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LP= record. CS=cassette. CD=CD. 12 in= 12 inch vinyl. 45rpm= 7inch vinyl.

Scottish band, now departed. Colin left for evangelism school; Michael (bass) went to Sweden to be with his parents; Dave is still a student; and Mike is a drummer with the band Technicolor. All this circa September 2002.
A Billion Earnies
Ska / hardcore. Ryan L: rhythm guitar, backing vocals. Johnny: vocals. Joel: lead guitar. Bryan L: bass. Claw: trombone. Dgeoph: trumpet. Starcia: bass bone. Ryan B: sax. Had at least three demos. Number 3 was called Robot Said Courage.
*Please Do Not Reveal the Ending. CD? 2004?
Please Don’t Reveal the Ending
Songs: Hermit Crab. Fill Me Up. Fix Me Broken. Choose. Doomsday Robot Army. Hold Your Lying Tongue. The Lime Tree. A Face in the Crowd. The Disease of Cool. Please Do Not Reveal the Ending.
A Cross Between
*Cross Between. Benson 8441823402. 1999. CD.
Band formerly known as AVB. Luke Brown, Aaron Herman, Brishan Hatcher, Josh Harrison. Some song titles: Waiting For. Rage Against the Dying of the Light. Nicole Hadley's. Heart. What Would I Be. Carry Me Home. I Just Want to Celebrate. Walk With The Lord A While. You In Me. Show Me The Way. Who's That Man.10,000 Suns. The Holy One
A Cross the Way for You
This is a one man show, composer, vocalist, all instruments: Keith Spray from Derby, Connecticut.
*Captain of Our Salvation. CD.
*Priceless Gift. CD.
A Crystal Blessed
Acoustic contemporary music from Rick and Sherry Lindgren. Loveland, Ohio.
A Day of Remembrance
Rock / hardcore
Andrew: guitar, vocals. Jessie: guitar. Nate: vocals. Chris: bass. Tyler: drums. Circa 2004?
A Different Kind of Cop
*There Are Angels Among Us. Ballistic Test Productions. 2001. CD.
*Automata 3.0. Flaming Fish Music. 2001. CD.
*Electro Blueprints. Balistic Test Productions. 2002. CD.
A Fall from Forever
Death metal / metal / hardcore
“Well after much thought and prayer, AFFF has decided to go separate [sic] ways. It wasn’t any hatred or anything like that among the members, it was musical differences. We would like to thank everyone who supported us during our short run as a band. We would to especially thank Luci’s Enemy and Mindsize for helping us out with encouragement and letting us jam with them – you guys are truly a blessing. May God bless. We love you all.” 2005.
A Love for Enemies
*Broken Pledge. CD.
*The Truth of Trumpets. 2001. CD.
Broken Pledge
Songs: Broken Pledge. Center of Attention. Bloodflower. Give to Caesar. Lost at Sea. The Silent Rival.
The Truth of Trumpets
Songs: Repetition of a Dying Day. The Table Set with Sin. Shadows of Yesterday. Perfect Blue. Truth of Trumpets.
A Moment’s Peace
*Self-titled. CD. 2004?
Songs: Little Things. Refused Defused. Recovery. Our Only Help. A Matter of Trust. Illusions.
A Place Tomorrow
Winnipeg, Canada
Steve Gray: drums, vocals. Murray Soko: vocals. Mike Loewen: bass, vocals. Brent McCrea: guitar. Mat Cooke: guitar.
*Demo. CD. 2004?
*Disconsolate. EP. CD.
Songs: Mike Carton Photography. Seven Second Slave Revolt. Psalm. Down. Nobody in Whitechapel Can Afford Grapes. A Deep Breath Before Taking Flight. Left Turn Light.
Songs: Knight to Queen’s Bishop Two. Of Lapses in Judgment and The Heartache That Follows. Disconsolate.
A Plea for Purging
Murfreesboro, TN
Hardcore / rock. In 2006, band will change musical styles with new web address.
*Quick Is the Word: Steady Is the Action. CD.
*A Plea for Purging. EP. 2006. CD.
A Plea for Purging
Songs: Turn It Down or You'll Lose Your Salvation. Omar Gooding Is a Fine Gentleman. This Day and Age. Slaying of the Serpentine Dragon. Los Deportes En Fuego.
A Show of Hands
Hardcore band. That’s all I know. Circa 2004?
A Somber Beginning
River City, California. 2005
Emo / post-hardcore
Joey: vocals, acoustic guitar. Mike: rhythm guitar. Andrew: lead guitar.
A Time for War
Original name was Manifestation. Two members were a problem; thus the new name. Jack Walton: lead vocals. Brian Craig: lead guitar. Mike Sowa: bass. Nathan Wittock: drums. Hardcore / metal / death metal. Circa 2005.
A Wish for Marilynne
Band began August 2002. Ocala, Florida. London Bufford: drums. Andrew Wade: vocals, guitar. Jarod Falck: guitar. Ben Wade: guitar.
*AWFM Demo. 2003. CD.
*Poetic Chaos. 2005. CD.
Songs: A Gift from the Stars. Broken Dreams. Bitter Realizations.
Poetic Chaos
Songs: Genocide of Individualism. Tale of a Kindred Dreams. A Gift from the Stars. Killed by Time. Bitter Realizations. Hopeful Aspiration. Rose of Sharon. Abel’s Fallen Angel. Tale of a Kindred Spirit (TW5 remix). Bonus: Wonderwall (Oasis remake).
Brother and sister foursome. Cloquet, Minnesota
*For My Love. New City Sound LP777. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*He Keeps Me Singing. Word W5174. 196?
Mississuga, Canada
*Demo. Custom tape. 1988. All songs by Aaron, except as noted. It's Here Again. I Will Remain (words by Troy Cole). Tell Them (words by Troy Cole)
Aaron Jeoffrey
*Aaron Jeoffrey. Star Song 8819. 1994. CD and CS.
*After the Rain. Star Song 0047. 1996. CD and CS.
*Stranger. Star Song DRPO12430. 1997. CD single.
*The Climb. Star Song SSD 0168 / G2 724382016823.. 1998.CD.
