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Father Lawrence Bracken
*Oh Lord I Am Not Worthy (Burns) b/w Holy God We Praise Thy Name. Victor 19912. 78rpm. 10 inch. Baritone with pipe organ.
Stanley Brackett and the Melody Three Trio
*Songs from the Altar. WPI FW3002. 1968. LP.
Brad and Brace (Wieland)
Auburn, Michigan
*Maranatha. Disciple DRC 1035. 1973?
*Selah. Auburnfolk USR 8096. 1976/ LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Alex Bradford
*One Step. Vee Jay LP5023. 1962. LP.
*The Soul Of. Vee Jay LP5056. 196? LP.
*Keep on Praying. Chess CH91547. 197? LP.
*The Best of. Nashboro DBL7023. 197? LP.
*I Must Tell Jesus. Nashboro DBL7046. 197? LP.
*20 Hits. Nashboro LP7199. 1978. LP.
*Walking with the King. Savgos LP5007. 198? LP.
*The Best of. Specialty SPS2133. 1982. CS and LP.
*He Lifted Me. Specialty SPS2143. 198? CS and LP.
*Rainbow in the Sky. Specialty SPD7015. 1992. CD.
*Too Close. Specialty SPD7042. 1993. CD.
*Black Man’s Lament. Cotillion 061. LP. 1972.
Curtis M. Bradford
*Close to Thee. Chapel S5225. 197? LP.
*I'll Fly Away. 197? LP.
*Jesus and Me. Creative LP540. 197? LP.
Eddie Bradford
*Learn How to Pray. Edd-Ra EDD1001. 1988. LP.
Gary Bradford
*I Am Loved. Sunflower LH18693. 1979. LP.
Shorty Bradford Trio
*My Kind of Singing. Custom LP1508. 197? LP.
*Sweet Singers of Gospel. Hymntime HLP2015. 197? LP.
*Memories. Scenicland 314972. 197? LP.
Bradford Singers
78 rpm
*Now Lord / Let the Heavenly Light Shine on Me. Apollo 244.
*Who Can I Blame? / Turn Away from Sin. Apollo 276. 1952.
Bill Bradley
*It's in My Heart. Lefevre MLSP2915. 197? LP.
Dr. J. Robert Bradley
*I'll Fly Away. Nashboro LP7139. 1974. LP.
*God's Amazing Grace. Decca DL4043. LP.
*I Heard the Voice. Battle BLP6106. LP. Side two: Rev. C. L. Franklin sings four songs.
Julia Bradley
*Against the Tide. 1997?
Owen Bradley
*Familiar Hymns. Coral CRL570069. 1957. LP.
*Great Hymns. Vocalion VL73834. 196? LP. Reissue of above.
*Cast All Your Cares on Jesus. Heritage HHC626. 1989.
*Jesus Took the Blame. Dawn P3082. 1990.
*Another Victory. Dawn. 1991.
*Flag of Freedom. Dawn. 1991.
*Praying Ground. Cedar Hill CDHC3007. 1992. CS number.
*Pure Southern. Cedar Hill CDHC3017. 1993. CS number.
*Touching Home. Cedar Hill CDHC3053. 1994. CS number.
*Precious Jewels. Cedar Hill CDHC3084. 1995. CS number.
*After Calvary. Morningstar MST4251. 1996. CD.
*Christmas With. Salem SRCB9802. 1997. CS number.
*Sowing Seeds. Salem 6911798012. 1998. CD.
*Something Old, Something New. Salem SOCD7199. 1999. CD.
*Singles of the 90's. Salem. 2000.
*Quiet Places. Salem QPCD0500. 2001. CD.
Terry Bradshaw
*Until Then. Benson R3702. 1980. LP.
*Here in My Heart. Heart Warming R3735. 1982. LP.
*Terry and Jake. Spring House CMD5398. CD. With Jake Hess.
Bill and Jean Bradway
*Gospel Hawaiianaires. Christian Faith LP1311. 196? LP.
*Southern Heritage. Mark Five MV7597. 1990. CS number.
*Here And Now. Cedar Hill CDHC3073. 1994. CS number.
*We're Back... and Live. Heart to Heart HTH49701. 1994. CS number.
*Expressively Authentic. Cedar Hill CDHC3113. 1996. CS number.
*The Ties That Bind. Morningstar MSCD4271. 1997. CD.
*Taking a Stand. Morningstar MSCD4315. 1999. CD.
*Images of Grace. Some Dawning SDMC1651. 2001. CD.
Singing Bragdons
*The Singing Bragdons. Hearthstone M1100. 196? LP.
These three girls were from the Alameda, California area. From the cover, at least two appear to be blind. May have released a second album.
*Our Hearts Keep Singing. Heart Warming HWS1998. 1968. LP.
David, Lori and Sean
CCM style
*Living Proof. Homeland Records HV-0090. 2000. CS.
Living Proof
Songs: Lord Will Make a Way. Living Proof. I Found a Rock I Can Stand On. Thank You, Today. Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus. Soon and Vet Soon. Not in a Million Years. Child of the King. Look What the Lord Has Done. Antioch Church House Choir. Old Gospel Ship. Rise Again.
Fronted by Scott Albert. See also Immortal, Circle of Dust, Argyle Park, Klay.
*Mindwarp. REX Records 7901426810. 1992. CD.
Bradford and Olive Braley
*Bradford Braley. Chapel LP1213. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Longing for Home. Chapel LP1523. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Music for Mediation. Chapel S5017. 196? LP.
*Sabbath Melodies. Chapel S5049. 196? LP.
*Meditation Volume 2. Chapel S5079. 197? LP.
*Onward Christian Soldiers. Chapel S5106. 197? LP.
*In the Warmth of His Love. Hosanna House Records S5322. 1977. LP.
Bonnie Bramlett
Bramlett was half of the secular group Delaney and Bonnie and Friends. Disbanded 1972. Bonnie was born in the early 1940's in Granite City, Illinois.
*Step by Step. Refuge Records R-3768. 1980. LP.
Johnny "B" Branch and the Good Guys
*Gospel Time. Rainbow R2027. 198? LP.
*Kids Sing Praise. Brentwood R25027. 1985. LP.
*Together Again for the First Time. Radex Recording Studios SB-7710. 1977. LP.
Dr. Henry Brandt
*Confidential Talk to Parents. Diadem DLP284. 196? LP.
Jerry Brandt
*Asking for Answers. Fourmost FM7101. 1972. LP.
*Portrait of God's Love. Singcord ZLP885. 1974. LP.
*No Other Name. Angelus WR4663. LP.
Cleveland, Ohio
*A Million Miles Away. 1998.
*Holly Park / Black Boys on Mopeds. 1998. Single.
*Letterbox. 1998.
*Full Star Collection. 1999.
*Trying to Figure Each Other Out. 2000.
*Dial in Sounds. 2002
*Deep Elm Sampler. 1998.
Martha Branham
B.M.E degree form Oklahoma Baptist University.
*With Sweetest Song. Word W3121. 1960. LP. Mono. WST-8061: stereo.
*Gospel Favorites. Confida LP3111. 1965. LP.
*I'll Tell the World. Zondervan ZLP765. 1969. LP.
*Magical Moments. Zondervan ZLP774. 1969. LP.
*Sings More Gospel Favorites. CMP CMP7324. 197? LP.
With Sweetest Song
Side 1: Footsteps of Jesus (Everett). When I Come to the End of the Road (Ackley). Face to Face (Johnson). The Glory of His Presence (Ackley). But This I Know (Kohlmann). God Understands (Ackley). Side 2: O Lord Most Holy (Franck). Crowned or Crucified (McKinney). The Savior’s Name (Rudd). Others (Shields). Beside Still Waters (Hamblen). At the Cross (Hudson). With the Kurt Kaiser Ensemble.
*I Just Can't Keep It to Myself. Trail TSRC2016. 198? LP.
*Live. Trail TSRC9853. 198? LP.
*Heaven on My Mind. Harvest HAR1071. 1987. CS number.
Jim Brankel and the Revivalists
*The Sounds of His Coming. Benson LPS571. 1977. LP.
Tom Brashear
*The Inheritance. Custom. 1987. CS.
