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Bubba and Company
*We've Come to Lift Our Praises. Custom SBLJCM121185. 1986. LP.
Bubblebaby Experience
No information on this band.
Greg Buchanan
*Harp Praise. Bread and Honey W-bhr-133. 1985. LP.
*Sleepers, Wake! Integrity Music 08514. 1995. CS. Label: Mobile, Alabama.
Sleepers, Wake!
Songs: Give Thanks. Right Where You Are. Lamb of God. When I Look into Your Holiness. Meditation (based on Prelude in C by J. S. Bach). More Precious Than Silver. Sleepers, Wake! (Wachet auf). Jesus Is Alive. Fairest Loes Jesus. Not by Might Nor Power. A Mighty Fortress Is Our God.
Greg Buchanan: harp. Orchestra: Nashville String Machine, Carl Gorodetzky, conductor. Recorded at Soundtrek, Kansas City. Producer: Larry Dalton. Executive producers: Michael Coleman and Doe Moen.
Kirby Buchanan
*Songs of Faith and Inspiration. Starday SLP108. 1963. LP.
*Country and Western Gospel. Diplomat Records DS2602. 196? LP. Buchanan songs: Precious Lord Take My Hand. My God Is Real.
Songs of Faith and Inspiration
A Satisfied Mind. In Times Like These. Lead Me Home. Sittin' by the Creek. If You Know the Lord. Black Land Farmer. Wonderful Quest. Lord Keep Your Hand on Me. God Is Real. Isn't He Wonderful. Boat of Life. Lost Son.
Vocal accompaniment: the Jordanaires. Recorded at Bradley Studio, Nashville.
Name changed to Buck Enterprises, late 2000.
*Stops Here. Blind Sheep Records. No date. 1997?
Stops Here
Dan Reynolds: lead vocals. Mark Fahlstrom: trombone. Josh Minard: lead guitar. Joe Burm: saxophone. Rick Jacoby: bass. Todd Cole: drums. Brian Yee: guitar, vocals. Dave Reynolds: trumpet. Nicole Houston: vocals on "Happy Song."
Songs: I Wanna Serve (Mark Altrogge / Dan Reynolds). Gave Us Life (Josh Minard / Buck). Change Me (Dan Reynolds / Buck). Joe Cool (Dan Reynolds / Buck). Happy Song. Fruit (Dan / Buck). Free (Josh Minard / Buck). Preacher Man (Jennette Radder). Our World (Dan Reynolds / Rick Jacoby / Buck). How Many Times (Rick Jacoby / Dan Reynolds / Buck). Lift Me Up (Rick Jacoby / Dan Reynolds / Buck). Stops Here
Comments: Lyric insert lists first song as "Serve the Purpose."
Carlton Buck
*Hour Divine: Songs of Carlton Buck. Century 22001. LP. With Frieda Buck.
Dorsie Buck
Fairfax, VA
*Praise Him for Evermore. Mark Custom Recording MC-8324. LP.
Praise Him for Evermore
Side 1: Praise Him (2:15). Why Do You Love Me (2:13). Thanks Be (2:32). I Corinthians 13 (3:17). The World as Wide (3:07). Dream On (3:04). Side 2: He’s Coming (1:50). What Can This World Be Coming to? (2:58). You Are My Father (2:13). Relinquish unto the Lord (1:42). Christmas Song (3:10). I’ve Got the Spirit (2:55). So Many Think They Are Alone (1:51).
Natchitiches, Lousiana. Style is slam core. Circa 1997.
Johnny Bucket
*I'm Using My Bible for a Roadmap. Fortune FS3009. 197? LP.
Lois Buckley
*Lois Buckley. Dovetail DOVE5. 1974. LP. (UK).
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Sid Buckley
*Sings about the Lord, Life and Liberty. Freedom FR9847. 197? LP.
Jan Buckner
see Wendy Bagwell
*Revived. Homeland HD9906. 1999. CD.
Ken Budjenska
*The Beggar and the King. Cornerstone CS 1001. 1980? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Buffalo Bills
*We Gather Together. Columbia CL1539. 1959. LP.
Jack Buice
*His Way. Mine the Cup HY1266. 197? LP.
Building 429
*Rise. Word / Curb / Warner Bros. WD2-886405. 2006. CD.
*Iris to Iris. WD2-887093. 2007. CD.
Jason Roy: lead vocals, guitar. Scotty Beshears: bass. Michael Anderson: drums. Jesse Garcia: guitar, piano, vocals.Additional musicians: Ken Lewis: drum and percussion guru. George Cocchini: maestro of guitar tones. Paul Bowden: guitars. Tom Bukovac: acoustic guitar. LoveSponge Quartet: David Davidson: violin; David Angell: violin; Kristin Wilkinson: viola; Monisa Angell: viola; Matt Walker: cello. Additional backing vocals: Michael Mellett. Duet on ;Empty’ with Michael Tait.