*Timeless... For Every Generation. Ministry Music MM 4240. Reissue of 1st LP. Compilation
*The Best in Christian Music: 27th Annual Dove Awards Collection. Brentwood Muisc 01241-47015-2-7. 1996. CD. Also: CD50001. Song: He Is.
*WOW 1997: the Year’s 30 Top Christian Artists and Songs. Reunion G2 724385156229. (Dsic 1: G@ 724385161322); (Disc 2: G2 724385161728). 1996. Also: Sparrow SPD1562 (Disc 1: SPD1613); (Disc 2: SPD1617). 1996. 2 CDs. Songs: After the Rain.
Aaron Jeoffrey
Songs: Walk on Your Knees. I Go to the Rock. Promise Me. Some Kind of Lady. There’s Always Room. Pray. One Million Reasons. The Keys, Please. Heavy on My Heart. He Is.
After the Rain
Songs: Wait for the Promise. We All Need. Live That Way. After the Rain. Beyond. A Matter of When. Photographs of Faith. How Could He Love Me More. Making My Way to Paradise. The Blessing.
Produced by Brian Tankersley.
The Climb
Songs: The Climb. Jericho Faith. Stranger. Moment of Mercy. Heal Me. God Has a Dream. Unexpected Guest. Wisdom Way. Healing Flood. Leave a Legacy. Across the Miles.
*Chesters, Alan. Rev: The Climb. CR #46 Aug / Sept 1998. p53.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
Arkansas, circa 1999
Brent Hobson: bass, guitar. Paul Scodova: lead vocals, rhythm guitar. Joey Hobson: drums. Casey McCumpsey: lead guitar, keyboards.
Abandoned Sidekicks
Queensland, Australia
Funk / punk
Nathan: guitar, vocals. Russ: bass, backing vocals (previously with Distinguished Guests). Joe: drums. Began October, 2002.
Abba's Child
see also Miles to Go. St. Paul, Minnesota
Abbey Singers
*Yahweh Called Me. World Library FR2236. 1960s?
Abbey Theatre
Dayton, Ohio
Style is acoustic folk. Began about 1994
Tim Parsons: vocals, guitars, accordian, bass. Darryl Gibson: vocals, guitars, congas (ex-member of Urgent Cry). Chris Marcum: bass, mandolin, backing vocals. Chad Gibson: drums.
Some song titles: Wake Me. Questions. Go Outside (No More). Seen Me Lately? Jess. I Don't Know. Make Me Ready. Float. Spinnin. Wild Black Hair. What You See. Pray with Me. Love Me with Your Life. Why Can't We Be? Pilgrim's Walk. Fear of Love. Understand. Pain of Desernment.
Kansas City. Moved to San Diego. Caleb Kuhl: guitar, vocals. Matt Anzalone. Beau Smith: bass. Jonathan Dimmel: drums.
*My Invisible Friend. Custom CD. 2004?
Abbit Society
Texas, circa 2001
Dan DeHart: drums. Jubal Holland: guitar, lead vocals. Chris Troutman: bass. Some song titles from the band: The Day I Became a Statistic. Hand-Eye Coordination. Best Case Scenario. Look Ahead Cloud. Baby Jesus. Come and Watch Me Win.
David and Darcy Abbott
*Getting Emotional. Mark Five DD5615. 1980s?
Abbott Family
Anoka, Minnesota. They were one of many hundreds of families that toured the country, preaching and / or singing.
*If I Had It to Do All Over Again. Custom LP. Probably 1980.
If I Had It to Do All Over Again
Bob and Nita Abbott. Children: Steve, Scott and Stephanie. Jan Dahlger: piano. Steve Dahlen: bass. John Lane: drums. Tim Mahoney: pedal steel.
Side 1: If I Had to Do It All Over Again (Dallas Holm 1:55). He Turned the Water into Wine (Steerman 1:47). The Family of God (William and Gloria Gaither 2:16). This Could Be the Dawning (William and Gloria Gaither 2:15). God's Wonderful People (Lanny Wolfe 2:41). Side 2: Jesus Got A Hold O' My Life (Dallas Holm 2:45). Springtime (Kurt Kaiser 2:01). Greater Is He That Is in Me (Lanny Wolfe 2:32). There's Something in the Air (Lanny Wolfe 3:29). Why Should I Worry or Fret (William and Gloria Gaither 2:31).
Produced by Tim Mahoney. Recorded at Moon Studios, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Liner Notes
The Abbotts have been singing together for several years in churches and at summer camps in Minnesota in the pastoral ministry and now as a Missions family.
Recently returning from their first term of service in Beirut, Lebanon a city rocked by civil strife and war, they are now preparing to return to a ministry in the Arab world.
The music that they sing on this their first album says, "If I had it to do all over again... not much would change because in serving Christ everything comes out for good to them that love God."
Jody Abbott
*Jody Abbott. SSS 1003/RB001. 1978. LP. Produced by Sonny Lallerstedt and Randy Bugg (Pat Terry Group).
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Jody Abbott
Songs: Sing It. Touch of the Master’s Hand. New Life Waiting. Loving Me Through It All. Praise Him. Shine, Shine, Shine. Last Lullabye. This I Command You. You Can Rest Easy. For the Asking.
William H. Abbott
Musical style is alternative
Goldenrod, Florida, circa 1999
Jimmy Abegg
see also Vector
*Entertaining Angels. Sparrow SPD 1279. 1991. CD.
*Secrets. Liquid Disc Records.1994. Product # LDD. CD.
Entertaining Angels
Jimmy A: guitars, bass, vocals. Byron House: bass. Phil Keaggy: bass. Craig Hansen: rhythm sequencing. Charlie Peacock: drums, rhythm sequencing; vocals; lead vocal on "I'll Meet You in Heaven." Phil Madeira: Hammond B-3, additional keyboards, vibes, harmonica. Mike Radovsky: drums. Aaron Smith: drums. Vocals: Vince Ebo, Vicki Hampton. Background vocals on "Thin But Strong Cord" arranged by Vince Ebo. Spoken word on "I'll Meet You in Heaven" by Pastor Scotty Smith of Christ Community Church, Franklin, Tennessee.
