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Steve Boalt
*We Come with Music. LP.
*Wonderful, Marvelous and Happy. Stephens Signatures LPS202. LP.
*How Long Will It Be. Singcord ZLP801. 1973. LP.
*Times and Seasons. Singcord ZLP894. 1974. LP.
*Jesus Is My Sunshine. Singcord ZLP918. 1975. LP.
*God Really Loves You. Singcord ZLP972. 1976. LP.
*He Touched Me. Singcord ZLP982. 1976. LP.
*Travelin' Man. Daystar DRL7007. 1979. LP.
*Senales Antes Del Fin. CD. In Spanish.
Senales Antes Del Fin
Songs: Senales Antes Del Fin (0:55). Boanerges (5:15). Date Otra Oportunidad (4:41). La Profrcia Cumplida (4:10). Despertar de la Mentira (4:49). Necios Sin Razon (5:06). El Tiempo Final (6:06). Nada Ni Nadie (4:20). Poe Siempre a Tu Lado (6:14). Salmo 96 (4:41). Poder Soberano (6:30). Majestad (1:05).
Boarding House Reach
Idaho. “Artsy soft-rock”
*Boarding House Reach. No label. 7155N1A. 1977. LP.
Boarding House Reach
Songs: Guess I Never Knew. I’ve Got Jesus in My Heart. Life and Fire. Riverside Song. Live to See the Sunrise. Peaceful Paradise. David’s First Song. Easter Song. Train Song. Blessing Called Conviction.
*Logride. Sonic Hope Records. 1992.
Bob and Bernie
Bob Harmelink and Bernie Torrence. Canton, Ohio.
*The Greatest Is Love. Artist's Recording 751117. 1975? LP.
*Alive. Artist's Recording 761124. 1977. LP. Lyrics on inner sleeve.
*Somebody Loves You. Artist's Recording 780724. 1978? LP.
*Let's Be Friends. Custom 800508. 1980? LP.
All songs by Torrence and Harmelink, except as noted
Side 1: Alive (2:24). Lord (5:35). Mom and Dad (3:24). Melody for a Wedding (Torrence 4:48). 23rd Psalm (2:05). Side 2: John (The Baptist) (3:27). Search (3:49). Paul (3:00). Funny, Funny World (3:10). Our God Reigns (trad. 2:58).
Chris Lee: keyboards. Vic Clay: guitars. Tom Baker: bass, trumpet. Tim Short: drums. Junior Bennett: fiddle. Arranged by Vic Clay and Tom Baker. Robert Stanley: cover art. Recorded and remixed by Tom Baker. Produced by Vic Clay. Mastered and manufactured 1977 by Artist’s Recording Co., Inc, Cincinnati, Ohio.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bob and Fred
*Remember It’s Fun Being Saved. World R-2.197? LP.
Bob and Maxine
Last name: Johnson
*The Fellowship of the Mystery. Herald HRS 5329. 1975. LP. Produced by Erv Lewis.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bob and Sam
Frostburg, MD
*Gospel Guitars. Jewel Records LPS 549. 1976. LP.
Gospel Guitars
Sam Coughenour: lead guitar. Bobby Smith: rhythm guitar. Chuck Rick: steel and dobro. Billy Holmes: bass, harmonica. Denny Rice: piano. Jerry Love: drums.
Side One: Through It All (3:09). Take My Hand Precious Lord (3:11). Just a Little Talk with Jesus (2:07). In a Land We’ll Never Grow Old (2:56). I Must Tell Jesus (3:32). Side Two: Goodbye World Goodbye (1:54). Great Speckled Bird (3:05). Rock of Ages (3:26). Do You Know Him (2:21). House of Gold (3:32). For additional records: The Coughenour Evangelistic Team, Rt 2 Box 526.
Bob, Dave and Marty
Bob Simpson, Dave Yarian, Marty Hooper
*A Year Gone By. Reunion VC-1610. 1971. LP. “A musical outreach of Shiloh, a Jesus ministry among disadvantaged children in the greater metropolitan area of New York.”
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bob Jones University
*Lift High the Cross. Unusual Recordings R120018. 1978. LP. The Summer Ensembles.
*Songs of Inspiration. Unusual Recordings R120019. 1978. LP. Show My People Television Choir Volume II.
Joey Bochenek
Hawaiian guitar / banjo. Fullerton, California
*By Request. LP.
*Music for the Master. Custom JB 1969. Date: 1969. LP. Cover has title as Presents Gospel Favorites.
*Hawaiian Echoes. LP.
*Two Americans. LP.
Music for the Master
Side 1: Lily of the Valley. Coming Soon (Hawaiian). What a Friend. Amazing Grace. The Haven of Rest. He Lifted Me. Side 2: Joy Unspeakable. Higher Ground. Hawaiian Song. Jesus Hold My Hand. Sweet Bye and Bye. Does Jesus Care. Near the Cross.
Lorin Whitney: pipe organ. Louise Black: piano.
Fred Bock
*Piano in Concert. Sacred LP3036. 1964. LP. With C. Magnuson.
*The Joy We Share. Word WST-8357. 1966. LP.
*Songs of Bill Gaither. Heart Warming R3023. 1969. LP.
*America's 50 Favorite Hymns. Heart Warming R3102. 1971. LP.
*Plays 50 Songs of Ralph Carmichael. Heart Warming R3191. 1973. LP.
*Plays 50 Songs of John W. Peterson. Heart Warming R3259. 1973. LP.
*Plays Best Loved Gaither Songs. Gentry G75000. 1974. LP. Reissued? as Paragon PR33032. 197? LP.
*A Hymn Celebration. Gentry G75001. 1975. LP.
*Fifty Country Gospel Hits. New Dawn ZLP3029. 1977. LP.
*Music for Organ. Manna MS2007. 197? LP.
*My God and I. Chapel S5198. 197? LP.
*Tell the World. Chapel S5206. 197? LP.
*How Great Thou Art. Chapel S5232. 197? LP.
*He's Everything to Me. Chapel S5234. 197? LP.
*Back to Back. Chapel S5255. 197? LP.
*Hiding Place. Chapel S5287. 197? LP.
*The Love of God. Diadem DLP214. 197? LP. Also found listed as Hosanna L214.
*Organ and Piano. Diadem DLP249. 197? LP.
*Abide with Me. Supreme SHF1011. 197? LP.
*Until Then. Supreme SHF1012. 197? LP.
*Gentle Pressure, Quiet Thought. Supreme SHF1013. 197? LP.