Songs: Searching for a Savior (Jason Roy). Fearless (Jason Roy / Jesse Garcia). Home (Michael Anderson . Scotty Beshears / Jesse Garcia / Jason Roy). I Belong to You (Jason Roy). Fighting to Survive (Jason Roy). Because You’re Mine (Mac Powell / Jason Roy ‘ Scotty Beshears / Jesse Garcia). I Believe (with Jesus Is the Answer) (Jeffrey Pence / Eliot Sloan / Matt Senatore); Jesus Is the Answer: Andrae and Sandra Crouch. Rise (Jason Roy). Now That It’s Over (Jason Roy / Scotty Beshears / Jesse Garcia). Empty (with Michael Tait) (Jason Roy). Alive (Jason Roy / Scotty Beshears / Michael Anderson / Jesse Garcia).
Executive producer: Otto Price. Produced by Monroe Jones. Engineered by Jim Dineen at The Bennett House, Franklin, TN; Masterlink Studio, Nashville and The Hidout Studio, Franklin, TN; assisted by Chris Yoakum. Mixed by Shane D. Wilson at Pentavarit, Nashville; assisted by Peter Carlson. Mastered by Andrew Mendelson at Georgetown Masters in Nashville using the HDCD process. Digital editing by John Baldwin and Brent Kaye. Creative direction and cover: Katherine Petillo. Sr. creative administration: Blair Berle. Design: Bethany Newman for Photography: Aaron Rapoport. Warerope styling: David Kaufman. Grooming: Erin Gallagher for Koko Reps.
Build to Be Broken
Orlando, FL
*The Reason to the Rhyme. Custom. 2008? CD.
The Reason to the Rhyme
David ‘Ben’ Kuriakose: guitars, piano, vocals. Stephen ‘Tony’ George: bass, vocals. Stence ‘Tom” George: drujms, misc. percussion, vocals. Special guests: Alexander Johnson: keyboards on Midnight Soliloquy, It’s Alright, Left or Right, A.S.W.A.N., More, and By the Lake. Javier “Milkk” Salgado: vocals, spoken word on The Silence and A.S.W.A.N. Glenn Feit: spoken word, misc. percussion on The Silence, Midnight, Left or Right. Courtney Feit: spoken word on By the Like.
Songs: Carry On (Straight, Narrow and Blind). The Silence. Midnight Soliloquy. It’s Alright. Left or Right. Another Shot in the Dark. A.S.W.A.N. (feat. Milkk). More. By the Lake. Lull the Three. Thirty Shekel Hymm.
Produced and recorded by Glenn Feit and Built to Be Broken. Mixed and mastered by Glenn Feit. Graphic design by Carlos Burgos. All songs written by David “Ben” Kuriakose. Music by Built to Be Broken.
Jim Bullard
*The Things We've Handed Down. Genesis 50002. 1997. CD.
Jon Buller
*Sinner and Saint. True Tunes. 2000. CD.
Bullock Brothers
*Sinner Man, Jesus Is Waiting. Casa Grande CG218. 1980. LP.
Deanna Bullock
*One of These Days It Will Be Over. Jordan LP41043. 197? LP.
Geoff Bullock
*The Power of Your Love. Maranatha 7019691501. 1996.
Verne Bullock
*Gonna Change Your Heart. Custom. 1971. LP.
*Uriah. Custom CFS3333. 1973. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of Uriah.
Bully Bait
*Three song demo. 2002? CS. Aaron: guitar, vocals. Andy: bass. Andrew: drums. On Geek Boy Records.
*An Evening at the Feelings. BulletProof Music D3015. 1998. CD.
An Evening at the Feelings
Jared Siebert: vocals, guitars. Jason Erb: bass, synthesizers, piano, Rhodes, organ, backing vocals, vocals on "Protagonist" and "Time Must Have a Stop." Tim Forbes: drums, percussion, samples, loops, supporting vocals, synthesizer on "Self-Effacing Deity"
Songs: Music by Bumblepuppy.
Lyrics by Jason Erb, except as noted
Earth Summit (Erb / Siebert). Nancy Meets Nostradamus. Flicker Flash. Dead Room (Siebert). Self-Effacing Deity. Silver Blue (Erb / Siebert). The Insane Protagonist. My Supercountry. The Brink (Siebert). Time Must Have a Stop.
Producer and engineer: Matt Baetz. Assistant engineer: Tim Forbes. Mixed by Baetz and Forbes. Recorded at Renaissance Music and the Dead Room.
Bumpus Hounds
Cedar Parl, Texas
*The Pit Dug for the Wicked. Fff Music. Custom CS. 1990?