Touch of Love (Abegg / Steve Griffith 4:41). Come Children Come (Abegg / Radovsky / Griffith 4:09). If I Give In (Abegg / Madeira / Peacock 4:39). Everything Changes (Abegg / Matthew Brown 5:16). Thin But Strong Cord (Abegg / Ebo / Peacock 4:36). The Passion of Creation (Madeira / Abegg 4:09). I'll Meet You in Heaven (Abegg / Brown / Peacock 3:52). Contemplate the Emptiness (Abegg / Brown 4:12). Entertaining Angels (instrumental) (Abegg 4:24). Isaiah (Abegg 4:19).
Produced by Jimmy A and Craig Hansen. Executive producer: Charlie Peacock. Engineered and mixed by Craig Hansen and assisted by Garrett Rockey, John Massey and Jonathan Beach at Kaleidoscope Sound, Bellevue, Tennessee. Additional engineering by Kevin Twit. Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville. Jimmy A and Heather Horne: art direction. Heather Horne and Garrett Rittenberry: design. Photography by Mark Tucker.
Jimmy A: all lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitars; Roland synth guitar and all elephant noises. Steve Griffith: bass, squeeze box, backing vocals. Steve Brewster: drums. Phil Keaggy: additional lead guitar. Dave Frank, Steve Griffith, Jimmy A: dream choir on "The Dream." Bill Owsley: bass. Phil Madeira: B-3, Wurlitzer, squeeze box. Dave Frank, Ashley Cleveland, Kevin Smith: backing vocals. Wayne Jaynes: bass.
All songs by Jimmy A and Steve Griffith.
Perfect World. River Deep, River Wide. Sweet Angel. If You Only Knew. Love Is Longing. Rain. Pearl. I Believe. I Am Listening. These Daughters. Something's Moving Over Me. The Dream.
Produced and recorded by Steve Griffith. Mixed by Steve with Dave Frank at Gaga Studios, Franklin, Tennessee. Art direction: Jimmy A. Design: Stephen Murray. Photography: Mark Tucker.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
Art / Photography
*Alathea. The Rains. 1999. Photography.
*Echelon. Shiver. Photography.
*From the Heart. Harvest HAR1068. 1986.
*Master of Simple Things. 2000. CD.
Abhor Evil
*Demolition. REX 7901420014. 1992. CD Song: Zone Zong.
Gosford, Australia. Circa 2003. Jason Allen: song writer, lead vocals and guitar. Mike Fields: drums. John Beavers: bass. Nick Shakoff: sax, percussion.
Abiding Love
Callender, Iowa
*Walk on Water. Shalom S3019. No date. LP.
Walk on Water
Kim Knutson: guitar, keyboards. Steve Ward: guitar. Linda Hershey. Sandi Ward.
All songs by Kin Knutson, except as noted
Side 1: If You Will Believe (G. Arthur / B. Angie 3:44). Hold On. (4:15). I’m Not Gonna (3:13). Only You (5:05). Side 2: Walk on Water (5:28). Show Me (3:22). Get Outa Here (4:23). Abiding Love (3:24). We Are But a Moment (1:43).
Produced by Duke Dumas. Engineers: Fred Cameron, Gene Rice. Photographer: Dave Anderson. Art direction and design: Jerry Clark. “When we were trying to decide what to title out album, we came to the conclusion that our experiences since we’ve been together are best illustrated by Peter in Matt. 14:24-32. He walked on the water but quickly sank: we look at him as a failure. But what about the failures who stayed in the boat? We desire to experience all that Jesus did, and like Peter, we too want to follow him anywhere.”
Abilene Burgess
Solo project of Tom Wyatt. Influenced by various syles of music; classical, indie rock, folk, emo, instrumental, classical brass and experimental. Circa 2003.
Abilene Christian College
Abilene, Texas
*Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Word W3083 (mono). 1959. WST8026 (stereo).
*Great Songs of the Church. Century LP15570. 1960s?
*Chapel Singing. Century LP25558/59. 1960s?
New Zealand, circa 2001
Musical style is contemporary rock
Able Cain
see also Matt McCabe
Band began in summer 1992. From Chico, California. Members: Matt McCabe: guitar. Greg Asher: vocals. Jordan Reading: bass. Eric Schrepel: keys. Eric Foster: drums. Also Leo Gunther: drums (may have replaced Foster).
*Able Cain. Marathon Records. 1994.
*Tastes Like Chicken. Moo Town Records MTCD 9402. 1994. CD. Song: Fire Flower.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
Bathurst, Australia circa 1990's
Jenny Abner
Nashville / England
*Home. Custom CD. 2004.
(The) About
North Carolina
*Iter Itineris (The Journey). Custom. 2007. CD.
Iter Itineris
Songs: Trip Divine. Mesmerized. Self. Living in the Liberty. Tomorrow Today. Breath. When Messiah Comes. Option # 1,582. I Recall. As I Do Now. Daystar.
Vic Morton and Tom Gordon.
Above See Level
Rap band from Bridgeport, Connecticut
*Above See Level. Custom. 1991. CS.
Side 1: Someone Cares. One Nation Under God.
Side 2: Above See Level. Chit-Chat.
*Bran Nu Lingo. Sub-A-Tomic Charge Sub 101. 1994. CS. Side 1: Our Prayer. Goin On. Bran Nu Lingo. It's Personal. Side 2: Evilution. One Nation. Outtro.
*Rake, Jamie Lee. Rev. of demo (1991). WT 12 (1992): 60.
Above See Level
Birmingham, Alabama
Worship. Circa 2007
Members: Jeff Belcher, Ryan Hand
Abraham and Moses
*'Til You Came In. New Born NB 7031. 1980. LP.
'Til You Came In
Abraham B. Cardenas: vocals, rhythm guitar. Moses Perez: vocals, rhythm guitar. Chris Davis: lead guitar. Bob Kauflin: piano, keyboards. Don Nalle: bass. Carlton Robertson: bass. Mark Farley: drums. Jim Gambini: flugelhorn. Craig Lauterbach: percussion; backing vocals on "A Prayer for You." Donna Brown, Brenda Conner, Vonnie Good and Yvette Lehman: singers on "I'll Follow You" and "We Should Fly."
