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C - CD

C. Sharpe Minor
*Songs of Inspiration. X LXA3018. 195? LP.
C. and M. A. Gospel Singers
*The C. and M. A. Gospel Singers (1923-1926). Document DOCD5569. CD.
Christian industrial, circa 1999.
Mark Cable
*Living Proof. 1990.
*Still Room to Grow. 1993.
Patty Cabrera
*Patty Cabrera. Word / Epic EK 47747. 1991. CD. Also: Dayspring 7014210572. CD.
*Hasta Hoy. Dayspring 701422572X. 1992. Spanish .
*Always and Forever. Curb Records D2-77798. 1996.
*Siempre Y Para Siempre. Curb D477840. 1996. CD. Spanish version of Always and Forever.
*Love Someone Like Me. Patrona Productions 824331000122. 2002. CD. Also: PC2002.
Always and Forever
Songs: Always and Forever. Take It Away. Family. Take a Good Look. Who Ya Lovin'. Can't Let Go. Free Me. Love Needs People. Home Is Where the Heart Is. I Hear Love.
Produced by Bob Parr.
*Akins, Debra. "Pretty in Pink." CCM May 1996: 65.
Denise Caddell
*To Be Used of God. Harbor. 1976. LP.
Cadd Family
Missionaries to the Philippines. Dick and Helen Cadd with children Carolyn, Jon and Steve.
*Come Along with Me. Lexicon Music CLP102. 1969.
Come Along with Me
Side 1: Come Along with Me. God Is. I Know. Gonna Build My Life. I'll Never Be the Same. I'm Gonna Go Back. I Want the World to Know. He Touched Me. Side 2: Oh Happy Day. The Illusive Dream. Since I Opened Up the Door. Down from His Glory. This Little Light. I Wish We'd All Been Ready. Now Walk with God.
Recorded at Cinema Audio Recording Studios, Manila. Participants: Helen Cadd, Dick Mazo, Steve Cadd, Melinda Henderson, Bethel Temple Combo.
San Jose, California
Sisters Jody and Jonna Cade
Cadence Quartet
*Through It All. Mission MRC327. 197?
*Cadet. BEC Recordings. 2001CD.
*The Observatory. BEC. 2002. CD.
*Happy Christmas Vol 3. BEC. Song: The First Noel. 2001. CD.
*Start Right Here Keith Green Tribute. BEC. 2001. Song: You Are the One.
*Any Given Day: Earth to Heaven. BEC. 2001. CD.
Band: Ryan Smith: lead vocals, guitar. Jason Kennedy: bass, backing vocals. ZChad Basom: drums, backing vocals. Matt Lenhart: guitar, keyboards, backing vocals.
Caedmon (UK)
*Caedmon. English Garden ENG1014. 1978. LP. 500 pressed.
*Live. Kissing Spell KSCD9505F. 1995? CD.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Caedmon's Call
Mostly, Acoudtic roots / Rock / folk
*My Calm // Your Storm. CD. 1994. Remastered / rereleased 1996. #1479709511. CD
*Just Don't Want Coffee. CD. 1995.
*EP. Warner Alliance. Limited promo for self-titled CD
*Caedmon's Call. Warner Alliance 246463. 1997. CD.
*Intimate Portrait. 2-46813. 1997. CD. New songs and video.
*Songs from the Guild. Essential 8306101428. 2000. CD.
*Long Line of Leavers. Essential 8306105592. 2000. CD.
*In the Company of Angels. Essential 8306106212. 2001. CD.
*40 Acres. Essential. CD.
*Back Home. Essential 8306106942. 2003. CD. Modern worship/
*Chronicles. Brentwood Records 083061074623. 2004. CD.
*Caedmon’s Call. Share the Well. CD.
*Hussey, Rachel. Rev. of 40 Acres. Orlando Sentinel 1 Oct. 1999: X4
Shirley Caesar
*I'll Go. Hob Records HBX266. 1967. Also: Liquid 8 12074. 2003. Reissue. Also: Frank Music FM5519. 1999. CD.
*Stranger on the Road. Hob Records HBX299. 196? LP.
*Jordan River. Hob Records. 1968.
*Inspirations. Hob Records HBX 2102. 1969. LP. Also: Liquid 8 LIQ 12183. 2003. CD (has different sequence).
*Caravans Featuring Shirley Caesar. Up Front UPF109.196? LP.
*Tell It to the Lord. Up Front UPF174. 196? LP. As: I Can Tell It to the Lord. Q 16031. 1979?
*Get Up, My Brother. Hob Records HBX2144. 1970
*The Invitation. Hob Records HBX2160. 1973. LP. Also as: The Lost Recordings of Shirley Caesar: the Invitation. Calvin Records CVN-050. 2006. CD.
*Millennial Reign. Hob Records HBX2170. 1970. LP. Also: Liquid 8 12079. 2003. CD. Also: Frank Music FM5511. 1999. CD and CS.
*My Testimony. Hob Records. 1971
*Three Old Men. Hob Records HBX 2132. 1973
*King and Queen of Gospel I-James Cleveland / Shirley Caesar. Hob Records HBX 2175. 1974. Reissued: Hob HBC3511. 1992. Reissued: The Royal Family of Gospel. Roadshow Records RSG 7702. 1999.
*Go Take a Bath. Hob Records HBX2183. 1975. LP. Sermonette.
*King and Queen of Gospel II. Hob HBX2184. 1976. LP. Reissued: Hob HBC3527. 1994. CD.
*Be Careful of the Stones You Throw. Hob Records HBX2181. 1975 / 1976. LP.
*No Charge. Hob Records HBX 2176. 1974 / 1975. LP. Reissued: HOB HBC3531. 1994. CS.
*The Best of Shirley Caesar. Hob Records HGS 17002. 197? LP
*Shirley Caesar's Greatest Hits. Vesta Records. 1977
*Best, with the Caravans. Savoy 14202. 1970. LP.
*Our Greatest Hits. James Cleveland / Shirley Caesar. Vesta Records. 1977
*First Lady. Roadshow Records RSLA744. 1977. LP.
*From the Heart. Roadshow Records LSS86. 1978. LP.
*Sings Her Gospel Favorites Volume I. Spire Records LP5506. 1978. LP.
*Sings Her Gospel Favorites Volume II. Spire Records LP5507. 1978. LP.
*Gospel Songs at Christmas. Mistletoe. 197? LP.
*Rejoice. Myrrh MSB 6646. 1980. LP.
*Go. Myrrh MSB6665 Records. 1981. LP.
*Jesus, I Love Calling Your Name. Myrrh Records MSB6721. 1983. LP.
*Sailin'. Myrrh SPCN 7016732061. 1984. Word / Epic EK 48800 (CD). Also: Myrrh MSB6732. LP.
*Celebration. Rejoice SPCN 7015001284. 1985. Lp.
*Love Parade. Myrrh 7016787060. 1985. LP.
*Christmasing. Rejoice SPCN 7015012286. 1986
*Her Very Best. Word / Epic 47806. 1987. Also: Rejoice 7015015285. 1987. LP.
*Live in Chicago. Rejoice 7015021285. 1988. LP.
*He Hears My Cry. Black Label BLC4005. 1989.
*Gold. Black Label BLC4007. 1989.
*I Remember Mama. Word Records 7019108601. 1989 / 1990. CD. Word (UK) 7019108504. LP/CS/CD.
*Hold My Mule. A&M AM1751. 198?
*Best of. Custom SSM1000. 198? LP.
*Treasures Hob 3501. 198? Reissues.
*He's Working It Out for You. Word Records 7019177506. CD.1991.
*First Lady. Hob HBC3502. 1992. CS. Reissues.
*Why Me Lord. Hob HBC3510. CS. 1992. Reissues.
*Old Apple Tree. Hob HBC3520. CS. 1993. Reissues.
*Stand Still. Word / Epic Records EK57464. 1993. CD.
*He Touched Me. Hob HBC3526. 1994. CS. Reissues.
*Shirley Caesar Live... He Will Come.. Word / Epic Records. 1995. CD. Also: Word 7019391605. CD. Also: Word 7019493602. CD.
*Don't Drive Your Mama Away. Hob HBC3536. 1995. CS. Reissues.
*Shirley Caesar Outreach Convention Choir. Just a Word. Word / Epic Records. 1996. CD. Also: Word 7019683606. 1996. CD.
*Faded Rose. Hob HBC3543. 1996. CS.
*A Miracle in Harlem. Word / Epic Records. 1997. CD. Also: Word 7019718603. 1997. CD.
*You Can Make It. Word / Epic EK 61071. 2000. CD.
*Hymns. Word / Elektra EK85864. 2001. CD.
I’ll Go
Songs: I’ll Go. He Holdeth thr Reins. I’m Glad I Found Jesus. Rapture. When Trouble Comes. You May Not Believe It. Choose Ye This Day. Jesus Is All. Don’t Be Afraid. Waiting on the Promise. Battlefield.
The CD version (Frank Music) has three extra songs: Another Day’s Journey, I’m Getting Ready and I Find No Fault.
The Liquid 8 CD has the same title, but a very different set of songs: Let Jesus Fix It. I’ll Go. Stand the Storm. Rapture. Soul Salvation. A Long Way to Go. Come to Jesus. Battlefield. You Must Live Right. Follow Me. Every Day Brings about a Change. No Condemnation.
Stranger on the Road
Songs: Stranger on the Road. Don’t Drive Your Mama Away. Come to Jesus. No Condemnation. Loose that Man. I’m Getting Ready. His Eye Is on the Sparrow. Going to Heaven. Sinner Man If I Was You. He Won’t Let You Fall.
Shirley Caesar: vocals. With the Caesar Singers. And the Rev. Linton and the Progressive Baptist Church of St. Louis, Missouri, Recorded at Scepter Studios, New York City, Tony Heilbut: program notes on jacket.
Songs: God Specializes. It’s Real, Steal Away. Little Boy How Old Are You. Old Ship of Zion. The Day Is Past. Packing Up and Getting Ready to Go. At the Cross. Mary Don’t You Weep. The Lord Will Make a Way. Pass Me Not. God Will Take Care of You. Someone Who Cares. Jesus Kepp Me Near the Cross. Stand by Me. How Far Am I from Canaan.
The Liquid 8 CD has the same title, but a different sequence: The Lord Will Make a Way (3:14). Walk and Talk with Jesus ( Shirley and Claude Jeter 2:29). How Far Am I From Canaan (Claude Jeter 3:22). Dry Bones (3:06). Stand by Me (Claude Jeter 3:22). Mary, Don’t You Weep (Caesar amd Jeter 2:40). Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross (2:49). Someone Who Cares (Jeter 1:55). The Storm Is Passing Over (1:44). Rock of Ages (3:11). Pass Me Not (Jeter 3:08). Intro: Praising Him (4:02). (Previously released material).
I Can Tell It to the Lord
Songs: I Can Tell It to Lord. The Church Is in Mourning. The Last Days. He Heard Me Cry. The Bride of Jesus. Tear Your Kingdom Down. It Is Well. Amazing Grace. Solid Rock. Walk Around Heaven All Day.
Get Up My Brother
Songs: Get Up My Brother. Have Thine Own Way Lord. When the Saviour Reach [sic] Down for Me. Study War No More. The Prayer. People Get Ready. Nobody But You Lord. Teach Me Master. The Healer.
Shirley Caesar (vocals) and the Caesar Singers with the Thompson Community Singers. Tony Heilbut: notes on cover.
The Invitation
Songs: Dry Bones. The Praying Slave Lady. Another Day’s Journey. So Glad I’m Here in Jesus Name. Jesus Is Waiting. The Invitation. Thank You Lord. You Brought Me from a Long Way. May the Work I’ve Done. Running for Jesus.
Millennial Reign
Songs: Millennial Reign. Windstorm. I Won’t Be Troubled No More. So Glad Jesus Loves Me. Storm Is Passing Over. Run to the Mountain. Walk and Talk with Jesus. Love Opens Doors. Walk Togerher Children. Satan, We’re Gonna Tear Your Kingdom Down. Don’t Be Afraid.
Liquid 8 CD has the same title, but a different sequence: Millennial Reign (4:38). Windstorm (2:20). I Won’t Be Troubled No More (2:55). So Glad Jesus Loves Me (2:58). Storm Is Passing Over (1:46). Walk and Talk with Jesus (2:31). Love Opens Doors (2:58). Walk Together Children (3:04). Packing Up and Getting Ready to Go (2:58). The Last Days (3:49). He Heard My Cry (3:49). I’m Getting Ready (4:44).
My Testimony
Songs: My Testimony. Long Way to Go to Be Like the Lord. Power Lord. You Must Live Right. Take up Your Cross. Every Day Brings about a Change. Tear Your Kingdom Down. He Touched Me. I’ve Been Saved. God Is Not Dead. Give Me Strength, Oh Lord. Looking for a Home.
Anthony Heilbut: descriptive notes on cover.
Stand Still
Songs: Stand Still. Leave Them in the Hands of the Lord. The Sun Is Gonna Shine Again. Pastor Shirley Talks to the Youth (We Love Our Children). Keep on Movin’. You Did It All. Faith Moves God. Just as I Am, Step Out.
Lyrics and program notes on inner insert. Shirley Caesar: vocals recorded live at the National Baptist World Center Headquarters, Nashville, TN.