The Pit…
Eric Shirey: lyrics and vocals, except for a small part by Oatmeal. All music written by Oatmel except ‘Sanctuary’ by Wally Shaw and Icon Tack. Guest appearances: Stephen Wagers and MC White E on ‘Temple’.
Side 1: World Ends. Blind Hate. Temple. Thrown Away. Sanctuary. Side 2: empty.
Recorded, produced and engineered by Wally Shaw.
David D. Bunch
*Songs of My Soul. Golden Throne NR14899. 1983. LP.
Lowell and Susan Burch
*Born from Above. Proclamation CS0077. 1980.
Burden Lifters
*Bless the Children. Williams 327. 45rpm. Label: Petersburg, Virginia.
Anthony Burger
*Piano Classics. Riversong LP8301. 1983. LP.
*The Greatest Hits of the Kingdom. Riversong LP3760. 1984. CS.
*Expressions of My Heart. Riversong R02440. 1988. LP.
*20 Southern Gospel Piano Favorites. Riversong 8441822222. 1990.
*Piano Classics II. Pinnacle PRC-113. 1991.
*Precious Memories. Pinnacle PRC2113. 1992.
*An Anthony Burger Christmas. Pinnacle PRC3113. 1993.
*Burnin' It Up. Pinnacle PRC4113. 1994.
*A Mighty Fortress. Homeland HC9405. 1994. CS.
*God's Country. Homeland HC9508. 1995. CS.
*All Aboard. Parable PB00572. 1999. CD.
Dan Burgess
*Thank You Lord. Light LS5662. 1975. LP.
*Songs You'll Want to Sing. Light LS5730. 1977. LP.
*Celebrate His Life. Light LS5750. 1979.
*Fill My Life. Light LS5774. 1981. LP.
*Press On. Good Life GLP323. 1983. LP.
*Men, We're Singing Tonight. Good Life GLP335. 1983. LP.
*Come to Know Him. Good Life GLP341. 1984. LP.
*His Love Endures. Good Life GLP372. 1984. LP.
Rev. John Burk
*Sacred Songs. KB 2213. 10 inch. LP.
Sacred Songs
Side 1: Follow Me. When I Get Up to Heaven. Ship Ahoy. Now I Belong to Jesus. Side 2: It’s Real. The Prodigal Son. Overshadowed. The Love of God.
Gwynne Burke
*Barn. Star Productions BN1028. 1981. LP.
Jerry Burke
*Sweet Hour of Prayer. Hamilton HL12131. 196? LP.
*Hymns We Love. Ranwood R8062. 1971. LP.
Sweet Hour of Prayer
Songs include: Rock of Ages. Blest Be the Tie That Binds. Abide with Me. Holy, Holy, Holy. Just as I Am, Without One Plea. Sweet Hour of Prayer. Beautiful Saviour. Softly and Tenderly. The Lord's Prayer. Onward Christian Soldiers. How Great Thou Art. Nearer My God to Thee.
John Burke
*The Clouds of Glory. Jalyn LP133. 196? LP.
*Bluegrass Gospel. Jalyn LP137. 196? LP.
Leland Burke
*Something Right. Solid Gospel SG7772.1990. CS.
Solomon Burke
*Lord, I Need a Miracle Right Now. Savoy SL14660. 1981. LP.
*Into My Life You Came. Savoy SL14679. 1982. LP.
*Take Me, Shake Me. Savoy SL14717. 1983. LP.
*Solomon Burke. Savoy SC-14738. 1984. CS and LP.
Solomon Burke
Songs: This Is His Song. I Know He Lives in Me. In the Garden. I’m Gonna Praise Him. Reach Out. Plant My Feet on Higher Ground. Somebody Touched Me.
Bill Burkett
*I Love to Tell the Story. Keynote Records. LP.
I Love to Tell the Story
Songs: I Love to Tell the Story. Why Me. The Last Mile of the Way. Sheltered in the Arms of God. We’ll Talk It Over. Jesus Loves Me. Reach out to Jesus. I Asked the Lord. Mansion over the Hilltop. One Day Too Late.
Lowell and David Burkum
*Let Him Shine on You. Tempo R7110. 1975. LP.
Burlap to Cashmere
*Anybody out There. Squint 7012556269. 1998. CD.
*Live at the Bitter End. Squint 7012673265. 1999. CD.
Burleson Family
*Lately. Custom.
Side 1: Lately. Touch of Masters Hand. I Find No Fault in Him. Lamb of God. Ten Thousand Angels. Promises. Side 2: Help Me. From the Start. He’s the Hand on My Shoulder. Lucky Man. Precious Memories. Come on Down.
Donald Burling
*Come Unto Me. Great Circle GCR1047. 1981. LP.