Side 1: Upon You Lord (Perez 3:10). 'Til You Came In (Perez 4:03). Natural High (Cardenas / Perez 3:22). You Send Me Love (Cardenas 3:06). I'll Follow You (Perez 4:15). Side 2: Cool (Cardenas 3:20). We Should Fly (Cardenas 4:52). Open Your Heart (Cardenas / Perez 4:42). A Prayer for You (Cardenas 1:40). Work (Cardenas 3:45).
Produced by Ed Nalle, Scott Gelnett, Abraham and Moses. Engineer: Scott Gelnett. Arranged by Abraham, Moses, Bob Kauflin, Don Nalle, Mark Farley and Ed Nalle. Strings and horns arranged by Walt Straiton, III. (Bob Kauflin, Don Nalle and Mark Farley are members of Glad).
*Burns, Carolyn A. "A New Duo: Abraham & Moses." Rev. of 'Til You Came In. CCM Oct 1981: 37.
*"Gospel on the T.V. Screen." CCM Jan. 1982: 54. Information about A and M's appearance on the show, Soul Village, broadcast on WPRI in Providence, Rhode Island.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Abraham Brothers
*Down to Earth Gospel. Mark V MV4870. 197?
Isong Abraham
Stourbridge, West Midlands, England
*Divine Commitment. Custom CD/CS. 2000? England.
*Kirk, Trevor. Rev. of "Divine Commitment." CR 55 Feb/ March 2000: 45.
Margi Abraham and the Revelairs
*Without Jesus. Praise PRS132. 1969. LP.
Suzanne Abruzzo
Catholic folk music
*Sunburst Yellow and Orange. ULT 76006. 1976. Custom LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Absence of Ceramics
See also Yukon Fudge
New Jersey
*Exception to the Rule. Custom tape. 1987.
*One Last Guy. rpc records. 1987. Custom tape.
*Soft Drinks for Terrorists. Crass Records crs-00189ks. 1989. Custom tape.
*Surgery. Crass Records CRS-00290KS. 1991.
Exception to the Rule
Thom Inglin: all instruments and drum programming.
Side 1: Running Away. Dared to Be Damned. How Do I Know You Are Real? Side 2: We Cannot Pretend. It's Love Love Love. My Child, I Love You. JX - 1Y (The Bitter?) End
Produced by Inglin. Recorded in the basement.
One Last Guy
Thom Inglin and Garth Kolbeck. All songs by Inglin, except as noted.
Side 1: Video Prostitution. Not a Dream. Let It Be (Lennon-McCartney). ...But It Goes On. Side 2: Darkening Sky (Inglin-Kolbeck). Possible to Care. By My Side
Produced by Inglin and Chuck Gorish. Engineer - Gorish. Recorded at Starduct Studios, Trenton, New Jersey.
Soft Drinks for Terrorists
Thom L. Inglin: guitars, vocals, bass, harmonica, drum programming, keyboards. Garth Kolbeck: bass, vocals, guitars, drums. Additional musicians: K. J. Warner: drums on "November Sixth." Bennet Griffin: drums on “Burning Senasations.”
All songs by Thom Inglin, except as noted.
Side 1: Burning Sensations. Anger. Life by Numbers. Lifting (words: Kolbeck, music: Inglin). Side 2: Hold (Kolbeck). New Generation. November Sixth. Blacksheep (words: Kolbeck, music: Inglin). Avalanche (Kolbeck)
Produced by Inglin, except Hold and Avalanche, produced by Kolbeck. Recorded between April and June 1989 either in Thom's room or in Garth's room on a Yamaha 4-track cassette recorder, except Burning Senasations: recorded July 1988 at Stardust in Trenton, New Jersey.
Thom L. Inglin: guitars, vocals, bass guitar, drums. Garth Kolbeck: bass guitar, vocals, guitars. Keni Warner: drums, vocals. Additional musicians: B. Jill Inglin: backing vocals on Mirror and Working Title. Kids Choir on Mr. Danger: Nessa Goley, B. Jill Inglin, Tracy, Layne, Tesie, Jordan and Logan Adams.
All songs by Thom L. Inglin.
Side 1: Inseparable. Heart. Ostracized. Faces. Deadly Arms. Rope. Side 2: Running Away. Mirror. Working Title. Sculpture. Soul Surgery. Just Come Home. Mr. Danger.
Recorded September / October 1990 in The Barn at Buttonwood Hill, Lumberton, New Jersey. Engineered and produced by Thom L. Inglin. Mastered at Forge, Malvern, Pennsylvania. Design and layout by Thom L. Inglin. Photography by Garth Kolbeck and B. Jill Inglin.
*Review of Soft Drinks for Terrorists. TCE 67 August 1989.
Absent Minded
Circa 2002 / 2003. Punk band from Kennesaw, Georgia
Christian Absolom
Absolom was a former member of African Sonrise. Was a solo artist circa 1999.
Band is essentially Matt Wright. Previously played in Primary Censor (ceased to exist 1994). From Georgetown, Texas. Musical style is industrial.
*Full Frontal Lobotomy. Flaming Fish Music FFMCD 001. 1997. Abstain song: Control.
*Abstain - Matt Wright. Interview. Garlic Press #5 p13.
Abundant Life Gospel Singers
*With a Vision. Jericho JER 530. 1994.
*Healing Waters. Jericho JER 539. 1995.
Abundant Life Musicians
*Songs of Abundant Faith. 4026LP. No date. LP.
*I Stood in Awe. Crusade LPM 1301. No date. LP.
Abundant Life Quartet
*Our Partnership with God. Orea OB2019.
Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir
Black gospel
*Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir. Columbia CS8348. 1960. LP. Also ACS8348 (Collectors Series).
Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir
Side 1: I Want to Ride That Glory Train (3:23). You've Got to Bear the Consequence (3:12). Heaven Belongs to You (4:19). Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody (5:37). He Stays in My Room (8:15).
Side 2: Sweet Jesus (5:38). You Can't Make Me Doubt Him (4:55). He Is Such an Understanding God (6:56). I Can Call Him (6:11).
