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Sydney, Australian hardcore band
*Oppression, Toil and Friendlessness. Boot to Head? 1998.
*The Cycle of Unbelief. Facedown Records FR012. 2000.
Carver Cebrun
*Jesus Cares. Nurbec 4020. 2003. CD?
Cedar Quartet
*Just as Long as Eternity Rolls. Lark LRLP1173. 197? LP.
Cedar Ridge
*Heaven Is Forever. Custom C001. 1986. CS number.
*Fresh. Sonlite SON101. CS.
*Heartfelt. Sonlite SON111. 1988. CS.
*Family Style. Sonlite SON120. 1989. CS.
*Southern Accents. Morningstar MSC4107. 1990. CS.
*Pass the Word. Morningstar MSC4123. 1991. CS.
*Overdrive. Morningstar MSC4140. 1992. CS.
*On the Edge. Morningstar MSC4204. 1995. CS.
*Still Blessed. Morningstar MSC4235. 1996. CD.
*Special Edition. Custom CRCD0001. 1997. CD.
*Best of Violet Treece. Custom. 1998.
Cedarmont Kids Singers
*Toddler Tunes: 25 Classic Songs for Toddlers. Cedarmont Kids Classics 84418-4056-2. Also: CD04056. 2004. CD.
Toddler Tunes
Songs: The Wheels on the Bus. The Alphabet Song. Polly, Put the Kettle On. God Made Me. Eensy, Weensy Spider. Deep and Wide. The More We Get Together. Six Little Ducks. Mulberry Bush. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. Roll Over. Old MacDonald. Father, We Thank Thee. Are You Sleeping?). Frere Jacques). Jack and Jill. Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone? Get on Board. Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be? Pop! Goes the Weasel! This Old Man. London Bridge. Mary Had a Little Lamb. The Muffin Man. Row, Row, Row Your Boat. Be Kind to Your Webfooted Griends.
Cedars of Lebanon
South Carolina, circa 2000
Name taken from I Kings 5: 6.
*More Than I'll Ever Know.
Celebrant Singers
Also found as Jon Stemkoski's Celebrant Singers
*We Praise Thy Name. Tempo R7174. 1977. LP.
*Give Him Praise. Tempo R7207. 1979. LP. Also released as on Vision, 1983.
*Give Him Priase III: a Musical Experience in Worship and Praise. LP.
Celebrate Singers
*Joy in the Morning. CMP CMP87623. 1976. LP.
*The Celebration. Custom LPS1000. 197? LP.
*Oh, How He Loves You and Me. Singcord ZLP3005. 1976. LP.
*The Celebration. Northwest Christian College 30513. 1973? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Genesis: a Rock Mass. Rondo 1117. 1974? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Celebration Choir of Denver,
First Church of the Nazarene
*Festival Choir. Impact R3536. 1979. LP.
Celebration Generation
*Celebrate New Life in the Son. LP.
Celebration Road Show
*Amazing Grace. Celebration 40422. 198? LP.
Celebration Singers
*Celebration Singers. Sound Image SI10012. 197? LP.
Celebration Singers
*Exalt Him Vol. 1. Word 7019078591. 198?
*Exalt Him Vol. 2. Word 7019105599. 198?
*Singing While We Wait. Sound LP91279. 197? LP.
*One Way Flight. Majestic LP1005. 197? LP.
*Old Fashioned Gospel. Majestic LP1202. LP.
Celestials (FL)
Lakeland, Florida
*For God So Loved. Galilean Records G200 (71244). 197? LP.
For God So Loved
Don French. Bill Kelly. Gary Jackson. Jerral French. Larry Bacon: bass. Jim Widener: drums.
Side 1 : For God So Loved. I Want to Do Thy Will. The Answer Came. Remind Me. Show Me Thy Ways, Oh Lord. What a Day. Side 2: No One Cared. No Not One. Farther Along. Who Am I. Come Along with Me. In the Shelter of His Arms.
Produced by Bill Long. Engineered by Joseph R. Horenstein. Art director: Betty Jo Widener.
Alan Celoria
Stetson University, Deland, FL
*To God Be the Glory. Rainbow R2272. LP.
To God be the Glory
Side 1: Comfort Ye My People (recitative) / Every Valley Shall Be Exalted (air) from The Messiah (Handel 6:20). O, Holy Night (Adams 3:06). He Was Alone (Paxson 3:00). The Publican (Van de Water 3:13). Side 2: Amazing Grace (arr. Craig 3:10). God Provided His Love on Calvary (Carmichael 2:09). Calvary (Webber 2:28). I Don't Know Why (Jesus Loved Me) (Crouch 3:43). Greater Is He (Wolfe / arr. Terrell 2:20). My Tribute: To God Be the Glory (Crouch 2:42).
Centennial Chapel Choir, First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas
*We Come with Music. CHM CHMC6. 196? LP.
Central Baptist College
Conway, Arkansas
*Lead the Way. Custom PP76011. 1976. LP.
Central Pennsylvania Gospel Band
*The Lord Is Coming. Susquehanna Sound LP-929. 196? LP.
The Lord Is Coming
Songs: Peace in the Midst of the Storm. Jesus Hold My Hand. God’s Family / Family of God. Hallelujah Chorus. Count Your Blessings. Church Triumphant. He’s a Wonderful Savior. Heaven Came Down and Glory Filled My Soul. On Jordan’s Stormy Banks. Come to the Feast. Sound the Battle Cry / Stand Up for Jesus. Rejoice – the Lord Is King.
Central Singers
*Get All Excited. Custom CS731. 197? LP.
*For All Mankind. Praise PRS139. 1973? LP.
*For Lack of a Better Title. Praise PRS203. 1975? LP.
*Centurions. New Born NB7011. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Century Sleeper
Goth doom metal
James Allin of Visionaire and Ian Arkley of My Silent Wake, Seventh Angel and Ashen Mortality. Discography
*Awaken. Bombworks Records. July 2005. CD.
Songs: Voyage. Arnos Vale. My Face in Eternity. Look Straight Through. Lost on Your Ocean. Fainted World. Centenary. Your Once Loving Heart. The End. As I Close the Final Page. Autumn.
*Sounds of the Centurymen. Broadman BC1. 196? LP.
*In Concert. Broadman BC2. LP. 196? LP.
*Sunday in Galilee. CHM CHM79. 1972. LP.
*In Nashville. CHM CHM82. 1973. LP.
*People to People. Broadman LP458308. 1973. LP.
*Wherever He Leads. Broadman LP458316. 1974. LP.
*Beginnings. Triangle TR107. 1975. LP. A praise concert by Burl Red and Ragan Courtney.
*Sing an Old Song. Broadman LP458331. 1978. LP.
*Contemporary Canticles. Broadman LP458332. 1978. LP.
*The Weaver. Van Ness LP419216. 1987. LP.
Cephas (PA)
*Teen Challenge Presents. Rite 32218. 1973. LP.
*3 1/2 Years. Rite 33181/2. 1974. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Cephas (UK)
*Here to Stay. Genosis LP3. 1076. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Certain Sounds
The Certain Sounds were "an outreach of the music ministry of the First Baptist Church of Van Nuys, California." (from the back cover of the album "Love One Another.")
*A New Day With... Light LS5551. 1972. LP.
*Certain Sounds. Word UK. 1974. LP.
*Love One Another. Tempo Records R-7151. 1976. LP. Available as a book for piano accompaniment - MB417.
Love One Another
Lee Poquette - Director. Singers: Nadine Briones. Janet Brown. Steve Carmichael. Kevin Carrington. Alan Cech. John Crawford. Patty Denton. John Dougherty. Rick Eichhorn. Snoopy Gusterson. Garth Jordan. Reggie Keith. John Laird. Edie Lehmann. Steve Lively. Al Phillips. Gini Roberts. Jon Rodberg. Steve Silberman. Ken Story. Steve Sturz. Brian Terrell. Chris Virtue. Tim Virtue. Diane Zagnoli.
Side 1: That Day Is Almost Here (Dan Whittemore 3:44). Morning Song (Ken Hickman 3:48). Every Knee Shall Bow (Steve Sturz 2:55) (Solo: Pat Denton). Sorrow (Dave Williamson 4:30) (Solo: Edie Lehmann). Liberation (Dave Williamson 4:09) (Solo: Steve Lively). Side 2: Let Freedom Ring (Dave Williamson 2:42) (Solos: Reggie Keith, Diane Zagnoli). Be Delighted (Dan Whittemore 2:54) (Solo: John Laird). The Truth Will Set You Free (Dave Williamson 3:12) (Solo: Edie Lehmann). Time Enough for You (Ken Hickman 4:10) (Solo: Chris Virtue). Love One Another (Ken Hickman 3:15) (Solo: Rick Eichhorn).
Arranged and conducted by Dave Williamson. Produced by Jesse Peterson. Recorded at Pye Studios, London. Overdubbed at Whitney Studios, Glendale, California. Engineered and mixed by Frank Kejmar. Mastered by Steve Hall. Album cover photo by Louise Mebane. Album cover artwork by Steve Thompson. Backliner by D. Brent Harris.
Kenneth L. Chafin
*Two Sermons. Word W6118. 1965. LP.
Chagall Guevara
see also Steve Taylor
*Chagall Guevara. MCA Records MCAD-10170. 1991. CD.
Chagall Guevara
Steve Taylor: vocals. Wade Jaynes: bass. Mike Mead: drums. Dave Perkins: guitar, vocals. L. Arthur Nichols: guitar, vocals. Horns on "Play God" by The Blind Willy Boner Brass: Reno Caruso: trumpet. Waco Caruso: harmonica. Junior: trombone.
All songs written by Nichols, Perkins, Taylor.
Murder in the Big House (3:48). Escher's World (4:14). Play God (3:43). Monkey Grinder (6:59). Can't You Feel the Chains? (3:09). Violent Blue (4:01). Love Is a Dead Language (4:10). Take Me Back to Love Canal (3:18). The Wrong George (1:58). Candy Guru (4:07). I Need Somebody (3:33). The Rub of Love (4:13). If It All Comes True (3:35).
Engineered by David Bryson. Matt Wallace - additional engineering, assisted by Mike Corbett, Roy Gamble, Shawn McLean and Ulrich Wild. Recorded at The Bennett House, Franklin, Tennessee; additional recording in The Tube at Dave's house. Mixed by Matt Wallace and David Bryson at Alpha & Omega, San Francisco. Mastered by Bob Lugwig at Masterdisk, NYC. Photography by Michael Lavine. Art direction and design - Tim Stedman / Public Eye, Los Angeles.
Chains Off
Metal from UK?
Greg Chaisson
see also Die Happy
*It's About Time. Intense Records FLD9491. 1994. CD.
It's About Time
Greg Chaisson: lead vocals, bass. Jim McMellen: lead and rhythm guitars and fills; slide guitar on "Whatever." Ken Hitsman: lead guitar solos. Eric Singer: drums. Marc Danzeisen: percussion, backing vocals. John Fowler: harp. Devra Dishington: backing vocals on "Wat-Cha-Go-Na-Du." Jim Zappa: backing vocals; vocal trade-offs on chorus and end on "Too Late to Pray." Pat Regan: Hammond B3 on "My Dark Ride." Wayne Eames: dobro and acoustic guitar on "I'll Always Love You." Mike Steele: backing vocals on "Never Too Far." Rob LaMothe: lead vocals on "The River."
All songs by Chaisson / McMellen, except as noted
Too Late to Pray. It Ain't Me (The Politician). My Dark Ride. (Chaisson / McMellen / Jamie Harris / Singer / Zappa). Whatever (instrumental). Love. I'll Always Love You (For Jennifer) (Chaisson / McMellen / Singer). Never Too Far (Hitsman / Chaisson / McMellen / Singer). The River (Chaisson / McMellen / Jake E.Lee / Ray Gillan). Heard It All Before. Blues for the Rev. Willy G. (instrumental, Chaisson / McMellen / Singer). Heaven . Way-Cha-Go-Na-Du (Chaisson / McMellen / Singer).
Produced by Greg Chaisson and Thom Roy. Recorded by Thom Roy and the Mixing Lab, Garden Grove, California. assisted by Steve Good, Drew Aldridge. Mixed by Pat Regan at Fortress, Hollywood, California. Mastered by Wally Traugott at Tower Mastering, Capitol Studios, Hollywood, California. Art design: Kristy Anderberg. Photography: Ella Bogenschutz. Executive producer / art director: Matthew Duffy.
*One... As We Are One. Chalice. 1978. LP.
*Sojourning. Star Song SSR 8016. 1979. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 200
Chalice (FL)
St. Petersburg, Florida
*Split CD with band Set Apart. Blank Records.
Songs for Chalice - Soul of Atrophy. Black Shade. Hindrance of This Sorrow. Desire to Remain. Bed of Nails.
Band is Al: guitar. Chad: bass. Chris: vocals. Nathan: drums. Tyler: guitar.
Several memebrs were in Overthrow.
Chalice (UK)
Hull, England
*First Chapter. Cassette (5 tracks). 1990.
Chalice: Robin Fughill: vocals. Mary Ganney: keyboards. Paul Ganney: guitars. Stuart Powell: percussion. Bruce Taylor:guitars. Chris Taylor: vocals and keyboards. Cathy Uffindell: vocals and keyboards. Disbanded 1991.
Geoff Howlett of the British zine NFN (Never For Nothing) furnished the information on Chalice.
*Down from His Glory. Summit SS1001. 196? LP.
*The Magnificent... CFS7605. 196? LP.
*Out Front. Glory Land 35687. 197? LP.
*Movin' Up. Glory Land 702556. 197? LP.
Chamber Singers
*Come Unto Me. Century LP36360. 196? LP.
Mary and Charlie Chamberlain
*The Best Of. MCA CB35006. 197? LP.
*The Best Of. Point. 197? LP.
Chambers Brothers
*Love, Peace and Happiness. Columbia KGP20. 1967. LP.
*Time Has Come. Columbia CL2722. 1968. LP.
Bud and Darleen Chambers
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
*Hymns Campmeeting Style. Sunshine LP585. 197? LP.
*Singing the Gospel. Sunshine LP586. 197? LP.
*Evangelize the World. Sunshine LP609. 197? LP.
*Revival Songs. Sunshine LP613. 197? LP.
*Bud's Best. Sunshine LP614. LP.