*Dixon, Dulcie. Rev. of I Remember Mama. CR 1 (1990): 70.
*Boyer, Horace Clarence. "Shirley Caesar." Facts on File Encyclopedia of Black Women in America. Ed. Darlene Clark. New York: Facts on File, 1997: 80-82.
*Gaines, Adrienne S. The Diva Is a Preacher. Charisma May 2001: 46-50, 52, 99.
*King, Angela G. In Concert: Shirley Caesar / Yolanda Adams / Mary Mary. CCM Jan. 2001: 45.
Cafe Noire
*Cafe Noire. Custom tape. 1988.
*When I Awaken.
Cafe Noire
Leslie duPre: vocals. Michael Brown: all instruments. Songs - Repentance. Run to the Sea. Broken Arrows. The Clock Strikes Twelve.
*Rev. of When I Awaken. by Erin Hooper. Different Drummer #10 p.10.
Byron Cage
*Just Say Yes. CD.
Mikki Cage
Previously in Hostage, where he went by the name Adam Barnett.
'Til Death Do Us Part. Custom (no j-card). 1990. CS
Side 1: The Human Zoo. Children. Compassion and Tolerance. K-Mart Shoppers. Dancing with Your Memory. Side 2: Two Shots. Flesh into Plastic. More Than Clark(?). Real Live Boy. Momento, Momento.
Joshua Cain Band
Tacoma, WA
2007. Blues / Rock
Joshua Cain: vocals, acoustic bass. Wilbury Cain: guitar, vocals. Sugar Cain: drums.
*The Devil’s in the Jineses.
Calculated Risk
Washington, D. C. area
*A New Day's Dawning. Pyschoacoustics Unlimited D86-500. 1986. CS.
A New Day’s Dawning
Christine Kenyon: lead vocals, keyboards. Steve Hughes: keyboards, vocals. Brent Stone: bass, keyboards, vocals. Mike Eastham: drums.
All words and music by Christine Kenyon, except as noted.
Side 1: A New Day's Dawning (6:00). Front Page News (4:25). Side 2: Live in Love (John Currie 5:08). Forgive and Forget (5:20).
Produced and arranged by Calculated Risk. Engineered by Ray Tilkens. Recorded at Ambient Studios, College Park, Maryland, November 21-30, 1986. Cover concepts and graphic design by Steve Hughes and Christine Kenyon.
Joey Calderson
*Ten Thousand Years. Rainbow R1025. 197? LP.
Walter Caldwell
*I Can't Stop Loving God. Sing MSP9074. 1977. LP.
*Sounds Like the Caldwells. Rite Records H-1022. LP.
Caleb's Walk
Kent Hamilton: vocals, guitar. Brannon Tharpe: drums. Gannon: bass. Began 2002.
Patric Calfee
*Dayspring. Morning Star. 1974. LP. 1000 made.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Calibretto 13
Kokomo, IN
Joe Whiteford: electric and acoustic guitars, vocals, harmonica. Aaron Richardson: electric and acoustic bass guitar, vocals. Chris Thomas: drums, vocals. Chad A. Serhal: bass. Band active: 1997 – 2004.
*Black Sheep. Custom demo. 1998. CD.
*Sibling Rivalry. RMC Records. 1999. Split EP with No More Droids. Songs: I'll Show the World. Get a Life. KGB. Little Gay Man. Fall Away. Danger Brigade.
*Enter the Danger Brigade. Tooth and Nail TND1175. 2000. CD.
*From the Secret Files of the Danger Brigade. EP. Tooth & Nail. 2001. CD.
*Adventures in Tokyo. Tooth & Nail TND1224. 2002. CD,
*Dead by Dawn. Standard Recording Co. EP. 2003. CD.
*All of These Things Do Not Belong. Split release with Mercury Radio Theater. Srandard Recording Co. 2004. CD.
*In the Dark. Standard Recording Co. 2005. CD. The first record by Harley Poe; performed by the members of Calibretto.
*Once Bitten Twice Shy. RMC Records. 1999. Song: KGB (electric version).
*Underground 202. M&M Productions. 1999. Song: Merry Freakin' Christmas.
*Lost Lonely Vicious. Boot to Head Records. 1999. Song: Get a Life.
Enter the Danger Brigade
Songs: High 5. Spoiled Brat. The Ballroom. Fall Away. Movie Star. Christian Hate Mail. The Apple Song. Get a Life. Goodbye Cruel Soul Stalker. Creep.
Aaron Richardson: electric bass, acoustic bass, backing vocals. Joseph Whiteford: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, vocals. Chris Thomas: drums, cymbals, backing vocals.
Music and lyrics created by Joseph Whiteford, except ‘Soul Stalker: by Aaron Richardson and ‘The Ballroom Blitz’ by Chinn & Chapman. All songs arranged Chris Thomas, Aaron Richardson, and Joseph Whiteford. All songs written by Calibretto 13. All instruments, vocals, etc. performed by Calibretto 13. Some hey’s, ho’s, and other noises on ‘High 5’ as well as extra hand claps on ‘The Ballroom Blitz.
Executive produced by Brandon Ebel. This album was recorded and mixed January 19-28 (tracks 1-4, 7-8, 10-11) and July 29-30 (tracks 5,6, and 9), 2000, at Barry Poynter Studios, Little Rock, Arkansas.
Josh Yeats: bass. Eric Jackson: guitar. Rodney Demeglio: drums
*Rumble. Velvet Blue Music VBM 028. 1998.
*Psychos in Love. Velvet Blue Music VBM 033. 1999. 3 song 7 inch, 33 1/3 vinyl.
*The Calicoes. Dan MacIntosh. HM #75 Jan / Feb 1999. p28.
California Earthquake
*Reformation. United Artists UAS6801. 1971. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
California Lutheran College
*C.L.C. Concert Ensembles. Alpha 01. 1962? LP.
C.L.C. Concert Ensembles
Side 1: Born Today (Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck 1561 – 1621). O Man Thy Grief and Sin Bemoan (Ralph E. Williams). Now Sing We, Now Rejoice (In Dulci Jubilo) (Dietrich Buxtehude 1639 – 1707). Song of the Open Road (Norman Della Joio). Side 2: Cantata No. 4, Christ Lay in the Bonds of Death (J. S. Back): Verse 1: Christ lay by death enshrouded. Verse 2: O Death, none could thee subdue. Verse 3: Jesus Christ, our God’s own Son. Verse 4: It was a wonderful array. Verse 5: The Easter Lamb for us was slain. Verse 6: So let us keep this holy feast. Verse 7: We celebrate this holy feast. C. Robert Zimmerman, director. Cover design: Warren Ostrus.
*Country. Calvary STAV5062. 1972. LP.
*Make It Happen. Manna MS2010. 1973. LP.
*Californians Alive. Manna MS2015. 1974. LP.
*America. Custom C1001. 1975. LP.
*Something Special Custom. 197? LP.
*Jesus Is the Answer. Custom. 197? LP.
See also Michael Been
*The Call. Mercury SRM-1-4037. 1982.
*Modern Romans. Mercury 810 307-1 M-1. 1983.
*Scene Beyond Dreams. Mercury 813 793-1 M-1. 1984.
*Reconciled. Elektra 60440-1. 1986.
*Into the Woods. Elektra 60739-1. 1987.
*Best of. Warner Resound 464882. 1997.
12 inch Singles
*There's a Heart Here b/w Upperbirth. Mercury MK187. 1982. from album The Call.
*Time of Your Life b/w All About You. Mercury MK242. 1983. from album Modern Romans.
*Heavy Hand b/w same. Mercury PRO 303. 1984. from album Scene Beyond Dreams.
*Everywhere I Go b/w same. Elektra ED5125. 1986. from album Reconciled.
*I Still Believe (Great Design) (vocal / edit of LP version) b/e same (vocal / LP version). Elektra ED5128. 1986. from album Reconciled.
*Oklahoma (LP version) b/w I Still Believe (live version) / Oklahoma (live version). Recorded live June 5, 1986, Paradise, Boston, MA. Elektra ED5168. 1986. from album Reconciled.
*I Don't Wanna (vocal edit) b/w same (vocal/ LP version). Elektra ED5234. 1987. from album Into the Woods
*In the River b/w same. Elektra ED5250. 1987. from album Into the Woods.
*Walk Walk (vocal / LP version) b/w same (vocal / CD version). 1987. from album Into the Woods.
Call to Preserve
Rockledge, FL
Hardcore / Punk
John: vocals. Harbor: guitar. Kyle: bass. Matt: guitar. Mike: drums.
*Unsinkable. CD.
*From Isolation. CD.
Songs: Hold Fast. Sidewinder. You Broke Down. Force of Chance. Life’s Too Short. Thick as Blood. Shellshock. Stand and Fight. Pay the Price. Fight Til the End. Now and Forever. Unsinkable.
From Isolation
Songs: Sinking Sun. So Low. Vices. Dear Galatia. From Isolation. Hindsight. Shameless. Lincoln Street. Waiting for Dawn. First Light. Hope for the Fallen. No Value. Open Your Eyes.
Rose Callans
*To God Be the Glory. Corner Stone CRS7703. 197? LP?
Pee Wee Callins
Plant City, FL
He has a few CDs.
Northern Virginia
Began late 1993. See also: Armageddon, Taker, Sorrow of Seven
*The Calm. Custom ep. CS. 1994.
Songs: The Calm That Rules the Storm. Down in the Valley (Again). Interlude. Into the Calm. The Choice.
*Confessions of a Thirsty Tongue. CD.
P. J. Bussey: guitar (ex-Armageddon and Taker). Ellyn Bussey: lead vocals (ex-Sorrow of Seven). Dan Wilkinson: bass (ex-Armageddon and Taker). Tim Shoemaker: drums.
*Your Requests. Bibletone BL3500. 1958. LP.
Calvary Baptist Church Radio Choir
*Singing the Faith. Word W3020. 1957 LP.
Calvary Boys
*Singing for the Lord. Custom 94-66. 197? LP.
Calvary Boys
*I Can't Stop Loving God. ECP ECP938. 1979. LP.
*Worth the Waiting. Lightshine TCB50287. 1987. CS number.
*Give Me What It Takes. Pinnacle PR00107. 1989. CS number.
Calvary Chapel Worship Community
*Psalms Alive! Maranatha MM0087A. 1983. LP.
Calvary Choir of the San Francisco Area
*Need I Wonder If God Loves Me. Emmanuel CC19682. 1968. LP.
Calvary Connection
*The Calvary Connection. Wren WRC2031. 1989. CS number.
*Lighted Pathway. Harvest HAR1197. 1990.
Calvary Crusaders
*The Calvary Crusaders. Savoy SL14376. 1975. LP.
Calvary Echoes
*The Calvary Echoes. Abiding-Tone QR2104. 197? LP.
Calvary 4
*Walking in the Light. Mark 5 GB5282. 197?
Calvary Quartet
*Close to the Master. Tarheel TLP3801. 1975. LP.
*Jesus Will Outshine Them All. Gospel Recordings 33028. 197?
Calvary Quartet
Harvey, Illinois
*Calvary Baptist Church Male Quartet. Custom LP, WFC 593. 196?
Calvary Baptist Church Male Quartet
Beverly Bridges: pianist. Vocalists: Rupert Shelton, Malcolm Smith, Richard Griffin, Gene Bridges.
Side 1: What a Day. Sweeter Each Day. Way Down Deep in My Soul. Glad Reunion Day. Man on the Middle Cross. Love Is Why. Side 2: At the Crossing. Dear Jesus Abide with Me. Rainbow of Love. Without Him. Precious Is He to Me. Depth of Love.
Calvary Singers
*Chuck Ohman Presents. Word WST8550. 1972. LP.
Calvary Singers
*Calvary Classics. Calvary CR2000. 197? LP.
Calvary Temple Choir
*Music from Calvary. Sacred LP3025. 196? LP.
Calvary Temple Festival
*Great Is Thy Faithfulness. Impact R3829. 1982. LP.
Calvary Trio
*What a Saviour. Gospel Gems GG5910. 197? LP.
Calvarymen Quartet
*I've Been to Calvary. Rite 20065. 196? LP.
*The Calvarymen Quartet. Sacred LP4002. 196? LP.
*Present… Heaven Is… Crusade LP S 436. 196? LP.
*I've Got the Corners Turned Down. Crusade LP1502. 196? LP.
*At the Cross. Marbone 4694. No date. LP. Squire Parsons, Conrad Cook, Kelly Paynter, Jim Humphreys, Bernard Cook.
*Heavenly Harmony. Sacred LP4030. 1963. LP.
*Exciting New Sounds. Hymntone HPS7271. 1968. LP.
*The Calvarymen. Hymntone HPS7410. 1969. LP.
*The Night Before Easter. Hymntone HPS7485. 1970. LP.
*Bigger and Better. Hymntone HPS7665. 1971. LP.
*We're On. LP720343. 1972. Label unknown. LP.
*The Calvarymen. LP721222. Label unknown. 1973. LP.
*Touring That City. LP740816. 1974. Label unknown. LP.
*The Gospel Now. Superior S1010. 197? LP.
*A Voice in the Wilderness. Prestige PP74012. 197? LP.
