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Wisconsin. Began circa 1985. Jazz rock.
Beacon Quartet
*Gospel Quartet Favorites. Diadem DLP104. 196? LP.
*Plenty of Time. Prestige 750632. 197? LP.
*A Brand New Song. LR LR1066. 198? LP.
*Southern Style. CRT B198604. 1986. LP.
David Beal
*Let Him Shine. Worship Renewal Ministries LS 257. 1976? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Band had four cassettes before the CD
*Bealiah. Demo. 1995.
*Weeping at the Crimson Moon. 1999.
*Dark. 2000.
*Transcending. Split. 2000.
*Anthology of the Undead. Bombworks Records April 2008. CD.
Songs: Worship the Immortal Persons. Sapeintium Crusis. Kairos. A Homage to the Father of the Undead. Embraced by Fire. Weeping at the Crimson Moon. Equatorial Throne. Blood Is for Life. Sword of the Conqueror. Confronting Ignorance. Become One. Trancending Ambience. Untitled.
*Beam. Spark SK7088. 1998. CD.
Dan Beam
*He Lifted Me. CMP CMP7319. 196? LP.
Beams of Light
*Love Is the Reason Why. Commandment C8090. 198? LP.
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. Style is contemporary rock.
*Guttersnipe. Toupee Records (Australia). 1998
*Free Signal. Inpop / Sparrow SPD 1731. 1999.
*Well Adjusted. Inpop. 2001.CD.
Hans van Vliet: lead vocals. Phil Hearvella (or Hirvela): bass. Michael Mullins: guitar. Phil Ushur: drums.
Free Signal
Hunz: vocals. Phil: drums. Hirvy: bass. Michael: guitar.
All songs written and created by Beanbag:
Songs: Whiplash. Happy Dispatch. Stale. Desire of the Son of Morning. Obliviant. Face I Paint. Why? Free Signal. Disturbed. Bite the Hand. Taste Test.
Scratching and samples by Hamish and Beanbag. Engineered by Mark McElligott at Sunshine Studios, Brisbane. Mastered by Don Bartley at Studios 301, Sydney. Produced by Beanbag and Mark McElligott. Executive producers: Campbell, Bray and Furler. All remixes by Beanbag. Free Signal concept, outlay and design by Beanbag. Cartoon characters drawn by Nick Johnson. Cover photo by Lisa Mullins.
*Interview by Caleb James. Bean Bag: Angst by Numbers. Against the Grain, Issue 24. 1998. pp2-4.
*Review of Guttersnipe by Murray Darnill. Against the Grain, Issue 24. 1998. p19.
Bearded Weirdo
*Minefield Tapdance. Custom tape. 1989.
Paul Beasley
*My Soul's Set Free. Myrrh MSB6749. 1982. LP.
*Walk Around Heaven. Soul-Po-Tion SP007. 1993.
Manley Beasley
*Faith. Sonora LP298872. 1972. LP.
*Why Christians Have Troubles. Creative Sound CLP222. 197? LP.
*Believe and Ye Shall Receive, Volume 1. 197? LP.
*The Overcoming Life. Certain Sounds Records CLP 215. No date: early 197?.
Charlie Beatenbo Singers
*Coming Your Way. Harvest HAR1057. 1986. LP.
David Beatty
*It's Different Now. Bill LP426B. 196? LP. with the Oak Ridge Boys.
*From All of Us to All of You. Beatty 315-6. LP.
Beautiful City Folk Choir
*Break Open. St. Clair STC-1-LP. 1974? LP. From the Saint Paul of the Cross Monastery.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Beautiful Simplicity
Central Florida
*Beautiful Simplicity. Custom CD. 1998. CD.
Beautiful Simplicity
Songs: Blamless. Draw Me Near. Change. Jesus.
Michael Davis: bass. Robert Gundling: vocals. Keyboards. Robert Lyng: guitars. Forrest Vaughn: guitars. Mark Ramos: drums. Engineered and recorded at Wonderwall Studios, Lakeland. Produced by Beautiful Simplicity. Mixed by Steve Bell. Web productions and cover design: Chip Ray.
Beautiful Zion Missionary Baptist Church
*I'll Make It Alright. Myrrh MST6514. 1973. LP.
*In the Spirit. Myrrh MST6521. 1976. LP.
Beauty for Ashes
James Rubino – Lighthouse, FL
*Demo tape. 1994. CS.
Demo Tape
No title listed. All songs composed and performed by James R. Copyright 1994, James Rubino. Recorded, mixed and mastered at PCS Studios, Ft. Lauderdale, FL. Chris Scherer: engineer. Cover photo: Ernest Holmes / Holmes Productions. Design: JR.
Beauty in the Midst of Pain
Mark Thomas Hannah
*Beauty in the Midst of Pain (14.22). Beauty in the Midst of Pain (14:22, instrumental). 1997. CD.
Beauty in the Midst of Pain
Songs: Prelude to a Dream. Nocturnal. The Colores of the Night. Beyond. Wash Away These Tears. Take Me Away (to the other side). Beyond (reprise). Beauty in the Midst of Pain.
Beaver Creek Quartet
*Solid Gospel. Custom DRP126. 1979. LP.
*Wait Till You See My Brand New Home. Custom LP1042. 197? LP.
*Just Like Heaven. Baldwin LP8056. 197? LP.
*The Song He Gave. SJD Sound SJD1020. 197? LP.
*It Made News in Heaven. Ecp ECP1944. 1980. LP.
*Family Style. ECP ECP2009. 1982. LP.
Beaver Flatt Community Singers
*Beyond. Greybeard MC179711. 1971. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Clyde Beavers
*Hallelujah, Amen. Songs of Faith SOF132. 1964. LP.
Rev. Robert L. Beavers
Galilie Baptist Church
Kalamazpp, MI
*The Inspired Gospel. Roots LP5006. 197? LP.
*The Truth Shall Set You Free. Seventy 7 77-103. 1978. LP.
Moorhead, MN
*I Shall Be Released. Mark MC 5035. 1974? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Bill Beck
Archbold, OH
*Euphoria. Pinebrook PB1506. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Elder Charles Beck
*I'm Gonna Tell God b/w Wine Head Willie Put that Bottle Down. Chess 4347. 78rpm.
*Dry Bones b/w Delilah. Imperial 5040. 78rpm.
*I've Got Heaven on My Mind b/w Changes. Bluebird 8244. 78rpm. With congregation.
*There's a Dead Cat on the Line b/w Didn't It Rain. Apex 603. 78rpm. With Religion in Rhythm.
*Delilah b/w Jesus I Love You. Eagle 102. 78rpm. With Trumpet and Radio Chorus.
*In Chronological Order, c. 1946-1957. Document DOCD-5524. 1997. CD. Also has four songs (complete recordings 1950) by Rev. J. B. Crocker; and two songs by Rev. M. E. Holmes, circa 1951.
*Halleluja – Gospel and Prayers. CD.
*Church Choirsm Gospel Singers & Preachers V.2 1925-1955.
*When the Sun Goes Down V.11: Sacred Roots of the Blues. CD.
*Shortcuts V.1 : God Don’t Like It. CD.
*Mighty Day – 25 Gospel Greats. CD.
*Gospel V. 1 / Negro Spirituals – Gospel Songs.
Jacky Beck
*The Prodigal Son. Jonah SBJR105. 1971? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Brian Becker
Pop music
*Daring 2-B Different. Benson C02649. 1989. CD.
*No Longer the Wayward Son. Benson C02716. 1991. CD and CS.
*Getting in Shape. Rolling Shoals. 1992. CD.
*Home Again. Rolling Shoals. Rolling Shoals Records BB-LP-100. 1982. LP. Also: Benson. 1994. CD.
Daring 2 B Different
Songs: Love Keeps Holding On. Daring 2 B Different. His Name Is Jesus. He Knows. Tender Touch. I Surrender All. Spirit of Elijah. Written on My Heart. Still Quiet Voice.
Recorded at Rivendall Recorders, Houston, TX.
No Longer the Wayward Son
Songs: Children of the Image (3:51). Wayward Son (4:02). Greatest Gift of Love (4:58). Slow Boat to China (4:45). Dangerous Thing (4:19). Back to the Innocence (5:05). I Choose to Follow (4:56). Let It Be Known (4:23). Prove It to You (4:11). What Are You Made Of? (3:53).
Paul Mills and Jamie Page: keyboards.Jerry McPherson and Dennis Dearing: guitars. Jackie Street: bass. John Hammond: drums. Kevin Hardin: fiddle. Geoff Thurman, Lisa Bevill, Dan Keen, John Sousan, Toni Becker, Brian Becker, Jamie Page, Tom McCain: backing vocals. Fred Middlekauff: horns.
Home Again
Songs: Walkin’ on a Cloud (3:16). So Glad (3:26). Home Again (3:18). Never Give You Up (2:53). Give It All (2:14). Forevver (4:04). All That I Need Is You (3:45). More of You (3:24). I’mm Gonna Fly (3:55).
Brian Becker: vocals. Jamoe Page: keyboards, backing vocals. Tim Roller: drums. Dave Reetz: bass. Bob Becker: guitar. Fred Middlekauff and George Azzanni: horns.
Margaret Becker
See also Ashton, Becker and Dente
*Windows of the Heart. Behold Record CO. BR 71759. 1984. LP. 4 songs.
*Never for Nothing. Sparrow SPR 1134. 1987. LP. 10 songs.
*The Reckoning. Sparrow SPR 1161. 1988. LP and CD. 11 songs.
*Immigrant's Daughter. Sparrow SPD1202.1989. CD.
*Simple House. Sparrow SPD 1261. 1991. CD.
*Steps of Faith 1987 - 1991. Sparrow SPC1354. 1992. CD. Best of.
*Soul. Sparrow SPC1342. 1993. CD.
*Along the Way. Sparrow SPC1389. 1994. CD. with Ashton and Dente.
*Grace. Sparrow SPC1424. 1995. CD.
*Fiel a Ti. Sparrow SPD1477. 1995. CD. Spanish.
*The Early Years. Sparrow SPD1541. 1996. CD.
*Falling Forward. Sparrow SPD1552. 1998. CD.
*What Kind of Love. Sparrow SPD1716. 1999. CD.
*In Christ Alone. Kingsway DRPO18070. CD. with Brennan and Hogg.
12 inch single
Side A: Fight for God / Comments on Fight for God (1:15). Total time: 4:02. Other side: same.
Windows of the Heart
Margaret Becker: lead and backing vocals. Gregg Suriano: all keyboards; piano. Frankie Braile: bass, guitars, backing vocals. Ray Kruse: drums. Bon Davies, Evelyn Daniels, Mac McCune: strings on “It Never Was You Lord.” Srings arranged by Gregg Suriano and Margaret Becker. Allen Snapp: backing vocals on “Come What May.”
All songs by Margaret Becker
Side 1: One Love (3:35). It Never Was You Lord (3:21). Side 2: Come What May (3:04). Living on a Loan (3:20). Produced by Gregg Suriano and Frankie Braile.
Never for Nothing
Chris McHugh: drums. Mike Brignardello: bass. George Cocchini: guitars. Dann Huff: guitar; lead guitar. Tommy Dorsey: keyboards. Chris Rodriguez: backing vocals, guitars. Crowd: Chris Rodriguez, Marty McCall, Peter York, Billy Smiley, Margaret Becker, Dave Mullins, Tommy Sims, Missey Baker. John Slick: keyboards on “Love Was Waiting.” Farrell Morris: percussion on “For the Love of You.”
Side 1: Fight for God (Margaret Becker / Paul Brannon / Tommy Greer 4:04). Standing on Top of the World (Dave Perkins / Rob Frazier 3:32). Never for Nothing (Margaret Becker / Ric Blair 3:45). Break the Silence (Margaret Becker / Mark Cheshir / Michael Cody / Billy Smiley 3:53). Sacred Fire (Margaret Becker 4:35). Side 2: Love Was Waiting (Billy Smiley / Chris Rodriguez 3:28). What You Feel (Margaret Becker / Cathy Snyder / Billy Smiley 3:49). Make It Right (Marl Chesshir 5:23). Giants Will Fall (Dave Perkins 3:58). For the Love of You (Margaret Becker 4:36).