Ann Burnem
*Songs You'll Remember. Heart Warming LPHF1835. 1966. LP.
Charlie "Bush" Burnett
*Charlie "Bush" Burnett. Lad LPS3023. 197? LP.
T-Bone Burnett
see also Alpha Band
*Truth Decay. Takoma TAK 7080. 1980. LP and CS. Demon FIEND 71. 1986 (UK).
*Proof Through the Night. Warner Bros. 1-23921. 1983. Side Effects FIEND 14 (UK).
*Trap Door. Side Effects VEX 2. 1984 (UK). Also Warner Brothers. 1982.
*Behind the Trap Door. Demon VEX 3. 1984 (UK). LP.
*The Talking Animals. Columbia BFC 40792. 1988. LP.
*The Criminal Under My Own Hat. Columbia CK45213. 1992. CD.
12 inch vinyl
*The Killer Moon. Columbia CAS 2772. 1988. (3:57). Taken from the album’The Talking Animals.’ (T Bone Burnett / M. Burnett / P. Case).
Truth Decay
David Miner: bass. David Kemper: drums. David Mansfield: guitar. With: Billy Swan. Jerry McGee. Gary Montgomery. Stephen Bruton. K. O. Thomas. Steven Soles. Jude Johnstone.
All songs by T-Bone Burnett, except as noted
Side 1: Quicksand (3:54). Talk Talk Talk Talk Talk (3:40). Boomerang (Mansfield / Soles / Burnett 4:15). Love at First Sight (4:11). Madison Avenue (2:35). Driving Wheel (Swan / Burnett 3:10). Side 2: Come Home (Mansfield / Burnett 4:22). Power of Love (2:54). House of Mirrors (3:30). Tears Tears Tears (2:30). Pretty Girls (4:00). I’m Coming Home (4:00).
“This record is dedicated to Dr. Joseph Lebensohn, who doesn’t happen to be a dentist, but who does know a lot about truth decay.”
Director: Denny Bruce. Producer: Reggie Fisher. Recordist: Geoff Gillette. Mixdown: Larry Hirsch. Photographer: Nick Rozsa.
The Demon LP has a different cover. Art director: John Flemming.
Proof Through the Night
Side 1: The Murder Weapon (4:29). Fatakky Beautiful (4:21). After All These Tears (3:11). Baby Fall Down (3:00). The Sixties (5:30. Side 2: Stunned (3:50). Pressure (3:30). Hula Hoop (T-Bone Burnett / John Flemming / Roscoe West / Arthur Buster 3:13). When the Night Falls (3:54). Hefner and Disney (3:47). Shut It Tight (3:56).
Musicians: T-Bone Burnett. David Mansfield. David Miner. Jerry Marotta. Ry Cooder. Stan Lynch. Mick Ronson. Richard Thomson. Pete Townshend. Masakazu Yoshizawa. Vocals: T-Bone Burnett. The Williams Brothers.
Produced: Jeff Eyrich. Recorded by Dennis Kirk. Mixed: Mark Ettel. Associate producers on ‘Shut It Tight’: the Chelew Bros. Recorded at Ocean Way Recording, LA, CA, Eel Pie Studios, London, England and Sound Factory, LA, CA. Mixed at Ocean Way Recording. Assistant engineers: Tony Chiappa, Jules Bowen. Originally mastered by Bernie Grundman. Photography: Frank Gargani. Art director: Jeri McManus. Direction: Nancy Clarke and Al Schlesinger.
The Talking Animals
All songs by T-Bone Burnett, except as noted
Side One: The Wild Truth (3:35). Monkey Dance (4:38). Image (4:01). Dance, Dance, Dance (2:44). The Killer Moon (T-Bone Burnett / M. Burnett / P. Case 5:56). Side Two: Relentless (3:23). Euromad (4:20). Purple Heart (T-Bone Burnett / Bono 4:35). You Could Look It Up (2:39). The Strange Case of Frank Cash and the Morning Paper (T-Bone / Tonio K 5:23).
Musicians: T Bone Burnett: guitar. David Rhodes: guitar. Mickey Curry. Tony Levin: bass. Jerry Scheff: bass. T-Bone Wolk: bass. Mitchell Froom: harmonium, electric piano, clavinet. Tom Canning: piano and Sexteto Mayor. Singers: T Bone Burnett, Cait O’Riordan, Ruben Blades, Ludmila, Peter Case, Bono, Tonio K, David Rhodes. Produced by David Rhodes and T Bone Burnett. Recorded bt Tchad Blake. Manager: Ellen Darst / Mambo Management, Inc. Design by Stacy Drummond. Cover painting by Jan McComas. Photography by Armando Gallo.
