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Black and White
Band from Salem, Oregon circa 1997. Bryan Hendricks was member.
Black and White World
*Black and White World. Custom CS. 1989.
*Black and White World. Custom CS. 1990.
*Black and White World. Blonde Vinyl BVCD 3242. 1991. CD.
*Life Explodes. Blonde Vinyl BVCD 3492. 1992. CD.
Black and White World
Paul, Dave, Rob and Burton. All songs written and performed by Black and White World
Songs: Raise Your Flag. Face of a Nation. SCOW. Reckless Boy. Side 2 is blank.
Recorded by R. Stopnik and T. A. Stopnik in the House if God.
Black and White World
Paul R. Hanna: electric guitars. Burton: bass, vocals, Hammond organ. Trigger: lead vocals, acoustic guitars. Dave C.: drums, percussion, vocals.
All songs by Black and White World, except as noted
Side 1: Double Talk. L.O. Boys. Committed. Side 2: Freedom. We Are One. West Running Brook (with Robert Frost; from “stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening.”
Recorded at Casbah. Engineered by Greg and Chris. Mixed by Greg. Produced by us and them. Taped at Digital Brothers.
Black and White World
Paul R. Hanna: guitars, vox keys. Burton: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals, vox keys. Dave C.: drums and percussion, vocals. Rob ‘Trigger’ Gallas: lead vocals.
Songs: Ocean. Captured. Love Is the Law. Wonderful World. Committed. Stronger. All Christ’s Cons. Elvis. Captain of the Scow. Lip Sweat. Heavy, Heavy World.
Executive producer: Michael Knott. Produced and engineered by Chris Colbert, except “Committed” by Greg Heil. Recorded at Casbah Studio, Fullerton, California. Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Brothers. Art direction and layout: Rod Roels. Cover concept: Keith Poletiek. Band photography: David Dobson. Road manager: Randy Stopnik.
Life Explodes
Rob ‘Trigger’ Gallas: lead vocals, backing vocals, percussion. Dave C.: drums, percussion, backing vocals. Paul R. Hanna: guitars, some backing vocals, very little percussion. Burton: bass guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals. Additions musicians: Dave Koval: lead guitars on “Old Man Song” and “Tomorrow.” No Doubt Horn Players: Phillip Jordan: trumpet. Alex Henderson: trombone. Eric Carpenter: saxophone. Eric Stefani: horn arrangements.
Songs: Look in Me (Dave C). Old Man Song Trig / Dave C.). I Don’t Wanna Lose You (Dave C. Trig / Paul H.). Ruby Goes to Heaven (Dave C. / Paul H.). Real (Trig / Paul H.). Bring Back the Beautiful (Dave C.). Where Will I Go Tomorrow? (Dave C. / Burton). Black Times (Trig). Push (Trig). I Think I’m Losin’ (Trig). Left of the World (Dave C. / Trig). Ruby Goes to Heaven (Chrissy’s mix). Too Young to Be Sad (Dave C. / Burton). Solutions (Jim Galls / Trig). Good Bye (Trig / Dave C. / Burton).
Produced by Christopher Colbert and B&WW. Engineered and mixed Christopher Colbert. Recorded and mixed at Neverland. Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Brothers. Cover concept: Dave C. Art layout: Gene George.
Bill Black
*That Wonderful Feeling. Hi. LP.
Black Carnation
Greenville, MI
*Children of the Revolution. Custom CS.
*Hope. BC 0002. 1990. CS.
*It Remains the Same. Blonde Vinyl BVCD3412. 1991. CD.
Children of the Revolution
Jeff Seaver: vocals, guitar, harmonica. Matt Cushman: keyboard. Tim Kelly: drums.
Side One: Throw Red Roses. Pity. Sweet Israel. Strawberry Jam. Tongues of Fire. Side Two: Black World. Rushes by the Seashore. Cry Cry Lullaby. Chasing after the Wind. Forever Night. Out of Sight – Out of Mind.
All songs written by Jeff Seaver, except ‘Black World,” lyrics by Kelli Woods / Seaver; music by Seaver. Recorded at Almost Live Studio, April 20, 1988. Engineered by Ronnie Lee. Bart Lillie for playing tambourine on “Sweet Israel.’
Jeff Seaver: vocals, guitar, trumpet. Kendall Thomas: bass. Phil Melton: drums. Cort Langeland: lead guitar on ‘Walk by Your Side.’ Dan Kelchack: lead guitar on ‘Hope,’ ‘War’ and ‘Devil Child.’ Rick Devon: drums, backing vocals on ‘Dance,’ ‘Hope’ and War.’ Tom Seaver: backing vocals on ‘Hand of Love.’ Dorah Helmus: violin.
All songs by Jeff Seaver.
Side 1: Today I Danced upon a Fallen Tree. Walk by Youe Side. How Long Must I Run? Touched by the Hand of Love. Devil Child. Side 2: One Fine Night in a Daydream. Hope. War.
Black Cherry Soda
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania.
*Interesting Life of Mine. Hogs in Heat Music. Custom tape. 1991. CS.
*Chew Your Cud. Hogs in Heat Music. Custom tape. 1993. CS.
*Grin. Swirle VRD6014. 1995
*Backonthemap. Bulletproof Music BPD 3034. 1998. CD.
Interesting Life of Mine
Tim Rauter: drums. Pete Radano: bass, backing vocals. Scott Tyson: guitars, backing vocals. Dan Rauter: vocals.
All music by Scott except ‘You Know Me Well’, ‘Uncertain’ and ‘ILM’ by BCS. All lyrics by Dan Rauter except ‘Friend’ and ‘Addict’ by Scott Tyson. Scott and Dan co-wrote ‘ILM’, ‘Turning Point’, ‘Same Old Story,’ Mr. Mersault’, ‘ Take a Stand’ and ‘This Unrest’. Thanks to Kurt Lightner for help on ‘Green’ and Lee Kizer III for help on ‘You Know Me Well’.
Side 1: Footsteps. Sorrowful You. Mr. Mersault. ILM. Friend. Turning Point. Green. Side 2: Same Old Story. You Know Me Well. This Unrest. Addict. So You Think. Take a Stand. Uncertain. Spit.
Recorded live at Golden God Studios in Gladwyn, PA.
Chew Your Cud
Dan Rauter: vocals. Scott Tyson: guitars, backing vocals. Tim Rauter: drums. Pete Radano: bass.
Side 1: Blind. Here and Now. Pastimes & Promises. Stream of Consciousness. Crazy. Bored Happy. Loser Truck, I Hate You. Side 2: same as side 1.
All lyrics by Dan Rauter; all music by Black Cherry Soda.
Songs: ILM. Same Old Story. Tied up in You. Guilt in My Eyes. Friend. Turning Point. Tried to Be Different. Here and Now. Footsteps. Spit. Grin. Blind. Pastimes and Promises. Stream.
Dan Rauter: vocals. Scott Tyson: guitar, backing vocals. David Calamaro: bass, backing vocals. Tim Rauter: drums, wha?! Hua!
Songs: Your Alibi. Desperate Man. Superhero. Ties that Bind. So U Think. If I Could Only. My History. Times Gone By. Addict. She. Walking the Line. Something True. All songs by BCS.
Recorded February 1997 at Indre, Ohiladelphia. Engineered by Michael Comstock and Matt From. Executive producers: Marty Bush and Michael Comstock. A&R: David Vanderpoel. Produced by Matt From and BCS. Mastered at Indre by Matt From. Building cluster illustration by Tom Manns. Philly skyline by Jon Krumbiegel. Art concept and layout by Scott Hatch. Cover and additional design by Owen Eliasen 4000. Lyrics happily handwritten by Brooke Schmidt. Photos by Bob Tomlinson, Paul Sanders, Doug Kline.
Black Eyed Sceva
In 1997, band changed name to Model Engine.
Santa Barbara, California
*Way Before the Flood. 5 Minute Walk Records. BRD4014. 1995. CD.
*5 Years 50,000 Miles Davis. 5 Minute Walk Records. 1995. CD.
Way Before the Flood
Brad McCarter: bass, vocals. Brent Nims: drums, percussion, vibrato. Jeremy Post: vocals, guitars.
Songs: Justified. WBF. Mudhouse. Cleverness. Adrian James. Primrose. Happy Face. Comte’s Perspective. Handshake. Confirmation Day. Nail Holes. Lyrics by Jeremy, music by Black Eyed Sceva.
Produced by Black Eyed Sceva and Bruce Winter. Recorded and mixed by Bruce Winter at Orangewhip Studios, Santa Barbara, spring ’95. Angus Cooke played cello on Mudhouse and Handshake. Bruce sang some on Primrose. Photos: Jon Kishimoto. Cover art: Liz Jackson. Layout and design: Rob Grabendike. Band sympathizer: Scott Douglas.
5 Years, 50,00 Miles Davis
Brent Nims: drums, percussion. Jeremy Post: guitars, vocals. Brad McCarter: bass. Bruce: additional vocals, Chroma keyboard.
Songs: Ryan’s Driveway. Ecumenical. Twain. Soapbox. Confirmation Day (live). Adrien James (live). Nailholes (live). Invisible Sun (Sting). (Notice that the song ‘Adrian / Adrien’ are spelled both ways; which is correct?).
Recorded February 10 and 11, 1996 at Deane School Chapel, Westmont College, Santa Barbara, CA by Bruce Winter. Additional tracks and mixing werew done in Bruce’s bedroom. ‘Soapbox’ re-recorded and mixed at Riviera Studios after Bruce’s 12-track ate the master. Live tracks recorded March 1, 1996 at the Screem, Concord, CA by Masaki Lui. Live tracks mixed at Tom Lackner’s house on Glen Phillips’ gear by Bruce. Mastered by Wayne Sabbak and Bruce at Riviera Studios. Design and layout by Billy Tarka and Mark Duvall.
Black Happy
Formed 1990. Was a Christian heavy metal band called Sacramen in Coeur d’Alene, ID. Band broke up in late 1994. Paul Hemenway, Mark Hemenway and Greg Hjort. In better days the band was: Greg Hjort: guitar. Paul Hemenway: guitar and lead vocals. Mark Hemenway: bass. Scott Jessick and Jim Bruce: drums. Jay Carkhuff: trombone. Mike Hasseries: trombone. Daryl Elmore: saxophone.
*Peg Head. Macola 1161. 1994. CD / CS. Time: 50:41.
*Friendly Dog Salad. Capricorn 893942045. 1995. CD. Time: 36:10.
Peg Head
Songs: Bubbles. Bullmonkey. Shoveljerk. Spirit. Holly Would. Chicken in a Biscuit. Home. 3-Day Weekend. Mrs. Berri. Shuckin’ the Jive. A. Bedini. Yes… And It Counts. Myself. The Life and Times of…
Friendly Dog Salad
Songs: Garlic. Washcloth. One Fine Automobile. Basically Wrong. Such Much Suck. Black Radio. Two Hands and a Hat. Moflo. The New One. F Word.
Herbert Black
*Lead Kindly Light b/w Flee As a Bird. Black Swan 2030. 78rpm.
Johnny Black
*But This I Know. Word C5018. 1957. 10 inch LP.
Larry Black
*Rattlesnake Retreat. DMG 7901138025. 1995.
Larry and Sandy Black
*Songs of Testimony. Lefevre MSLP2745. 197? LP.
Black Peppercorns
*Kiss the Son
*Tumbling Ground
*Come to the Light
*Even So Come
Some album titles may be listed only under Prosch's name. Band is Kevin Prosch: lead vcls, guitars, piano, lyrics. Richard Causon: piano, synths, organs, accordion. Martin Nell: drums, percussion.
Steve Black
Black is from Philadelphia
*Going Home. Silent Planet SPR0501. 1999. CD.
*Graceland. Silent Planet SPR0502. 2001. CD. with the Blender..
*Beat. Silent Planet SPR0902. 2001. CD. Song: Graceland.
