Mixed by Daryl Wickes [previous album listed as Wicker]. Engineers: Daryl Wickes, Scott Seehawer [previous album listed as Seehower], Doug Drury and Dennis Cameron. Recorded at Charico Studio, Bradenton, Florida. Photos by Gary Sweetman. Hair by - Peter McLaren. Illustration by Steve Firchow. Design by Joe Potter. Art direction by Ed McTaggart.
Time Is All It Takes
Dennis Cameron: guitars, lead vocals on "Hardly," "Don't Stop" and "Carry Me;" and the lot. Drew Baca: lead and backing vocals. Additional backing vocals by Daniel Ysais.
All songs by Dennis Cameron.
Gotta Get Ready. Running Wild. Second Chance. I Can Hardly Wait to See. Open Your Mind. Don't Stop. Time Is All It Takes. Carry Me.
Produced by Dennis Cameron. Engineered by Thom Roy. Second engineer - Dennis Cameron. Mixed by Dennis Cameron and Thom Roy. Recorded and mixed at Mixing Lab A and Mixing Lab B. Mastered by Wally Traugott at Capitol Mastering Studios, Hollywood, California. Art direction Brian Godaiva. Design by Joe Potter. Photography by Ken Kloster.
*Muttillo, Dave. Rev. of "Walkin' in Faith." WT 8 (1991): 20.
*Review of "Time Is All It Takes." WT 13: 26.
Angelica (FL)
Mt. Dora, Florida
*Angelica. Custom tape. 1989.
*Live on WCIE. 1990?
Songs: Don't Turn Your Back on Love. Every Step. More Than Words Can Say.
Robby Lee: keyboards, vocals. Gary Smith: drums, vocals. Bryan Blumer: guitar, vocals. Peter James: bass, lead vocals. All songs written, arranged and produced by Angelica. Recorded, mastered and engineered by Angelo Ballestero.
Angelical Voice Choir
AVC was a popular black gospel choir from Great Britain. Director: Simon Wallace.
*"Angelicals to Reform." Cross Rhythms 1 (1990): 7.
Dallas, Texas
*Demo. 1990. CS.
All songs written and composed by Angelix
Side 1: Wings of Steel. Turn to the Light. Upon the Rock. God Won’t Give Up. Valley of the Mountains. Side 2: The Battle Is Won. At the Cross. Crash and Burn. “The Prayer.”
Angelo and Veronica
*Higher Place. Benson 8441840342. 1992.
*Angelo and Veronica. Benson 8441822084. 1993. CS.
*Give Your Love. Benson 8441840514. 1995.
*Da Tu Vida. Benson 8441841944. 1996. Sp-anish
*Not Enough. Benson 8441844112. 1996.
*Change. Harmony 6179782. 2000? CD. UK. US release: Harmony HYD7978. 1999. CD.
Angelo and Veronica
Side 1: You Loved Me When. Now That I’ve Found You. Real Thing. God Knows. You’ve Got a Friend. Side 2: Sing Alleluia. Even If. No Doubt About It. Give It Up. Alone.
*Cummings, Tony. "Giving Their Lives." CR April-May 1996. p1-11
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of "Not Enough." CR April-May 1997: 56
*Rev. of "Change." CR June-July 2000: 39.
*Fight the Devil. 2002. CD.
Fight the Devil
Songs: Fight the Devil. Breakout. Giver of the Gift (live 1995, unreleased). Disenchanted (live 1998). Revelations (unreleased).
Band seems to have been controversial. Members were anonymous, giving their names as Michael, Raphael, Uriel and Gabriel. Band first came on the scene in 1995.
Angel's Grace Cathedral Choir
Grace Cathedral: Akron, Ohio. Pastor: Ernest Angley.
*Sing the Sweet Songs of Salvation. Angel Recordings 6051Q4. No date. LP.
Sing the Sweet Songs of Salvation
Side 1: We'll Understand It Better (3:02). I Saw a Man (4:18). Just a Closer Walk (3:29). Sweet Jesus (Akers 2:56). In That Great Gettin' Up Morning (3:40). Side 2: In the Arms of Sweet Deliverance (Lester 4:02). Thank You for the Valley (Rambo 2:55). I Asked the Lord (Land / Duncan 4:02). Sweet, Sweet Song of Salvation (Norman 2:57). Oh That I Knew (Meir / Ferrer 4:40).
Angels of Mercy
*Early One Morning / For Him. Melron 5017. 45 rpm. Harold Clark, lead vocals side one; Linda Smith, side two.