*Angels, Lambs, Ladybugs and Fireflies. Joysong BG7503. LP.
*Fifty Favorite Gospel Songs Vol. II. Heart Warming R3708. 1981. LP.
*20 Favorite Organ Hymns Vol. I. Benson C02404. 1987. Reissues.
*20 Favorite Organ Hymns Vol. II. Benson C02407. 1987. Reissues.
*25 Piano Christmas Carols. Benson 8441825522. 198?
Rev. W. K. Bodamer
*Grace Be Unto You. Pslams no number. LP
Body and Soul
"Something's Going on Here" b/w "The Graylands." Custom RW007. 1983. 7" 33 1/3.
Edmund Boettcher
*Turn Ye Even to Me. Precision KM3173. 198? LP.
Dan and Anita Bogdan
*Hide Me in the Palm of Your Hand. LP is red with blue label.
Dan Bogdan is an evangelist
Hide Me
Songs: How Wondeful Is Jesus. The King and I. Not My Will. Heavenly Love. Hide Me in the Palm of Your Hand. The Harvest Song. I'm Longing. What a Day That Will Be. How Big Is God. My Heavenly Father Watches Over Me. I'm Happy and Free. Until Then.
Frank Boggs
*The Old Rugged Cross. Word W2000. 1954. 10 inch LP.
*Favorite Wedding Songs. Word W2007. 1954. 10 inch LP.
*Sacred Music. Word W2008. 1954. . 10 inch LP.
*By Request. Word W2015. 1955. 10 inch LP.
*Christmas Songs. Word W2023. 1956. 10 inch LP.
*Sings for You. Word W3004. 1956. LP. Reissued: Sword S1407 / S2407. 196? LP.
*The Sacred Music of... Word 3014. 1957. LP.
*Yes, God Is Real. Word W3046. 1958. LP.
*The Splendor of Sacred Song. Word W7001/2. 1959. LP. Stereo: WST8033. LP.
*By Request. Word W3085. 1960. LP.
*Songs from the Heart. Word W3110. 1960. LP. Stereo: WST8051. LP.
*In God We Trust. Word W3131. 1961. LP. Stereo: WST8053. LP.
*Love Came Down at Christmas. Word. W3140. 1961. LP. Stereo: WST8080. LP.
*Songs of Hope. Word W3143. 1961. LP. Stereo: WST8081. LP.
*Spirituals. Word W3161. 1962. LP. Stereo: WST8098. LP.
*In England. Word W3317. 1965. LP. Stereo: WST8317. LP.
*The Savior Is Waiting. Word WST8376. 1966. LP.
*The Splendor of Sacred Song Vol. I. Word WST8419. 1969. LP.
*I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked. Word WST8469. 1969. LP.
*The Best of Frank Boggs. Word WST8548. 1972. LP.
*Down a New Road. Word WST8596. 1973. LP. Reissued: Sacred LPS4505. 1980. LP.
*From the Beginning. Word WST8727. 1976. LP.
*A Time Remembered. Word WST8857. 1982. LP. Reissues
*A Soldier of the Cross. Crossroad CR001. 1985. LP.
I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked
Side 1: I Have Come from the Darkness to the Light. A Quiet Place. I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked. God Leads His Dear Children Along. Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee. Fill My Cup. Lord. Side 2: Redeemed. How Sweet the Name of Jesus Sounds. How Tedious and Tasteless the Hour. Where Shall I Run, Lord. Overtones. Others.
A Time Remembered
Songs: Come Thou Fount. This Is My Father’s World. God Blees His Dear Children Along. I Never Walk Alone. Lead the Way. Every time I Feel the Spirit. God of Our Fathers. Jesus Is All the World to Me. The Savior Is Waiting. A Quiet Place. In God We Trust. Where Shall I Run, Lord?
Professor Harold Boggs
*I Believe. Nashboro LP7044. 1960s. LP.
*God Is Soul Food. Nashboro LP7106. 1972. LP.
*Heaven in My Soul. Nashboro LP7134. 1974. LP.
*If You Just Hold Out. Nashboro LP7162. 1975. LP.
*Life's Ocean. Nashboro LP7189. 1978. LP. Also listed as Have You Ever Had the Butts?
*That's Where It's At. Savoy SGL7090. 198? LP.
I Believe
Songs: It Was God Almighty. I've Been a Christian Too Long. Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere. Praying for God's Amazing Grace. Lord, I'm Coming Home. When Is My Child Coming Home. Don't Let It Be, God. He's the Joy of My Salvation. One Good Deed Deserves Another. I Believe. Pray for the U.S.A. If You Just Ask Him.
Heaven in My Soul
Songs: The Old Fashioned Way. I'll Be Gone. It's Me Again. Never Been Told. Bridge over Troubled Waters. Run and Tell That. Just As I Am. Someone to Care. What Is This. Somewhere Around God's Throne.
If You Just Hold Out
Songs: If YouJust Hold Out (3:24). I Want to walk and Talk with Jesus (R.Mayes 2:32). Caught up in the Rapture (Boggs 2:38). Long Long Journey (Boggs 2:31). Bless This House (2:33). How Much Do I Owe Him? (J. Anderson 3:17). I'm Not the Person I Used to Be (Boggs 3:23). Lord, Give Me Strength (Boggs 3:02). My Mother Prayed for Me (Boggs 3:56). If I Can Help Somebody (A. Androzzo 4:16).
Recorded at Woodland Sound Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.
Life's Ocean
Songs: Life's Ocean (2:42). Hallelujah (2:31). Do You Know Him? (5:47). He's Working It Out (3:13). Have You Ever Had the Buts? (2:26). I Can't Stop Lovin' You (3:21). Grace (3:12). Keep on Blessing and Using Me (3:13). Amazing Grace (5:59).
Mitch Bohet
Chico, California
*In Color. Auto Wreckords. 1990. Custom CS.
In Color
Keyboards: Charlie Peacock, Clayton Johnson, Mitch Bohet. Guitars: Jimmy Abegg, Richie Cavanaugh, Mitch Bohet, Mike Roe. Bass: Tim Lancaster, Daryl Anders, Eric Heilman, Mitch Bohet. Drums: Leo Gunther, Bruce Spencer, Aaron Smith. Sax: Jim Hall. Backing vocals: Charlie Peacock, Corinn Hooper.
Side 1: Bottom of It. Big Dream. What’s Wrong. Wandering Feeling. I Owe You. Side 2: In Color. Ragtop. Paper Doll. Living Dangerously. New Frontier. All songs by Mitch Bohet.