Black Suede
Band is from Mill Park, Victoria, Australia. Circa 1997. Contemporary rock. Ben Swift: lead vocals, guitar. Suellen Swift: backing vocals. Kingsley Berry: keys. Travis Draper: bass. Daniel Andrews: drums.
Chris Scott was formerly in Precious Death.
*Super Heavy Dreamscape. Metro One MOCD1492. 1996. CD and CS.
*Hope. Metro One. Metro One MOC1654. 1997. CS number.
Rocco Sigona: guitars. Christopher Scott: vocals. Lorenzo Mauro: drums. Tom Barber: bass. Special guest stars: Jeff Ebel and his Euphonium on ‘Hey, Man’ and “Just Don’t Know.’ Mike Maffey did all the trumpets and trumpet solos on ‘Hey, Man,’ ‘Just Don’t Know’ and other stuff. Gene Eugene played the organ, piano, keyboards and digestive ammo. Christopher Scott played guitars on ‘All God’s Children,’ ‘Twisted’ and a little stuff here and there. Jeff Elbel played super special extra guitars on ‘All You Ever,’ ‘1000,’ ‘Everybody Wants to Get over It,’ Here We Are’ and maybe some other stuff too…
Songs: Downtown. All God’s Children. Just Don’t Know. Funk for Breakfast. Twisted Again. Everybody Wants to Get Over It. Hey Man. Here We Are. What’s in a Name. One Thousand.
Executive producer: Brian Ray. Recorded at The Green Room Huntington Beach, CA. Mixed bt Gene Eugene at the Green Room. Mastered by David Reeves at Capital Records, Hollywood, CA.
Joyce Blackburn
*Suki and the Invisible Peacock. Word W3283. 1964. LP.
*Pro-Life. Ladd-Frith. 1984
*Hope Like a Candle. Ladd-Frith. 1984
*Hope. RRRecords RRR777. 1985. LP
*Five Minutes After I Die.Ladd-Frith Gerchmack SC002. 1986. CS.
*Holy War. RRRecords RRR017. 1987. LP. Also Daft 1004. 1987.
*We Will Fight Back. Staalplaat Records SP001. 1988. Label says 1989.
*Stairway to Heaven. Ladd-Frith LF061. 1989. CS.
*Material World. Ladd-Frith LF72. 1991. CD
*The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. Body Records / Antler Subway BR 7010-CD.
*The Gospel According to the Men in Black. Minus Habens MHR007. 1990. Split LP w/ Nightmare Lodge
*Hidden Beneath the Metal. Ladd-Frith. 1991. Cassette
*Stairway to the Gospel World. Discordia CD022. 1994
*Shock the Nation! Discordia CD028. 1995
*Shades of Black. Discordia. Also Blacklight BLR. 1998.
Five Minutes After I Die
Side 1: Five Minutes After I Die. Side 2: His Zion. Halo Hearth. Answers for You. A Thousand Tongues. Numerology. Five Minutes After I Die (reprise). All music by Ivo Cutler and Sterling Cross. Produced by Ivo. Recorded 3/7/86.
*Flame. Rev. of Hidden Beneath the Metal. White Throne 12 (1992): 53.
Christian metal / core band from south Florida. Marc Reynolds (ex Putty; Wedding Party) - drums. Jason Cunningham (ex Confusion Soup) - bass, vocals. K. P. Reid (ex Vigilance) - bass, vocals. Greg Jamason (ex Lucid, Confusion Soup) - vocals, rhythm guitar.
*Demo. 1998.
Anita Blackmon
*I'm His to Command. Atlantis CS0596. 197?
Jon Blackstone and the Rest of Us
*Not Dressed for the Occasion. True Tunes RHD-4273. 2000. CD.
Frank Blackwell
Songs of Inspiration. Carol CST5000. 196? LP.
Larry Blackwell
*God Whispered to Me. Chapel S4035. 1968. LP.
*A Long Time Ago. Chapel S2276. 197? LP.
Scott Blackwell
*Walk on the Wild Side. Frontline / Myx Records FLD9262CD.. 1992
*Once Upon a Time. Frontline. 199? CD.
*A MYX'd Trip to a Gospel House. Frontline FLD9287. 1993. CD
*A Trip to a Gospel House II. MYX. 1993. CD.
*A MYX'd Christmas. Frontline FLD9426. 1993. CD
*The Real Thing. MYX FLD9481. 1994. CD. Word Music (UK) FLD 9481. 1996.
*Clubhouse. N'Soul. 1997. CD.
*Classic Archives. KMG KMG8674. 1998. CD. Reissue of Walk on the Wild Side and Once Upon a Time.
*In the Beginning. KMG KMG8691. 1999. CD.
Rake, Jamie Lee. "Scott Blackwell's House - Built on the Rock." White Throne 12 (1992): 34-35. Billy Blackwood
*Billy. Billy 700916. 1970? LP.
*One Way. Billy BR2. 1971. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Blackwood Boys
*Hymns from the Hills. Jalyn S106. 196? LP.
*The Young Sound of... Skylite SLP6032. 1965. LP.
*Show Me the Way. Scripture S128. 1966. LP. Reissued: Gloryland GLDS6001. 196?
*Dynamic Sounds of the... World-Wide WW1043. 196? LP.
*Jesus Is Comimg Soon. Golden Shield GS107. 1969. LP.
Blackwood Brothers Quartet
Blackwood Brothers formed in 1934 in Choctaw County, MS.
On the RCA items, LPM indicates mono; LSP indicates stereo.
*Favorite Gospel Songs And Spirituals (10"). RCA Victor LPM 3082. 1952.
*Hymn Sing. RCA Victor LSP1255. 1956 / 1957. LP.
*Favorite Gospel Songs And Spirituals. RCA Victor LSP1351. 1956 / 1957.
*I'm Bound For That City. RCA Victor LSP 1488. 1957.
*His Hands. RCA Victor LSP 1705. 1958.
*Stranger Of Galilee. RCA Victor LSP 1892. 1959.
*Paradise Island. RCA Victor LSP 2093. 1959.
*In Concert. RCA Victor LSP 2137.1960.
*Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere. RCA Victor LSP 2248. 1960.
*On Tour. RCA Victor LSP 2300. 1961.
*Pearly White City. RCA Victor LSP 2397. 1961.
*Precious Memories. RCA Victor LSP 2506. 1962.
*Silver Anniversary Album. RCAVictor LSP 2585. 1962.
*Merry Christmas With The Statesmen. RCA Victor 2606. 1962.
*On Stage. RCA Victor LSP 2646. 1963.
*Featuring J.D. Sumner. RCA Victor LSP 2752. 1963.
*Featuring James Blackwood. RCA Victor LSP 2838. 1964.
*The Best Of The Blackwood Brothers. RCA Victor LSP 2931. 1965.
*Present Their Tenor Bill Shaw. RCA Victor LSP 2938. 1964.
*Something Old Something New. RCA Victor LSP 3334. 1965. LP.
*Featuring Cecil Blackwood. RCA Victor LSP 3439. 1965.
*The Grand Old Gospel (With Porter Wagner). RCA Victor LSP 3488. 1966.
*How Big Is God. RCA Victor LSP 3521. 1966.
*The Sound Of Gospel Music. RCA Victor LSP 3625. 1966.
*The Big Bass Voice Of John Hall. RCA Victor LSP 3743. 1967.
*Sings For Joy. RCA Victor LSP 3851. 1967.
*More Grand Old Gospel (With Porter Wagner). RCA Victor LSP 3855. 1967.
*Surely Goodness And Mercy (With G.B. Shea). RCA Victor LSP 3864. 1967.
*The Best Of The Blackwood Brothers Volume II. RCA Victor LSP 3868. 1967.
*The Fabulous. RCA Victor LSP 3923. 1968.
*Yours Faithfully. RCA Victor LSP 4029 . 1968.
*In Gospel Country (With Porter Wagner). RCA Victor LSP 4034. 1968.
*The Heavenly Harmony Of. RCA Victor LSP 4117. 1969.
*Fill My Cup Lord. RCA Victor LSP 4216. 1969.
*Gospel Classics By. RCA Victor LSP 4279. 1970.
*My God And I. RCA Victor LSP 4403. 1970.
*Featuring London Parris. RCA Victor LSP 4484. 1971.
*He's Still The King Of Kings. RCA Victor LSP 4589. 1971.
*L-O-V-E Love. RCA Victor LSP 4679. 1972.
*This Could Be The Dawning. RCA Victor LSP 4764. 1972.
*The Blackwood Brothers. RCA Camden CAS 544. 1959.
*The Keys To The Kingdom. RCA Camden CAS 618. 1962.
*Give Us This Day. RCA Camden CAS 735. 1963.
*Gloryland Jubilee. RCA Camden CAS 794. 1964.
*Do You Thank The Lord Each Day. RCA Camden CAS 854. 1965.
*On The Jerhico Road. RCA Camden CAS 933. 1966.
*With A Song On My Lips. RCA Camden CAS 2115. 1967.
*In The Sweet By And By. RCA Camden CAS 2194. 1968.
*Just A Closer Walk With Thee. RCA Camden CAS 2292. 1969.
*O Come All Ye Faithful. (Reissue LSP2606) RCA Camden CAS 2361.1969.
*Oh Happy Day. RCA Camden CAS 2376. 1970.
*Sheltered In The Arms Of God. RCA Camden CAS 2446. 1971.
*Amazing Grace. RCA Camden CAS2502. 1971.
*Put Your Hand In The Hand. RCA Camden CXS9011. 1971.
*Mighty Clouds Of Joy. RCA Camden CAS 2540. 1972.
*How Great Thou Art. RCA Camden CAS 2601. 1973.
*On Tour (Reissue LSP2300). RCA Camden ACLI0428. 1974.
*Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (Reissue LSP2288). RCA Camden ACLI0831. 1976.
*O Come, All Ye Faithful (Cassette Reissue). RCA Camden CAK2361. 1985.
*The Best Of (Reissue LSP2931). RCA ANLI1091. 1975.
*I've Got To Walk That Lonesome Road. RCA ANLI1901. 1976.
*Give The World A Smile. Skylite SLP 5966. 1958.
*Sunday Meetin' Time. Skylite SLP 5967. 1959.
*Statesmen Blackwood Favorites. Skylite SLP 5980. 1961.
*At Home With The Blackwoods. Skylite SLP 5995. 1962.
*Blackwood Family Album. Skylite SLP 6026. 1964.
*It Is No Secret. Skylite SLP 6044. 1966.
*All Day Singing. Skylite SLP 6068. 1968.
*Best Of The Blackwood Brothers. Skylite SLP 6092. 1969.
*Roll On Jordan. Skylite SLP 6118. 1973.
*Release Me (From My Sin). Skylite SLP 6124. 1973.
*On Stage. Skylite SLP 6131. 1973.
*A Father's Prayer. Skylite SLP 6134. 1973.
*Featuring Cecil Blackwood. Skylite SLP 6137. 1974.
*Hallelujah To The King. Skylite SLP 6138. 1974.
*It's Worth It All. Skylite SLP 6139. 1974.
*There He Goes. Skylite SLP 6142. 1974.
*What A Beautiful Day. Skylite SLP 6147. 1975.
*Keep On Singing. Skylite SLP 6152. 1975.
*Hallelujah Meetin'. Skylite SLP 6155. 1975.
*Hymns Of Gold. Skylite SLP 6158. 1975.
*Learning To Lean. Skylite SLP 6161. 1976.
*Lord We Praise You. Skylite SLP 6166. 1976.
*Bill Gaither Songs. Skylite SLP 6175. 1977.
*Jesus Let Me Write You A Song. Skylite SLP 6182. 1977.
*Amazing Grace. Skylite SLP 6187. 1978.
*Lift Up The Name Of Jesus. Skylite SLP 6197. 1978.
*Live In Music City U.S.A. Skylite SLP 6204. 1979.
*Hymns By The Blackwood Brothers. Skylite SLP 6207. 1979.