*Look to Jesus. Tri-State TSRC68814. 197? LP.
*5th Anniversary. Custom LPC2002. 197? LP.
*May You Go with God. Custom LPC2003. 197? LP.
*He's Still Living. Custom LP734244. 197?
*Love. Spectra 720842. 197? LP.
*So Blest. Spectra 831208. 197? LP.
*The Calvarymen and the Choralaires. Baldwin CS7441. 197? LP.
*Master of the Wind. Solid Ground. 198? LP.
Present… Heaven Is…
Side 1: The Old Rugged Cross Medley. I Know. The Eastern Gate. Most of All. Turn Your Radio On. Side 2: Jesus Christ, What a Man. That Day Is Almost Here. I Can Feel the Touch of His Hand. Build My Mansion. Jesus Is Coming Soon.
Carolyn Calvert
*Carolyn Calvert. Sing LP201. 196? LP.
Calvin College
*Calvin "Pops" Concert. Word W6004. 1959. LP.
*Hymns from the Band Shell. Zondervan ZLP613. LP. Listed as Calvin College Concert Band.
Calvin's Dream
*The First EP. Sticky Music GUM 17. 1992. CS.
*Fanatical. Sticky Music GUM 23. 993. CD and CS.
The First EP
Dougie Gay: vocals, guitar. Simon Halliday: guitars. Rachel Morley: bass, vocals. Wilf Taylor: drums. With: Ken Nisbet: additional vocals. Dot Reid: additional keyboards.
Side 1: Guilty. Come Down Love. Side 2: Struggle. The Waiting Room.
Produced by RIB. Recorded and mixed in Heaven, Scotland. Design by The Coalition.
Dougie Gay: vocals, guitar. Simon Halliday: guitar, backing vocals. Rachel Morley: bass, backing vocals. Wilf Taylor: drums, percussion. Hammond organ: Rupert Black on "What Kind of Love," "Fanatical," "Sixties" and "Shame." Cello: Debbie MacDonnell. Violin: Lesley Brooks on "In His Head" and "Philistines." Dot Reid: additional keyboards, backing vocals. Charlie Irvine: additional guitar.
All songs by Dougie Gay, except as noted.
Fanatical (4:40). 6 Million Ways (3:52). What Kind of Love (Gay / Halliday 4:44). 60's (Gay / Halliday 5:30). In His Head (Morley / Gay / Halliday 4:13). Shame (Gay / Halliday 3:23). Philistines (4:01). All of This (Chas Gay / Halliday 4:04). Not the Last Song (Gay / Halliday 3:06). Inertia (D. McGlynn ). Calvin's Dream (2:58). Recorded in Heaven, Scotland, April - June 1993. Produced by RIB.
Tutti Camarata
*A Cry in the Wilderness. Living Song CITW-CAM-LP. (NALR).
Featuring the Jon Joyce Singers, the Blessed Sacrament Choir, the Sacred Heart Sisters, Father John Schiavone, Vic Damone, and Shelby Flint.
Side 1: Behold the One I Send. Like Little Children . Deny Thyself. Behold My Mother. Who Do People Say That I Am? Listen Well. Side 2: I Am. A New Commandment. In Gethsemane. My People. I Am Alive! The Alpha and The Omega.
Cambridge Singers
*Music of Christmas. Word WSB8887. 1982. LP.
*Heritage of English Church Music. Word WSB8898. 1983. LP
*Heritage of English Church Music II. Word WSB8934. 1985. LP.
*A Portrait of the Cambridge Singers. Collegium CSCD500. 1990. CD.
Camel Society Kings
Pottstown, Pennsylvania area
*Camel Society Kings. Custom. 1986. CS.
Anthony: bass. Timmy: all guitars. Michael: voice, drums. Recorded by C. Mike Davis and B. Scott Gallie at Ontrack Recording, Summer 1986
Side A: Walking on the Water. Home. Say a Prayer
Side B: Remembering Our Friend. Home (remix). Say a Prayer (remix)
*C. S. K. Custom AR 5042. 1987. CS.
Michael. Anthony. Timm. All songs written, arranged and produced by CSK. Recorded at Alive Recordings. Engineered by Abe Rittenhouse and Joel Reinford.
Side 1: Love Runs Deep. Soul Divine. In the Shadow. Side 2: repeats side 1
*A Pile of Songs. Custom. No date. CS.
Anthony: bass, vocals. David: guitars. Jeff: drums. Michael: vocals, guitar.
Songs: Always (Under Your Hair). Another Stone. The Stanger.
A Publicity Piece at the Time of the Second Cassette Release
Camel Society Kings arrive onto the music scene of today with a very progressive, high energy form of new music. Heavy, concise guitar accompanied by a very moving beat provide Camel Society Kings with a unique but stimulating sound. Original and imaginative, their music captures that feel without losing touch with what is current in today's music.
Camel Society Kings provide more than just good music. Presenting a positive message of love and hope, their performance builds a relationship between artist and listener. Camel Society Kings' second, three song demo-tape recently recorded at Alive Recordings is currently drawing favorable public acclaim.
Camel Society Kings, consisting of Michael Angelino, Anthony Lancenese and Timm Marsh, have played together in high schools, clubs, parks, and dances since 1983. The future is bright and unlimited for this trio.
Check out Camel Society Kings before someone else does!
Camel Society Kings is based in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania. Having known each other for many years, Michael, Anthony and Timm began playing together initially for self-enjoyment. As their friendship grew so did their talent as musicians and their desire to share that talent with the public.
Their enthusiasm and raw energy leaves today's concert goer both entertained and moved. Their music is straightforward and raw, yet melodic and danceable.
Michael Angelino: vocals, percussion. Anthony Lancenese: bass. Timm Marsh: guitars.
Cameron Family
*Songs of the Holy Spirit. Custom 4B. 1967. LP.
*Sing Along With... Custom LP4. 1968. LP.
*Sing Along With... Custom LP1, 5, 12. 1970. 3 LPs.
Jeanie Cameron
*Same Road... Different Season. Emerald EMB5024. 1998. CD.
Lloyd Cameron
*Songs by the Singing Pastor. Christian Faith LC1515. 1966.
*Comes Calling. Sacred LP3026. 196? LP.
Comes Calling
Side 1: He Lifted Me. Is He Satisfied. Living for Jesus. Where He Leads Me. Close to Thee. My Jesus I Love Thee. Side 2: I Gave My Life for Thee. He Loved Me. If I Can Help Somebody. Calling. Someone. Give Us This Day.
Michael Cameron
*Healing Love. New Dawn. 1995.
*Hard on Your Heals. New Dawn. 1997.
*Fragile. New Dawn. 1998.
*Featuring: the Dancing Heart. Calvary STAV5167. 1980. LP.
*Yonder City. Calvary STAV5170. 1981. LP.
45 rpm
*Dance for Joy. Calvary Records. STAV 5170-45. 1980. b/w In Yonder City (Cameron / Turner 4:44). Produced by Nelson Patkenson, Jr.
Camp Kirkland Sanctuary Choir
*My Faith Still Holds. Gaither GSSR101. 1985. LP.
*Choral Classics. Word 7019037100. 1987. LP.
Jason Camp
*New Beginning. Custom. GMU7777. 1993. CS.
Jeremy Camp
*Stay. Bec BED40456. 2002. CD.
*Restored. Bec BED98615. 2005. CD.
*I Still Believe. BEC. CD.
Camp of the Nations
South Gibson, Pennsylvania
*Presents. Lighthouse Records LR1007. 1975. LP.
Camp of the Woods Band and Choir
*In My Heart... a Melody. Word W3039. 1958. LP
*Take God Along. Word W3066. 1959. LP. Also stereo: WST8012.
*In My Heart... a Melody. Sword S1414. 197? LP. Also SS2414.
Steve Camp
Born April 13, 1955, Wheaton, IL
*Sayin' It with Love. Myrrh MSB6604.1978. LP
*Start Believin'. Myrrh MSB6621. 1980. LP
*For Every Man. Myrrh MSB6654. 1981. LP. Myrrh MYR 1106 (UK)
*It's a Dying World. Myrrh MSB6723. (SPCN701672306-2). 1984. Myrrh MYR 1130 (UK).
*Only the Very Best. Myrrh MSB6776. 1983. LP.
*Fire and Ice. Sparrow SPR1085. 1984. LP.
*Shake Me to Wake Me. Sparrow SPR1103. 1985. LP.
*One on One. Sparrow SPR1129. 1986. LP.
*After God's Own Heart. SPR1140. 1987. LP.
*Compact Favorites. Sparrow SPD1156.1988. CD. Reissued material.
*Justice. Sparrow SPR1172. 1988. CD and LP.
*Doing My Best. Sparrow SPD1238. 1990. CD.
*Consider the Cost. Sparrow SPD1272. 1991. CD.
*Doing My Best Vol. 2. Sparrow SPC1314. 1991. CD.
*Taking Heaven by Storm. Warner Alliance 9 45304-2.1993 / WBC4146. CD. Ten songs.
*Mercy in the Wilderness. Warner Alliance WBC4172.1994. CD
*Collection: A Library Of 32 Favorite Songs Sparrow SPC1509. 1995. CD.
*Desiring God. Diamante 1733623662. 2002. CD.
Promotional Items
*Living in Laodicea b/w Squeeze. Sparrow SGL1085. 1983 / 1984. 45rpm. from album Fire and Ice.
*Love's Not a Feeling b/w same. Sparrow SGL1985A. 1983 / 1984. 45rpm. from album Fire and Ice.
*Foolish Things b/w same. Sparrow SGL1129-2. 1986 / 1987. 45rpm. from album One on One.
*He's All You'll Need b/w One on One. Sparrow SGL1129-3. 1986. 45rpm. from album One on One.
*Whatever You Ask b/w Camp Classics (He Covers Me / Stranger to Holiness / Living in Ladodicea / Do Something Now). Sparrow SGL1140-1. 1987. 12 inch single. from album After God's Own Heart.
*Come to the Lord b/w same. Sparrow SGL1140-2. 45rpm. from album After God's Own Heart. Picture sleeve.
*After God's Own Heart (special radio edit) b/w same. Sparrow SGL1140-3. 1987 / 1988. 45rpm. from album After God's Own Heart.
*After God's Own Heart (special radio edit) b/w After God's Own Heart (album version). Sparrow SGL1140-3. 1987 / 1988. 45rpm. From album After God's Own Heart.
*The Church Is All of You b/w same. Sparrow SGL1140-4. 1987 / 1988. from album After God's Own Heart.
*Do You Feel Their Pain? (edit version) / Justice / Do You Feel Their Pain? (album version) / Do You Feel Their Pain? (extended version) / several IDs and an PSA. Sparrow SGD1172-1. 1988. CD single. from album Justice.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Powell, Mark Allan. Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music. 2002.
One on One
Jeff Pircaro: drums. Lee Sklar: bass. Michael Landau: rhythm guitar. Dann Huff: rhythm and lead guitar. Smitty Price: keyboards. Steve Camp: SP-12 drum machine programming. Jon Clarke: Englisg horn. Dan Creco: percussion. Backing vocals: Steve Camp, Tamara Champlin, Bill Champlin, Tommy Funderburk, Jason Scheff, Bob Carlisle, Steve Lively. Female vocal on One to One duet: Margaret Becker.
Side 1: Foolish Things (Camp / Rob Frazier 4:01). The Other Side of the World (Steve Camp 4:36). Judgement Begins with the House of God (Steve Camp 3:42). One on One (Camp / Margaret Becker 4:32). He Covers Me (Camp / John Rosasco / Frazier 4:45). Side 2: Cheap Grace (Camp / Becker / Phil Madeira 5:10). Mr. Brokenhearted (Camp / Rosasco / Frazier 4:51). Threshing Floor (Camp / Ashley Cleveland 4:53). He’s All You Need (Camp / Frazier 5:04).
Orchestrated by John Rosasco. Mixed bt Bill Schnee. Engineer: Dennis MacKay (rtythm tracks). Additional engineers: Dan Garcia, David Schober, Peter Hayden, Mike Ross. Recorded and mixed at Bill Schnee Recording Studio, North Hollywood, California. Additional studios: Weddington Studio, North Hollywood. Mastering: Future Disc Systems, Hollywood by Steve Hall. Lyric insert.
Alex and Ola Campbell
*16 Radio Favorites. Starday SLP214. 1963. LP.
*Alex Campbell and Olabelle. Ken-Del 4950. 1966. LP.
*Alex Campbell and Olabelle. Essgee 868E-7827. LP? Same as above?
*Gospel Album. Cabin Creek 201. LP?
*Old Time Gospel Singing. Essgee 1002. 1966 LP.
*Old Time Singing. Cabin Creek 202. 1966. LP.
*Travel On. Starday SLP342. 1965? LP.
Archie Campbell
*Didn't He Shine. RCA Victor LSP4582. 1971. LP.
Rev. B. C. Campbell
*We’re Sailing On / There Is Just One Way. Apollo 256. Matrix numbers: C2212, C2379. 1950. 10 inch. 78rpm. Campbell Brothers
The Campbell Brothers are part of the "sacred steel" tradition
*Pass Me Not. Arhoolie CD461. 1997. CD. Featuring Katie Jackson
*15 Down Home Gospel Classics. Arhoolie CD111. 1997. CD. Song: "I Feel Good" featuring Katie Jackson.
