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*The Song of Christmas. Chapel LP5076. 196?
*From Blackest Darkness. 1995.
*McGovern, Brian. Rev. of From Blackest Darkness. HM 54 (1995): 63.
*Four-O-Five. Alarma Records 0844187616-4. (cassette). -2 (CD). 1996.
*Ed. Dwarf Records. Song: Sunshine Nomad.
*Samantha. Dwarf Records.
Del Sauder: guitar, vocals. Dave Lantz: bass. Matt West: drums.
How I Feel (Matt). Rule the World (Del). Matt's Song (Matt). Girl in My Pocket (Del). Can't Stop Lov'n You (Glenn Kaiser). Change (Matt). Hate Free (Matt). Close My Eyes (Del). The Trees All Look the Same (Debbie Weinheimer). Blue / Gray Brain (Del). Dry (Matt and Ted). Black Rain (Matt).
Produced by Gene Eugene with Erik Tokle. Engineered by Erik Tokle. Recorded at The Green Room, Huntington Beach, California. Mixed at The Mixing Lab, Garden Grove, California. Mastered at Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California. Photography and design concocted by Matt Wignall. A&R direction by Dave Borbon.
AFK (America's Finest Kids)
Barnegat, New Jersey circa 1998. Style is punk. Has changed name to the Defamed. Late 1999? Dave: vocals. Arnie: drums. Bradley: guitar. John: bass. Skip: dancer.
Grand Forks, North Dakota. Circa 1997
Ryan Aakre: vocals. Michael Roux. Ryan Sickels: bass. Steve Roux: drums. Scott Flaten: lead guitar.
*The Goods. CD?
African Methodist Episcopal Church
California Conference Choir
*Fill Me with Your Spirit. Platinum Sounds Records S19753. 1988. LP.
Fill Me with Your Spirit
Songs: Fill Me with Your Spirit. He Really Cares. Is Your Heart Right? Holy. Stand By Me. He Paid It at Calvary. We Came to Praise His Name. Say! Have You Hear?
Russell Thomas Hill, Jr., director. Recorded live at Bethel A.M.E Church, San Francisco, CA.
African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church
National Mass Choir
*One in the Spirit. Proclaim Record 04077774300148. 1995. CS.
One in the Spirit
Songs: They’ll Know We Are Christians. I Sing (David Frazier). Yes, He Loves Me (words and music by Scot C. Moore, soloist). What Shall I Render (Brian D. Moore) (Kerrilyn Show, soloist). Jesus, Jesus (Sharon Browning). I Can Make It (Brian D. Moore). Holy, Holy, Holy (Kimberly Mingo, Gwen Townsend, soloist). Joyful, Joyful (arr. Mervin Warren) (E. Joe Boykin, soloist). Get in the Move of God (David Frazier) (Brian D. Moore, soloist).
Rev. Brian D. Moore, director, with musicians, narrators, and additional vocals. Recorded live, Cobbel Auditorium, Salisbury, North Carolina.
African Sonrise
*Children of Africa. Image VII Records VII 7812. 1986. LP.
Children of Africa
The current singers: Henry Louw, Peter Ecksteen, Daniel Visagie, Christian Absolom. Daryl Bennet: drums, percussion; tambourine, guitar. Brian Newcombe: bass. Dane DeViller: guitar, percussion. Rob Bailey: keyboards, bass, sax solo. Kenny Chalmers: drums. Morry Stearns: keyboards (Rhodes); bass; keyboard strings. Duncan Meiklejohn: organ, percussion; keyboards strings; kettle drums, bass, keyboards. Bill Runge: sax. Darren McGrath: kalimba and slit drum. Paul Baron: trumpet. The Seacoast Congregation on "Dumela Fela": Linda Parker, Rosalie Jongerhuis. Teresa Richards. Irene Laing, Frances Hawker, Bruce Hawker, Doris Huguet, Shane Roberts, Cindy Carbol, Thomas K., George Penwarn, Robert Penwarn, Brenda Meiklejohn, Beth Keller, Bob Benson, Graeme Huguet.
Side 1: More Like You (Louw / Ecksteen - D. Meiklejohn 4:08). This Time (Bruce Hawker 4:30). Just One Touch (Bruce Hawker 3:45). So Much More (In Jesus) (Louw / D. Meikeljohn 4:25). Children of Africa (Louw / Absolom 4:40). Side 2: Dumela Fela (Only Believe) (Louw / Absolom 4:35). Commitment (Louw 4:04). Too Good Not to Be True (Bruce Hawker 3:42). So Tried and So True (Bruce Hawker 3:34). Together as One (Louw / Tom Southwood 4:53).
Produced and arranged by Duncan Meikeljohn. Vocal arrangements: Henry Louw and Duncan Meikeljohn. Recorded and mixed by Bob Benson. Second engineer: Sandra Lang. Recorded at Seacoast Sound, Victoria B. C., Canada. Graphic production: Commercial Illustrators. Back cover art: Gary Beale. Cover photo: Terry Guscott.
After Dinner Players
*APP. ACA 6747/48. 1979 LP.
Cast: Fred Burton Swallow: Terry Jones. Mary Virginia Sparrow: Patricia Harless. Barbara: Patty Jinks. George: Bill Brunson. Mother: Janine Wallace. Preacher: Willis Puffer. Date: Bette Pugh. Tom: Lee Walker.
Side 1: To God Be the Glory (full company). Purple Parakeets (trio). It’s Lonely (Fred). Single Adults Retreat (trio). The Game Song (Mary Virginia, Fred). I Really Want to Be a Christian (sextette, Tom). Side 2: Kumba Yah (full company). I’m Looking for a Sign (Mary Virginia, Fred). God So Loved (Barbara, George, Mary Virginia, Fred, company). To God Be the Glory (full company).
Written, directed by Jeannette Clift George. Lyrics by Jeannette Clift George in collaboration with Betsy Anderson. Music by J. C. George. Accompanist: Lyn Van Noy. Musical director: Bill Brunson. Production assistant: Brad Smith. Parakeets Trio: Beth Bailey, Mark Choate, Phil Nelson. Single Adult Trio: Donna Brinkley, Shawn Johnson, Lynda Johnson. “I Really Want to Be a Christian”: Patty Jinks, Bill Brunson, Shawn Johnson, Phil Nelson. Mark Choate. Presented at opening of Grace Building, March 1979. Album produced by William Holford. Recorded at ACA Recording Studios. Houston, TX. Jacket design: Brad Smith. Photography: Devon Decker.