*Live At The National Quartet Convention. Skylite SLP 6212. 1979.
*Featuring John Cox. Skylite SLP 6220. 1979.
*On The Jericho Road. Skylite SLP 6229. 1980.
*Hymns Of The Church. Skylite SLP 6232. 1980.
*Until Then. Skylite SLP 6237. 1980.
*Hits Of The Century. Skylite SLP 6250. 1981.
*The Joy Of Knowing Jesus. Skylite SLP 6259. 1981.
*Through The Years...Live. Skylite SLP 6261. 1982.
*Joy Comes In The Morning. Skylite SLP 6267. 1982.
*Rise And Be Healed. Skylite SLP6278. 1982.
*How Great Thou Art. Skylite SLP 6283. 1982.
*Featuring "Learning To Lean." Skylite SLP 6293. 1983.
*Because He Lives. Skylite SLP 6300. 1983.
*The Family Of God. Skylite SLP 6310. 1983.
*Release Me (From My Sin). Skylite SLP 6322. 1984.
*He Touched Me. Skylite SLP 6332. 1984.
*One Day At A Time. Skylite SLP 6338. 1985.
*Old Time Singing. Skylite SLP 6344. 1985.
*Safe In The Arms Of Jesus. Skylite SLP 6350. 1986.
*Old Country Church (Cassette Only). Skylite SLP 6356. 1986.
*Cecil Blackwood. Skylite SLP 6371. 1986.
*The Unforgettable Pat Hoffmaster. Skylite SSC 6396. 1989.
*Live! From Nashville (Reissue SLP 6173). Skylite SLP 6173. 1988.
*Release Me (From My Sin) (Skylite Reissues). Temple TLS 7735. 197?
*It's Worth It All (Reissue SLP 6139). Temple TCS 8544. 1987.
*Live From Homecoming (Reissue SLP6173). Temple TCS 8553. 1988.
*Best Of The Best. Artco LPG 7224. 1973.
*Turn Your Radio On. Artco LPG 106. 1973.
*My Sweet Savior's Love. Artco LPG 949. 1973.
*How Great Thou Art (Reissue CAS2601). Pickwick CAS 2601. 1976.
*Family Singing Time (Reissue SLP6026). Power Pak PG 713. 1976.
*Statesmen Blackwood Favorites (Reissue SLP5980). Power Pak PG 717. 1976.
*Merry Christmas From The Blackwood Brothers. Voice Box VB 0079. 1979.
*We Come To Worship. Voice Box VB1080. 1980.
*Following You. Voice Box VB4001. 1982.
*Second To None. Voice Box VB4012. 1983.
*That Bright Day. Voice Box VB4014. 1985.
*All Their Best. Voice Box VBE4030. 1984.
*Featuring R.W. And Bill Lyles Volume I. Memorial BB1001. 1973.
*Featuring R.W. And Bill Lyles Volume II. Memorial BB1002. 1973.
*Featuring R.W. And Bill Lyles Volume I. Cam BB1400. 1973.
*Featuring Cecil Blackwood (Reissue SLP6137). Cam BB1454. 1974.
*16 All Time Favorites (Skylite Reissues). Starday SD3009. 1977.
*The Sound Of Gospel Music (Test Pressing). Transco PRM0204. 1968.
*The Best Of The Blackwood Brothers. PT PTLLP1832. 1983.
*It's Worth It All (Reissue SLP6139). Praise PRS202. 1976.
*Hallelujah To The King (Reissue SLP6138). Praise PRS204. 1976.
*The Newest And The Best (Skylite Reissues). Praise PRS206. 1976
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 1. Custom 1990.
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 2. Custom 1990.
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 3. Custom 1990.
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 4. Custom 1990.
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 5. Custom 1990.
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 6. Custom 1990.
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 7. Custom 1990.
*The History Of Gospel Music Volume 8. Custom 1990.
*Live Concert, South Bend (Vol. 1). Custom 73943. 1994.
*Live Concert, South Bend (Vol. 2). Custom 74943. 1994.
*Live Concert, South Bend (Vol. 3). Custom 75943. 1994.
*Classics Vol. 4 (Reissues). Crystal 215691. 1991.
*Classics Vol. 5 (Reissues). Crystal 215791. 1991.
*Classics Vol. 6 (Reissues). Crystal 215891. 1991.
*Memorial Vol. 1 (Reissue BB1001.) Crystal 392690. 1990.
*Memorial Vol. 2 (Reissue BB1002). Crystal 392790. 1990.
*I Bowed On My Knees And Cried (Reissue LP5081). Crystal 2800929. 1992.
*Classics: 50's, 60's, 70's (Reissues). Crystal. 1994.
*Classics: 70's, 80's, 90's (Reissues). Crystal. 1994.
*Still Alive. Crystal 1055348332. 1997.
*It's Worth It All (Reissue SLP6139). Blackwood DRP7222. 1978.
*Hallelujah To The King (Reissue SLP6138). Blackwood DRP7223. 1978.
*Featuring Cecil (Reissue SLP6137). Blackwood DRP7348. 1979.
*The Final Curtain. Blackwood. 1984.
*I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy. Blackwood LP5801. 1985.
*With A Song On My Lips (Reissue CAS2115). RCA CAD12115. 1996.
*U.S.A. Tour. CSB CSB1089. 1990.
*Gospel I. ERM OTD8627. 1984.
*The Answer (Ep Single). Calvary 760185199. 1986.
*Special Radio Release (Promo). Calvary STAV007. 1986.
*The Answer. Calvary 750181972. 1987.
*Original Recordings Of (Skylite Reissues). Black Inc. BIC11888. 1989.
*Perfect Hear. Music Box MBR3803. 1983.
*Statesmen Blackwood Favorites (Reissue SLP5980). Hollywood HT316. 1988.
*Family Singing Time (Reissue SLP6026). Hollywood HT319. 1988.
*Old Time Singing (Reissue SLP6344). Hollywood HT453. 1991.
*That Brighter Day (Reissue VB4014). Riversong ZLP8509. 1985.
*One Day Closer (Skylite Reissues). Out Of Town OTD8652. 1984.
*Smooth And Classy (Remastered Songs). Memory Lane MLGCD1013. 1997.
*The Blackwoods (RCA Victor Reissues). Spring House SHD4905. 1997.
*Blackwood Brothers (Skylite Reissues). Golden Circle GC47519. 1985.
*What A Beautiful Day (Reissue SLP6147). Miracle Music VLB8109.1988.
*Gospel Hits. Krb Music KRB5052-2. 1997.
*They Gave The World A Smile (W/L. C. Doughoys). Doughboys DB1014. 1999.
*The Grand Old Gospel (Reissue LSP3488.) King KSCD5108. 1999.
*More Grand Old Gospel (Reissue LSP3855.) King KSCD5113. 1999.
*1953 Volume 1. Bibletone BCD1953. 1999.
*Before And After. Bibletone BCD10028. 1999.
*Learning To Lean. Custom 154698.6. 1998.
*Beulah Land. Custom 155098.6. 1998.
*In Agusta, Georgia. Bibletone BCD10145. 1999.
*1953 Volume 2. Bibletone BCD10152. 1999.
*Homecoming Vol. 1. New Millennium 720052. 1999.
78 rpm
*Keep on the Firing Line b/w A Beautiful Life. Blackwood Brothers 1057.
*The Love of God b/w If We Never Meet Again. Blackwood Brothers 1059.
*On the Jericho Road b/w When He Put a Little Sunshine In. Blackwood Brothers 1060.
*I’ve Been Listening b/w I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone. Blackwood Brothers 1064.
*Give the World a Smile b/w More about Jesus. Blackwood Brothers 1124.
*Life’s Railway to Heaven b/w I’ll Be Somewhere Listening. Blackwood Brothers 1128.
*Just a Little Talk with Jesus b/w Lord Build Me a Cabin in Glory. Blackwood Brothers 1142.
*What a Friend We Have in Jesus b/w Riding the Range for Jesus. Blackwood Brothers 1143.
*Just a Closer Walk with Thee b/w God Dips His Pen in My Heart. Blackwood Brothers 1144.
*I Love to Be Alone with Jesus b/w Blessed Jesus Loves You Too. Blackwood Brothers 1145.
*Give Me the Old Fashioned Way b/w Take My Hand Precious Lord. Blackwood Brothers 1146.
*What a Savior b/w Sing, Be Happy. Blackwood Brothers 1147.
*Over the Moon b/w Do You Know Him. Blackwood Brothers 1148.
*Well Done My Child b/w We Will Understand It Better By and By. Blackwood Brothers 1149.
*He’s a Savior to Be Proud Of b/w Looking for a City. Blackwood Brothers 1150.
*The Big Boss b/w Dry Bones. Blackwood Brothers 1151.
*Hide Me, Rock of Ages b/w Go Right Out. Blackwood Brothers 1152.
*Like the Rainbow b/w I’m Glad My Savior Was Willing. Blackwood Brothers 1153.
*Rock of Ages b/w Master, the Tempest Is Raging.
*Lead Me to That Rock b/w He’ll Understand and Say Well Done. Blackwood Brothers 1157.
*Marching Up to Heaven b/w That Glad Reunion Day. Blackwood Brothers 1159.
*Waiting for His Return b/w I Am Going Home. Blackwood Brothers 1160.
*Swing Down Chariot b/w Roll on Jordan. Blackwood Brothers 1162.
*I’m Free Again b/w He Will Lead His Children Home. Blackwood Brothers 1163.
*My New Home b/w You Sho Do Need Him Now. Blackwood Brothers 1164.
*Land Where Living Waters Flow b/w If You’ve Never Learned to Pray. Blackwood Brothers 1165.
*Stars and Stripes Forever b/w Whispering Hope. Blackwood Brothers 1166. Jack Marshall: piano solos.
*Mansion over the Hilltop b/w It Is Ni Secret. Blackwood Brothers 1167.
*Peace in the Valley b/w Shelter from the Storms. Blackwood Brothers 1168.
*Rolling, Riding, Rocking b/w The Joy of Heaven. Blackwood Brothers 1169.
*My Journey to the Sky b/w Wanta Rest. Blackwood Brothers 1170.
*He Bought My Soul at Calvary b/w I’m Bound for the Kingdom. Blackwood Brothers 1171.
*Satisfied b/w Land of Dreams Come True. Blackwood Brothers 1172,
*Talk about Jesus b/w I Went to Heaven in a Dream. Blackwood Brothers 1173.
*Joy, Joy / Peace Like a River. Blackwood Brothers 1174.
*Every Day Will Be Sunday By and By / Christ Is the Answer. Blackwood Brothers 1175.
*There Is a Fountain / Under the Double Eagle. Blackwood Brothers 1177. Jack Marshall: piano solos.
*I’ll Tell It Wherever I Go / Paradise Island. Blackwood Brothers 1178.
*Noah / It Took a Miracle. Blackwood Brothers 1179.
*Davis, Paul. The Legacy of the Blackwood Brothers; Authorized Biographies of Cecil Blackwood and James Blackwood. Greenville, South Carolina: Blue Ridge Publishing, 2000.
The Keys to the Kingdom (1962)
Side 1: Walkin’ and Talkin’ with My Lord (Sumner). The Keys to the Kingdom (Carson). I’m Feelin’ Fine (Lister). I Won’t Have to Cross Jordan Alone (Ramsey / Durham). Wonderful Love (Sumner). Without a Prayer (Blackwood). Side 2: His Love (Sumner). Rock-A-My Soul (spiritual; arr. Speer). His Hand in Mine (Lister). There Is a God (Abner). Peace Like a River (W. and J Walbert). Every Day Will Be Sunday, By and By (T. Dorsey).