*Sacred Steel - Live. Arhoolie CD472. 1999. CD. Campbell Brothers appear on 13 of the 16 cuts on this disc. Some as featured performers, others as musicians for a vocalist.
Buddy Campbell
*I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go. Mid-America LP350. 196? LP.
Delois Campbell
*Through It All. Creed LP3067. 1975. LP.
Rev. E. D. Campbell
Campbell was one of the numerous preachers in the 1920's who recorded 78 rpm records for the race market. Most were a combination of preaching and singing by members of the church. Usually, a sermon had to fit within the three minute limitation of each side of the 78.
*Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order. Preaching and Congregational Singing 1927. Document Records 5389. CD.
Also contains two sides each from Rev. Isaiah Shelton and Rev. C. F. Thornton
Complete Recordings
Sermons by Rev. E. D. Campbell
I Will Arise and Go to My Master
Daniel Prayed Three Times a Day
Take Me to the Water
Come Let Us Eat Together
Pharaoh Said "Who Is the Lord?"
In Hell He Lifted Up His Eyes
Hell Under the Water
Come and See a Man
Saul of Tarsus
Preach the Word
Escape for Your Life
The Hem of His Garment
Wait Until Your Chance Comes
It's Gonna Rain
Sermons by Rev. Isaiah Shelton
The Liar
As the Eagle Stirreth Her Nest
Sermons by Rev. C. F. Thornton
Keep Him from Rising
The Prodigal Son
*Oliver, Paul. Songsters and Saints. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1984. Campbell, Shelton and Thornton are discussed in chapter 5 - "As the Eagle Stirreth Her Nest: Baptist Preachers and Their Congregations."
Campbell Family Gospel Singers
*Gospel. Melody MLP20. 197? LP.
*Kind Shepherd. Music City MCCF144. 197? LP.
Kind Shepherd
Songs: Lovest Thou Me. Gentle Ever Sweet. Searching. When I Get to Heaven. I Just Came to Talk with You, Lord. Kind Shepherd. It's No Wonder. Come Thou Fount. That Day Is Almost Here. Born to Serve the Lord.
Glen Campbell
*Oh Happy Day. Capitol SW443. 1970. LP.
*I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star). Capitol SW-11185. 1973. LP.
*Amazing Grace. Word (UK). 1983.
*No More Night. Word 701895410X. 1985. LP. Also released in UK on Word.
*Favorite Hymns. Canaan 7019977537. 1989. CS number.
*Show Me Your Way. New Haven NHC200114. 1991. CS number.
*Wings of Victory. New Haven 8441875062. 1992. CS number.
*Home for the Holidays. New Haven NHD2023. 1993. CD.
*The Boy in Me. New Haven 8441875374. 1994. CS number.
*Jesus and Me - The Collection. New Haven NHD2037. 1996. CD.
I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star)
Side 1: I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star) (N. Hefti / S. Styne 2:50). I Take It on Home (Kenny O’Dell 3:11). Sold American Kinky Freidman 3:22). I want to Be with You Always (Lefty Frizzell 2:18). If Not for You (Bob Dylan 2:46). Side 2: Give Me Back That Old Familiar Feeling (Bil C. Graham 2:46). You’re the One (Bob Morrison 2:42). Amazing Grace (John Newton, arr. & adapt. By Travis Kelly 4:24). On Thjis Road (Ted Hamilton 2:18). Someday Soon (Ian Tyson 2:16).
Arranged by Dennis McVarthy. Produced by Jimmy Bowen for Glenco Productions, Inc. Engineered by John Guess, Hollywood Sound Recorders. Art direction: John Hoernle. Design: Roy Kohara.
*Davis, Paul. Glenn Campbell: Not a Rhinestone Cowboy. CR 1 (1990): 63-64.
Greta Campbell Trio
*Sweeter Gets the Journey. LP2079. 197? LP.
*My Heart Is Set on Heaven. Praise LP2085. 197? LP.
*Sing the Gospel. Hymntone HPLP2011. 197? LP.
*Again Sings the Gospel. Hymntone HLP2029. 197? LP.
*Hymns You'll Remember. Hymntone HLP2050. 197? LP.
*We've Come This Far by Faith. Hymntone HLP2057. 197? LP.
Jack Campbell and the Ambassadors
*Exclusively Yours. Calvary STAV5154. 1978. LP.
Javen Campbell
*Javen. Crown Music 852770012. 2002. CD.
Jean Campbell
*Jesus Brought Me Out. New Born NB7039. 1983. LP.
Jim Campbell
Lakeland, Florida
*Sings "Moment of Truth" and Other Gospel Favorites. Music City Records MC JC117. 197? LP.
Kate Campbell
*Wondering Strange. Eminent EM250502. 2001. CD.
Lamar Campbell
*Ready. Tyscot Records
*Lamar Campbell and the Spirit of Praise. EMI Gospel. 1998. CD.
*I Need Your Spirit. EMI Gospel. 1999. CD.
*When I Think about You. EMI Gospel EGD0290. 2000. CD.
*The Praise Collection. EMI Gospel EGD20354. 2002. CD.
*From the Heart. 2005. CD.
*New Song. 2007. CD.
Peter Campbell
*Of Time and Its Distance. Trinity TR1007. 1975. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Richard Campbell
*The Sweet Sounds of Jesus. Vision VR002. 1974. LP.
*He Keeps Me Singing. Sound III ST3007. 197? LP.
Shawn Campbell
*His Grace Is Greater. Pinebrook PB1970. 198? LP.
Campbell Trio
*My Clear Title to a Mansion. Label unknown. 197? LP.
*In the Shelter of His Arms. Label unknown. 197? LP.
*What a Day That Will Be. Label unknown. 197? LP.
*There Is Only One Who Is Jesus. Tri-State? TSRC69337. 197? LP.
*Sometimes It's Hard to Understand. Tri-State TSRC691256. 197? LP.
*Wake Up in Glory. Tri-State TSRC731221. 1972. LP.
*Heaven Won't Be Complete without You. Tri-State TSRC752418. 1974. LP.
*Prayer Time with. Lasting Sounds LSS808207. 197? LP.
Sandi Campi
*Your Smile. Lamb and Lion LL1027. 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Campmeeting Singers
*Get Happy. Anchor LP690701. 197? LP.
*Thru the Years. Anchor LP700510. 197? LP.
*The Family Plan. Anchor LP730206. 1973. LP.
*Together. Anchor. 197? LP.
*Live. Anchor. 197? LP.
*Sing Campmeeting Style. Anchor LP506. 197? LP.
*How Great Thou Art. Crusade LPM6101/2. 196? LP.
*Clap Your Hands. Sword and Shield LPM6405. 197? LP.
Campus Life Singers
*The Campus Life Singers. CMP LP7456. 1983. LP.
Can Ban
*To Our Friends. Moon Sound 71056. 1976. LP/
To Our Friends
Side 1: Praise the Lord. He’s the Reason to Go On. Walkin’ & Talkin’ with Jesus. Lori’s Song. Do You Need Me? Grandma. Side 2: Foggy Mountain Breakdown. Holy Holy Holy. I Saw the Light. Jesus Loves Me. Friends. I’ll Remember You.
*Neverland. Millennium Records MA 0187. 1987. CS.
*Dead End Street. Zaanan Music 0289. 1989. CS.
Karen Minton: vocals. Barry Minton: bass. Marcos Casiano: drums. Mike Burnham: lead guitar, keyboards. Jeff Slaughter: keyboards. Peter Scudamore: keyboards. Monte Fisher: additional guitar, sync. tech. Special musicians: Tim Powell, Pam Chambers, Judy Burnham, Brillo, Ron Brombledge, Robert Shoemauker, Jeff Chambers and the St. Michael's Ensemble
All songs by Barry Minton, except as noted.
Side 1: The Fury (Burnham) instrumental. The Burden. Canaan. Jesus Be My Always (Karen Minton / Diane Molyneux) . Heart, Mind and Soul. Side 2: Neverland (Karen Minton / Diane Molyneux). Hosanna. New Song (Karen Minton). Jerusalem.
Produced by Michael Burnham. Recorded and mixed at Future Music Stusio, Murray, Kentucky. Mastered at Digital Associates, Nashville, Tennessee, by Rick Horton. Photography by Hank Widick. Art direction by Nancy A. Reese Promotions.
Dead End Street
Karen Minton: vocals. Barry Minton: bass. Clay Perkins: guitar and guitar synthesizer. Contributing musicians: Tim Powell, Mike Jones, Jeff Slaughter, Andy Gurley, Alan Perry, Diane Molyneux, Mike Burnham.
All songs by Barry Minton, except as noted.
Side 1: Real World. Heaven. Dead End Street. Blindman. Out of the Blue (instrumental (Perkins). Side 2: Liar. Wind from the Fire. Amen. Bless the Name.
Produced and mixed by Canaan. Engineered by Richard Downs and Michael Burnham. Additional engineering: Karl McBryde and Clay Perkins. Recorded and mixed at DBS Studios, Nashville, Tennessee and Future Music Studios, Murray, Kentucky. Mastered at Custom Mastering, Nashville, Tennessee by Hollis Flatt. Layout and design by Ron Frizzell. Photography by Kathleen Boor.
Canaan (UK)
Canaan was a "country influenced rock band" from Lytham St. Annes in England. Gus Eyre: lead guitar. Others not listed. Information taken from New Music (UK) #8, 1977: 19.
*Canaan. Dovetail DOVE3. 1974. LP.
*Out of the Wilderness. Myrrh 1976. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Canaan Bound
Bluegrass / Souther gospel. Circa 2001
Canaan Heirs
*Traveling by Faith. Prestige 760632. 198? LP.
*Travelin' in Style. Summit SR00101. 1989. CS.
*Work of Art. Summit SRC4101. 1994.
Canaanland Boys
*Telling the Story. Morningstar MSC4243. 1996. CS.
Canaan's Edge
Caanan's Edge is Brent Ebers and Steve Livingston. Looking for drumer after departure of Darren Roos. Circa 1999.
*5 song demo.
Willis Canada
*Reaching. Zion Z107. 1992. CS
*Beyond the Cross. Charity CHR159. 1994. CS.
*Prayer of the Heart. Sonlite SON284. 1997. CD.
Canadian Rock Theatre
*The Canadian Rock Theatre. Lion LN1003. 1971. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Canadian Union College Fourteen
College Heights, Alberta, Canada. A musical and gymnastic troupe.
*Bound for the Promised Land. Praise PRS303. No date. LP.
Canadian Union College Quartet
*The Humble Heart. Custom Craft CC-78130. LP.
The Humble Heart
David Collins: first tenor. Jim Sharpe: second tenor. Kelvin Hill: first bass. Steve Cassimy: second bass.
Side 1: I Believe in Miracles (John W. Peterson; arr. Dick Anthony 3:01). Alleluia (trad. Arr. Paul Mickelson 2:42). Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (arr. Anthony 2:27). No, Not One (George C. Hugg 2:22). In the Still of the Night (Henry Dixon Loes; arr. Anthony 2:24). The Humble Heart (arr. Wayne Hooper 2:49). Side 2: Jesus, the Very Thought of Thee (John B. Dykes; arr. Anthony 2:17). Worthy, Worthy Is the Lamb (arr. Wayne Hooper 2:16). I Will Arise and Go to Jesus (arr. Anthony 2:09). Look Away to Heaven (arr. J. B. Herbert 1:38). Faith of Our Fathers (H. F. Hemy 2:23). Hallelujah, We Shall Rise (J. E. Thomas; arr. Mickelson 1:57). Springs of Living Water (John W. Peterson; arr. Anthony 2:05).
Kevin Welch: backcover photo. Jim Sharpe: back cover design. Warren C. Trenchard: notes. Dr. Charles Pierce: director and accompanist. R. A. Bauer: producer. Studio: New Discovery, Edmonton, Alberta.
CUC has changed name: now is Canadian Universtiy College, Lacombe, Alberta. Seventh-day Adventist.
Cana's Water
Michigan. Began in 1996. David Brouwer: guitar, harmonica, vocals. Ben Curtis: drums. Ryan Matthysse: bass, vocals. Scott Raterink: acoustic guitar, vocals. Doug Diephouse: sound tech.
*Cana's Water.
see also Agape Force
*To the Chief Musician. Birdwing BWR 2001. 1976. LP.
*To the Chief Musician Chapter II. Birdwing BWR 2003. 1977. LP.
*Music Machine. Birdwing BWR2004. 1978. LP.
*Within the Gate. Birdwing BWR2006. 1978. LP.
*On the Street. Sparrow SPR 1027. 1978 / 1979. LP .
*Bullfrogs and Butterflies. Birdwing BWR2010. 1979. LP.
*To the Chief Musician I and II. Birdwing BWR2014. 1980. 2LPs.
*Sir Oliver's Song. Birdwing BWR2017. 1980. LP.
*Nathaniel the Grublet: a Story. Birdwing BWR 2018. 1979 / 1980. LP.
*Birthday Party. Birdwing BWR2024. 1980. LP.
*Antshillvania. Birdwing BWR2030. 1981. LP.
*Animals and Other Things. Birdwing BWR2031. 1981. LP.