“AAP.” Began as a play based on the 84th Psalm. I was reading Dr. Ray Stedman’s excellent book ‘Folk Psalms of Faith’ and began to write about two people trying to put into practice the faith they had claimed in principle. These two restless, wavering, beginning Christians seek an answer to the puzzle of their discontent and find it in the Word of God. My srory line collected the wispy beginnings of tunes. Mrs. Betsy Anderson added the miracle of her talent and we had a musical. Barbara and Milton Cunningham invited us to premiere our new show at Westbury Baptist Church in June 19, 1975. “AAP.” Was chosen for ‘appendix,’ that section of a book in which everything is put together. “AAP.” Has performed for churches, theatres, seminars, community arts centers and was to inaugurate the A.D. Players’ theatre in the Grace Building. Now we send it out in this out first A.D. Players album. It is my prayer that “AAP.” Will continue to offer entertainment with a message leading others to the loving God who put it all together. To God Be the Glory – Jeannette Clift George. (from the back cover).
After Edmund
Formed in 2001 under the name Taken. Five independent releses.
*Not the Typical. EP. 2002.
*Moonlight. E-CD single. 2003.
*Are You Listening? 2003. CD.
*Amplified. EP. 2004. CD.
*The SA BA DE. EP. 2005
*Hello. Slanted Records. 2008. CD.
*Spaceships and Submarines: the Lively Sessions. 2009. CD.
*Like a Dream.
*Fighting for Your Heart.
After Eleven
*It's About Time. Custom tape. 1989.
It’s About Time
William Gallagher: bass, vocals. Doug Davidson: guitars, vocals. Mike Ling: drums, percussion.
Side 1: You Don't Know Me (Gallagher). Lightning (Gallagher). Nothin' to You (Davidson). Private I (Davidson). Overflow (Davidson). Side 2: Running Out (Gallagher). Black and White (Davidson). Nova Huta (Davidson). St. Peter's Village (Gallagher). Beach Tags (After Eleven).
Recorded and mixed at Morning Star Studios, Spring House, Pennsylvania, July / August 1989. Cover photo by Peter Morgan. Inner photo by Tricia Pilkington.
After Ours
After Ours is a contemporary rock / worship band from Market Drayton, Shropshire, England. Have been in existence since about 1991.
*Ten. Custom CD. 2001. Contains songs from all phases of the band’s career.
*Hames, Daniel. Rev. of Ten. CR 64 Sept. / Oct. 2001: 26.
After the Fall
Metal band circa 1988 - 1990?
After the Fall
Redditch, Worcestershire, England. Circa 1997 plus. Originally, name was Sonrise
*Into the Light. Big Feet. 1990.
*Global Warning. Custom CD. 2000?
*Tozer, Chris. Anthems of Hope. CR June-July 1994: 41.
*Rev. of "Global Warning." CR June-July 2000:39. Review indicates band has broken up.
After the Fire
*Signs of Change. Rapid RR001. 1978. (UK). LP.
*Laser Love. CBS Records 83795. 1979. (UK). LP / CS.
*80-F. CBS Records 84545. 1980. (UK). LP.
*Batteries Not Included. Epic Records EPC 85135. 1982. (UK)
*Der Kommissar. CBS Records 25227. 1982. Reissued on CD: Columbia 480973 2.
*ATF. Epic FE 38282. 1982. LP.
Laser Love
Peter "Memory" Banks. Andrew Piercy. John Russell. I. A. J. Twidell.
All songs by Piercy / Banks, except as noted.
Side 1: Laser Love (3:28). Joy! (Banks / Piercy / Russell / Twidell 3:17). Take Me Higher (4:31). Life in the City (4:13). Suspended Animation (4:52). Side 2: Like the Power of a Jet (3:07). One Rule for You (3:24). Time to Think (3:28). Timestar (Banks 4:36). Check It Out (3:21).
Rupert Hine produced: Joy, and One Rule for You. Muff Winwood produced: Take Me Higher, Suspended Animation, Like the Power of a Jet, and Timestar. Muff Winwood and Rhett Davies produced: Laser Love, and Time to Think. ATF produced: Life in the City. John Leckie produced: Check It Out. Design by Roslav Szaybo.
Batteries Not Included
Andy Piercy: bass. Pete King: drums. Peter "Memory" Banks: keyboards. John Russell: guitar.
All songs by Piercy / Banks, except as noted.
Side 1: Short Change (3:19). Frozen Rivers (3:36). Sometimes (Piercy / Banks / Russell 3:08). Sailing Ship (3:57). I Don't Understand Your Love (2:53). The Stranger (2:50). Side 2: Rich Boys (3:02). Carry Me Home (4:14). Dancing in the Shadows (3:02). Space Walking (3:17). Gina (1:39). Stuck in Paris (Nowhere to Go) (Banks / King 2:45). Bright Lights (3:36).
Produced, mixed and engineered by Mack at Musicland Studios, Munich; assisted by Stefan Wissnet. Mastered at Abbey Road, London by Mack and Nick Webb. Cover design: Carlos Sapochnik. Back cover photo: Peter Hince. Extra synthesizers used on this album were the Blue Beastie (programmed by Stefan Wissnet; Roland Jupiter 8 and Prophet 10. Original 8-track recording on "The Stranger" by P.M.B. (cheers Jeff!).
Der Kommissar
All songs from the previously released albums Laser Love, 80-F, and Batteries Not Included. All songs by Piercy / Banks, except as noted.
Der Kommissar (Robert Ponger / Falco 4:07). Who's Gonna Love You (When You Are Old Fat and Ugly) (4:05). Frozen Rivers (3:36). Joy (3:17). Dancing in the Shadows (3:02). Billy Billy (4:40). 1980-F (Banks 2:32). Rich Boys (3:02). Starflight (4:13). Laser Love (3:28). Love Will Always Make You Cry (3:30). One Rule for You (3:24). Sailing Ship (3:57).
Compiled - Kjell Andersson. Front cover design / photography: Janusz Guttner.
All songs by Piercy / Banks, except as noted. Previously released.
Side 1: Laser Love (3:28). One Rule for You (3:24). Dancing in the Shadows (3:01). Sometimes (Piercy / Banks / Russell 3:07). Sailing Ship (3:55). Carry Me Home (3:22).
Side 2: Frozen Rivers (3:33). Love Will Always Make You Cry (3:32). Starflight (3:46). Der Kommissar (Ponger / Falco 5:43). 1980-F (Banks 2:32).
12 inch Singles
*Rich Boys (3:02) b/w One Rule for You / Billy Billy ( both Live at the Rainbow 1980). CBS A131951. 1981. (UK). Picture sleeve.
*Der Kommissar (5:43) b/w Der Kommissar (4:53). Epic 49-03490. (US).1982.
*Dancing in the Shadows (Special dance mix) (5:30) b/w Dancing in the Shadows (instrumental 3:20). Epic 49-03950. (US). 1983.
*Dancing in the Shadows (5:40) b/w Dancing in the Shadows (instrumental 3:33) / Starflight (4:23). CBS TA 3455. 1983. (UK). Picture sleeve.