Oh Happy Day (1970)
Side 1: Oh Happy Day (P.D. 2:46). Work for Peace (Holiday 2:45). It’s Been a Great Trip (Friend 1:54). Jesus Is Coming Soon (Winsett 1:45). Have You Told Anyone about Jesus (Noehoff 3:12). Side 2: In Twain He Rent the Vail (Friend 2:04). I’ve Been Born Again (Tripp 2:08). I’ll Meet You in the Morning (Brumley 2:55). Since Jesus Passed By (Gaither 1:55). A Better Tomorrow (Armstrong 1:35). Produce by Ethel Gabriel.
Something Old Something New (1965)
J. D. Sumner: bass. Bill Shaw: high tenor. Cecil Blackwood: baritone. James Blackwood: lead. Whitey Gleason: piano.
Side 1: Something Old: Echoes from the Burning Bush (Byron Foust 2:05). The Home-Coming Week (Adger M. Pace 2:50). Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It (2:15). I Can Tell You the Time (Adger M. Pace 2:32). Time Has Made a Change (Harkins Frye 2:54). Lord, Build Me a Cabin in Glory (Curtis Stewart 2:22). Side 2: Something New: When I Get to Heaven ( Whitey Gleason Moise Lister 2:16). He’s Everything to Me (Gleason 2:22). His Grace Reaches Me (Gleason 2:48). He Took My Troubles off My Mind (Gleason 2:14). At the Altar (Gleason 2:45). Take Your Troubles to the Lord (Gleason 2:10).
He’s Still the King of Kings (and Lord of Lords) (1971)
Songs: He’s Still the King of Kings (and Lord of Lords. The Next Thing I See. Jesus, Hold My Hand. I Find No Fault in Him. Won’t We Be Happy up There. I’ll Have a New Life. The Eastern Gate. I’ve Got Confidence. Standing at the Crossroads. I Can Feel the Touch of His Hand. Program notes by Dot Boyd.
Bill Gaither Songs (1977)
Side 1: Jesus Is Lord of All (3:40). Because He Lives (3:35). Jesus, We Just Want to Thank You (4:19). The Family of God (2:49). He Touched Me (2:43). Side 2: Something Beautiful (2:45). It Is Finished (4:08). We Have This Moment Today (3:45). Songs That Answer Questions (2:28). Let’s Just Praise the Lord (2:34).
Produced by Joel Gentry. Recorded at Studio One, Nashville. Recording engineer: Tommy Strong. Orchestral arrangements: Otis Forrest. Vocal arrangements: Tommy Fairchild. Cover design: Charles Hooper.
The Blackwood Brothers Quartet (1959)
Songs: Take a Look in the Book. Christ Is a Wonderful Saviour. At the End of the Trail. He Knows Just How Much You Can Bear. My Saving King. The Soul Spangled Banner. The Lord Is a Busy Man. The Workshop of the Lord. I Don’t Care What the World may Do. Will Heaven Be Heaven Without. How Many Times. If I Pray.
Biographical notes by Earl Forbes: container. Jack Marshall: piano.
Blackwood Brothers Jr.
*Sing Songs Our Fathers Sang. Skylite SLP6016. 1964. LP.
*His Grace Reaches Me. Skylite SLP6025. 1965. LP.
Cecil Blackwood
*Songs You Requested. Steeple LP80521. 1971. LP.
Cheryl Pruett Blackwood
*I'm a Miracle. Impact R3778. 1981. LP.
*Desires of My Heart. Impact R3794. 1983. LP.
*Choose to Be Happy. Love Song ZLP8502. 1985. LP.
*With All My Heart. Eagle Run 7512903782. 1990.
Debbi Blackwood
*Holy Spirit. Clarion LP2001. 197? LP.
Doyle Blackwood and the Memphians
*Introducing. Zondervan ZLP665. 1964. LP.
*Doyle Blackwood and the Memphians. Zondervan ZLP692. 1965. LP.
James Blackwood
*Sings His Favorite Gospel Songs. RCA Victor LSP4165. 1969. LP.
*Keep Em Singing. Skylite SLP6152. 1973. LP.
*You'll Never Walk Alone. RCA Camden ACLI0191. 1973. Reissued on Pickwick.
*Traditionally. Voice Box VB4006. 1983. LP.
*50 Golden Years. Skylite-Sing SLP6337. 1985. LP and CS.
*Aloha Time. Skylite SSC6379. 1987. CS number.
*With the Masters V. Skylite SSC6384. CS number.
*He Is My Everything. Skylite SSC6394. 1989. CS number.
*James Blackwood and Gabriel. Skylite SSC6416. 1991. CS number.
*And the Light Crust Doughboys. Doughboy DB1010. 1997.
*Precious Memories. Mark Goodman 1006974. 1997. CD.
*The Legendary . Heart Wing HW0100. CS.
*An Evening With. Custom NQD4732. 199? With Jimmy and Billy Blackwood.
50 Golden Years
Songs: Don’t Be Knocking. Six Feet of Earth. I Can Hear the Harbor Bells. Heaven’s Harmony. Roy’s Prayer. I’ve Never Been Sorry. When We Sing around the Throne Eternal. His Hand in Mine. Majesty. Sheltered in the Arms of God. One Day. Oh What a Moment. Heaven’s Sounding Sweeter All the Time.
James Blackwood Quartet
*Speak His Name. Homeland 7015141205. 1993. CS number.
*First Class Flight. Image SCA9401. 1994. CD.
*Magnificent Sounds. Custom. 199? CD.
Jimmy Blackwood
*Jimmy. Steeple STP3011. 1973. LP.
*Only Jesus. Upward VP70232. 1984. LP.
Mark Blackwood
*The Way of the Lord. New Voice Box NVR18241141. 1995. CD.
R. W. Blackwood
Information for the self-titled entry taken from ad in the October 1981 issue of CCM. Page 34.
*R. W. Blackwood. Choctaw County Records CC111. 1981? LP.
*Heart to Heart. Music Box MB3801. 1985. LP.
Ron Blackwood
*Rising. Blackwood Brothers, no number. LP. Listed as the Ron Blackwood Singers.
*From This Moment On. Temple LPST314. 196? LP.
Blackwood Singers
*I Find No Fault in Him. San Don Records 70117. LP. Featuring Donna Blackwood.
*We Try Harder. Blackwood Recording Company LP-72.
*Turn Your Radio On. Vista R1251. 1073. LP.
We Try Harder
Side 1: Through It All (Crouch; arr, Sam Kirk 3:18). Turn Your Radio On (A. Brumley 2:14). Jesus My Lord (C. McGuire; arr, Kirk 2:39). You’ve Got Time to Change Your Mind (Hall 2:28). Farther Along (3:40). Side 2: Praise God Anyhow! (B. Brock; arr. Kirk 3:00). Getting’ Ready Today (Hatfield 1:52). Lay All My Burdens Down (B. McGuire; arr. Kirk 1:57). The Lord’s Prayer (public domain 2:28). Jesus Christ Divine (McGuire; arr. Kirk 2:47).
Dave Mathis: producer. Carl J. Burkhardt: engineer. Studio: Rite Recording Co. Sam Kirk: arranger. Album design: R. W. Blackwood.
Turn Your Radio On
Side 1: Turn Your Radio On (Brumley 2:14). How Great Thou Art (Hine 3:01). Patriotic Medley: God Bless Americas (Berlin ) / America (pd 2:38). More about Jesus (Hewett / Sweeney 2:17). Just over in Glory Land (Acuff / Marks 2:10). Side 2: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands (traditional 2:05). Come Along with Me (Skillings 2:22). My Sweet Lord (Harrison 2:35). Old Time Religion (pd 1:47). The Last Mile of the Way (Oatman / Marks 2:42).
Terry Blackwood
*Keep Pressing On. Bread and Honey BHC345. 1988. CS number.
Terry and Kaye Blackwood
*All Things Work Together. Word WST8710. 1976. LP.
Blades of Grass
*Blades of Grass. Custom RI3173. 1972? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Punk rock. Alex Rosas: lead vocals. Jacob Garza: bass on "Born Lost." James Jenkins: bass on "Blah." Louis Garcia: guitar on "Born Lost." Jeremy Jenkins: guitar on "Blah." Darrell Leach: drums on "Born Lost." Jameson Becker: drums on "Blah."
*Born Lost and Hopeless. Rescue Records. 1996? CD. Some references list title as "Blah."
*Blah. Bulletproof Records D3025. 1998. CD.
Songs: Step Right Up. You’re Gonna Lose. Eye2. Make up Your Mind. That’s Funny. Stone Me. Not My Own. All About Your #’s. So Scared ten.145. Look into the Future. Surf Party. The Coop. So Many Idols. Nothing to Offer. What’s Always Best. Meat Market.
Blair and Gary
The Gospel Hymn Timers
Blair and Gary Daniels: a father and son gospel singing team
McConnellsburg, PA
*Have Your Own Way Lord. Rite Record Productions 31941. LP.
Have Your Own Way Lord
Side One: Now I Have Everything (Blair and Gary 1:55). This Is Just What Heaven Means to Me (Blair 3:22). Jesus Hold My Hand (Blair and Gary 2:32). The Blood That Stained (K. Sowers 3:18). Lord Build Me a Cabin (Blair and Gary 2:30). Going Home (Blair and Gary 2:45). Side Two: Power in the Blood (Blair and Gary 2:15). It’s More than a Dream (K. Sowers 2:37). Beyond the Sunset (Blair and Gary 2:10). Who Am I (Blair 2:57). Farther Along (Blair and Gary 3:43). Have Thine Own Way (Blair and Gary 2:57).
As for Blair and Gary: the songs are the person (s) who sang each song.
Mrs. Marjorie Sexton: electric organ. Brother Ralph Resh of Big Pool, MD played the steel guitar. Kenny Sowers: lead guitar. And also sings on teo songs.Alla Pittman of Hancock plays bass guitar. John McGuade of McConnellsburg, PA assists on the banjo. Glenn Shultz: engineer and technical work. Gary works as a machinist. Blair is a rural mail carrier.
Rev. Edmond Blair
*I Don't Need No Doctor. Nashboro LP-7042. LP. Sermon, recorded live at the Omega Baptist Church, Chicago, Illinois.
Blair Gospel Trio
*Nearing the Shore. Maranatha ML5. 197? LP.
Johnny J. Blair
Blair is from Pennsylvania
*Door in the Water. Morada Records MZS 253. 1984
*GreenTape. Custom. 1985
*Yellow House
*October. 1988. Custom
*Train Tracks in the Snow
*Normal Songs and Near Hits
*Suspension Bridges in San Francisco
*Fire. 2000. C-Jam Productions CJAM 7770. 2000. CD.
Robert Blair and the Fantastic Violinaires
*God's Creation. Chess CH91537. 197? LP.
*Please Answer This Prayer. Chess 2CK10065. 197? LP.
*The Fantastic Violinaires. P-Vine P2524. 1982. LP.
*Their Greatest Sides Vol. 1. MCA MCAC91526. 1984. LP.
*The Pink Tornado. Air. 1988. LP.
*The Fantastic Violinaires. Malaco MAL4382. 198? LP.
*Today Is the Day. Malaco MAL4399. 198? LP.
*Sing with the Angels. MAL4415. 198? LP.
*Here I Am Again Lord. Atlanta International AIR10164. 198? LP.
John Blake
*Yes, I Believe. Heartland Records HRC 102. 1982. LP. Some covers have the number as WU38648 or HR38648.
John Blake and the Eastsiders
*Love. Century 36643. 196? LP.
*Oh, What a Change. Zondervan Records. LP. Gospel Choristers, Cliff Barrows, director.
Blame Lucy
Westerville. Ohio. Previous name was Legacy. Current name is short for Blame Lucifer.
*Saturate. 1997. CD.
*Gong Show. Gray Dot Records GDR9803. 1998. CD.
Songs: Waikiki. Man with No Time. Big Enough. Saturate. Telecast. ’74. A Little More.
Gong Show
Fred Blanchard: lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals. Doug Meacham: bass guitar, lead vocals. Mike Nicklas: drums, backing vocals. Ryan Smith: lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals. Also: Rick May: percussion.