*Never Faileth. Sunshine LP622. LP.
*One More River. Sunshine LP691. 197? LP.
*Everybody Say Amen. Sunshine LP731. LP.
*Lord I Love You. Sunshine LP732. LP.
*Worldwide Revival. Sunshine LP802. LP.>
*Teenage Choir. Sunshine LP803. LP. Darleen and Her Oklahoma City Youth Choir.
*Old Timers. Sunshine LP807. LP.
*Big 65. Sunshine LP808. LP.
*Gospel Lighthouse Youth Choir. Sunshine LP809. LP. with Darleen.
*Poor Rich Man. Sunshine LP901. LP.
*Worship with Us. Sunshine LP902. LP.
*Let Everybody Sing. Sunshine LP903. LP.
*Know God. Sunshine LP920. LP.
*Be Strong. Sunshine LP921. LP.
*Highest Hill. Sunshine LP926. LP.
Highest Hill
Songs: Highest Hill. I Will Never Fail. Going Home Time. A Child of the King. Jesus Will Hold My Hand. Go into the Harvest. My God Is Not Dead. Keep Traveling On. To Jesus I Will Go. The Grace of God. Weapon of Prayer. That Is Why I Am Thankful. Here Am I Send Me. Refuge for My Soul.
Danny Chambers
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
*Victory Band. Chambers Music Inc. 1977.
*Born Again. Sonlight Productions. 1978.
*Light of My Life. Chambers Music Inc. 1981.
*Danny Chambers Collection. Upward Productions. 1984.
*Perfect Heart. Upward Productions. 1985.
*All My Love. Chambers Music Inc. 1986.
*Hold On. Chambers Music Inc. 1989.
*Let God Arise. Pure Peace Productions. 1989.
*Real Freedom. Pure Peace Productions. 1990.
*Spirit of Power. Pure Peace Productions. 1991.
*Calling Down Fire. Praise on the Rock. 1991.
*Can't Stop Praisin' Praise on the Rock. 1992.
*Never Be Shaken. Intersound CRD7029. 1994.
Doug Chambers
*Footprints of Jesus. Doug Chambers Records LP-101. LP.
Footprints of Jesus
Side 1: Footprints of Jesus. Calvary. He Will Never Change. What a Friend. He Really Love Me. Homesick for Jesus. Meeting in the Air. Side 2: Our Lord Jehovah. His Eyes Are Watching. Soldier of the Cross. Coming for You and Me. Something in My Soul. I Need You Today. When the Saints Go Marching In.
Johnny Chambers
*Noah. Sunshine LP104. 197? LP.
*The Blood of Jesus. Sunshine? LP108. 197? LP.
The Blood of Jesus
Side 1: Sick of Life. Faith Has Started Rising. Glory Hallelujah. You Can Have Life. Who Is My Neighbor. Back in My Savior’s Arms. Side 2: Heir to a King. Don’t Accuse God. A Happy Day. Soul Rejoicing. The Blood of Jesus. This Is Our Day.
Jim Chamness
*Ordinary People. Barn Recording Studio BN1052. 1981? LP.
Ordinary People
Side 1: He Giveth More Grace (Mitchell). My Tribute (Crouch). Ordinary People (Danniebelle Hall). He's Alive (Francisco). We Have This Moment (Gaither). Side 2: No One Cared (Kartsonakis). Rise Again (Holm). No Room (Wolfe). I Believe (Drake / Shirl / Graham / Stillman). More Than Life (Jeff Wood).
Production, arrangements and keyboards: Dan Daniels. Recorded and remixed by Darrell Powell. Vocals by Jim Chamness. Roger Byrd: drums. Randy Melson: bass. Rex Thomas: guitars. Front cover: Joe Bays. Recorded at The Barn Recording Studio, Alexandria, Indiana. Graphics and production: Grande Junction Communications, Anderson, Indiana.
Champion Birdwatchers
Couer d'Alene, Idaho. Band began in 1994. Justin Power: bass. Ryan Johnson: drums. Eric Johnson: guitar, vocals. Added to band in 1995 : Nathan Johnson: guitar, vocals. P. J. Paul: cello, piccolo bass, bass.
*Perihelion. Bionic Family Records. Four songs. 1997.
*Inconsolable Longing. Ref Shift Recording. 1998?
Bob and Carol Champion
*He Has the Answer. Impact R3071. 1970. LP.
*There Is More to Life. Impact R3108. 1971. LP.
*The Experience. Impact R3176. 1972. LP.
Eric Champion
*Eric Champion. Myrrh 701690461X. 1990. CD.
*Revolution. Myrrh 7016924386. 1991. CD.
*Save the World. Myrrh 7016956385. 1992. CD.
*Hot Christmas. Myrrh 7016963616. 1992. CD.
*Vertical Reality. Myrrh 7016975614. 1994. CD.
*Soft Hits. Myrrh / Home Sweet Home 7901138343. 1995. CD. Reissues.
*Transformation. Essential ERCS5655. 1996. CD.
*Natural. Essential CD7005. 1998. CD.
Bobby Chance and Sarge Haskell
*Lift Up His Name. 200? CD/
Chancel Choir, Chapelwood Methodist Church
*Sing for Joy 78. Performing Arts KM2960. 1978. LP.
Chancel Choir, College Avenue Baptist Church
*Proclaim Him Lord! Good Life LGLP337. 1983. LP.
Chancel Choir, First Baptist Church
Dallas, Texas

*We Sing Praise. Delta RSCV94287. 1963. LP.
*With a Voice of Singing. Custom LP. 196?
*For Thee I Sing. Custom LP. 196?
*In Joyful Song. Custom LP. 1964.
Chancel Choir, First Nazarene Church, Houston, Texas
*Lo, God Is Here. Wheeler W149C. 196? LP.
Chancel Choir, Highland Park Presbyterian Church
*Sing to the Lord. Custom. 197? LP.
Chancel Choir, St. Luke's Methodist Church, Houston, Texas
*Alleluia. Custom ACA4435. 1961. LP.
Chancellors Quartet
*When the Morning Comes. Knof SKLRLP1010. 197? LP.
Rev. Marvin Chandler and the Family Singers
*Soul Witness. Marvitone 1101. 197? LP.
Tim Chandler
Chandler has been an important part of records by Daniel Amos, The Choir, Tonio K, Randy Stonehill, the Swirling Eddies and many others.
Chandler Trio
*Gospel Songs and Spirituals. LPS1250. 10 inch LP. 195?
*The Son Shines. Heartsong. 1986.
*Family Love. Harvest HAR1116. 1987. CS.
*A Little Bit Country. Harvest HAR1145. 1989. CS.
*Sermon in Song. Harvest HAR1184. 1989. CS.
*Harvest Time. Harvest HAR1252. 1991. CS.
*For Real. Cedar Hill CDHC3002. 1992. CS.
*Salt of the Earth. Morningstar MST4149. 1992. CS.
*Guaranteed. Morningstar MST4171. 1993. CS.
*Steadfast. Morningstar MST4187. 1994. CS.
*Feels Like Home. Morningstar MSC4211. CS.
*In His Presence. Morningstar MSC4238. 1996. CS.
*Sunday Sonrise. Galilee TC11990. 1998. CD.
*Forever Yours. Morningstar MSCD4313. 1999. CD.
Jim Chaney
*Country Boy's Dream. Aca ACA37923. 1996. CD.
*Covered in Red. Aca ACA7091. 1997. CD.
Change of Heart
Australia, circa 1996
Change of Reign
Los Angeles
Alternative / hard rock. Originally from Florida.
*It's Good to Be Alive. Custom. 1988. CS.
*Who Is Real. Custom. 1989. CS.
*Wake Up. Connector Con 8076. 1990. CD.
*Changes. Herald HRS5300. 1975. LP.
Margaret Channel
*Eternal Treasure. Angelus WR4814. Mono. LP.
Eternal Treasure
Songs: God's Eternal Salvation. Meditation on the Adante Religioso. The Eternal Kingdom. Eternal Praise. The Eternal Treasure. God's Eternal Glory. Eternal Blessedness. May This Be My Armor O Lord. Treatise.
Songs arranged by Marie Shinn, with organ accompaniment.
*Precious Memories. Summit Sound SS1030. 197? LP.
Tim Bushong was previously in the band Love War.
*Tunnel Vision. Organic Records ORCD 9736. 1997. CD.
*Where I Wanna Be. Organic Records ORCD 9942. 1999. CD.
Chaos Is the Poetry
*Chaos Is the Poetry. Alarma 8441876042. 1996. CD.
Chapel Chamber Orchestra
*Chapel Chamber Orchestra. Chapel LP1504. 195? 10 inch LP.
Chapel Choir of Concordia College,
Austin, Texas
*Sacred Music. ACR LCS336351. 197? LP.
Chapel Ensemble
*Vesper Melodies. Chapel S5142. 196? LP.
*Hymns for Inspiration. Chapel S5179. 196? LP.
Chapel in University Park Choir and Orchestra
*So Send I You. Chapel. 1973. LP.
Chapel Quartet
*Down at the Cross. Musicol LP101598. 1972. LP.
Chapel Singers
*Great Day. Tempo R7012. 1971. LP.
*Let's Talk about Jesus. Chapel S5190. 1974. LP.
*Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Chapel S5207. 1975. LP.
*Jesus Is Coming. Chapel S5260. 1975. LP.
Chapel Trio
*Peace in the Valley. Chapel LP5010. 196? LP.
*The Angels Must Have Cried. Chapel LPM5001. 196? LP.
*Jesus Is Always the Same. Anchor 720614. 197? LP.
*All Together. QUA 402012. 198? LP.
*Singing His Praise. Alive AR4913. 198? LP.
*Born Again. Melod MLPS2004. 198? LP.
*Sing... the Old and the New. Skylite SLP6288. 1980. LP.
*Love Grew Where the Blood Fell. RGR770903. 198? LP.
*Jesus Lives and All Is Well. Changel 91178. 198? LP.
Chapelvision Choir
Peoria, Illinois
*Chapelvision. Mass Media LPS20004. 197?
Kenneth L. Chapin
*Two Sermons. Word W6118. 1965. LP.
Dave Chapman
*Timeless Love. Milk and Honey MH1005. 1976. LP.
*Through Eyes of Love. Pilgrim. 1978. LP.
Fannie Bell Chapman
*Southbound. No label or number. Song title not listed. This album was a sampler of various styles of Southern music.
Gary Chapman
For many years, married to Amy Grant.
*Sincerely Yours. Lamb and Lion LL1053. 1981. LP.
*Happenin' Live. Lamb and Lion LL1066. 1982. LP.
*Everyday Man. Reunion 7010028524. 1987.
*The Light Inside. Reunion 7010084726. 1994. CD.
*Shelter. Reunion 7010109524. 1996. CD.
*The Early Years. Lamb and Lion SPR1614. 1997. CD.
*This Gift. 1997.
*Hymns from the Ryman. Word Nashville WRD-4717. 1997. CD.
*Outside. 1999.
*Circles and Seasons. Crowne Music 8527770032. 2002. CD.
Hymns from the Ryman
Songs: Sunday at the Ryman. Amazing Grace. Sweet Hour of Prayer. Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring. Softly and Tenderly. This Is My Father’s World. Fairest Lord Jesus. ‘Tis So Sweet. Holy, Holy, Holy. The Lord Bless You and Keep You.
Gary Chapman, Chet Atkins, Muchael W. Smith, Ruth McGinnis, Buddy Greene.
Morris Chapman
Morris Chapman began his full-time ministry in 1978. He has travelled with the Promise Keepers since 1993 as a worship leader.
*The Lord Reigns. Myrrh MSB6659. 1980. LP.
*Longtime Friends. Myrrh MSB6692. 1983. LP.
*Lately. Myrrh MSB67785 / SPCN 7016785068. 1984. LP.
*Voice of Praise. Maranatha! Music SPCN 7100133823. 1985. LP. with the Maranatha! Singers.
*The Artist. Dayspring Records 7014147013. 1986. LP.
*Sunshine and Rain. Wordsong 701907250X. 1988. CS number.
*Live Worship with... Maranatha! CD08004. 1990. CD.
*Gospel Praise. Word Records. 1997.
*Psalmist. Tyscot Records TYSD40723-2. 1999. CD.
*By My Spirit. Myrrh Records.
*Hymns Unplugged. Tyscot Records. LaMar Boschman / Morris Chapman / Joseph Garlington.
Steve and Annie Chapman
see also Dogwood
Listing also includes solo projects and works by the Chapman's children.
*Steve and Annie Chapman. Star Song SSR0029. 1981. LP.
*Second Honeymoon. Star Song SSR0041. 1982. LP.
*Circle of Two. Star Song SPCN 7102055862. 1984. LP.
*Genesis... the Best of the Early Years. Home Sweet Home 7010029407. 1987. CS.
*An Evening Together. Star Song SSC 8068. 1987. 2 CS.
*Bind Us Together. Star Song SSC8082. 1987.
*Guest of Honor. Star Song SSG 8086. 1987. LP.
*Celebration of Women. Star Song SSC8098. 1988.
*Precious Moments. Star Song SSR 8104. 1989. LP.
*Greatest Gift. Custom 7901440287. 1989. Also: CS 0287.
*Ships Are Burning. SA-6000. Another number: 9990117551. 1991. CS.
*Reachable. Custom 9990118086. 1992.
*Coming Home... For Christmas. Custom SAC25. 1992. Also: CD 1542. CS 147X.
*A Man and a Woman. Star Song SSC8279. 1993.
*Between the Two of Them. S&A 7901441194. 1993. CS.
*Waiting to Hear. Custom SAC030. 1994. Also: CD 1682. CS 1615.
*A Mother's Touch. Custom SAC50. 1995. Also: CD 2107. CS 2034.
*For Times Like These. Custom SAC60. 1995. Also: CD 2247. CS 2174.
*Chapters. SACD 75. Also CS.
*Never Turn Back. SACD 95. 1997. Also on CS. As The Chapmans - all four members.
*The Silver Bridge. SACD 97. Also on CS. Steve Chapman solo.
*Family Favorites. CD SACD 105.
*At the Potter's House. CD SAD 110. CS 110.
*Gotta Get There. CD SAD 115. Nathan Paul and Heidi Chapman.
*Tools for the Trade. CD 0988. CS 0910.