Produced by Charlie Peacock and Mitch Bohet. Recorded at Grannies House, Reno, Nevada; Cloud 9, Chico, California and Swing Street, Sacramento, California. Mixed at Cloud 9 and Moon Studios, Sacramento. Engineered by Richie Cavanaugh, Don Evans, Daryl Zachman, David Houston, Larry Lousen. Cover design: Kathy Jorgenson. Photo by Cec.
Jim Bohi
*God, Give Me Mountains. Super Recording Studios SR-2024. 196? LP. Herman Voss: accompanist.
*Concertime. Supreme SS2048. 196? LP.
*Something Worth Living For. Proclaim DM2620. 1970. LP.
*To God Be the Glory. Custom JBS7002. 197? LP.
God, Give Me Mountains
Side 1: Mountains. He Giveth More Grace. 'Til the Storm Passes By. Still Still with Thee (organ). Down from His Glory. It's in My Heart. Side 2: How Great Thou Art. There Is a Balm in Gilead. I Will Pilot Thee - Precious Lord. I Would Be Like Jesus (organ). The Lord Is My Light. The Glory of His Presence.
Art Bohl
*The Music's Gotta Stop Someday. Custom LPS1201. 197? LP.
Ruth Bohlen
*Bless This House. CR7002. 197? LP.
*God Did a Wonderful Thing. CR7004. 197? LP.
Boise Elks Gleemen
*Stouthearted Men. Boise Elks 22295. LP.
Gilles Boisvert
French-Canadian folk singer. Sung in French.
*Chansons Pour Mediter. Select S-398252. 1972. LP. Canada.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Alfred Bolden
*World's Greatest Gospel Organist. King KSG31106. 197? LP.
*We Shall Overcome. Atlantic Records. 1969, LP.
Jim Bolden
Grand Rapids, Michigan
*For My Friends. Nacht Uil NOR 1001. 1972? LP.
Phyllis Kennedy Bolden
*In the Gloryland. Jewel LPS0177. 1982. LP. Reissued: Jewel JC0177. 1996. CS.
Loyd Boldman
see also Prodigal.
*Sleep without Dreams. Outbound Records SPCN 7901121122. 1988. CS.
Ken Bolin
*God's Love for Me. AAS AAS12165. 198? LP.
Wilma Bolling
*Songs of Our Great Savior. S4027. 197? LP. With M. Rigg.
Dick Bolks Singers
*Hymns That Live. Tempo R7092. 1974. LP.
*This Is Love. Tempo R7132. 1976. LP.
*Close to Thee. Tempo R7179. 1976. LP.
*Songs of Love and Praise. Manna MS22051. LP.
*Sings Songs of Bill Gaither. Singcord ZLP981. 1976. LP.
*Stamps-Baxter Gospel Hymns. Singcord ZLP9545. 197? LP.
*Symphony of Song. Christian Faith LP6089. LP. With Paul De Korte.
Ennia Bolognini
*Ennia Bolognini. International LP5021. 1958. LP.
Bolsa de Papas
Ska band from Ames, Iowa. Adam. Ben. Zac. Kyle. Bryan. Aaron. Erin. Andy. John.
*Priorities. 1999.
Benjamin Bolt
*Holy Prelude. BMP1080. 197? LP.
*Christmas. BMP1091. 197? LP.
Bolthouse Twins
*Present. Gospel Music Sound. SLP134. 197? LP.
James Bolton and the Bolton Brothers
*Under Control. Giant Records CD2845. 1991. CS. Label: Forest, MS.
Under Control
Songs: He’s Coming Back. The World Can’t Do You No Harm. Just to Know Him Is to Love Him. The Well (Will Never Run Dry). Love Has a Place. He;s Got It Under Control. He’ll Be There. Don’t Let the Devil. We Must Come Together.
James Bolton: vocals. Bolton Brothers: vocals. Jerry Bolton: keyboards. Michael Temple: keyboards. Rayborn Huff: keyboards. Harvey Yarbrough: bass. Clayborn Huff: bass. Lance Huff: drums. David Huff: guitar. Recorded at Huff Recording, Forest, MS.
Bolton Trio
*Heaven Can't Be Far Away. Benson LPS357. 197? LP.
*Success. Benson LPS380. 197? LP.
*The Best of. Benson LPS439. 197? LP.
*Coming Your Way. Benson LPS598. 197? LP.
Mom and pop and family. Atmore, Alabama.
*Forever Singing. 197? LP.
Forever Singing
Songs: He Pilots My Ship. Ten Thousand Years. Will You Be Among the Missing? Build My Mansion. Let the River Flow. The Best Is Yet to Come. Tears Are a Language. Clinging to a Saving Hand. Never Failing God. Sunrise.
Terry Bolton: piano. Tony Bolton: bass. James Bolton: rhythm guitar. Sonny Harris: drums.
Ray Boltz
*Watch the Lamb. Heartland Records HR 38660. 1986. LP.
*Thank You. Diadem 7901130326. 1988. CD.
*The Altar. Diadem 7901130644. 1989. CD.
*Another Child to Hold. Diadem 7901131837. 1991. CD.
*Moments for the Heart. Diadem 7901132094. 1992. CD. The Best Of.
*Seasons Change. Word 7019294502. 1992. CD.
*Allegiance. Word Records 7019380603. 1994. CD.
*The Concert for a Lifetime. Word 7019641504. 1995. CD.
*No Greater Sacrifice. Word Records RB 796 / 7019937500. 1996. CD.
*A Christmas Album. Word 7019957609. 1997. CD.
*Honor and Glory. Word 8068859082. 1998. CD.
*The Classics. Word 8068860334. 2000. CD.
*Concert of a Lifetime. Word 0688397890. (UK). 2004?
*Tozer, Chris. Rev. of The Concert of a Lifetime (DVD). CR Sept.-Nov. 2004: 44.
Bomb Squad
Punk band from Arlington, Texas, circa 1997.
Brian: drums. Patrick: guitar, vocals. Adam: bass, vocals.
Bonaventure Choir
*Latin High Mass for Nostalgic Catholics. World Music WLSM LR-2281-SM. 197? LP.
Hazel Bonawitz
*Songs of Worship. United Sound USR3599. 1971. LP.
See also: Geoff Mann, Casino, Twelfth Night.
*Won by One. Marshall Pickering Records MPR 008 (UK). 1987. LP.
*Prints of Peace. Marshall Pickering Records MPR 052 (UK). 1988. LP.
Eddie Bond
*Eddie Bond Sings Greatest Country Gospel Hits. Sam C. Phillips International Corp. LP1980. LP.