Greenville, South Carolina. Circa 1996 -97.
Burning Bush
Pennsylvania. Circa 1997. Cory is spokesman.
Burning Candles
Full name: TBS and the Burning Candles
Zwolle, Netherlands
*Ik Wil u Volgen” and 3 other songs. 45rpm. Beat and folk style. Dated around 1967.
Burning Icons
*Burning Icons. Custom CS. 1993. Songs: Child of Fire. Cell of Safety. Why. Fall to Me.
Linda Black: vocals, lyrics. John Bornheimer: guitars, vocals. Andrew Delapp: drums. George Hochbrueckner: guitars, gadgets and gizmos. Anthony Jeffrey: bass.
Recorded at Lighthouse Recording in Churchville, New York (near Rochester) on February 20, 1993. All lyrics by Linda Black, all music by Burning Icons.
Clyde Burns
Burns was a "song evangelist."
*Point Me to the Cross. LP.
*At the Cross. LP.
*Great Big Wonderful God. LP.
*Time Is Precious. LP. LP.
Burns Family
Albertville, Alabama
*"Voices Calling" (C. C. Calvert 2:03) b/w "Roll, Jordan, Roll" (traditional 2:23). Prestige Productions PP69-349. 1969? 45rpm.
Terry and Beth Burns
*Calvary. Mus-I-Col 101527. 197? LP.
Charles Burpo
*Sings Hymns. Custom BL7851. 196? LP.
*Sings Hymns. Custom BL7852. 196? LP.
*For God and Country. Custom BI788. 196? LP.
*I Won't Have to Cross Jordan Alone. Custom. 1969. LP.
Marjorie Burr
*Three song CS. January 20, 1990. May have been sent for the 1990 Cornerstone Festival.
Kim Burrell
*Try Me Again. Pearl 1002. 1997.
*Everlasting Life. Tommy Boy TBCD1249. 1998. CD.
*Live in Concert. Tommy Boy TBCD1450. 2001. CD.
Bob Burroughs
*God So Loved. Diadem DLP320. 1972. LP.
*Now Hear It Again. Broadman LPS458506. 197? LP.
Paul Burroughs
*The Child of the King. Gospeltone GT101. 196? LP.
Alfred Burt
*Caroling, Caroling. Light LS5813. 1982. LP.
Eddie Burton
*I Can Hardly Wait. 3rd Day 75011. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Burton Family
*The Gospel Singing Burton Family Sings with C. E. Dozier. Sacred SKR LP1077. 196? LP. Country . Southern gospel.
Katherine Burton
Violinist. Works in the schools of Philadelphia
*I’ll Fly Away. CD. 200?
Sonnie Burton
African-American singer
*PTL. Golden Voice 200-23. 197? LP.
Wendell Burton
*Wendell. Lamb and Lion LL 1036. 1978. LP.
*Shinin' Thru the Rain. Lamb and Lion LL 1042. 1979. LP and CS
*Closer. Lamb and Lion LLR 3002. 1983. LP.
*Heart of Eternity. Lamb and Lion LLR 3006. 1985. LP.
Chet McCracken: drums, vibes. Jim Fielder: bass. Keith Green: piano. Art Munson: electric guitar, 12 string guitar. Richard Souther: organ, string harp, synthesizer. Mike Carnahan: sax, flute. Dave Siebels: keyboards, piano, electric piano, clavinet. Al Perkins: steel guitar. Wendell Burton: acoustic guitar. Rick Cantu: percussion, bell chimes. Dan Collins, Jamie Owens Collins, Hazel Burton: backing vocals. Gene Gunnels: drums. Herbie Melton: bass. Larry Myers: mandolin, fiddles, electric mandolin. Gary Rowles: dobro.
All songs by Wendell Byrton, except as noted
Side 1: Brand New Life (3:34). Free and Easy (Wendell Burton / O. J. Sundquist 3:18). Wonderful (4:49). Good Ol’ Gospel Feeling (4:00). Fly Away (3:44). Side 2: Hey World (3:27). Night Train (4:02). Jesus I’m Asking You (3:40). Holy Boldness (3:27). Stone by Stone (3:38).
Produced by Dan Collins. Photography and art direction: Paul Diederich. Cover design: Liza McDonald. Engineers: Jack Joseph Puig, Dennis Drake and Buck Herring. Recorded: United Western Studios, Hollywood; Martin Sound, Alhambra; Buckskin Studio, Northridge. Mixdown: Jack Joseph Puig, Martin Sound; Jonathan David Brown, Studio 55. String arrangements: Jim Stipech, Sid Sharp Strings.