*Kiss of Hearts. Custom 7901441054. 1992. Also: CD 1127. CS 1054.
*Love Goes On. CD 1402. CS133X. Heidi Chapman solo.
*Nathan Paul. CD 1968. CS 1895. Nathan Paul Chapman solo.
*For Times Like These. Custom SAC60. 1995. Also: CD 2247. CS 2174.
*Every Moment. CD 2387. CS 231X. Nathan Paul and Heidi Chapman.
45 rpm Records
"God Still Moves" b/w "Guest of Honor." Star Song SSG-8086-1. 1987. 7 inch. Songs from album Guest of Honor.
"The Greatest Gift" b/w same. Star Song SSG-8104-1. 1989. 7 inch. Song from album Precious Moments.
*The Greatest Gift Video. #0024. Steve and Annie.
*Nathan Paul - Live. # 0246. Phil Keaggy makes an appearance.
Books by Annie Chapman
*What Do I Want? A Woman's Quest for What She Wants... and Needs.
*Running on Empty.
*Smart Women Keep It Simple. with Maureen Rank
Books by Steve Chapman
*Full Draw.
*A Look at Life from a Deer Stand
*Outdoor Insights: What a Dad Can Teach a Child in God's Great Outdoors
*Wednesday's Prayer
Books by Steve and Annie Chapman
*The Family Album Songbook (songs from "Tools of the Trade" and "A Mother's Touch").
*Married Lovers, Married Friends. with Maureen Rank.
*Gifts Your Kids Can't Break. with Maureen Rank.
Songs: Reachable. The Farmer and the Field. Sunday Morning Run. You’ll Always Be Mine. There Is Good News. Man to Man. The Secret Place. Faithful to You. You’re My Best Friend. The Key.
Between the Two of Them
Everyone within Me (3:02). Sonshine (3:18). Letting Go (3:54). Run for the Gold (3:45). Mystery of the Season (4:44). Between the Two of Them (3:22). To the Altar (4:34). Suvivor (3:09). My Daughter’s Friend (3:52). These Last Days (3:48).
Steven Curtis Chapman
*First Hand. Sparrow SPR1139. 1987. LP. Also released on CS and CD.
*Real Life Conversations. Sparrow SPR1160. 1988. LP. Also released on CS and CD.
*More to This Life. Sparrow 1201. 1989. CD.
*For the Sake of the Call. Sparrow SPD1258. 1991. CD.
*The Great Adventure. Sparrow SPC1328. 1992. CD.
*The Live Adventure. Sparrow SPC1384. 1993. CD.
*Heaven in the Real World. Sparrow SPD1408. 1994. CD.
*Tuesday's Child. Ceme S2117821. 1994. CD.
*The Music of Christmas. Sparrow SPD1489. 1995. CD.
*The Early Years. Sparrow SPC1538.1996. CD. Reissues.
*Signs of Life. Sparrow SPC1544. 1996. CD.
*Greatest Hits. Sparrow. 1997.
*Speechless. Sparrow SPD1695. 1999. CD. Tour sampler: DPRO14563. CD.
*Best of. Madacy. 2000. CD. Reissues.
*Live Out Loud. Sparrow SPR51870. 2001. CD. Promo single.
*Declaration. Sparrow SPD1770. 2001. CD.
*All About Love. Sparrow SPD41762. 2003. CD.
45 rpm Records
*"Weak Days." (4:14). Sparrow Records SGL-1139-1. 1987. 45 rpm. Picture sleeve. Song repeated on reverse. Taken from the album First Hand.
*"Run Away." (3:53). Sparrow Records SGL 1139-3. 1987. 45 rpm. Song repeated on reverse. Taken from the album First Hand.
*Front Row. Sparrow VCV 3107. 1990.
*The Great Adventure. Sparrow VCV 3123. 1992.
*The Live Adventure. Sparrow VCV 3136.
*The Walk. Sparrow. 1999.
Real Life Conversations
Songs: Faithful Too, Tuesday Child. For Who He Really Is. Consider It Done. His Eyes. The Human Face. Wait. Truth or Consequences. My Turn Now. His Strength Is Perfect.
Chappell Bells Trio
*Sounds of Love. Joy Enterprises JETCB107. 197? LP.
Chapter One
*In the Beginning... God. Jericho JER534. 1996.
*Just like Jesus. Unknown label SR107. LP?
Sharpes, Florida
*Tell the World. Custom, 1985. CS.
*Step into the Light. Armor JN83132. 1987. CS. 8 songs.
*Step into the Light. Armor MH-5021. 1989. CS. same as the above. 7 songs. Different cover. Missing the song "Step into Light."
*Underground Metal. Regency Records 7900821988. 1988. LP. Chariot song is "Step into Light."
Tell the World
Songs: Constant Confusion. Don't Forget the Love. I Can See. One More for Heaven. On and On. Look. Survive. Go Tell the World. For You.
Step into the Light
Paul Aviles: vocals. Louis Filardo: guitar, vocals. Jim Pappadeas: bass. Bruce Fleming drums. John Sauchelli: co-producer, live sound.
Side 1: Step into Light. Wise Eyes. Voice. 2000. Side 2: Nothing's Changed. Reflections. Know for Sure. Truth.
Recorded at Full Sail Center for the Recording Arts by the Recording Engineering Classes, June 24 thru July 2 in Platinum Recorders, Altamonte Springs, Florida. Mixed at American Recording Center, Orlando, Florida by Jeff Pratt. "Truth" and "Know for Sure" recorded and mixed at London Music, Tampa, Florida by Doug Johnson.. Cover concept and photo by John Sauchelli.
(The) Chariot
Atlanta, GA
See also: Norma Jean, Luti-Kriss. Formerly frontman Josh Scogin of Norma Jean.
*Everything Is Alive, Everything Is Breathing. CD.
*Unsung EP. CD.
*The Fiancee. CD.
*Wars and Rumors of Wars. Solid State Records. 2009. CD.
Unsung EP
Songs: Yanni Depp (2:41). Phil Cosby (Before There Was Atlanta, There Was Douglasville) (2:13). Vin Affleck (Goodnight My Lady and a Forever Farewell) (2:43). Kenny Gibler (Play the Piano Like a Disease) (4:07). Sargeant Savage (Die Interviewer) (1:56). Donnie Cash (the Company, the Comfort, the Grave) (4:56).
The Fiancee
Songs: Back to Back (1:33). They Faced Each Other (2:01). They Drew Their Swords (2:31). And Shot Each Other (4:00). The Deaf Policemen (2:43). Heard This Noise (2:44). Then Came to Kill (5:00). The Two Dead Boys (2:36). Forgive Me Nashville (3:11). The Trumpet (3:17).
Wars and Rumors of War
Songs: Teach (2:53). Evolve (2:59). Need (1:55). Impress (2:12). Never (3:28). Giveth (3:29). Abandon (3:01). Daggers (3:43). Oversea (:44). Mrs. Montgomery Alabama III (6:00).
Chariot Gospel Singers
*Tell Him. Peacock Records. LP.
Tell Him
Songs: Tell Him. Wadin’. In Zion. Battlefield. My Life. Thank Him. Mother’s Prayer. Yes. He’ll Understand. Movin’.
*The Charioteers. Harmony HL7089. 195? LP.
*I Love You Jesus. Pinebrook PB1641. 1980. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003
Charisma (FL)
*Charisma Is Raptured. Rite 29556. 1971? LP.
*Last Days. Rite 32700. 1972. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Our Town. Majestic LPS1049. 197? LP.
*Praise the Lord. Unknown label. 198?
*Get Together. Unknown label. 198?
*Sincerely. Unknown. 198?
*A Brand New Interest. Unknown. 198?
*A New Beginning. Right Track. 1984. LP.
*Teach Me to Love. Custom 111076.197?
*Charity Shines. Shaloam SH1142. 197?
*Charity. Gospel Jubilee FM75011. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Charity Singers Quartet
*One More Valley. Major MRLP1096. 197? LP.
*God Walks the Dark Hills. Kings Music City CSLP5004. 197? LP.
Charity Trio and Company
*Headed for Glory. MGMA 211020. 197?
*On Fire. QCA 003046619. 1980. LP.
*Rock the World. United Rock. CD. Originally released in Sweden only, 1986.
*Rockin' the World Together. Tallinna Helikassetitehas 0013. 1990. CS. Also: Melodiya, 1991.
*Heaven Can't Wait. Custom. 1992. CS.
*The Ultimate Call. United Rock. 1993. CD.
*To Be Continued. Asaph. 1997.
*The Basics of Life. Asaph.1999.
Charlene (Duncan)
*The Sky’s the Limit. Motown 6024MI. 1983. LP.
(Singing) Charles Family
*He Gave Me What It Takes (To See Me Through). Old Homestead OHCS70012. 1976. LP.
*I Believe He Would Do It Again. Old Homestead OHCS70020. 1978. LP.
Lew Charles
*An Evening Prayer. Word W1502. 1956. 10 inch LP. Reissued as 12 inch LP. Word WST-8470.
*Chime Music. Word W3001. 1956. LP.
*Beside Still Waters. Word W3003. 1956. LP.
*Meditation at Dawn. Word W3008. 1957. LP. Also: WST8156.
*Chimes at Dusk. Word W3011. 1957. LP. Also: WST8162.
*Christmas Carols. Word W3013. 1957. LP.
*Peace Be Still. Word W3028. Reissued: Sword S1405. 1976. LP.
*Beside Still Waters Vol. 2. Word W3042. 1958. LP.
*Ivory Palaces. Word W3054. 1958. LP.
*Meditation at Dawn Vol. 2. Word W3069. 1959. LP. Also: WST8013.
*Lead Kindly Light. Word W3080. 1961. LP.
*Hymns of Comforting Peace. Word WST8090. 1961. LP. Also: W3152. Reissued: Unknown label, HSF1010. 196? LP.
*Eternal Praises. Word WST8150. 1964. LP. Also: W3271.
*Chimes at Twilight. Word WST8360. 1966. LP.
*An Evening Prayer. Word WST8470. 1969. LP.
An Evening Prayer (12 inch version)
Side 1: The Lord Is My Light (Allitsen 3:46). Blessed Hour of Prayer (Crosby / Doan 2:00). Blessed Calvary (Lathem 2:45). Deep River (spiritual 2:21). The Rose of Sharon (Palmer 2:36). My Home Sweet Home (Vandall 2:31). Side 2: Overshadowed (Shuler 3:12). When I See My Savior (Harkness 2:43). An Evening Prayer (Gabriel 3:02). It Is Well with My Soul (Bliss 2:23). Steal Away (spiritual 1:41). Were You There? (spiritual 3:08).
Ray Charles Singers
*We Gather Together. Decca DL78940. 1959. LP.
*Move Me O Wondrous Music. Command LP949S. 197? LP.
Charlie the Hamster
Children's music
*Sings Bible Stories. Zondervan ZLP929. 1974.LP.
*Teaches Bible Stories. Zondervan ZLP938. 1975. LP.
*Plays Gospel Songs. Zondervan ZLP957. 1975. LP.
*Plays Christmas Songs. Zondervan ZLP969. 1976. LP.
*Leads the Choir. Zondervan ZLP978. 1977. LP.
*Goes to Sunday School. Zondervan ZLP991. 1977. LP.
*Teaches the Ten Commandments. Zondervan ZLP3008. 1976. LP.
*Goes to Campmeeting. Singspiration ZLP3017. 1977. LP.
*Sings Old Favorites. Singspiration ZLP3033. 1978. LP.
*All About Jesus. Elevate POD1261. 2002. CD.
Charming Bells
*Jesus Hits Like the Atom Bomb / Hallelujah. Selective 109. 78rpm.
Alan Chase
*One Step Closer. Fortress SPCN 7900602399. 1987. LP.
South Carolina
*Chasen. OMG Records. 2006. CD.
*Shine Through the Stars. OMG Records. 2008. CD.
*That Was Then This Is Now. INO Records 00076847092. 2009. CD.
Chasen Callahan: vocals, acoustic guitar. Aaron Lord: drums, percussion. Wil Martin: bass guitar. Evan Silver: electric and acoustic guitars.
Songs: Crazy Beautiful. Nothing Like You, Shine Through the Stars. Solar-Centered Symphony. Here I Am.
Lyrics by Chasen Callahan. Music by Chasen Callahan and the Chasen Band, accept Here I Am, lyrics and music by Wil Martin. Addition musicians: keyboards and piano: Steve Keeter. Additional keyboards and programming: Noel Golden. Strings on Solar-Centered Symphony, symphony arranged by Donald Shabkie. Violin: Christina DeCiantis. Viola: John Ravnan. Cello: Ken Law.
Produced, recorded and mixed by Noel Golden. Additional engineering by Marcus Suarez. Digital editing: Marcus Suarez. Recorded and mixed at OMG Studios, Greenville, SC. Mastered by Alex Lowe at Red Tuxedo Mastering, Duluth, GA. Executive producers: Edwin McCain, Gene Krcelic and David Wyatt.
Shine Through the Stars
Chasen Callahan: guitar, piano, vocals. Evan Silver: guitar. Aaron Lord: drums, percussion.
That Was Then This Is Now
Chasen Callahan: vocals, electric and acoustic guitar. Even Silver: backing vocals, electric and acoustic. Jarad Barber: bass, piano. Aaron Lord: drums.
Chasing Victory
Camilla, Georgia
Adam: vocals. Michael: guitar. Jeremy: drums.
Chris: guitar. Chris: bass
*A Not So Tragic Cover-Up. Mono Vs Stereo. 2004. CD EP.
*I Call This Abandonment. Mono Vs Stereo. 2005. CD.
I Call This Abandonment
Songs: Oceans Away. Unrequited Love. The Night Your Guardian Fell Asleep. A Taste of Your Own Medicine. The Killer Is Me. First Steps to Recovery. Pre-Empty Nest Syndrome. Suspects, Alibis, and Partners in Crime. The Real Version of You. Ascension and Escape. Speak Easy.
Bakersfield, California
*Squander Squander: the Bright New Dawn EP. Boot to Head B.T.H.-004. 1995. 7 inch, 5 songs. Picture sleeve. Lyric sheet. Ron - vocals. Josh - guitar. David - bass. Jim - drums.
Songs: Deep Side: Word of Faith. Squander the Dawn. MTV Generation. Wide Side: Last Night. Race War.