Songs: Gong Show. Telecast. Waikiki. We’ve Done It All. Lonesome. Saturate. Behide the Curtain. A Crawl. Innerglow. Small Tree. Social Graces. ’74. All songs written by Blame Lucy.
Produced and engineered by Rick May. Executive producer: Marty Bush. Additional engineering: Dan Techenbrock. Engineering assistant: Kristy Lester. Recorded at The Recording Workshop, Chillicothe, Ohio. Mixed at the Sugar Shack, Chillicothe. Mastered at the Recording Workshop. Art and design by Owen Eliasen 4000.
*21. Tooth and Nail TN1008. 1994. CD.
*Frail. Tooth and Nail TN1019. 1995. CD.
*...again. Grrr Records GRD3522. 1998. CD.
*Forever. Grrr Records GRD3530. 1999. CD.
*Germany. 2000. CD.
*Isolated Incident. Grrr Records GRD 3536. 2001. CD.
*Give Us Barabbas. Tooth and Nail DPRO12087. 2002. CD.
*The Blamed Live '03. Bootleg 2003. CD.
Eric Churchill: bass, vocals. Jake Landau: guitar, vocals. Jim Chaffin: drums. Bryan Gray: guitars, vocals.
Songs: Abuse. Help Yourself. Testimony. Drunk. Separation. A State Of… From Me to You. Rainbow. 3 A.M. God Is Alive. Walkabout. The Ballad of the Blamed.
Produced by Ronnie Martin and Greg Minier. Executive producer: Brandon Ebel. Engineered by Drew Aldrich. Mixed by Bob Moon with Greg Minier. Mastered by no one. Recorded at the Green Room. Art direction and cover photography. : Brandon Ebel. Photography by Stacy Chaffin and Jennifer S.
Songs: Feeding the Ignorant. Weakness. For You. No Difference. Just Because. Breeze. Prove Your Excuse. Second Minded Friend. Torn. Guy in a Suit and the… Declaration Dead.
Songs: Beginning in the End. Casualty of War. Rage. God Have Mercy. Don’t Fall. Covered. Deny. Outer Crust. Crying Tree. The Pride Experience. Live by Truth. Do Sin Grate.
Brian Grey: guitar, vocals. Jim Chaffin (drums). Jeff Locke: bass. Matt Switaj: vocals, guitar. Musicians: Lance Garvin. Jason Seiler. Roy Montroy. Jonathan Ford. Nic Tse. Ricky Rodgers.
Songs: Dissonance. To Change. Pistol Whipped. Reason Escapes. Safari. Degeneration. Coversations in the Mirror. Forever. Knock Me Down. New Seeds of Contemplation. Seven Story Mountain. Beyond Your Passion in His Passion. 4/20/99.
All songs written by the Blamed, except: “Pistol Whipped”, lyrics by Andrew Mandell. “Reason Escapes, music and lyrics by Lance Garvin. “Forever” by Jim Chaffin, Glen and Brian Grey. “Knock Me Down” music by the Blamed, lyrics by Dave Canfield. “Beyond Your Passion in His Passion” lyrics by Dave Canfield. “4/20/99” lyrics by Hilde Bialach, music by Zance Garvin. Produced by the Blamed and Roy Montroy. Mixed and engineered by Ed Bialach. Recorded at Tone Zone Recording Studio, Chicago. Photos by Tom Wray.
Matt. Christopher. Bryan. Trevor.
Songs. Wound / Overwhelmed. Discussed (or Look Daddy! I Bought In?). Running Away Can Be an Ugly Thing. Darkness Is So Unforgiving. Last Time I Do This for the First Time. This Is It. At Last We Will Have Revenge.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Ed Bialach at Tone Zone Studios, Chicago. Photos by Kevin Bish. Layout by Kevin Bish, Christian Wargo and Scott Hatch.
Isolated Incident
Brian: guitar, vocals, keyboards, piano, dat tape. Matt: vocals, guitar, clarinet, bouzouki, percussion. Christopher: bass, vocals, percussion, piano. Trevor: drums, cello, guitar. Jonathan Ford: bass. Ed Bialach: guitar. Marko Hautakoski: 7 string guitar, drums. Michal Backrud: drums. Timo Sillankorva: guitar.
All songs written and arranged by the Blamed
Songs: At This Moment. Social Calls. To See You How You Are Seen. Short of a Miracle. At Least We Have Each Other. Nxnw. Our Bazaar World. For Fifteen Bucks (And a Spot on the Floor). The Piano Is Playing Our Song. The Bat Storm. The Finest of Society’s Philanderers. Talking Philosophy on the Streets of Oslo. Ch-Ch-What’s Missing You Are.
This album is an enhanced CD-ROM with a new music video and interviews. Marko, Timo and Michal appear courtesy of Selfminded. This album was written and recorded August – December 2000. Produced, recorded and mixed by Ed Bialach at Tone Zone Recording and Wilson Studio. Assistant engineer: Trevor.
Give Us Barabbas
Matt Switaj. Christopher Wiitala. Bryan Gray. Trevor Wiitala. Vocals, clarinet, baritone guitar, bass guitar, piano, keyboard, guitar, drums.
Songs: The Lonely Zagreb. The Jealous Answer. 1200 Stares. You Not Me. So Depraved.Opem Mouth. In Szentendre. Fictionary. Cyclical. Prayer for the Death. Positive. Until We Die (instrumental). Best in Show.
Tracked and mixed by Greg Norman at electrical Studio. Except ‘The Lonely Zagreb,’ ‘In Szentendre,’ ‘You Not Me,” ‘Fictionary,” and ‘Prayer for the Dead’ by Ed Bialach and the Blamed at Wilson Studios. Mastered at (by?) John Golden. Additional musicians: Marko Hautakoski, Arve Paulson, Hilde Bialach, Shek Yi Chu, Pat Fallon.
Dick Blanchard
*God's Beachcomber. Skylite SLP6177. LP.
Lowell Blanchard
*Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb (Lee V. McCullom 2:50) b/w Feed 'Em in the Mornin', Change 'Em, Feed 'Em in the Evening Blues (Tennessee Ernie 2:32). Mercury 6280. 78rpm.
Michael Kelly Blanchard
With Greta Blanchard
*Canticle. Koinonia NO2905. 1973. LP.
*Quail. Gotz Records MGC 1948. 1977. LP and CS. Lyrics included.
*Love Lives On. Gotz EAB1978. 1980. LP.
*A Common Thread. Gotz Records. 1981 / 1983.
*In Concert. Gotz Records. 1985.
*The Attic Tapes. Gotz. 1986.
*The Holy Land of the Broken Heart. Gotz. 1988.
*Be Ye Glad. Diadem 7901130547. 1989. CS number.
*Mercy in the Maze. Diadem 7901131047. 1991.
*A View out the Window. Diadem 7901133813. 1994. CS number.
*Christmas. Guliard. 1998.
*In from the Cold. Guliard. 1999.
Mike and Gertrude Blanchard
*Canticle. No label; R2905. 197? LP.
Rick Blanchard
*Treasures in Heaven. Light LS5595. 1973. LP.
Blank Face
Chicago. Essentially band is David J. Pisciotto. Industrial / metal
*Trinity. 1995. Custom CS.
*Three Free. 1995 / 1996. CS. Sin Disease. On the Cross. Thirst. Recorded and mixed by David Pisciotto and Ron Hilger. Side one only.
*Electro-Shock Therapy. REX 41032-2. 1995. CD. Blank Face song: Sin Disease.
Mark Blankenship
*Revelation. Tempo R7056. 1973. LP.
*Kneel at the Cross. Broadman LPS458321. 1978. LP.
*Singing Is Fun. Broadman LPS458326. 1979. LP.
*Joyful Sounds. Broadman LPS458343. 1980. LP. With Beryl Red.
Gary Blanton
*Gospel Crusaders. Jessup MB112. 196? LP.
Blaster the Rocket Boy
*Succulent Space Food for Teething Vampires. 1996.
*Trampled. Boot to Head. 1996.
*Rev. of Succulent Space Food. Cutting Edge #113.
Blaster the Rocket Man
Band regulars are Dan and Dave Peterson.
*The Monster Who Ate Jesus.
Bleach (UK)
Band from Great Britain
Bleach (US)
*Space. Forefront FFD5152. 1996. CD.
*Static. Forefront FFD 5191. 1998. CD. Twelve songs.
*Bleach. Forefront FFD5242. 1999. CD.
*Again, for the First Time. Tooth and Nail TND39152. 2002. CD.
Again, for the First Time
Songs: Intro. Baseline. Celebrate. Broke in the Head. We Are Tomorrow. Fell Out. Weak at the Knees. Found You Out. Said a Lot. Almost Too Late. Andy’s Doin’ Time. Knocked Out. Jenn’s Song.
Produced by Oran Thomton. Davy Baysinger: vocals. Milam Byers, Sam Barnhart: guitar. Jerry Morrison: bass. Jared Byers: drums. Recorded at Playground Studio, EMI Studio, Nashville; Sac River, Stockton, MO. Producer: Oran Thornton.
*Trampled. Boot to Head Records. 1996.
*Dome. 2001. CD.
*Passionate. Peace / Songs of Sorrow. 2002. CD.
*Songs of Sorrow. EP. 2002. CD.
Songs: Fleeting Shadow. Metal Symphony.
Jacob: vocals, keyboards. Samual: lead and rhythm guitars. Jeremiah: bass, backing vocals. The Gray Machine: drums.
Track one recorded and mixed in studio Hemma by Bleakwail. Mastered in studio Anti-studio by Markus Asunta. Produced by Bleakwail in the end of 2000. All music and lyrics by Bleakwail.
Passionate Peace / Songs of Sorrow
Songs: Passionate Peace. Songs of Sorrow. A Bleak Wail (live in Kouvola, 2001).
Jacob: vocals, keyboards. Samuel: lead guitars. Jeremiah: bass, backing vocals. Wihtori: drums, backing vocals. Kreivi Peevelinsilpoja: rhythm guitars, flute, backing vocals.
Tracks 1 and 2 recorded in studio Hemma by Matti Punkeri. Mixed in studio Hemma by Markus Asunta, Produced by Bleakwail in the midwinter 2002. Track 3 recorded live in Halloween metal party, Kouvola, November 3th, 2001. Cover photo by Elina Korhonen. All music and lyrics by Bleakwail, except on ‘Passionate Peace’ by Mary Porcher Sorens.
Songs of Sorrow EP
Songs: A Bleak Wail. Veni Sancte Spiritus. Songs of Sorrow. Passionate Peace. Liberation from Death.
Total playing time: 30 minutesm 5 seconds.
Jacob: vocals, keyboards. Samuel: lead guitars. Jeremiah: bass, backing vocals. Wihtori: drums, backing vocals. Kreivi Peevelinsilpoja: rhythm guitars, flute, backing vocals.
Recorded in studio Hemma by Matti Punkeri. Mixed and mastered by Matti Punkeri. Produced and arranged by Bleakwail. Cover drawing by Mikko Silventoinen. Cover photo by Elina Salomaa (nee Korhonen). All music and lyrics by Bleakwail, except lyrics on ‘Passionate Peace; by Mary Porcher Sorens.
Jack Blease
*A Gift of Love. Prince of Peace 1001. 1976.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Darrell Bledsoe
*The Next Step. Rainbow R2071. 1973. LP.
*His Grace. Crystal Clear BBP8830. 1997. CS number.
*Heavenly Breeze. Prophet. 1998.
Blend Wright Trio
*The Greatest Gift. Chapel S2264. 1973.
*These Are the Hands. Chapel S5159. 1974.
See also Gloria, Point Bank and Pontius Pilate
and the Pious Punks. Bryan / Brian Gry / Grey was in the Blamed after leaving an early version of Blenderhead
*Prime Candidate for Burnout. Tooth and Nail TN 1010. 1994. CD.
*Muchacho Vivo. Tooth and Nail TN 1031. 1995. CD.