Eddie Bond Sings…
Songs: Most of All I Want to See Jesus. Where Could I Go But to the Lord. Satisfied. When They Ring Those Golden Bells. If We Never Meet Again Will I Be Lost of Will I Be Saved? Just a Closer Walk with Thee. Pass Me Not Oh Gentle Saviour. I Saw the Light. Letter to God. Precious Memories. Halleluiah Way.
Sandy Bond
*A Vision of the Cross. Herald HRS5400. 1976. LP.
*Teach Me to Lean on You. Herald HRS5538. 1978. LP.
*Life Giving Song. Herald HRS5735. 1979. LP.
Bond Servant
*Don’t You Know. New Born NB7017. 1980. LP.
*Bond Servant. New Born NB7035. 1983. LP and CS.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of Bond Servant.
Elder A. Bonds
*Yes, God Is Real b/w Jesus Knows How Much We Can Bear. Sacred 1929. 78rpm. With the church congregation.
Lee Bonds
*Jesus Is My Leader b/w There Is a Crown. Republic 7099. 78rpm. Described in a 2002 online auction at Blues World as "country gospel."
Rick Bonfim
*In the Beginning. Century 35782. 1971? LP.
*My Life Has Taken a New Way. Cougar 780141. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of In the Beginning.
Little Rock, Arkansas.
*Thanks to Jen.
*The Bonhoeffers. Custom CS. 1993.
Mickey Bonner
*Old Time Religion. Fellowship ACA5265. 1964. LP.
Caroline Bonnett
*Caroline Bonnett. Myrrh 7016882616. 1989. CD.
Bonnett Harmonizers
*The Storm Is Passing Over. Savoy MG-3065. LP.
The Storm Is Passing Over
Songs: The Storm Is Passing Over. I'll Fly Away. I Know a Man. He Is Everything to Me. Sweet By and By. The Lord Will Answer Prayer. Walk with the Lord. The 23rd Psalm. Let Me Lean on You. God Is Real Today.
John Bontempi
Long Island, New York
*The Plan. TSR 79801. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Boogie Machine
Band has changed name to Forerunner late 1997?
Band is from Lincoln, Illinois. Musical style is punk / ska (skunk). Rickey Restriction: drums. Nate Hollywood: bass, screaming. Tobin Humiliation: guitar, vocals. Trevor Boogie: trombone. Luke Danger: trumpet, vocals. Jason T. Boogie (Jason Searby): tenor sax, vocals.
*Sunday Brunch and Beautiful Music. 1997. 10 song cassette.
Booker Male Quartet
*U're Going to Reap Just What U Sow b/w Ezekiel Saw De Wheel. Silvertone 3283. 78rpm.
Belfast, Ireland. Current name has been shortened from Booley House.
*Time Is Right. 1996. Songs: Time Is Right. Let Your Love Come. Still Human. Dolly
*Lemonade. 1997. Songs: Time Is Right. Take Me In. Over the Years. Too Long. Is This Me? Lemonade. Squeezy. Play It Safe. Chloroform. Pearl. Time Is Right - club mix
*Bathroom Floor. 2000. Songs: Bathroom Floor. Tesco Queen. Alright. My Little Glory. Day After Disaster. God on Your Side. Patrick Moore. Drown. Candyfloss. Let Me Bleed.
*Rimmer, Mike. Rev. of Bathroom Floor. Cross Rhythms April-May 2000: 53.
Debby Boone
*You Light Up My Life. Warner Brothers 3S3118. 1977. LP.
*With My Song. Lamb and Lion Records LL1046. 1980. LP.
*Surrender. Lamb and Lion LLR3001. 1983?. LP. CS: SPC 1380.
*Choose Life. Lamb and Lion LLR 3008. 1985. LP and CS..
*Friends for Life. Lamb and Lion LLR3011. 1987. LP.
*Reflections. Lamb and Lion LLC3014. 1988. LP and CS.
*Be Thou My Vision. Lamb and Lion LLC3024. 1989. LP and CS.
*Home for Christmas. Lamb and Lion LL3025. 1989.
*Best of Debby Boone. Curb Records MCA 1457. 1986.
Songs: O Come All Ye Faithful. Keep the Flame Burning. Can You Reach My Friend. Lift Him Up. Wounded Soldier. Keep Rollin’ On. Find a Hurt and Heal It. O Holy One. Blessing.
Choose Life
Songs: The Time Is Now. Pressure Points. Teach Me How to Love. When I Accepted You. Delight in Him. Choose Life. The Heart of the Matter. Right for You. Song of Deliverance. The Lord Is So Good.
Boone Family
*The Family Who Prays. Lamb & Lion. 1972. LP.
Boone Girls
*The Boone Girls. Lamb and Lion LL1022. 1977. LP.
*First Class. Lamb and Lion LL1038. 1978. LP.
*Heavenly Love. Lamb and Lion LL1044. 1980. LP.
*Highlights. Lamb and Lion LL1052. 1981. LP.
Laury Boone
*Thursday's Child. Lamb and Lion LLR3013. 1987. LP.
*Prayers and Promises. Lamb and Lion LLD3023. 1990. CD.
Laury Boone and Harry Browning
*Sweet Harmony. Lamb and Lion LL1067. 1982. LP.
*Push Back the Darkness. Lamb and Lion LL3005. 1984. LP.
Pat Boone
*Hymns We Love. Dot DLP25068. 1957. LP. Also as DLP3068. Reissue: Word WST8664. 1975. LP.
*He Leadeth Me. Dot DLP3234. 1959. LP. Reissue: Word WST8711. 1976. LP.
*My God and I. Dot DLP3386. 1961. LP.
*Reads from the Holy Bible. Dot DLP3402. 1961. LP.
*The Lord's Prayer. Dot DLP25582. 1964. LP. Also as DLP3582.
*Blest Be the Tie That Binds. Dot DLP25601. 1965. LP. Also as DLP3582.
*How Great Thou Art. Dot DLP25798. 1967. LP.
*Abide with Me. Contour 2870400. LP. 1967. Reissue of DLP25798.
*Departure. no label. T118. 196? LP.
*And the First Nashville Jesus Band. MGM SE4877. 1970. LP. Reissue: Lamb and Lion LL1004. 1972. LP.
*Rapture. Supreme / Bible Voice SS-2060. LP. 1970. also available in CS, 8-track, reel to reel and songbook.
*Songs for Jesus Folks. Supreme SLP409. 1970. LP.