Produced by Billy Smiley. Peter York: executive producer. Engineers: Mike Psanos, Brent King, Jeff Balding, Joe Bellamy, Doug Sarrett, . Mixed by David Schober. Studios: OmniSound Studio, Center Stage, Down Stage, Bullet Recording, Master Touch, Nashville, TN and Peace in the Valley, Arleta, CA. Mixed at Mama Jo’s, North Hollywood, CA. Mastered at Future Disc Systems, Hollywood, CA by Steve Hall. Photography: Steven A. Heller. Design: Stan Evenson Design. Art direction: Barbara Catanzaro-Hearn. Lyric shhet design: Dennis J. Kelly. Background illustration from the book “The Metropolis of Tomorrow” copyright 1929 Hugh Ferris.
*Front Row: An Acoustic Concert Experience.
Sparrow VCV 3109. 1990. Time 47:08. Immigrant's Daughter. This Is My Passion. Solomon's Shoes. Simple House. Find Me. For the Love of You. Just Come In. Streets of Innocence. I Commit. Never for Nothing. Bill Hearn - executive producer. Produced by David Benware, Peter York and Bill Hearn. Directed by Jim Rowley. Photography by Mark Tucker.
*Carman. The Standard. Sparrow VCV 3130. 1994. Duet with Carman on "Holdin' On."
Arvel M. Beckham, Jr.
Country and church hymns
*Country Hymns. 2003. CD.
Country Hymns
Songs: Time Flies By. Some Times I Wonder. Christ Died for You and Me. Blue Bird. Let Me Walk with My Savior. Tell It All.
Richard Beckham
*The Loveliness of Christ. Word W5096. 196? LP.
Steve Beckham
*Beginnings. Bridge JSB 51853. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4 ed. 2008.
Lynn Beckman
*Sing a New Song. MRLP 2069. LP.
Kansas City, Missouri. Style is modern rock.
*Becky Was Here Where Were You? White Trash Music. No number. 1997.
Becky and Midge
Christian folk psych
*Two Sent. Silent Seed Records. 1974. LP. Becky Stewart and Midge Robertson.
*Becoming. JRC 82016. 1982. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Becoming the Archetype
Atlanta, Georgia
Progressive / death metal
Name came from Genesis 1:26
As: Nonexistent Failure: CD In Loving Memory of Everything… I Never Had. Demo. 2002. As: The Remnant: The Remnant. Custom CD. 2003. Death, Destruction, and Mayhem. Demo. 2004. CD.
*Termination Damnation. Solid State. August 2005. CD.
*The Physics of Fire. Solid State. May 2007. CD.
*Dichotomy. Solid State. 2008. CD.
Termination Damnation
Songs: March of the Dea (1:48). Into Oblivion (6:03). One Man Parade (4:56). Elegy: I Deception (instrumental) II Lament (instrumental) III Triumph (instrumental (11:17). Night’s Sorrow (instrumental 3:57). The Epigone (5:03). Beyond Adaption (2:36). No Fall Too Far (5:48). Ex Nihilo (5:08). Denouement (instrumental 1:51). The Trivial Paroxysm (6:35).
The Physics of Fire
Songs: Epoch of War. Immolation. Autopsy. The Great Fall. Nocturne. The Monolith. Construct and Collapse. Endure. Fire Made Man. Second Death. The Balance of Eternity.
Band: Jason Wisdom: lead vocals, bass. Jon Star: guitar. Seth Hecox: guitar, keyboards. Brent ‘Duck’ drums.
Previous members: Wes Gaither: bass. Jacob Franlin: guitar. Sean Cunningham: guitar. Alex Kenis: guitar. Vocals. Brandon Lopez: drums.
Donald Bedford Singers
San Antonio
*Praise. Way/Cross WB8407X23. 1984. LP.
Singing Beebe's
*Supper Time. Covenant Records LP002. LP.
Supper Time
Side 1: Supper Time. Don't Want to Go to Heaven (By Myself). I Just Came to Talk. His Grace Is Sufficient. Shoutin' Sounds. Side 2: Too Near Home. Reach out to Jesus. The Lighthouse. He Looked Beyond My Faults. Daddy Sang Bass.
Beech Grove Benedictines
Convent in Beech Grove, Indiana
*Time Don’t Run Away. Delta DRS 79M 620R. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Jay Beech
*The Death of the Stickman. Eagle Records E8202. 1982. LP.
The Death of the Stickman
Jay Beech: acoustic and electric rhythm guitars; lead and backing vocals. Curt Bartlett: electric lead, rhythm and acoustic lead guitars. Don Harris: bass. Doug Dimmel: drums and percussion. Mark Isackson: saxophones and flute. Bill Busch: keyboards. Amy Swartzendruber: backing vocals. Lyndon Bartell: backing vocals. Written, produced and arranged by Jay Beech. Engineered by Lyndon Bartell and Steve Peterson. Cover concept: Jay Beech. Cover and sleeve design: Candy Bexell. Cover photography: Jerry Delsescaux. Sleeve photography: Doug Knutson.
All songs written by Jay Beech
Side 1: I’m All Right (3:57). Anchor of My Soul (3:56). It Is Not Me (3:34). For Real (3:45). Forgiveness (3:34). Side 2: God-Man (4:17). Watching the Sky (3:55). Broken People (5:57). Faith (4:09). Black & White (2:56).
Sir Thomas Beecham
*Messiah Highlights. Coral CRL20192. 197? LP.
*Messiah. London LDS2447. 197? LP.
John Beegle
*Celebrates. Destiny Records DM 701. LP.
Side 1: You Are Mine. Shepherd of Love. Could This Be God. The Glory of His Presence. Reach out in Love. Side 2: The Travelin’ Man. He Hideth My Soul. I Wish We’d All Been Ready. There Is More to Life. I Want This Love.
*It's Not Usually This Quiet. Custom CD. fbcd1. 1993. Issued as the Funky Beehive.
*Presence of Your Love. 3 song cassette. Songs: Presence of Your Love; Don't Go Giving It Up; A Gentleman Writes.
*Presence de Ton Amour. 3 song cassette. Songs: Presence de Ton Amour; Presence of Your Love (remix); Fool's Wisdom (live).
*Brand New Day.
Michael Been
See also the Call
*On the Verge of a Nervous Breakthrough. 1994.
Beene Family
*Because I Believe. Undivided Music UMCD504. 2001. CD.
Before You Breathe
*Heaven & Earth. Ardent DPRO0030. 2002. CD.
Lee Behnken
*A Boy and His Guitar. Bob-A-Lee Records BAL 1001. CS.
*The Beginning. Horn of Plenty LP104. 1976? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Students at Virginia Theological Seminary
*Beginnings. DM 84831. 1978. LP.
Meredith Spencer, Ted McNabb, Tim Murphy, Anne Amy, Bruce Stewart.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Begley Family
*Bluegrass Gospel. Irma LP112. 196? LP.
*Begotten. Custom CARP9705. 1997.
Gertrude Behanna
*God Isn't Dead. Word W3179. 1962. LP.
*Women Be Women. Word W3297. 1965. LP.
*Who Is the Alcoholic? Word WST8358. 1966. LP.
Lee Behnken
Brookville, OH
*A Boy and His Guitar. Bob-a-Lee Records. BAL 1001.
A Boy and His Guitar
Lee Behnken: guitar. Steve Mathews: bass guitar, electric guitar, drum programs, keyboards. Scott Simmons: drum programs. Tom Rodberg: keyboards.
Produced and written by Lee Behnken
Side 1: Lord of All (3:17). Dance (2:54). Bop (2:23). Rolling (3:18). I Run with You (3:58). I Don’t Know Why (Father) (5:06). Side 2: I’m Bad (4:18). I Know (3:40). Gambler (3:32). Hear My Cry (4:07). Something (4:17). I Need (3:09).
Engineered and mixed by Steve Mathews at Logos Productions, Clayton, OH. Cover photography by Becky Weimer. Posterization and graphic art by Good News Graphics.
*Thank You Jesus for This Song. Superior. 197? LP.
Michael Behymer
*Michael Behymer. CBO 1011. LP.
Larry Beisel
*The King Is Coming. Praise PRS148. 1971. LP.
Bel Canto Singers
*Acapella. Custom 3512. 196? LP.
*Count Your Blessings. Custom no number. 196? LP.
Harry Belafonte
*Belafonte. RCA Victor LPM1150. 1956. LP.
*An Evening With. RCA Victor LSP1402. 1957. LP.
*To Wish You a Merry Christmas. RCA Victor LSP1887. 1958. LP.
*My Lord What a Morning. RCA Victor LSP2022. 1960. LP.
Believable Picnic
*Believable Picnic. Absolute Records ABD7122. 1996. CD.
*Welcome to the Future. 1999. CD.
Believable Picnic
Jeff Bridges: drums. Jade Hanson: guitars, lead vocals, backing vocals. Jason Burkum: bass, lead vocals, backing vocals. Additional backing vocals: Roy Thomas, Mutt Foster.
All songs by Believabl Picnic, except as noted
Songs: Days of Joy (3:44). Who’s to Blame (4:22). Shangri-la (Dale Oliver / Kip Raines / Jimmy Lee Solas 5:50). Big Fat Nothing (4:03). Wasted (5:20). Listen (Matt French / Tyler Burkum 2:26). Bleed (4:02). Mr. Good Intentions (4:33). Spaceman (5:02). Lion’s Den (4:54).
Produced by Dez Dickerson. Recorded and mixed by Jim Faraci. Assisted by Charlie Bracco, Peter Briggs and Craig Young. Recorded at October Studios, the Border and radio Ranch. Mixed at the Border. Mastered by Ken Love, MasterMix. Photography: Thunder Image Group. Design: Bobby and Kim Sagmiller.
Welcome to the Future
Songs: Roller Coaster. Superstar. Sugar. Shed My Skin. New Year’s Eve. Goodbye Girl. Flowers. Easy Chair. Little Ditty @ 108pm. Ride the Wave. Hollywood Appeal.
Believer (CA)
See Fountain of Tears: Joey Daub
*I'm Free. Baraq Records 0001. 1987. CS.
I’m Free
Darren Savage: throat and guitars. Warren Points: backing vocals and bass. Larry Lee Dunbar: drums.
Side 1: Jesus Saves. Believer. Make Your Mind Up. The Love for You. Lost and Found. I’m Free. White Train. High on Your Love. Side 2: same as one.
Thanks to: Rick Basurto on drums: “White Train” “High on Your Love.” 1986.
*White Throne #1 gives info about recent club dates / concerts. Article. White Throne #2 p19.
Believer (PA)
*The Return. 3 song custom tape. His Thrashers Music. 1987.
*Extraction from Mortality. REX 0001379119R. 1989. Re-released by M8 Records, 2001. Two extra cuts: The Chosen and Vile Hypocrisy from the East Coast Metal compilation. CD.
*Sanity Obscure. R.E.X. / RC Records RC 93121. 1990. CD,
*Radio Spot promo. REX Records. 1991. Anti-Drug PSA (:60). Stop the Madness (3:55). Like a Song (2:23).
*Dimensions. R.E.X. / Roadrunner. 1993. CD.
*Classic Metal. Regency Music SPCN 790-0823212. 1990. Song: The Chosen.
*Heaven’s Metal Collection. Pure Metal SS8236. 1992. 2 CDs. Song: Stop the Madness.
The Return
Kurt Bachman: lead guitar, lead vocals. David Baddorf: lead and rhythm guitar, vocals. Howe Kraft: bass guitar, vocals. Joey Daub: drums, percussion, vocals.
Songs: Unite (6:34). The Return (3:00). I/Y/F (In Your Face (instrumental 4:52).
Extraction from Mortality
Songs: Unity (6:39). Vile Hypocrisy (5:35). D.O.S. (Desolation of Sodom) (4:19). Tormented (3:50). Shadow of Death (4:17). Blemished Sacrifices (3:54). Not Even One (3:33). Extraction from Mortality (6:01). Stress (3:01).
Sanity Obscure
Songs: Sanity (6:06). Wisdom’s Call (3:44). Nonpoint (5:14). Idols of Ignorance (4:39). Stop the Madness (3:56). Dies Irae (Day of Wrath) (5:41). Dust to Dust (5:02). Like a Song (3:27) (a U2 cover).
Songs: Gone (5:47). Future Mind (5:34). Dimentia (5:36). What Is But Can Not Be (5:28). Singularity (4:24). No Apology (4:55). Trilogy of Knowledge: Intro: The Birth (2:17). Movement I: The Lie (5:27). Movement II: The Truth (6:46). Movement III: The Key (6:21).
*Just as I Am. Carole CARS8005. 1968. LP.
*I'm on Tour. Custom DRP7783. 197? LP.
*Songs We Love. Marbone MS4741. 197? LP.
*Listen. Lefevre MLSP3581. 197? LP.
*Introducing True Believers. TH1029. 198? LP.