Calvin White is featured on “Sweet Jesus.” Bessie Lewis on “He Is Such an Understanding God.” Margaret Simpson and Calvin White on “Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody.” The Rev. R. P. Means preaching on “He Stays in My Room.” Professor Alex Bradford: choir direction. Recorded at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, Newark, New Jersey.
Acacia is / was a contemporary band from William Jewell College in Liberty, Missouri. Circa 1999. Styles range from acoustic folk to praise and worship to alternative.
Acacia (UK)
Acacia is Anna Littler, a singer / songwriter. She also offers monologues. Bromley, Kent, United Kingdom. Circa 2001.
Current name adopted summer 1996. Previous names were Frenetic Vitality, Oblation, Gap Tooth Kitten, Stark Raving Matt, Crazy Sled Accidents and Psyche's Daydream. Benjamin Horn: guitar. Jamie Norman: guitar, bass. John Gensmer. Mark Joesting. Matt Roegge: bass (departed).
Founded by Keith Lancaster in 1982 as Acappella Ministries. Members have changed frequently. Lancaster retired from the stage in 1988 to devote time to managing the company.
*Heaven's Gonna Shine. Clifty CCRK007. 1985.
*Traveling Shoes. Clifty CCRK015. 1986.
*Conquerors. 1986. Clifty CCRK017. 1986.
*Give Me Light. Clifty CCRK021. 1987.
*While the Ages Roll On. Clifty CCRK023. 1988.
*Steppin' on a Cloud. Clifty CCRK025. 1988.
*Perfect Peace. Clifty CCRK013. 1988.
*Better Than Life. Acappella Ministries CCRK019. 198? CS.
*Sweet Fellowship. Clifty CCRK029. 1989.
*Song in My Soul. Clifty CCRK031. 1989. Reissued: Word 7019196500. 1990.
*Growing Up in the Lord. Clifty CCRK035. 1990. Reissued: Word 7019195500. 1990.
*Rescue. Word 7019205607. 1990.
*So What's Your tag Say? Word 7019244505. 1990.
*We Have Seen His Glory. Word 7019299504. 1991.
*Set Me Free. Word 7019393500. 1993.
*U and Me and God Makes 5. Word 7019432603. 1993.
*Resurrection. Word 7019457606. 1994.
*The Road. Word 7019626602. 1995.
*En Espanol.
*Hymns for All the World.
*Beyond a Doubt. Word 7019672507. 1995.
*Way of Life. Clifty 701969750X. 1996. Also: Word 7019697607. 1996
*Act of God.
*The Collection. Acappella Company ACD 4700. 1998.
*All That I Need.
*Hymns for All the Ages.
*Live from Paris.
Better Than Life
Songs: How Majestic Is Your Name. Better Than Life. He Gave Her Water. When I Say Farewell. The Time Has Come. More Than a Friend. Rock-a-My-Soul. What Was I Supposed to Be? Lay Down. Let’s Get Together.
Produced by Keith Lancaster. Engineered by Dan Knowles. Recorded and mixed: Clifty Studio, Paris, TN. All sounds vocally produced by Rodney Britt and Keith Lancaster. Guest vocalist on “He Gave Her Water”: Jerome Williams.
Acappella Company
*Acappella America. Word 7019336507. 1992.
*Acappella Country. Word. 7019368603. 1993.
*Acappella Spirituals. Word 70194144508. 1993.
*Acappella Southern. Word 7019415504. 1993.
*Acappella Children. Word 7019420605. 1993.
*Acappella Scripture Songs. Word 701942760X. 1993.
*Acappella Ladies. Word 7019431607. 1993.
*Acappella Platinum. Word 7019455603. 1994. CD and CS.
*Acappella Gold. Word 7019454607. 1994.
*Acappella Classical. Word 7019611605. 1994.
*The Book of James. Word 7019613608. 1994.
*The Vocal Union. Word 7019655602. 1995.
*Acappella Wedding Vol. 1. Word 7019629601. 1995.
*Acappella Traditional. Word 7019631606. 1995.
*Spirituals 2. Word 7019644600. 1995.
*Heroes of Faith. Word 7019684602. 1995.
*Praise and Worship. Word 7019686605. 1995.
*Jazz. Word 7019639607. 1996.
Songs: Don’t Be Talkin’ ‘bout Friends. I Can Walk. Now to Him. Piper Song. La Song. Humble Thyself. He Leadeth Me. Growin’ up in the Lord. Water from the Well. Share What We’ve Got. Livin’ Inside. Peace Be Still.
Phil Accardi and Chalice
Babylon, New York
*Take Control. Almighty Rock Music. 1988. CS.
Take Control
Phil Accardi: lead vocals, drums, Hammomd B3, Grand piano, percussion, backing vocals, strings, emulator, synthesizers, string and horn synthesizers, rhythm and acoustic guitars, gong, bass; various effect and pad synthesizers on "Bright as the Stars"; lead guitar on "Take Control." Mike Muller: lead guitar, bass, synthesizers, acoustic piano glissandos, backing vocals. Bill Poulos: bass, backing vocals. Desi Desiderio: Hammond B3 on "On My Way" and "Victim of the Night." Guy Lodico: synthesizers, keyboard embellishments; string arrangements on "More Than Anything." Nicki Leigh: backing vocals. Bruce Bowes: bass. Ken Wallace: sequencher on "Take Control."
Side 1: Eyes of Burning Fire (Phil Accardi). On My Way (Foster / Jones / D. Anca / Accardi). More Than Anything (Accardi). High on Love (Accardi). Side 2: Take Control (Accardi). Running Around (Accardi). Victim of the Night (Accardi). Bright as the Stars (Accardi). Additional lyrics by Bill Lamont, George and Nicki Leigh.