Layout by Leon Goodenough (for punk) and Caleb
*Trampled. Boot to Head B.T.H 011. 1996. CD. Song: Race War.
Art Chastain and Deanna McClary
*On Day at a Time. Mark V AD5228. 1974. LP.
*Today I Followed Jesus. Custom AD5357. 1975? LP.
Betty Jean Chatham
*When the Roll Is Called Up Yonder. Unknown label, CR7214. 197? LP.
*Despite. Tooth & Nail TN 1007. 1994. CD.
Songs: Torque (4:25). Empty (6:09). Fallen (5:55). Spine (5:13). Internal (:30). Soulscum (4:26). Divide (3:44). External (3:49). Epignosis (5:28). Sunshine (10:50). Hidden track: several minutes of space noise.
All songs by Jeff Bellew, except as noted
Jeff Bellew: vocals, guitars, bass, samples, noise. Garret Morgan: additional guitars on ‘Empty’ and ‘Divine;’ chorus throat on ‘Empty.’ Chris Reid: additional guitars and bass on ‘Sunshine;’ percussion. John Stewart: backing vocals on ‘Spine.’ King Salomon: lead vocals on second half of ‘Epignosis;’ percussion. Pidgeon John: percussion. Scott Albert: additional guitars on ‘Soulscum;’ backing vocals on ‘Spine’ and ‘Torque.’Jack W. Bellew: narration on ‘Fallen.’ Backing vocals on ‘Divine;’ the CbX Choir, Garret, Chris, Scott, Jake. Rev. L. D. ‘Brother’ Moss: raw sample fuel. Bob Moon: hanging and driving. Amy ‘Cat-Girl’ Zell: hanging and not talking.
Produced by Scott Albert for Celldweller Prod. C0-produced by Jeff Bellew and Mark Rodriguez. Executive producer: Brandon ‘Weird’ Ebel. Engineerd and mixed by Mark Rodriguez. Recorded and mixed at the Green Room, Garden Grove, CA. Mastered by Brian Gardner at Bernie Grundman, Hollywood, CA. Design and stills: Nucleus. Programming and sonic manipulations provided: Scott Albert.
Chatton Singers
*Sacred Music Country Style. Wyncotte LP9132. 1969. LP.
*Someday. Genesis. 1987. LP.
Rev. Julius Cheeks
*How Far Is Heaven? Savoy MG14486. 1978. LP.
*Family Reunion. Savoy MG14504. 1979. LP.
*Somebody Left on That Morning Train. Savoy MG14554. 1980. LP.
*The Legend Lives On. Savoy MG14608. 1981. LP.
*We'll Lay Down Our Lives. Savoy SGL7040. 198? LP.
Cheltenham Orchestra and Chorus
*The Greatest Story Ever Told. Wyncotte W9091. 1964. LP.
Chenaniah (MN)
*Chenaniah. Custom 7071N11. 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Chenaniah (TX)
*It Filled the Land. Bread of Life BLP102. 1977. LP.
Sue Chenault
Sue Chenault Dodge
*Sue Ellen Chenault. Tempo R7069. 1973. LP.
*Sue Chenault Dodge. Rainbow R5016. 1974. LP.
*Sue Ellen. Tempo R7170. 1977. LP.
*You're Still Lord. Impact R3891. 1985. LP.
*Most Holy, Most High. Diadem 7901130210. 1988. CS.
*On My Way. BGR 476017. 1997. CD.
Tami Chere
*He's Everything to Me. Light Records LS5754. LP.
He's Everything to Me
Songs: Just Like He Said He Would. I Just Want You to Know. Father Me. Love Express. Polynesian Praise Song. If I Were a Tree. Love Eyes. He's Everything to Me. What Great Power. The Love of God.
Cherry Bottom Gospel Singers
*The Old Rugged Cross. Cumberland CRCB121. 197? LP.
Marigold Cheshier
*Marigold. Skylite SLP6196. 1978. LP.
Chestnut Grove Quartet
*Great Beyond. Pine Mountain LP210. 197? LP.
Phyllis Chetkian
*On a Sunday Afternoon. Manna MS2039. 1975. LP.
*Point #1. Squint 080688593025. 1999. CD.
*Wonder What's Next. Epic / Word. CD.
Chicago Mass Choir
*Right Now If You Believe. Light 7115720487. 1990. CD.
*Call Him Up. CGI 5141610052. 1991. CD.
*He That Believeth. Light 7115750769. 1992. CD. Also: CGI 5141610044. Also: 751416100449.
*Please Don't Leave Me. CGI 5141650742. 1993. CD.
*I'm So Greatful. CGI 5141611222. 1994. CD.
*The Best Of. CGI 5141611652. 1995. CD.
*Hold On. CGO 5141611762. 1996. CD.
*Keep Your Mind on Jesus. CGI 5141613812. 1998. CD.
*Live in Nashville. New Haven 8032. 2003. CD.
He That Believeth
Songs: He That Believeth. When the Praises Go Up. Lord Make Me a Vessle. I’m Going Home. Just as Soon as I Get There. Testimony. Oh Give Thanks. God Has Been So Good to Me. Victory in Praising God. Jesus Is Lord. Lyrics on insert.
*Rollin' Jordan. Benson LP228. 198?
Chieftians Quartet
Began in May 1972
*Rockin’ on the Waves. Johns Recording HD94271.
Rockin’ on the Waves
Commadore “red” Fourkiller: bass, manager. Gin Fourkiller: first tenor. Soldior Shell: lead. Lorene Cloud: second tenor. Tom McLemore: piano.
Side 1: Joshua. Rockin’ on the Waves. I’m Winging My Way Back Home. He’s a Personal Savior. My Heavenly Home. Someday We’ll Meet in Heaven. Side 2: I Saw the Face of Jesus. Thank God I Am Free. Surely I Will Lord. I’m Building a Bridge. The Holy Hills of Heaven.
Child of the King
*Child of the King. Global GR001. 1982. LP.
Probably from Fullerton, California area
*Childhood. Custom CS. 1990.
Alex: vocals. Jeremy: guitar. Daren: drums, guitar. Jacob: bass.
Songs: Non-Conformist. Man. Dark Ages. Nerdball. Dead Words. Now I Live in Peace.
Tape recorded one side only. Recorded by Greg Heil at Casbah Studios, Fullerton, California.
See also Violet Burning
*Darker. Custom tape. 1987. CS.
*The Pearl. Custom. CS. This was sent from Jerry Andrews and may be a solo effort.
Songs: Violet (Pritzl). Palaces (Andrews / Pritzl). Closer (Pritzl). Like a Hurricane (Misiuk / Pritzl). Songs repeat on side 2.
Michael J. Pritzl: vocals, guitar, bass on Closer; backing vocals. Jerry Andrews: lead guitar, keyboards, backing vocals. Mark Hughes: bass. Tom Dunne: live drums. Additional musician - Mike Misiuk: studio drum. Recorded at Millenium Studio.
Children (SD)
South Dakota
*Arms to Hold You. Custom. 1988. CS.
Arms to Hold You
Kory Van Sickle: vocals. Tom Whillock: acoustic guitar. Mark Whillock: drums. Tom Bombara: bass. Mark Bombara: electric guitar.
Side 1: Still Running. I'm in the Sun. Silhouette. Side 2: I Stood Alone. Don't Be Down. Chimes.
Produced and engineered by Rob Genadek. Recorded August 5 through August 9, 1988 at Lakesity Studios, Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Children at Play
Hendersonville, Tennessee
Pop rock w/ bit of hip hop. Circa 1998.
Children of Africa
*Africa Sonrise. Image VII VII7812. 1987. LP.
Children of Faith
*Children of Faith. Custom C of F LS215. 197?. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Children of Promise
Hardcore band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania,
circa 2000
Children of the Consuming Fire
*Children of the Consuming Fire. New Breed FLD 9141. 1991. CD.
*Come Home Phlubber. New Breed FLD 9159. 1993. CD.
Children of the Day
*Come to the Waters. Maranatha! Music 777-2. 1971. LP. Reissued: Light LS5713. 1973. LP.
*With All Our Love. Maranatha! Music 777-6. 1973. LP. Reissued: Light LS5714. 1973. LP.
*Where Else Would I Go... Maranatha! Music 777-15. 1975. LP.
*Never Felt So Free. Light LS 5712. 1977. LP.
*Christmas Album. Light LS 5716. 1975. LP.
*Butterfly. Light LS 5759. 1979.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Children of the Light
*Listen He's Here. Milk & Honey MH1001. 1974. LP.
*Smilin' More Everyday. Milk & Honey1002. 1975. LP.
*The Lord Makes Me Happy. Milk & Honey MH1009. LP.
*Come on In. Sparrow SPR1017. 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Children of the Lord
*Children of the Lord. Lighthouse LR1005. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Children of the Open Door
*God's Design. Supreme SS2009. 1962. LP.
Children of the Promise
Farmington, MN
*Shine. SJD Productions. No date.
Side 1: Shine On. King of Kings. I Am Healed. I Could Never Have Imagined. Bread Upon the Water. Side 2: Say It Again. Where Your Heart Is . Jesus, I Just Can’t Thank You Enough. There Is Now Way to Kill the Light. Praise the Lord Our God Forever.
Children on the Way
Chicago Heights, Illinois
*Come Go with Us. A-K Sound USR9746. 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Children's Bible Hour Choir
*Singtime for Children. Singcord ZLP951. 1975. LP.
*Good Old Gospel Singing. Singcord ZLP3114. 1979. LP.
Singtime for Children
Side 1: Jesus Loves Even Me. Jewels. O How I Love Jesus. Do You Wonder Why. I'l Be a Sunbeam. Jesus Bids Us Shine. The Birds Upon theTreetop. The Gospel Train. Do Lord. Trust in the Lord. Jesus Is Coming. Mighty Army of the Young. Give Me Oil in My Lamp. I Just Keep Trusting My Lord. Amen - Brother - Amen. Side 2: The Windows of Heaven. Laborers Together with God. He's Able. I'll Do It for Jesus. I Love Him Better Every Day. Like a Melody. I Am Determined. Jesus the Wonderful Friend. Which Way Are You Traveling. Along the Road. Jesus Said that Whosoever Will. Brighten Up Your Pathway. Let's Talk about Jesus. It's All Different Now. O Say - But I Am Glad. There's Only One Way.
Children's Choir
*Lively Songs and Choruses. Zondervan ZLP578. 1960. LP.
Elmer Childress Family
*The Songs of. Hymntime HPLP2001. 1964. LP.
*TV Favorites of. Heart Warming LPS1726/27. 1965. LP.
*And Pam Too. Heart Warming LPS1744/45. 1965. LP.
*Sing the Old Favorites. Heart Warming LPS1762/63. 1966. LP.
*Best Wishes. Heart Warming LPS1780/81. 1966. LP.
*Silver Bells. Heart Warming LPS1802/03. 1966. LP.
*Scenes and Sounds of Nashville. Heart Warming LPS1842/43. 1967. LP.
*Introduce Debbie and Shari. Heart Warming LPS1890/91. 1967. LP.
*Good News. Heart Warming HWS3022. 1969. LP.
*The Best of. Concert CHF1213. 1969. LP.
Ken Childress Family
*Sing... Especially for You. Crusade LPS286-04. 1979. LP.
China Sea Paint
Louisville, Tennessee. Style is alternative. Justin Ridenour: bass. Jeremy Key: vocals. Andrea Campbell: drums. Jason Bolinger: guitar. Circa 1998.
*Christmas with the Chipmunks. United Artists VAL352E2. 1962. LP.
Chippy and Friends
*Especially for Children. Unknown label, WMR101. 197? LP.
*Sings Children's Favorites. Unknown label, WMR108. 197? LP.
Texas. Country rock
*On a Better Road. Custom LP.
*3-song demo. 1990.
Gotta Get Out (Patrick). If You Love Me (Bachelor). Quality of Love (Patrick).
*Voices in Shadows. Broken 7100300827. 1985. LP. As: Youth Choir.
*Shades of Gray. Shadow 7900600272. 1986. LP. As: Youth Choir.
*Voices in Shadows / Shades of Gray. Millenium M8D-1055. CD reissues.
*Diamonds and Rain. Myrrh LA 7016855066. 1986. LP.
*Chase the Kangaroo. Myrrh 7016869067. 1988. LP.
*Wide-Eyed Wonder. Myrrh 7016885615. 1989. CD.
*Circle Slide. Myrrh 7016903613. 1990. CD.
*Speckled Bird. REX REX4100802. 1994. CD.
*Kissers and Killers. Custom tccd2000. 1995. CD.
*Free Flying Soul. Tattoo 8441843622. CD. 1996. CD.
*Love Songs and Prayers; a Retrospective. Myrrh 7017000617. 1995. CD.
*Let It Fly. Tattoo 8441843952. 1997. CD.
*Flap Your Wings. Resolve RSD4418. 2000. CD.
*Live at Cornerstone 2000 - Plugged. Millenium M8D1069. 2000. CD.
*Live at Cornerstone 2000 - Unplugged. Millenium M8D1076. 2000. CD.
*Never Say Never. (The First 20 Years). Galaxy 21 Music. 2001. CD. All albums through Free Flying Soul w/ extra CD of 19 cuts called Nevermind the Extras.
Promotional Items
*When the Morning Comes b/w Fear Only You. Myrrh LA 9016237151-DJ. 1986. 12 inch 33 1/3. From: Diamonds and Rain.
*Clouds (radio edit 2:59) / Clouds (6:16) b/w Consider (4:07). Myrrh 9016746153. 1988. 12 inch 33 1/3. From: Chase the Kangaroo.
Voices in Shadows
Mike Sauerbrey. Derald Daugherty. Steve Hindalong
Side 1: Someone’s Calling (Daugherty 4:27). Wounds of a Young Heart (Daugherty / Hindalong / B. Healy 2:38). Dreams (Daugherty / Hindalong 3:48). Another rHeart (Daugherty / Sauerbrey 3:32). Why Are All the Children Crying (Daugherty 4:31). Side 2: Another World (Daugherty / Hindalong / Sauerbrey 3:54). Here in the Night (Daugherty 4:17). Alright Tonight (Daugherty 2:54). Anyone But You (Daugherty 3:34). A Million Years (Daugherty (3:41).