*A Dedicated Song. Custom LP. 197? Covers Graham Nash’s Teach Your Children.
A Dedicated Song
Steve Dick, Diane Wall. Greg Olson. Jerry Heinrichs. Dennis Mack. Rollin Heinrichs.
Songs: A Dedicated Song. I’m Free. Come, Let Us Reason. Teach Your Children. Get in Touch with the Savior. When I Say Jesus. The Baptism of Jesse Taylor. The Rest of My Life. Sheltered in the Arms of God. I Believe in the Father.
Memphis gospel
*Not Alone Anymore / I Touched Him Too. Phil Inman 15. 45 rpm.
Believers Quartet
*It Was Love. Custom TBQ002. 1977. LP.
*Glory Road. C.M.S. Records C.M.S. 31353. no date. LP.
Believing Blind
*Candle Lit Soul. CD.
Keith L. Belknap
*I Know Him. Arrow LPGRC2002. 196? LP.
Barbara Bell
*All I Have. Superior S10120. 1975? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Delia Bell and Bill Grant
*The Man in the Middle. Old Homestead OHCS70077. 1988. LP.
*A Sacred Collection. Old Homestead OHCS70093. 1994. CS.
Bell Family
*Let Me Tell You about Jesus. Sword & Shield LPM3001. 196? LP.
Bell Family Singers
*There’s a Way to Cross Over. 197? 8-track.
There’s a Way to Cross Over
Songs: There’s a Way to Cross Over. It’s Me Again Lord. Move up on the Mountain. Jesus Put Me All Together. I’ll Live Again. The Garden of My Heart. Just a Little Closer Home. Why Me, Lord. Swing Wide the Gates. There’s No Doubt. Too Many Times
Bell Jar
Bell Jar, from Ireland, took their name from the Sylvia Plath novel. Duncan Forrester: drums, percussion. Charlotte Ayrton: acoustic and slide guitars. Stephen Whitfield: Rhodes, Hammond, vocals. Paul Northup: vocals, electric guitars. Mark Wijesinghe: bass.
*Secret Volcanoes
*Flying Low. EP
*Under the Radar
Jim Bell
*Love Was When. Supreme SLP479. 1971. LP.
Bell Jubilee Singers
*Do You Know the Man? Jewel JC0062. 197? Reissued: Jewel; same number. 1996. CS.
*Rock of Ages (2:30) b/w Friends Let Me Tell You About Jesus. Jewel 218. 45rpm.
Maggie Bell
*He Didn't Have to Answer My Prayer. Hob HBX2126. 197? LP.
Margaret Bell
*Over and Over. Warner Alliance WBC4103. 1991. CD.
Martin Bell
Bell was / is an Episcopal clergyman.
*Songs from The Way of the Wolf. Seabury Press SP-90270. 1970. LP.
*Stories from The Way of the Wolf. Seabury Press SP-80570. 1970. LP.
Songs from The Way of the Wolf
Ron Tutt: drums. Jerry Cole" guitar. Martin Bell: guitar, vocals. Lyle Ritz: bass. Kenny Watson: percussion. Mike Rubini: piano.
Composed and sung by Martin Bell.
Side 1: Brand of the Tiger (2:55). Wait for September (5:05). The Numbers Game (3:58). What More Can I Say? (3:25). Walls and Things (3:33). Side 2: Magic Balloon (3:05). Mama Cried (2:25). Incarnatus (3:34). Come, Gather, Children (3:55). Secret of the Stars (6:10).
Arranged and conducted by Walt Meskell. Recorded in Western Studio 2, Hollywood, California.
Production consultant to Seabury Press: Margaret H. Andersen. Production associates: Ann Bell and Gary Erickson. Jacket design and production services - John G. Finkbiner.
Stories from The Way of the Wolf
Written and narrated by Martin Bell; original music by Martin Bell. David Holland: violin. Steve Kimmel: drums. Dick Studer: guitar. Bruce Bartl: piano.
Side 1: Barrington Bunny (16:00). Rag-Tag Army (5:19). Side 2: Noel - The Lone Ranger (11:40). Wood and Nails and Colored Eggs (6:40).
Music arranged and conducted by the Rev. Dick Blank, St. Christopher's Episcopal Church, St. Paul, Minnesota. Production consultant to Seabury Press - Margaret H. Andersen. Jacket design and production services: John G. Finkbiner.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Steve Bell
United Kingdom
*He Makes Me Sing. Sharing SC 006, 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Steve Bell
Bell is from Winnipeg, Canada
*Comfort My People. Signpost. 1989.
*Deep Calls to Deep. Signpost. 1992.
*Burning Ember. Signpost. 1994.
*The Feast: Songs for Advent, Nativity, Epiphany. Signpost.
*Romantics and Mystics. Signpost. 1997.
*Beyond a Shadow. Rhythm House RHD4239. 1999. CD.
*Love In Concert. Signpost (Canada). Rhythm House. 1999. CD
*Each Rare Moment. Rhythm House RHD3816. 2000.
*Simple Songs. Rhythm House. 2001.
Steve Bell in Concert, at Home, and with Friends.
The Music of Steve Bell
Beyond a Shadow
Songs: Here by the Water. Remember Me. Wings of an Eagle. Psalm 40. Never Mind. How Long. Burning Enber. Drumheller Circle. Ride On, King Jesus. Shepherd of Life. The Wellspring. Holy Lord. This Is Love.
*Review. The Feast. by Tom Lennie. Cross Rhythms 48 Dec / Jan 1999. p46.
*Review. Romantics and Mystics. by Tom Lennie. Cross Rhythms 48 Dec / Jan 1999. p46-7.
*Review. In Concert, at Home and with Friends. by Mike Rimmer. Cross Rhythms 48 Dec / Jan 1999. p68.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of ‘In Concert’. Cross Rhythms June - July 2000: 41.
Bellaire Baptist Church
*Songs from the South. Custom BBYC1. 196? LP.
*Youth Choir in Concert. Custom BBYC2. 1969. LP.
*(Title Unknown). Custom BBYC3. 197? LP.
*Is There More to Life? Custom BBYC4 1972. LP.
*Dimensions in Gospel Music. Skylite SLP6061. 1967. LP.
*Garden of Eden. Sims LP135. 197? LP.
*The Bellaires. Power Pak PG724. 1976. Reissue of Dimensions.
Stephen Bell-Booth
Wellington, New Zealand
*Shelter. Pastoral PRCD89. 1998 / 2000. CD.
*Undivied. PR Music PRCD93. 1993. CD.
Songs: Hand It Over. Sometimes. Shelter. Bitter Day. Halley;s Song. Who Is This Man? Rejoice. God Will Provide. The Blessing. Beneath the Cross of Jesus.
All songs written and arranged by Stephen Bell-Booth, except ‘Sometimes’ and ‘Who Is This Man?’ by Stephen Bell-Booth and Carol Sawyer, and ‘Beneath the Cross of Jesus’ by Ira D. Sankey and Elizabeth C. Clephane.
Stephen Bell-Booth: vocals, keyboards. Steve Garden: drums, percussion. Dean Kerr: guitars. Bruce Lynch and Ross McDermott: bass. Gary Verberne: electric guitar.
Songs: Walk Away (4:09). Diana (4:55). What I Would Give (6:20). White Man (4:17). Kiwi Shuffle (2:04). Undivided (5:09). Whisper (5:19). Free (4:35). There Shines the Sun (5:07).
All words and music by Stephen Bell-Booth. Recorded at Marmalade Studios, Wellington. Stephen Bell-Booth: vocals, keyboards. Clint Brown: bass; song three. Steve Garden: drums; songs 1, 4, 5, 8. Denys Mason: saxophone. Robert Smith: organ, backing vocals. Nigel Stone: drums; songs 2, 3, 7, 9) and percussive overdubs on all tracks. Gary Verberne: guitars. Ron Winch: bass guitars. Annie Crummer, Barbara Griffin, Jackie Clarke, Denys Mason, Bob Smith, Rob Winch: backing vocals. New Zealand String Quartet.
Dave Beller
*Beloved Hymns. Modern Sound MS801. 196? LP.
Jospeh Bellisi
*Forward to Christ. Supreme SS2007. 1961. LP. Mono: SM1007.
Bells of Zion
Black gospel
*The Joyous Sounds. Nashboro 7155. LP
Howard Bellson
*A Time to Keep. World Library WLSM-24-M. 1968? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Andy Bellows
*Counted as Gold. Rainbow R2560. 1978. LP.
Bells of Joy
*Since Jesus Changed This Heart of Mine b/w It Will Soon Be Over. Peacock 1738. 78rpm.
*The Bells of Joy. Checker 10001. LP.
*The Bells of Joy: the Collection, 1951 – 54. Acrobat Music Limited 4207. 2005. CD.
*Sensational Nightingales (group): God’s Word Will Never Pass Away; Will He Welcome Me There / The Bells of Joy (group): How sweet It Is; I’m Gonna Press On. Disques Vogue EPL 7102. 45 rpm extended play. France.
Other Recordings
*Heavenly Mind (1:57) / Cross the River. Alleluia Records 38235/6. 45 rpm. Rev. Miles and the Bells of Joy
The Bells of Joy
Songs: Have I Told You about My Religion. Jesus Keep Me Nearer the Cross. Please Hear My Call. Angels Lullaby. Anyway You Bless Me Lord. A Christian Speaks. Kneel Down and Pray. Dear Lord Help Me. I Found Another Soldier. Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone. Give an Account at the Judgement. Blind Barnabas.
The Bells of Joy: the Collection, 1951 – 54
Songs: I’ll Work Lord. Let’s Talk about Jesus. He’s My Friend. Stop Right Now. It’s Praying Time. Echoes from Heaven. Leak in This Old Building. How Sweet It Is. I’m Gonna Press On. Never Let It Be Said Too Late. Well, Well, No, No, No. It Will Soon Be Over. Since Jesus Changed This Heart of Mine. Do Lord Remember Me. Every Day and Every Hour. Fare Ye Well. Glory Be to God. No More Sorrow. The Lord and I. There’s a Hand Leading Me. When My Savior Comes.
Bells of Zion
*The Joyous Sound. Nashboro LP7155. 1975. LP.
Band from Florida. Previous name was Right Blinker.
*Purge. Steedog Records. 1998.
Steedog Records Version 2. Steedog Records SDR 1004. 1998. Bellyflow tunes: Peachy Keen. By Myself.
Shayne Soderstrom: guitars, vocals. Clint Woolly: drums. Jeremy Cranmore: bass. Clayton Colson (replaced Joshua Cook): guitars, backing vocals.
Belmont Reasons
*Not Finished Yet. Belmont 8384. LP.
*Do They Know? Belmont 8586. LP.
*Jesus Paid It All / Power in the Blood. 45 rpm. Yellow label.
*Rain ‘N Sunshine Medley: combineed of two songs – It Never Rains in Southern California and I Can See Clearly / Both Sides Now (Joni Mitchell). 45 rpm. Blue label.
Belmont University Chorale
*Perform Works of Jean Berger. 1986. Sherry Kelly: director. Linda Ford: organist.
Beloved Airs
*The Beloved Airs. Chapel LP5037. 196? LP.
Benedictene Monks of Santo Domingo de Silus
*Chant II. Sparrow SPR1537. 1995. CD.
Benedictine Monks
*Easter Chants. Milan 7313835745. 1996. CD.
Benedictine Sisters
*Harmony. Custom D-12931. 1970? LP. Five Sisters: the Benedictine Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, St. Louis. Leader: Sister Mary Ramona Varela.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Benedictine Sisters of Boerne
*Only for You. ARC HHS337070. 197? LP.
Band from Ft. Worth, Texas. Style is death / doom metal. Circa 1997. Marshall Cargill: vocals. Craig Church: bass. Brian Dias: guitar. Chris Corley: guitar. Jeff Coffman: drums.
Lacomb, Oregon. Rap music
*Activate. 2006. CD
*Benjamin. Star Song SSD8816. 1994. CD and CS.
*As You Wish Star Song SSC0071. 1995. CS and CD.
Benjamin Gate
Benjamin Gate is from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Style is rock. Vocalist is Adrienne Liesching.
*Comeputyourheadupinmyheart. Custom. CD.
*[untitled]. Forefront FFD5272. 2001. CD.
*Contact. Forefront FFD36242. 2002. CD.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of Comeputyouheadupinmyheart. Cross Rhythms June - July 2000: 41.
Bob Bennett
*First Things First. Maranatha! Music MM0061. 1979. LP. Also: Maranatha! CD08757.