45 rpm Singles
*Frozen Rivers (Piercy / Banks 3:15) b/w Starflight (Piercy / Banks 4:55) (recorded live at the Rainbow 14 Nov 1980). Epic EPC A 1613. 1981. Picture sleeve.
*Der Kommissar (4:03) b/w Dancing in the Shadows (3:01). Epic 34-03559. 1982.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Mt. Pleasant, Texas. Circa 2001. Style is heavy emo. Members are Jess Garcia (ex-Mustard Seed): vocals, guitar. Bobby Moore: drums. Shane Mullin: bass. Craig Yeager: guitar.
*The Afterglo Project. Songs: Bloom. My Demise. A Lighthearted Dive.
The Chronicles of the Heart. CD. Other bands include My Spacecoaster, Sky's the Limit, Ransom Tree and Dreaming of the Fifth.
Metal / rock / alternative. 2005?
Austin: vocals, guitar, some drums. Kyson: bass, harmonizing vocals; drums and electric guitar on some songs. Ryan: drums; some electric guitar. Band has 14 songs and is trying to get something recorded. Song titles: Epidemic. Hold On. Hiding. Good Enough. Open and Torn. Into the World. Lost. Regret. Face Down. Reflection. Grab Hold. Silently Screaming. Eye to Eye. DiD I Run. Superman. Untitled. If recorded, album will be called Lost.
Progressive hardcore from South Africa
*Two Minutes to a Heartbeat. 2002.
*Leas, Amanda. Rev. of Two Minutes to a Heartbeat. HM Sep.-Oct. 2002: 70.
Two Minutes to a Heartbeat
Songs: Knowing without Knowledge. Shooting Brothers. Innocent by Blood. Engage Retake. Heart & Soul. Everyday. A Promise to Fulfill. The Certainty of Change. Selfless Act. Higher State of Mind. Moments on End. Final Thoughts.
Alternative / emo band from Ruston, Louisiana. Began summer 1998. Band has a live CD available.
Against the Grain
Cornell, Illinois. 200?
Rock / hardcore
Against the Nations
Cincinnati, Ohio
End of 2005, band was in process of changing name
Against the Tide
*Against the Tide. Broken. 1984.
*Demo. 1988
Dennis Agajanian
*Rebel to the Wrong. Light Records LS-5782. 1981. LP.
*Where Are the Heroes? Sparrow Records SPR 1087. 1984. LP.
*Friendly Fire. Word Nashville 701001133-8. 1986. LP.
*Just As I Am. Asaph AR1047.1990.
*Out of the Wilderness. Asaph AR1067. 1992. CD.
*There Is a Road. Asaph AR1077. 1993.
*Best Picks. Best of CD.
*Empty Hearts. Asaph ARD1085. 1996. CD.
*Outlaw. Asaph ARD1093. 1998. CD.
*Pure Acoustic Bluegrass. Asaph ARD1098. 1998. CD.
*Best Picks Take Two...
*Acoustically Sound.
Rebel to the Wrong
Mike Mathis: drums. Scott Parrish: bass. Tom Howard: keyboards, backing vocals. Hadley Hockensmith: electric guitar. Gerry Limpic: electric and acoustic guitars, backing vocals. Dennis Agajanian: acoustic guitar, vocals. Byron Berline: fiddle. Jay Dee Maness: steel guitar. Wayne Rice: banjo. Danny Agajanian: banjo, mandolin. Kelly Willard and Pam Mark Hall: backing vocals. Jim Plank: drums on "I Can Do All Things." Joel Hendrickson - bass on "He's Bigger."
All songs by Dennis Agajanian, except as noted.
Side 1: Rebel to the Wrong (5:18). Fool's Gold (Munds 3:19). Child's Cry (3:50). Bigger Than All My Sins (Kistler 2:23). Milk and Honey Express (Danny Agajanian 1:55). Side 2: Alive in the Sky (Hughey 3:42). I Can Do All Things (Munds 3:00). Daddy's Girl (3:32). Last of the Good Guys (3:41). I'm Thankful to You (3:08).
Bill Cole: executive producer. Produced by Gerry Limpic. Recorded and mixed by Ron Compton at Fanfare Studios, San Diego, California. Mastered by Ron Compton at Studio Masters, San Diego. Don Wyman: photography. Rhonda Dempsey: art direction and design.
Where Are the Heroes
Dennis Agajanian: vocals, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. Terry Talbot: acoustic guitars, backing vocals. Michael Thompson: electric guitar. Dennis Bouchard: keyboards. Bill Maxwell: drums. Abraham Laboriel: bass. Scott Parrish: bass on "Jesu." Matthew Ward and Julie Miller: backing vocals.
Side 1: If You Say (Agajanian 2:37). Via Dolorosa (Lonnie Atkinson 4:36). Where Are the Heroes (Steve Camp 4:20). The Tongue Is a Fire (Steve Camp 4:32). Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring (instrumental, arranged Agajanian 2:54). Side 2: She's a Servant (Single and Living Alone) (Agajanian / T.Talbot 2:55). Goodbye Old Man (Atkinson / T.Talbot 3:32). Colleen's Pirouette (instrumental. Agajanian 2:48). I Will Never Leave You (Atkinson 3:36). All That I Am (Agajanian 2:52).
Produced by Terry Talbot. Recorded at Poiema Studio, Camarillo, California by Bill Cobb and Westwind Studio, Westlake Village, California by Ron Capone. Mixed by Ron Capone and Terry Talbot at Westwind Studio. Mastered at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, California by Steve Hall and Ken Pennell. Art director: Stan Evenson Design. Photographer: Craig Barnes. Cover coordination: B. Charlyne Hinesley. Lyric sheet design: Marlene Bergman and John Taylor.
Friendly Fire
Dennis Agajanian: vocals, acoustic guitar. Brent Rowan: acoustic and electric guitars. Michael Rhodes: bass. Barry Beckett: keyboards. Eddie Bayers: drums. Mark Casstevens: mandolin. Carl Marsh: C.M.I. Fairlight. Backing vocals: Greg Gordon, Dennis Wilson, Gary Chapman, David Ponder, Michael Sykes, Woody Wright and Andy Tolbird.
Side 1: Godly Man (Joel Weldon 3:32). Thinking about Home (Terry Tolar 3:51). Friendly Fire (Tanya Goodman - David Binion 3:38). Love for Pleasure (Agajanian 3:22). Hallelujah Chorus (public domain 2:40). Side 2: Happy Reunion (Terry Tolar 3:31). Devil on the Run (Agajanian 2:34). Did One More Slip Away (Tim Hosman 4:19). Don't Leave Them Behind (Joel Weldon 3:26). Love Has a Way (Dan Roberts 4:47).