*Thank You Dear Lord. Supreme SLP481. 1970. LP.
*The Pat Boone Family. Word WST8536. 1971. LP.
*Sings Golden Hymns. Lamb and Lion LL1001.1971. LP.
*Pat Boone Sings the New Songs of the Jesus People. Lamb and Lion Records LL 1002. 1972.
*All in the Boone Family. Lamb and Lion LN1008. 1972. LP.
*The Cross and the Switchblade. Light LS5550. 1972. LP.
*The Family Who Prays. Lamb and Lion LL1006. 1973. LP.
*Born Again. Lamb and Lion LL1007. 1973. LP.
*Thank You Dear Lord. Lamb and Lion LL1011. 1973? LP.
*Saved. Lamb and Lion LL1013. 1974. LP.
*Songs from the Inner Court. Lamb and Lion LL1016. 1974. LP.
*Greatest Hymns. Famous PAS21024. 1974. LP. Reissue of DLP25068 / 3234.
*In the Holy Land. Lamb and Lion LL5000. 1975. LP.
*Something Supernatural. Lamb and Lion LL1017. 1975. LP.
*The Favorite Hymns. Pickwick PTP3145. 1975. LP. Reissue of DLP25798.
*Jesus People. Lamb and Lion LL1021. LP.
*The Old Rugged Cross. Pickwick PTP3568. Also: Pickwick SPC-3568. 1977. LP. Reissue of DLP25068.
*Down Home with the Crossroads Quartet. Lamb and Lion LL1024. 1977. LP.
*Miracle Merry Go Round. Lamb and Lion LL1029. 1977. LP.
*The Star Spangled Banner. Word WST8725. 1977. LP.
*I Believe. Word WST8738. 1977. LP.
*Gospel Collection Volume One. Tee Vee TV1012. 1978. LP. Also: Word WTV 508. LP.
*Gospel Collection Volume Two. Tee Vee TV1012. 1978. LP.
*Just the Way I Am. Lamb and Lion LL1039. 1979. LP.
*Songmaker. Lamb and Lion LL1055. 1981. LP.
*A Pocketful of Hope. Thistle TR1005. 1982. LP.
*What I Believe. Lamb and Lion EMR3004. 1984. LP.
*Home. Lamb and Lion LLR3019. 1987. LP.
*Our Gretest Hymns. Curb C277808. 1995.
*Our ReCollections. Word 7013544361. 1997. CD.
*A Collection of Personal Favorites. Homeland HD9709. 1997. CD.
45 RPM
*The Lord's Prayer. Extended play. Picture sleeve. Songs: The Lord's Prayer. I Believe. Ave Maria. He.
Songs for Jesus Folk
Songs: A Man Called Billy. Prayer for Ireland. There’s Something about That Name. Thank You. Lord of the Dance. Joy of Brotherhood. The Woman at the Well. Do Lord. Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow. The Lord’s Prayer.
The Old Rugged Cross
Side 1: The Old Rugged Cross (Rev. George Bennard 2:46). It Is No Secret (Stuart Hamblen 2:27). Whispering Hope (Alice Hawthorne 2:30). Sweet Hour of Prayer (2:52). My God Is Real (Kenneth Morris 1:54). Beyond the Sunset (Virgil P. Brock / Blanche Kerr Block 2:27). Side 2: In the Garden (C. Austin Miles 2:48). Softly and Tenderly (2:37). Will the Circle be Unbroken (Ada R. Habershon / Charles H. Gabriel 2:15). Yield Not to Temptation (Horatio Richmond Palmer 2:43). Have Thine Own Way, Lord (George Stebbins / Adelaide A. Pollard 2:24). Now the Day Is Over (2:12). By arrangement with ABC Records.
Gospel Collection Volume 1
Songs: I Believe. How Great Thou Art. What a Friend We Have in Jesus. In the garden. Will the Circle be Unbroken. Sweet Hour of Prayer. Nearer My God to Thee. My God Is Real. The Old Rugged Cross. I Saw the Light.
Gospel Collection Volume 2
Songs: I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked. Beyond the Sunset. I Have Decided to Follow Jesus. He Leadeth Me. Rock of Ages. Whispering Hope. Abide with Me. Into My Heart / He’s the Savior of My Soul. My Jesus, I Love You. Precious Lord, Take My Hand.
Just the Way I Am
Songs: Something Good. More of You. Filled to Overflowin’. You Loved Somethin’ about Me. I Have. Just the Way I Am. To Be Like Him. I Go to the Rock. Jesus Was There All the Time. Stone by Stone.
Percy Boone
*Swing Low Sweet Chariot. Skylite SLP6140. 1974. LP.
*The Old Rugged Cross. Skylite SLP6949. 197? LP.
Richard Boone
*King of Kings. MGM SE3971. 1960. LP.
Boone Sisters
*Highway to Heaven Hilltop GS7005. 1965. LP.
*Mother Left Me Her Bible. Sims LP916. LP.
Stephanie Boosahda
*Stephanie. Celebration. 1976. Reissue: New Pax NP 33089. 1980. LP.
*Stephanie Boosahda. House Top Records HTR 705. 1977. LP.
*One in a Million. Chrism. 1979. LP. Reissue: Nex Pax NP33090. 1980. LP.
*I Know That I Know. New Pax NP33091. 1981. LP.
*Sing the Glory. Milk and Honey MH1052. 1983. LP and CS: MHC1052. .
*Fearless to Follow. Milk and Honey MH1058. 1985. LP.
*Stephanie Boosahda Collection. Mimosa Music. No number. 1998. CD.
Sing the Glory
Songs: Sing the Glory (Of His Name). Let It Rain. I Want to Be Used by You. Power in Jesus Name. Somewhere It’s Snowing. I’ll Never Turn Back. Unless the Lord Builds the House. He Doeth All Things Well. The Captives Went Free. Doxology.
Stephanie Boosahda Collection
Songs: Highway to Heaven. There Is a Way. Somewhere It’s Snowing. Let Your Faith Do the Walkin’. I Know That I Know. Better Than I Know Myself. Dreams Come True. Who Do You Say That I Am. Fearless to Follow. Comin’ Home to You. Flyin’ Away. Why Choose He God. I Wanna Be Used by You. Crest of a Wave. Best Is Yet to Come.
Booth Brothers
*Praise God Anyhow. Morningstar MST4230. 1996. CS.
*One of His Own. Morningstar MST4248. 1996. CS.
*Will You Love Jesus More? Morningstar MSCD4288. 1998. CD.