*Matters of the Heart. Priority Records PE 37966. LP. Also as JU37966. 1982. Reissued 1985 on Star Song. 1989 / 1990 reissued again by Urgent Records
*Non-Fiction. Star Song 7102059868. 1985. LP.
*Lord of the Past. Urgent Records 0001382047. 1990. CD number.
*Songs from Bright Ave. Urgent Records C02837. 1991. CS number.
*Small Graces. Covenant Artists 7014606603. 1997. CD.
*View from Here. Sign Post Music SPLR-3. 2002. CD.
First Things First
All songs by Bob Bennett, except as noted
Bob: acoustic guitar. Jim Fielder: acoustic bass. Ron Tutt: drums. Alex MacDougall: percussion, triangle. Nils Oliver: cello. Phil Ayling, John Phillips: flutes. Ron Loofbourrow, Bill Alsup: French horns. Harlan Rogers: piano, organ. Backing vocals: Kelly Willard, Bob, Bruce Hibbard. Al Perkins: acoustic guitar, electric guitar. Darrel: bass. Keith Edwards: drums, tambourine. Don Gerber: acoustic guitars. Gary Arthur: bass. Jim Stipech: cello arrangement. Jonathan David Brown: piano. Little Kelly Willard-o: Rhodes. Greg Springer: piano. On ‘My Redeemer Lives’: Bob: Acoustic guitar. Jim Stipech: horn and woodwind arrangements. Ensemble: session leader: Darrel Gardner. Terry Winch, Darrel Gardner: flugelhorns. French horns: Bill Alsup, Ron Loofbourrow. Trombone: Val Johnson. Baritone horn: Bob Sanders. Woodwinds: John Phillips, Phil Ayling.
Songs (CD): Carpenter Gone Bad? The Night Shift. Whistling in the Dark. The Best (John Fowler). You’re Welcome Here. Forgive and Forget. (I Know That) My Redeemer Lives (text: Samuel Medley, 1775, ab. Tune: ‘Duke Street,’ John Hatton; adapted and arranged by Bob Bennett. The Garden Song. I Belong to You (Jonathan David Brown). Healings. Spiritual Equation.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008. Review of First Things First.
Boyd Bennett
Bennett was a rock and roll star in the mid-fifties as Boyd Bennett and the Rockets. Had four top 100 singles: Seventeen (King Records, June 1955); My Boy Flat Top (King, September 1955); Blue Suede Shoes (King, April 1956); and Boogie Bear (Mercury, September 1959).
*It Gets Sweeter. Rainbow Sound R-2727-LPS. No date. LP. Style is pop church music.
*Nite, Nick N. Rock On: the Illustrated Encyclopedia of Rock N Roll: the Solid Gold Years. New York: Crowell, 1974.
It Gets Sweeter
Side 1: Don't You Think It Gets Sweeter (Stanfield 4:09). It's My Desire (Pearce 3:39). How Great Thou Art (Hine / Manna 4:07). Just a Closer Walk (Benson 3:12). The Old Rugged Cross (Bennard 3:17). Side 2: Rise Again (Holm 4:12). He'll Understand and Say Well Done (Lucy C. Campbell 3:03). More of You (Gaither / Paxton 4:30). Because He Lives (Gaither / Gaither 3:20). One Day at a Time (Kristofferson / Wilkin 3:21)
Recorded at Rainbow Sound,Inc., Dallas, Texas. Engineer: Phil M. Allison. Photography: Dan Sellers. Art design: Vicki Hill.
Chuck Bennett
*Satisfied Mind. Chapel S4042. 1968? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Dick and Nancy Bennett
*Near the Cross. Lefevre MLSP2811.197? LP.
John and Vicky Bennett
*Sing Gaither. Rainbow R2626. 198? LP.
Peter Bennett
*Beautiful Hymns. United Artists UA6393. 197? LP.
Rick Bennett
*Take a Little. High Water Music NR 16301. 1985. LP.
Take a Little
Rick Bennett: acoustic guitar; hi-string guitar. Jim Hettinger: acoustic piano; Yamaha DX7. Doug Mathews: electric bass; fretless bass. Randy Nichols: Simmons and acoustic drums. Joel Balin: electric guitar and guitar synthesizer; digital keyboard sequencer; mandolin. George Atwell: strings; Prophet and Yamaha DX7; synthesizer; harpsichord; synthesizes cello. Tracey Balin, Patti Pool, Bryan Hardin, Marleen Riveron: backing vocals. The Rainbow Rockers: backing vocals. Chris Michielssen: banjo. Eddie Marshall: alto sax, alto flute. Emery Bennett: acoustic piano.
All songs by Rick Bennett
Side 1: Take Me, Take Me (3:22). Moment or Forever (3:05). If It Was Meant to Be (4:34). Cindy (3:35). She Never Said Goodbye (3:05). Take a Little (3:45). Side 2: Love Comes from the Heart (4:27). Good Friends (3:57). Grandpa You’re My Hero (3:52). It’s Been Quite a Day (3:50). Friday Night in Heaven (4:25).
Eric Schabacker: executive producer. Produced by Joel Balin and Rick Bennett. Recorded at Rainbow Productions, Orlando, Florida. Engineered by Joel Balin. Mastered and pressed by Nashville Record Productions, Nashville, TN. Cover photo concept: Marlene Riveron. Photography: Judy Katz, Lynda Robyn Gorshy, Laura Pfister. Art direction and design: Rob Gillilan, The Media Works. Additional special effects photography: Tim Kelly. Creative consultant: Roberta J. Bennett.
Rob and Gilly Bennett
The Bennetts are from England. Cross Rhythms described the music as "ambient / meditational."
*The Touch
*Such Love
*The Touch / Such Love. Kingsway KMCD 2252. 2000? CD.
Croft, Philip. Rev. of The Touch / Such Love. Cross Rhythms June-July 2000: 41.
Roger Bennett
*Silent Partner. Eagle One 20294. 198? LP.
Bennettsville, South Carolina. Also listed as the Benntones Gospel Quartet. Harold Black: first tenor. Jim Bunch: second tenor. Walter Brown, Jr.: baritone. Wally Lewis: bass. Jim Newton: piano.
*Singing for Jesus. Mark V Recording Studios BR 4099. Custom LP. 1970s?
David Benson
*Holy Psychotherapy. 1994. LP.
Holy Psychotherapy
Songs: Holy Psychotherapy. Ichabod (The Glory Has Departed). Harlot Harvest. One More Chance. Bloodbath. Reap. America Wake Up.
Joan Benson
*Clavichord. Supreme S2250. 197? LP.
Jodi Benson
*Songs from the Believer's Bible. Sparrow SPD1341. 1992. CD.
Mary Beth Benson
*You Can Depend on Me. Dynamic DMI51625 or 51635?. 1978. LP.
Benson Singers
*One Flock One Shepherd. Impact R3590. 1980. LP.
Wollongong, Australia
Rap core
*You Be the Judge. CD?
Nathan Ledgerwood: vocals. Matthew Ledgerwood: guitar. Jonathan Marsh: bass. Nathaniel Marsh: drums.
Greg Bentley
*Once Again. Pinnacle PRC2109. 1993.
Brook Benton
*If You Believe. Mercury MG60619. 1967. LP. Also listed as MG20619.
*Moods and Accents. Crusade LPS9002. 1971. LP.
*In Touch. Benson LPS335. 1972. LP.
*Easy Listening. Benson LP400. 1974. LP.
*Take Five. Benson LP527. 1976. LP.
*In Touch / Easy. Benson LP579. 1977. LP Reissues.
Aaron Benward
*Imagine. Sparrow SPD1715. 2000. CD.
Jeoff Benward
*A Sacred Song. Vine LS365. 197? LP.
*Make Me an Instrument. Vine EA1004. 1979. LP.
*Jeoff Benward. Communication Records 7014500309. 1985.
*The Redeemer. Forefront CD02511. 1988. CD.
*Set It into Motion. Forefront CD02685. 1990. CD.
*Let the Church Rise. Forefront 8441825202. 1991. CD.
*The Singles Collection. Forefront 8441828362. 1992. CD.
*Strength for the Journey. Forefront FFC5148. 1996. CD. Best of collection.
*Jeoffrey Benward. Ministry Music MMD4277. 2000. CD.
Indianapolis, Indiana. Style is contempo / prog / retro '70s. Began circa 1990. Eric Hahn: vocals, bass, guitar. Tony: drums, vocals. David: vocals, guitar, keyboards. Tim: brass, vocals, keyboards. Lark: guitar, bass, keyboards. Heather: vocals, brass, trap.
*Out of the Valley. 1996? CD.
Female folk group. Sister Jean Annette.
*Dwell in My Love. Jag JAG1001. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Booklet translates the band's name, I Barritas, as The Little Berets.
*The Mass for Peace. Avante Garde AVS116. 1969. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th ed. 2008.
Berg Chorale
*Companionship with Jesus. Master, no number. 197? LP.
Paul Berg
*Music with a Mission. B&C. 196? Green Land, PA. LP.
Music with a Mission
Songs: O Sacred Head. Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee. Break Thou the Bread of Life. Channels Only. It May Be Today. As the Hart Pants. No One Understands Like Jesus. He Giveth More Grace. The Breaking of the Bread. Little Is Much.
Paul Berg: baritone. Robert Kremples: piano. Harry Rowland: organ.
Cliff Bergdahl
*The Cry of Urgency. Plankton PCDN 148 (UK). 1997?
Paul Bergen
*Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child. Supreme S2013. 196? LP.
Robert Berglund
*Spirituals. Tempo R7166. 1977. LP.
*Songs of Praise. Tempo R7195. 1978. LP.
*God's Son Has Made Me Free. Sacred S3016. 197? LP.
Jim Bergthold
*Personal Peace. Creative Sound CSS1535. 1969. LP.
*The King Is Coming. Maranatha LP1074. 197? LP.
Pat Berkery
*Prayers for a Noonday Church. Glasgow 1500. 1969. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th. ed. 2008.
Michael Berkey
Member of All Saved Freak Band
*Let Go. 1973. LP. Reissued by Hidden Vision Records ac-30. 2003. CD.
Let Go
Songs: Let Go. The Hireling. Truly Elohim. The Turning. Sun and Rain. The Lampstand. Hole in the Fence. Lay It Down. Bells. Grace by the Waters. Merry-Go-Round.
Bermudez / Rust
*Time to Get Ready. Bermudez – Rust Release. 1993. CS.
Time to Get Ready
Alexis Mach: drums. J. R. Bermudez: guitars, vocals, rhythm and bass. Brad Shaffner: keyboards. Carl Rust: vocals. James Gore: guitars, vocals, bass and rhythm. Bob Wood: alto sax. Gisele Tyson, Walter Hill, Patrick Mangan: backing vocals.
Songs: Time to Get Ready. God in a Box. Land of Dreams. Celebrate the Lord. When Will I See You. Battle Lines. Changing. Garbage Picker. Forgive Me Today. Why Am I Afraid. Time to Ger Ready (reprise).
Jerry Wayne Bernard
*Something about That Name. Lamb LH9177. 1971. LP.
*Introducing. Custom LP.
*For Once in My Life. Lamb LP1070. 1973. LP.
*Plenty of Time. Lamb LP1080. 1974. LP.
*Mama's Favorite Hymns. Rainbow R5018. 1975. LP.
*Some Old Songs. Rainbow R5024. 1976. LP.
*Jesus Means All the World to Me. Rainbow R5049. 1979. LP.
*Jerry Wayne. Rainbow R5057. 1980. LP.
*A New Voice in Gospel Music. Lamb, no number. 197? LP.
*Singing Revival Favorites Vol. 1. Lamb LLP1. 197? LP.
*Singing Revival Favorites Vol. 2. Lamb LLP11. 197? LP.
*What Manner of Love? Lamb LLP110. 197? LP.
*Singing Revival Favorites Vol 3: There's a Sweet Sweet Spirit. Lamb LLP111. 197? LP.
*My Friend. Platinum Entertainment 1509537192. 1999. CD.
Something about That Name
Songs: There’s Just Something about That Name. It Matters to Him about Him. I’m No Kin to the Monkey (featuring Robyn and Crystal). He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs. Turn Back My Child. Thanks to Calvary. Remind Me Dear Lord. The Ecumenical Movement (featuring Robyn and Crystal). There’s Enough of God’s Love. The Saviour Is Waiting.