Shinin’ Thru the Rain
Keyboards and synthesizers: Richard Souther and Clark Gassman. Guitars: Richie Zito, Tim May, Dan Ferguson, Al Perkins. Sitar: George Doering. Synthesized electric bass: Leon Gaer. Saxaphone: Gary Wilson. Harmonica: David McKelvy. Drums: Paul Leim. Percussion: Dan Collins. Strings: Sid Sharp. Backing vocals: Jamie Owens Collins, Lindy Boone-Corbin, Dan Collins, Wendell Burton, Rebecca Sherburn.
All songs by Wendell Burton, except as noted
Side 1: It’s Your Love (4:30). Shinin’ Thru the Rain (3:09). Patti’s Song (3:23). The King Is Coming Soon (Burton / Kemper Crabbe 3:36). Mighty River (Burton / Bryan MacLean 3:37). Side 2: Guru (3:48). I Found the Way (Burton / Keith Green 3:12). Father of Love (A wedding prayer) (3:08). Lay Them Down (3:33). Here Am I, Sent Me (Burton / Green 4:38).
Produced by Dan Collins. Arranged by Clark Gassman. Engineered by Jack Puig. Art direction and design: Stan Everson. Photography: Gary Heery. Recorded and mixed at Martinsound Studios, Alhambra, CA. Mastering: MCA-Whitney by Steve Hall.
Drums: Buster Phillips, Joe English. Bass: Larry Paxton, Tim Smith. Keyboards: Shane Keister, John Lawry, Roger Morris, Booby Wood. Synthesizers: John Lawry, Roger Morris, Shane Keister, Tom Howard. Acoustic guitars: Wendell Burton, Joe Wilson. Electric guitars: Joe Wilson. Sax: Donnie Sanders. Synthsized percussion: Joe English, Dan Collins. Backing vocals: Patti Burton, Donna McElroy, Randy Thompson, Vickie Wilson, Lynn Kellogg, Christie Houser, Tom Howard, Dan Collins, Wendell Burton. Strings arranged by Kristen Wilkinson, except ‘America’, by Allen Moore.
All songs by Wendell, except as noted
Side 1: Spreading All over the World (3:52). Just Like You (3:04). Who He Is (3:24). The Battle Is Alreadt Won (Burton / Keith Green 3:50). Come to Me (3:27). Side 2: America (5:17). Today’s the Day (3:34). Only Be Strong (4:11). Greatly Rejoice (Wendell and Patti Burton 4:04). To Be Like Jesus (John Gowans / John Larsson 2:46).
Produced and recorded by Joe Wilson at Master’s Touch, Nashville. Mixed by Dan Collins with Bill Cobb at Poiema Studios, Camarillo, CA, except ‘Who He Is’, mixed at Martin Sound, Alhambra, CA. ‘America’ was mixed by Joe Wilson at Glaser Brothers Studio, Nashville. Cover design and photography by Terry Hunter. Lyric sheet design by Marlene Bergman. Puzzle by The Puzzle People, Inc.
Heart of Eternity
Bass: Dave Coy, Jimmy Johnson. Guitar: Dann Huff, Hadley Hockensmith, Wayne Brasel. Drums: Dave McSparran. Keyboards: John Campbell, Tom Howard, Smitty Price. Percussion: Harry Stinson. Woodwinds: Jon Clark, Barb Nirthcutt, Jenice Rosen, James Isaacs. Backing vocals: Dori Howard, Christie Houser, John Laird, Bill Batstone, Tom Howard.
Side 1: Arise, Shine (Wendell Burton / Marty Goetz 4:05). Face to Face (Burton 4:09). Least of These (Tom Howard 4:22). Break My Heart (Steve Camp / Rob Frazier 3:18). Your Love Flows On (Burton 4:12). Side 2: Shout (Burton / Goetz 3:18). Little Blue Eyes (Wendell and Patti Burton 4:32). Lonely Boy in Kansas (Burton 5:29). Benediction (Burton / Howard 4:20).
Produced and arranged by Tom Howard. Engineered by Wally Grant. Mixed by Chris Taylor. Engineer assistance: Mike Ross, Tim Robertstad. Recorded at Weddington Studio, North Hollywood, CA. Mixed at White Field Studio, Santa Ana, CA. Cover illustration: Barry Phillips. Jacket design: Stan Everson Design, Inc. Lyric sheet design: Steve Cox.
Fairfield, Ohio
*Travelin’ On. Rite Record Productions. LP.
Travelin’ On
Dan Burton: piano. Grady Burton, Jr.: electric guitar. Chester Barnett: bass. Andy Kunick: drums. Junior Boyer: steel guitar.
Side 1: Rainbows of Happiness. Miracles Will Happen on That Day. What Heaven Means to Me. I Feel Like Travelin’ On (musical). I’ll Be No Stranger Up There. Side 2: A Great, Great Day. The Holy Hills. I’ll Praise His Name. Those Nailed Scarred Hands. Right Now I’m So Happy.