Angels Wake
Thorndale, Pennsylvania
Have a 6-song CD for sale. 2006
Circa 2004
Michelle Casillas: vocals. Manny Huerta: electric lead and rhythm guitar. Brian Rocha: drums. Noel Reynoso: bass. Serge Varela: guitar.
*Demo. 2004? CD. Songs: Take Me as I Am. Save Me. Call out Your Name. Fallen. Is There Anyone There?
Angelus Choir
*The Angelus Choir Volume I. Sesac LP721/722. 1963. LP.
*The Angelus Choir Volume II. Sesac LP723/724. 1963. LP.
*The Angelus Choir Volume III. Sesac LP725/726. 1963. LP.
Angelus Chorale
*Sing a Hymn to Me. Capitol T1785. 1962. LP.
Angie C. and Stop the Press
*Angel. Other Hand Music. OHM 5005. 1992?
Angle Brothers Quartet
*Try Jesus. ADCO Records 106. 1970. LP. Label: Cincinnati.
Try Jesus
Songs: Try Jesus. I Thank Thee Lord. I Like the Old Time Way. Memories. Great Day. Sweet Heaven. Let’s Go to That Land. O’ How I Need Thee. Until You Find the Lord. I’ll Be Satisfied. Heavenly Highway. I’m Going Higher.
Ernest Angley Singers
*Healing Hands. Angel Recordings. LP.
Gary Anglin
*After All. His & Her AVL062499. 2000? CD and CS. UK.
*Rev. of "After All." CR June-July 2000: 39.
Band is Matthew M. Nordan
*Ultraviolent. 137 Records. 1993.
*Strain. 137 Records. 1994.
*The Null Hypnosis. 137 Records. 1995.
*Electro Shock Therapy. REX 41032. 1995. Song: Nihil Est.
*Full Frontal Lobotomy. Flaming Fish Music FFMCD001. 1997. Song: Sex Song.
Anguish Unsaid
Jon Edwards: vocals. Brian Faucett: bass. Dan Shebaylo: guitar. John Jensen: keyboards. Shannon Tuttle: drums. John Ross: guitar. Style is hardcore.
*Wanting Waiting. 1999. CD.
*Chronicles of the Restoration of the Church. Bettie Rocket Records. 2000. CD.
*Bettie Rocket 2000 Fall Summer Sampler
*Figgis, Alex. Rev. of "Wanting... Waiting." CR Aug.- Sept. 2000: 46.
Wanting... Waiting
Songs: Battle Cry. Zombie. Confession in Times of Tribulation. Send Away. Comfort Zone. Wanting... Waiting. Hug. Five, Sorry, 5... Drive Through. Compromise Collection. The Invitation.
Songs: Sparkstarter. What Did You Spend It On. Shout at the Devil. Unscarred Downtime. The Chronicles of the Restoration of the Church. Hello Sweet Visual. Thrist and Divert. Starving a Poltergeist. Stuart 2000. A Small Glance of God. Key Factors the Devil Overlooked.
Angular Rock
Orlando, Florida
*Clear Blur. CD. 1998.
Animal Couch
Houston, Texas circa 1996.
Progressive art rock
*Gallery. 1990.
*Light the Flame. 1998. CD.
Anna's Eye Tooth
*Crankin' at the New Union. 1994. Song: Child.
*Sci-Fi Canon Blue(s). Bulletproof Music BPD 3033. 1999. CD.
Sci-Fi Canon Blue(s)
Joel Bordeaux. David Morton. Stephen Nichols. Jeff Wickes. Patrick McNeely. Featuring Sarah and Andre as whistlers. Introducing Abigail Fletcher as The Flautist. With additional bones and beats courtesy of N. G. Near. John W. Nichols - guitar on "You Are My Sunshine."
All songs by Annie, except "You Are My Sunshine" by Winnie H. Davis.
Means to an End. Shoot First Leap Second. Censer Silence. The Ice Storm. Dining Victoria. Last Laugh. Big As Light. Light a Smile.
Engineered by Matt Goldman. Produced by Annie and Matt Goldman. Recorded at The Sound Mill December 17-24. Mixed January 8-11. Mastered by Rodney Mills. Executive production by Marty Bush. Art by Owen Eliason and Annie.
Anno Domini
*Not on Tablets of Stone. Anno Domini RA 2378. Custom. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Anno Domini
Pop music
*Wind Master. No number. 1982. LP.