*Walkin' on the Good Side. Elim E079901. 1999. CD.
*This Stage of Grace. Sonlite SL29882. 2001. CD.
David Boots
*The Beginning. Creation DB 9001. No date. LP.
Nancy (Peterson) Bordeau
*Discovery. Tempo R7020. 1970. LP.
*My Hope of Glory. Tempo R7049. 1971. LP.
*In the Garden. Tempo R7124. 1976. LP.
"Fri" b/w "Calling." Lin 001. 1990. 7 inch 45 rpm.
Fri (Christian Liljegren / Simme Liljegren / S. Waermo) b/w Calling (Richard Erikson - S. Liljegren - Stefan Selvander).
David Arvidsson: drums. Christian Liljegren: vocals. Stefan Selvander: guitars. Simme Liljegren: bass. Richard Erikson: keyboards.
Produced by Thomas Ojebring and Mangus Lindh. Recorded at Cut Sound Studio, Jonkoping, December 1989. Logo by Samuel Durling.
Born Blind
Style is hardcore. Features ex-members of No Innocent Victim. From San Diego, California.
*Pressing On. Facedown Records FR005. 1998.
*One for All. Tooth and Nail / Solid State TN 1177 /SS33. 2000. CD
*G. Rev. of One for All. HM Sept. - Oct. 2000: 70.
John Bos
*At the Organ. Zondervan ZLP724. 1967. LP.
*The Best of John W. Peterson. Singcord ZLP860. 1971. LP.
*Vibrant Vibration. Diadem DLP162. 197? LP.
Chaz Bosarge
*Chaz Bosarge. Wordsong 7019127606. 1989.
LaMar Boschman
*Born of the Spirit. Sonrise SMC 12. 1979. LP. Produced by Bob Brooks. Arranged and conducted by Doug Moody.
*Advertisement. CCM November, 1979: 3.
Betty Lou Boseth
*The Little Country Church. DEBCO No number. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Cindy-Leigh Boske
Brisbane, Australia
Pop / Gospel / Rock
*Air That I Breathe. EP. CD.
Woodstock, Georgia, circa 1997. Name pronounced 'boast' and stands for Brothers of the Same Tribe. Real name is Billy Dowd.
Boston Chorale
*The Seven Last Words of Christ. Cook 1094. 196? LP.
Boswell Sisters
*Heaven Came Down. Hymntime HPLP2048. 197? LP.
*He's Living in My Heart. LeFevre Sound MLFP2655. 197? LP.
He's Living in My Heart
Side 1: I Would Not Be Denied. At Calvary. Keep Me. Deliverance Will Come. 'Til There Was Jesus. Love Is Why. Side 2: He's Living in My Heart. Welcome Home. He Touched Me. Battle Hymn of the Republic. 'Til I Know. Since Jesus Passed By.
Produced by Meurice LeFevre. Recorded at LeFevre Sound Studios. Cover design by Mike Bowen. Accompaniment: Goss Brothers Productions.
Bottom Line
South. Lake Tahoe, CA
*Between U and Me. 1995. Schmuck – Boom Recording. Custom tape.
Scott Thomas: lead vocals. Russ Cootey: all guitars. Jeremy Orris: drums. The Unstoppable Rev. Chim Chim: bass.
Side 1: Pull the Plank. Between U and Me. Stand Up. False Face. Apology. Side 2: same as side one.
This tape was recorded during a two week session – May 1, 1995 to May 12, 1995 on a small 4-track recorder (which we borrowed because ours broke).
Bouchee Gospel Singers
*Jesus Cares / I've Got a Mind to Serve the Lord. Carnival 5000. 78rpm.
Boundless Joy
*He Arose. Nashville Digital 9639604. 1996. CD.
Nancy Bourdeau
*My Hope of Glory. Tempo R7049. 1973. LP.
My Hope of Glory
Side One: My Wonderful Lord (medley): My Wonderful Lord (Lillenas) / My Jesus, I Love Thee (Featherton / Gorden) / Sweet Jesus (Goodwin) (6:17). His Personal Concern (Johnson / Skillings 3:54). My Hope of Glory (Johnson / Skillings 2:44). Side Two: Turn Me On! Light Me Up! (Lister 3:00). Love Theme (from ‘Spirit of ’76) (3:11). All of Me (Lister 3:18). Medley from Show Me: Jesus! Jesus! (Owens) / He Died (Owens) / Just Ask Him (Owens) (6:50).
Arranged and conducted by Otis Skillings. Produced by Jesse Peterson. Cover layout and design by Michael Harris. Recorded in London, England.
Brent Bourgeois
*Brent Bourgeois. Charisma 2-91365. 1990.
*A Matter of Feel. Charisma V2-86311. 1992.
*Come Join the Living World. Reunion 08068-83343-2. 1995. Also found as: 7010093520.
Bourgeois Tagg
*Bourgeois Tagg. Island Records 7 90496-1. 1986. LP.
*Yoyo. Island Records 7 90638-1. 1987. LP.
*"Cry Like a Baby" (remix 3:37) b/w "Cry Like a Baby" (lp version 3:25). Island PR2186. 1987. 12 inch single.
Bowers and Britt
Joe Bowers and Edward Britt
*Weave Me the Sunshine. Music City Workshop WRS 7401. 1974? LP.
*Beyond the Dream. BBP 7601. 1976. LP.
*Come Fly. BBP 7901. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Jim Bowers
*Of Thee I Sing. Northex NS7205. 1972. LP.
Kenny Bowers
*The Little Star of Bethlehem. Columbia CL1046. 196? LP.
Bowker Brothers
*To the Only Wise God. Praise PRS388. 197? LP.
*Bigger Than Any Mountain. Rainbow R2743. 1978. LP.
*The Bowker Brothers. Image VII VII7764. 1979. LP.
Mike Bowling
*All That I Am. Family Music FMG1005. 1999. CD.
*The Call. Family Music FMG1016. 2001. CD.
Billye Bowman
*I Walked Today. CMP CMP87501. 1976. LP.
Blaine Bowman and the Children of Light
Ohio rock
*It's Great Right Now. NER34406. 1975? LP.
*It's the Name of Jesus. NER35894. 1976? LP.
*I Want to Say. NER2B477. 197? LP.
I Want to Say
Blaine Bowman, Tim Bicknell, Diana Wade, Mike Rhodehamel, Keith Cole, Jerry Taylor, Jack Miczka, Larry Maglinger
Side 1: Jesus You’re Always with Me. Take a Good Look at Jesus. You Don’t Have to Be Lonely Anymore. I Want to Sing about Jesus. Life Is Like. It’s Great Right Now. Side 2: Jesus Is the Way. I Want to Say. A Song about Peace. Jesus Will Last Forever. Every Good and Perfect Gift.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bowman Family
*The Journey. MSCD4359. 2001. CD.