*Lullabies and Nursery Rhymes. Birdwing BWR2041. 1982. LP.
*The Story of the Little Tree. Birdwing BWR2043. 1983. LP.
*Music Machine II. Birdwing BWR2047. 1983. LP.
*Bullfrogs and Butterflies II. Birdwing BWR2078. 1985. LP.
*Music Machine Fun Club Album. Birdwing BWR2086. 1986. LP.
*Bullfrogs and Butterflies III. Birdwing BWR2093. 1987. LP.
Candle Factory
*Nightshift. Cavs ST020. 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
North Alabama
*Bulletproof. March 2005. CD.
Band: Ben Honeycutt: vocals, guitar. Drew Garrett: guitar. J. W. Woodward: bass.
*Never Go Unheard. CD. October 17, 2006.
Never Go Unheard
Songs: Fighter. Echoes of Words. Carousel. Hungry (Falling on My Knees). Bulletproof. Search for Life. Turn Around. Angel’s Cry. Shut Your Eyes. Beauty Cries.
Ken Canedo
*Take Some Time. F.E.L. FEL692. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Ace Cannon
*Peace in the Valley. Hi SHL32101. 1976. LP.
Cannon Heath Down
Vancouver, Canada
*Heart-Throb Companion. Bongo Sunrise BSLP 5866-01. 1987. LP. LP label has a picture of the band on both sides. Lyric insert.
*Peace Bum Days. Custom CS. 1989.
*Safe as Love b/w same (acoustic). Custom CS single.
Heart-Throb Companion
Jeff Hay-Roe: guitar, vocals. Christopher Davenport (Frank Buikema): drums. Jonathan Brotherton: vocals, guitar. Cameron Brown: bass. Jennifer Barrett: voice on "Light Your Eyes." Joanne Smith: voice on "Belly Through." Mick Theophilus: guitar on "Not Now."
All songs by Brotherton, except as noted.
Side A: Light Your Eyes (3:05). Julia Rainbow (4:32). Je Suis Certain (Smith / Hay-Roe 2:05). ma-de-moi-selle (3:15). Fortunate (1:23). A Charming Sound (Hay-Roe / Davenport / Brown / Brotherton 4:27).
Side B: Blue Skye (2:22). Bone of Contention (3:36). Having Dreams (2:15). Not Now (2:17). Safe as Milk (Hay-Roe / Brown 3:38). quagmire (Hay-Roe 0:31). Belly Through (Hay-Roe / Davenport / Brown / Brotherton 4:35).
Executive production: Jeff Hay-Roe and Cameron Brown. Produced, mixed and performed by Cannon Heath Down. Recorded and co-mixed by Cal Stephenson and Tom Ferris at Limited Vision, Coquitlom, British Columbia, Winter / Spring 1986. Additional recording at Limited and the CHF Mobile, December 1986. Preproduction at Bedrock Studio, Vancouver, British Columbia (David Osborne and Darryl Neudorf), and The Loving Room, Vancouver (Bill Sherbet and Bayou Drachma). Tape editing by Greg Reely at Mushroom Studios, Vancouver. Mastered at Location Recording, Burbank, California. Type and layout at Camart Studio, Burnaby, British Columbia. Photography: Chris Magnusson. Hair by Cair. Those who helped included: Tod Van Dyk, Anthony Valcic, Keith Porteous, Glen Murray, Allen Moy, Janis McKenzie, Mark Jowett, Cliff Boyd, Norm Borau and the warm people at Edge Records.
Peace Bum Days
Second album demo, made by Jonathan Brotherton and Christopher Davenport. February 1989.
Side 1: Julia Rainbow. Sunset Jim. Safe as Love. Ten Days for Boys. Like a Daughter. deft h. Baby Pool.
Side 2: Bright and Funny Too. Arms Around. deft s. Green Monkey. Je Suis. Feel Free. Day by Day.
Willard Cantelon
*The New World Money System. Logos International. LP. Also: Vibrant Productions VPS1509. LP. With different cover.
Why will a New World Money System definitely be introduced? When will this New System be established. What will be the fate of our present currencies? What will be the nature of the New System? How can one prepare NOW to avoid the great losses and dangers ahead? How can one read future developments?
Willard Cantelon has devoted much of the past 12 years to the study of the New World Money System being prepared for the entire world. Willard Cantelon has attended some of the World’s most important monetary conventions and has spent many hours in interviews with some of the World’s most outstanding financial leaders... Willard Cantelon presents a message that all can understand...
Canterbury Choir
*Faith of Our Fathers. MGM E3522. 1957. LP.
Canton Baptist Temple Choir
*Rise to Bless His Name. Impact R3535. 1979. LP.
*This Is My Story. Label unknown LP207. 197? LP.
Cantor Family
*Traveling the Glory Road. Queensgate 91101A5380. 197? LP.
Bothell, WA
*Sheltered in the Arms of God. Jewel S291. 196? LP.
*Sing Their Favorites. Jewel S377. 196? LP.
*Jesus Is Coming Soon. Custom 308411. 197? LP.
*Thanks for Loving Me. Custom 563N3. 197? LP.
*With Warmth and Feeling. Custom AR770618. 197? LP.
*Singing the Master's Praise. Grace Note LP62. LP.
*Looking for Jesus. Grace Note LP79. 197? LP.
Capital Lights
Tulsa, OK
Brett Admire: guitar. Bryson Phillips: vocals. Michael Paul Phillips: drums. Jonathan Williams: guitars.
Jon Odle: bass
*This Is an Outrage! Tooth & Nail Records. 2008. CD.
This Is an Outrage
Outrage. Worth as Much as a Counterfeit Dollar. Out of Control. Remember the Day. Miracle Man. Mile Away. Work-It-Out. Let the Little Lady Talk. Return. Kick It Off. Night of Your Life Is When You’ll Die. Frank Morris.
Capitol City Stars
*We've Come This Far by Faith. Tru Sound TRU60003. 198? Reissue: Gospel T GT14014. 198?
45 rpm
*Shad-Rack b/w Jacob’s Ladder. Revelation 120 (R1032).
Capitol Community Singers
*With T. Lewis. Myrrh MSB6667. 1981. LP.
Canada, circa 2001
Captain Hook and His Crew
Children's material
*Ship Ahoy. Get Hooked GH125. LP. 10 songs.
*Shiver My Timbers. Get Hooked. LP.
Captain Ned
Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, Canada.
Alternative / modern rock / punk. Circa 2001.
*Demo. 2001?
Captain Obvious
Gulf Coast hardcore. Circa 2001.
Captain Staetnodrog and The Beyond Now Band
Gulfport, Mississippi
*Self-titled. Custom. Pekuliar Muzic Rekords. No date. CS. Probably around 1992. Gordon Teats - vocals. Punq C. Hedgez (Paul Hedges) - guitars, keyboards, drum machine
Side 1: Extend Your Life. I Learned a Lesson. Days of Joy or Daze of Sorrow. Side 2: Wrong Number Hmmm!? Does Anybody Hear What's Really Being Said? Exit Now. Recorded at 4 Hiz Glory Stewdios.
Captain Triton and the Moebius Band
*3-song demo. 1990. CS. Life, the Universe and Everything. There's Some Times. Rain Time.
On "Life": Bruce Knowlton: guitar. Jeremy and Susan Gillespie: effects. Jonny G: everything else. On "Some Times": Jonny G: everything. On "Rain Time" Tom Hacker: vocals. Jonny G: everything else.
This cassette was sent for the New Band Stage at Cornerstone 1990. Band did not make the finals. I got all the rejects that year.
Capteen Zoom
Capteen Zoom is from Sweden. Scripture for the band is Isaiah 61:1-3.
Band homepage is in Swedish and they sing in Swedish. Philosophy is that to reach the people of their country, use of the native langauge is vital. Circa 2000.
Caravan Singers
*Songs the American Folks Sing. Zondervan ZLP663. 1964. LP.
*Dean Brown and the Caravan Singers. Zondervan ZLP704. 1966. LP.
Caravan Sisters
*The Caravan Sisters. Sacred LP3034. 196? LP.
*Mary Don't You Weep. Savoy MG3005. 196? LP.
*Blessed Assurance. Savoy MG3007. 196? LP.
*He Won't Deny Me. Savoy MG3008. 196? LP.
*Anniversary Project. Savoy MG3009. 196? LP.
*Hold to God. Savoy MG3010. 196? LP.
*I Won't Be Back. Savoy MG3016. 196? LP.
*I Find No Fault in God. Savoy MG3041. 196? LP.
*Choose Ye This Day. Savoy MG3049. 196? LP.
*Help Is on the Way. Savoy MG3064. 196? LP.
*If You Ever Need the Lord. Savoy MG3071. 196? LP.
*Seek Ye the Lord. Exodus EX66. 196? LP. Reissue: Vee Jay VLP7026. 196? LP.
*The Soul of the Caravans. Exodus EX69. 196? LP. Reissue: Vee Jay VLP7038. 196? LP.
*The Best of. Vee Jay DBL7012. 196? LP.
*The Caravans. Savoy MG3080. 197? LP.
*Old Time Religion. Savoy MG3103. 197? LP.
*The Caravans. Savoy MG5000. 197? LP.
*The Caravans Sing. Savoy MG5005. 197? LP.
*Walk Around Heaven All Day. Creed CRD3041. 197? LP. Also: Vee Jay VLP7058. LP.
*In Concert. Buddah BDS2007. 197? LP.
*Share. Birghright BRS4002. 197? LP.
*Soul Salvation. Fairway Records. 197?
*78 rpm
*Tell the Angels (2:47) b/w Think of His Goodness to You (2:55). States S-103. 1952. 10 inch. Albertina Walker, soloist.
*Come on Jesus (2:30) b/w Crucifixion (2:35). States S161. 1956? Albertina Walker: vocal. Joneron Davis: vocal. Dorothy Norwood: vocal. Inez Andrews: vocal. James Cleveland: vocal and piano. Organ: unknown.
*Lord Keep Me Day by Day / Your Friend. Gospe 1026. 10 inch. 78rpm (Newark, New Jersey). Matrix numbers: GCA70453, GCA70454.
*None But the Righteous b/w Onward Christian Soldiers.
Soul Salvation
Songs: Since I’ve Been Born Again. Walk Around Heaven All Day. Nothing Can Stop Me. The Lord Tried Me. Right Now God. I Can’t Give Up Now. Going Home. Amazing Grace. I’m Ready to Serve the Lord. Now Coward Soldier. Seek Ye the Lord. Till I Met the Lord. Jesus Will Save. Not Thee Oh Lord (?). Let’s Break Bread. Together. One Baptism. Sacred Head. Soul Salvation. Blessed Assurance. Old Man River. Storm Passing Over. I Wanna See Jesus. (some of these titles may be wrong).
Damaris Carbaugh
*Damaris. Columbia FC38967. Secular release.
*All Embracing Love. Discovery House 7901451777. 1994. CD.
*Giving My Love Away. Discovery House 7901456531. 1996. CD.
*Joy to the World. Discovery House 7901457724. 1996. CD.
*Not Ashamed. Discovery House 7901455497. 1999. CD.
*Mind and Soul. Discovery House 7901451157. 1998. CD.
*No Apology. Discovery House 7901456485. 2001. CD.
Carbon 14
United Kingdom. Circa 2000. Allan. Jim. Ken. Doug.
*Detached and Connected. CD.
Michael Card
*First Light. Milk and Honey MH1038. 1981 / 1982. LP.
*Legacy. Milk and Honey MH1045. 1983. LP. Reissue: Benson 8441821972. 1995. CD.
*Best Of. Milk and Honey MH5001. 1985. LP.
*Known by the Scars. Sparrow SPR 1097. 1984. LP.
*Scandalon. Sparrow SPR 1117. 1986. LP.
*The Final Word. Sparrow SPR 1126. 1987. CD.
*Present Reality. Sparrow SPR 1155. 1988. CD and LP.
*Legacy / First Light. Benson CO2457. 1988. CD. Reissue.
*The Life. Sparrow SPD1171. CD. Reissue of Sparrow 1097 / 1117 / 1126.
*The Beginning. Sparrow SPD1179. 1989. CD.
*Sleep Sound in Jesus. Sparrow SPD1179. 1989. CD.
*Way of Wisdom. Sparrow SPD1223. 1990. CD.
*A Celebration of Christmas. Sparrow SPD1296. CD and CS.
*The Early Works. Benson CO2765. 1991. CD.
*The Promise. 1991
*The Word. Sparrow SPD1321. 1992. CD and CS.
*Come to the Cradle. Sparrow SPD1373. 1993. CD and CS.
*The Ancient Faith. Sparrow SPD1377. CD. Reissue of Sparrow1219 /1223 / 1321.
*Poiema. Sparrow SPD1421. 1994. CD.
*Joy in the Journey. Sparrow SPD1435. 1995. CD.
*Early Years. Sparrow SPD1539. CD.
*Brother to Brother. Myrrh 7014603566. 1996. CD. With John Michael Talbot.
*Close Your Eyes So You Can See. Myrrh 7014604600. 1996. CD.
*Unveiled Hope. Myrrh 7014605607. 1997. CD.
*Starkindler. Myrrh 808859142. 1998. CD.
*Soul Anchor. Myrrh 8068860722. 2000. CD.