Produced by Andy Tolbird. Engineered by Lee Peterzell. Recorded and mixed at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville. Assistant engineers: Greg Parker, Tim Farmer, James McFerrin. Photography: Dean Dixon. Art direction: McConnell Graphics.
Out of the Wilderness
Dennis Agajanian: acoustic guitar; all lead acoustic guitars; lead vocals. John Jorgenson: electric guitar. Jay Dee Manness: pedal steel guitar. Bill Batstone: bass. Danny Agajanian: banjo, mandolin, fiddle. Byron Berline: fiddle. Timothy Jones: drums, percussion. Tom Howard: piano. Backing vocals: Joel Weldon, Tom Howard, Ken Munds and Danny Agajanian.
Songs: Fast Paced World (Dennis Agajanian / Allen Davidson 3:18). Down the Road (William McAnnly 3:21). Out of the Wilderness (Ken Munds 4:03). Come to the Rock (Munds 2:07). Riding Alone (Bob Carpenter / Jeff Hanna / Richard Hathaway 2:08). On a Hill (Munds 3:49). Come Ye Sinners Dedication (0:08). Come Ye Sinners (trad., arranged De. Agajanian 3:18). Thinking of You (De. Agajanian) / Marching to Zion (trad., arranged De. Agajanian) (3:40). Best a Man Can Do (Joel Weldon 4:51). Open Your Eyes (Munds 3:35). I Love to Tell the Story (trad., arranged De. Agajanian 3:32). The Christian Life (Louvin Brothers 2:28). Milk and Honey Express (Danny Agajanian 2:39). Tell John (Munds 2:46). To Be Like You (Tim Jones - Steve Mills - Craig Bidondo 2:19). Balm in Gilead (trad., arranged De. Agajanian 1:43).
Chuck Smith and Ed Cornwell - executive producers. Allen Davidson and Dennis Agajanian: producers. Arranged by Dennis Agajanian. Engineered by Brian Davis. Recorded and mixed at ASAPH Studios. Mastered by Bernie Grundman. Photography - Dianne McVay. Cover illustration and art direction / design - John Shaffer.
*Lord Give Us America.
*Guitar Instructional Video.
*"Agajanian Receives a Yamaha from Parnelli and a Honda from Unser." CCM Jan. 1982: 18. Short piece about gifts of motorcycles to Dennis. He races with many of the country's best riders.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Concord, New Hampshire
*Behold the Word. Mace MXX 10057. early 70s. LP. Folk mass.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd. ed. 2003. The above information was taken from Ken’s book.
*Agape (Gospel Hard Rock). Mark MRS2170. CD reissue: Agape Communications AC001. 1994. Reissued on LP Xian -2. 2002.
*Victims of Tradition. Renrut. 1972. CD reissue: Agape Communications AC002. 1994.
*Live in 1973. Renrut. 1973. 8-track only.
*The Problem Is Sin - Live and Unreleased. Hidden Vision Records AC023. 1996.
Gospel Hard Rock
Fred Caban: guitars, lead vocals, music and lyrics. John Peckhart: bass and backing vocals. Mike Jungman: drums, Hammond B3 organ and backing vocals (ed. note: his last name is misspelled on LP). Ron Turner: manager.
Side One: Blind (Caban 3:35). Happy (Caban 2:38). Believe (Caban 2:59). Man (Caban3:38). Side Two: Freedom (Caban 5:05). Choose (Caban 4:05). Blood (Caban 1:56). Rejoice (Caban 5:30).
CD reissue adds the following unreleased songs: Street Walker (Caban 4:49). Alchemy (Caban 4:43). CD Photographs: Dave Harrington. LP released 1971. CD released 1994.
Produced by Marlin Jones and Wally Duguid. Engineering by Wally Duguid. Graphic Design: John Baxter. Recorded at Abbey Sound, LTD., Hollywood, CA. (Albums info provided by Rob Whitehurst).
*Review of The Problem Is Sin: Live and Unreleased. CR 38 April-May 1997. p55.
*Review of The Problem Is Sin: Live and Unreleased. The Cutting Edge 112 March 1997. p11.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*First Love. Agape AGP001. 1975? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
There are many groups with this name or Agape Singers. The latter name has been used by many youth groups and church choirs. Most of these that are found on the Web have not issued any recordings.
*Jesus, Rock of Ages. Alive AR-4400. 1973. LP. As Agape Singers.
*agape ’75. Stuckyu’s SRS-16075. 1975. LP.
*To Jesus with Love. Stucky SA 18077S. 1977? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Not Just for Christmas Collection. Agape Family and Progressive Gospel Productions AG06PE0295. 1996. CS. From Bloomington, Illinois?
Not Just for Christmas Collection
Songs: Into. Prelude. Away in a Manger. Interlude. Jesus Is the Light. Scripture Reading. Joyful, Joyful (Frank). Joyful, Joyful. Three Carol Medley. Postlude.
Arrangements by Lyn E. Morris. Program repeated on secong side of CS.
Agape Force
*Un-Choir. Candle CCM1001. 1972. LP. Barry McGuire.
*The Agape Force. Candle CCM1004. 1973.
*Favorites Volume 1. Candle CCM1005. 1974.
*Agapeland. Word AL1000. 1974.
*Potpourri. Candle Company Music CMC-1004. 1974. LP.
*Within the Gate. Birdwing Records BWR 2006. 1978. LP. Lyrics on inner sleeve.
*Adventures in Agapeland. Birdwing BWR2054. 1983.
*Agapeland at Play. Birdwing BWR2055. 1983.
*Agapeland Character Builders. Birdwing BWR2062. 1985.
Songs: Glory Glory. Hallelujah I Am Free. Psalms 25. Jeremiah 29:13-14. Somebody Told Me. He's Coming Back. Jesus Christ Came Into My Life. Hallelujah. Jesus Is Living In Me. It's A Happy Day. Let Everything Within Me Cry Holy. Doesn't That Bible Say.
Songs: Salutation. It’s a Happy Day. Jesus Is My Everything. Psalm 119. He’s Coming Back. Jesus Christ Came into My Life. Reign, Lord. Glory to the Lamb. Psalm 25. Doesn’t That Bible Say (We Shall Overcome).
Side 1: I'll Never Be the Same Again (Gonzalo 3:28). Nobody Like the Lord (Crouch 3:32). Oh My Dove (3:36). Simple Jesus Lovin' Man (Frank Hernandez 1:41). Heartache (Dee Patton 2:50). The New Ninety and Nine (Savell 3:52). Side 2: Father, Thank You (Sherry Saunders 3:58). How Could You Love Me So (Jim Patton 3:01). Creation Song (Anne Clark 1:47). Walk by Faith (Frank Hernandez 3:03). Rest in Jesus (Gonzalo 4:42).