*"Blue Tile Lounge." Tooth and Nail TNV 02. 7 inch vinyl.
*EP. Morphine Records. MR1002. 1996. CD.
*Figureheads on the Forefront of Pop Culture. Tooth and Nail TND 1190. 2000. CD.
*Songs from the Penalty Box Volume 4. Tooth and Nail TND 1180. 2000. CD. 22 songs. Song: "Twinkie Insanity Verdict." Previously unreleased.
Prime Candidate for Burnout
Paul: bass. Eben: guitar. Vince Neil: guitar. Matt: drumd. Bill: vocals.
Songs: Escape Reason. Cellpool. Power Trip. Bottle Breaker. Let Down. Alcohol House. Purgatory. Internalize. Spare Change. Soapbox. National Drug. Choice.
Aaron played guitar on “Purgatory.” Damien yelled on “Let Down,” Alcohol House” and “Choice.” All music by Blenderhead. All lyrics by Bill, except for “Escape Reason” and “National Drug,” which was written by Matt. Produced by Aaron Sprinkle. Recorded at John and Stu’s. Engineered by Phil Ek. Mixed by Aaron at Avast. Cover art by John Nissen. New photos by Niki Smith. Layout by Bill and Brandon.
Muchacho Vivo
William Richard Power III: vocals, bass. Matthew Edwin Johnson: drums. Edward James Carrigan III: guitar. Eben Joel Haase: vocals, guitar. Paul Nicholas Henry: bass.
All songs by Blenderhead, except as noted
Songs: Haven (3:08). Tow Truck (2:52). Vacancy (2:43). Chicane Cardigan Smile (2:14). Shake This (3:29). The Sad World of Me (4:50). Trees (2:48). Disengaged (3:02). U.S.A. for Matthew (3:04). Queen of the Day (2:16). La Grieta (4:23). Five Minute Cousin (2:61?). Breaking Skin (2:37). Once in a Lifetime (Byrne / Eno / Frantz / Harrison / Weymouth (3:25). The Castle (4:04).
Produced by Stuart Hallerman and Blenderhead. Recorded and mixed at Avast! Recording Co. Engineered by Stuart Hallerman. Assistant engineer: Kip Beelman. Executive producer: Brandon Ebel. Mastered by Brian Gardener at Bernie Grundman. Photos courtesy of Jeanne, Eden and Rachel. Layout by Bill Power and BEC Graphics.
Bill: vocal, bass. Bryan Gray: bass on Invasion. Bili Repenning: guitar on Invasion. Matt: drums. Jessica Ferguson played the part of Jill on Invasion; words on Dear John. Ed: guitar. Eben: guitar.
Songs: Invasion of the Brainsnatchers. Let Down (demo version). Jack’s a Dull Boy (demo version). Soapbox (demo version). Dear John (demo version). Swingtime (previously unreleased). Bugtooth.
Notes on the songs
“Invasion of the Brainsnatchers”: Recorded and mixed by Aaron Sprinkle at Innovation Music & Media. Originally appeared on the ACM Journal 3rd Anniversary Compilation, 1992. Bryan Gray and Bili Repenning left the band. “Let Down”: Recorded a& mixed by Kevin Yount at The Wreck Room. Originally appeared on the first Blenderhead demo, 1993. “Jack’s a Dull Boy”: Recorded and mixed by Kevin Yount at The Wreck Room. Originally appeared on the first Blenderhead demo, 1993. “Soapbox”: Recorded and mixed by Kevin Yount at The Wreck Room. Originally appeared on the first Blenderhead demo, 1993. “Dear John”: Recorded and mixed by Kevin Yount at The Wreck Room. Originally appeared on the first Blenderhead demo, 1993. “Swingtime”: Recorded by Phil Ek at John and Stu’s. Mixed by Aaron Sprinkle at Avast! Originally was to appear on Prime Candidate for Burnout, 1994. “Bugtooth”: Recorded an mixed by Kip Beelman at Avast! Originally appeared on the Motorpsycho 7 inch, 1996. All lyrics by Bill Power except “Bugtooth” by Ed Carrigan and “Swingtime” which was penned by Mr. Chris Estey. All music by Blenderhead.
Figureheads on the Forefront…
Bill R. Power: vocals, bass. Matthew E. Johnson: drums. Edward J. Carrigan: guitar. Tyler R. Vander Ploeg: guitar.
Songs: I Gave Her My Heart, She Gave Me a Pen. Theology and Algebra. Transatlantic Solo Flight. Versatile Solutions for Modern Living. You Know Who You Are. Emerald City Indie Queen. Monotone (instrumental). Fort Lewis Gun Club Youth Day. The Divine Minus Outside the Brackets. Kick the May in the River. Vivaladel. Crown Hill Hardware.
Produced by Kip Beelman and Blenderhead. Recorded and mixed by Kip Beelman at Robert Land Studios, Seattle in October 2000. Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music, New Jersey. Layout and design by Bill Power. Other photos and art by the band, Brian Rahal and Brandon Ebel.
Blessed by a Broken Heart
*All Is Fair in Love and War. Blood and Ink Records. 2004. CD.
All Is Fair in Love and War
Songs: Action. Another Day / Another War. That Knife Ain’t for Butter. The Devil Is the Don. Sawing My Head Off. Mic Skillz. Somekind of Wonderful. OMG!. Courting Mary.
Blessed Hope Project
California. Praise and CCM
*Lead Me to the Rock. Blessed Hope Records BHR 1000. 1997. CD.
Lead Me to the Rock
Songs: When You Seek Me witk All Your Heart. Lead Me to the Rock. You Came to Me. Jesus We Love to Sing Your Praises. The Great I Am Who Became a Man. You Give Me Peace. Lord, You Are Everything to Me. Jesus You’re Just Too Good to Me. O Come Let Us Sing. Your Grace Keeps Flowin’ On. Praise o’ Sevants of the Lord. We Worship You. If You Abide in My Word. Behold, the Bridegroom’s Coming Soon.
Executive producers: Joe Schmme and Doug Stebleton.
Blessed Hope Singers
Hardinsburg, Indiana (Info from LPS 268-31). Earlier LP had Sweetser, Indiana. Vocalists: Stephen and Mary Price, Beth Moore and several others.
*Songs of Hope. LP435. LP.
*I Don't Need to Understand. LP549. LP.
*Sunny and Share. LPS268-13. LP
*Blood, Sweat and Tears. Crusade LPS268 -17. 1976. LP.
*Ready or Not... Here I Come. LP268-22. LP.
*Basic Christian. LP268-27. LP.
*My Desire - Sincerely, Steve. LP268-28. LP.
*Fishers of Men. LP268-29. LP.
*Stand by Me. LP268-30. LP.
Blessed Rain
Band from England
*Conscience of Kings. It Stinks! 001. 1995.
Blessed Sacrament Parish Youth Choir
Boys / Girls choir
No name given on the cover.
Blessing in Disguise
Humorous band from Galion, Ohio. Began circa 1997. Steve Young. Jeff Hanna. Dave Palmer.
*Outside the Lines. CD.
Arthur Blessitt
*Soul Session at His Place. Creative Sound CSS1530. 1972. LP. With the Eternal Rush.
*The Jesus Witness. Word W6184. 1972. LP. Sermons
*Live. Manna MS2049. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Began in Wollongong (NSW) Australia, June 1999.
*Blind. 1999? Six songs.
*Long Walk Home. 2001.
*Echoes. September 2002. EP.
*October Observations. 2003. Seven songs.
Blind Bartimaeus and the Grave Robbers
Bellaire, Ohio.
*Soul Searching. C-3777. 1986. CS.
Soul Searching
Studio musicians: Bartimaeus (Bart De Stefano): lead vocals, backing vocals, synthesizers, Linn 9000 drum kit, Yamaha custom acoustic studio drums. Gregg Moinar: backing vocals, rhythm guitar. Boyd Townsend: lead and rhythm guitars. Richard L. Fryer: rhythm guitar. Denny Fitzpatrick, James Jobko and Mike Mazure: bass. Joe Hamrock: synthesizers. Chris Pappas: synthesizers. Bill Shivlin: synthesizers, Linn 9000 drum kit. Tim Seidler: Linn 9000 drum kit.
All songs written by Bart De Stefano, except as noted.
Side 1: Love's Got A Hold. Lay It on the Line. It's for Love. Returning the Favor. Last Days.
Side 2: Thank You. A Rocker's Gotta Dance (De Stefano / Moinar). Come Down. Waiting for You (Townsend)
Produced by Bart De Stefano and Bill Shivlin. Track arrangements by Bart, Boyd Townsend, Tim Seidler, Gregg Moinar and Bill Shivlin. Recorded at WJS Studios, Wheeling, West Virginia. Art direction and design by John Menendez and Dale Warrick. Photography by Dale Warrick. Logo by John Menendez.
Blind Beggar
Lakeland, Florida.
*Winds of War. Custom Ep. BB-198508. Late 1980's?
Blind Boys of Alabama
*Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Jewel LP0127. 197? LP. Reissued: Jewel JCD3127. 1996. CD.
*All Things Are Possible. Jewel LP1097. 197? Reissued: Jewel JC3197. 1996. CS.
*Higher Ground. Real World 724381279328. 2002. CD. With Robert Randolph and the Family Band. Special guest: Ben Harper.
Blind Boys of Mississippi
*The Best of the Original Blind Boys of Mississippi. Vee-Jay 74785. 1988? LP.
*I Never Heard a Man. Jewel LP0126. 197? Reissued: Jewel JCD3126. 1996. CD.
*The Tide of Life. Jewel LP0155. 197? Reissued: Jewel JCD3155. 1996. CD.
*I'll Make It Alright. Jewel LP0161. 197? Reissued: Jewel JCD3161. 1996. CD.
The Best of the Original…
Songs: Never Heard a man (2:52). Jesus Loves Me (3:10). I’m a Soldier (2:32). I’m a Rolling (2:29). My Robe Will Fit Me (2:02). Oh Why (3:16). Let’s Have Church (3:46). I’m Willing to Run (3:07). You Don’t Know (2:26). Where There’s a Will (2:29). Waiting at the River (2:40). Don’t Forget the Bridge (2:45).
Featuring Archie Brownlee.
Blind Man Walking
Band is from Dayton, Ohio. Began in April, 1997. Name comes from 1 Corinthians 9:22.
Chad Cantrell: lead vocals, rhythm guitar. Michael Miller: bass, vocals. Mike Hamm: drums, vocals. James Ledbetter: lead guitar, vocals.
*Eight song EP. 1998.
*Mindfull of the Mission.
Blind Men See
Valdosta, Georgia.
Rock / Rap. Jon and Russ. Circa 2006
Blindside (Sweden)
Band began in the fall of 1994. Magnus Eriksson was first guitarist. First demo was released with band name Underfree. Changed to Blindside. Band is Marcus Dahlstrom: drums. Tomas Naslund: bass. Christian Lindskog: vocals. Simon Grenehed: guitar, backing vocals.
*Demo. 1995. unreleased
*Demo. 1996
*Blindside. Solid State. 1998. CD. Produced by Lasse Marten
*A Thought Crushed My Mind. Tooth and Nail / Solid State TND1132 -SS19. 2000. CD.
*Silence. Elektra. 2002. CD.
*About a Burning Building. Elektra / Asylum. 2004. CD.
*The Great Depression. Drt Records RTE00436. 2005. CD.
*Ten Years Running: Ten Years Running Blind 1994 – 2004. Close to 3 hours of music.
Songs: Daughter. Liberty. Nerve. Superman. This Shoulder. One Mind. Sidewinder. Never. Lova Herren (bonus song).
A Thought Crushed My Mind
Songs: Vow of Silence. As You Walk. King of the Closet. My Mother’s Only Son. Act. Silverspeak. Where Eye Meets Eye. Nara. In the Air of Truth. Across the Waters. Nothing But Skin. (Phatbat 1303)
Songs: Caught a Glimpse. Pitiful. Sleepwalking. Cute Boring Love. The Endings. You Can Hide It. Thought Like Flames. Time Will Change Your Heart. Painting. Midnight. Coming Back to Life. She Shut Your Eyes. Silence.