*Breakthrough. Morningstar MST4029. 1983. CS number.
*Crystal Clear. Skylite SSC6374. 1986. CS number.
*Live. Custom. 1987. CS.
*Harmony. New River NQD480. 1989. CS number.
*Jesus Is the Only Way. Stamar RSP713. 198? CS number.
*Creative Renditions. Welcome Home WHC6002. 1990. CD.
Jack Bratton
*Presents Jesus to You. Davis Sound RSR LP433. 197? LP. (Label from Charlotte, North Carolina).
Presents Jesus to You
Side 1: Hi! I’m Charlie. My Savior, First of All. Dear Daddy. Amazing Grace. Side 2: May I Present Jesus. Sermonette.
“This is Jack Bratton, your new hoist here on ‘Gospel Singing Time’ and I’m here every night from 7 p.m. to 3 a.m. on Big WAGI, 100,000 watts from WAGI – FM, Gaffney, South Carolina covering five states with good gospel music.” In July 1976, Jack was called as pastor of the Second Baptist Church in Kingstree, South Carolina.
Bob Braun
*Here's Bob. LP347. 197? LP. No label info.
Gene Braun
*Why Should I Worry. Heart Warming R3021. 1970. LP.
*Music to Live By. Heart Warming R3065. 1971. LP.
*A New Kind of Love. Heart Warming R3158. 1972. LP.
*Welcome to My World. Heart Warming R3210. 1973. LP.
Rev. Merrill Ted Braun, Sr.
*A Glimpse of Jesus. Deliverance Records MTB 104.
Braun appears to have been associated with evangelist Wayne Parks.
A Glimpse of Jesus
Side 1: A Glimpse of Jesus (3:00). Healing in the Blood (3:45). Sea Walker (2:05). He’s Everywhere (2:45). The Hem of His Garment (3:50). Side 2: All I Want Is Jesus (3:05). When the Saints Go Marching In (2:40). No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus (3:05). He’s All I Need (2:30). When Jesus Comes (3:05).
Marian Braund
*Thank You, Lord. Praise PRS2006. LP.
*Battle Cries. Pakaderm. 1992.
*Trust. Pakaderm 7012526262. 1994.
Brave New Squirrels
Illinois, IL
*Brave New Squirrels. 1994? CS.
Grege: guitar. Chris: bass. Scott: Drums. Songs: Big Umbrella. Mary’s Ivory Tower. Apartment. Corkscrew Girl. Prozac Man (live). Zoe’s Song (live).
Brave Saint Saturn
Band is composed of Five Iron Frenzy members Reese Roper, Dennis Culp and Keith Hoerig, along with Micah Ortega (turntable), Andrew Verdecchio (drums), Masaki (strings), Monica Smith (backing vocals) and others.
*So Far from Home. 5 Minute Walk Records. 2000?
*G. Rev. of So Far from Home. HM Sept. - Oct. 2000: 69.
Brawner Sisters
*Rosie, Debbie, Linda, Cindy, Patty. Damon D1025. 1974. LP.
Robbie Bray
*Fall in Love. Patmos PAT 8404. 1988.
Roland Bray and Liberated
Indianapolis, Indiana. Style - 70's rock / contemporary.
*Go on the Mountain. 1996? Custom CS.
Priscilla Brazier
London, England. She may have originally come from South Africa.
*Something Beautiful. Key Records (UK) KL 038. 1976. LP.
Something Beautiful
Alan Parish: drums. Nick Ryan: bass. Keith Loring: acoustic guitar. Trevor Hills: string synthesizer. Keith Routledge: piano on "Like Him." Robert McKay: flute. Elizabeth Kaufmann: backing vocals.
Side 1: He Is Lord (anonymous; arranged by Betty Pulkingham) / Something Beautiful (Gloria and William J. Gaither). Wedding Song (There Is Love) (Noel Stookey). Bless His Holy Name (A. Crouch). Now Walk with God (Otis Skillings). I Don't Know Why Jesus Loved Me (A. Crouch). Side 2: There's Something about That Name (Gloria and William J. Gaither). Do You Know Where You Are Going To (Theme from Mahogany) (Gerry Goffin and Mike Masser). For Me (Len Magee). Like Him (John W. Peterson). Say I Do (Hildebrand).
Recorded at I.C.C. Studios, Eastbourne. Helmut Kaufmann - engineer. John Pantry - producer.
Bread of Life
Bread of Life was from Hamilton, North Dakota. Probably late 70s / early 80s.
*To God Be the Glory. Encore Productions E-230. No date. LP.
To God Be the Glory
Gordy and Linda Werven. Jim and Jenny DeMell. Bob and LeAnn Bachman. LeAnn Bachman: piano. Tom Elie: piano, Rhodes piano, string synthesizer, clavinet. Dan Graham: trumpet. Kevin Hofer: piano, Rhodes piano, organ, string synthesizer. Perry Kallevig: bass guitar. John Lane: percussion. Tim Mahoney: steel guitar, rhythm guitar. Joy Plaisted: harp. Mike Weiss: rhythm guitar.
Names in parentheses indicated soloist, etc.
Side 1: God's Wonderful People (Lanny Wolfe 3:09). I Keep Falling in Love with Him (Lanny Wolfe 2:26) (men's trio). To God Be the Glory (Andrae Crouch; arranged by Loretta Steiger 3:36) (Linda). Whatever It Takes (Lanny Wolfe 5:24) (Jim, LeAnn and Bob). How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hine 3:45) (Jenny and Gordy; Bob, Jenny and Linda). Side 2: Shout It, Jesus Is Coming (Lanny Wolfe 2:41). Because He Lives (Bill Gaither 3:20) (Gordy, girl's trio). Whisper Jesus (Gordon Jensen 3:36) (girl's trio, Linda). Praises (Andrae Crouch 4:15). Jesus Be the Lord of All (Lanny Wolfe 4:33) (Jenny)
Paul Martinson - engineer. John Lane - instrumental production. Bread of Life - vocal production. Recorded at Sound 80, Mineapolis, Minnesota. Photography at Icelandic State Park, Cavalier, North Dakota by Bo-Mar Studios. Jacket design by Dave Gjerness.
Bread of Life
*Returning. LP1501. 197? LP. No label listed.
*Chord. Singcord ZLP3110. 1978. LP.
*Scripture Sing-A-Long. Singcord ZLP3154. 1980. LP.
Breakfast with Amy
*Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt. Refuge / Narrowpath 7900602526. 1990. Reissued: Gray Dot GDR9503. 1995.
*Dad. Blonde Vinyl BVC555. 1991. CD and CS.
*Love Gift. Blonde Vinyl BVC3484. 1992. CD and CS.
*Live at the Hawleywould Bowl. Flying Tart. 1995.
Breath of Life Quartet
*Take 1. Chapel CRS5262. 197? LP.
*Plenty Good Room. Chapel S5276. 197? LP.
*Spirituals. Chapel S5311. 197? LP.Also: Ultimate Records S7508. 1977. Black gospel? Not same group?
Songs: Ezekiel Saw De Wheel. O My Lord What a Time. Ride in the Chariot. This Same Jesus. Good News. Down By The Riverside. Honor Honor. Just Couldn't Be Contented. No More Sorrow. If We Ever Needed The Lord Before.
Breath of Praise
*Famous with God. No label 27397. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Breathing Autumn
Brisbane, Australia. Began 1999. Style: slowcore.
(Singing) Brecheisens
*I’ve Never Been Sorry. Custom Q3839. LP. No Date.
I’ve Never Been Sorry
Rev. Loren and Augusta Brecheisen with son Jerry (piano) and daughter Ethel Sue (organ , Swiss bells)
Side 1: I’ve Never Been Sorry (duet). In the Garden (instrumental). Jesus the Master (trio). My Anchor Holds (instrumental). I’ll Never Be Lonely (duet). Do You Know My Jesus? (quartet). Side 2: Neither Do I Condemn Thee (trio). He Giveth More Grace (duet). Onward Christian Soldiers (Swiss bells). I Found the Answer (quartet). Before I Met Jesus (solo: Jerry). He Knows (duet).