Produced by Phil Accardi and Carl Canedy. Pre-production at D.P.I. Studios, Islip, New York. Engineered by Mark "Wally" De Pierro. "Bright as the Stars" recorded in 1983 at Sonic Sound Studios, Freeport, New York. Engineered and co-produced by Dr. Jerry Comito. "Running Around" recorded in 1985 at Al Falcon's Studio 3973, Long Beach, New York. Engineered by Artie Ware III. All other tracks recorded 1986 / 1987 at Ian London Studios, New York. Engineered by Ken Wallace, Mike Hogan, Phil Accardi, Mike Muller, Vincent Ansini, Bruce Bowes, Bernie Lacurto and John Dunn. Mixed at U. C. A. Recording, Utica, New York. Engineered by Bob Yauger and Carl Canedy. Mastered by Tony Dawsey at Masterdisk. Photography by Neil Calandra, assisted by Michael Friedel for Sanctum Studios, New York. Logo and cover design by John Cappadona for Air Wear Graphics, West Hempstead, New York. Front cover costume by C. C. Star, Sonda, New York. Alisha: hair and makeup artist.
*Underground Metal 2. Regency Records 790-082-2224. 1989. Song: Victim of the Night.
Accelerate is from Great Britain, circa 2000. Members are Mark Addison, John Maiden (also heads a worship band called He@t) and Ben Holliday (guitar, vocals, writer). Holliday has departed to form a new band in Manchester, England.
*Make It Happen. Tempo R7016. 1971. LP.
*New Dimensions in Sacred Song. Supreme S219. 197?
Make It Happen
Singers: Eddie, Dave, Bob, Rusty (last names not listed)
Side One: The Earth Will Sing (2:19 Owens / Hauge). Someone To Follow (2:20 Cull). O Happy Day (3:05 Doddridge / Rimbault / Hawkins). Discovery! (2:20 Owens). Is It Any Wonder? (3:35 Owens). What A Wonderful Life (2:20 - Owens).
Side Two: Following The Crowd (2:12 Owens). Forgive Me, My Friend (2:24 Owens). Don't Let Another Day Go By (3:19 Owens). Born Again (from "Life") (2:14 Skillings). Life (2:07 Skillings).
Arranged and conducted by Jimmy Owens. Produced by Jesse Peterson. Photos by Ken Carlson. Recording Engineer: Mike Weighell. Over-dub and Re-mix Engineer: Frank Kejmar. Recorded in London, England with the Westminster Sinfonia Orchestra.
Jason Vena: vocals. Christian McAlhaney: guitars, vocals. Kaylan Cloyd: guitars. Ryan Zwiefelhofer: bass. Nick Radovanovic: drums.
*Lost for Words. Rocketstar Recordings. 2000. CD.
*Black Lines to Battlefields. The Militia Group. 2003. CD EP.
*Phantoms. 2005. CD.
Black Lines to Battlefields
Songs: Permanent. Seeing Is Believing. Bleeding Heart. Black Lines to battlefields. Hold On. This Is Only a Test. Rerun. Side 2: Permanent. EPK (electronic press kit). Other track listings have: Permanent. Seeing Is Believing. Bleeding Heart. Black Lines to Battlefields. Hold On. This Is Only a Test (live).
Songs: Take Cover. So Contagious. In Too Far. Letter. Different. Ad Astera Per Aspera (Instrumental). This Conversation Is Over. Over You. Breathless. In the Cold. Permanent. Glory / Us.
Acceptance with Joy
California. Alternative Rock.
Greg Jones, Linda Connor and Elizabeth Tholander
*Thanks a Trillion. Poiema no number. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
see also Swoon. Name originally was Restricted Access
*Take One. Custom tape. 1984.
*Retrograde Inversion. Custom tape. 1985.
*Church of Wires. Custom tape. 1987.
*Jacob's Tears. Custom tape. 1987.
*ben son ben son Beatrice. Custom tape. 1988.
*Interview. Ragtime #9 June 1988.
ben son ben son Beatrice
Austin Dacey: guitars, vocals, keyboards. Emmett Dacey: drums. Jeananette Gillispie: keyboards, backing vocals. Daniel Thomas: lead vocals, bass, lyrics. Additional backing vocals by James.
Side 1: I Cried Out. Let's Talk about Love. I Am, I Am Indeed Beatrice. Square Dance Candle Light. Via Dolorosa. Side 2 is blank.
Produced by James. Engineered by Greg Sotebeer. Executive producer: Charles Clark. Recorded in cooperation with Limited Warranty at Johnny Audio, Minneapolis, Minnesota. Cover art by Akira Oshima. Photos by Mark Derby. All music by Restricted Access. Arranged by Access and James.
Access (IN)
Terre Haute, Indiana. Style is contemporary gospel. Circa 1999.
Access Denied
Sydney, Australia
Marty: guitar, vocals. Dave: bass, vocals. Andy: drums, vocals.
*Go Time. CD EP. 2003.
Male / female band from Seattle
*Beside the Still Waters. Creative Message TA1036ST. 1974. LP. Label from Seattle.
Beside the Still Waters
Songs: Come Brother Come. Forget Your Hexagram. Sold Out. Folk Psalm 1. You’re Caught in a World. Behind the Still Waters. One Door and Window. The New 23rd. In My Father’s House. Jesus. (may not be complete list of songs on LP).
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Accord of Three
Style is contemporary. Centerville, Iowa. Circa 1998 / 1999.
According to John
Band members are John Waller: vocals, guitar. Jeff Biles: drums (left 2002). Krase Widener. Edwin Bunto: bass, vocals. Others: Jason Hoard: guitar (left 2002). Matt Adkins: guitar, vocals (joined 2002). John Fisher: drums (joined 2002).
*According to John. 1998. CD.
*Beyond What I See. CD.
*Greater Things. CD. 8 new songs, 7 favorites.
*Mindy's Revenge: 20 Killer Cuts. Word Records 701 9950 604. 1997. Song: Follow.
*Song of Jabez Soundtrack. CD.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
*Portraits. Harvest HAR1136. 1987.
*Our Favorites. Glory Song. 198?
*Anointed. Welcome Home WHC8902. 1990.
Ace Troubleshooter
Minneapolis, Minnesota. John Warne: vocals. Josh Abbott: drums. Matt: bass. Cody Oaks. Issac Deaton: guitar. Style: punk.
*Back in the Shooting Match. Custom CD. October 1996.
*Don't Stop A Rockin'. Custom. 1999. CD.
*Ace Troubleshooter. Bec Recordings. October 2002. CD.
*The Madness of the Crowds. Tooth and Nail. 2002. CD.