Plenty of Time
Songs: Plenty of Time (4:05). One Day to Late (4:34). Had It Not Been (2:36). Something Beautiful (3:41). Let’s Just Praise the Lord (3:07). I Should Have Been Crucified (2:50). Through It All (3:39). The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power (2:46). On, I Need Him (3:51). With the Bob Cline Orchestra and Chorus.
Jesus Means All the World to Me
Songs: What a Different. Tell ‘em Again. More of You. Step into the Sunshine. I Am Loved. From the Start. The World Didn’t Give It to Me? Jesus (He Means All the World to Me). Head over Heels. Seeking for Me.
Singing Revival Favorites Vol. 3
Side 1: A Sweet Melody: Sweet, Sweet Spirit / Sweet Jesus / The Wonder. He Touched Me. Fill My Cup Lord. Justified. Side 2: I Have Been Saved. Turn Back My Child. A Medley of Jesus: All Hail the Power / Oh, How I Love Jesus / He Keeps Me Singing / Isn’t He Wonderful / Amazing Grace. I See Jesus.
Lamb Records: Houston, Texas.
What Manner of Love in the Music Hall
Songs: Want Manner of Love. My Song. Sweet By and By. Glad Tomorrow. How I Want the Lord to Find Me. Life Is a Symphony. Crown Him. He Loved Me. Near the Cross. To Tell the Untold.
Dick Anthony: arranger / conductor.
My Friend
Songs: His Eye Is on the Sparrow. Remind Me Dear Lord. If You Need a Touch. More of You. My Friend. What a Day That Will Be. Trouble. No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus. Who Am I. How Great Thou Art.
Executive producer: Steve Devick. Musical producer: David Rhyne. Musical director: Crystal Bernard. Angelique Bernard and Gaylon Bernard.
Simon Bernard-Smith
Celtic music from England.
*Worship Him on the Celtic Pipes. Word (UK) SPND024. 2000? CD.
Simon plays the Uillean pipes. Assisted by Richard Lacy (member of Eden's Bridge): keyboards. David Bird (Eden's Bridge): cittern.
*Richardson, Heather. Rev. of Worship Him on the Celtic Pipes. Cross Rhythms June-July 2000: 41.
Berndt Sisters
*Sing a New Song. Teen ZLP750. 1969. LP.
Delores Bernhard
*Shout with Joy. No label. 197? LP.
Leonard Bernstein
*The Joy of Christmas. Columbia ML5899. 195? LP.
*Sacred Sunrise. Columbia MS6221. 1961. LP.
*Debussy. Columbia MS6271. 1962. LP.
*Bach - Magnificat. Columbia MS6375. 1963. LP.
*Handel's Messiah. Columbia M2S603. 1966. LP.
*St. Matthew's Passion. Columbia M3S692. 1968. LP.
*Messiah Highlights. Columbia MS6928. 1968. LP.
*Haydn - Creation. Columbia M2S773. 1970. LP.
*Haydn Mass in Time of War. Columbia M32196. 1971. LP.
*Bernstein - Mass. Columbia M231008. 1972. LP.
Daniel Berrigan
*America Is Hard to Find. 1970. Poetry reading and performance of a rock mass by John Hostetter, Allan Stovall and David Turner. Recorded February 27th - March 2, 1970 in Ithaca, New York.
James Berry
*Be Still and Know. Word W4010. 1957. LP.
Berry Memorial Methodist Church
Chancel Choir
*Chancel Choir. Custom. 1964, LP.
Deven Berryhill Band
*Deven Berryhill Band. 1992.
*Danger High Voltage Above. 1994.
Grace Bertolet
*Organ Musings. Victory ZLP591. 195? LP.
Connie Jane Beryl
*Magic of Believing. Capitol T822. 1957. LP.
Band from Australia
Beside Still Water
Fargo North Dakota
Tony Meyer: guitar, vocals. Jason Anderson: guitar, vocals. Justin Morken: drums. Drew Meyer: bass, vocals. Began 2004? Several song titles: Make Me Like You. Better Than. Rock n’ Roll Song. What I Used to Think
Julia Doyle Bess
*Spiritual Eyes. Reborn RB7003. 1977. LP.
Bessemer Sunset Four
*Heaven Is My View / Rollin' Down to Jordan. Vocalion 1233. 78rpm.
Carol Best
*Best Loved Sacred Songs Volume I. RCA Victor. 1958. LP.
*Best Loved Sacred Songs Volume II. RCA Victor LPS1766. 1958. LP.
Dorothy Best
*Try Him. No label. LPS10025. 197? LP.
See also Souls Unrest
Extreme metal
*Murder Wheel. Bombworks Records. 2003. CD.
Murder Wheel
Songs: Faceless Butcher. A Kiss for Dying. Of Cradles and Caskets. Funeral for an Angel. Hands of the Futile. Burn the Eyes of the Beholder. Bereavement. Animate the Haunting. Makeshift Existence. Black Roses and Steel Wings. Starving the Bloodthirsty. The Foundation of Incineration.
Bethany Beyond Jordan
Southern gospel / bluegrass band from Loganville, Georgia, circa 2000. Karen and Ernie Cormier.
Bethany Bible Fellowship
*For I Shall See Him. Bethany AP82019. 196? LP.
Bethany College Oratorio Society
*Messiah Centennial Edition. Delta DRS81126. LP.
Bethany Men Quartet
*Songs for Life. Creative Sound CSS1509. LP.
Bethany Nazarene College
Current name is Southern Nazarene University, Bethany, Oklahoma.
*Chorale A&R. LP9743, 196? LP.
Bethel Ambassadors
*God's Message. Custom. no number. 196? LP.
*Sing Praises. Custom. no number. 196? LP.
*Stranger of Galilee. Custom. no number. 196? LP.
*Gospel Truth. Custom. AMLP100. 1967. LP.
Bethel Baptist Church
*Songs of Bethel. Sword & Shield LPM4006. 1965. LP.
*There's Nothing My God Can't Do. Sword & Shield LPM6506. 1966. LP.
Bethel College Choir
*Above All Names. Tempo R7094. 1975. LP.
*Bethel College Choir. V14417. LP.
Bethel Jubilee Quartet
*Hush, Somebody's Calling My Name / You Must Come in at the Door. Victor 19119. 78rpm.
Bethel Messengers
Washington, West Virginia
*Almost Heaven. BM-5286. LP. 197?
Almost Heaven
Lead: Phil Morgan. Tenor: Louise Morgan. Piano: Dorothy Prince. Alto: Ruth Sole. Bass: Dale Sole. Bass guitar: Steve Givens.
Side 1: I’ve Got More to Go to Heaven For (2:06). Because He Lives (3:45). Hallelujah Square (3:22).
Bethel Pentecostal Choir
*I Can't Stop Loving God. Savoy MG14420. 1977. LP.
*Nobody Can Turn Me Around. Savoy MG14478. 1978. LP.
Bethel Temple Voices of Christ
Bishop Robert Evans
*He’s Everything to Me. Savoy 14810. 1992. CS.
He’s Everything to Me
Songs: He’s Everything to Me (4:50). Saved (4:46). I Want to Be Ready (3:05). One More Time (4:29). When I See Jesus (4:33). Glory to His Name (4:25). I Peter 5:10 (6:00). I’ll Take Jesus for Mine (3:14). Worthy (4:55). I Want the Lord to Save Me (3:45).
*In the Beginning. American Artists AAS1127. 198? LP.
Bethesda Pool
*In a World That Sleeps. 1997 / 1998. LP.
In a World That Sleeps
Jonathan Hand: bass guitar, backing vocals. Mike Hawxwell: drums. Jeff Milam: lead vocals, rhythm guitar. Adam Vandegriff: lead guitar.
Songs: Confucius. Silver. Jester’s Confession. My Old Man. Sand and Stars. ‘Til Death Do Us Part. Stir.
Recorded, engineered and mixed by BlakeOsborne at Wonderwall Studios, Lakeland, FL. Assistant engineer on tracks 5 and 6 by Clint Woolley. Produced by Bethesda and Blake Osborne. Mastering and duplication: Progressive Music Studios, Tampa, FL. Cover art: John A. Ralston. Photography: Matt Bowser. Cassette and CD layout design: Micah Rios. Financing for this project graciously provided by: Dr. Ragan M. Vandegriff, III.
Bethesda Temple, Inc.,
San Antonio, Texas
*Bethesda Temple, Inc., San Antonio, Texas. Custom BTI101. 198? LP.
see also Danny Daniels
*Bethlehem. Maranatha! Music 77-040. 1978. LP.
Daniel Daniels: acoustic and electric guitars, vocals. John Falcone: bass, vocals. Dom Franco: stell guitar, dobro, vocals. Dan McCleery: drums, percussion. Randy Rigby: lead guitar, keyboards, vocals.
All songs by Daniels, except as noted
Side 1: Think It Over (3:52). Lover (4:04). Desert Song (3:40). Holy Ghost Blues (2:40). Dead Reckoning (3:38). Side 2: Night Rider (3:05). This Road (3:16). No Good Excuses (Franco 4:01). Just a Prayer Away (Franco 3:56). Pilgrims (4:42).
Engineered by Peter Gregg, Jonathan Brown and Al Perkins. Recorded during March and April 1978 at North Star Studios, Boulder, Colorado; Buddy King Studio, Huntington Beach, California; Sound Castle Studio, Hollywood, California and Maranatha! Studios, Santa Ana, California. Mixed at Maranath! Studios by Al Perkins and Jonathan Brown. Mastered at A&M Records by Bob Carbone. Album design, art direction and layout: Neal Buchanan. Leather tooling: Al Dugas. Photography: Sam Emerson. Insert photos: Mike Shoup. Photo tinting: Neal.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bethlehem Gospel Singers
*My God Can See You. 4SE LP1406. 197? LP.
Bethlehem Progressive Ensemble
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania
*Mod Lit. Fortress 121-142-74. 1967? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bethlehem Quartet
*I'll Meet You in the Morning. Lamplighter 27182. 196? LP.
Van Nuys, CA
*Reviling Darkness. Reigning Death Records. 1991.
*Renaissance by Death. Wonderland Records. 1991.
*The Passing. Wonderland. 1993.
Reviling Darkness
Side A: Prophets of Baal. Fear Be Gone. Side B: Frantic. When Darkness Reigns.
Marcos Colon: lead guitar. Matt Maners: lead guitar. Brian Meuse: drums. Jeff Lain: bass. Chris Ackerman: vocals.
Recorded live (for the most part) at Urban Audio in Azusa, CA on April 2, 1991 with the exception of the vocals which were overdubbed. Produced by: Betrayal. Engineer: Tim Williams. Art direction: Jeff Lain. Photography: Fred Hood.
Renaissance by Death
Songs: Renaissance by Death (instrumental 1:40). The Invitation (4:26). Fallen Deceived (3:49). More Faith Than Me (3:43). Escape the Alter (9:03). Assassins in the Midst (4:54). Mortal Flesh (6:10). Stroll Thru a Wicked Age (6:43). Prophets of Baal (4:06). Plead the Blood (5:15).
The Passing
Songs: Renouncement (3:37). The Usurper (4:16). Carnival of Madness (5:35). Ichagod (3:55). Forest of Horrors (4:31). Race of Hypocrisy (3:35). As I Turned Away (4:20). Whisper of Chaos (4:19). Strength of the Innocent (4:55). Retaliatory Strike (2:55). Frantic (3:45)
*Flame. Rev. of Renaissance by Death. White Throne 12 (1992): 20-21.
80s style metal
*Rusted Icons. CD.
Rusted Icons
Songs: Descendants of Death (6:25). Fire to the Coals (5:04). Tribulation (6:09). Waiting (6:49). Wretched Ways (3:53). Captive State of Mind (5:40). Sands of Time (4:12). Rusted Icons (5:31). Better Way
*Wandered. CD.
Songs: Wandered. If You Think I’m Not Gonna Praise Him. Ghetto Hymns. There’s Gotta Be a Better Way. Rock Prelude. I’ve Got to Give Heim the Praise. R.U. Sure. I Was There. Rememberlude. Touch the Hem of His Garment. It’s Not About Me. Give Back. Thanks for the Use.
England. The Betterdays was a 60s British rhythm and blues band.
*No Concessions. Aftermath Records NAFT 1001. 1994. This is a recording of the band’s playlist from 1963 / 64 with two songs recorded in the 60s.
*Here Tis. Aftermath Records AFT 1002.
*Ready. Harvest HAR1093. 1987. CS.
J. B. Betts
*Did You Think to Pray? CMP CMP87426. 1974. LP.
Betty and the Sunrise Singers
*Come and Go with Me. Bottom Line BL1005. 197? LP.