Design, layout and photo illustration by Kevin Short from photographs by Scott Lockwood. Back cover photos by Linda Baley. Sleeve design by Ed McTaggart. Live sound by Dave Hackbarth. Crewed by Bob Salcedo and Tim Curiel. Produced by Thom Roy. Recorded and mixed at Whitefield Studio. Engineered by Thom Roy. Written and performed by Youth Choir.
Shades of Gray
Derald Daugherty: lead vocals, guitars, acoustic piano. Steve Hindalong: drums, percussion. With: Bill Batstone: keyboards, vocals. Tim Chandler: bass. Dan Michaels: saxophone, lyricon. Rob Watson: emeulator on Fade into You. Jerry Chamberlain: additional vocals.
All songs by Hindalong and Daugherty
Side 1: Fade into You (3:52). Fifteen Doors (2:54). More Than Words (2:27). Side 2: Tears Don’t Fall (3:49). All Night Long (4:53).
Produced by Derald Daugherty and Steve Hindalong. Engineered and mixed by Mike Mearue at Pakaderm Studio, Loa Alimitos, CA. Vocal arrangements and co-produced by Bill Batstone. Art direction and layout by Tim Alderson. Photography by Nancy French.
Diamonds and Rain
Side 1: Fear Only You (Hindalong / Daugherty / Tim Chandler 3:52). Render Love (Hindalong / Charlie Peacock 4:42). All That Is You (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 3:21). Black Cloud (Hindalong / Peacock 3:40). I Painted Mercy (Hindalong / Daugherty / Peacock 4:05). Side 2: Kingston Road (Peacock 3:39). Listen to Her Eyes (Hindalong / Daugherty 3:20). (You Do That) Triangle (Hindalong / Daugherty 3:17). Love Falls Down (Hindalong / Daugherty 3:12). When the Morning Comes (Hindalong / Daugherty 4:30).
Produced by Charlie Peacock.
Chase the Kangaroo
Derri Daugherty: guitars, keyboards, lead vocals. Steve Hindalong: drums. Tim Chandler: bass. Dan Michaels: sax, lyricon. Bill Batstone: keys on ‘Cloud’ and sang backing vocals on “Cloud’ and ‘Cain. Gene Eugene and Rikki Michelle sang on ‘Look Out’. Jerry Chamberlain and Shavon McCall walked in the room so we made them sing on ‘So Far Away’. Nancy H. sang on ‘Sad Face’. Steve Griffith sang high ooohs on ‘Clouds’. Marc Ssecomb spoke the verses (among others excluding Derri who refused on ‘Riflrman’).
Side 1: Consider (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 4:05). Children of Time (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 5:10). Clouds (Hindalong / Daugherty / Griffith 7:00). Sad Face (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 7:16). Side 2: Cain (Hindalong / Daugherty / Griffith 5:16). The Rifleman (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 3:43). Look Out (For Your Own) (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 3:27). So Far Away (Hindalong / Daugherty 5:06). Chase the Kangaroo (Hindalong / Daugherty 4:08).
Produced by Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong. Additional production: Gene Eugene and Steve Griffith. Executive producer: Tom Willett. Recorded by Dave Hackbarth, Mark Heard, Gene Eugene, Steve Griffith and Derri Daugherty (not all at the same time, of course). All songs recorded and mixed at Neverland Studios, Los Alamitos, CA. Cover concept and design: John Joseph Flynn for OZ Graphics. Art direction and coordination: Tim Alderson. Photography: Stewart Ivester. Additional graphic assistance: Phillip Foster, Stewart Ivester, Ed, June and Marcella at Slides and Print, Canoga Park, CA.
Wide-Eyed Wonder
Derri Daugherty: guitars, treatments, lead vocals. Steve Hindalong: drums, percussion, vocals, harmonica. Daniel Michaels: lyricon, saxophones. Robin Spurs: bass guitar, vocals, backing vocal; jibber-jabber on ‘Dream’. Mark Heard: backing vocals; bass guitar, autoharp, recorded and produced on ‘Locked Door; production on ‘Wide-Eyed Wonder’. Gene Eugene and Riki Michelle: backing vocals on ‘Spin You Around’. Greg Lawless: guitar solo on ‘Spin You Around’. Choir choir: Nancy and Emily Hindalong, Squeaky Bear, Tim Chandler, Marc Sercomb, David hackbarth, Orlando Conchola, and everybody in the band. On ‘Car, Cont.’: spoken verses: Marc Sercomb; commentary: ‘Buckeye Dan’ Michaels (from Akron, Ohio). Mixed by David Hackbarth. Lyrics by Steve Hindalong. Music by Derri Daugherty and Steve Hindalong,
except as noted.
Songs: Someone to Hold on To (Daugherty / Hindalong / Chandler 3:48). To Cover You (2:31). Robin Had a Dream Spurs / Hindalong 4:17). Spin You Around (Daugherty / Hindalong / Chandler 4:10). When She Sees Me (4:11). Wide-Eyed Wonder (3:35). Happy Fool (3:30). Car, Etc. (Daugherty / Hindalong / Chandler 6:21). Behind That Locked Door (George Harrison 3:01). To Bid Farewell ( 4:39). Car, Cont. (1:02).
Produced at Neverland by Hindalong and Daugherty. Recorded by David Hackbarth. Mixed by Mark Heard at Neverland Studios, Novemebr 1988 to January 1989. Additional production by Mark Heard and David Hackbarth. Executive producer: Tom Willett. Mastered at Future Disc by Steve Hall. Cover concept and design: John Flynn and Philip Foster. Produced coordinator: Laurie Fink. Photography: Srewart Ivester. Additional photography: Stu Levy. Photo manipulation: F2 Design.
Circle Slide
Derri Daugherty: vocal, guitars, bass, keys, e-bow, acoustic guitar. Mike Sauerbrey: bass. Steve Hindalong: drums, percussion, vocal, wah wah pedal, floor toms, harmonica; motorcycle. Dan Michaels: lyricon, saxophone, wah wah sax. Robin Sours: vocal, vocal. Steve Griffith: vocal on ‘A Sentimental Song’. Jerry Chamberlain and Sharon McCall: vocal on ‘Merciful Eyes’. Mark Heard: vocal on ‘About Love’. Nancy said, ‘and purple flowers’ on ‘Yard’. Emily laughed on ‘Yard’ and ‘Laugh Loop’.
All songs, lyrics by Hindalong and Daugherty
Songs: Circle Slide (7:23). If I had a Yard (4:16). A Sentimental Song (5:01). Merciful Eyes (4:55). Tear for Tear (1:22). About Love (4:04). Blue Skies (4:05). Laugh Loop (1:45). Restore My Soul (6:23).
Recorded at Neverland. Co-produced and recorded by David Hackbarth. Executive producer: Tom Willett. Muxed by Steve Griffith for Clear Mix; also mixed by David Hackbarth (Tear for Ters, Blue Skies and Laugh Loop). Mastered by Steve Hall at Future Disc, No. Hollywood. Art direction and design: John Flynn for F2 Design. Photography: Susan Goines. Associate art director: Roz. Management: Snyder and Emery. Produced by Daugherty and Hindalong.
Speckled Bird
Derri Daugherty: guitars, lead vocals. Daniel Michaels: saxophone, lyricon. Tim Chandler: bass guitar. Steve Hindalong: drums, percussion.
All songs by Daugherty / Hindalong, except as noted.
Songs: Speckled Bird (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 3:46). Yellow Skies (3:49). Like a Cloud (2:06). Gripped (4:20). Weather Girl (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler / Michaels 6:19). Wilderness (4:03. Never More True (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 3:27)). Spring (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 3:55). Grace (3:06). Amazing (3:10). Love Your Mind (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 5:24). Kissers and Killers (Hindalong / Daugherty / Chandler 2:55).Produced by Steve and Derri. Recorded at Neverland, Cerritos,CA and Neverland, Nashville. Mixed At Neverland, Cerritos and Neverland, Nashville. Mixed by Dave Hackbarth and J. R. McNeeley.
Kissers and Killers
Derri Daugherty: guitars, lead vocals. Dan Michaels: saxophone, lyricon. Tim Chandler: bass guitar. Steve Hindalong: drums, percussion, vocals. Chrissy Colbert played additional guitar. Mark Heard played accordion on ‘Let the Sky Fall.’ Recored at Fingerprint, Montrose, CA.Steve Hindalong sang lead and played harmonica; accordion, harmonica, drums and acoustic guitars recorded Falll of ’90. Bass, electric guitars and vocals re-recorded Winter of ’93. “Forever live the beautiful spirit of our dear friend, Mark."
All songs by Daugherty / Hindalong, except as noted.
Gripped. Amazing. Kissers and Killers (Hindalong / Chandler / Daugherty). Weather Girl (Hindalong / Chandler / Daugherty / Michaels). Yellow Skies. Grace. Let the Sky Fall (Hindalong). Love Your Mind (Hindalong / Chandler / Daugherty).
Produced by Steve Hindalong and Derri Daugherty. Recorded and mixed by Derri Daugherty and David Hackbarth at Neverland, Cerritos, except ‘Gripped’ and ‘Amazing’ mixed by Jr. McNeeley at Pakaderm, Los Alimitos, CA. Mastered by Doug Doyle at Digital Brothers, Costa Mesa, CA. Art direction and photography by Leiza Schmidt. Art layout and design assistance by Gene Ray George.
Love Songs and Prayers: a Retrospective
Songs: A Million Years (3:31). All Night Long (5:29). Render Love (5:12). Black Cloud (3:40). Consider (4:07). Sad Face (4:53). So Far Away (4:51). Clouds (6:06). To Bid Farewell ( 4:37). Car, etc. (special radis mix 4:33). Merciful Eyes (4:55). Restore My Soul (6:35). A Sentimental Song (5:02). Like a Cloud (2:06). Gripped (4:20). Grace (3:06).
Free Flying Soul
All songs by Daugherty / Hindalong, except as noted.
Tim Chandler: bass guitar; guitars (Love Lifted Mr Postlude). Derri Daugherty: lead vocals, guitars and acoustic guitars. Steve Hindalong: drums, percussion, vocals, jingle rack; Kenyan whistle, shaker, child’s piano. Dan Michaels: saxophone. Wayne Everett: bongos, hand claps, sleigh bells; bark clackers; fuzzy guitar solo on ‘Swine’ and ‘swine vocal left”; brass chimes. Jenny Gullen: vocal on ‘Polar Boy’ and ‘The Ocean.’ Scott Pearson: hand claps. Marc Byrd: swine vocal right: ‘My girl wants to party all the time’. Phil Madeira: chamberlain strings and flutes. Sharom McCall: vocal on ‘The Ocean’.
Songs: Salamander (3:24). Polar Boy (add: Chandler 4:34). Sled Dog (add: Chandler 3:01). Away with the Swine (3:01). The Ocean (4:16). If You’re Listening (5:40). The Chicken (add: Chandler 6:29). Slow Spin (add: Chandler 1:48). Leprechaun (add: Chandler 2:46). Yellow-Haired Monkey (1:29). Butterfly (4:05). The Warbler (Hindalong / Everett 4:06).
Produced by Hindalong / Daugherty. Engineered by Derri Daugherty and SkyeMcCaskey at Neverland, Berry Hill, TN. Mixed by Paul Salvo at Scrimshaw Sound, Antioch, TN except The Ocean and Slow Spin mixed by Derri at Neverland. Inspiration and additional production by Tim Chandler and Wayne Everett. A&R direction by Mark Quattrochi. Cover and creature photos by Norman Jean Roy. Art direction and design by Jim Dantzler at Flywheel Design. Art coordination by Dan Michaels. Styling and creature hunt by Gina Gigglio. Clock photo by Dan Michaels. Mastered by Ken Love at MasterMix, Nashville.
Let It Fly
All songs previously recorded
Songs: Circle Slide / Sled Dog. Yellow Skies. Away with the Swine. Consider. Kissers and Killers. Sentimental Song. Sad Face. Tear for Tear. About Love. Beautiful Scandalous Night. Restore My Soul.
This CDPlus enhanced CD contains the Sled Dog music video, live concert video, audio interviews and pictorial biography which will work in most Macintosh and Windows computers with multisession CD-ROM drives.
Flap Your Wings
Derri Daugherty: guitars, lead vocals; frame drums; drum loop; keyboard bass. Tim Chandler: guitar, demolition bass, fuzzy guitar, vocal. Steve Hindalong: percussion, drums, keyboard; wineglass; Vietnamese bell rattle, xylophone. Julian Kindred: ring modulator; manley variable mu. Christine Glass: vocal. Dan Michaels: sax. Emily Hindalong (12 years old): trumpet postlude. Phil Madeira: Melotron flutes and strings; lap steel. Jacob Lawson: violin.
Songs: Flap Your Winds (Hindalong / Daugherty). Shiny Floor (Hindalong / Chandler). Mercy Lives Here (Daugherty). Hey Gene (Hindalong / Daugherty / Michaels). Sunny (Hindalong / Chandler). Flowing over Me (Hindalong / Daugherty). Cherry Bomb (Hindalong / Daugherty). I Don’t Mean Any Harm (Hindalong / Chandler). A Moment in Time (Hindalong / Daugherty). Beautiful Scandalous Night (Hindalong / Daugherty).
Executive producer: Dan Michaels. Produced by Derri Daugherty, Steve Hindalong and Tim Chandler. Additional production: Julian Kindred and Terry Taylor. Engineered by Derri. Recorded at Neverland, Earful, Dark Horse and The Mission. Additional overdubs recorded by Julian Kindred. Mixed by Julian Kindred at Earful and Dark Horse. Mastered by Ken Love at Master Mix. Front cover painting by Michael Knott. Layout, pkotography and design by Andy Conant.
Live at Cornerstone – Plugged
Derri Daugherty. Steve Hindalong. Dan Michaels. Tim Chandler. Marc Byrd
Songs: Circle Slide. Yellow Skies. Consider. Children of Time. Kissers and Killers. Amazing. Love Your Mind. Sentimental Song. Sad Face. Tear for Tear / About Love. Speckled Bird. To Cover You. Hey Gene. Chase the Kangaroo. To Bid Farewell. Beautiful Scandalous Night.