Paul Brecht Singers (UK)
*Listen. Emblem JDR310. 1967. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Hol Bredeweg and Kevin Gowdy
*Holidays – Trilogy / Epitaph. Triple Crown KG 3011. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Anton Brees
*Schulmerich Arlington Carillons. International LPS5015. 1958. LP.
*A Spiritual Message. QCA LP1000. 1969. LP.
Randy Brehms
*More of His Love. Chapel S4044. 1968. LP.
Phil Breithaupt
Rhinebeck, New York
*Songs That Touch the Heart. High Fidelity LP 161-01. 196? LP.
*It Depends on You. Benson Sound LPS-208. 196? LP.
It Depends on You
Side 1: I’ve Got Confidence (Crouch 2:36) (with Beverly Breithaupt). The Way That He Loves (E. Mercer 3:36). Sweet, Sweet Spirit (Doris Akers 3:16). Fill My Cup, Lord (Blanchard 3:05). No Name has Meant So Much (Eliason 2:59). Side 2: It Depends on You (Kenzy 4:46). I’ll Be a Friend of His (J. Peterson 3:49). He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Need (Dottie Rambo 2:26). The Old Rugged Cross Made the Difference (Gaither 2:47). I Know Where I’m Goin’ (Dahrouge / Holiday 1:37).
Produced and engineered by Larry Benson. Recorded: Benson Sound Studio, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Jerry Nelson: piano. Rex Stafford: drums. Stan Bonham: bass. Joe Settlemier: guitar. Orchestra: City Strings and Brass. Cover photo: Tom Reynolds. Orchestra arranged and conducted bt Jerry Nelson.
John Roger Breland
Breland was the leader and director of the travelling group Truth. Mobile, Alabama.
*Yours... and His. Mighty Miracle Music L1003. 197? LP.
Merlin Bremers
*Merin Bremers. Praise DS7562. LP.
Sister Marie Brendan
Sisters of Providence and Mary-of-the-Woods College, Terre Haute, Indiana.
*Bless This House. Delta DR356. no date. LP.
Maire Brennan
*Maire. Atlantic 82421-2. 1992.
*Misty Eyed Adventures. Atlantic 82701. 1995.
*Perfect Time. Word 8068869143. 1998.
*Whisper to the Wild Water. Word 8068859512. 1999. CD.
*In Christ Alone. Kingsway (UK) DPRO17070. 2002. CD. With Becker and Hogg.
Walter Brennan
*Old Rivers. Liberty LST233. 1962. LP.
*A World of Miracles. Everest SDBR 1103. 196? Lp.
*The Very Best Of. Liberty UAEA438E. 1975. LP.
Brentwood Jazz Quartet
*Love Knows. Brentwood C5205N. 199?
*Jazz Revival / Best Of. Brentwood MPCD40395. 1999. CD.
*The Brethren. New Life NL7205. 1972? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*In the Beginning. Custom BR585. 1985. LP.
Orlando, Florida.
*Brethren. 1987. Custom CS.
Brethren Four
*Give the World a Smile. Queensgate 6114Q1B. 197? LP.
*The Old Country Church. Queensgate. 197? LP.
Harry Breuer
*Rock of Ages. Decca DL5077. 1949. 10 inch LP.
Earl Brewer
See also the Harvesters
*There Is a Fountain. LP. 1970s?
There Is a Fountain
Songs: Reach out and Touch Him. He Will Never Let Me Down. Through It All. There Is a Fountain. Ten Thousand Years. What a Friend. Power in the Blood. Jesus. Sheltered in the Arms of God. When They Ring Those Golden Bells.
Harold Brewer and London Messer
*Sacred Album. Old Homestead OHCS70025. 197?
*The Brewers Sing Just for You. LMP 1003 (M). 196? LP.
Lincoln Brewster
*Lincoln Brewster. 1999. CD.
*Live to Worship. Vertical 17762. 2000. CD.
*Amazed. Vertical 22492. 2002. CD.
*All to You. 2005. CD.
Pearl Brick
*Going Home. Maranatha! Music C08787. 1993 CD.
*On the Other Side. Spirit Song FLC9163. 2001. CD.
*DeLaurentis, John. Rev. of Going Home. White Throne 12 (1992): 33.
David and Karen Brickley
*Old Time Religion. Baldwin Sound CS405. 197?
*Together, David and Karen. Baldwin Sound CS7664. 197?
*Thank You Jesus. Baldwin Sound CS7804. 1974. LP.
West Point, Kentucky.
See also Matrix, Dale Thompson, Troy Thompson
*Show No Mercy. Pure Metal 7900601171. 1986 on jacket; 1987 on record label. LP. lyrics on insert. Reissued: Millenium 8 with bonus cuts. 2000.
*Live to Die. Pure Metal 7900602968. 1988. LP. Also: 7900602925. Lyrics on insert.
*Silence Is Madness. Pure Metal 7900604227. 1989. LP. Also: 7900604243. Also: Star Song 4243. 1992. Reissued: Millenium 8. 2000 with extra cuts.
*End of the Age. Pure Metal PMC7900. 1990. Best Of.
*Kinetic Faith. Star Song SSC8197. 1991.
*Snakes in the Playground. Star Song SSD8261. 1992. CD.
*The Lost Reels. 1993
*Lost Reels II. 1994
*Scarecrow Messiah. Star Song SSD8283. 1994. CD.
*Matrix 1983 - 1984. 1994
*Across the Border - Live in Germany. 1994
*Drop. Rugged RGD66012. 1995. CD.
*Shotgun Wedding. Star Song SSC0064. 1996.
*The Jesus Experience. Organic Records ORCD9703. 1997. CD.
*Lost Reels III. 1997
*Oddities. Organic Records ORCD9830. 1998. CD.
*Best Of. Organic Records ORCD2151. 2000. CD.
*Live Volume 1. Old School Records OSR 1001. 1999. A CD with same title was issued by Millenium 8. May not be same as the Old Schoo.l release
*Live Vol. II Acoustic. Millenium Eight Records M8R-1021. 2000. CD.
*Matrix - Lost Reels. 2001. 2 CD set. Millenium 8. 2000.
*Live at Cornerstone 2001. Millenium 8, 0859911212. 2001. CD.
*Fist Full of Bees.
*Arise Skates - Soundtrack. Star Song Records SSD 8167. 1991. CD.
Song - Everybody Knows My Name
*Peterson, Doug. Rev. of "Show No Mercy." White Throne No. 3: 13.
*Muttillo, Dave. "Thunder in the City." White Throne 12 (1992): 10-12, 16.
*Just for You. Custom CCSS1226. 1971. LP.
*Hallelujah. Custom CCSS1241. 1972. LP.
*Unto the Lord. Free Love PRP44551. 1974. LP.
*He Hath Done Great Things for Us. Sword Records SWR-7002-dlp. 1977. LP. 2 LPs
*He Hath Done Great Things for Us. PRS 1140. 1977. LP. Single LP of the above, condensed.
*Best of the Bridge. Hidden Vision Records HVAC29. 2001. CD. Selections from the first three LPs.
Side A: Jesus (Skip Anderson). Hiding Place (John Emmert). Hallelujah! (John Emmert). Livin My Life for Jesus (Barbara Doran). Side B: Nothin’s Been the Same (John Emmert). He’ll Be There (John Emmert). Lifting My Voice (Mary Lu Simmons). Gonna Spend My Life with Jesus (John Emmert).
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Bridge. Impact R3461. 1977. LP.
*Lift Him Up. Imapct R3438. 1978. LP.
*Peace in the Midst of the Storm. Impact R3492. 1977. LP.
*Live. Impact R3519. 1978. LP.
*Bridge Building. Impact R3557. 1979. LP.
*Arise, My Soul, Arise. Brentwood R5003. 1981. LP.
*You Haven't Seen Anything Yet. Brentwood R5018. 1981. LP.
*A Fresh New Start. Brentwood R5032. 1984. LP.
*Bridges. New City London MID 1367. 1971. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003
Calvin Bridges
*Renew My Spirit. I Am LS5896. 1985. LP.
*Awesome. I Am 7013805866. 1988. LP.
*The Best Of. I Am 40032M. 199?
*So Much to Be Grateful For. Birthright ST70231. 1991.