*It’s Never Enough. 2004. CD.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
Back in the Shooting Match
Songs: Chilly MN. Slip Away. Ravioli. Ace. The Undies Song. Driving Against Velocities Extreme. Well, Hello. Get Off My Back. Sloppy Copy. Die, Vedder. Full Release. Jessicah Song. Plastic. Don’t Wait. I Love Jesus. Tapeworm. Only You. Two Princes. Arms of Love.
Recorded at Playground Studios, St. Cloud, Minnesota.
Don’t Stop A Rockin’
Songs: Don’t Trust That Girl. In My Dreams. Punk Rock Chicks. Misconceptions. Kiss Goodnight. Today Is a New Day. Welcome to Dumpsville. I Corinthians 13. There She Goes. Blank Contract. I Miss You Girl. Rudy. Hey There Girly. Fortress (acoustic). Fortress (instrumental).
Recorded at Holy Cow Productions, St. Paul, Minnesota.
Ace Troubleshooter
Songs: SE #101. Denise. Tonight. Misconceptions. My Way. Yesterday. I Corinthians 13. Don’t Trust That Girl. Phoenix. Yoko. Fortress.
Recorded at the Blasting Room, Fort Collins, Colorado.
The Madness of the Crowds
Songs: The Madness of the Crowds. 2:00 Your Time. Have It All. Amanda. Age of Gold. Estella. Out to Sea. But for Grace. Let’s Go Away. Numinous. Your Reach. Produced by Tim Patalan. Recorded at the Loft, Saline, Michigan.
It’s Never Enough
Songs: Ball & Chain. Anything. Jasmine. Make It Right. Seaside. Turn Around. My Defense. Helen Burns. Tempest. Hoping. Don’t Do It Again. So Long.
Produced by Tim Patalan at the Loft in Michigan.
*C.I.A. CD.
Aces Wild
Levi Branson: lead guitar. Jeremiah Branson: drums. Joe Schooler: bass. Band existed circa early 1998.
North London, England, circa 1977.
*The Valley of Achor - A Door of Hope. Dove 18. LP. 1975 Also issued on cassette DVCS 118.
*Wine of Lebanon. Dove 46. LP. 1977. Also issued on cassette DVCS 146.
*End of My Day. Cedar 1. 1978. LP.
*Hosanna to the Son of David. Dove 54 . 1978. LP. Listed as Achor and Friends.
*"Music and News 1977." New Music 8 (1977): 8. From an ad for the company Musical Gospel Outreach.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*No Need to Fear. CD.
Acid Dime 7
Metal / hardcore
*Demo. 2003. CD? Songs: A Martyr’s Epic. God Is Coming.
Fri: vocals. Ian: guitar. Santino: bass. Mike: drums. Gilbert added on guitar, left 2005.
Acoustic Shack
Laura Misiuk: vocals. Michael Misiuk: guitar
*Acoustic Shack. Blonde Vinyl. 1991.
*Fret Buzz. Broken Records. 1993.
*A Distant Bell. Red Moon. 1998.
*Redeeming the Time. 2001.
*Review of Fret Buzz. TCE108 Oct. / Nov. 1993.
*Rake, Jamie Lee. Rev. of Acoustic Shack. WT 12 (1992): 26.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
Acoustic Torment
Death metal from Germany.
*My Hope Is in You. 1999? 17 songs.
Acoustic War Against Satan (AWAS)
Began in 1999 with the name Rotting Satan. Since June 2001, line-up is: Kornelius E.: guitar. Viktor K.: grind and clear vocals. Martin K.: bass. Martin E.: drums. Musicals style: death, unblack, thrash, metal.
*Demo. Songs: Love. Saved. Time to Choose. Darkness. A.W.A.S.
Acquiesce is from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, circa 2000. Musical style is adult contemporary.
Acquire the Fire
Acquire the Fire is a trademark of Teen Mania Ministries. Style is rock praise and worship. Produced by David Zaffiro.
*Stand Up and Surrender: Worship for a New Generation. Pamplin 2128. (UK). 2000? CD
*Kirk, Trevor. Rev. of "Stand Up and Surrender." Cross Rhythms June-July 2000: 39.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
Across Five Aprils
Chattanooga. Punk, alternative. Began September, 2001. Drew Miller. Jason Barry. Zak Towe. Jason Fields. Summer 2002, Vocalist Steve Taylor (no, not him) joined. Taylor left after the Tragedy CD. Jason Fields took over the vocals and Jarrod Smith joied in guitar. Fields departed and in March 2004, Taylor rejoined.
*Twenty-Three Minutes and Forty-Two Seconds of Scenic City Rock ‘ Roll. EP. March 2002. CD.
*A Tragedy in Progress. Indianola Records. May 2003. CD.
A Tragedy in Progress
Songs: The Helpless Dreams of an Assassin. Pawn Shop Promises. Around the World in a Radio Flyer. Blue Eyed Suicide. Car Wrecks and Plane Crashes. My Eyes Murdered Charles Townsend. A Million Miles to Montreal. The Sweet and Sour Speech. Je’ Mennuie de Vous. Bite the Bullet. A Year fromNow. Hearts, Necks and Other Things That Break.
Across the Street
Across the Street is from Bismarck, North Dakota. Circa 1999. Adam. Jared (left band). Luke. Jon Michael.
*Across the Street. CD. Six songs: Evan's. What You Want Me to Do. Anti-Social. After Thoughts. Goodbyes. This Time.
Across the Way
New South Wales, Australia, circa 1999 / 2000.
Acrylic Armor
Band in existence circa 1997. Band is Adam. Jason Jurewicz: drums. Justin Tubbs. Nick.
Acrylic Warfare
Band began May 1997. From Ohio. Bill Spry: vocals. guitar. Ron Adams: drums. Matt Perin: bass. Katy Hamilton: vocals
*Heaven's Grunge. Custom tape.
Songs: The Core Is Slowly Rotting in the August Sun. Neanderthal Punk. Satan. Out of This Life
*Unplugged. Custom tape.
Songs: Rush. Satan. Losing Control. Honey I Can't Come Home Right Now Because I Missed the Greyhound. Moribund Lycanthropist. Caterpillar. Paid. The Core... End It All. Out of This Life. Neanderthal Pony.