Executive producer: Bradley S. Hamilton. Produced and engineered by Rev for Creation Station. Assistant engineers: Rob and Josh. House Sound: Zee Brothers Productions, Hatboro, PA. Art design: Dennis Preston. Layout by Adam Gongwer.
Live at Cornerstone – Unplugged
Derri Daugherty. Steve Hindalong. Dan Michaels. Tim Chandler. Marc Byrd
Songs: Introduction. Woe Is Skinny. Candy. Colorwheel. ‘’Ramblin.’’ Wicked Wicked World. Speckled Bird. Yellow Skies. Love Your Mind. Precious Jesus. Beautiful Scandalous Night. ‘One More.’ To Cover You.
Never Say Never – The First 20 Years
Eight CDs in two double sized jewel cases.
A book of lyrics and the story of the band
Albums are: Voices in Shadows / Shades of Gray. Diamonds and Rain. Chase the Kangaroo. Wide-Eyed Wonder. Circle Slide. Speckled Bird. Kissers and Killers. Free Flying Soul. Nevermind the Extras.
The extras are: Follow Me. Noon ‘Til Whenever. It’s So Wonderful. Here in the Night (live). I Can’t Take It. Another World. Tears Don’t Fall. All Night Long. We Should Be Dancing. Wilderness. Mommy’s in the Circus. More Than Words. Reveal. Tip of My Tongue. Winnipesaukee. Everybody Suffers. All the World to Me. What Is the Cherry Bomb? The Rifleman (voices).
Choir Boys
Choir Boys was a rap group. Carey Ford and Scott
Long. Began in 1993.
Choir Girl Trio
*Anthems and Carols Volume 1. Sesac R601/602. 1961. LP.
*Anthems and Carols Volume 2. Sesac R603/604. 1961. LP.
*Anthems and Carols Volume 3. Sesac R605/606. 1961. LP.
Choir of All Saints Episcopal Church,
Beverly Hills, California

*Hymns Through the Ages. Gothic G49074. 1995. CD.
Choir of St. John's College
*Italian and English Church Music. Argo ZGR621. 1969. LP.
Choir of the Abbey of Mount Angel
*Requiem Mass. RCA Victor LM2254. 1958. LP.
*Chants of the Church. RCA Victor LSC2786. 1965. LP.
Choir of the Carmelite, London
*Gregorian Chant. London STS1578. 1983. LP.
Choir of the Cathedral of St. John the Devine
*Praise to the Lord. Columbia ML5334. 1957. LP.
*Music of the Episcopal Church. Word WST9001. 1958. LP.
*Great Hymns of the Church Year. Word WST9009. 1964. LP.
*Once Over in Royal David's City. Word WST9021. 1964. LP.
*Psalms. Word WST9024. 1965. LP.
Choir of the Church of St. Dominic
*Holy God We Praise Thy Name. Columbia MS6126. 1961. LP.
Choir of the Church of the
Immaculate Conception

*Volume One. London Records. 45 rpm. UK.
*Volume Two. London Records. 45 rpm. UK.
Volume One
Songs: Ave Maria. Mother Dear O Pray for Me. Dear Guardian of Mary. Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest.
Volume Two
Songs: Holy God We Praise Thy Name. Come Holy Ghost. To Jesus Heart All Burning. O Lord I Am Not Worthy.
Choir of the Church of the Redeemer
*O for a Thousand Tongues. Fisherfolk FF1060. 197? LP.
Choir of the Vienna Hofburgkapelle
*Gregorian Chants for Lent and Easter. Turnabout TV340701S. 197? LP.
Choir of Westminster Abbey
*A Festival of Carols. Decca LF1030. 197? 10 inch LP.
Choo Choo Pye
Los Alamitos, California
*Bark for Your Supper. March Records MR-001. 1993.
Bark for Your Supper
Doug Abraham: lead vocals. Troy Wickline: lead and backing vocals, guitar. Tim Bennett: backing vocals, bass and rhythm guitars. Chris Ehler: vocals, keyboards, percussion. Rob Whitaker: vocals, drums. Additional vocals: Greg Kemble and Daniel Stahl.
Color of Men (4:35). You Will (5:40). Wastin' Time (4:48). Always (4:07). U. S. Plan (4:05). Long Way Home (5:69)[sic]. True Love (3:40). River's Rage (5:32). U. S. Plan (acoustic) (4:27). Keith Steal (5:02). I'm Yours (4:19).
Produced by Tim Bennett and Troy Wickline. Engineered by Greg Kemble and Choo Choo Pye, except "River's Rage" and "U. S. Plan," engineered by Dave Hackbarth and Choo Choo Pye. Recorded at Neverland Studios, Cypress, California. Mixed at Pakaderm Studios, Los Alamitos, Californai, except "U. S. Plan," mixed at Enterprise Studios, Hollywood, California. Mixing engineers - Doug Beiden. Bert Battaglia on "U. S. Plan." JR on "I'm Yours" and "Keith Steal."
*Im Neuen Sound. Pila Music LP 20143. 1987. LP.
Walnut Street Baptist Church, Lousiville, Kentucky
*The Choraleers. Mark UMC 2545. 196? LP. Label” Riverside, Iowa.
The Choraleers
Songs: O Be Joyful. What a Friend We Have in Jesus. Cry out and Shout. Praise Ye the Lord. The Fight Is On. Joshua Fit the Battle of Jerico. Bells of Joy. Song of Songs. I Am Not Worthy. Amazing Grace. The Saviour Is Waiting. Oh, He’s a Wonderful Savior. Lovest Thou Me More Than These. Blessed Assurance. The Lord’s My Shepherd. Behold He Cometh.
*Sing It Today. KNOF SKRLP1013. 196? LP.
Choraliers Quartet
*New Favorites. Praise PRS102. 197? LP.
Probably from the Cincinnati, Ohio area
Rick Fields was later in Prodigal
*Put a Little Love in My Heart. Hymntone HPS7953. 1974. LP.
*Same Old Fashioned Way. Hymntone LP7983. 1975. LP.
*A New Day. New Day Records ND 805. 1977. LP.
*Captain of the Sea. New Day Records ND 387. 1979. LP.
A New Day
David Musselman. Scott Cole. Tom Fowler. Gary Vogel Danny Smith. Tom Pope
Side 1: Happy Feeling of Love (John Lutz 2:36). Dedicate Yourself (Phil Armenia 3:19). Broken Up People (John Daniel 2:07). All Things Work Together (Dannibelle Hall 3:16). I Love the Way You Love (John Lutz 3:50). Side 2: There'a New Day Coming (Judy Fowler Beebee 2:44). More Than Love (Phil Armenia 4:15). I'm Making Plans (Greg Pollard 2:24). Have You Ever Thanked the Lord? (Greg Pollard 2:17). Seasons (Ted French 3:29).
Produced by Chuck Seitz. Vocal Arrangements by Gary Vogel. String and horn arrangements by Theo French. Recording engineer - Ric Probst. Mastering engineer - Mike Fuller. Cover design - Daryl Kalmus. Recorded at QCA Recording Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio.
Captain of the Sea
Rick Fields and Mike Baranski: guitars. Greg McNeily: bass. Danny Royer: percussion, drums. Tom Pope and Doug Schabell: drums. Ed Erickson: sax. Paul Piller and Frank Brown: horns. Gary Vogel: vocal arrangements and keyboards.
Side 1: Captain of the Sea (David Sparkman 2:55). Gospel Feeling (Ed Finnie 4:46). Come and Follow Me (Hal Wright 2:57). Right Down to the Tips of My Fingers (Phil Armenia 3:58). I Feel Like Starting Over Again (Lloyd Bowman 3:50). Side 2: What Have You Got to Lose? (Lloyd Bowman 3:52). For Your Love (Ed Finnie 3:35). Hallelujah, Praise the Lord! (Lloyd Bowman 3:47). Hello God (Ed Finnie 3:17). Let Me In (Osmond Brothers 3:11). Spirit of the Living God (public domain 1:18).
Gary Vogel: producer. Chuck Seitz: executive producer. Ric Probst: engineer. Cover design by Daryl Kalmus. Recorded and mastered at QCA Recording Studios, Cincinnati, Ohio.
The Lloyd Bowman who wrote several of the songs on "Captain" is Loyd Boldman of Prodigal.
*Topsy Turvy. Pilgrim KLP 31. 1969. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*One Day at a Time.Chord 6113N6. 197? LP.
*The Eastern Gate. Harbor HLPS112. 197? LP.
*Put It All Together. Custom LP1187. 197? LP.
*The Common Man. Lefebre LP3255. 197? LP.
*The Sound Of. Sacred Artists LP2073. 1972. LP.
*O, Great God, Buhay Productions BR103. 197? LP.
*They Stood in Silent Prayer. Buhay Productions BR104. 197? LP.
*God Will. Buhay Productions BR112. 197? LP.
*Chosen. Harvest HAR1010. 1984.
*The Bloodline. Morningstar MST4043. 1984. LP.
*Backstage Pass. Morningstar MST4061. 1985. LP.
*Red White and Blue. Vision B0242. 1988. CS.
*Risnig to the Occasion. Sonlite SON121. 1989. CS.
Westminster, Maryland, circa 1997
Kevin Dimaggio was contact person. I have a pre-release CS from a band called Chosen, released 1996 by Zomba Recording. Don't know if this is the same Chosen.
*Abakhethwa. Verity C50016. 1996. CS.
*Simple Things. Great Circle RGC1049. 1980. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Chosen Few
*Great Big God. Chariot CHC0003. 2000. CD.
Chosen Generation
Springfield, Virginia
Name comes from 1 Peter 2: 9
*Chosen Generation. Custom CS. 1990.
Chosen Generation
Kevin Virnelson: guitar, vocals. David Koch: drums, percussion. Tiffany Brizzi: vocals. Mark McKeehan: bass. Eric Rose: keyboards on "I Love You Lord" and "Faith in Him."
Side 1: Just Like I Am (3:40). I Love You Lord (4:16). Anywhere with Jesus (7:00). Side 2: Pressing On (3:52). Faith in Him (6:16). He's Coming in the Clouds (4:42).
Cassette label reads "I Love the Lord." Insert states "I Love You Lord." Recorded at Inner Ear Studios, November 1990. Produced by Chosen Generation. Artwork by Everett Kruger.
Chosen Gospel Singers
*The Lifeboat. Specialty SPCD7014. 1992. CD.
Chosen Ones
*Sing "This One’s for Jesus." Major LRLP2192. 197? LP.
Chosen Sons of God
*Pass Me Not. J&B LP0063. 1985. LP.
Chosen Stranger
Springfield, Illinois
*Chosen Stranger. Custom. 1989. CS. Lyrics on insert.
*Deathwalker. Custom. 1992. CS.
Chosen Stranger
Jeff Ellison: drums. Rusty Ellison: all guitars, vocals. Russ Atteberry: lead vocals. Dan Glover: bass, keyboards, vocals. Special guest: Tommy Cathy: keyboards, vocals.
All songs by Jeff and Rusty Ellison.
Side 1: He Won't Hurt You (3:45). I Wanna Be Like You (2:59). Living It Up (3:15). Guilty (to the Crime of Love) (3:45). Side 2: repeats side one.
Produced by Greg Morrow, Tommy Cathy and Chosen Stranger. Engineered by James Craft and Tommy Cathy. Recorded at Crosstown Studios, Memphis, Tennessee. Logo by Everette Kruger.
Russ Atteberry: lead vocals. Kevin Dunkel: bass. Rusty Ellison: guitars, vocals. Jeff Ellison: drums, vocals.
All songs by Jeff and Rusty Ellison.
Side 1: Forgiveness. Waste of Time. Follow the Leader. Deathwalker. Side 2 : repeats side one.
Recorded and mixed at Barn Burner Studio. Mixed and engineered by Harry Heath, Brad Martin and Chosen Stranger.
Chris and Diane
Duo's last name is Machen
From Louisiana
*Come and Fly. Brentwood Records R5006. 1981. LP.
Come and Fly
Chris and Diane Machen: vocals, backing vocals. Tim Norris: backing vocals. John E. Coates: string arrangements. Shane Keister: piano, synthesizers. Steve Shafer: bass. Dann Huff and Pete Bordenelli: guitar. Jerry Kroon: drums. Terry McMillan: percussion.
Side 1: Come and Fly (Chris Machen 4:01). Where You Lead (Stephanie Boosahda - David Stearman 3:31). Safe in the Hands of Jesus (Paul Smith - Harold Flammer 3:40). Look What's He's Done to My Heart (Lari Goss 2:46). We Are the Reason (David Meece 4:00). Side 2: Never Too Busy (Nancy Grandquist 2:52). Lord I'm Coming Home (Stephanie Boosahda - David Stearman 2:38). The Lord Is Greater (Than Even Believers Believe) (Gary Dunham 3:25). Home Where I Belong (Pat Terry 4:04). Sweet Adoration (Brown Banister - Lynn Sutter - Dawn Rogers 2:44).
Produced by John E. Coates. Tim Morris - production assistant. Tracks recorded at Sound Stage Studio, Nashville. Brent King - engineer. Vocal overdubs recorded at Lower Level Studio; Randy Holland - engineer. Dill Beaty: background photo / art direction. Photo of Chris and Diane: The Spielman Company, New Orleans.
Christ Church Choir
*Sweet Aroma of Praise. Spring Hill DPPRO0024. 2000. CD (promo).
Christ Church Festival
*Male Voice Choir. Christian Faith CF6001. 1956. LP.
Christ for the Nations Institute Choir
*Mighty River. Custom 600-002. 1998. CD.
Christ the King Folk Group
Pleasant Hill, California
*Charity. Location Recording Service LRS-RT-6390. 1977. LP.
Christ Tabernacle Choir
Rev. Milton Brunson
*Holy Thine. HBO Records HBC-3521. 1993. CS.
Holy Thine
Songs: Holy Thine. Key to the Kingdom. God’s Love. Give Yourself to Jesus. Blessed Assurance. God Is Love. Close to Thee. God Almighty. Thy Will Be Done. God So Loved the World.
Christ Tree
*The Christ Tree. Pomegranate TR751. 1975. LP.
*Tribal Warning. Demo. 1992. Songs - Machete. Armageddon. Jericho. Righteousness.
*Soul Fire. Gotee Records 7013819883. 1994. CD.
*Valley of Decision. Gotee Records 7013825883. 1996.