*Brighter Day. Ambassador AMD70032. 1993.
Michael Bridges
*Everlastin’ Alright. Limb? 1982. LP.
Bridges Quartet
*Reunion in Heaven. Jewel LPS424. 197? LP.
Briercrest Chorale
*Sings. Diadem DLP106. 196? LP.
Tim Briggs
*Give Me the Words. Superior S10072. 1975? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Briggs Sisters
*God Gave Me the Song. Sound 80 Records. LP.
Bright Stars
*All My Help. Nashboro LP7142. 1974. LP.
*God Is Still on the Throne. Nashboro LP7164. LP.
45 rpm
*Deep in My Heart (2:21) b/w Look at the Promised Land. Nashboro 666.
*God’s Comin’ Again (3:48?) b/w If You Miss Me Singing. Nashboro 827.
Bright Stars Male Chorus
*Live in Paradise. Jewel LP0189. 197? LP. Reissued: Jewel JC0189. 1996. CS.
*All My Help. Nashboro LP7142. 1974. LP.
*Master Charge. Nashboro LP7192. 1979. LP.
*Live in Shreveport, Louisiana. Born Again Records BA 1036. 2001. CS. Label: Shreveport?
Live in Shreveport, Louisiana
Songs: Deliver You Out. I Love You, Lord. I’ve Got a Reason to Testify. Never More Than You Can Bear. Always Love You. I’m So Safe with Jesus. Heaven Is the Place. Everything Will Be Alright. Lord, I Want to Be a Christian. Never Alone. He Lifted Me. You Saved Me. I Love You, Lord (reprise).
*Promise of Love. 1990. Custom CS.
*Promise of Love. Pakaderm 7012506253. 1991. CD with song "Women with Guns" deleted.
*A Band for All Seasons. Myrrh MYR 1030. (UK). 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Band formed October 1997. From Port St. Lucie, Florida. Name comes from the poem "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll. Poem can be found in chapter 1 of "Through the Looking Glass." Style is "alternative emo schizophenia" Jeremy Mayr - drums. James Combs - guitar. Phil Luce - bass, vocals.
Brillo Brothers
Thompson, Georgia
*Brillo Brothers. T.O. 009. 197? LP.
Brillo Brothers
David Milford: vocals, bass, guitar. Rick McKee: vocals, drums, guitar. Sonny Lallerstedt: backing vocals, electric guitars, drums, percussion. Pat Terry: synthesizer.
Side 1: Sticks and Stones (3:50). might Be Tonight (3:41). Headin’ Home (2:56). Rick’s Other Song (3:26). Tales of an Ancient Prince. Side 2: Turn It Over (4:20). Other Plans (3:29). One Word Love Song (2:19). Let’s Get One Thing Straight (1:52). The Difference (6:20).
Engineered by Randy Bugg and Sonny Lallerstedt, assisted by Becky Lallerstedt. Produced by Randy, Sonny, Rick and David. Recorded and mixed at Twelve Oaks Studio, Marietta, Georgia. Cover art: Beverly Harris. Cover design: Kathy and Rick McKee, David Milford. Back photo: Jennifer Caldwell.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Paper Winged Dreams. Peppermint PP 1022. 1972? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Sing for You. M109. 197? LP.
Thel Bringas
*From the Philippines Seeking the Lost. Supreme Recording of California S-209.
From the Philippines…
Songs: The King and I (Mosie Lister). I’m Marked for Jesus (dialect and English Dado-on). Flee as a Bird. So Send I You. Wayfaring Stranger. Seeking the Lost (Dialect: Pangita-a Ang Mga Nadula (Jack Richey). He Whispered, Peace Be Still to Me. Offering Song. I’m His to Command. Follow Me. Philippine Dialect Song. In the Workshop of the Lord.
Derrick Brinkley
*Say Yes. Tyscot 5141652172. 1996. CD.
John Briscoe
*The Singing Trombone. Benson LPS600. 198? LP.
Bert Britt
*Alive! International 8410. LP.
Elton Britt
*Beyond the Sunset. ABC ABC322. 1960. LP.
*I Heard a Forest Praying. ABC ABC331. 1961. LP.
George Broadbent
*Old Fashioned Hymns. Supreme SS6004. 196? LP. Also: SM5004 - mono.
Elder Benjamin Broadie
*Let My People Go b/w Prayer Meeting in Hell. Coleman 6000. 1948? 78rpm. With the Ivory Gospel Singers.
Broadman Chorale
*Golgotha. Broadman LPS452041. 1962. LP.
*In Joyful Song. Broadman BR4691. 1964. LP.
*Sing, Ye Faithful. Broadman BR2691. 196? LP.
Broadman Singers
*Celebrate Life. Broadman LPS458508. 1972. LP.
Broadway Cast of Hair
*Mass in F. RCA Victor LSP4632. 1971. LP.
*No Time Then. Prestige 720416. 1975. LP.
George Brock and the Happy Rhythm Boys
*Memories of Dad (Brock 2:20) / Help Me to Be a Better Christian. Ark Records. 45rpm.
Joe Brock
*Joe Brock. Kontention K-1001. 1975. LP.
Joe Brock
All songs by Earl Conley, except as noted
Side 1: Deep Thought (D. Wilson / H. Sanders / K. Westbury 3:04). Just a Memory (Joe Brock 2:20). The Bible Against the Bottle in the Battle for Daddy’s Soul (M. Howard / J. Wolverton 2:25). Lord How Long Has This Been Going On (L. Morris 2:35). This Ain’t Just Another Lust Affair. (2:55). Side 2: Stealin’ the Feelin’ (2:50). If You Ain’t Cold (2:25). Am I Soberin’ up or Coming Down Slow (2:35). Richard and the Cadillac Kings (Smith Simpson 2:32). Dig a Little Deeper (2:20).
All selections produced by Nelson Larkin, except ‘Just a Memory,’ Richard and the Cadillac Kings’ and Lord How Long This Been Going On’ which were produced by Jean Zimmerman. Recording engineers: Tommy Semmes and Steve Logan. Cover design and photo: Herb Burnette. Recorded at Woodland Sound Studios, Mercury Recording Studios and Music City Recorders.
Linda Brock
*Linda. Linda Brock L1001. 1977. LP.
Steve Brock
*Our House. QCA LP344. 1976. LP.
*Alive in the Spirit. FIF LP2401. 197? LP.
*On Jordan's Banks. New Vision NVM0006D. 1994.
*Oh Blessed Hope. New Haven NHD2040. 1997. CD.
*Statement of Faith. New Haven 8002-2. 1999. CD.
Brockington Ensemble
*The Lord's Gonna Give the Sunshine. Hob HBX2113. 197? LP.
Fred Brodin
*Sojourner. 1978. LP.
Band from Beaufort, South Carolina. Joe Cato: lead guitar, vocals. Wesley Denton: lead vocals. Kevin McCall: drums. Brian Nunes: rhythm guitar. Scott Koenig: bass.
*Believe. 1995. CD.
Broken Cedars
Band is Johnny: vocals. Josiah: drums. David: bass. Style is pop punk.
*Forever. Screaming Giant Records. 2000. CD.
*Gordon. "Broken Cedars." HM 83 (2000): 42. Writer says the band is "not quite punk, they're too melodic, and their vocals are too clear... best way to decribe it is 'Pretty Punk.'"
Broken Silence
Stephen Gomez: guitar. Tracy King: vocals. Joy Soderstrom: keyboards. Vern Green: bass. Keith Swanson: drums.
*Shout It Out.
Broken Yoke
Broken Yoke is from Lima, Ohio. Began in early 1998. Jon Lepinski. Tom Lepinski. Will Kann. Matt Sawmiller.
*Broken Yoke. CD. 2000?
Bronner Brothers
*Hold to God's Unchanging Hand. Jewel LPS0107. 197? LP. Reissue: Jewel JC0107. 1996. CS.
*From Perthshire to the Gateway. Jewel. 1978. LP.
Dale Bronner
*If You Slip, Don't Slide. Custom DB777. 198? LP.
Rev. Flem E. Bronner, Sr.
St. John Missionary Baptist Church
* Dry Bones in the Valley: A Live Sermon. J&B Records LP-0058. LP.