Front and back original woodcarving by Andy Davis.
Within the Gate
Frank Hernandez: bass. Kathy Salerno: piano. Frank Atcheson, Gabriel Arosemena, Mike Milligan and Frank Hernandrz: acoustic guitars. Soloists: Betsy Jacobson on "The Steadfast Love." Mike Milligan on "Living Fire." Scripture reading: Tony Salerno on "I Will Sing" and Raynor Nicholson on "Hallelujah Song."
Side 1: Soldiers of the Army (Tony Salerno / Barry McGuire 2:33). Stay on the Battlefield (traditional 2:15). I Will Sing (Donya Brockway 2:35). Scripture reading (0:36). Fill Me Now (Sherry Saunders 1:29). Lord of Hosts (Mike Milligan 1:54). Glory to God in the Highest (Georgian Banov 1:43). Glory, Jesus, Glory (Jason Daniel 1:42). I Want to Be in Service for Jesus (Carrie Gonzalo 3:31).
Side 2: The Lord Is My Strength (Lee Anne Walker 2:08). Lay Hold (Mark Pendergrass 2:29). The Steadfast Love (Jason Daniel 1:36). Living Fire (Mike Milligan 1:49). Hallelujah Song (Hernandez 1:36). Scripture reading (0:44). Worthy (Nancy Meyers 2:04). The Greatest Thing (Pendergrass 4:05). Higher, Higher (Banov 3:12).
Billy Ray Heran - producer and musical director. Executive producer - Tony Salerno, director of the Agape Force. Paul Christensen - engineer. Sound truck by Omega Studio, Garland, Texas. Mixed at Martinsound, Alhambra, California. Art and design by Mark Pendergrass.
Agape Players
Greenville Senior High Band, Ohio. Players: Ty Adkins. Jim Cole. Gail Gay. Linda Heard. Doodle Heard. Pam Langley. Chuck Lichtenberger. Kim Luetzow. Brenda May. Jim Maynard. Dan Melvin. Dan Noble. Patty Peurifoy. Sandi Rawlins. B. J. Skinner. Dee Sparklin. Steve Wills. Mike Womack. Kathy Young. Danny Young.
*I Wonder: a Musical Drama by R. K. Wells; adapted by Alice Adkins. 2 LPs.
Agape Singers
Louisville, Kentucky
*Today Is the Day to Sing God's Love. Agape LP1267. 196?
*Take Tomorrow. Agape PRP-28581. 1971. LP.
Take Tomorrow
Songs: Declare. I Am the Resurrection. Before I Grow Old. Why. Child in the Ghetto. He Was My Brother. Birth. St. Francis’ Prayer. The Rain Song. Brief Analysis. Take Tomorrow. Hurry Sundown. Agape Singers Choir. Tom Osborne: music director.
Agape Singers
*Something New. Herald HKR2004. 197? LP.
*What America Needs Most. Skylite SLP6162. 1976. LP.
*Lord, I'm Not Ashamed of Loving You. Skylite SLP6164. 1976. LP.
*Agape Country. Skylite SLP6176. 1977. LP.
What America Needs Most
Songs: What America Needs Most. I’ve Had an Introduction. American Medley. The Miracles. Amazing Grace. Great Wild Heavenly Day. Tell Me His Name Again. I Saw the Light. Throw out the Lifeline. I’m a Fisher of Men.
Notes on cover: Eddie Miller. Recorded at Monument Studios, Nashville.
Agape Singers
Youth group from Grace Lutheran Church,
Dawson, Minnesota
*An Experience in Love. Number 831137. LP.
An Experience in Love
Songs: I’m Gonna Keep Singin’. Happy Song. Sweet. Sweet Spirit. What Ya Gonna Do. A Tramp on the Street. He That Overcomes. Love Was When. To Whom It May Concern. Reach Out. Hymn. No Greater Love.
Agape Singers
A gospel sextet from Bloomington, Illinois
*Victory I Claim. 1995.
*Not Just for Christmas. 1996.
*Livin' Saved. 1997.
Agape Trio
*The Word of the Lord. JTR Records 841058. 1984. LP.
The Word of the Lord
Songs: How Majestic Is Your Name. Sometimes Alleluia. Someone Is Praying for You. Cherish That Name. The Word of the Lord. Surely the Presence of the Lord Is in This Place. Communion Song. Cornerstone. God’s Wonderful People. Have a Nice Day.
Age of Apocalypes
Issaquah, Washington. Style is noise-core. Circa 1997. Mark: lead vocals. Jeff: guitar. Ben: bass.
Age of Faith
*Age of Faith. Benson CD02778. 1991. CD.
*Heart of the Young. Benson CD02875. 1992. CD.
*Embrace. Gray Dot Records 7010121729. 1996. CD. 7010121524: CS.
*The Truth. Gray Dot Records D3018. 1998. CD.
*Red Carpet. Gray Dot Records GDD3027. 1998. CD.
*Still. Gray Dot. 2000. CD.
*Live at the Strand. Bullet Proof Music D3005. 1997. Song: Pass It On.
Age of Faith
Drums: John Hammond, Lance Huff. Drum sampling: John Hammond. Acoustic guitar: Mark Baldwin. Bass: Gary Lunn, Clayborn Huff. Drum programming: Gary Lunn. Keyboards: Rick Harwell, Rayborn Huff, Mark Baldwin, Joe Hogue, Bret Teegarden. Percussion on Last Night: Eric Darken. Autoharp on Last Night: Kim Thomas. Melodica: Rick Harwell. Hammond B3: Rick Harwell. Guitars: Mark Baldwin, Jimi Ray, David Huff. Keyboard overdubs on The Way That You Trust Me: Bret Teegarden. Slide solo on The Way That: Mark Baldwin. Rick Florian: harmony on The Way That. Backing vocals: Chris Rodriguez, Rick Florian, Mark Pogue, Rick Harwell, Ron Collins, Lloyd Bustard, Rayborn, Clayborn and David Huff. Additional vocals on God's Got an Army: Youth of First Baptist Church, Franklin, Tennessee. Additional programming: Rayborn Huff.
Songs: God's Got an Army (Ray / Baldwin / Harwell). Take the Low Road (Ray / Baldwin / Harwell). Sarah (Ray / Leonard Ahlstron / Harwell). Love (Ray / Harwell / Baldwin). For Heaven's Sake (Ron Collins / Billy Smiley). Unconditional Love (Donna Summer / Michael Omartian). The Way That You Trust Me (Ray / Ahlstrom / Harwell). Arms of Mercy (Ray). Tender Mercies (Ray / Harwell / Ahlstrom). Last Night (Ray / Brian White). Grace (Ray / Ahlstrom).