Christian: vocals. Simon: guitar, backing vocals. Tomas: bass. Marcus: drums. Additional personnel: Jamie Muhoberac. Howard Benson: keyboards.
Producer: Howard Benson. Recorded at Bay 7, Valley Village, CA; Sparky Dark Studios, Calabasas, CA.
About a Burning Fire
Songs: Eye of the Storm. Follow You Down. All of Us. Shekina. Hooray, It’s LA (featuring Billy Corgan). Swallow. Die Buying. Across the Waters Again. After You’re Gone. Where the Sun Never Dies. Roads. About a Burning Fire.
The Great Depression
Marcus Dahlstrom: drums, programming, piano, percussion. Tomas Naslund: bass. Christian Lindskog: vocals. Simon Grenshed: guitars, backing vocals, pedal organ.
All music written and performed by Blinsdside
Songs: The Great Depression. This Is a Heart Attack. Ask Me Now. We’re All Going to Die. Yemkela. Put Back the Stars. Fell in Love with the Game. City Lights. We Are to Follow. You Must Be Bleeding Under Your Eyelids. My Alibi. Come to Rest – Hesychia. This Time. When I Remember.
Produced by Lasse Marten and Blindside. Engineered and mixed by Lasse Marten. Recorded and mixed at Decibel Studios, Stockholm, Sweden. Additional engineering and Protools editing by Marcus Dahlstrom. Additional editing by Stefan ‘Leffe’ Olsson and Jonatan ‘Vespan’ Permert. Preproduction at Botkyrka Pingst and Satersmusukskola. Additional musicians: Ilkka and J. Jamte. Trombone on We’re All Going to Die by Kristian Persson. Double bass on This Time by Hampus. Piano on Come to Rest by Lasse Marten. Art direction by Tobias Marjo at Brandeu. All photography by Mikeadelica. Texting by Barbro Grenehed.
Blind Teeth Victory Band
Houston, Texas.
*Trilogy. Victory Records EP 102.
*Preston Moneaux. Victory Records K-Tooth 104. 1095. CS.
*Kill a Baby Save a Dog. Victory Records K-Tooth 105. 1987.
*Give an Account. Victory Records K-Tooth 106. 1989. CS.
*Cheesecake in a Can. Victory Records K-Tooth 107. 1990. CS.
Preston Moneaux
Side One: Preston Moneaux (Ver. 5). Minister’s Daughter. Tell the World about Jesus. Preston Moneaux (Ver. 4). I Don’t Know Which Way I Can Turn. Preston Moneaux (ver. 3). Side Two: Jesus Loves Me. Everytime. I Wanna Dance. Preston Moneaux (Ver. 2). B. I. We All Love the Lord.
Special thanks to the Stovall Junior High Band.
Give an Account
Side 1: Give an Account. Your Rock & Roll Don’t Matter. Your Classic Music Don’t Matter. Don’t You Know Your Body’s Dying? Demon in My Record Jacket. Soldiers of the Cross (Ver. 1). Side 2: Accepted. Beneath the Clouds. Soldiers of the Cross (Ver. 2). I Love Those New Christian Songs. Back to Jesus. Temporary Christian Music. Dialogue.
Cheesecake in a Can
Side 1: Promeaux #389 (Nave /Ware :55). We All Luv Thuh Lord! (Revamp Version 2:43) (Delbert the Nave). Awn the Stahl Door (Take 3) (Miles / Ware :37). Preston Moneaux (Version #1) (instru) (Nave / Ware :21). On the Stall Dore (Take 2) (Miles / Ware 1:15). I Am He (Delbert the Nave 1:06). Honk for the Bug at 4 p.m. (Instru) (Delbert the Nave 1:07).
Maple Grove, Minnesota. Mark Schoolmeesters: drums, guitar, piano. Ben Breit: bass. Darren Lindquist: drums, guitar. Erik Lindeen.
*Demo. Five songs. 1996 / 97. CS.
Band is from Australia. Began 1997.
Cameron: guitar, vocals. Clinton: bass, vocals. Daniel” lead guitar. Jared: drums.
Bliss Bliss
*Bliss Bliss. R.E.X. REX 41012-2. 1994.
John Bliss
*How Great Thou Art / In the Garden. Bliss Records 8369. 45 rpm.
Robert Sweet: drums. David Pearson (ex-Static): vocals, guitar. Trevor Barr (ex-Static): guitar, vocals. Jeff Miller (ex-Forevertree): bass, vocals. Circa 2002.
*Waking Up the Dead. KRR. 2004. CD.
*Corrosive. KRR. 2006. CD.
Waking Up the Dead
Songs: Waking Up the Dead (3:16). Obvious (3:34). All I Want (3:08). Fire Below (4:10). Hold Me (3:47). Losing You (4:08). Come on In (3:27). I Hate You (4:29). Under My Skin (3:09). I Would Die (5:29). Shut Up (3:21). Let It Go (3:35).
Songs: Superhero (4:14). Monster (4:07). Decision (1:03). Betrayal (3:39). Corrosive (4:16). Run (4:28). With You (4:41). Get Up (3:59). Rise (3:17). Getting Better (3:29). Bittersweet (5:05). Reprise (2:01).
Blitz Band
Band was listed as being on the program for "A Day in Your Face" music festival in Marysville, Northern California, August 15, 1992. The Riverfront Park Ampitheatre.
*News. White Throne 12 (1992): 4.
Roy and Gloria Blizzard
*Sing. Crusade LPM3701. 196? LP.
Ernest Bloch
*Sacred Service. Columbia ML5621. 196? LP.
Karen Blomgren
*I Thank You for Your Love. Custom S801601. 1980. LP.
Blood and Fire
Guildford, Surrey, England
*Who Is It? BAF Recordubf BAF 002. CS. 1985.
Who Is It?
Side 1: This Is the Noise (KA / AA / SH). Get the Grip (Marc Harry). I Should Have Known (SB). When the Bomb Drops (SB). Who Is It (KA / AA). Side 2: Everything (MH). Disintegration (SB). Sight to the Blind (KA / AA). Part Time Soldier (KA / MH). Our Father (JC / MH).
Karl Allison: all vocals except 3, 6, 10. Harry: guitars, keyboards (4, 10), effects, vocals (4, 6, 10). Alvin Allison: keyboards, vocals, effects. Simon Barnett: drums, percussions, keyboard vocal, drum programme. William Booth: extract from “Through Jordan”). Simon Herbert: bass.
Engineered and produced by Marc Harry. Engineering assistance by Alvin Allison. Recorded at Portsmouth Citadel Hall, 22nd – 25th, September, 1985, on a Tascam Portastudio
Bellevue, WA
Michael Bloodgood is a pastor at the Calvary Chapel in Redmond, Washington. Michael was in an earlier band called Cypress, from Washington state.
*Metal Missionaries. 1985. Custom tape.
*Bloodgood. Frontline Records RO9002. 1986. LP.
*Detonation. Frontline Records RO 9019. 1987. LP. Also Birthright ST70919. 1987. Jacket states label as Alarma. LP.
*Rock in a Hard Place. Frontline Records RO 9036. 1988. LP and CD.
*"What I Done" and "The Presence" b/w A Talk with Bloodgood. Frontline SI9036. 1988. 12 inch single.
*"Never Be the Same" b/w same (radio remix). Frontline SI9036-2. 1988. 12 inch single.
*Out of the Darkness. Intense CDO9063. 1989. CD
*Alive in America: Bloodgood Live Volume 1. Intense CDO9219. 1990. CD.
*Shakin' the World: Bloodgood Live Volume 2. Intense CDO9220. 1990. CD.
*All Stand Together. Broken CO8793. 1991. CD.
*The Collection. Intense FLD9091. 1991. CD.
*To Germany, with Love: Live in Germany 1993. Magdalene Records M8D-1042. 2000. CD. Reissue of earlier CD.
*Classic Archives. KMG 8648. 1998. CD. Reissue of "Bloodgood" and "Detonation."
*Classic Archives. KMG 8677. 1998. CD. Reissue of "Rock in a Hard Place" and "Out of the Darkness."
Metal Missionaries
Les Carlsen: vocals. Mike Bloodgood: bass. David Zaffiro: guitar. J. T. Taylor: drums.
Side A: Awake! Accept the Lamb. Anguish and Pain. Battle of the Flesh. Side B: repeats side A.
Michael Bloodgood: bass, backing vocals. Les Carlsen: lead vocals. David Zaffiro: guitar, backing vocals. J. T. Taylor: drums.
Side One: Accept the Lamb (Carlsen / Zaffiro 3:47). Stand in the Light (M. Bloodgood / Carlsen 3:41). Demon on the Run (Carlsen / Paul Jackson / Zaffiro 3:56). Anguish and Pain (Joyce and Les Carlsen / Zaffiro 3:02). Awake! (M. Bloodgood / Carlsen / Zaffiro 4:10). Side Two: Soldier of Peace (M. Bloodgood 3:15). You Lose (M. Bloodgood 2:53). What’s Following the Grave (Carlsen / Zaffiro 5:00). Killing the Beast (Zaffiro 4:41). Black Snake (M. Bloodgood 2:53).
Produced by Darrell Mansfield. Engineered by Doug Doyle. Recorded and mixed at 3-D Studios, Costa Mesa, CA. Album concept and design: David Henry. Cover photography: Carl Steudle. Band photography: Linda Baley. Original logo concept: Al Mora. Costumes: Brent Fleming. Art direction: Ed McTaggert. Album layout: Total Graphics, Montrose, CA.
Single CS. 1992
Side One: I Want to Live in Your Heart / Say Goodbye / Help Me. Side Two: all songs repeated.
*Review of album Bloodgood. White Throne #1 p8.
*Interview. White Throne #2 pp8-11.
*J. Emerson H. Rev. of The Collection. White Throne 12 (1992): 29.
Bloodline Severed
North Carolina
Extreme music
*Visions Revealed. Bombworks Records. April 2009. CD.
Visions Revealed
Songs: Into the Beginning. Reborn. A Vision Revealed. Silhouette of Doubt. Inception of Perspicacity. Coalition. Internal Battles with Eternal Consequences. Solemn Goodbye. Fear of Reality. Mirror the Reflection. Once Empty.
*Mr.Intercession. Kingdom Records CARP 9702. 1997.
*Fishes and Loaves - Kingdom Records Compilation v1. 1996. Song: Hallelujah.
Sean Stopnik (guitar) was a member of
Innermeans and Stairwell
*Bloodshed EP. Tooth and Nail 1036. 1995. CD.
*The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook. Tooth and Nail TN 1067. EP. CD.
Songs: The Scarlet Letter. Martha. Table Top. Outside. Last Breath.
The Soft Spoken Words of Fallbrook
Sean Stopnik: guitar. Kevin Chen: guitar. Jonathon Caro: bass, vocals. Justice Gulmatico: drums. Jason Fleetwood: vocals.
Songs: Words for the First Time. Sweets for a Child. Signs of Earth. Produced by Sean Stopnik. Recorded and mixed at Moonsong. Engineered by Bob Moon. Executive producer: Brandon Ebel. Art concept: Bloodshed. Layout: Bill Power for BEC Graphics. Photo by Kevin Chen. Live photos by Blair Stopnik.
Bloody Cross
*Coming Again. Grand Slam 24 002. 1990.
Coming Again
Edgar Bich: lead vocals. Thomas Stahl: all guitars, backing vocals. Roman Rothen: bass, backing vocals, lead vocals on "Ultra." Markus Hauth: drums.