Wind Master
John Bowers: guitars, banjo, vocals. Diana Bowers: vocals. Fred Strutton: bass, vocals. Michael Blackler: guitars, vocals. Kim Peterson: sax. Jeanne Peterson: vocals. Rick Johnson: drums. Ted Brancato: keyboards, synthesizers. Tom Collier: percussion. Barbara Lamb: fiddle. Laura Werner: flute.
Side 1: Grandfather, Grandchild. Serenity Song. Good News from a Distant Land. King of Glory. Prime Time Believers. Side 2: Prepare the Way. Windmaster. Study a Woman*Wind Masters Eyes. One-Woman Man.
*From the Heart. Followers FR1092. 197?
Annville Institute
*Echoes from the Campus of Annville Institute and the Buncomb Reformed Church. Diadem dlp184. LP.
*A Song in Your Heart. Custom N8OP-7172. LP. Primarily the Girls' Choir.
*Spiritual Love Affair. Word 7011500014. 1993.
*The Call. Myrrh 7011509011. 1995.
*Under the Influence. Myrrh 7017006390. 1996.
*"Under the Influence." Myrrh 8068849422. 1996. Maxi-single.
*"One Voice." Word 3017228321. 1998. Music track.
*Anointed. Myrrh 8068858532. 1999.
*If We Pray. Word 8068860792. 2001.
*WOW 2002. Sparrow SPD51850/51852. 2001. 2 CDs. Song: You'll Never Thrist.
Anointed Ones
Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
*Anointed Ones. Alpha and Omega Records 4730. LP. Lyric booklet included.
*II. Alpha and Omega Records DRP 115. 1978. LP. Lyric booklet included.
Anointed Ones
Tommy Gill pinao, organ, electric piano, acoustic guitar, synthesizer, vocals. Jeff Kettering: bass, vocals. Ann Gill: tambourine, vocals, acoustic guitar. Sam Ebersole: lead guitar. LuAnn Fellenbaum: strings, flute, synthesizer, wood block, vocals. Rick Goshert: drums. Hugh Miller: lead guitar. Phil Harnley: lead and rhythm guitar. Dean Clemmer: steel guitar.
Side 1: Alpha and Omega (Robbie Trice 3:17). We Are One (Tommy and Ann Gill 2:36). Clean (Fred Emery 3:09). Pathways (Harlan Rodgers 3:30). Jesus Is Knockin' (Barry Bynum 2:20). Side 2: In His Name (Tommy and Ann Gill 2:46). Ed's Song (Tommy And Ann Gill 3:13). He'll Be There (Ann Gill 2:28). Testament (Gill Pitts 3:50). We Are the Light (Keith and Bev Gill 3:55).
Produced by Tommy Gill. Engineers - Don Horst, Sam Ebersole, Tommy Gill. Remixed by Don Horst. Logo design and sketches - Dennis Foreman. Cover design by Anointed Ones. Composition and layout - Art McFarlane. Recorded at the King's Place, Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
Anointed Ones are Tommy and Ann Gill
and Tim Hoke
Don Robbins: drums. Tim Hoke: bass, guitars. Tommy Gill: bass, keyboards, guitars. Ann Gill: bass, keyboards, guitars. Phil Kresge: bass. Percussion: Anointed Ones and friends. Backing vocals: Anointed Ones and friends.
Side 1: Anointed (Hoke / T. and A. Gill 4:20). Righteous Faith (Hoke 4:25). Trinity Praise Chorus (LuAnn Fellenbaum 3:50). You Can Praise the Lord (Keith Gill 3:20). Side 2: Jesus, You're the Joy (Donna Miller 1:37). Love Medley (5:00). One Desire (Ann Gill 2:20). Ode to America (Ann Gill 3:25). Jehovah - Jireh (3:10).
Produced by Tommy Gill and Tim Hoke. Engineer - Skip Plant. Cover design and layout by Anointed Ones. Photography by Dave Hollinger. Recorded at the King's Place, New Providence, Pennsylvania.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Touched by His Presence. Harvest Music 11044CS. 1996. CS.
Anon Hum
Worcester, England. Circa 1998.
Anonymous Joe
Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Style is alternative.
*Demo. 1997? Four songs.
Another Miracle
*Demo. 1990? No information.
Another Sunday
Easley, South Carolina. Began in 1997. Style is acoustic folk, alternative, indie pop rock. Band is Rick, Cliff and Dean.