*Scribbling in the Sand. M2 Communications 8068861872. 2002. CD.
*A Fragile Stone. Covenant Artists 0076824982. 2003. CD.
*Cummings, Tony. Rev. of The Beginning. CR 1(1990): 70.
Cardboard Sons
Georgia circa 1997
Carden Family
*Introducing. Jaylark JLP1023. 197? LP.
Chris Carder
Smyrna, Georgia
*Too Much for Me. Too Much Records T. O.247 R14 92. 1992.
Chris Carder: lead vocals, backing vocals. Sonny Lallerstedt: drums, acoustic guitars, electric guitars, backing vocals. John Carrozza: piano, keyboards, organ, acoustic guitars, drums. Randy Bugg: bass. Michael Gleason: backing vocals. Trace Balin: backing vocals.
All songs by Chris Carder. Arrangements by John Carrozza.
Side 1: What Kind of Love? Too Much for Me. You Can Call on Him. Old Man. Mission Minded. Side 2: California Dreamer. Lost in Your Love. He Can. Go! (A Day in Life). Thief.
Recorded and mixed at Twelve Oaks Studio, Smyrna, Georgia. Produced by Sonny Lallerstedt, John Carrozza and Chris Carder. Photo and colorization by David Vanderpoel.
Cardinal State Quartet
*Going Home. Alive Recordings AR4789. 198? LP.
Eloise Carey
*Channel of God's Love. E.C. no number. 197? LP.
McDonald Carey
*The Magnificent Christ Called Jesus. Label unknown AS210. 196? LP.
Steve Carl Band
*Future Tense. Message MGC4901. 1984. LP.
Bill Carle
*Bill Carle. Sacred LP7038. 1955. 10 inch LP.
*To Thee I Sing. International LPS111. 1957. LP.
*The Voice of Bill Carle Vol. 1. Christian Faith BC4083. 1957. LP.
*How Great Thou Art. Sacred LPS9018. 1958. LP.
*Bill Carle. Sacred LPS9041. 1958. LP.
*Rock of Ages. RCA Victor LPM1584. 1958. LP.
*Of God I Sing. RCA Victor LSP1945. 1959. LP.
*Basso. International LP10009. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Songs from the Word. Word W3098. 1960. LP. WST8039: stereo.
*Speaking and Making Melody. Word W3150. 1961. LP. WST8088: stereo.
*Right On. Light LS5545. 1972. LP.
Bob Carlisle
see also the Allies
*Bob Carlisle. Sparrow SPC1370. 1993. CD.
*The Hope of a Man. Sparrow SPC1425. 1994. CD.
*Nothing But the Truth. Diadem 8306105102. 1995. CD.
*Shades of Grace. Diadem 7901139145. 1996. CD.
*The Ballads of. Word / Elektra EK68630. 1997. CD.
*The Allies Years. Light 7045. 1997. CD.
*Collection. Sparrow SPD1665. 1997. CD.
*Butterfly Kisses. Diadem 1241416132. CD. Reissue of Shades of Grace.
*Butterfly Kisses. Diadem 9219312212. CD. Collector's Edition.
*Stories from the Heart. Diadem 8441823122. 1998. CD.
*The Best of. Diadem 8306106402. 2002. CD.
Other Appearances
*Age of Faith. Heart of the Young. Benson 8441828752. 1992. CD. Backing vocals on Heart of the Young, Let the Hammer Fall, Stick to Your Guns and Over You.
Cliff and Bill Carlisle and the Carlisle Family
*Old Time Great Hymns. Old Homestead OHCS303. 197? LP.
Joanna Carlson
*The Light of Heaven. Reunion 70100108528. 1995. CD.
John Carlson Band
*No Longer Strangers. Celestia CR0030. 1981. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Pete Carlson
*Jesus, Your Name. Pinebrook 1107. 1973. LP.
*You Were There. Tempo R7133. 1976. LP (US). Grapevine 108 (UK)
*Hideaway. Chrism R7803. 1978. LP.
*Off the Beaten Path. Chrism R7812. 1979. LP.
*Dreamer's Dream. Dayspring DST4101. 1981 / 1982. LP.
*Child of the Heavenly. Dayspring SPCN 701412201-0. 1984. LP. Also found as DST4122.
*Living in the Name of Love. Diadem 7901130008. 1988. CS number.
Jesus, Your Name
Pete Carlson guitar, vocals. Lloyd Larson - keyboards. Steve Hanna - drums, percussion. Roger Byrd - drums, percussion. Dan Posthuma - bass. John Darnall - guitars. Chuck Thomas - guitars. C. Byrd, C. Loewen, John Darnall, C. King - voices. Strings by the Pinebrook Strings.
Side 1: Jesus, Your Name (Carlson 3:38). In Remembrance (Hockensmith 3:25). No Not One (Oatman - Hugg 2:10). I Could Not Live Without Him (Jones 2:40). Inner Strength (Carlson 3:53). Side 2: Love Lifted Me (Roe - Smith 2:42). Medley: Something Strange (Rivers - Hendricks) / And the Wind Was Low (Girard) (4:24). Life Was Made for Living (Carlson 3:12). Two Hands (Coomes - Butler 3:27). Through It All (Crouch 4:34)
Produced and Arranged by John Darnall. Marshall Sanders: recording and remix engineer. Ron Yeagley: photographer. Kurt Burgess: art direction.
*Review. You Were There. New Music #9 (UK) p24.
*God's Not Finished with Me Yet. Klesis. 1980. LP.
*Carman. Priority JU 37743. 1982. LP. Reissued as Some-o-Dat. Same number. Also as Myrrh 7019326501. LP.
*Sunday's on the Way. Priority PE 38713. 1983. LP.
*Comin' on Strong. Myrrh 7016807061. 1984. LP.
*The Champion. Myrrh 7016827062. 1985. LP.
*The Champion. Myrrh 9016424156. 1985. Promo radio single. LP.
*Radio Special. Myrrh 9016290591. 1985. LP. Promo.
*A Long Time Ago... in a Land Called Bethlehem. Power Discs PWR 1086. 1986. LP.
*Radically Saved. Benson RO 2463. 1988. CD.
*Revival in the Land. Benson C02588. 1990. CD.
*Shakin' in the House. Benson C02681. 1991. CD and CS.
*Addicted to Jesus. Benson C02809. 1991. CD.
*Yo Kidz. Everland 7019345603. 1992. CD.
*Absolute Best. Sparrow SPC1339. 1993. CD.
*The Standard. Sparrow SPD 1387. 1993. CD. Ten songs.
*Yo Kidz 2. Everland 7019475604. 1994. CD.
*Meant for This Moment. Everland 9015183155. 1994. CD.
*R. I. O. T. (Righteous Invasion of Truth). Sparrow SPD 1422. 1995. CD. Ten songs.
*Absolutamente Lo Mejor. Sparrow SPC1471. 1995. CD. Spanish.
*I Surrender All: 30 Classic Hymns. Sparrow SPR1565. 1997. CD.
*Mission 3:16. Sparrow SPD1625. 1997. Single / remixes. CD.
*Mission 3:16. Sparrow SPD1640. 1998. CD.
*Jesus in Word. 685006. 199?
*Heart of a Champion. Sparrow SPD1766. 2000. CD.
Revival in the Land. Benson VO 2588. 1990. God's Got an Army. I Got the Joy. A Witch's Invitation. Saved, Delivered, and Healed. Resurrection Rap. This Blood. On the Blood of Jesus. Revival in the Land. Produced and directed by Stephen Yake. Audio produced by Keith Thomas, Brian Tankersley, Phil Naish and Lauren Stalnecker. Executive producers - Carman and Dan Cleary. Live audio recorded by Omega Audio. Live concert footage taped at The Brady Theatre, Tulsa. Oklahoma.
The Standard. Sparrow VCV 3130. 1994. Approximately 30 minutes. Who's in the House. Sunday School Rock. Serve the Lord. Holdin' On (duet with Margaret Becker). America Again. Great God. Produced and directed by Stephen Yake. Executive producer: Carman. Audio produced by Brown Bannister ("Sunday School Rock" and "Great God"). Chris Harris and Mark Heimermann ("Who's in the House"). Michael Omartian ("America Again"). Dan Cleary ("Holdin' On"). David Foster ("Serve the Lord").
*Riddle, Melissa. "No Guts, No Glory." CCM Feb. 2001: 26 - 31.
*Jesus Will Outshine Them All. CAM CAM1426. 1973. LP.
Carmelite Community of the Word
Carol Czyrnik. Catherine Marie Lamagna. Margie McGuire. Elizabeth Ann Layne. Martha Burbulla.
*Jesus Is Lord.LP61273. LP.
Jesus Is Lord
Side 1: The Word Became Flesh. Be for Me. Seek First the Kingdom of God. I Am Beginning to Understand. I Surrender. Side 2: You Are My Chosen One. Much Much More. Lead Me on Lord. Fear Not. Jesus Is Lord. Song of the Church. Accompanists: Thomas Matis. David Bonarrigo.
Carol Carmichael
*Songbook. Light LS5580. 1972. LP.
Evangeline Carmichael
*My Friend and I. Sacred LP8011 and LP6004. 1958. LP.
*The Lord Is My Shepherd LP8024. and LP6029. 1959. LP.
*Something Old and Something New. Sacred LP9016. 1959. LP.
Kim Carmichael
*Songs My Father Taught Me. Light LS5511. 1970. LP.
Ralph Carmichael
*The Electric Symphony. Light LS-5541-LP. 1971? LP
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Vangy Carmichael
*Vangy Carmichael. Sacred LP7019. 1955. 10 inch LP.
Steve Carney
*The Dust of Death. Custom SRS9864. 1978? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Black gospel group. Jeff Carnie - vocals. Richard Riley - pianist. Carole Carnie - soprano. Debra Griffin - alto. Circa 2000.
*Introducing the Carnies.
*Caught Up
*Walk with Me
*Standing in the Need of Prayer
Carnival of Souls
*Shaking of the Sheets. Custom CS.
Rob Grano: drums on A1-5, B2. Dewey Gurall: bass on A1-4. Bob Hartman: bodhran on A1-5, B2. Vonnie Holt: lead vocals on B1, B3. Brian Lowry: hammered dulcimer on A1-4, B2, B4; keyboards A5, B1, B3. Sara Masters: flute A1-5, B2-4. Dave Morris: bass B2. Jim Orr: vocals B3,guitar A1-5, B3-4; alto recorder B1. Chuck Owston: vocals A1-5, B2; guitar A1-2, A4-5; cittern - A3, B2. Amy Rose: vocals A5. Jeff Schoeller: guitar A5, B2. Greg Felmley: guest bodhran B4.
Side 1: The Shaking of the Sheets. Dives and Lazarus. Knave of Diamonds. All Souls' Band. Anthem. Side 2: Exile. Judas and Mary. The Sally Garden. Jig Medley.
*Favorite Christmas Carols. Diplomat SX1715. 196? LP.
Carolers and Yuletide Choristers
*26 Best Loved Christmas Hymns. RCA Camden CAL138. 1956. LP.
Carolina Boys
*Good News. Horizon HR09272. 2002. CD.
Carolina Gospel Singers
*My Redeemer Lives (Smith) b/w My Prayer (Upton / Fisk). Champion 15833. 1929. 10 inch 78rpm. Champion label: Richmond, Indiana.
*Jesus Paid It All (Hall / Grape) b/w We Will Rise and Shine (Pate). Champion 15856. 1929. 10 inch 78rpm.
*The Carolinians. Sing LP1001. 196? LP.
*Sing Your Favorites. Tarheel TLP3705. 1966. LP.
*I've Been to Calvary. Tarheel TLP3706. 1967. LP.
*Sing Just for Me. Tarheel TLP3707. 1967. LP.
*New Sound. Tarheel TLP3708. 1968. LP.
*Wonderful Time. Tarheel TLP3709. LP.
*Something Old Something New. Tarheel TLP3710. 1971. LP.
*The Carolinians. Tarheel TLP3711. 1972. LP.
*Palms of Victory. Tarheel T4RM7449. 1974. LP.
*Step by Step. Tarheel NR12166. 1980. LP.
*Just to Know. Tarheel NR15703. 1981. LP.
*Down Home. Harvest HAR1002. 1982. LP.
*Distinctively Different. Morningstsr MST4053. 1985. LP.
James Carone
*I'll Walk with God. Sienna WJC1001. 196? LP.
Bill Carpenter
*Meeting in the Air. Jessup MB105. 196? LP.
Robert E. Carpenter
*Thy Statutes Have Been My Song. Grace GLP5551. 197? LP.
*Christmas. Portrait / A&M SP3210. 1978. LP.
Carpenter's Apprentice
*Changes. SRS12107. 1971? LP. UK.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Carpenter’s Son
Patrick Ceaser: vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion. Tim Renaud: vocals, bass, mandolin, bodhran. Natalie-Anne Wicha-Rutherford: vocals, whistles, flute. Julie-Ann Renaud: vocals, percussion. Rosie Carver: fiddle. Vince Renaud: vocals, bass, Moog, drums, percussion.
*Angels Will Be Dancing. Custom CS. 1996.
*Warrior of the Cross. Custom CD. 2001.
*It’s About Time – It’s About Jesus. Custom CD. November 2004.