God Hates It (Hauth / Stahl 6:16). Coming Again (Stahl 4:02). Kids of God (Hauth / Stahl 4:38). Nightmare (Hauth / Stahl 6:16). Descend (Hauth / Stahl 4:39). Choose (Hauth / Stahl 3:17). God's Love and Rage (Rothen 3:29). Fire (Hauth / Rothen 4:47). Ultra (Rothen / Hauth 0:32). Defy (Hauth / Rothen 4:21). Cover art by Thomas Gamper.
*I Want to Thank You Jesus. Bee Line SLP1001. 197? LP.
Blu Collar Servant
Band is from Cartersville, Georgia. Circa 1997.
Jason Hyder: rhythm guitar. Will Johnson: bass, cello. Matt Allen: acoustic guitar. Seth Remaley: lead guitar. Nathan Currin: percussion. Daniel Gallant: drums. Philip Bledsoe: lead vocals.
David and Dana Blue
*Thank Jesus. Custom SO12845. 1973. LP.
*The Blues. Shalom S1951. 197? LP.
*We're Together Again. Shalom S1976. LP.
*Dana. Shalom S1977. LP.
*God Keeps His Promise. One Accord T06014. 1983. LP.
Blue Jay Singers
*Open My Mouth to the Lord b/w While the Blood Runs in Your Veins. Decca? 48228. 1950. 78rpm. As: the Famous Blue Jay Singers.
*Shall I Meet You Over Yonder b/w Pilgrim of Sorrow. Trumpet 178. 1951. 78rpm.
*I Must Tell Jesus (Famous Blue Jay Singers) b/w Looking for My Jesus (The Shelly Quartet). King 4298. 78rpm.
Blue Ridge
New York City. Rock music.
*Blue Ridge. Custom. 1974. LP.
Blue Ridge Partners
*The Church in the Mountains. Old Homestead OHCS90091. 1983. CS.
Blue Ridge Quartet
*Sing out the Good News. Canaan Records CAS-9651. 196? LP and CS.
*Ride That Glory Train, Canaan Records CAS9675. LP.
*A Kid’s Song. QCA Records QCA 358. 1977. LP.
*Rose Covered Land. Sing MFLP-458. 1950s? LP.
78 rpm
*It Is No Secret b/w I Want to Rest. Gotham G-407. Matrix numbers: BRQ3, BRQ4. 195?
Ride That Glory Train
Side 1: I’d Have No Hope (Gates / Younce 2:30).
A Kid’s Song
Songs: Pearly Gates Swing on Open. That’s Why I’ll Praise Him. I’ll Be Going Home. The Triumph Song. Already Mine. I’m Gonna Magnify His Name. A Kid’s Song. Praise God I’m Rich. He Is Really Alive. The Me I Want to Be.
Sing out the Good News
Songs: America the Beautiful. I’m Here, Lord. Eyes Have Not Seen. Never Gonna Change My Way. Lord, Don’t Let Me Fail You. The One Who Died for Me. The Trumpet Call. If You Know the Lord. Angels Watchin’ Over Me. If We Didn’t Have Jesus. The Rose Covered Lane. Living in Gloryland.
Robert Blue
*Run, Come, See. F.E.L. S272. 1968. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Blue Smog
Band is Ruben Thijs: vocals, lead guitar, blues harp. Simon Hechtermans: drums, Hammond. David Gevaert: rhythm guitar. Micah Chollar: bass. Kenneth Bijloos: trombone. Kristof Lemoine: trumpet, additional drums. David Thijs: sax.
Sylvester Blue
*Yes, God Is Real. His Records HR-1001.
Yes, God Is Real
Side 1: My Tribute. Yes, God Is Real. Say I Do. Peace in the Valley. Heavenly Father.
Side 2: The Blood. Would You. Old Rugged Cross / Just a Closer Walk. On the Wings of a Snow White Dove. My Savior Dear.
Bob Fraser: guitar. Martin Block: bass. Bill Severance: percussion. Larry Adams: keyboards. Bob Frutchey and Toby Thompson: French horns. Martha Meconi: harp. Laura Pease, Kypros Markou, Russell Lewis, and Chien-Tai Chen: strings.
Blue Trapeze
Fullerton, California
*Who Were You Then? 1984. Custom LP.
*Sanctuary. 1985. Custom LP. Lyric insert.
*Mask and Marquee. 1986. Custom LP and CS. CS recorded one side only.
*The World Won't Fit My Skull. Fullspeak Records. 1990. Cassette only.
Who Were You Then?
Michael T. Kirstein: guitar, vocal. Lisa Kline-Koenig: drums, vocal. Daniel Koenig: guitar, vocal. Glenn Suneson: bass, vocal, guitar on ‘Ever Selkless’ and ‘Who Were You Then?’.
Side 1: This Day This Life This World. You and Me. This Fear. In the Still Darkness. Side 2: Projections. Passion Like Paper. Ever Selfless. Walk through the Field. Who Were You Then?
Produced by Blue Trapese with Tim Maag. Engineers: Dave Neal and Tim Maag. Recorded summer 1984. In memory of Patricia G. Koenig and Doug MacQuarrie. Cover art: Richard Beach. Printing: Oak Co.
Roger Arendse: bass, backing vocals. Lias Kline-Koenig: drums, keyboards, vocals. Dan Koenig: guitar, vocals. With Clay Rickerl: keyboard on ‘The Following Steps’.
Side 1: Sanctuary (2:46). Porcelain (3:02). No Small Thing (3:38). Side 2: Could Fall Off a Mountain (2:46). The Following Steps (3:16). Femme Fatale (Lou Reed 3:08). All compositions by Blue Trapeze, except as noted.
Produced by Stephen Zepeda. Engineers: Max Solomon and Lew Howell. Cover art: Richard Beach. Insert: Gina Simpson. Cocer photo: John Henrici, Estudio Manana. Recorded December 1985 at MaxSound, Long Beach, CA. Mastered at A&M by Frank DeLuna.
Mask & Marquee
Roger Arendse: bass, backing vocals. Lisa Kline-Koenig: drums, vocals, keyboards. Dan Koenig: guitar, vocals. With James Murray: bass clarinet on ‘See Them Turn’.
Side 1: Mask & Marquee (2:58). Afraid of Real (2:57). A Reason (3:35). Side 2: See Them Turn (2:55). The Old Home (3:34). Midnight Sun (2:41). Lyrics by Dan Koenig. Arrangements by Blue Trapeze.
Produced by Dan Koenig with Stephen Zepeda. Engineer: Richard Andrews / Radio Tokyo. Max Solomon / Max Sound: engineer on ‘Rge Old Home’ and Midnight Sun’. Recorded 7 and 8,’86. Cover photos and titling: Kayu Garline Wheatley. Layout: Richard Beach.
The World Won’t Fit My Skull
Kurt Darrow: bass, vocals, keyboards. Lisa Kline-Koenig: drums, vocals, keyboards. Dan Koenig: voice, guitar. Vince Rinner: guitar, vocals, keyboards.
Side 1: Venus Unique. Will the Wind? Mother Noose. River of Heaven. Angel Mine. Circle ‘Round the Cage. Side 2: The World (Won’t Fit My Skull). Midnight Sun. Simple Rain. In Your Garden. Pretty Words. Gold Coin. All lyricd by Dan Koenig.
Cover photo: Vince Rinner. Sculpture: Jeff Haskins. Band photo: Jason Savacool. Cover assembly: Lee Savoit. Jeannie Rinner: flute on ‘Gold Coin’. Produced and engineered: Blue Trapeze. Recorded at the Sanctuary, July – October, 1990.
*Review of "The World Won't Fit My Skull."The Cutting Edge 85 February 1991, 8:1, 7.
Blue Velvet
*That Great Bluegrass Show. Old Homestead OHCS70035. 198? CS.
Bluegrass Blackjacks
*Let Us Pray Together. Pine Mountain SLP511. 196? LP.
*Let Us Pray Together. Old Homestead OHS70056. 196? LP.
Bluegrass Brethren
*Happy in Jesus. BGB BGB3318. 1983. LP.
Bluegrass Cardinals
*Sunday Morning Singing. CMH CMH6247. 1980. LP.
*Shining Path. Sugar Hill SH3751. 198?
*What Have You Done for Him? Custom BGC1004. 1992. CD.
Bluegrass Disciples
*Not Alone. Old Homestead OHCS70090. 1992. CS number.
Bluegrass Gospel Enlighteners
*Father's Table Grace. SSS Sa1001. 196? LP.
Bluegrass Gospel Singers
*Jesus Is Coming. Outlet LP1018. 196? LP.
Bluegrass Gospel Train
*All Aboard With thre Bluegrass Gospel Train. Mission Records MR-BGGT-663. 196? LP.
All Aboard…
Songs: Traveling the Highway Home. If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again. Heaven. Are You Washed in Love. When the Saints Go Marching In. Brush Arbors. Working on a Building. It Is No Secret. I’m Using My Bible for a Road Map. I Saw the Light.
Bluegrass Gospel Travelers
*I Can't Stand Up Alone. Sacred-LP-1180. LP. Artist: Herbert Gibson. The Bluegrass Gospel Travelers were the studio band.
Bluegrass Gospelaires
*There Is a God. Rose, no number. 196? LP.
Bluegrass Meditations
*Remember the Cross. NRP NRP6596. 197?
*Were You There? NRP NRP54121. 197?
*Precious Memories. June Appal JA041. 1982. LP.
Bluegrass Pals
*Church in the Wildwood. Irma LP103. 196? LP.
Bluegrass Ramblers
*A Great Decision. Tiff LP504. 1976. LP.
Bluegrass Trio
*If We Never Meet Again. Rem LP1016. 196? LP.
*Lift High the Cross. Sun Ray SRR1002. 196? LP.
Bluejacket Choir
*Blurjacket Choir. Bassett? USR9823. LP.
Bluestone Band
*Praise in the Streets. 1991.
*Elohim. 1993.
Neil Blunt and C. P. Mudd
*Possible Gospel. NALR 30243 PG100. 1972? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Blunt Skulls
West country of England
*Enter the Breadbin. Custom CD single. 2004?
*Sharp, Chris. Rev. of Enter the Bread Bin. CR Sept.-Nov. 2004: 38.
Blurred Vision
*Excerpts from Slubgullion.
Vancouver, British Columbia
*Blush. 1993. Custom tape.
*Time. No date. Custom tape.
Jonathan Brotherton: guitar. Michael Gouge: vocals. Jesse Macpherson: vocals. Trevor Macpherson: bass. Bary Youdan: drums. Gusrt artists: Doug Pedersen: retired bass and US promoter. Paula Spurr: vocals on ‘Past Michael’ and ‘Blue Moon’. Jusy Macpherson: vocals on ‘Driven’ and ‘Icabod’. Frank Humphreys Buikema: drums on ‘Birch’ and ‘Bay Remix’.
Side 1: Past Michael. Icabod. Cloistered. Driven. Stausche. Birch. Side 2: Birthing Pains. Companion. Utter Divine. Blue Moon Sacrilege. Noiseage. Birch (Bay remix).
Recorded at Blushing Bride. ‘Stausche’ and ‘Utter Divine’ were done completely spontaneous during a Sundat Night Service. Engineered and mixed by Jonathan Brotherton at Basement Suite Jesus. Produced by Blush.
Jesse Macpherson: vocals, guitar. Trevor Macpherson: bass, vocals. Gary Youdan: drums, vocals. With: Jonathan Brotherton: additional guitars on ‘Instrumental’ and drums on ’65 North.” Colin Friesen: additional guitar on ‘Rescue Me’. Kelly Young: additional vocals on ‘Lead Me to the Rock’.
Side 1: Instrumental. A.D. / 80. Time. Lead Me to the Rock. Side 2: Rescue Me. Oh, Oh. Psalm 23. 65 North.
Music by Blush. Words by Jesse except ‘…the Rock’: Trevor and Jesse. ‘Oh Oh’ by Trevor. ‘Psalm’ by David. Recorded and mixed by John Brotherton.
Rev. Charles E. Blythe
*Close to the Master. Veda VD344. 197? LP.

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