Another World Production
Wisconsin. Progressive rock.
*The End of the Age. No label, no number. 1980. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Ben Antell Band
*Waters. Talks 1005 (Sweden). 1982. Tunesmith TS 6012 (Canada). 1982
*Count on Us. 1984. Cassette only
*Black Day in China. 1989. single
*In the Bag. 1996.
Side 1: You're So Real (3:53). Au 24 (3:20). Nardus Op. 2 (7:42). Waters (6:37).
Side 2: Quo (4:32). Always One (4:36). Musicians Request (0:39). The Calling of the Nightbird (6:42). Mountain "I Am" (6:06).
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Norway, began in 1990. Early name was Crush Evil: released a demo in 1991 under this name. 1994 the name was changed to Antestor and another demo called "Despair" was released. Gard: bass (departed). Vemod: guitar. Vrede (Ronnie Hansen): vocals. Sygmoon (Morten Sigmund Mageroy): keyboards. Armoth (Svein Sander): drums. Original vocalist was Martyr (Kjetil Molnes). When the band Vaakevandring broke apart, several members moved to Antestor: Vrede and Sygmoon, Armoth and female vocalist, Ann-Mari Edvardsen. New drummer, 2005: Tony Kirkemo. Former members not already listed: Erling Jorgensen (Pilgrim): guitar. Stig Rolfsen (Erkebisp): guitar. Paul W: drums.
*The Defeat of Satan. Demo. 1991. CS.
*Despair. Demo. 1993. CS.
*The Return of the Black Death. Cacophonous Records. 1998. CD.
*Martyrium. Recorded in 1995; Cacophonous Records dropped the band upon learning of the band’s Christian beliefs. Endtimes Productions. 2000. CD. Reissued: 2006. CD.
*The Defeat of Satan. Reissue of first two demos. 2003. CD.
*Det Tapte Liv. Endtime Productions. Less black metal sound and more instrumentals. 2004.
*The Forsaken. Endtime Productions. 2005. CD. Drummer for Det and the Forsaken was Jan Axel Blomberd (Hellhammer). (licensed to Fear Dark Productions).
The Return of the Black Death
Songs: Vinterferden. A Sovereign Fortress. Svartedauens Gjenkomst. Sorg. The Bridge of Death. Gamlelandet. Kilden: Lik En Endelos Elv. Kongsbold. Battlefield. Ancient Prophecy. Ildnatten.
Songs: Spiritual Disease. Materialistic Lie. Depressed. Thoughts. Under the Sun. Inmost Fear. Searching. Martyrium. Mercy Lord.
The Defeat of Satan (reissued demos)
Songs: Preludium. Demonic Seduction. Message from Hell. Lost Generation. Human. Jesus, Jesus, Ver Du Hjo Meg. The Defeat of Satan. New Life. Jesus Saves. Knus Ondskapen. (First six songs are the Despair demo; the rest, the Defeat of Satan demo).
Det Tapte Liv
Songs: Rites of Death. Sorrow. Last Season. Med Heverde Sverd. Det Tapte Liv.
The Forsaken
Songs: Rites of Death. Old Times Cruelty. Via Dolorosa. Raade. The Crown I Carry. Betrayed. Vale of Tears. The Return. As I Die. Mitt Hjerte.
*Olson, Chad. "Whitest Snow Blackest Metal." HM 89 (2001): 24.
Cuttin' Thru. Tunesmith TS 6011. 1982. LP.
Cuttin' Thru
Side 1: Winners (Kent Vander Weide / Mike Manthei / Doug Cordell). On Your Knees (Weide / Manthei - Cordell). Doctor (Gene M. Grammatico / Weide / Manthei). Don't Be Deceived (Roger M. Cotrofeld / Manthei). Morning Star (Cordell / Scott G. Hill / Dave Thomasson / Frank Adams). Side 2: Spiritual Warfare (Manthei / Cordell / Weide / Mike Baity). Cuttin' Thru' (Grammatico / Manthei / Weide / Cordell / Freddie Andrade). Word (Cotrofeld / Anthem). Cheap Thrill (Grammatico / Weide / Cordell). Free You (Mary Pinkley / Manthei / Thomasson).
Illustration: Rick Courtney. Layout and design: Camille Brown Advertising.
Dick Anthony
*My Song. Word W3062. 1959. LP. WST8009: stereo.
*Reflections. Word W3089. 1959. LP. WST8032: stereo. As the Dick Anthony Choristers.