*Reggae Worship Vol. 1.
*Word Sound and Power.
Jesus music
*Songs and Friends. Christbearer. 7055N7 or CR1001?. 197? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Christian Brothers
*The Christian Brothers. Capitol T1558. 1960. LP.
*Songs of Christian Brotherhood. Word W3192. 1963. LP.
Christian Brothers with Carolyn
Original personnel: Ron and Carolyn Patty, Paul Hart, Ernie Cross and Doug Oldham
*The New Sounds Of. Universal 86622M. 1967. LP.
*The Christian Brothers and Carolyn. No label, no number. 1983. LP.
The Christian Brothers and Carolyn.
Side 1: Majesty (Jack Hayford 2:34). Someone to Care (Jimmie Davis 2:45). I Feel Good (Lanny and Marietta Wolfe 2:00). America the Beautiful (Samuel Ward 1:31). Perfect Heart (Reba Rambo / Dony McGuire 2:25). How Great Thou Art (Stuart K. Hines (no time listed). Side 2: Born Again / All Because of God’s Amazing Grace (Andrew Culverwell; Steve Adams 2:57). I Wouldn’t Trade / Old Time Religion (J. D. Sumner; C. C. Yarbrough 3:13). Goodbye World, Goodbye (Bill Brown 2:50). God So Loved the World (John Stainer 3:07). I Bowed on My Knees and Cried Holy (Betty Dudley 4:17).
Personnel: same as above, except Dean Shield replaced Paul Hart for this reunion session.
Christian Chapel Choir
*Favorite Hymns. Tops L1513. 1958. LP.
Chris Christian
*Chris Christian. Myrrh MSA 6569. 1976. LP.
*Chance. Myrrh MSB 6600. 1977. LP.
*With Your Love. Myrrh MSB 6614. 1979. LP.
*Best of Chris Christian. Myrrh MSB 6650. 1980. LP.
*Just Sit Back. Home Sweet Home R2102. 1981. LP.
*Love Them While You Can. Myrrh MSB 6746. 1983. LP.
*Let the Music Start. Myrrh MSB6799. Also: SPCN 701679906-9. 1984. LP.
*Mirror of Your Heart. Home Sweet Home SPCN 701000339-4. 1985. LP.
*Live at Six Flags with Whiteheart. Home Sweet Home 701001139-7. 1986. LP.
*Higher Ways. Home Sweet Home 701002239-9. 1987. LP.
*No Lyrics. 1988.
*Focus. Home Sweet Home 7010059713. 1989. CD.
*Sketches. Home Sweet Home 7010064407. 1990.
*The Best of Fifteen Years. Home Sweet Home 701006640X. 1991.
*The Producer. Home Sweet Home 7901138629. 1995.
Let the Music Start
Drums: Dennis Holt. Linn drum programmed by Chris Christian. Bass: Jimmy Lee Sloas, Gary Lunn on”Lift Up His Name.” Guitar: Jon Goin on tracks; Dan Huff: on overdubs; Chris: whenever he could. Keyboards: Keith Thomas; Chris. On “Make a Joyful Noise”: David Huff” drums; Gary Lunn: bass; Keith Thomas: piano; Dann Huff: guitar; Mark Gersmehl, Keith Thomas, Chris: synthesizers. Backing vocals: Edie Lehmann, Jon Joyce, George Merrill.
Side 1: Clap Your Hands (Dwight Liles 4:01). Lift Up His Name (Bryan McClain 3:07). Blessed Be the Lord (Chris Christian 4:00). Every Good and Perfect Gift (Jeremy Dalton 3:58). We Are an Offering Dwight Liles 3:22). Side 2: Sing with Joy (Liles / Niles Borop 3:31). With the Name of Jesus (Dalton 3:35). Oh Magnify the Lord (Dalton 3:40). Make a Joyful Noise (duet with White Heart) (Dalton 3:33). Selah (Chris 1:34).
Gary Bernstein: photography. Rhonda Jesson: graphic design. Dawn Allen and Cheryl Wilks: cover concept. Recorded at Gold Mine Studio. Keith Thomas: track arrangement. Brown Bannister: tympany producer.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of first three LPs.
Christian Community Church Trio
*We’re Almost Home. Boren LP1002. 197? LP.
Christian Contemporary Singers
*Singing for Our Lord. Studio 7 1009.197? LP.
Christian Couriers
*Sing... Jesus Come into My Heart. Diadem DLP135. 196? LP.
Courtney Christian
*Children’s Hymns. Home Sweet Home 701002040. 1987. CS number.
Christian Crusaders
*Countryt Gospel. 197? LP.
Christian Diplomats
*The Hallow of God’s Hand. Estate ATS537. 198? LP.
*Just Family. Baldwin CS8507. 1983. LP.
Christian Faith
*I Don’t Know Why. Sing MSP9038. 196? LP.
Christian Faith A’Capella Singers
*Mixed Voices. ChristianFaith LP1299. 1960. LP.
*Christmas Carols. Christian Faith LP1301. 1961. LP.
Christian Faith Choir
*The King of Love. Chapel LP5021. 1970. LP.
Christian Faith Orchestra
*The Gift of Peace. LP5008. 1969. LP.
Christian Faith Women’s Choir
*The Songs of Fanny Crosby. Christian Faith LP1321. 1961. LP.
Christian Family Singers
*Touch of God’s Hand. Rose 23247. 197? LP.
Christian Folk
*The Greater of These Is Love. Job 4148. 1970. LP.
Christian Folk (Montana)
*Sweet Melodies. Faith FRS1057. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Christian Folk Singers
*I Don’t Know Why. Sing MSP9088. 1973. LP. May be reissue of LP by Christian Faith.
Christian Heirs
*Peace. Seven Star LP5197. 1967. LP.
*Together We Will Fly Away. Star 7 201004. 197? LP.
Christian Heralds
*Great Big Wonderful God. Chime CH1027. 197? LP.
Christian Image
*Imagine Heaven Imagine Hell Which One Do You Choose? Custom. 1989. CS.
*Jerusalem Attack. Custom. 1989. CS.
*We Cast out the Devil. Custom. 1990. CS. contains lyric sheet
Imagine Heaven...
Lillian W.: voice, lyrics. Dorothe V.: violin. Laszlo H.: guitar. Additional musician - Jim E.: bass on Jesus Is the Rock and Imagine Heaven Part 2.
Side A: (February 1998, studio). Jesus Is the Rock. Jesus Is the Way. Imagine Heaven Imagine Hell Part 1. Imagine Heaven Imagine Hell Part 2. Soldier of Light. Shalom. Side 2: Novemebr 1998 - Improvised on the day the group was born.
Jerusalem Attack
Lillian W.: vocal. Dorothe V.: metalized violin. Laszlo H.: guitars.
Side 1: We Are Hier (sic) in the Name of Jesus. Nightriders. Lightriders. God Loves Siouxie. Jesus Is the Way. You're Made out of Glass. Jerusalem Attack. Lord, Why? Side 2: Live in Utrecht.
Cover by Lubos Barton. Recorded and produced by Stichting Revelation.
We Cast out the Devil
Lillian W.: vocal. Dorothe V.: metalized violin. Laszlo H.: guitar, bass. Addtional musician: Christine V.: vocal on War, Rapture, and Stand Up.
Side 1: 666 Against 777. Jesus Christ. War. Stand Up. Rapture. World Without the Holy Spirit. Lonely Heart.
Side 2: We Cast out the Devil. Devil's Game - Supernatural Power. Johnny. Reality. Lonely Heart 2.
Christian Minstrels
*The Mighty Power. Supreme S221. 197? LP.
*The Answer. Supreme S225. 197? LP.
Christian Plumber
Band describes itself as a dark noise band
*Jane Doe.
*Yes, Virginia, There Are Christian Plumbers.
*Christian Plumber Live at C-Stone.
Christian Quartet
North Carolina
*Sing a Song for Jesus. Heritage 614. 1986. LP.
*Dreams Won’t Compare. Heritage 622. 1987.
Christian Sons
*We’re Goin Up That Way. Rainbow R2400. 1979. LP.
Christian Stephens
Pennsylvania; formed 1980
Christian Shaw and Stephens Miller
*Christian Stephens. Ascension 1007. 1982. Also CS C-S 1101. 1980.
*Christian Stephens II. Ascension ASR 8301. 1983.
*Christian Stephens III.
*Best for You.
*Torn Veil. 1997.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of first LP.
Christian Tabernacle Concert Choir
*Something Old, Something New. Tyscot Records TRC 12783. 1983. CS. Guest artist: Bill Sawyer. Arranger and Conductor: Obie Shelton.
Christian Trippers
Country gospel
*The Christian Trippers. MPW Records LP-002. early 1970s. LP.
The Christian Trippers
David Williams - drums. Frank Edwards - rhythm and lead guitar, backing vocals. Paul Williams - bass. Bubba - lead vocals? Additional musicians: Rev. Doyle Jones - piano. Carl Bland - bass. Don Bierstedt - pedal steel.
Side 1: Kept by Love (Wayne Walters 2:53). Three's Been a Lot of Changes (Hemphill 2:10). I'll Stay True (Frank Edwards 2:42). Medley: Crossin' over Jordan / There'll Be Shoutin' (1:40). The Answer Came (Atwood 2:44). One Tear He Cried (Wayne Walters 2:41). Side 2: I Found a Better Way (unknown 1:40). He's the One (Paul Williams 2:50). The Next Step (unknown 3:03). I'll See God (Taylor - Crusader 1:58). Build My Mansion (C. D. Rambo 3:00). I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary (3:18).
Recored by Doggett Studios. Engineered by Ray Doggett.
Christian Troubadors
*Country Singing Gospel. Sundown LP1001. 1959. LP.
*This Is Gospel Country. Scripture LP117. 1966. LP.
*Down Home Gospel. Scripture LP123. 1967. LP.
*Filled with Praise. Heartwarming HWS1936. 1968. LP.
*The Nashville Folk Gospel Sound. Heartwarming HWS1975. 1969. LP.
*Tell the News. Heartwarming HWS3005. 1969. LP.
*Sing Authentic Country Gospel. Hymntone HPM2198. 196? LP.
*Something for Everybody. Heartwarming HWS3065. 1970. LP.
*Now... Hear This. Southern Heritage GA2006. 1974. LP.
*On the Right Track. Jessup MB106. 197? LP.
*Live Thy Neighbor. Vision 2014. 197? LP.
*With Inner Glow. Vision 2015. 197? LP.
*Gospel in Bluegrass. Vision 2016. 197? LP.
*I’ve Got a Song. Vision 2017. 197? LP.
*Down to Earth. Heritage LP1026. 197? LP.
Christian Veterans’ Choir
*Sounding His Praises. Victory ZLP515, 1960. LP.
*Songs That Are Different. Custom TCQ47110. 1969. LP.
*Gonna Move. Car LP120007. 197? LP.
*Gospel Time. GDS LP3000. 197? LP.
*The Christianaires. Lefevre SP2785. 197? LP.
*Just Any Day Now. Sound Hut SHO1050. 1976. LP.
*By Special Request. Recording Services RSR897. 197? LP.
Christianaires Quartet
*Thankful. Eddie Crook Productions ECP2057. 1983. LP.
Side A: Thankful (P.D. by Christianaires). Don't Be Caught Sleeping (Ramsey 2:56). He's Never Lost a Battle (P.D. by Christianaires). In My Robe of White (Spencer 2:27). Lord, You're the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me (Fowler 2:38). Side B: Glorified Body (Poole 3:25). Whiter Than Snow (Funderburk 3:04). The Great Reunion (Ramsey 3:00). I Made a Vow (Whitt 2:18). Power in God's Son (P.D. by Christianaires 2:59).
Produced by Eddie Crook Productions. Engineer: Steve Chandler. Album design: Charles Hooper. Gene Chrisman: drums. Terry Crisp: steel guitar. John Mays: bass. Jeff Chambers: guitars. Eddie Crook: piano.
Christians for Christ
*An Unfinished Task. CFC LP1002. 1970. LP.
Ulf Christiansson
see also Jerusalem
*In My Dreams. Lamb and Lion LL-1069. 1982. LP.
*The Lifestyle from Above. Kingsway KINC602. CS number.
In My Dreams
Peter Ljung - piano, Fender Rhodes, Prophet 5, organ. Per Lindvall - drums, percussion. Backa Hans Eriksson - bass, electric upright bass. Lasse Johnsson - guitars. Ulf Christiansson - guitars, vocals. Glen Myerscough - saxophones. Strings from the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra. Backing vocals - Inger Heinerborg, Eja Eriksson, Eva Berg, Ulf Christiansson.
Music by Christiansson. Lyrics by Andy Kidd and Christiansson.
Side 1: He's Coming Like a Thief in the Night (5:52). I Will Sing (4:48). Is It Too Late? (3:54). I Tell You Now in Honesty (5:29). Side 2: My Heart's Desire (6:05). Practice What We Preach (3:33). Now I Am Trusting (4:15). Forget What Has Been (3:00). Reach for the Stars (3:40).
Produced by Peter Sandwell. Engineered by Bo G. Lundberg. Arrangements by Peter Sandwell and Ulf Christiansson. Recorded and mixed at Supreme Studio, Stockholm, January - August 1982. Photography by Jan Ivarsson and Anders Johansson.
Two songs have slightly different titles on the album jacket. "Like a Thief in the Night" and "In Honesty."
Christland Singers
*He’s Mine. Checker LP10004. 1964. LP.
*Warning Signs. Custom. 2002. CD.
Daniel Christopherson
Seattle, Washington
*One Zillion Guitars.
*Rimmer, Mike. "Guitarist in a Zillion." Cross Rhythms Feb-Mar 2001: 22.
Christ’s Ambassadors
*Christ’s Ambassadors. Christian Faith CC4011. 1961. LP. Also found as CA411.
*Christ’s Ambassadors. Christian Faith CC4013. 1962. LP. Also found as CA413.
Christ-Win's Band
*Smokin' Crack. C-Win's Records 112. No date, probably early 1990's. CS.
All songs written and produced by Win Thompkins. Troy Thompkins: guitars. John Simcic: tracks. Bob Grozier: emulator. Billy Josey: executive producer. Etheridge Lovette: front cover design.