*The Core Rot Project
Songs: The Core Is Slowly.... Moribund Lycanthropist. Satan. Running. Neanderthal Pony. The Pizza Song.
Act IV
*To All the World. Action KEA11024. 197?
Act of God
Style is alternative rock. Lilburn, Georgia. Circa 1998 / 1999.
Act One Company
*Music - Drama - Comedy. Greentree R3438. 1976. LP. Album jacket lists label as Impact, same number. Record label gives title as Act One Company.
*Power. Continental. 1978. LP. Reissued Netherlands on Free 3056. 1978.
Music Drama Comedy
Act One Company: Jim Caldie. Paul Lantz. Rick Starrett. Bryan Bourg. Nancy Futrell. Joyce Imes. Laurie Wisner. Don Hill.
Side 1: I Feel Good (Wolfe 3:34). Tear Down the Walls (Sherberg 3:02). Which Way to Go (Sherberg 3:05). Sketch: "The Counselor" (7:52). Glory Special (Mrs. J. W. Payte 3:12). Side 2: Jesus Is the Rock (Floria 3:32). Praise the Lord, He Never Changes (Harris 3:35). Looking at Yourself (Starrett 3:46). Sketch: "The Waitress" (7:42). How Long Will You Wait (Sherberg 3:35).
Cam Floria: executive producer. Chuck Bolte: producer. Don Marsh: vocal producer. Jon Sherberg: vocal arrangements. Paul Stillwell: production assistance. Sketches written by Dennis Shippy, Chuck Bolte and Jim Custer. Toby Foster: engineer. Bob Kachur: vocal recording engineer. David Maddux: instrumental arrangements. Mixed by Toby Foster and Chuck Bolte. Recorded at Martinsound, Alhambra, California; CRC Studios, Chicago, Illinois. Mastered at Kendun Recorders, Burbank, California. Live segments recorded at Whitney Studios, Glendale, California. Cover and backliner design by Bob McConnell. Jim Darby: solo on "Tear Down the Walls." Dana Wilson: solo on "How Long Will You Wait?" "Glory Special" arranged by Terry Winch.
Bolte, Shippy, Caldie and Custer also were part of the Jeremiah People.
Action Kit
Style of music is art punk. May also have gone by name Quickee Mart.
Active Faith
see also No Laughing Matter. Scott Roman
*Life in the Modern World. Worthless Records WR-020. 1987. CS. 7 songs, 20: 50.
Life in the Modern World
Scott Roman: lead vocals, keyboards, sequence programming, backing vocals. Toby Drummond: all guitars, backing vocals. Phil Bachelder: bass, backingvocals; speaking on "Remember Me." Jeff Evans: drums, backing vocals. Robin Reinmuth and Dan Roman: additional backing vocals. Vince Micko: special effects.
All songs by Scott Roman. Lyrics on insert.
Side 1: Life in the Modern World. Job Insecurity. No Consolation. Naked. Live It Up. Pandemonium. Remember Me. Side 2: same as side one.
Produced and arranged by Scott Roman. Engineered by Vince Micko. Assistant engineer: Keith. Recorded and mixed at Pantheon Studios, Scottsdale, Arizona. Mixed by Vince Micko and Active Faith.
Active Ingrediants
Band was formed in 1992 and was a secular punk band. As such, band had ten releases. Some on comps, several 7 inch records, etc. In late 2000, one member became a Christian; Dennis followed in conversion. The drummer left the band and Javier joined as drummer.
*150 Demo. Custom CD. 2002.
In existence late 1999. Two songs are: Dream. Pursuit.
Youngstown, Ohio
*Born Forever. Acts 183 EL. 1973. LP.
*Things I Can See. Acts 819 TA. 1975? LP.
*Time to Come. Acts AX-783. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd. Above information taken from Ken's book.
Roy Acuff
*Favorite Hymns. MGM E3T07. 1958. LP.
*That Glory Bound Train. Hickory HL7294. 1961.
*Hymn Time. MGM SE4044. 1962. Reissue of Favorite Hymns.
*Roy Acuff. MGM MS508. 1965. LP.
*Hand Clapping Gospel Songs. Hickory LP117. 1963.
*How Beautiful Heaven Must Be. Hilltop JS6028. 1965. May also be called Roy Acuff.
*Take My Hand Precious Lord. Sears SPS123. 196? Reissue of How Beautiful...
*Great Speckled Bird. Harmony HL11289. 1968.
*Waiting for My Call to Glory. Harmony HS11334. 1969. LP. Also HL-7376.
*I Saw the Light. Hickory LPS158. 1970. Reissue of Hand Clapping...
*Greatest Hits Volume I. Electra 9E302. 1978.
*Columbia Historic Edition. Columbia CK39998. 1985.
*The Essential Roy Acuff (1936-1949). Columbia CK48956. 1992.
How Beautiful Heaven Must Be
Songs: How Beautiful Heaven Must Be. Jesus Died for Me. Shake My Mother’s Hand. Take My Hand Precious Lord. Where the Soul Never Dies. Thank God. I can’t Feel at Home in This World. Legend of the Dogwood Tree.
Take My Hand Precious Lord
Side 1: How Beautiful Heaven Must Be. Jesus Died for Me. Shake My Mother's Hand. Take My Hand Precious Lord. Where the Soul Never Dies.
Side 2: Thank God. I Can't Feel at Home in This World. Legend of the Dogwood Tree. Where Could I Go But to the Lord. Build Me a Cabin in the Corner of Glory Land.
Waiting for My Call to Glory
Songs: Just Inside the Pearly Gates. Brother, Take Warning. The Great Judgement Morning. It’s Too Late Now to Worry Anymore. Waiting for My Call to Glory. The Evil’s Train. The Songbirds Are Singing in Heaven. A Sinner’s Death. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again. All the World Is Lonely Now.
Alex Acuna
Acuna is from Peru
see also Koinonia
*Thinking of You. 1990. Listed as Alex Acuna and the Unknowns.
*Los Hijos Del Sol (To My Country). 2002.
*Meet the Acunas. Custom A1002

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