*No Greater Love. Bibletone LPS1500. 195? 10 inch.
*Solitude. Word W3120. 1960. LP. WST8060: stereo.
*Sacred Symphony of London. Victory ZLP617. 1961. LP.
*Keyboard Musings. Victory ZLP622. 1962. LP.
*Let Your Light Shine. Word W3390. 1966. LP. WST:8390: stereo.
*Sweet Sweet Spirit. Rainbow R5034. 1973. LP.
*God of Our Fathers. Word WST8705. 1976. LP.
*Harvest. Tempo R7189. 1977. LP.
*To Tell the World. no label L202. 197? LP.
Dick Anthony and Bill O’Brien
*Harvest: a Call to Missionary Commitment. Tempo 7189. LP.
Dick Anthony Family
*More Out of Life. Angelus WR5099. 1975. LP.
*The Dick Anthony Family. Rainbow R2436. 1976. LP.
Dick Anthony's Singing Men
*Dick Anthony's Singing Men. Word W3330. 1965. LP. WST8330: stereo.
*Just a Little While. Sword S1419. 1966. LP.
*The Old Rugged Cross. Word W3399. 1968. LP. WST8399: stereo.
*Fifth Sunday. Word WST8744. 1976. LP.
Jamie Anthony
*Hymns of Praise and Glory. LP.
Hymns of Praise and Glory
Songs: Holy Holy Holy Lord God Almighty. Ave Maria. Faith of Our Fathers. The Lord's Prayer. O Blessed Saint Joseph. Panis Angelicus. Holy God We Praise Thy Name. Come Holy Ghost Creator Blest. When Blossoms Flowered Mid the Snows. Hail Holy Queen Enthroned Above. Immaculate Mary, Humbly We Adore Thee.
Laverne and Elaine Anthony
Greenville, Pennsylvania. Members of
First Church of the Nazarene, Greenville.
*Introducing the Anthonys. EAB Recording Studios EAB2001. Early 1970s? LP.
Introducing the Anthonys
Side 1: City of Gold (2:25). For God So Loved the World (2:45). It's No Wonder (2:41). He Touched Me (2:30). I've Got Plenty of Time (4:00). Side 2: Sweeter Gets the Journey (2:11). The Old Rugged Cross (2:22). His Grace Is Sufficient for Me (2:23). Till the Storm Passes By (2:28). What a Day That Will Be (2:07).
Recorded and Produced at EAB Recording Studios, Lewiston, Maine.
Little Anthony
*Daylight. MCA MCA3245. 1980. LP.
Sally Anthony
Style is rock.
*One World Poetry Contest. Custom EP.
*The Preview. Custom EP. 1999?
*Rev. of "The Preview." CR June-July 2000: 39.
*Anillo de Fuego. 2002. CD.
Anillo de Fuego
Songs: Anillo de Fuego. Insanos Condenados. Velas Negras. Escoria. Perros Del Infierno. Bichos Asesinos. Viaje. Apodrelupe.
*What Mountain? N-Soul Records. 1998.
*Review. What Mountain? by DJ Coopoid. CR #48 Dec. / Jan. 1999. p45.
*Antioch. K and R Records KRS 1081. 1981.
Joe Miksik and Steve DiLullo: classical guitar. Dennis Westphal: acoustic guitar. Hani Boulos: acoustic and lead guitars. Paul Leroux: bass and piano. David McCarthy - bass. Rudy Richards and Peter Booras - percussion. Joshua Greenberg: flute. Dan Marcil: mellotron. Transfiguration of Our Lord Youth Choir: Karen Cassini, Luis Correia, Francis Cavanagh, Julie Cavanagh, Giuliano D'Andrea, Daniella Daoust, Janice DeMichele, Suzanne Desparois, Danny DiCeco, Cynthia DiLullo, Sandra DiLullo, Carolyne Gudz, Angelika Heck, Laurie Ann Lanaro, Matilda Lopez, Nash Lopez, Cathie Macaulay, Karen Macaulay, Loretta Malone, Pamela Marion, Pat Marsillo, Joe Marsillo, Eileen McAuliffe, Donald Murray, Sylvie Mutter, Lena Ouimet, Tony Rettino, Susan Richard, Cindy Roberts, Anne Sabourin, Elaine Sabourin, Kim Silkauskas, Lori Anne Tremblay, Monica Vignaduzzi, Karen Wheeler, and Russell Yuen.