Side 1: Highest Praise. From Rock to Rock. Trading Rings. He's a Heroe (sic). Side 2: Smoking Crack. God Is Every Good Thing. Candidate for Jesus.
*Thy Sons and Daughters. Javco 4924. 1971? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Chrome Donuts
Phenix City, Alabama. Circa 1998. Aternative / punk.
Edited copy of email from the band, March 4, 1999.
While surfing the internet, I accidently came across your site. I saw the name of my band "CHROME DONUTS". I think it's cool that you even mentioned our name at all. And I would like to give you some info on the band, if you want it. We are a four piece melodic punk band from Alabama. We just recently signed with DTS records. We are recording a full length album that should be out this summer. Our main focus is not music or money, but we try to make Jesus the focus. Not just in the band but also in our personal walk. We are not just Christians in a band, but we consider this to be a ministry. The members are: Ben Collins - guitar, Justin Heathe - drums, Matt Potenza - bass, and David Rutledge - vocals and guitar. March 18,1999 will be our one year anniversary playing as a punk band.
Thanks very much
P.S. Just wondering, how did you find out about us in the first place.
Formerly the Kingsboys
*Willing Servants. New Haven NHC200084. 1990. CS.
*Live. New Haven NHCD20010-2. 1991. CD.
Some of the band came from
a band called Saint Attack
*Tales of Paradise. Pila Music. 1993. CD.
Tales of Paradise
Frank Schepp: vocals. Mathias Loris: guitars. Thomas Kessel: keyboards. Hans-Martin: bass. Lars Nippa: drums. All bass tracks played by Marcus Lafferton. Backing vocals: Sascha Lien, Isabel Wust, Chrissi Rokitte, Thomas Kessel, Frank Schepp. Percussion programming: Tommy Clauss and Achim Kohler.
Songs: For You (Schepp 4:08). Tell Me Why (Schepp / Loris 3:50). Danger (Schepp 3:45). Remember You (Schepp / T. Clauss 4:16). Mama Doesn’t Know (Schepp 5:00). Stay With Me (Schepp 3:55). All That You’ve Got (Schepp / Loris 4:29). All Day All Night (Schepp 3:56). Never (Schepp Schepp 3:03). Born in the Fire (Schepp 3:34). In the Darkness of the Night (Schepp 3:19).
Cover concept: Chryztyne and Andi Reusch. Cover photo and layout: Atelier Braun. Inlay photos: Brigitte Gonzalez and Andreas Dalferth. Lay-out (except cover): Jorg Steinmetz.
It had been a long, hard day. She was sitting by the window, drinking a cup of coffee. She felt desperate and alone. Her mind was empty, her heart full of sorrow and fear. Looking out the window, her eyes met the sullen, grey sky of a hostile world. She began to wonder if her life made any difference to anyone. Strange, old memories slowly overwhelmed her. They led her back to the tome when the story of her misery began to unfold – back to her childhood. She could feel the pain again so intensely. In that moment her eyes fell upon a book that she has always kept in her bookshelf. She had never read a single word in it, but now it fascinated her somehow. There seemed to be a mysterious radiance coming from the old book, and to her it conveyed hope and peace. She took the book in her hands and opened it. With an increasing awareness of herself she absorbed every single word. She knew see was reading the truth. She read about love that overcomes even death. Love that spoke to her through the book. Those words were alive and they had an overwhelming power. And after a while she recognized that something deep inside her began to change… Finally she had found the way that would lead her to a new life, to the source of all and never ending love. Now she knew that this book was the only key to the new dimension. The book that told her the TALES OF PARADISE.
Chuck, Mary and Friends
Portland, Oregon. Folk rock
*Little Child. Prince of Peace PPR01-NW12833. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Chuck Wagon Gang
*Favorite Country Hymns. Columbia HL9015. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Gospel Gems. Columbia HL9022. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Joy to the World. Columbia HL9027. 195? Christmas. 10 inch LP.
*Chuck Wagon Gang. Harmony HS11061.1959. LP.
*Let's All Praise the Lord. Columbia CS8137. 1959. LP.
*Prayers in Song. Columbia CS8191. 1959. LP.
*Songs of Moise Lister. Columbia CS8392. 1961. LP. Reissued: Sesac LP1751. 1963.
*God's Gentle People. Columbia CS8699. 1962. LP. Reissued: Songs of Albert Brumley. Sesac LP1753. 1963. LP. Reissued: Columbia LE10071. LP.
*Sacred Songs. Columbia CS8847. 1963. LP. Reissued: Columbia LE10023. LP.
*He Walks with Me. Columbia CS8880. 1963. LP. Reissued: Columbia LE10072. LP.
*That Old Time Religion. Columbia CS9018. 1964. LP. Reissued: Columbia LE10430. LP.
*The Best Of. Harmony HL11118. 1964. LP.
*Sunshine Special. Harmony HL11139. 1964. LP.
*Joybells Ringing in My Soul. Columbia CS9231. 1965. LP.
*Christmas With. Harmony HL11155. 1965. LP. Reissued: Columbia LE10340.
*Lord Lead Me On. Harmony HL11197. 1966. LP. Reissued: Harmony HS13237. LP.
*Songs of Faith and Glory. Harmony HL11221. 1967. LP.
*The Gloryland Way. Columbia CS9397. 1967. LP.
*Move Up to Heaven. Columbia CS9567. 1967. LP.
*Country Gospel Classics. Columbia CS9650. 1968. LP.
*Revival Time. Columbia CS9673. 1968. LP.
*Rejoice. Harmony HL11322. 1969. LP.
*Greatest Hits. Columbia CS9804. 1969. LP.
*Standing on the Rock. Columbia CS9881. 1969. LP.
*Hallelujah. Harmony H30342. 1970. LP
*Perfect Joy. Harmony HL11368. 1970. LP.
*The Lord Said It. Columbia C30208. 1970. LP.
*Thank the Lord. Columbia CS9993. 1970. LP.
*Going Home for Christmas. Columbia 30263. 1970. LP.
*Heaven Will Surely Be Worth It All. Harmony H30933. 1971. LP.
*I'm Rejoicing. Harmony H31254. 1972. LP.
*Down the Sawdust Trail. Columbia C31043. 1972. LP.
*Hear the Gospel Story. Harmony H31322. 1972. LP. Reissued: Columbia LE10426. LP.
*Oh Happy Day. Columbia KC32197. 1973. LP.
*Over in Gloryland. Columbia KC32414. 1973. LP.
*There's Gonna Be Singing. Harmony KH32583. 1974. LP.
*Campmeeting Time. Columbia KC32954. 1974. LP.
*Sweetest Songs We Know. Columbia 34044. 1976. LP.
*Springtime in Glory. Harmony H31715. 1976. LP.
*Headed for the Promised Land. Harmony BT159054. CS only. Reissued as Sony Music Special Products A28910. 1998. CD.
*Looking Away to Heaven. Columbia KC36035. 1979. LP.
*In Harmony. Copperfield CWG1114. 1983. LP.
*Keep on Keepin' On. Copperfield. CWG1115. 1983. LP.
*Family Tradition. Copperfield CWG1116. 1983. LP.
*A Golden Legacy. Copperfield CWG1117. 1984. LP. Reissued: Benson LP1001.
*16 Country Gospel Favorites. Copperfield CWG1118. 1984. Reissued: MCA MCAD11075. 1984. CD. Reissued: Arrival BU7664.
*Jubilee. Copperfield CWG1120. 1985. LP and CS.
*Chuck Wagon Gang. Columbia FC40152. 1985. LP.
*Homecoming. Copperfield CWG1121. 1986. LP.
*An Old Fashioned Christmas Vol. 1. Copperfield CWG1122. 1986. LP.
*An Old Fashioned Christmas Vol. 2. Copperfield CWG1123. 1986. LP.
*20 Golden Gospel Greats. Copperfield CWG1124. 1987. LP.
*Golden Gospel Greats. Vol. I MCA MCAD11111. 1987. CD.
*Golden Gospel Greats. Vol. 2 MCA MCAD11180. 1987. CD.
*Memories Made New Vol. 1. Associated Artists AA1001. 1989. CS.
*American Traditions. Copperfield CWG1125. 1989. LP.
*Old Time Hymns Vol. 1. Copperfield CWG1126. 1989. LP.
*Memories Made New Vol. 2. Associated Artists AA1002. 1990. CS.
*Someone to Talk To. Associated Artists AA1003. 1991. CS.
*Old Time Hymns Vol. III. MCA MCAD11181. 1991. CD.
*Still Rollin'. Associated Artists AA1004. 1992. CS.
*20 Song Special. Associated Artists AA1007. CD.
*The Best of Country Gospel I. Associated Artists AA1009. 1992. CS.
*The Best of Country Gospel II. Associated Artists AA1010. 1992. CS.
*Greatest Hits. Vol. 1. MCA MCAD11182. 199?. CD.
*Amazing Grace. MCA MCAD20729. 1993. CD.
*Songs of Inspiration. MCA MCAD20730. 199? CD. Reissue of Copperfield label material.
*Leave the Light On. Associated Artists AA1011. 1995. CS.
*Radio Favorites. Memory Lane MLGCD1014. 1997. CD.
*Gospel Classics Vol. 1. Gospel Music HOF601. 1999. CD.
*Gospel Classics Vol. 2. Gospel Music HOF602. 1999. CD.
*An Old Fashioned Christmas. Manor House MH872. 199? CS.
*Greatest Hits. Arrival 7534. 199? CD? Reissues of Copperfield material.
*Old Time Hymns Vol. II. Arrival AVL30014. CD? Reissues of Copperfield material.
*Statesmen / Chuck Wagon Gang I. Sesac LP1901/02. Reissue: 1/2 of Prayers in Song.
*Statesmen/ Chuck Wagon Gang II. Sesac LP1903/04. Reissue: 1/2 of Prayers in Song.
Headed for the Promised Land
Songs: I’m Headed for the Promised Land. He’s Coming Again. There’s Gonna Be Singing. We Are Climbing. I’m Telling the World about His Love. Massa’s in the Cold, Cold Ground. Higher. After the Sunrise. Way up in Glory. Walk and Talk with Jesus.
Songs: Heaven’s Jubilee. Wayfaring Stranger. Master, the Tempest Is Raging. I’ll Live On. Sunlight, Sunlight. I Fell Like Traveling On. To Christ Be True. From Every Stormy Wind. There Is Sunshine in My Soul. Will There Be Any Stars in My Crown?
Songs of Inspiration
Songs: A Beautiful Life. Softly and Tenderly. Bringing the Sheaves. The Gloryland Way. From the Cross to the Crown. Wayfaring Stranger. When the Roll Is Called up Yonder. Standing on the Promises. I’ll Fly Away (bonus track). Power in thr Blood (bonus track).
Church Boyz
Creve Coeur, Missouri
*Get Hyped for Christ. GMR Records 10001. No date. Early 1990's? CS.
Side 1: Get Hyped for Christ. Hip-Hop Scene. Side 2: Don't Do It. City.
Band consisted of May-Day. Kandy-K. GMR. DJ-Raz.
Eugene Church
*God Said It, I Believe It and That Settles It. Church Records C.R.C. 82184. 1984. LP.
God Said…
All song s by Eugene Church, except as noted
Side 1: The Vineyard (4:10). Daniel (6:01). Nobody But You, Lord (4:35). Side 2: His Majesty the King (5:47). The Ten Commandments (4:47). God Said It, I Believe It and That Settles It (E. Church / J. Hamilton 7:19).
Photography: Richard J. Gray, Dallas, TX. Executive producer: Eugene Church. Produced by Eugene Church and Roger Boykin. Tommy Hill: drums.
“Eugene Church is the seventh of ten children born to the late Bishop and Mrs. Clarence E. Church, Sr, one of the founding fathers, and one of the founding mothers of the Church of God in Christ (C.O.G.I.C).
Fred Church
*Goodbye World. Mission FCS473. 197?
Church in the Barn
*The Church in the Barn. Corner Stone CB1001. 196? LP.
Church in the City
*Worship II.Star Song SSR046. 1983. LP.
*I Just Want to Praise You. Star Song 7102070861. LP.
Worship II
Songs: Lord, I’ve Got a Song. Jesus Is the Name I Love. Fixing Our Eyes on Jesus. Your People Thank You. Hear, O Israel. Jude 24 & 25. Glory to God (In the Highest). Lifr Giving Blood. Isaiah 43. The Wind of the Spirit. Worthy Is the Lamb. If It Had Not Been the Lord.
Church of God and
the Saints of Christ Singers

*Church of God and the Saints of Christ Singers. King LP898. LP.
Church of Jesus Young Adult Choir
*Redemption Draweth Nigh. Unknown label 14340. 197? LP.
Church of the Living God
*Praise God. Jubilee JGM6008. 196? LP.
Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
of the Apostolic Faith

*We Just Came to Praise (Live at the Richmond Center). 1990. LP
Church of the Nazarene
*Showers of Blessing. Word W3074. 1959. LP. Also: WST8020. LP.
Church of the Open Door
*God’s Design. Supreme SS2009. 1963. LP.
Church of the Redeemer
*Hey Kids, Do You Love Jesus? Net Records(?). LP. No date given.
*The Churchmen Sing. Custom CQS1000. 196? LP.
*Old Time Religion. Custom CQS1001. 196? LP.
*Down by the Riverside. Custom CQS1003. 196? LP.
*Gospel Time With. Custom CQS14671. 196. LP.
*His Name Is Wonderful. Custom CQS26814. 196? LP.
*The Old and the New. RCR 1029S. 197? LP.
*Try a Little Tenderness. Word WST8530. 1971. LP.
*Volumes Five and Six. Churchmen, no number. 1973. LP.
*Jesus Is the Answer. TC Records LP1001. 1974. LP.
*Long Winding Road. Forward in Faith LP2402. 1976. LP.
*The Cross... My Statue of Liberty. Faith 6032F35B. 197? LP.
*God Will Bless You, Go with God. James K. Productions CQ5709. 197? LP.


Sassy Parrot said...

Is there anyway to find Chisholm now? I have a cassette tape of "On a Better Road" that my dad got a *few* years back... and we were recently talking about how we wish we could get a CD or mp3 versions of them. They are amazing... any suggestions?

rafamus said...

I am looking for "Jesus Is Coming" a vinyl record by Chapel Singers, 1974.

Label: Chapel – S 5260