Between Thieves
*Between Thieves.Tattoo. 1997. CD.
*Water. Tattoo. 1998. CD.
Dan Betzer
*Across the Nation. Vine VI771022. 1979. LP.
*Last Mile of the Way. Vine VI771044. 197? LP.
*Bring Back the New Again. Christian World. No number. 1981. LP.
*Leavin' on My Mind. Christian World CW5007. 1982. LP.
*Dan Betzer and Louie Tell the Bible Classics. Revivaltime Media Ministries 42026. LP.
*Dan Betzer and Louie Tell the Bible Classics Vol. III. LP. Louie is a dummy.
Beulah Land
*Beulah Land. Custom LP1001. 1973. LP.
Ottawa, Canada. Daphne BevAcqua: keyboards, lead vocals. Jon BevAcqua: lead guitar, vocals. Kevin Birch: drums, vocals. Josh Horvath: bass. Tony Lind: guitar. Band's name means "drink water." Scripture reference is John 4:14. Band active 2002 / 2003.
*Bevacqua. CD.
*"The Cry." CD single.
Ray Bevan
*Walk on the Water. Myrrh (UK) 1303. CD and CS. 1994?
*If He Can Do It For Me. Alliance (UK) ALD099. 1997?
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of Walk on the Water. CR June-July (21), 1994: 58.
Peter Beveridge
*Loving Again. New Born 7034. 1980. LP.
*Grinding Wheel. Star Song SSR 0042. 1983. LP.
Loving Again
Side 1: To Hell and Back (Steve Wright / Gilbert Beveridge / Peter Beveridge). Trusting (Peter Beveridge). Loving Again (Peter Beveridge). Crown of Thorns (Debra Walker / Peter Beveridge). A Prayer Trilogy (Peter Beveridge). Side 2: Heaven or Hell (Debra Walker / Peter Beveridge). See a Tear (Peter Beveridge). For Me to Know (Debra Walker / Peter Beveridge). Help the Man (Peter Beveridge). How Can You Love Me? (Gilbert Beveridge). Produced and arranged by Peter Beveridge.
Gringing Wheel
Pat Bautz: percussion. Peter Beveridge: acoustic grand and Yamaha electric grand oianos; Prophet 5 synthesizer, Fender Rhodes and Yamaha CS80. David Kemper: drums. Marty McCall: backing vocals. Jerry McPherson: electric and acoustic guitars. David Miner: bass guitar. Tyana Parr: backing vocals. Bill Tillman: soprano, alto and tenor sax.
Side 1: Static on the Frequency (Beveridge / A. James / J. Trott 5:20). Mr. Media (P. Beveridge / Alison Beveridge 3:04). Add up the Wonders (M. and S. Omartian 4:57). Another Marriage on the Rocks (J. Denton / P. and A. Beveridge / G. Kaiser 3:47). Make up Your Mind (P. Beveridge / F. Wiley / G. Kaiser 4:07). Side 2: Tonight’s Your night (P. Beveridge 2:39). Grinding Wheel (M. Henry 3:28). Teflon Salvation (P. Beveridge / J. Trott 3:31). Winter Nights (P. Beveridge / P. Moore / G. Kaiser 3:28). Shine Your Light (P. Beveridge 4:01).
Produced by Fletch Wiley. Co-produced bt Peter Beveridge. Arranged by Wiley and Beveridge. Lead vocals co-produced by Marty McCall. Tracks engineered by Brian Tankersley. Additional engineering by Rick Thigpen and Paul Mills. Mixed by Rick Thigpen, except ‘Static’ and’Add up the Wonder’ by Brian Tankersley. Recorded at Rivendell Recorders, Pasadena, Texas. Mastered at Future Disc Systems by Steve Hall.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of Loving Again.
Beverly and Marilyn
*Look All around You. Pinbrook Records 1168. LP. (Alexandria, Indiana).
Look All around You
Songs: Look All around You. Come to the Waters. Jesus and Me. Holy, Holy. One Day at a Time. Rejoice in the Lord. A New Name in Glory. Medley: The Saviour of My Soul / To Be Like Jesus. Happiness. Without Him. Wings of a Dove. Lord We Praise You.
Lisa Bevill
*My Freedom. Vireo SVC2201. 1992. CD.
*All Because of You. Sparrow SPD1402. 1994. CD.
*Love of Heaven. Sparrow SPD 1488. 1996. CD.
*Lisa Bevill. Ministry Music MMD4282. 2000. CD.
My Freedom
Songs: Chaperone. It’s Gonna Be Worth It. Falling off the Face of the Earth. Love Oughta Be. My Freedom. Place in the Sun. Secord Chance. Alone in Love. I Took a Tumble. Shirley (Keep It to Yourself).
Lisa Bevill: vocals. George Cocchini, Jerry McPherson: guitar. Kris Wilkenson, Pamela Sixlin, John Catchings, David Davidson: strings.CZhris McDonald, Mike Haynes, Mark Doutrit, Sam Levine: horns. Jackie Street: bass. Gary Lunn: bass, drums. Tommy Sims: bass, drums, keyboards. Mark Hammond, Julius Drummin: drums. Mark Heimermann: drums, keyboards, backing vocals. Joe Hogue: drums, backing vocals, rap. Harold, Linette, Melinda, Kenny T., Chris Eaton, Chris Harris: backing vocals.
Producers: Chris Harris, Mark Heimermann. Recorded at The Dugout and Quad Studios, Nashville, TN; Northbeach Studios, Franklin, TN.
All songs written or co-written by Mark Heimermann except ‘Place in the Sun’ by Carolyn Arends and Tommy Sims.
All Because of You
Songs: Sunshine and Joy (4:26). Hold On (Sims 4:20). First Uncloudy Day, the A.K.A. End of the Line (5:05). Fall into Your Arms (4:10). No Condemnation (3:53). Don’t Keep Heaven (5:25). Never Could (4:50). Trouble the Waters (4:36). Make It Better (5:27). All Because of You (4:37).
Steve Bevis
singer / songwriter / speaker
Sydney , Australia
*The Bright Side.
*Worship to Live By.
*Put *ut the Sun, Hold Up the Sky. (23 songs,plus 3 hidden tracks).
Kay Bewley
*It's a Wonderful Life. CMP CMP7240. 197? LP.
Beyond from Within
No album listed, just song titles: Seven Strangers. I Can See Your Shadow. Street Preacher. Soul Traveler. Peace Angel. Fountain of Light. I Touch Your Name. Vegas Bound. Eight Card Majesty. Temper My Desire.
Beyond Jordan
St. Helens, Merseyside, England.
*So Many Reasons. Cassette (11 tracks). 1992.
Band was: Howard Cross - guitars and vocals. Richie Pearn: bass. Claire Fitter: keyboard. Mike Monaghan: drums. Jane Cross: vocals. Sheila Monaghan: vocals. Lara Pearn: vocals. Paul Morgan: vocals.
Beyond the Blue
*Beyond the Blue. Word 7019669506.1996. CD and CS.
Joe Bias
*I Choose Life. One Way OW791. 1979. LP.
*Word of Life. One Way OW811. 1980. LP.
Bible Boys and Gospel Girls
*Bible Bowl Songs. Custom JG7801. LP.
Bible Bowl Songs
Opening Bible Bowl Questions, Questions on the Bible: New Testament Books Song. Jesus Love Me. Questions on Jesus: Do You Know That Jesus Died. I’ll Do It All for Jesus. Jesus Loves the Little Children. Questions on the Disciples: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands. All God’s Children. Fruit of the Spirit Lesson: Fruit of the Spirit Song. Learning the Ten Commandments: Oh, Be Careful. To Look Sharp. The Way of Salvation and Prayer: Lord Listen to Your Children Praying. Happiness Is The Lord.
Bible Institute of Los Angeles
*My Anchor Holds (D. B. Towner) / Overshadowed (G. E. Schuler). Sharon X-528. 195? 10 inch. 78rpm. Joe Talley: trombone. Marion Talley: piano. Margaret Sanders: organ.
Bible Way Singers
*Heaven's Just One Prayer Away. Recording Services RSR1215. 198? LP.
Bibletone Jubileers
*New Jerusalem b/w Tell Me What More Jesus Can Do. Bibletone S2002. 10 inch. 1950. 78 rpm.
*Wake Up, Nicodemus / Lookin' for My Jesus. Bibletone 2005. 78rpm
Bibletones Quartet
*Sing about Heaven. Echo ECP2001. 1981. LP. May have been reissued as "Heaven."
*Moving On. Morningstar MST4019. 1982. LP.
*The Mississippi Sound of... Morningstar MST4030. 1983. LP.
*A Southern Tradition. Moringstar MST4042. 1984. LP.
*Amazing Love. Morninstar MST4059. 1985. LP.
*"Live" from Mississippi Gulfport. Skyline B0045. 1987. CS number.
*Never Grow Old. Skyline B0149. 1988. CS number.
*Something Different. Skyline B0150. 1988. CS number.
*He's Coming Again. Echo ES221. 198?
*So Many Chances. Sing MSP9057. 198?
*On the Way Home. 198?
*Life's Railway to Heaven. 198?
*From the Heart. 198?
*You Better Get Ready. 198?
*He's Coming Back. 198?
*Bibletones' Songbook. 198?
*Sing about a New Day. 198?
*The New Bibletones. 198?
*After Calvary. 198?
*The Lighthouse. 198?
*Happy Times, Happy Days. BRS-500. 198?
*Favorites. 198?
*A New Day Coming. BR1979. 198?
Bibleway Church of God Choir
*Let the Church Roll On. King LP736. 1957. LP.
Bibleway Radio Choir
*Praise His Name. New Birth NEW70528. 1980. LP.
*Songs and Sermons. Golden Rule Records GRR-4006. 197? LP.
Songs and Sermons
Songs: Farther up the Road. Sermon: My Lord and My God. Sermon: Behold My Hands and My Feet. Songs: Jesus Is Wonderful; Wonderful Is His Name.
Biblical Gospel Singers
*Pray for the Good of the Lord. ABC Songbird SBLP268. 1976. LP.
*Biblicals Live. MCA MCA-28078. LP. reissue.
Bicycle Grindstone
*Apathy. 4 song demo. 1996?
Big is from Sweden. Began as band on October 5th,1996 as opening act for DC Talk tour in Scandinavia. Peo Thyren played in secular bands Noice, Easy Action and Sha-Boom. Then became a Christian. Stefan Almqvist previously was a member of band Walk on Water. Jens Lundvik is the vocalist with Big.
*Shhh! Quietboy Recordings Vol. 1. 1998. Big Thirteen tune: Cancer Stix.
Big Al’s Swing Kids
*Big Al’s Swing Kids. Ionic Records IR-001. 1999. CD.
Big Al’s Swing Kids
Karrie Beede: trumpet. Dave Brow: tenor sax in tracks 2, 5, 7, 8; baritone sax on tracks 3, 4, 6. Daniel Harrass: guitar, gang vocals. Jayme Koerselman: tenor sax on tracks 3,4,6; baritone sax on track 7. Matt Kirk: bass, gang vocals. Phil Nagy: drums on tracks 3, 4, 6, 7. Mark Peebles: lead and gang vocals. Matt Risher: drums on tracks 2, 5, 8.
All songs by Daniel Harrass, except as noted.
Songs: Into. Spreadin’ the Word (Daniel Harrass / Mark Peebles). GTH. Swing, Swing, Swing (Harrass / Peebles). Swing Thing. King of Swing (Harrass / Peebles). Big Al’s Boogie (Harrass / Peebles). Swing and Shout (Harrass / Peebles).
Executive producer: Brad Hamilton. Cover artwork concept by Carolyn McMahon. Layout by Auyos. Distributed by Avalon Music Distrbution, Hashville, TN.
Big Barbarian
Lousiville, KY
Members as of 7/2007: Alex O’Nan, Brian Holton, Ben Paskitti, Bryan Todd, Kyle Nolremeyer.
Big Bout Jah
Band began spring of 1996. At first was called Pretty (pop / rock). Changed to Flyer 17, then to the present name. Current style is ska; band says name is Jamaican for "large and in charge"
Laid Back. demo.
Jonas Mattebo: lead vocals, guitar, cornet. Johan Fiske: guitar. Kenneth Mattebo: backing vocals, bass. Johnny Mattebo: drums.
Big Daddy Weave
*Neighorhoods. 2001. CD. Custom release?
*One and Only. Fervent SLPR0010. 2002. CD.
*Fields of Grace. Word Entertainment WWCD04024. 2003. CD.
*What I Was Made For. Word Entertainment WWCD06721. 2005. CD.