Photography: Howard Studios. Produced by Grady Burton, Jr. Recording engineer: Carl J. Burkhardt.
Bus Empty
A ska band from Jefferson High School, Bloomington, Minnesota, circa early 2000. Ryan Bergman. Mike Dinnen. Dave Hammond. Ben Heyman. D. J. Langefels. Matt Whelan. Rich Ramberg. Pete Stiles. Phil Scepanski. Chris Mitchell.
James Busby
*Stomp Thy Image in Me. Casey NR2429. 197? LP.
Peggy Bush
*It Took a Miracle. Diadem DLP192. 196? LP.
*The Way That He Loves. Diadem DLP271. 196? LP.
*(title unknown). Dynamic DMI51579. 197? LP.
Bushmen Quartet
*Joyful Noise. Creative Sound CSS504. 1968. LP.
P. J. Bussey
see also: Armageddon. Taker. Calm.
*Solo Project. Tape only. Year?
Phil Butin and Rick Webster
*All in All. Delta DRS82M120. 1982. LP.
All in All
Phil Butin: vocals, acoustic and electric guitars. Rick Webster: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic and electric piano. Andy Healy: bass. Rick Chambers: drums. John Munson: sax. Audrey Wageman: vocals; lead on the Way I Was Before and All in All. Anne Coolidge: vocals. Katie Pitkin: vocals.
All songs by Phil Butin, except as noted
Side 1: I Am (Isaiah 40-41. 5:02). I’m the One You Need (3:45). Come to Me and Rest (Isaiah 26:3, Matthew 11:28-30. 3:10). We’re Not Alone (Webster 4:17). Help Is on the Way (5:11). Side 2: Ahead 3:35). The Way I Was Before (Webster / Butin 4:40). Take Me Far Away (Webster / Butin) / Lately (Webster) (7:20). Shine with Your Light (Matthew 5:14-16. 3:31). All in All (Ephesians 4:4-6. 3:19).
Mel Verni: Delta Records, producer. Russ Foris: recording engineer. Jackie Raucci: graphic design by PhotoGraphics, Inc.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Anthony Butler
*Judgement's Coming / World’s Testimony. Apollo 295. 78rpm.
Butler Brothers
*Sing Gospel Galilean LP7070. 197? LP.
Carl and Pearl Butler
*Avenue of Prayer. Columbia CS9440. 1967. LP.
*Watch and Pray. Harmony KH31182. 1972. LP. Reissue of above LP.
D. J. Butler
Atlanta, Georgia
*Spirit Power. Custom OM-01. 1977. LP.
Benny Goss: piano, synthesizer, harmonica, electric piano, string ensemble. Ronnie Leegate: lead guitars. Danny Miller: banjo, mandolin. Don Woods: drums. Randy Wyton: electric bass. DJ Butler: all vocals, acoustic guitar.
All songs by DJ Butler
Side 1: Spirit-Power (a prayer for our nation 3:59). My, What a Friend (for leslie 4:37). Born Again (3:42). Please Come Home (4:11). Prayer in the Famith (for penny 3:28). Side 2: Good Days (3:05). Today Is the Day (for barbi jo and david 4:46). What about You? (2:23). Heaven in My Heart (for mom 2:40). You and I Are Special (3:31). Reach out and Touch (2:47).
Photography: Dan Newsom. Recorded at Master Sound Recording Studios, Atlanta. Engineer: Joe Neil. DJ Butler: producer and composer of all the songs above.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Don Butler and the Sentinels
see also the Statesmen
*No Greater Love. Top Rank RM322. 1961. LP.
Joane and Martin Butler
*Thank You Jesus. Chapel S5251. 1975. LP.
Rev. Samuel Butler
*Only the Strong Will Survive. Jewel LPS039. 197? LP. Reissued: Jewel JC0039. 1996. CS.
Steve Butler
*Waving and Drowning. Non-Fiction gum 007. 1983. LP and CS. UK.
Waving and Drowning
Steve Butler: acoustic and electric pianos, synthesizers, acoustic guitars, backing vocals. Malcolm Duffin: backing vocals; drums and percussion, except “Gonna Fly.” Stuart R. Duffin: bass. Graeme Duffin: guitars, backing vocal; acoustic solo on “Child’s Tears”; solo on “Back in France,” “Head and Heart” and “Best Is Still to Come.” Graeme Butler: tenor sax. Alan Cameron: additional synthesizer; piano. Andy Brodie: alto sax, backing vocals. Charlie Irvine: solo on “Seasoned with Your Love.” Kenny McDonald: drums on “Gonna Fly.”