The Way That You Trust Me, God's Got an Army, Last Night, Unconditional Love, Arms of Mercy and Love, produced by Mark Baldwin. Tracks arranged by Mark Baldwin with Age of Faith. Tracks recorded at Benson Studios by Ronnie Brookshire. Additionals tracks and overdubs recorded by Bret Teegarden at Duckworth Studio. Songs mixed by Teegarden at Duckworth.
Heart of the Young
David Huff: drums. John Nicohlson: bass. Jimi Ray: acoustic guitar. Dann Huff: acoustic, electric and lead guitar. Michael Hough: acoustic and electric guitar. Rick Harwell: organ, keyboards, backing vocals. Bill Baumgart: keyboards, piano, accordian, backing vocals. Greg Barnhill: backing vocals. Marc Hugenberger: additional keyboards. Mike Brignardello: bass. Andy Chrisman: backing vocals. Glen Pearce: electric and lead guitar. Bob Carlisle: backing vocals. Julius Drummin: drums. Carrie Hodge: backing vocals. Rick Elias: mandolin, acoustic guitar and backing vocals. John Harwell: drums on Let the Hammer Fall.
Songs: Change Your World (Ray 3:39). I’m Ready (Walk on Water) (Brian White / Connie Harrington 3:48). Will I Find Love (Marty McCall 4:51). Stick to Your Guns (Ray / Rick Harwell / Baumgart 4:03). What She Needed Most (Ray / Hough 3:39). Heart of the Young (Hough / Ray / Rick and John Harwell 3:41). Someday (Ray 4:02). Let the Hammer Fall (Ray / Hough 3:37). When All Else Fails (Ray / Rick Harwell - Baumgart 4:25). Over You (Ray / Hough 3:18).
Jimi Ray: acoustic and electric guitars, lead vocals. Drue Bachmann: bass guitars, vocals. Steve Blair: drums, percussion. Daniel Polydores: electric guitars.
All songs by Jimi Ray, except as noted
Songs: Someone Like You (4:06). The Losers Win (3:48). The Love of Jesus (3:46). September 24 (3:26). Walk in My Shoes (3:33). Embrace (Bachmann 2:12). Satisfy (3:25). The Air I Breathe (4:09). What It Costs (3:47). Something So Strong (Finn / Froom 2:53). Time (4:37). Air (reprise) (4:40). Unlisted song: If We Never Meet Again by Albert Brumley.
Produced by Marty Bush, David Vanderpoel, Jeff Tomeii. Tracked by Ed Burdell at Furies’ Studios, Atlanta. Mixed by Rodney Mills at Tree Studios, Atlanta; assisted by Steven Rhodes. Alternate mixes by Jeff Tomeii at Furies’ Studios. Mastered by Rodney Mills at Mills Masterhouse, Atlanta. Photos by Ben Pearson. Layout and design by David Vanderpoel and Sam Walton. Film by America’s Performance Group, Atlanta. Print by Queens. Manufactured by Sonopress. Distributed by BMG.
Additional vocals: Jan Smith: 3, 5, 6, 13. Mac Powell: 3, 9. Theresa Hood: 5. Michael Johnston (Small Town Poets): 2. Additional electric guitars: Mike Hough: 1, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10, 11 (acoustic solo on 8). Roscoe Meek (Geoff Moore / the Distance): 2, 7. Additional arrangement and engineering by J. C. Richardson. Additional percussion: Matt Goldman (Piltdown Man): 3, 5, 6. Lester Earl (Sanctified Glory Mountain Revival Family): 1. 7. 13. Michael Hawkins (Sundays Child): 6. Harmonica: Brother Rodney (The Sactified GMRF and Joe Christmas): 1, 13. Keys: Danny Stephens (Small Town Poets): organ on 4, 10 and piano on 13. Mandolin and dobro: Kenny Hudson (SGMRF): mandolin on 9, dobro on 13. Strings on Embrace: Marla Majett, Kristina Vanderpoel, Houston Singleterry; arrangement by Kristina Vanderpoel. Horns on Satisfy: Loren Haefer, Derrick, Dan McGraw (all Loudflower).
The Truth
Jimi Ray: guitars, lead vocals. David Buchanan: lead guitars. Zack Plemmons: bass guitar. Steve Blair: drums, percussion.
Songs: Everything (Ray / Blair / Buchanan 3:48). Life without You (Ray 4:15). Red Carpet (Ray / Brian White 4:16). Green (Ray 4:45). I Need Jesus (Ray / Roscoe Meek 4:27). Truth (Ray / White 3:48). Shelter (Maria McKee 3:42). Down in the Dirt (Meek / Ray / White 3:19). Any Man (Connie Harrington 3:50). Still (Ray 3:30).
Executive producer: Marty Bush. Produced by Roscoe Meek. Mixed by Ritchie Biggs. Engineered by Patrick Kelly and Roscoe Meek. Mastered by Rodney Mills. Photography by Jimmy Abegg. Assited by David Maxwell. Makeup by Tony Armani. Layout and design by David Vanderpoel on Macintosh.
Red Carpet
New Remixes and New Songs: Red Carpet (a/c remix) (Jimi Ray / Brian White 4:15). The Love of Jesus (solo version; radio remix) (Ray 3:47). That Winter’s Night (new Christmas song) (Ray 4:13). Live Recordings: Pass It On (Live at the Strand CD) (Kurt Kaiser 4:02). The Love of Jesus (live unplugged 3:50).
Vocal Performance Tracks: Red Carpet (performance track 4:15). The Love of Jesus (performance track 3:47). CD-ROM Interactive Program: Includes music video Walk in My Shoes, band information, lyrics, photos, and additional music! Walk in My Shoes video production – produced by Brad Bradley; directed by Kenneth Horstman; executive producer: David Vanderpoel. The song “Green” is featured in theinteractive section.
Agent Yellow
Emo band, circa 2002. Previous names were Solomon's Chair; Ten Foot Imagination; Silence in Sorrow.
Sammy Williams: vocals, guitar. Jordan Johnson: drums. Brock Pearah: bass. Caleb Stevens: guitars.
Some song titles are: Restless. The Animal Song. Good Guy. Blood on My Hands. Holy Hand. Valley of Blessing. Introduction Please. Glorious. Job's Plea. The Magic Word. The Meaning of Life. Self-Destruction Is Not the Answer to a World Full of Mousetraps. One Less Rib. Ode to a Loved One. Droppin' the J-Bomb. Lost Time. This Song Was Written Due to a Love for God and Emo Music.
Aspley, Queensland, Australia. Circa 1998. Phil Spence: bass. Ian Farrington: drums. Tim O'Dea: guitar. All members share lead and backing vocals.
Aggression is from Mechanicsville, Pennsylvania. Style is alternative. Mike: bass, vocals. Joe: drums. Matt: guitar, backing vocals.