*Every Time I Breathe. Curb WD2-886530. 2006. CD.
One and Only
Songs: In Christ. Friend Like You. One and Only. Neighborhoods. Being in Love with You. Audience of One. Never Goin’ Back. Sacrifice. Exalted Forever. Rest.
Fields of Grace
Songs: Set Me Free. Why. New Every Morning. Fields of Grace. Heart Cries Holy. Everything You Are. Be Your Everything. Pharisee. Prelude. Completely Free. You in Me.
What I Was Made For
Songs: What I Was Made For. Just the Way I Am. For Who You Are. It’s All about You. You’re Worthy of My Praise. His Name Is Jesus. Give Up – Let Go. Killing Me Again. Without You. Words of Life. Quiet Time (Track of Silence).
Every Time I Breathe
Mike Weaver: lead vocals, acoustic guitar. Jay Weaver: vocals, bass. Jeremy Redmon: vocals, electric guitar. Joe Shirk: keys, saxophone. Jeff Jones: drums.
Songs: Let It Rise (Holland Davis). Every Time I Breathe (Mike Weaver / Andy Cloninger / Michael Farren). Only Jesus (Mike Weaver). All for You (M. Weaver / Cloninger). Hold Me Jesus (Rick Mullins). The Only One (M. Weaver / Cloninger). All the Same (M. Weaver). When I See You (M. Weaver / M. Farren / Michael Olsen). Wait. Who You Are to Me (M. Weaver / Michael Boggs). Trust and Obey (public domain; arr. by M. Weaver).
Produced by Jeremy Redmon. Executive producers: Josh Bailey and Susan Riley. Mixed by Shane D. Wilson at Pentavarit, Nashville. Mix corrdination by Alice Smith for Showdown Productions. Mastered by Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Masters, Nashville using the HDCD process. CD unlocks exclusive webside featuring Media Shout lyric files, ‘Every Time I Breathe’ music video, B-roll footage of the band on the road, chord charts and more!
Big Dave
*Big Dave. C
Big – Dave
Sunbury, Victoria, Australia
Some songs titles: Beast Techno, G G G Germinate, See the Light II, Beliece Me.
Big Dismal
Tallahassee, FL
Eric Durrance
*Believe. Wind-Up Records 60150130702. 2003. CD.
*Passion of the Christ. 2004. Song: Reason I Live (3:29).
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of Believe. CR Sept.-Nov. 2004: 38.
Big Dog Small Fence
Ska band from California circa 1997. Band consists of: Malisa Sortino: lead vocals. Frank Loaiza: lead vocals, guitar, bass. John Felix: lead guitar (departed). Greg Kawai: drums, congas, percussion. Pablo Tovar: bass, vocals, trombone, percussion. Sammy Wright: lead and rhythm guitar, keys. Alvaro Tovar: trumpet, trombone. Patrick Wright: trumpet. Joel Catalan: tenor and alto sax, keyboardss. David Ovalle: drums.
*4-song Demo. 1997. Songs: The Answer. Finite. Shrimp Gumbo. Pass the Buck.
*Big Dog Small Fence. Eclectica Music / NSoul Records 9967. 1998.
Big Dog Small Fence
Missy Sortino: vocals. Frank Loaiza: vocals, guitar, bass. Greg Kawai: drums, congas, percussion. Sammy Wright: lead and rhythm guitar, keyboard. Alvaro Tovar: trumpet, trombone. Pablo Tovar: bass, vocals, trombone, percussion. Patrick Wright: trumpet. Joel Catalan: tenor and alto saxophone, keyboards. Dave Ovalle: drums.
Songs: Human. Finite. Joel’s Song. Rikki Fake. Circus Mirage. Pass the Buck. Shrimp Gumbo. Circus Mirage (extended mix). Impossible. Stand Tall. L. A.
Produced by Phillip Kim and Big Dog Small Fence. Recorded and engineered by Eric Arm, Art of Noise Recording and by Chris Gunn at On the One Studies. Mastered by Scott Blackwell at NSOUL studies. Production consultant: David Urquidi. Rapper on L. A.: Bobby Duran from Absolute Value. Sleeve by Leonard Zimmerman, Jr. at Spared.
Big Face Grace
Band from Riverside, California. Band's first name was Electric Fishermen. Michael Knecht: piano, harmonica, guitar, hammered and mountain dulcimer. Previously played in a band called Creed (not the secular one that has recently been getting airplay). Tim Gillespie: guitar, lead vocals. Previously played in the band Grazers. Roy Ice: percussion, vocals. Previously in band Withered Fig.
*Face the World. AD 27 Records. 1997.
*Big Face Grace. AD 27 Records. 1997?
*Big Face Grace. True Tunes / Rhythm House RHD 3807. 2000. CD.
Big Face Grace
Timothy Gillespie: lead vocals. Michael Knecht: rhythm guitar. Roy Ice: drums, backing vocals. Jason Hutchinson: lead guitar. Sam Leonor: bass, backing vocals.
All songs by Big Face Grace, except as noted
Songs: TeleVision (BFG / Rosario 3:03). The Way (3:49). Nothing Can (3:05). Ordinary Life (4:14). Take Me with You (2:40). Floored (5:26). Smile (3:40). Woo Hoo, Hey Hey (3:49). One Left Waiting (4:29). Worthy (4:29). Smile (The Butabi Mix) (Rosario / BFG 3:53). The Way (Rapid Reposition Mix) (Rosario / BFG 4:20).
Produced by Michael Rosario and Big Face Grace. Recorded at Martinsound Stydies, Alhambra, CA and Sonic Rush Studios, Riverside, CA. Engineered and mixed by Chris James. Assistant engineers: Jason Meier and Russ Grell. Studio keyboards by Michael Rosario. Studio drums by Dan Blessinger. Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering.
Big Fish
From Corryton, Tennessee.
*Over Our Heads. 1996.
Big Love
Ft. Lauderdale, FL
*Demo. Songs: Enter In. Safety Dies (When You’re Living on the Edge). Fire. 1990?
*Big Love. Silent Records SR-2502. 1991. CS.
Big Love
Side 1: Enter In. Safety Dies (When You’re Living on the Edge). Fire. Side 2: I Am the Way. Realize.
Jorge Leni Respeto. Danny Petkevich. Chip Allen. Floyd Stumph. Special thanks to Jimmy Boy, Mike at sync and Calvary Chapel, Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. Layout by ddv / dp.
Big MC
Big MC is from New South Wales, Australia, circa 1997.
*Great Aussie Battlers - 15 Years of Australian Christian Music.
Big Men Working
Band from Australia
Big Methuselah
Big Methuselah is from Texas, circa 2000. Ted Pearce (ex Nomadic Farmers): vocals, guitar. Darrell Wren (from Nine on Saturday): bass. Chad Whiteley (from Nine on Saturday): drums. Mario Torres: lead guitar.
*EP Sampler
*Human Sacrifice.
Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of Human Sacrifice. Cross Rhythms June-July 2000: 41.
Big Picture
Big Picture is from Rockford, Illinois. Plays indie pop rock. Circa 2000.
Big Rock Singers
*Christ Is the Way. HSG-130. 197? LP.
Christ Is the Way
Songs: I Have Found the Way. The Dearest Friend I Ever Had. What a Morning. He’s Coming Again. How Much More. Living on Higher Ground. Stepping on the Clouds. The Appletree Story. We’ll Soon Be Done with Troubles and Trials. What a Time over There. That’s Why I’m Thankful. King Jesus.
Big State Quartet
*Singing in Texas. Sword and Shield LPM6401. 1964. LP.
*Something Within. Big State LPM1114. 1967. 1967. LP.
*In the Upper Room. Big State. 196? LP.
Big T
*Satan Makes No Sense. 2000. CD.
Satan Makes No Sense
Songs: Say Hallelujah Again. Peace of Mind. Jesus Showed Me the Way. Satan Makes No Sense. Because I Know the Lord. No Explanation Necessary. Why Worry Bout Satan. Our Greatest Value. God’s Riches in Glory. Consider Me Oh Lord.
Songs by Leander A. Trotman. Participants: Harreila Goodwin: backing vocals. Donna Thomas: backing vocals. Al Baptiste, Sr.: keyboards. Louis Taylor: keyboards. Pat “P. O.” Edwards: guitar.
Big Tent Revival
*Big Tent Revival. Forefront FFD5112. 1995. CD
*Open All Night. Forefront FFD5147.1996. CD.
*Amplifier. Forefront FFD5186. 1998. CD.
*Choose Eternal Life. Ardent ARD1704. 1999. Evangelism CD.
*Choose Eternal Life. Ardent ARD1705. 1999. CD. Also a 2 song promo. Songs: The Choice. Choose Life.
*Live. Ardent ARD2506. 2001. CD.
Big Thirteen
Band is from Abilene, Texas. Punk / ska. Isaac Ceron: drums. Larry Kendrick: guitar. Josh Lewis: vocals, bass.
*Live at Crossroads. Cassette. 1998
*Demo. 5-song CD. 1998
*Shhh! Quietboy Recordings Vol. 1. 1998. Big Thirteen tune: Cancer Stix.
Big Vision
Big Vision was from Brundall, Norwich, England, circa 1998.
Bigger Than Your Head
Band from Brisbane, Australia.
Biggles Band
*Biggles Boys Own Adventure Album (for girls). Custom album MS 101 (UK). 1982. LP. Foldout jacket.
Biggles Boys Own Adventure
John Dorsett: guitar, vocals, mandolin, feet. Brian Spencer-Smith: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals. Steve Gill: lead guitar, vocals. Dave Goodinson: drums, percussion, vocals, door.
Side 1: Take off Big Jim Bigglesworth (J. Dorsett). Once Bitten, Twice Shy (J. Dorsett (from Manhattan Trans. – Biggles). The Idol (J. Dorsett / B. J. Spencer-Smith). Emmy-Lou Biggles (J. Dorsett). Back in Another Time (B. J. Spencer-Smith). Side 2: Biggles in Love (J. Dorsett). On the Shelf (J/ Dorsett / A. Dvorak). Love Song for an Ugly Girl (J. Dorsett) from Buggles and the Banshees. Marionette (J. Dorsett). Goodbye Biggles (J. Dorsett). Morning Sky (B. J Spencer-Smith).
Recorded ar Rendezvous Studio, Lobdon and in the Gents loo at Luton Airport. Sleeve design by Annie Spencer-Smith. Produced by B. J. Spencer-Smith for Morning Sky Records. Dave and Brian for the re-mix. Chris Wilson for keyboard wizardry. Laura Goodinson for her wonderful air-hostess bit. All music and humour dedicated to the Glory of God.
E. Power Biggs
*Music of Jubilee. Columbia ML4435. 1955. LP.
*Bach Organ Favorites. Columbia MS6261. 197? LP.
*Herois Music for Organ. Columbia MS6354. 197? LP.
*Biggs Bach Book. Columbia M30539. 197?
*Bach in the Thomaskurche. Columbia KM30648. LP.
Richard Keys Biggs Family
*Familiar Christmas Carols. International LP10047. 1956. LP.
James Bignon and the Deliverance Mass Choir
*How Excellent Is Thy Name. AIR 10163. 198? With the Deliverance Mass Choir. CD and CS.
*Use Me. AIR. With the Deliverance Mass Choir. CD and CS.
*Heaven Belongs to You. AIR.With the Deliverance Mass Choir. CD and CS.
*What a Mighty God We Serve. AIR. CD.
*On the Other Side of Through. AIR. CD.
*A Double Portion. AIR DCP1948. 198? with God's Children.
How Excellent Is Thy Name
Songs: Anybody Here (3:18). He;s All I Need (4:26). So Good (4:31). Joy Like a River (4:05). How Excellent Is Thy Name (3:30). He’ll Work It out for You (4:09). Jesus Will Carry You Through (4:48). I’ve Got the Victory (3:26).
Use Me
Songs: God Will Fix It Every Time (4:35). Use Me (4:23). In the Morning (5:08). Praise His Name (5:57). I’ve Got to Tell Somebody (4:43). Hold on to God’s Unchanging Hand (4:23). Only One (7:24). While I Have a Chance (4:34). Put Everything in God’s Hand (5:43). Hold It Up (4:19).
Heaven Belongs to You
Songs: Magnify the Lord (3:47). Heaven Belongs to You (4:36). Somebody Help Me Praise the Lord (4:20). King of Glory (5:54). Everything Will Be Alright (4:47). God So Loved the World (5:50). Jesus Will Lift You Up (4:01). The Promised Land (4:12). None Like Him (4:53). No Doubt in My Mind (3:25). I Know What Prayer Can Do (5:59). I’m Glad I Know Him for Myself (5:16).