Larry Brons
*Seek Ye the Lord. New Born NB7000. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brooklyn Allstars
*Family Prayer. Hob LP294. 1964. LP.
*The New Sound Of. Jewel LPS051. 1971. LP. Reissue: Jewel JCD3051. 1996. CD.
*Too Close to Heaven. Nashboro LP7114. 1973. LP.
*I've Got My Ticket. Jewel LPS067. 197?. LP. Reissue: Jewel JC0067. 1996. CS.
*The Ten Commandments. Jewel LPS0103. 1974. LP. Reissue: Jewel JC103. 1996. CS.
*Our Greatest Hits. Nashboro 28780. 1976. 2LPs.
*20 Greatest Hits. Nashboro P27183. 1977. LP.
*Walk Tall. Jewel LPS078. 1978. LP. Reissue: Jewel JC0078. 1996. CS.
*He Touched Me. Jewel LPS0109. 197? LP. Reissue: Jewel JCD3109. 1996. CD.
*The Best of. Nashboro 45042. 1995. CD.
*Memory Lane. Paula PCD811. 1996. CD.
45 rpm
*The Words of God (2:26) b/w Rest Awhile. Peacock 1809. As: Brooklyn All Star Singers.
Brooklyn Skyways
*I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me. Savoy 14386. LP.
*Long Dusty Road. Savoy 13374. LP.
I Know the Lord Laid His Hands on Me
Side 1: The Lord Laid His Hands on Me. I Can’t Stop Loving God. Wild Woods. I’m Willing. Side 2: What Time. Hold On. Prayer Will Move It. Crying in the Chapel. Ride That Train.
Musicians: Willie Johnson. Jimmy Durham. Deborah Robinson. Samuel Edwards. Levern Robinson. Timothy Wright.
Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir
*Give Him Thanks. Myrrh MSB6689. 1981. LP.
*So in Love. Myrrh MSB6708. 1983. LP.
*You're My Praise. Myrrh6801. 1984. LP.
*Oh Que Amor. Word 7014133012. 1985. LP.
*How Jesus Loves. Word 701415057X. 1987. CS number. Also: A&M. LP.
*Live. A&M WR98396. 1988. LP.
*Live... Again. Word 7019098509. 1989. CS number.
*Live, with Friends. Word 7019170501. 1991. CD.
*Jesus Be Praised. Word 7019241603. 1991. CD.
*Only to Him. Warner Alliance WBC4135. 1992. CD.
*Live... We Come Rejoicing. Warner Alliance WBC4147. 1993. CS. Reissue: M2 Communications 7464621342. 2000. CD.
*Solo A El. Warner Alliance WBC4161. 1994. CD. Spanish.
*Praise Him... Live! Warner Alliance WBC4181. 1995. CD.
*Christmas at the... Warner Alliance 460042. 1995. CD.
*Favorite Song of All. Warner Alliance 446392. 1996. CD.
*Songs from the Altar. Warner Alliance 467512. 1998. CD.
*High and Lifted Up. Atlantic 83182. 1999. CD.
*The Best Of. Warner Alliance 832972. 2000. CD.
*God Is Working. Elektra / Word EK63805. 2000. CD.
*Light of the World. Word 8068861242. 2001. CD. Christmas.
*Be Glad. M2 Communications. 2002. CD.
see also the Brooks Singers
*The Brooks. LP801. No label listed. 197? LP.
*Moving with the Brooks. Light LS5607. 1972. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of Moving.
Charles D. Brooks
*Breath of Life. Chapel S5262. 1975. LP.
Charles L. Brooks
*Jesus Is All the World to Me. Chapel S5162. 1974. LP.
*Heart Melodies. Chapel S5230. 1975. LP.
Rev. James Brooks
*I've Been Blessed. No label. SP2000. 197? LP.
Brooks Singers
*Just Us. Music City MCBS147. 197? LP. Brooks Singers.
*That Day Is Almost Here. Custom LPSR2301271. 197? LP. As: Brooks - Christian Singers.
*Thank You, Mom & Dad. Custom LP-261-472. 1972? LP. As: Brooks - Christian Singers.
*Sixty Cycle Hum. Rustproof. 1997. EP.
*Broomtree. Rustproof RRD 7004. 1997. CD.
*Transparent. Rustproof RRD 7009. 1999. CD.
*Maybe This Time. Rustproof. 2001. CD.
Brother Brian
Brian Youngward, “member of The Order Of The Holy Cross,” Anglican community.
*Except Like a Child. Salty Dog HC 1970. 1977.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brother Don
*Climbing Higher. LP9037. 197? LP.
Brother Grimm
*Brother Grimm. 1992. Custom CS.
Brother Grimm
Side 1: Mother Tranquility. Blue Ketchup. Side 2: Ichabod. Blowing Bubbles.
Produced by Brother Grimm. “Tranquility” and “Bubbles” engineered by John Portunado, live to DAT at the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. “Ichabod” engineered by Gary Stryder and Marc Portnoy; mixed by Eric Hoffman and Gary Stryder (16 track) at Gled Recording, Davie, Florida. “Ketchup” engineered by Russekk Benezer, 24 track, at Studio Center, Miami, Florida.
Brother Herman / International Allstars
*Sing a Church Song b/w Change Me. Tri-Quad Records1324. Side one: Music by Billy – Danny – Erine (Smokes); produced by Joshua Galgreath. Side 2: Music by Billy – Danny – Erine (Smokes); produced by I. V. Ruffin. Record company: Somerset, NJ. 45 rpm.
Brother Isaiah’s Choir
*Old Camp Ground / All Night All Day. Vee Jay 109. 1954. 45rpm.
Brother Juniper
*Do You Know My Name. Rejoice CSLP 1002. 1968. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brother-Lew and the Krew
Rap music
*Gospel Rap. Crossword Recordings CW1001. 1993. CD. Label: Cleveland, Ohio.
Gospel Rap
Songs: Savior of the World. J.E.S.U.S. Lord Is My Redeemer. Hearing Is Believing. Don’t Believe the Hype. Testing. In the Ghotto. There’s a Time.
Performed by Lou Acosta and Bob Carothers. Backing vocals: Bob and Debbie Carothers.
Brother Love
*Brother Love. Bee Gee BGS1067. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brother Norbert
Liturgical folk music accompanied on guitar. Album subtitle is "Sings Communion Songs from St. Joseph's Abbey. " Connecticut.
*Lord, Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace. BRC Records BRC-1. 1970. LP.
Brother Rodney
*Keep Your Hand Upon the Throttle / Palms of Victory. Gotham G645. 1950. 10 inch. 78rpm. Matrix numbers: BR-1, BR-2.
Brother Scott
*A Response. GIA M/S-117. 1968? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Uniondale, New York
*What Would the Lord Say If He Came Now? Brotherhood BPE-1. 1980. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Brotherhood. Mid-America 812. 197? LP.
*Brotherhood. Windchime WC5031. 1986. LP.
Brotherhood Choir of the Hills
*All Time Sacred Favorites. Palace M745. 196? LP.
Brotherhood Four and Peggy
*He Leads Us Beside Still Water. Lark LRLP4077. 197?
Brotherhood Lush
Band from Australia
Brotherhood Quartet
Milltown, Kentucky. Don Parker: tenor. Bobby Lee: pianist. Kenny Roberts: "versatile vocal range." Allen Wigginton: bass. Garry Polston: evangelist, lead singer and spokesman.
*In the Sky. Trail TSRC759472. 197? LP.
*Dedicated to the Cause. Jay-Cross Records JCR-13082.
Brotherhood Three
Denver, Colorado
*Brotherhood III. Stylist 1100. 1970. LP.
Brotherhood III
Side 1: His Grace is Sufficient. God Is Alive. For God So Loved. I’m Free. Something Worth Living For. Side 2: Christ Is a Wonderful Saviour. He’s My Saviour. I Talked to the Lord about It. Now Walk with God. I Wouldn’t Talk Nothing. With Otis Skillings Orchestra.
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
*Brotherlove. 1 BL. 1974. Canada. LP.
*Where . I Belong. Prism 2BL76. 1976. Canada. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003
*He Will Be There. Zan Zee LP2605. 197? LP.