All songs by Steve Butler, except as noted
Side 1: Waving and Drowning (Tom Morton / Steve Butler). Time and Tide (A Love Lost) (Morton / Butler). Sunk in London. Back in France. Child’s Tears. Side 2: Checkout Girls (Rikki Ross). Head and Heart (John Martyn). Seasoned with Your Love (Tim Clarke / Steve Butler). Gonna Fly. Best Is Still to Come.
Recorded and mixed at Park Lane Studios, Glasgow, June-August 1983. Produced by Steve Butler. Engineers: Kenny Macdonald and Graeme Duffin. Executive producer: Dot Irvine. Cover painting and art direction: Carol. E. Moore. Photography” Finlay Martin for Metro Photography.
Ted Butler and the Sky-View Choral Group
*The Sky-View Choral Group. Custom V15224. 197? LP.
Wanda Nero Butler
*New Born Soul Live in San Francisco. SOG SOG907. 198? LP.
*Star Anew. Loft BN1023. 1980? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Bill Butterworth
*Make It Clear. Milk & Honey MH1004. 1976. LP.
*Moving Up. Mark V MV6151. 1988. LP.
*Brand New. Mark V MV6245. 1989. CS.
*From Home. Mark V MV6973. 1990. CS.
John Buzik
*Say No to Drugs. Custom CS. 1989.
Say No to Drugs
Daryl Wicker: keyboard and drum programming; bass; backing vocals. John Buzik: guitar; acoustic and electric guitar, backing vocals. Tim Allen and Stephanie Riley: backing vocals. Angie Kirk: backing vocals. James Ingenito. Horn arrangement: Jim Andrews, James Ingenito. Jim Andrews: original tracks and preproduction; keyboard programming.Joe Thayer: additional additional keyboard programming. Tom Carafa: bass. Howard Stein: saxophone. Pete Therialt: backing vocals.
All music, lyrics by John Buzik, except as noted
By the Tree
*Shoot Me Down. Custom CD. Songs: Shoot Me Down. Run to the River. Perfect Love. Restore.
*Passion for Jesus. 1999. Custom CD. Songs: Trading My Sorrows. Every Move I Make. In the Secret. Your Beloved. Alle. Heart of Worship. We Fall Down. Worship. Draw Me Close.
*Invade My Soul. Fervent 7914300182. 2001. CD.
*These Days. Fervent 7914300252. 2002. CD.
By the Way
Grand Prairie, Alberta, Canada.
*Swell. Custom album. 1996?
Barry Bynum
See also Liberation Suite
*Stickin' Your Neck Out. Contraflow Records.
Bob Bynum
*Hallelujah. Rainbow R2127. 197? LP.
*Because He Lives. Rainbow R2159. 1972. LP. with Vicki.
Billy Byrd
*Gospel Guitar. Scripture S109. 196? LP. with the Rangers.
Chris Byrd
*Attitude of Praise. House of Blues? 20021. LP.
Josh Byrd
*Beautiful. 2003. CD
*Happiness for Everyone. May 2005. CD.
Songs: Broken. More of You. Child. Beautiful. Fall. Hold Me. To You. Be. Better Than Life. Surrender.
Happiness for Everyone
Songs: Why’s It Always Seem. Without You. When Jesus Comes for Me. Brother. What’s Come Undone. The Losing Edge.
Gospel Singing Byrds
Bernice and Debbie Byrd. Mother – daughter duo; accompanied by the Christian Troubadours of Nashville. Recored in Nashville.
*Thank You for the Valley. Heritage GH 1001. 196? LP.
Byrd Sisters
*Sunrise to Sunset. TSRC2105. 197? LP.
Jon Byron
*New Horizons. LCS510. 1976. LP.
*Portrait of Love. Light LS5758. 1979. LP.
Portrait of Love
All songs by Jon Byron
Side 1: Protrait of Love (3:53). Light (3:10). Family of God (2:57). Living Stone (3:08). As Iron Sharpens Iron (4:13). Side 2: He Is the Lord (3:19). You Are My Refuge (4:42). Road to Jerusalem (3:26). Wake Up (2:25). Jesus, Oh My Jesus (3:32).
Piano and synthesizer: Peter Jacobs. Bass: Leon Gaer. Drums: Tim May and Jon Byron. Strings: Sid Sharp and the L. A. Super-Strings. Woodwinds: Phil Ayling. Percussion: Dale Anderson. Backing vocals: Ron Hicklin, Stan Farber, Jerry Whitman.
Arranged and conducted: Peter Jacobs. Producer: Bill Cole. Recorded: Martinsound, Alhambra, CA. Engineer: Jack Joseph Puig. Engineer: Ken Perry. Album graphics: Robin Hedrick. Cover photo: Bob McNamara. Backliner photo: Dennis Williams.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 4th. ed. 2008.
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