Angels Will Be Dancing
Songs: Angels Will Be Dancing. The Power of Prayer. Fires That Burn.
Warrior of the Cross
Songs: Forever On. I’ve Got an Angel. He Is Coming. Fires That Burn. Thy Saving Light. Angels Will Be Dancing. Heavenly Peace. The Power of Prayer. The Difference. There Go the Tears. Jesus Jesus Jesus. Warrior of the Cross. The Carpenter’s Son.
It’s About Time – It’s About Jesus
Songs: It’s About Jesus. Once Again for Love. Shoot Me Like an Arrow. Spirit. Tidings of Great Joy. Wheel of Life. The Brotherless Child. Silent Night. Stop This Love from You. Now I Lay Me Down. Come Unto Me Like a Child. Forgive Me Father. Goodbye.
Carpenter's Tools
*In His Hands. Chanan TO007. 1979. LP.
*I Believe He's Coming Back. Atlanta Sound ASM499. 197? LP. Same band????
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Carpenter's Tools
*Gone. Dawn DR00474. 1995. CS.
Carpenter's Union
*Carpenter's Union. Today T503. 1972? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brisbane, Australia based guitarist, singer / songwriter / producer. Song Azure got some notice in magazines. Has teamed with vocalist Angela King, ex- Witness Protection Program. Circa 2002.
Carla Jo Carr
*Come Take My Hand. Morningstar MSCD4343. 2000. CD.
John Carr
*John Carr and His Singing Guitar. Gleason G103. 196? LP.
Johnny Carr and Tim Harris
*Who Will You Serve? Morada MZS 176. 1984. LP.
*Mutual Backpatters. Quicksilver QS 10002. 1986. LP.
Kurt Carr
*No One Else. Gospo Centric. 1998. CD.
*Serious About It. Gospo Centric. 1998. CD.
*Awesome God. Gospo Centric 0694907472. CD.
*Together. Light 4871. 2003. CD. Reissues.
Sister Wynona Carr
*Dragnet for Jesus. Speciality SPCD7016. 1992. CD.
John Carrasco
*Goodwill Melodies. Goodwill LP101. 196? LP.
Tino Carrasco
From crime to Christ
*Pearls of Faith. 197? LP.
*Goodwill Melodies. LP. No date.
Pearls of Faith
Side 1: How Great Thou Art. On a Rugged Hill. Oh What a Day. God Understands. In the Hollow of His Hand. Side 2: It Took a Miracle. Over Shadowed. He Is Calling. My Father Watches over Me.
Goodwill Melodies
Songs: No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus. When They Ring the Golden Bells. I Never Walk Alone. Just a Closer Walk with Thee. I’m Looking Today for Him. Mas Alla Del Sol. Softly and Tenderly. The Lord’s Prayer. It’s in My Heart. Now I Belond to Jesus. Accompanied by Mr. Brad Braley
James Carraway
*I'm Just a Singing Pilgrim. Victory ZLP631. 1963. LP.
*Life's Railway to Heaven. Sacred Hymn JB2958. 197? LP.
*Fishes and Loaves - Kingdom Records Compilation V. 1. 1996. Song "Right Here, Right Now."
Carried Away
Pam Walker, Colleen and Christine Prankard
*Closer to You. 2005. CD.
*Voices of Celebration. Emerald EMB5008. 1995. CS.
Carriers of the Cross
*God's Love Gift. Cross CC1137. 197? LP.
Carriers of the Cross
Hip Hop
*Against the Grain. Holy Hip Hop. CD. 2006. UPC: 184187000524. Also: EMI Christian Music Group.
Against the Grain
Songs: Anthem Live. Against the Grain. Black Hole. On a Mission. Madd Flo. Dad. Warriors. Who You Rep? Beyond the Mic. Rebirth. Letter from the Grave. Introspect.
Singing Carriers
*The Carriers. Temple T363. 196? LP.
*His Way... More Than You'll Ever Know. Superior S10117. 197? LP.
Bill Carroll Trio
*Sweet, Sweet Spirit. Fellowship LP670. 1970. LP.
Bruce Carroll
*Something Good Is Bound to Happen. Exodus E1438701. 1987. CS. Also: Word / New Canaan 7019963536. 1987.
*Richest Man in Town. Word / New Canaan 7019971636. 1988. CD.
*The Great Exchange. Word 7019986633. 1990. CD.
*Sometimes Miracles Hide. Word 7019274503. 1991. CD.
*Walk On. Word 7019381502. 1993. CD.
*One Summer Evening... Live. Word 7019446507. 1995. CD.
*Speed of Light. Benson 8441843764. 1996. CD.
*For the Record. Word 7019922600. 1997. CD.
*Boomerang. Benson 8306103042. 1998. CD.
Carroll Family
Mogadore, Ohio
*Thankful Hearts. Harvest HAR1162. 1989. LP?
*Set Another Place. NewMorning NM 1515. LP. 1985.
*Reflects His Light. NewMorning NM 1930. LP.
Set Another Place
Side 1: Set Another Place at the Table (Stalls / Price / Wilburn). It Wasn’T Rainin’ Joel Hemphill). Sweet Beulah (Squire Parsons). Two Winning Hands (Ronny Hinson). I’ll Just Lay It Down (Gaskin). Side 2: I’ve Already Won the War (Alexander). Oh For a Thousand To Tongues (David Binion). Step into the Water (Kirk Talley). I’m Not Perfect (Joel Hemphill). Then Came the Morning (William J. Gaither amd Gloria Gaither).
Keyboards: Art Bain. Guitar: Dale McCoy. Bass: Tracy Davis. Drums: Tony Creasman. Track arrangements: Art Bain. Vocal arrangements: Eric Willson. Photography: Pamfile Studios. Photographed at Gus’ Chalet., Akron, Ohio. Engineer: Eric Willson.
Reflects His Light
Side A: You’re the Light They Need Tonight (George Cocchini / Monroe Jones / Chris McCollum 3:33). Carry on Church (Joel Hemphill 3:17). Heaven Must Have Missed You (David Baroni / Niles Borop (3:33). Gonna Be Movin’ (One of These Days) (Randall Hylton (2:20). This Same Jesus (Gloria Gaither / William J. Gaither / Danny Daniels / Dony McGuire 5:10). Side 2: For God Is Love (Elmer Cole 3:15). A Place Where the Hungry Are Fed (Ailene Hanks 3:10). Let the Blood of Calvary Speak for Me (Joel Hemphill / Candy Hemphill 3:59). I’m Gonna Keep Walkin’ (Jerry Thompson / Niles Borop 2:15). In the Midst of It All (Tim Hill (5:19).
Tracks recorded and mixed by Eric Willson at Dawn Studios, Asheville, NC. Drums: Tony Creasman. Keyboards: Art Bain. Bass: Tim Compton. Acoustic and electric guitar, steel, dobro: David Johnson. Photography by Pamfile Studios, Kent, OH
Rex Carroll
see also Whitecross; King James
*The Rex Carroll Sessions. Starsong. 1995. CD.
Ronnie Carroll
*Starting Today. New Life NL1101. 197? LP.
Steve Carroll
*Rise Again. American Art 1420. LP.
Rise Again
Side 1: Daystar. Give Them All to Jesus. Praise the Lord He Never Changes. Rise Again. Gentle Shepherd. O Glorious Love. Side 2: I Feel Good. I Lost It All to Find Everything. He Was There All the Time. Clean Before My Lord. All in the Name of Jesus. More (Than You’ll Ever Know).
Jannette Carruthers
United Kingdom
*Jannette Carruthers. Word WST8511. 1975.
Dan Carson
*Jesus Got a Hold of My Life. Sword and Shield LPS8062. 1076. LP.
Martha Carson
*Journey to the Sky. RCA Victor LPM1145. 1956. LP.
*Rock a My Soul. RCA Victor LPM1490. 1958. LP.
*Satisfied. Capitol T1507. 1960. LP. Reissued as Stetson HAT109. 197?
*A Talk with God. Capitol ST1607. 1962. LP.
*This Ole House. Scripture S111. 1963 LP.
*Martha Carson Sings. RCA Camden CAS906. 1965. CS. Reissue of LPM1490.
*Martha Carson. Sims LP109. 197? LP.
*Greatest Gospel Hits. Gusto SD997. 1978. LP. Reissued as Hollywood HT231.
*James and Martha. ACM ACM18. 198? LP.
*Explodes. Bear BFX15215. 1986. LP.
Journey to the Sky
Songs: My Journey to the Sky. This Ole House. Chuggin' Home (Turnin' in This Olg Jalopy). The Bible Tells Me So. A Satisfied Mind. I Just Found God. Glory Hallelujah. Go on By. Give Up. I'm a Pilgrim. He'll Understand and Say "Well Done." Let's Talk about That Old Time Religion.
Martha Carson: vocals. Program notes by Noel Digby on the cover.
Paul Carson
*Plays for You. Chapel LP1200. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Paul Carson. Chapel LP1206. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Moon Beams. Chapel LP1207. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Resurrection Hymns. Chapel LP1214. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Christmas. Chapel LP1215. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Hawaiian. Chapel LP1217. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Paul Carson. Chapel LP1218. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Chimes. Chapel LP1222. 195? 10 inch LP.
*Gospel Gems. Chapel LP5002. 196? LP.
*Favorite Hymns. Chapel LP5003. 196? LP.
*Hymns of Charles Wesley. Chapel LP5040. 196? LP.
*Favorite Gospel Songs I. Chapel LP5041. 196? LP.
*Hymns of Isaac Watts. Chapel LP5042. 196? LP.
*The Hymns and Carols of Charles Wesley. Alma LP1736. 196? LP.
*Organ with Chimes Vol. I. Alma LP1801. 196? LP.
*Popular Classics Vol. I. Alma LP 1802. 196? LP.
*Popular Classics Vol. II. Alma LP1803. 196? LP.
*Wedding Music. Alma LP1804. 196? LP.
*Christmas Music Vol. I. Alma LP1987. 196? LP.
*Favorite Hymns Vol. I. Alma LP1808. 196? LP.
*Favorite Hymns Vol. II. Alma LP1809. 196? LP.
*Pipe Organ Vol. I. Alma LP1810. 196? LP.
*Favorite Hymns Vol. III. Alma LP1812. 196? LP.
*Favorite Hymns Vol. IV. Alma LP1823. 196? LP.
*Organ with Chimes Vol. II. Alma LP1831. 196? LP.
*Hymns of Isaac Watts. Alma LP1834. 196? LP.
*Gospel Gems Vol. I. Alma LP1851. 196? LP.
*Gospel Gems Vol. II. Alma LP1852. 196? LP.
*Music of Revival. Alma LP1855. 196? LP.
Bill Carter Singers
*A Bouquet of Songs. Praise PRS138. 1970. LP.
*A Welcome Sound. Praise PRS150. 1971. LP
*City of Life. Praise PRS152. 1971. LP.
*Sing for You. Praise PRS161. 1971. LP
*Our Best to You. Praise PRS164. 1971. LP.
*Sing It Like It Is. Praise PRS166.1972. LP.
Brion Carter
*Tenor's Tribute. MSC MSC4205. 199?
Carter, Cooney and Wells
*Mighty Power. Birthright Records ST-70213. 1984. LP.
Mighty Power
Songs: Mighty Power. Good to You. You Are There. I Am Somebody Now. I Must Go On. Change. Call God Almighty. Need a Blessing. Pilgrim Passing Through.
Carter Family
*The Famous. Harmony HL7280. 1960. LP.
*Great Sacred Songs. Harmony HL7396. 1966. LP.
*Original Carter Family. ACM ACM8. 198? LP.
*Best of the Carter Family. Columbia CL 231911. LP.
*The Original and Great Carter Family. RCA / Camden CAL - 58611. LP.
*Carter Family Album. Liberty. LP.
*Collection of Favorites by the Carter Family. Decca 4404. LP.
*Country's First Family. Columbia. LP.
*The Original Carter Family in Texas I. Old Homestead OHCS111. 1978.
*The Original Carter Family in Texas II. Old Homestead OHCS112.
*The Original Carter Family in Texas III. Old Homestead OHCS116.
*The Original Carter Family in Texas IV. Old Homestead OHCS117.
*The Original Carter Family in Texas V. Old Homestead OHCS130.
*The Original Carter Family in Texas VI. Old Homestead OHCS136.
*The Original Carter Family in Texas VII. Old Homestead OHCS139. 1978.
*Diamonds in the Rough. Copper Creek CCD-107. 1990. CD.
*Clinch Mountain Treasures: The Complete October 1940 ARC Recordings. County CCS-CD-112. 1991.
*Anchored in Love.
*Country by The Carter Family.
*My Clinch Mountain Home (1928-1929). Rounder CD1065. 1993. CD.
*Worried Man Blues (1930). Rounder CD1067. 1995. CD.
*On Border Radio - 1939 Vol. 1. Arhoolie CD 411. 1995. CD.
*On Border Radio -Vol. 2. Arhoolie CD 412. 1997. CD.
*Give Me Roses While I Live (1932-1933). Rounder CD1069. 1997. CD.
*Last Session.
*Longing for Old Virginia.
*Sara and Maybelle Carter.
*Sunshine in the Shadows.
*Home Among the Hills. Harmony / Columbia HL 7344. LP.