What a Mighty God We Serve
Songs: I Came to Lift Him Up (4:32). Sweet Anointing (5:47). He’s My Friend (4:17). I’ll Be an Instrument for Thee (4:41). Lord, I Thank You (5:37). Praise the Matchless Lamb of God (6:13). What a Time (3:13). Come to Jesus (4:13). I Must Tell It (4:32). I’m Gonna Do Your Will (5:32). What a Mighty God We Serve (4:36). Just Like Jesus (4:31). High Praise (4:32).
Dave Bilbrough
Praise and worship leader from Romford, Essex, England.
*Sacrificial Love. Kingsway (UK) WLCD 482. CD. Also CS. 1990.
*Take the City. Hosanna Music HMD 045. 1992. CD
*Lift Him High. Kingsway (UK) KMCD 732. Also CS. 1994.
*New Heart. Kingsway (UK) KMCD 922. Also CS. 1995
*I Have Come to Worship You. Worship Together Volume 1. Kingsway (UK) KMCD 961. CS also. 1996. Six songs from Stuart Townend, six from Bilbrough.
*All Hail the Lamb. Kingsway (UK) KMCD 981. CS also. 1997
*Secret Places. Kingsway (UK) KMCD 2026. CS also. 1997.
*Live from Marsham Street. Kingsway (UK) 2177. CS also. 1999
*Let There Be Love. Kingsway (UK) KMCD 2188. CS also. 1999. Best of with dance edge sound.
*One Step Closer. Jericho JER564. 1998.
Bill, Mary and Dave
*Transition. Bridge BR5001. 1974. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Charles Billingsley
*Choice of a Life Time. Crest Music. 1992. CD.
*Between the Then and Now. Pamplin PMCD9911. 1999. CD.
*Marks of the Mission. Pamplin PMPD2088. 2000. CD.
Choice of a Lifetime
Songs: Lift up Your Voices. Choice of a Lifetime. Greater Love. The Sparrow. Paid in Full. Linger No More. O Most High. Remember Me. The Name of Jesus Medley. The Quiet Place.
Between the Now and Then
Songs: Perfect Peace. Trust in Me. One Drop of Blood. Journey On. Within the Veil. All I Need to Know. Golden Streets. Some Things Will Never Change. Can I See That Hand. Believe.
Dallas F. Billington
*This Is Your Funeral. LP. Side 1 is the funeral of a Christian. Side 2 is that of the unrepentant sinner.
Billy Penn's Brother & the Telephone Church
*Power Blocs / Mustard Seeds
*Ruckus in Real Time. Sticky Music GUM 18CD. 1992. CD.
Ruckus in Real Time
All songs by Richard Nicholson, except as noted
Songs: When the War Is Over (5:56). Taxi to Treblinka (5:51). Melom Moon (4:15). Come Walk with Me (6:36). Is Your Love in Vain? (Bob Dylan 3:18). Scream (If You Want To Go) (4:52). Floating (3:15). Walk on Water (6:49). Small Traffic (City Song) (4:53). Nervous (4:00).
Richard Nicholson: lead vocal, rhythm guitar, mouth harp. Charlie Irvine: lead guitars, backing vocals. Dot Reid: piano, keyboards, backing vocals. Steve Butler: bass, backing vocals; piano on ‘Scream’. Eddy John: drums, percussion. Sugar for Ma Honey: rhythm programming on ‘Scream’.Northstar: rap vocal on ‘Scream’. Recorded February and mixed April 1992 at Heaven, Scotland. Mastered by David Wright at Gemini. Cover design and layout by Reg Oicasso at Wor Hoose. Produced by RIB.
*Down by the River - The Greenhouse Album. Edge Records ECD 7020. (UK) No date. Billy Penn's song: Danny Boy.
Maria Binder and Rev. Raymond Leonard Jordan
*He's Coming Soon. Gospel Connection Records GC-101. 1983. LP. Binder on accordion, Jordan on mandolin.
Bingo Tonight
England. Two members are Chris Whiting and Jamie Field.
*Bingo Tonight. CD
*Summer Winter. Custom CD. 2004?
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of Summer Winter. CR Sept.-Nov. 2004: 38.
David and Lisa Binion
*Nothing Can Separate Us. Wordsong Records 7019005101. 1986. LP.
*Takin' the City. Wordsong 701906650X. 1988. CS number.
*Choice of a Lifetime. Crest. 1992.
*A Collection of Hymns. Crest. 1993.
*Change. Crest. 1997.
*Live. Crest. 1997.
*Diamonds. Canaanland B71952. 1980. LP.
Paul Carrol Binkley
*Silent Serenade. Shalavah RO 3970. 1986. LP.
Silent Serenade
Paul Carrol Binkley: guitar
Side 1: Remembrance (4:19). Searching for the Son (4:40). Dawn (6:03). Heartdance (2:45). Side 2: One Thousand Miles (6:29). A Song of Home (5:16). A Song for You (1:54). Remembrance Revisited (2:14).
Produced by Lari Goss. Digital recording and mix: Master’s Touch Studio, Nashville. Engineer: Joe Wilson. Mastering: Master-Mix. Cover design and illustration: Buddy Jackson, Jackson Design, Nashville. All songs written by Paul Carrol Binkley. Comes with a small sixteen-paged booklet.
Biola Chorale
*Songs for All Seasons. JNC 21005. 197? LP. May also be NJC.
*Musical Biolans. Christian Faith MB7021. 196? LP.
Birdcage Walk
Band is Mark Hansen: guitars. Amy Argue: vocals. Brad Argue: bass. Colby Free: drums.
*Tuna Hotdish. Dirt Road Records DRCD 6001. 1996? Birdcage Walk song: Autumn Leaves.
Birdwing Kid's Korus
*I Am God's Project. Birdwing BWR2039. 1982. LP.
Birmingham Jubilee Singers
*He Took My Sins Away b/w Crying to the Lord. Columbia 14140. 78rpm.
*Hope I'll Join the Band b/w Ain't That Good News. Columbia 14408. 78rpm.
Phoenix, AZ
*Dogs and Women. Flaming Canine Release. 1990. CS.
Dogs and Women
Bruce Dellis: guitars, drums, percussion, backing vocals. Lance Kaufman: keyboards, percussion, backing vocals, whistle. David Camp: lead vocals, backing vocals, tater tots.
Side one: Perfect Slumber (Camp / Dellis). Coffeetable Magazine (Camp / Dellis). She Don’t Care (Camp / Dellis). A Half Moon (Camp / Dellis). Mary’s Hanging… (Camp / Dellis). Faith in Building (Camp / M. Camp). Foe No One (Lennon / McCartney). Side two: From Green (Camp / Dellis). Angel in His Tears (Camp / Brown). Ankle Bracelet (Camp / Dellis). Thinking It’s the End (Handful of Dirt (Dellis). Sick (Camp / Dellis).
Produced by David Camp, Bruce Dellis, Lance Kaufr. Recorded and mixed at Flaming Canine Studios.
Carolyn Bisel
*Hallelujah. No label. P0101. 197? LP.
Diane Bish
*Sixty-Six Hundred Voices of Praise. Joy AR2570. 198? LP.
*Royal Wedding Music. Word WSB8869. 1981. LP.
*Music for Brass and Organ. Word WSB8908. . 1983. LP.
*After a Dream. Word WSB8928. 1983. LP.
*Praise to the Lord. Word WSB8930. 1983. LP.
Bob Bishop and Greg Evensen
These two are known as the Gospel Singing Policemen.
*Something Beautiful. Clarion AAS1992. 197? LP.
*The Word of God with Evangelism Through Song. 197? LP.
Bishop College Choir
*The Bishop College Concert Choir. ACR RDS337602. 196? LP.
David Benjamin Bishop
*That’s Jesus in Me. OW200. LP.
That’s Jesus in Me
Side 1: Feed Me (3:23). Life Is Beautiful (4:00. The Multitudes (3:05). Jesus in Me (2:40). Side 2: Someday (3:??). Who Was the Mighty One (5:??). Beams of Heaven (7:??). Father I Stretch My Hand to Thee (5:??).
The New Morning Star MB Church
Bishop Garden
*Garden of Relief. 1997.
Kenny Bishop
*Reaching Out. Morningstar MSC4189. 1995. CS number.
Margaret "Mac" Bishop
*Sings "Sonshiney Day." Rainbow R2273. 1975. LP.
Mark Bishop
*Faith, Family and Friends. Sonlite SL50372. 2002. CD.
Southern gospel group from Kentucky.
*He Gave His Life. RCM Records SLP 8501. 1984. LP. CT 8406. 1984. CS
*One Way. Harvest Records HAR 1036. 1985. LP and CS
*Can't Stop Now. Harvest Records HAR 1066. 1986. LP and CS
*Blessed. Harvest Records HAR 1114. 1987. LP, CS and Video
*Live at Fayetteville. MorningStar Records MST 4092. 1988. LP, CS and Video
*Marching On. MorningStar Records MST 4100. 1989. CS and Video
*Class of '90. MorningStar Records. MST4115. 1990. CS and Video
*Once in a Lifetime. MornigStar Records MST 4127. 1991. CD, CS and Video
*Christmas with Family and Friends. MorningStar Records MST4132. 1991. CD and CS
*The Front Porch Collection. MorningStar Records MST 4156. 1992. CD and CS
*No 2 Ways About It. MorningStar Records MST 4142. 1992. CD, CS and Video
*More Than My Voice. MorningStar Records MST 4168. 1993. CD, CS and Video
*Chapter Ten Live. MorningStar Records MST 4180. 1994. CD, CS and Video
*Seems Like Only Yesterday. MorningStar Records MST4212. 1995. CD and CS
*A Legacy of Hits. . MorningStar Records MST4210. 1996. CD and CS
*You Can't Ask Too Much of My God. Homeland Records HR 9620. 1996. CD, CS and Video.
*The Front Porch Collection Vol. 2. Homeland Records HR 9714. 1997. CD and CS
*Bishops Classics Live. Homeland Records HR 9718. 1997. CD, CS and Video
*Reach the World. Homeland Records HR 9724. 1998. CD, CS and Video
*Kentucky Bluegrass. Homeland Records HR 9905. 1999. CD, CS and Video
*Let's Celebrate Jesus. Homeland Records HR 9927. 1999. CD, CS and Video
*Great Things. Cathedral CH50002. 2000. CD.
*Stories. Cathedral CH50192. 2001. CD.
You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God
Songs: You Can’t Ask Too Much of My God. He Will Never Forsake You. You Never Know. When Jesus Is All That I Have. Love Did. Entertaining Angels.
*Case, Chris. "The Bishops: Sixteen Years Later, They 're Still Walkin' with Jesus." Singing News July 2000: 40-43.
Bison Glee Club
*A Mighty Fortress. Word W2003. 1955. 10 inch LP.
*In Singing High Fidelity. Word W3005. 1956. LP.
*Rhapsody in Blue. Word W6000. 1959. LP.
*Glee Clum Spectacular. Word W6001. 1959. LP.
*Rejoice. Word W3086. 1960. LP. WST8041: stereo.
*The Joy of Christmas. Word W3092. 1959. LP.
*The Lord Reigneth. Word W3135. 1961. 1961. WST8073: stereo.
*Praise. Word WST8444. 1969. LP.
*Alleluia. Word WST8556. 1972. LP.
Bit of Heaven Radio Ministry
*A Little Bit of Heaven. Diadem DLP111. 196? LP.
Bitter Sweet
From the Dominican Sisters of the St. Cecilia Congregation of Nashville.
*Bitter Sweet. NRP NR5645. 1975. LP.
Kimberly Bivens
*Colors of Joy. Sunjlite Digital Publishing CS / CD 05935. 1996. Publisher from: Owensboro, KY.
Colors of Joy
Songs: In the Name of Jesus. City of Rufuge. Arms of Love. Joy. The Place I Call Home. He’s Already Made a Way. Open You Heart. A Vessel. Moving Up. Hear the Word. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee. Keeping on the Right Track. Eyes of Love. My Prayers.
Dave Bixby
*Ode to Quetzaloatl. D-24 700320. 1972? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Beatrice Bush Bixler
*I Am Not Worthy. Christian Publications Records CPI-107. LP.
Steve and Celia Bjork
*Heaven on Earth Today. Creative Sound CRS7000. 197? LP.
BK and Associates
*BK and Associates. Uprok BED7462. 2002. CD.

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