*Suicide. Limited edition single. CD
*From Behind the Iron Curtain. 2000. CD
Aggressive Change
Hard core / groove metal
*Unlearned. Ole Crow Records.
*Fish Faves. Floppy Fish Records. Song is Blurred Vision.
*Trampled. BTH 011. 1996.
Songs: Intro. Visions Blurred. In My Box. Broken. The Witness. The Dot Song. Dust. Upon. Temple of the Son. Lay Open Flesh. New Life. Snake. Tribute to Grampa Jim.
Agnes United
Auburn, California. Circa 1998. Style is "ska influenced power punk. Dane Johnson - sax. Danielle Strannigan - bass. Leigh Dexter - drums. Jeremy Coomes - guitar. Lindsay Strannigan - vocals.
Todd Agnew
*Grace Like Rain. Ardent. 2003. CD.
*Reflection of Something. 2005. CD.
*Do You See What I See. 2006. CD.
*In the Name of Love. CD. Songs made popular by U2.
Grace Like Rain
Songs: Reached Down. This Fragile Breath. Shepherd. Grace Like Rain. Romans 12:1. Still Here Waiting. Come Ye Sinners. You Are. Kindness. Lay It Down. Only One Thing. Wait for Your Rain.
Kim Trammell: drums. Dave Smith: bass. Jack Holder: electric guitar; baritone guitar. Rick Steff: B-3, Rhodes, accordion, Wurlitzer; piano, keys. Jonathan Chu: violin. Shara Worden: backing vocals; guest vocal on ‘Kindness’. Steve Selvidge: electric guitar, lap steel, 12 string guitar. Anna Acosta: violin. Rebecca Kletzker: viola. Richard Thomas: cello. Bruce Clinton, Dena Parker, Kevin Page, Todd Hall, David Lewis, Anabeth Lacher: backing vocals. Ross Rice: piano, B-3. Amanda Martin: cello. Michael Anderson: gospel electric guitar. Susan Marshall: guest vocal on ‘Lay It Down.’ Choir on ‘Lay It Down’: Bertram Brown, Jackie Reddick, William Brown, Susan Marshall. Kevin Paige: guest vocal on ‘Only One Thing.’ Justin Rimer: electric guitar; Shannon Kelly: violin: on ‘Grace Like Rain (rock version)’.
Produced and engineered by Jason Latshaw. Mixed by John Hampton. Additional engineering by Matt Martone. Mix assistant: Leo Goff. Recorded and mixed at Ardent Studios, Memphis, TN. Mastered by Brad Blackwood. Design and layout: Josh Horton. Cover design: SPEAK! Communications. Photography by Ben Pearson.
Reflection of Something
Songs: Something Beautiful. New Name. Blood on My Hands. Unchanging One. Isaiah 6. Mercy in Me. The Wonder of It All. In the Middle of Me. Always There. Where Were You. Fullness Found. My Jesus.
Do You Hear What I See?
Songs: Do You Hear What I Hear? (prelude). No Room (the innkeeper). This Is All I Have to Give (Joseph). Magnificat (Mary). Did You Know? (song to Jesus). Sleep Well (Elizabeth’s lullaby). He Is Called Jesus (Simeon). God with Us (the Magi). Glory to God (the Angels). Bethlehem Dawn (the Shepherds). In the First Light (postlude).
Metal / death metal / punk
*Agnostia. CD EP. 200?
*Demo Songs. CD EP. 200?
Songs: Your Hero Is Dead. Tonite. Disease. I Never Thought.
Demo Songs
Songs: Seasons of Azazel. Weapon.
Agnus Dei
Hardcore / modern rock from Fostoria, Michigan. Circa late 2003.
Idaho. Has dissolved. Shane maintains the name
Agony in Absence
Bellfountaine, Ohio. First name was Comic Soup Truck for one show; changed to Tharsis.
Style is post-hardcore, screamo.
Joel Anderson: bass. Braydon Campbell: drums. Joe McConnell: vocals. Johnny Ferguson: guitar.
*Twilight Moment. CD.
Twilight Moment
Songs: Constant Trials. Yesterdays. December. Homeward Bound. Wings of Grace. Silver Shadows.
Previous name was Crimson Cross. Rick: lead vocals. Tony: organ, vocals, keyboards. Linda: backing vocals. Lee: vocals, drums, percussion. Steve: bass. Phil: lead guitar, backing vocals.
Has at least one CD.
Punk and rock. Have two songs: Get a Life and Kick Me. Circa 2004?
Larry Ahlborn
Contemporary vocalist from Madison, Tennessee. Circa 1999.
AID (Avoid Impending Doom)
Casino, New South Wales. Play alternative style. David Patino" drums. Donald Howes: bass. James Howes: guitar, lead vocals.
Dallas / Ft. Worth, Texas, circa 2000. Modern pop rock. Name is Irish for "fire." Beau Bedford: guitar. James Brock: drums. Aaron Carder: guitar. Brad Johnson. Justin Young: bass.
England. Alan Bell: guitar. Andy Dorrat: vocals.
*Meet Your Maker. Custom EP. 2000? CD. Four songs: Down Here and Waiting. Meet Your Maker. Up and Dreaming. Whatever Man.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of "Meet Your Maker." CR June-July 2000: 39.
*Airborne. Sunbird SB 1001. 1976. LP.
*Airborne. Melodyland LPS 6406. 1977. LP. Same songs as above, with numerous changes.
*Open Up Your Eyes. Pinebrook PB1901. 1984. LP.
see also Flow (UK)
Harv Jessup (ex-Flow): guitar. Prod Pritchard: vocals. Jules: vocals.
*Unseen Forces. Custom CD. 2001? Six songs.
*Blackburn, Stuart. Rev. of "Unseen Forces." CR Mar.-Apr. 2002: 40.
Aisle 7
New Jersey circa 1997. Buddy Earnest: vocals. Dave Garafalo: guitar. Jared Eli Hicks: other guitar. Kenny McMackin: drums. Was to have had 7" out late 1997. Will share disc with Deadbeat BxD, former guitarist and drummer for band Slappy.
Ft. Worth, Texas, circa 2000. Ryan: rhythm guitar, vocals. Joe: lead guitar, effects. Jason: bass, backing vocals. Jeorge: drums.
Seattle, Washington
*Light at the End of the Tunnel. Hope Records. 1996
*Sleepless in Seattle. Martin Purnell. CR #38 April / May 1997.
Kunle Ajayi
*In His Presence.Immanuel Communications. CD and Cass. 1996?
*The Dew of Hermon: In His Presence (Part 2). Awake Records GP001. CD. (UK).
*Review. In His Presence. Cross Rhythms 38 April-May 1997. p55. Instrumental sax renditions of hymns and praise and worship songs. Reviewer would have preferred some vocals on the album.