*Unchained. Horizon 0151. LP.
Jacob, Joshua and Solomon Olds
*Choices. Impact R3712. 1980. LP.
*The Calling. Impact R3731. 1982. LP.
*Fact and Reality. Star Song SST1001. 1994.
*RPM. Star Song SSC0051. 1996.
Brothers and Ruth
*Sunrise. Pride PRBR100. 197? LP.
Brothers and Sisters (CA)
*Tell of the Love. SA101. 1973. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brothers and Sisters (CT)
*Sing a New Song. Agape, no number. 1974. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brother and Sisters
*My Everlasting Friend. Custom AAS1208. LP.
Brothers First
Daryl, Ron and Gary Wilcoxson
*Brothers First, Too. Garden GR-38201. 1980? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brothers in Christ
*Beware "Satan Lies." A&M 3145400352. 1992.
*Twinkle of an Eye. A&M 3145400362. 1992. Also: New Dawn NDR1003. LP.
*Blessed. A&M 3145400372. 1992.
Brother's Keeper
*Brother's Keeper. Ardent ARD1702R. 1999. CD.
*Cover Me. Ardent ARD2509. 2002. CD.
Brothers of Love
*Don’t Wonder about Him. Reach 6065. 45rpm.
Brothers of the Creed
Band existed circa 1998. Nye (Samuel Mebasser) - bass, backing vocals. Patch (Daniel Cunningham) - guitar, lead vocals. Giff (Christopher Cunningham) - drums.
Brothers of the Holy Trinity
*Celebrate. Bradley 4040. 1972. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brothers of Washington D. C.
*Take Two. 197? LP. Black gospel?
Brothers Quartet
*Singing for You. Custom QC326. 196? LP.
Brothers Supreme
45 rpm
*He’s Been Good to Me b/w Don’t Let the Hearse Be the First. Prophecy 4446. 7 inch.
Brothers with Marj Snyder
Rick Riso and Tony Sbrana
*Brothers with Marj Snyder. Discovery 5001. 1972. LP.
Brothers with Marj Snyder
Side 1: Rock Musical: Adam & Eve. Serpert. The Right Way. Noah. Abraham & Sarah. The Messag of the Lord. Job. Jonah. Daniel. Side 2: Other Musical Selections: Living Used to Be My Sin. Lucky Louie. Maybe If We Tried a Little Love. Ripe Old Age. Born to Die.
*Scott, Ken. Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965-1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Matt Brouwer
*Imagerical. Reunion 0234100242. 2001. CD.
*Church House Blues. Custom. 2000. CD.
Brower Brothers
Country gospel
*Gospel. One Accord TO6006. 1982. LP.
Phil and Lynne Brower
*Hallelujah! Hallelujah!: Alto Rehersal Track. Benson 04594A. 1989. CS.
Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Songs: Hallelujah! Hallelujah! To the Praise of the Glory of His Grace. Miracle Man. Wedding Feast Interlude. Clap Your Hands. Come and Meet the Man. Prodigal Son Interlude. Rejoice and Be Glad. Forever His Child. Triumphal Entry. The Holy City. The Communion Hymn. Midnight in the Garden. The Cross. The Tomb (Hallelujah, What A Savior). Resurrection Interlude. Jerusalem Morning. To the Praise of the Glory of His Grace (reprise). The Holy City (finale).
Algetha Brown
*Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow. Heart Warming R3016. 1969. LP.
Andy Brown
*Nice Moon
*Merge. It Stinks!
Charles Brown
*Without a Friend. King 5570. 45rpm.
Charles F. Brown
*God's People. Word WST8637. 1975. LP.
*Part the Waters. Word WST8680. 1975. LP.
*Isn't It Wonderful. Word WST8712. 1976. LP.
*Gideon. Word WST8717. 1976. LP.
*Creature Praise. Word WST8740. 1977. LP.
*Fifth Sunday. Word WST8744. 1977. LP.
*Beauty and the Beast. Word WST8746. 1977. LP.
*Country Church Choir. Word WST8767. 1978. LP.
*Country Church Choir II. Word WSX8768. 1978. LP.
*Born Again Rejoice. Sonpro M78G. 1978. LP.
*Country Church Choir III. Wird WSX8807. 1979. LP.
Clint Brown
*Give God the Highest Praise. Maranatha 7017333825. 1996. LP.
Dan Brown
*Reach Out and Touch. Image V VII7705. 197? LP.

David Brown
Brown was a minister, principal and lecturer.
*The Teachings of Jesus. Word W-6177. No date. LP. The Great Sermons Series. The Teachings of Jesus / David and Jerusalem.
From the Liner Notes
"The Teachings of Jesus" is an approach to Bible Study which seeks first to present the cultural and economic situation of the world in which Jesus lived. It is also an appeal to reexamine the life of Christ for its importance to the Christian apart from the Calvary and resurrection experience. Rev. Brown brings a rich background of study in the languages and life style of the area in which Jesus lived to his understanding of Jesus. He sets these teachings in the context of the Jewish peasant class in a small, hilly country dominated by outside rulers. The significance of Jesus' teachings becomes even more important against this backdrop. They show God as a loving Father who desires a relationship with his children who depend on him and reflect his character. There is a vital quality to this understanding of Jesus as we come to understand that his life was his teaching. He offers us the example of one who claimed the promises of God and led the most meaningful of lives.
"David and Jesrusalem" is a shorter study on the establishment of Jerusalem as the royal city during David's reign. Rev. Brown places David in his setting as an early tribal chieftain who rose to national prominence through his miltary prowess and religious commitment. This picture is necessary for an understanding of David, for much of his personality comes alive as we "fill-in" the vague spots in our understanding of his rise to kingship.
David Brown is well qualified to lead us into the life styles of Palestine in the times of David and Jesus. He received his B.D. in 1946 and M.Th. in 1947 from the London College of Divinity majoring in Hebrew, Aramaic and Syriac. He served as assistant lecturer at his alma mater and later served two years as District Missionary in Southern Sudan on the Congo Border. During this time Rev. Brown earned a B.A. in Classical Arabic. From 1954-1961 he was vice-principal and principal of Bishop Gwynne College, Mundri, South Sudan.
He then served as Canon Missioner and Bishop's Commissary, Diocese of Sudan and did further research in Arabic History at the Universities of London, Khartoum and Amman. He is presently vicar of Herne Bay, Kent, England.
Rev. Brown was born in 1922, is married and has three children. He served as a radar mechanic in the Royal Air Force in World War II. His hobbies include reading and gardening and he feels that his prolonged exposure to Islamic thought has been the greatest factor in shaping his ministry. His last four books deal with Christian theology as it might be presented to the Islamic world.
Deacon Brown Family
Church hymn singing
*Sings More About Jesus. No label. LPM1268. LP.
Dean and Mary Brown
*Pure Delight. Freedom PD1077. 197? LP.
Pure Delight
Songs: There’s Life in Jesus’ Name. Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee. Jesus is Precious. This Is the Song. The Secret Place. Theme on the 37th (He Can Work It Out). What Kind of King. Who Shall Declare His Generation. Miracles Happen All the Time. We’ve Gotta Watch.
Dean Brown and the Caravans
*Dean Brown and the Caravans. Zondervan ZLP704. 1967. LP.
Deb Brown
*Hello God. Custom LPS3101. 1977. LP.
George and Madeleine Brown
*The Christmas Music Box. Cook LP1011. 1955. 10 inch LP.
Gina Brown
*In His Time. Grapetree GTD0141. 1997. CD.
Hylo Brown
Country Gospel
*Gospel Time. Vetco C803. 196?
*Gospel Sounds. Vetco. LP3024. 196?
*Gospel Songs. Rural LP187. 1968. LP.
*20 Gospel Favorites. Rural Rhythm RHY187. 1997. CD. With the Timberliners. May be same as Gospel Songs. James Brown
*God Has Smiled om Me Part 1 / Part 2. Royal King Records. 45 rpm. With Rev. Al Sharpton.
Jody Brown Indian Family
Southern Gospel
*I'm on the Highway. Custom NQD16064. 1999. CD.
*Just Blessed. Harbor NOD16382. 2000. CD.