John Bowman
*Remember Me. Mountain Home MH08052. 2000. CD.
Robert Bowman
*Baritone. Sacred LP7012. 1955. 10 inch LP.
*Baritone. Sacred LP7055. 1956. 10 inch LP. Also listed as Saved Records LP-7055. 1950s. LP. Red vinyl. Title given as Robert Bowman.
*Robert Bowman. Sacred LP9029. 1958. LP.
*When We See Christ. Sacred LP9042. 1958. LP.
*The King's Business. Sacred LP6022. 1959. LP. Also found as: 8017.
*Musical Memories of Esther. Sacred LP3033. 1963. LP.
*And the FEBC Quartet. Christian Faith LP6085. 196? LP. With the Far East Broadcasting Company Quartet.
Baritone (7055)
Songs: Tenderly. When We See Christ. His Name Is Jesus. It Pays to Pray. The Glory That Shall Be. Joy in the Morning. Enlarge My Soul. Take My Best. With The Ralph Carmichael Orchestra.
Tim Bowman
*Love, Joy, Peace. Insync ISD9602. 1996. CD.
Box of Tubes
*Box of Tubes. No date. Probably late 1980's. Custom CS.
Boxcar Willie
*Jesus Makes Housecalls. BDA BDA1076. 198?
Boy Wonder
Had several demos before the ep.
*Boy Wonder. 2004? CD. EP.
Boy Wonder
Songs: Under the Knife. A Glance away Is a Glance Goodbye. Reflections That Pale in Comparison. Time Is Not the Absolute. Praise Song.
Boyce and Stanley
Mike Stanley and Jo Boyce are from Birmingham, England. They are Catholic and musically are "rooted in the liturgical tradition" of the Catholic church.
*And Again I Say Rejoice. CJM Music. 1995.
*Imagine a World. CJM Music. 1996.
*Born for This. CJM Music. 1997.
*Love in the Air. CJM Music. 1997.
*Live at the Crossing. CJM Music. 1998.
*The Word Made Flesh. CJM Music. 1999.
*In the Company of Angels. CJM Music. 2000.
*Rimmer, Pippa. "In the Company of Angels." Cross Rhythms Feb.-Mar 2001: 26-27.
Furman Boyce and the Harmony Express
Gospel Bluegrass. Lyman, South Carolina
Kim Boyce
*Kim Boyce. Myrrh 7016836061. 1986. LP.
*Time and Again. Myrrh 7016861066. 1988. CD.
*Save Me / Not for Me. Myrrh 9016519572. 1988. EP single.
*Love Is You to Me. Myrrh 7016886387. 1989. LP. Myrrh 7016886611 (CD).
*This I Know. Myrrh 7016905616. 1990. CD.
*Facts of Love. Warner Alliance WBC4132. 1992. CD.
*By Faith. Warner Alliance WBC4165. 1994. CD. CS: 9457814.
*Por Fe. Warner Alliance WBD4185. 1995. CD. Spanish.
*As I Am. Diadem 9219310092. 1997. CD. CS: 9219310094.
By Faith
Songs: Tell Me (4:10). Oh, What a Love (3:50). By Faith (4:22). Not Too Far from Here (3:54). Just Believe (4:47). After God’s Own Heart (3:55). Rescue Me (3:40). Dreams I’m Dreamin’ (4:33). Imagine a Love (3:50). Shelter Me with Love (4:21).
As I Am
Songs: You. Who Hung the Moon. As I Am. The World Within. Remember Me. I Fall in Love. Peace. Nothing in the World. Amazing Love for Me. The Sound of Your Voice.
Songs: Love Is You to Me. Who Hung the Moon. Here. Faith. For Every Lonely Heart. Everything. Not to Far from Here. I Just Want to Celebrate. By Faith. Amazing Love for Me.
Boyd Brothers
*Life's Railway to Heaven. BCR LP80101. 196? LP.
*Livin' on the Hallelujah Side. BCR LP82102. 196? LP.
Jesse Boyd
Pastor of the Lake City Church of God
Lake City, South Carolina
*(I Want to) Make a Sure Run. J-Ric Records LP-SR-176-571. 196?
(I Want to) Make a Sure Run
Side 1: (I Want to) Make a Sure Run (Boyd 3:20). Sheltered in the Arms of God (D. Rambo 3:30). He Touched Me (B. Gaither 3:00). Steal away and Pray (2:40). I’m So Glad (Boyd 1:44). Haven of Rest (2:30). Side 2: Where Is Your Heart (Boyd 2:52). Jesus Is Never Late (J. Williams 2:22). Till He Comes (Boyd 2:55). The Answer Came (H. Slaughter 1:40). Bi and By (2:28). I’ve Been to Calvary (B. Gaither 2:25).
Little Ricky Boyd plays drums, aged 10. He sings the song Sheltered. Jay Boyd plays bass and he sings Jesus Is Never Late. Mother: Shirley Boyd.
Jimmy Boyd
*The Country Choirboy. Columbia CL2589. 1956. 10 inch LP. With the Norman Luboff Choir. Songs: I'll Be a Sunbeam. Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus! The Church in the Wildwood. Jesus Loves Me. I Love to Tell the Story. Now the Day Is Over.
Leomia Boyd
*I'm Depending on You Lord. Jewel LPS0182. 1983. LP. CS reissue: JC0182. 1996.
*Changed. Jewel LPS0185. 197? CS reissue: JC0185. 1996.
Malcolm Boyd
*Are You Running with Me, Jesus? Columbia CL2548: mono. CS9348: stereo. 1965? LP.
*Happening Prayers for Now. Columbia CS9457. 1966? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Musical Boyds
*Down Deep in My Soul. Sword and Shield LPM9001. 1977. LP.
*Lord Keep Your Hand on Me. Sword and Shield LPM9002. 1978. LP.
Boyer Brothers
James Buchanan Boyer (b. 1934) and Horace Clarence Boyer (b. 1935) are from Winter Park, Florida. They graduated from Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach. Formed the Boyer Brothers as teenagers. Both have a PH. D. and teach on the university level.
*Step by Step / Oh, Lord Stand by Me. Excello 532 / 193. 1952. 10 inch 78rpm.
*Trust Him Today / Goin’ Back to God. Vee Jay 130. 1954. 45rpm. As: Famous Boyer Brothers.