Side 1: I Will Thank You Lord (Miksik / D. Westphal 3:42). I Can Feel Your Presence (Miksik 3:18). God So Loved the World (Miksik / Gerald Westphal 3:28). Mary's Song (G. Westphal 3:26). Litany of Praise (G. Westphal 3:17). Love for You (Miksik 3:30). Side 2: We Are Signs (G. Westphal 2:31). Speak to the Wind (D. Westphal 3:25). Worthy Is the Lamb (Miksik / D. Westphal 3:47). Kyrie (D. Westphal 1:19). Blessed Are They (G. Westphal 2:43). Holy, Holy, Holy (D. Westphal 1:20). Dying You Destroyed (Our Death) (Miksik 0:56). Lamb of God (Miksik / G. Westphal 1:25). Maranatha (G. Westphal 3:09).
Art Snay: engineer. Recorded at Arabellum Studios, Albany, New York. Produced by Rev. William M. Kelly and Ray Repp. Jacket design by Tom Parker.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Antique Music Boxes
*Religious Music. RPC702R. 197? LP.
Pop punk / rock from Victoria, Australia
Andrew Kitchen: guitar, vocals,
Nicholas Coppin: drums. Sean: bass, screaming
*Memoirs of a Common Man. 2001. CD.
*Aurora. 2003. CD.
*Ellinger, Jeffrey. Rev. of Memoirs of a Common Man. HM Sep. - Oct. 2002: 77.
Ohio. James Lewis on vocals.
*Dying for Life. Nightmare Records. 2001. CD
*Van Pelt, Doug. "Pick of the Litter." HM 89 (2001): 81.
Dying for Lif
Songs: Soul of Ice. Consequence. Deceiver Within. Distanced. Times of Trial. Mad Poet. Politicide. Dying for Life. Netherworld.
Antle Family Singers
*More Than the World. Mark UMC2893. 197?
Antone Indian Family
*Antone Indian Family. 1977. LP.
*Take Me Higher. Great Circle GCR1021. 1979. LP.
*Gospel Pow-Wow. Diadem. 197?
*Reaching Out. Superior. 197?
*In a Happy Mood. Superior. 197?
*With Love. Superior. 197?
*Let the Son Shine. Superior 1083. LP.
Any Given Day
*Volume 1. BEC BEC27. 2000? CD.
*Earth to Heaven. BEC. 2001. CD.
*Old Soul for New Voices. BEC BED7449. 2002. CD.
*Long, Andrew. Rev. of "Any Given Day." CR June-July 2000: 39.
Anything But Luke
Australia, circa 2003. Name derives from Revelation 3:15-16.
Apartment 3
Honolulu, Hawaii
*Demo. Custom CD. 10 songs. 2000?
*Cromie, Diane. Rev. of "Demo." CR Feb.-Mar. 2001: 42.
Apathy Denied
Hardcore. Several members later formed the band Vessel
*Apathy Denied.
Apathy Denied
Titles: Slave to Sin. Whatcha Gonna Do? Frustration. Fallen. Murder. Hell.
Art Apgar
Soft rock
*Walkin’ on Fencetops. Son Shine. CS 3503. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Plano, Texas
*Machines in the Garden. Blacklight BLR 003. 1998. Song is Remnant. Josh Pyle of Audio Paradox provided the samples, keyboards and programming and did the mixing. Another Pyle project / band?
Aphrodite's Child
Band has several other albums without religious themes. Vangelis Papathanassiou also composed the music to the film Chariots of Fire.
*666. Vertigo VEL-2-500. 1970. LP.
Steve Apirana
Was member of New Zealand band the Velvettes beginning in 1981. In that band, his name was Vinny Velvette. In the 70's was a memebr of the band Butler. Now lives in Australia and has own label, Riverside Productions
*Steve Apirana. Riverside Productions. 1989.
*Riverside. Riverside Productions. 1990.
*No Turning Back. Someone Up There Records SUTCD 130. (NZ). 1992. Also released on Riverside in 1996.
*Harvest of the Heartland. Australian release.
*Great Apparition. By Kim.
Lima, Peru. “Low-budget crude electric sounds with occasional mild garage / psych appeal.”
*The Apocalipsis. Alva LP-100935. 1970? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Rap music
*Holiness or Hell. Frontline FLD9251. 1991. CD/CS.
*The Final Plea. 1992.
Apocalypse (Canada)
*Sometime - Someplace. Generation Records GEN 3004. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Apocalypse (FL)
Pineland, Florida
*Demo. 1990? Songs: Everybody. Wings of the Angels. Maybe?