*Review. The Dew of Hermon. by Kwaku. Cross Rhythms 48 December-January 1999.
Rev. A. A. Akaka
*Sunday in Hawaii. Kapp KS3040. 197? KL1157: mono. LP.
*Sunday in Hawaii. MCA 535. 197? LP. Reissue of above.
Huntington, West Virginia. Began in January, 1995. Name is derived from the Greek for Potter's field - the field of blood. Acts 1:18-19. Origianl line-up was Michael Simpson, Jeff McClure, John Cartwright (departed May 1995) and Holland Wilks: bass (departed September 1996). Original name was Cornerstone. Jimmie Earls: vocals and bass. April, 1996 name changed to Akeldama.
*Released album December 1996.
Doris Akers
*Sing Praises Unto the Lord. RCA Victor LPM1481. 1957. LP. With the Simmons-Akers Singers.
*The Sky Pilot Choir Volume I. ChristianFaith DA6041. 1958. LP.
*The Sky Pilot Choir volume II. Christian Faith DA6039. 1959. LP. DA639 also.
*Doris Akers Sings. Christian Faith DA6045. 1960. LP. DA301 also.
*Sings with the Sky Pilot Choir. Christian Faith DA6047. 1961. LP. DA647 also.
*Forever Faithful. RCA LPM/LSP 2644. 1963. LP.
*Directs Sky Pilot Choir. Sing MSP9034. 1965. Reissue of DA6401.
*Doris Akers and the Statesmen Quartet Sing for You. RCS LPM/LSP 2936. 1965. LP.
*Highway to Heaven. RCA LPM/LSP 3335. 1965. LP.
*Doris Akers and the Ministers. Worship WLP803. 1965. LP.
*Sings in Canada. Praise PRS114. 1968. LP.
*Happiness Is God. Caprico C7-DA. 197? LP.
*Harvest Time. Crusdae LPM2701. 197? LP.
*Sings in Church for Missions. Crusade LPM2703. 197? LP.
*Feel the Spirit Movin'.Celestial LPM627. 197?
*Lord, Give Me a Song. Zondervan ZLP803.
*Sweet Sweet Spirit. Manna MS2003. 1973. LP.
*And the Original Members of the Sky Pilot Choir. Manna MS 2020. 1974. LP.
*All God's Children. Heartwarming R3263. 1974. LP. Reissue of MS2020.
Sky Pilot Choir, Vol. 1
Songs: God Is So Good to Me. To Me It’s So Wonderful. I Cannot Fail the Lord. My Soul Is a Witness for the Lord. Sweet Jesus. I Was There When the Spirit Came. Of God I Sing. Grow Closer. I Just Got Religion. Until Then. Highway to Heaven. I’ll Never Turn Back. Akers: director. Shirley Mays and Les Barnett: accompanists.
Forever Faithful
Side 1: You'll Never Walk Alone (R. Rodgers / O. Hammerstein II 2:22). God Is So Good (Akers 2:56). Medley (2:31): Peace Like a River (traditional) / Wonderful Peace (W. D. Cornell / W. G. Cooper). It Is Well with My Soul (H. G. Spafford / P. P. Bliss 2:43). The Haven of Rest (H. L. Gilmour / George D. Moors 2:19). In Times Like These (Mrs. Ruth Coye Jones 2:22). Side 2: Believe (Drake / Graham / Shirl / Stillman 2:17). My God Is Real (Kenneth Morris 3:04). I Just Got Religion (Akers 1:59). It Pays to Serve Jesus (Frank C. Huston 2:29). Just a Closer Walk with Thee (traditional 2:23). Pass Me Not (Fanny J. Crosby / William H. Doane 3:10).
Produced by Darol Rice. Recorded in RCA Victor's Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California. John Norman - recording engineer.
Liner Notes
Forever Faithful chosen as the name for this album, represents more than a title. It is a benediction upon the sincere performances and pleasant personality of the artist, Miss Doris Akers.
At the age of five, Doris started playing the piano; before her tenth birthday she had written her first song and was directing a five-piece orchestra.
In her early teens she dedicated her life and talents to the ministry of gospel music and in many religious circles she is affectionately known today as "Miss Gospel Music."
Doris has won the admiration and respect of many recording artists because of her gospel song-writing activities. Besides composing songs, she has been successfully directing choirs all over America; at present, she directs and leads the "Sky Pilot Choir" at the Sky Pilot Radio Church in Los Angeles.
Whether directing a choir, singing a song, making phonograph recordings or composing, Doris has always been a blessing to those with whom she works.
After listening to this album of heartwarming songs, you will better understand why it was rightfully named "Forever Faithful." Tim Spencer
Highway to Heaven
Side 1: I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say (trad. 2:23). It's in My Heart (Arthur Slater 2:01). Oh, How I Love Jesus (trad.) / To Me It's So Wonderful (Ralph Goodpasteur) (2:20). Dwelling in Beulah Land (C. Austin Miles 2:24). Is There Any Peace Anywhere? (Doris Akers 2:56). It's a Highway to Heaven (M. Gardner - T. A. Dorsey 2:12).
Side 2: To Be Used of God (Audrey Meier 2:16). Blessed Quietness (trad. 2:27). My Song of Assurance (Doris Akers 2:34). Without Him (Mylon R. LeFevre 2:13). These Old Bones (Tim Spencer 2:45). How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine 2:22).
Arranged and conducted by Larry Gordon. Produced by Darol Rice. Recorded in RCA Victor's Music Center of the World, Hollywood, California. Recording engineer: Dick Bogert.
And the Original Members of the Sky Pilot Choir
Choir members: Carol Beardeaus, Dale Beavers, Ludwig Bolts, Sheri Capell, Diane Catheart, Ed Catheart, Ella Couch, Terry Couch, Vicky Couch, Dixie D. Davis, Margaret Davis, Ladine De Gregory, Sreve Dunnuck, Gwendolyn Fallon, Ruth Gray, Estelle Harper, Hary Hoffman, Julie Ann Hood, Mike Kendall, Sally Kendall, Bill Leidy, Lenta Leidy, Mike Nativo, Donna Puccio, Mike Puccio, Mike Puccio, Sr., Sandy Puccio, Carole Ramsey, Viola Stevenson, Joanne Sullivan, Rose Marie Wade, Lynn West, Charris Whitehead, Dave Whitehead.
Side 1: All God's Children. Don't Stop Using Me. I've Found Something. He's Alright with Me. Sweeter As the Days Go By. Side 2: Medley: Sky Pilot Favorites. I Won't Move. These Times Must Come. Lord, Don't Move the Mountain. Sweet, Sweet Spirit.
Roy Akers Quartet
*A Little Bit of Heaven. Word C5074. 196?
Akron Baptist Temple
*The Akron Baptist Temple. Custom 198? (1/2 K. Spirit).

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