*On the Warpath - Live. Harbor HMGC0100. 2001. CD.
*He's My Rock. Harbor 6468501282. 2001. CD.
*Where Is Your Faith? Crossroads CR02922. 2002. CD.
John Brown University Sound Generation
*God's Love. Impact R3230. 1973. LP.
John E. Brown
*Two Sermons. Word W6169. 196? LP.
Jonathan David Brown
*Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God. Nazarite. 1997.
Rev. Joseph Brown
Grace Memorial Hour Record, Inc.
Baltimore, MD
*The Prodical Son. RI3148. LP. Sermon. Cover has the correct ‘Prodigal’.
*Heaven. Custom R13293. 196? LP. Sermon.
*The Believers Warfare. RI3499. LP. Sermon.
*The Baptist in the Holy Spirit. RI3532. LP. Sermon.
Keith Brown
*This Side of Heaven. Star Song SSD8275. 1994. CD
*As Long As There Is Love. Curb D277807. 1995. CD.
Monica Brown
*God Is. Resource Publications. 1996.
Napoleon Brown and the Southern Sisters
Black gospel
Brown was from Charlotte, North Carolina. In the 1950's, he had five songs on the Top 100, all on Savoy, under the name Nappy Brown. Don't Be Angry (April 1955); Pitter Patter (July 1955); Little by Little (January 1957); It Don't Hurt No More (October 1958); and I Cried Like a Baby (December 1959).
*When I Get Inside. Savoy 14427. 1977. LP.
*Yes, I Know the Man from Galilee. Jewel JC2001. 1996. CD.
*Nite, Norm. Rock On; the Ilustrated Encyclopedia of Rock N Roll: The Solid Gold Years. New York: Crowell, 1974.
Phil and Lori Brown
*We Come As Two. American Artists AAS1297. 1971. LP. Also issued as DF8104. 197? No label. LP.
Rose Wallace Brown
*Prise Him, Praise Him. Creed LP3069. 1976. LP.
Ruth Brown
*Gospel Time. Philips PHS600-055. 1962. LP. Also Philips 852020. 1962. LP. (Holland). Also Lection 839315. LP.
Ryan Brown
*The Life and Times of Jesus the Christ. Worthless Records WRD 7003. 1997.
Scott Wesley Brown
*Scott Wesley Brown. Georgetown Record Corporation GT-001. 1973. LP.
*I Am a Christian. Newpax NP 33009. 1976. LP.
*I'm Not Religious, I Just Love the Lord. Sparrow SPR 1018. 1977. LP.
*Live in Concert. Seven Locks SLR100. 1978. LP.
*One Step Closer. Sparrow SPR 1029. 1979. LP.
*SWB. Sparrow SPR 1049. 1981. LP.
*Signature. Sparrow SPR 1061. 1982. LP.
*Kingdom of Love. Sparrow 1081. 1984. LP.
*All My Best. Sparrow SPR 1091. 1984. LP.
*Somebody's Brother. Sparrow 1112. 1985. LP.
*The Language of Jesus Is Love. Sparrow 1127. 1987. LP.
*Double Play. Sparrow SPD1186. 1988. CD. Reissue of SPR1091 / 1127.
*To the Ends of the Earth. Word 7019082602. 1988. CD.
*More Like You. Threefold TFD4226. 198? CD.
*Living in the Comfort Zone. Word 7019136605. 1990. CD.
*The Passionate Pursuit. Word 7019278507. 1991. CD.
*The Scott Wesley Brown Collection. Sparrow SPD1511. 1995. CD.
*Mission of Praise. Integrity 02382. 1995. CD.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of self-titled LP.
Steve Brown
*One Way Home. CCP LPS 2102. 1972? LP.
*Morning Prayers. CCP 1001. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
"Tarzen" Tony Brown
Former Blackwood Brothers pianist
*Plays Piano. Sumar LBS4305. 196? LP.
*Tarzen. BMC SLP4353. 197?
David Brown
*Blues in the Night. Outbound Records SPCN 7901121335. 1988. Also CS.
Blues in the Night
Songs: Everything with Breath. Fashion Dance. Letters. Never Never. Who’s Got the Right. Don’t Let’em Get Ahold of It. Jana. I’ll See You There. No One Else to Blame. Blues in the Night.
W. Lawson Brown
*Songs of Amazing Grace. Artists 700801. 197? LP.
Tedd Browne
Black Catholic folksinger
*This Little Light of Mine. Rite. 1968. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Tim Brownfield
*Heart with a Song. Cusrom / Fidelity Records CFS-2072. Stereo. 1969?
Harry Browning
see also Zion Mountain Folk.
*Things We Say and Do. C2095. 198? LP.
*Sweet Harmony. Lamb and Lion LL1067. 1982. LP.
*Push Back the Darkness. Lamb and Lion LLR3005. 1984. With Laury Boone.
*No Alibis. Lamb and Lion LLR03010. 1986? LP.
Band was Josh Cadieux - vocals, harmonica. Rick Williams - guitar, vocals, keyboards. Mark Jaquette - drums, percussion. Willams at one time was a member of The Jesus People USA commune.
*Save the Roaches. Aaugh! Records. 1990.
*The Great Bug and Roach Swindle: 1990-1998 (Best of...). 1998.
*Songs from the Little Brown Church Hymnal. RCA Victor LSP2345. 1961. LP.
*This Young Land. RCA Victor LSP2860. 196? LP. Germany.
*The Old Country Church. RCA Victor LSP3798. 1967. LP.
*Family Bible. Step One SOR0092. 198?
Brown's Chapel Youth Choir
*Look for Me at Jesus' Feet. Mark Five BC5222. 197? LP.
Brown's Ferry Four
Country Gospel. Alton Delmore, Rabon Delmore (1916-1952), Grandpa (Louis M.) Jones, and Merle Travis. Red Foley (1910-1968) replaced Merle Travis on some albums
*Sacred Songs. King LP551. 1957. LP.
*Sacred Songs Volume II. King LP590. LP.
*16 Sacred Gospel Songs. King LP822. 1961. LP. Reissued: King Records KCD-822. 1997. CD.
*Wonderful Sacred Songs. King LP943. 1965. LP.
*Grandpa Jones Remembers the Brown's Ferry Four. Monument MLP 8041. 1966. LP.
*16 Greatest Hits. Starday SD3017. 196? LP. Reissued: Gusto GT3017. 198? CS only. Reissued: Starday SD3017. 1997. CD.
*16 Sacred Songs Volume II. Pine Mountain PMR250. 196? LP.
*Sacred Songs. Pine Mountain PMR251. 196? LP.
16 Greatest Hits of the Brown's Ferry Four
Over in the Gloryland. Heaven Eternal for Me. When the Redeemed Are Gathering In. You Must Be Born Again. What Shall I Do With Jesus. Praise God! He Loves Everybody. Arm of God. Can't You Hear Him Calling. Everybody Will Be Happy Over There. Rock of Ages Hide Thou Me. Lord Is Watching Over Me. When the Good Lord Cares. Eternity Without Him. Bound for the Shore. If We Never Meet Again. Will the Circle be Unbroken.
16 Sacred Gospel Songs
Grandpa Jones and the Brown's Ferry Four.
Grandpa Jones: Come and Dine. Dark As a Dungeon. Our Fathers Had Religion. Jonah and the Whale. Light in His Soul. That Depot in the Sky. Get Back on the Glory Road. 144,000 Were There. Brown's Ferry Four: The Arm of God. Can't You Hear Him Calling. Eternity Without Him. Bound for the Shore. Heaven Eternal for Me. What Shall I Do with Jesus. Praise God! He Loves Everybody. You Must Be Born Again.
Grandpa Jones Remembers the Browns Ferry Four
Sung and played by Grandpa Jones, Merle Travis, Ramona Jones and Red Rector.
On the Jericho Road. I'll Meet You in the Morning. When I Get to the End of the Way. No Tears in Heaven. Gone Home. Turn Your Radio On. Keep on the Firing Line. Just Over in the Glory Land. Old Camp Meetin' Time. Empty Mansion. The Glory Land Way.
Singing Browns
*Don't Wait Too Late. Sing MSP9035. 197? LP.