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*Early Apologetix (a.k.a. Get Your Wigs). 1992
*Parable Guy. 1992
*Want It, Dead or Alive? 1992
*Isn't Wasn't Ain't (in the Bible). 1993
*Radical History Tour. 1994. Reissued in CD
*Live '95
*Beatleg. 1996
*Frederickstown. 1996
*Anthropology. 1996
*Dark Side of the Peachoid. 1996
*Ticked (Rolling Clone). Parodudes 680001. 1997
*Jesus Christ Morningstar. Parodudes 680002. 1998.
*Biblical Graffiti. Paradudes 600004. 1999.
*Spoofernatural. Parodudes 680005. 2000. CD
*Keep the Change. Parodudes 680006. 2001. CD.
*Grace Period. 2002. CD.
Jacksonville, Florida
*Chariots of Iron. 1987. Custom tape.
*Hymns. 1987 / 1988. Custom tape.
*Apostle. Lifeforce Music. 1989. Custom tape.
Chariots of Iron
Matt Harding: all guitars and vocals. David McKee: drums. Mark Borrero: bass. With: Timothy Lawhorn: keyboard intro.
All songs written, arranged and produced by Matt Harding.
Side 1: Chariots of Iron. Rock. Lover. Power in the Blood. Side 2: Lake of Fire. Sword and Shield. Vivaldi (excerpt from Concerto in D Minor). Lamb of God. Leaders.
Recorded at Key Recording Studio, Jacksonville, Florida. Engineer: John Key. Cover illustration - David McKee. Insert photo - Mike Koch.
Matt Harding: all guitars and vocals. Ray Schmidt: bass. David Paul McKee: drums. With: Tim Lawhorn: keyboards.
All songs written, arranged and produced by Matt Harding, except as noted.
Side 1: Hymns. Vanguard. Dragon Slayer. I Am Persuaded. The Sword. Side 2: Unlimited Power (Harding - Mark Borrero). Split the Sky. Waiting. Holy Soldier.
Glenn Kaiser: producer on "Unlimited Power" and "Holy Soldier." Recorded and manufactured at the Warehouse Recording Studio, Jacksonville, Florida.
Apostle: guitar, vocals. Mark Borrero: bass. David Paul McKee: drums.
All songs written and arranged by Matt Harding, except as noted.
Side 1: King of the Saints. Overcomer (Harding / Chip Randall). Conquerors (Harding / Borrero). Born Again. Parting of the Red Sea. Side 2: Unlimited Power (Harding / Borrero). Armageddon. King of Kings. Bread of Life. Holy Soldier (Harding / Randall).
Recorded at Tone Zone, Chicago, Illinois, September 1986. Produced by Glenn Kaiser. Engineered by Roger Heiss. Mix down and manufactured at the Warehouse Recording Studio, Jacksonville, Florida.
Apostle Credo Band
Apostle Credo Band is from Ft. Worth, Texas. Style is acoustic folk mixed with light contemorary. Band is house band at the Apostle Credo Coffeehouse, opening for other bands. ACB is composed of Theodore Henning, Hooten and Odum. Guitars, violin, harmonica, dobro and banjo. Circa 2000.
*Live in Georgia. Custom. 197? LP.
Apostles of Song
*Take My Hand Precious Lord. Century LP42252. 197? LP.
Apostles Quartet
*He'll Hold to My Hand. Golden Shield 28620. 197? LP.
*For God So Loved. Lefevre Sound MLSP2935. LP.
Apostolic Messengers
*Happiness. Lefevre MLS2880. 197? LP.
Apostolic Pentecostal Church
St. Louis, Missouri
*Crossroads of Pentecost. TS70-730/31. Custom LP.
Side 1: To My Father’s House (Edwin Hawkins) (adult choir). The First at Jesus Feet (Lanny Wolfe) (Aleen Black). Have Faith in God (Mike Hudspeth) (adult choir). Church Triumphant (Dottie Rambo) (horn ensemble). I Have a Long Way to Go (youth choir). Side 2: I’ve Got Confidence (Andre [sp.] Crouch) (youth choir). Shelter in Darkest Night (Roger Grohman) (horn ensemble). Christ Is All (adult choir). Only God Knows (Ruth Munsey) (Aleen Black). Sheltered in the Arms of God (Rambo Davis) (youth choir).