*I Love to Tell the Story / He’s My Solid Rock. Vee Jay 163. 1955. 45rpm. As: Famous Boyer Brothers.
*Let’s Walk Together / Lord, Be My Protector. Vee Jay 209. 1955. 45rpm. As: Famous Boyer Brothers.
*Nothing Less Than Jesus / I Heard from Heaven. Vee Jay 851. 1957. 45rpm. As: Famous Boyer Brothers.
*Boyer, Horace Clarence. How Sweet the Sound: the Golden Age of Gospel. Washington, D. C. Elliott and Clark Publishing, 1995.
Dave Boyer
*I Believe. Reverence RS600. 1967. LP.
*It's a New World. Reverence RS601. 1968. LP.
*Thank You Lord. Reverence RS602. 1970. LP.
*Songs of Faith. Reverence RS603. 1972. LP.
*Joy and Happiness at Christmas. Reverence RS605. 1972. LP.
*Dave Boyer... Live. Word WST8570. 1973. LP.
*Dave Boyer. Word WST8588. 1973. LP.
*So Long Joey. Word WST8594. 1973. LP.
*Christmas with... Word WST8612. 1974. LP.
*Just Because I Asked. Word WST8639. 1974. LP.
*This Is Why I Sing. Word WST8729. 1976. LP.
*Come on Home. Word WST8784. 1978. LP.
*A Friend Like You. Word WST8813. 1980. LP.
*The Best of Dave Boyer. Word WST8853. 1981. LP.
*The Pleasure's Mine. Word WST8874. 1983. LP.
*Thanks, But No Thanks. Word WST8925. 1984. LP.
*Hymns. Word 7018944104. 1984. LP.
*Treasury of Hymns. Reverence 7900609563. 1994. CS number.
*The Swing Sessions. Brentwood CD5598. 1995. CD.
A Friend Like You
Songs: We Might Live Forever Together. It’s Time We Be One. So Satisfied. Teach Us to Pray / I Love to Tell the Story. All the Way Home. With a Friend Like You. Forever Free. We Owe It All to You. Because of Who I Am.
Rita Boyes
*According to His Word. Charter SLP1047. 197? LP.
Boys Choir of Harlem
*Ride On, King Jesus. EMI Records 74988522. 1989. CD. 67 minutes.
*The Sound of Hope. Eastwest Records 92432-2. 1994. CD.
Ride On, King Jesus
Songs: Ride On, King Jesus (2:50). I Am Seeking for a City (2:43). Give Me Jesus (2:34). Honor, Honor (1:56). I’ve Been ‘Buked (3:20). On Ma Journey (2:14). Roun’About de Mountain (3:01). Joshua Fir the Battle of Jericho (2:14). In BrightMansions Above (2:37). The Lord’s Prayer (2:47). I Love the Name (3:43). I’m Gonner Tell God All O’ Troubles (4:07). Sit Down , Servant (3:16). Sweet Little Jesus Boy (4:52). Lit’l Boy (2:53). Plenty Good Room (1:56). De Gospel Train (1:41). Witness (2:59). Hold On! (3:07). Here’s One (4:06). His Name So Sweet (2:29). Ride On, Jesus (1:54).
Program notes by Florence Quivar and Howard A. Roberts inserted. Florence Quivar: mezzo-soprano. Larry Woodard: piano. Joseph Joubert: piano. Walter Turnbull: director. Recorded November 20 – 22, 1989 at the Abyssinian Baptist Church, New Your.
The Sound of Hope
Songs: Heroes (Lee Cooper / Linda Twine 4:24). I Need to Know (Darren Clowers 4:29). Interlude: I Trust in God (Mervyn Warren 1:22). Amazing Grace (trad,; arranged by Don Sebesky 4:43). Interlude: With My Whole Heart (Mervyn Warren 0:52). Overjoyed (Michael D’Angelo Archer / Luther Archer 5:08). Interlude: Fuguetta (Mervyn Warren 0:52). Bayethe Mandela (Tsepo Mokone 3:1). Power (Dr. Walter J. Turnbull / Frank Jones, Jr. / Eddie Perez / Mike Cameron 4:29). Hold On (LALA / Barry Eastmond 5:28). Interlude: Don’t Compare My Singing (arr. by Mervyn Warren 0:21). Rough Crossing (Conny Jackson / Doug Jansen Smith 5:42). We Can Make It Better ( Dr. Walter J. Turnbull / Frank Jones, Jr. / Eddie Perez / Mike Cameron / R. Goode 4:12). This Christmas (Donny Hathaway 4:45). Interlude: Hallelu! (Mervyn Warren 0:33). Children of the World (Hallerin Hill / Mervyn Warren 4:31).
All tracks, the Boys Choir of Harlem, except as noted
Track 1: Produced and arranged by Mervyn Warren. Solo vocal: Terrence Wright. Vocal arrangement by M. Roger Holland, based on original arrangement by Linda Twine. Recorded and mixed by Tony Shepperd at Saturn Sound, Clinton Studios and Westlake Audio. Assistant engineers: Mark Agostino, Victor McCoy, Charles Nasser, Amy To, Dary Sulich and Mervyn Warren.Production coordinator: Shari Sutcliffe. Keyboards / synthesizers: Mervyn Warren. Drum programming: Chuckii Booker. Guitar: Paul Jackson, Jr. Bass: Abraham Laboriel. Saxophone: Brandon Fields. Track 2: Produced, arranged and programmed by Darren Clowers. Lead vocal: M. Roger Holland. Musician: Darren Clowers. Recorded at Clinton Studios. Engineer: Robert Friedreich. Assistant engineer: Jonathan Mooney. Mixed at Saturn Sound, LosAngeles by Nitro and Tony Shepperd. Track 3: Produced and arranged; vocal arrangement; lead voca; piano: Mervyn Warren. Choir conducted by M. Roger Holland. Recored and mixed by Tony Shepperd, Mervyn Warren at Clinton Studios and Saturn Sound. Assistant engineers: Mark Agostino, Victor McCoy, Charles Nasser, Amy To, Dary Sulich and Mervyn Warren. Production coordinator: Shari Sutcliffe.
Boys from Bethlehem
*Meet the Boys from Bethlehem. Custom LP40331. 1973. LP.
*Today! Tri-State TSRC7600. 1977. LP.
*Love It Just Like It Is. Mission MRBB834. 1978. LP.
Boys Town Choir
*The Boys Town Choir. Custom PB2216. 1963. LP.

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