Dave Brubaker
*Didn't He. Dynamic DMI51575. 197? LP.
*Guiding My Life. Dynamic DMI51588. 197? LP.
*Jesus I Will. Dynamic DMI51611. 197? LP.
*Different World. Dynamic DMI51646. 197? LP.
Dave Brubeck
Jazz pianist
*Truth Is Fallen. Atlantic Sd 1606. 1972. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
George Bruchey
*These Hands of Mine. Baldwin 8113. 197? LP.
Bruised Violet
Mesa, Arizona
*Bruised Violet. Lizardville 020. 1989. Custom CS.
Michelle Roseburrough: vocals. Joe Domikaitis: Vocals, guitar, keyboards, drum machine.
Songs: Change My Heart. Wasting All My Time. Can I Be. Say Goodbye. Masquerade. When I Receive (Your Reconciliation). Insecurity. My Lover. He and I Will Try (may also be titled He Will and I’ll Try: from the lyrics).
Recorded at Lizardville YSA. Produced and engineered by Joe Domikaitis.
Albert E. Brumley
Brumley was born in Powell, Missouri. Owned several music publishing firms and composed many gospel songs. Some of his compositions are "I'll Fly Away." "I'll Meet You in the Morning." "Jesus Hold My Hand." "There's a Little Pine Log Cabin." "If We Never Meet Again."
Albert Brumley, Jr.
*The Albert Brumley Showcase. Sesac 1701/02. 196? LP.
*Legendary Gospel Favorites. Memory Lane MV19861. 1986. LP.
*Sentimental Favorites. Memory Lane. MV19862. 1986. LP.
*Sings Albert Brumley. Aas AAL1020. 198? LP.
Brungart Family
*Climbing Up the Mountain. Queensgate 6011Q8. 197? LP.
*Feeling at Home. Queensgate 7011Q5. 197? LP.
*Something Special Queensgate 8111Q3. 197? LP.
Nick Bruno
*Listenin' Gospel. Hymntime HLP7264. 197? LP. Piano music.
Rev. Milton Brunson and the Thompson Community Singers
*Joy. Creed CR3078. 1977. LP.
*To All Generations. Creed CR3091. 1979. LP.
*No Man Is an Island. Hob HBX2119. 197? LP. Reissued: Hob HBD3534. 1995. CD.
*Moods, Images and Reflections. Hob HBX2171. 1974. LP.
*It's Gonna Rain. Myrrh MSB6696. 1982. LP.
*Miracle Live. Myrrh MSB6763. 1984. LP.
*There Is Hope. Rejoice 701500528X. 1986. LP.
*If I Be Lifted Up. Rejoice 7015014289. 1987. LP.
*Available to You. Rejoice 7015027291. 1988. CS number.
*Open Our Eyes. Word 701911602. 1990. CD.
*My Mind Is Made Up. Word 7019269508. 1992. CD.
*I'll Trade a Lifetime. Hob HOB3503. 1992. CD.
*Jesus Is Just Alright. Hob HOB3518. 1992. CD.
*He's Able to Carry You Through. Hob HBD3528. 1994. CD.
*Through God's Eyes. Word 7019406602. 1994. CD.
*Shout. Word / Elektra EK67303. 1995. CD.
*I Thank God. Hob HBD3540. 1995. CD.
*Greatest Hits Vol. 1. Word / Elektra EK67641. 1996. CD.
*I Love the Name Jesus. Hob HBD3542. 1996. CD.
*Down Here Lord. Hob HBD3544. 1996. CD. With Jessy Dixon.
*The Best Of. Nashboro NASH45302. 1996.
*He's Still Good. Word 7019916600. 1997. CD. Reissue of 70s music.
Brush Arbor
*Brush Arbor. Capitol ST11158. 1973. LP.
*Brush Arbor II. Capitol ST11209. 1973. LP.
*Page One. Monument MG6637. 1976. LP.
*Straight. Monument MG7613. 1977. LP.
*Hide Away. Myrrh MSB-6624. 1979. LP.
*Hero. Myrrh MSB-6664. 1981. LP.
*I Will Follow. Myrrh MSB-6789. 1983. LP and CS. Also number: 7016739384.
*Live / Centerstage. Light LS 5873. 1985. LP.
*When I'm Lonely. Sound. 198? LP.
*It Took Jesus. New Wind NW1102. 198? LP.
*Brush Arbor. Benson 8441822514. 1994. CD.
*The Way the River Runs. Benson 8441842604. CD.
I Will Follow
Songs: Then Came You. Have I Got a Story for You. Love Is All I Need. Praise His Name. I Will Follow. I Got You. It’s All Right. Psalm 103. Dancin’ with the Angels. Let’s All Go Down to the River.
Brushwood Laurel
*Build Me a Cabin. Tyloa 34760. 1979. LP.
*South on 41. ProBuColls Assoc. JMF-1002. 1981. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of Build Me a Cabin.
Rev. and Mrs. Otto W. Brustad
Church of the Lutheran Brethren
*He Is Just the Same Jesus. Phoenix Entertainment LP100. LP. 1970s?
He Is Just the Same Jesus
Alf Soholt: piano, organ. Tim Sparks and Wes Brustad: guitar tracks. Wes and Karla Brustad and the children Jason and Robbie: vocals. Mrs. Brustad: autoharp.
Side 1: He Is Just the Same Jesus (P. P. Bilhorn 2:48). Lovest Thou Me (William J. Gaither 2:56). Jesus Is a Friend to Me (Gillman Moe 2:34). If This Isn't Love (Dottie Rambo 2:11). Jesus Is Real to Me (George H. Carr 2:40). Happiness (William J. Gaither 2:44). Side 2: Heaven Came Down (John W.Peterson 3:01). Wonderful Name (Alfred B. Smith / John W.Peterson 3:19). The Lord Is Counting on You (Stuart Hamblen 3:05). What a Day That Will Be (Jim Hill 2:35). Behold the Lamb of God (Lauro Tjosvold Olson 2:29).
Wes Brustad: producer and arranger. Graphic design: Michael Holden. Recorded at the Ebenezer Lutheran Brethren in Minneapolis and Phoenix Studios, Minneapolis.
Alan Bryan
*20th Century Great Men of God. Eden 2675C1. LP.
Anita Bryant
*Abiding Love. Columbia CS8567. 1962. LP. Also: CL1767 - mono.
*Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory. Columbia CS9373. 1966. LP. Also: CL2573 - mono.
*I Believe. Columbia CS9506. 1967. LP.
*Christmas with Anita Bryant. Columbia CS9520. Also: CL2720 - mono.
*Country’s Best. Columbia. 1963. LP.
*In a Velvet Mood. Columbia. LP.
*How Great Thou Art. Columbia CS9642. LP.
*Abide with Me. Word. WST8532. 1971. LP.
*Love Lifted Me. Word WST8540. 1972. LP.
*Naturally. Myrrh MST6513. 1972. LP.
*The Miracle of Christmas. Word WST8558. 1972. LP.
*Battle Hymn of the Republic. Word WST8571. 1973. LP.
*Anita Bryant. Harmony HS11280. LP.
*Do You Hear What I Hear? Harmony KH30674. LP.
*Sweet Hour of Prayer. Harmony KH32081. 1973. LP. Reissue of early Columbia material.
*This Is My Story. Word WST8631. 1975. LP.
*All Time Favorite Hymns. Word WST8652. 1975. LP.
*Old Fashioned Prayin'. Word WST8670. 1976. LP.
*Precious Memories. Word WST8706. 1976. LP.
*Singing a New Song. Word WST8785. 1977. LP.
Larry Bryant
*The Artist. Light Records LS 5851. 1984. LP.
Singing Bryants
*By Request. Trail TSRC0881. 197? LP.
Last name is Gersmehl. Played in Rachel Rachel - vocals, keyboards.
Vicki Bryson
*Hold On. Chapel S5663. 197?

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williamsivy said...

Elder Benjamin Broadie
*Let My People Go b/w Prayer Meeting in Hell. Coleman 6000. 1948? 78rpm. With the Ivory Gospel Singers.

My father is the founder of the ivory gospel singers. He is 89 now. Do you have a copy of this selection?