Pastor Winfred Black. Joyce Wilkins: pianist. Betty Braddy: organist. Thomas Wilkins: director of music. The Golden Gospel Horns.
Apostolic Singers
This group should not be confused with a black Gospel group with the same name. This female quartet was from Cullman, Alabama.
*Moma Prayed. Mission Records MR-AS-365. No date. LP. (“Moma” is spelled as found on the LP.)
Moma Prayed
Joyce Tyson. Diann Howard, Delaine Casey. Sue Speakman. Featuring: Roland Reid: piano; Alton Page: guitar.
Side 1: Moma Prayed. Inside the Gate. Redemption Draweth Nigh. I'll Follow Thee. I'm Willing. Side 2: Joshua. Had It Not Been. The One Who Died for Me. I've Been Changed. What Heaven Means to Me.
Appalachian Express
*I'll Meet You in the Morning. Rebel REB1664. 197? LP.
Appian Way
*Uniform Result. 1990. Custom tape.
Apple City Boys
*Demo. Makkedah. 1995.
*Forgiven. Makkedah MM0116. 1995.
Apple Corps
*Happy Together. No label NR3789. 1972? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Ken Apple Family
*Introducing the Apples. Norvel LP60238.196? LP.
*He Is Mine. Norvel LP3001. 196? LP.
*Something Old - Something New. Custom 1966. LP.
*The Ken Apple Trio. Custom CP6583. 197?
*Tribute to C. S. Grogan. Ur LP1281. 198?
*All Night Singing Style. Knof LP1019. 198? LP.
*Steadfast. Song Garden SG2007. 1988. LP.
Apple Singers
*Together. Faith 8061NS. 1980. LP.
*Songs We've Been Singing. Kim-Pat KPL7555. 198?
Applegate Family
*The Applegate Family Album. ACF0007. LP.
See also the Crucified
*Meaning. Ocean Records 7018141699. 1992. CD.
Greg Minier: lead and rhythm guitars, bass, drums, organ and all vocals. Guest musicians: Jamie Mitchell: all lead guitars on "Eyes of a Foolish Man." Tim Worman: all drums on "Radical Departure." Bob Moore: all organs on "Crutch" and "Meaning." Chris Morris: all bass guitars on "Meaning."
All songs by Greg Minier, except as noted.
Revolutionary (5:19). Six Feet Under (3:01). Thoughts (4:16). Eyes of a Foolish Man (2:35). Sot (2:34). Intermittent You (4:25). Radical Departure (3:54). Monkey on My Back (3:05). Crutch (5:18). Meaning (Greg Minier: music; Trevor Palmer: words 4:23). Revelation (instrumental 2:37).
Produced by Greg Minier. Recorded at Mama Jo's, North Hollywood and Ocean Studios, Burbank, California. Mixed at Ocean Studios. Recorded and mixed July / October 1991. Engineered by Chris Morris, Bob Moon and John Sarappo. Mixed by John Sarappo. Photography - Andrew Watrous. Art piece by Carl Kisling. Layout - Greg Minier.All sessions at Mama Jo's done completely barefooted!
Dr. Hyman Appleman
*The Promises of the Father. Custom APL101. 197? LP.
Lance Appleton
*Run On. Custom. 1982.
*I'm a One God Apostolic. Custom. 198?
*The Great Escape. Journey JYD9904. 1999.
Approaching Seven
Conyers, GA. Formed January 1995. Jessica: lead vocals. Brandon: drums. Holly: bass, backing vocals. Rodger Otero: guitar, backing vocals.
*Rhythms of Remembrance.
*Apt.core 2.
*Rocketown Records - 5. Song: 40, with Ginny Owens.
Rhythms of Remembrance
Songs: Creed. The Way. Mediate. 40. Kingdom. To Be with You. 3.15. Life Inverted. Blessed. Remain in Me.
Apt.core 2
Songs: In Response to 3:17. Mystery. No Such Thing as Time. A Tent for the Sun. 19. Enjoy Breathing. Light. Worth More Than It Seems. No End to You. I Am a Temple.


Adamgv said...

Great Blog! Check out this new Christian band that just released their first album. From what I heard on the samples site, they sound really good.

Introducing the new Christian National Anthem: Guns & Jesus.

Chief Dan said...

I see you have one song that I have been trying to hear for a long time.
They played at our church in Fridley MN many times in the 70's
"The Amigos" and the song is 10,000 angels. They did it like no other at the time. Do you have a copy you could send me?

Thanks Brother