*Atkins, John. "The Carter Family." Stars of Country Music. Ed. Bill C. Malone and Judith McCulloh. Urbana, Illinois: University of Illinois Press,1975. ISBN 0-252-00527-9.
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Carter Family and Cathy
*A Child Talks with God. Sims LP132. 1966. LP.
Jo Carter
Pennant Hills, New South Wales, Australia
*More Than Meets the Eye. Custom. JC001. 1990. CS
More Than Meets the Eye
Jo Carter: vocals, keyboards. John Waller: drums. Darren Hills: bass. Rob Smith: guitars. Bruce Allen: saxophone. Phillip Hartl: violin. Steve Gilfillan and Jeff Todd: drum programming. Children: Tanyth and Samuel Davies.
All songs and arrangements by Jo Carter.
Side 1: Always (4:33). Someone Like You (4:57). Without You (2:30). In My Heart (4:00). Leave Our Children Alone (5:41). Side 2: Poor Johnny (3:41). Written on His Face (2:38). There Is Hope (5:09). Time Is Running Out (3:09). From the Soul (6:55).
Produced by Jo Carter and Jeff Todd. Engineered and mixed by Jeff Todd. Recorded at Windwood Studios, C.A.V.C. Studios, and Rich Music Studios. Mixed at Rich Music Studios. Cover design by Jo Carter.
Loretta Carter and the Sounds of Praise
*Only One Life to Live. Eddie Crook Company ECP-2007. LP. No date
Only One Life to Live
Side 1: Lord, How Many Times Have I Failed You (J. Criswell 3:22). The Trumpet Sounds (Denver Lamb 2:31). When the Angels Sing for Me (Denver Lamb (1:52). He’s Not Thru Blessing You Yet (James Maynard / Loretta Carter 3:27). Only One Live to Live (J. Criswell 2:48). Side 2: Reach Down God and Rescue Me (Denver Lamb 3:47). I Wish I’d Done More (Hemphill 3:48). Mother Left Me Her Bible (Esco Hankins )3>29). I’d Still Want to Serve Him Today (4:38). He’s Already Done What He Said He Would Do (2:28).
Produced bu Eddie Crook. Piano: Dumpy Rice. Lead guitar: Rick Todd and Jr, Spivie. Drums: Denny Brooks. Bass: Charles Pennington, Jr. Steel guitar: Rick Todd. Rhythm guitar: Dumpy Rice. Fiddle: Jr. Bennett. Central Recording Studio, Middletown, Ohio by Delbert Barker. Vocal overdubs recorded at Hilltop Studios, Nashville.
Mel Carter
*Willing. Onyx International RO 3826. 1984. LP and CS. Also found as Impact R3826.
Side One: Never Turn Back (Derrick Lee 2:32). Unless the Lord (Brian Carr / Laurel Press 3:36). Lift Him Up (arr. Mel Carter / Butch McGhee / Derrick Lee 4:13). When I’m Weak (Thomas Whitfield 4:38). Side Two: Love Was All He Had (Larry Bryant 2:52). Willing (Nancy Grandquist 3:49). Believing Is Seeing (Lynn Keesecker 3:10). I’ll Be Touching You (Joe Huffman 4:15). Jesus, Lord to Me (Greg Nelson / Gary McSpadden 4:45).
Executive producer: Gentry McCreary. Producers: Thomas Whitfield, Mel Carter. C0-producer: Sanchez Harley. Production manager: Butch McGhee. Recorded: basic rhythm tracks: Bullitt Recording Studio, Nashville, TN; Scott Hendricks, engineer.
Great Circle Sound Studio, Nashville (Music Row). Engineers: Sanchez and Paul Benson. Mixing: Center Row Recording Studio: Thomas Whitfield and Sanchez Harley.
Rhythm section: James Stroud: drums. Mel Owens: percussionist. Jon Goin: guitar. Earl Peeks: bass guitar. Larry Paxton: bass guitar. Mitch Humphries: keyboards. String arrangements: Lloyd Barry, Cyril Lawrence Holland and Sanchez Harley. String interpolations: Thomas Whitfield, Llody Barry, Sanchez Harley and Cyril Lawrence Holland. Horn arrangements: Sanchez Harley and Lloyd Barry. Vocal arrangements: Thomas Whitfield. Backing vocals: Kim Flemming, Donna McElroy, Cyril Lawrence Holland. The Lifter’s Claps: Paul Benson, Mel Owens, Cotton Wilburn. Producer note: (Hey, Greg thanks for the project T.W.). Photographer: Michael Kamber, KamX Productions.
Sydney Carter
*When I Needed a Neighbor b/w Nadia Cattouse” Judas and Mary. Eye Mark Records. 1965
Wilf Carter
*Let's Go Back to the Bible. RCA Camden CAL818. 1965. LP.
St. Louis punk rock. Band members are Christian, but band is not a ministry. Began in 1998.
Enrico Caruso and
John McCormack

*Sing Christmas Music. RCA Victor LCT1121. 1955. LP.
Cary, Carl and Mike
*Sing a New Song. RSR 672. 1975? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
*Taken by Surprise. Rhema RH025. 1979? LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Calvin and Susan Case
*Freedom. Sing MSP9061. 1976. LP.
Chris Case
*Sentiments. 1999?
Ron Case and Phil Butin
*A Dream and a Prayer. Delta DRS77M606. 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Lindy Casebier
*Christmas with Lindy. Custom LP. 198?
Ben Casey
*Singing I Go. Supreme SS2053. 1966. LP.
Bonnie Casey
*Maybe Soon. Bridge S5709. 1978. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Ron Casey
*Vesper Melodies. Chapel S5142. 1974. LP.
Ed Cash
Charlotte, North Carolina
*With a Smile. 1994.
*Stability. 1996.
*Where Were You? 1997. Bebo Norman on backing vocals.
*Joy (Christmas Songs). Ed Cash / Allen Levi / Bebo Norman.
Joanne Cash
*He's Coming. Country Oak C03001. 1980. LP.
Johnny Cash
*Hymns by... Columbia CS8125. 1959. LP.
*Hymns from the Heart. Columbia CS8522. 1962. LP. Reissued as: Sunday Down South. Sun SUN119. 1977. LP. *The Holy Land. Columbia KCS 9726. 1969. LP. Also found as KC2726 (mono).
*Hello, I'm Johnny Cash. Columbia KC9943. 1970. LP.
*Man in Black. Columbia C30550. 1971. LP. Contains songs The Preacher Said, "Jesus Said" (with Billy Graham) and I Talk to Jesus Every Day.
*The Gospel Road. Columbia KG 32253. 1973. LP. 2 records.
*Any Old Wind That Blows. Columbia KC32901. 1973. LP.
*Ragged Old Flag. Columbia KC32917. 1974. LP.
*Johnny Cash Sings Precious Memories. Columbia C33087. 1975. LP.
*A Believer Sings the Truth. Cachet CL39001. 1979. LP.
*A Believer Sings the Truth Vol. I. Priority JU38074. 1982. LP.
*Believe in Him. Word Nashville 7010004331. 1985 / 1986. LP. Test pressing exists.
*Gospel Glory. CBS A21608. 1990. CD reissues.
*Gospel Collection. Columbia CK48952. 1992. CD reissues.
*I Believe. Arrival AVL387. 199? CD.
*Love, God, Murder. Sony 63809. 2000. 3 CDs; reissues.
*Cash, Johnny. Man in Black: His Own Story in His Own Words. Grand Rapids, Michigan: Zondervan, 1976. Paperback.
*Cash, Johnny. Man in White. San Francisco: Harper, 1986. A novel.
Tommy Cash
*Six White Horses. Epic BN26535. 1970. LP.
Ron Caskey
*A Day without a Cloud. Custom LP. 197? with the Inspirationals.
*In the Garden. Rainbow R2099. 197? LP.
*One More Valley. Wills Printing Co. LPS-7015. LP.
Cass County Boys
*Up in the Sky. Decca DL5344. 1951. 10 inch LP.
Rob Cassels
*Evening Pastoral. Sword SWR 7004-LP. 1979. LP and CS. Two different covers exist. As the Rob Cassels Band. *Kamikaze Christian. Morada MZS 056. 1983. LP.
*Off the Wall. Morada MZS 240. 1984. LP.
*Straight Shot. Dark Records SPCN 7900603859. 1988. LP. As Rob Castles.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003. Review of Evening Pastoral.
Chuck Cassey Singers
*Favorite Hymns. Dot DLP3676. 1966. LP.
Cast in Stone
Redlands, California. Style is hardcore.
*Life on Trial. 2000. CD.
*Seibert, Joshua. "Southern Cali Hardcore for the Kids." HM Sept.- Oct. 2000: 40.
Vocalist is named Conner. This was a concert review.
Life onTrial
Songs: Deceiver. Traitor Inside. Out for Blood. For Nothing. You Can't Hold Me Back. Life on Trial.
Ellason Castiglione
*Follow Me. Trail TR2226. 1983. LP.
Casting Crowns
*Casting Crowns. 2003. CD.
Casting Pearls
See: also Vota
*Really Great Sinner. Independent. 2000. CD. As: Casting Pearls.
*Rock. Big Box. 2002. CD. As: Casting Pearls.
*Casting Pearls. Big Box. 2004. CD. As: Casting Pearls.
*Casting Pearls. InPop. 2005. As: Casting Pearls. CD.
*Live from Witchita. EP Big Box. 2007. CD.
Lee Castro
*King Is Coming. Vision NS7302. 197? LP.
Cat Called Africa
New Zealand. Contemporary rock. Circa 2001.
Northfield, Ohio
*Catalytic Conversion. Custom CS. 1989.
*Rise Up Spirits. Custom LP. 1973.
*To Be an Instrument. Custom LP. 1974.
John Catchings
*Joy in the Journey. Sparrow SPR1199. 1989.
Band existed circa 2000.
Catchy Creek
*Catchy Creek. Little People LP9014. 197? LP.
Catharsis and the Humdrum
Band from Indiana
See also Kevin Thornton
*Govinda. Custom tape. 4 songs. 1997?
*"This Haunted Place." 2 song single. 1997?
*Girl Takes Mercury (After All - Night Party). Custom CD. 1997.
*Death of Komarov. Custom CD Ep. 5 songs.
Matt Miller: bass. Jonothan Newby: drums. Kevin Thornton: guitar, lead vocals.
Bill Cates
*Remembrances. Wayside WS01002. 1976. LP.
Cathedral Choirs of Notre Dame,
Paris, France
*800th Anniversary Notre Dame Cathedral. Philips PHM500-039. LP. Canon Jehan Revert: choirmaster. Pierre Cochereau: organist.
Cathedral Choralaires
*Neighborhood Church Presents. Christian Faith LP1453. 1963. LP.
Cathedral Quartet
*Cathedral Quartet. Chapel LP1508. 195? 10 inch LP.
Cathedral Symphony and Choir
*Thanks Be to God. Supreme SS2011. 196? LP.
*Festival of Praise. Supreme 10001. 196? LP.
Cathedral Three Plus One
*It's Amazing. Chapel S2247. 1972. LP.
Cathedral Trio
*Introducing. Hi Fi. 196? LP.
*When the Saints Go Marching In. Dovine D15. 196? LP.
*Beyond the Sunset. Dovine LPD20. 1964. LP. Reissued: Eternal LP700103. 1970. LP.
*Taller Than Trees. Dovine. LPD21. 1965. LP. Also: Eternal QRS156. LP.
*With Strings. Heart Warming HWS1853. LP. Reissued: Eternal LP750170. LP. Reissued: Homeland HD9753. CD. (Classics Vol.2).
*With Brass. Heart Warming HWS1909. 1966. LP. Reissued: Eternal 751002. 1975. LP. Reissued: Homeland HD9753. CD. (Classics Vol.1).
*Greatest Gospel Hits. Scripture LP118. 1966. LP.
*I'm Nearer Home. Eternal LP3061. 1967. LP.
*I Saw the Light. Eternal C998. LP.
*Featuring George Younce. Custom C1453. 1968. CS number.
*Featuring Glen Payne. Custom C1454. 1968. CS number.
*Focus on Glen Payne. Hymntone HPS7220. 1968. LP.
*Jesus Is Coming Soon. Eternal LP691209. 1969. LP.
*Beyond the Sunset. Eternal LP996. 1969. LP.
*It's Music Time. Eternal LP1001. 1970. LP.
*A Little Bit of Everything. Canaan CAS9688. 1970. LP.
*Hits. Eternal LP710240. 1971. LP.
*Family Album. Eternal LP19247. 1971. LP.
*Then I Found Jesus. Eternal LP790250. 1971. LP.
*Everything's Alright. Canaan CAS9697. 1971. LP.
*Welcome to Our World. Canaan CAS9715. 1972. LP.
*Right On. Eternal LP710853. 1972. LP.
*Somebody Loves Me. Eternal LP721147. 1972. LP.
*The Last Sunday. Canaan CAS9733. 1973. LP.
*Request Time. Vista R1223. 1973. LP.
*Town and Country. Eternal LP730651. 1973. LP.
*Smooth as Silk. Eternal LP791214. 1974. LP.
*Live with the Cathedrals. 1974. LP.
*Our Statue of Liberty. Canaan CAS9761. 1974. LP.
*Oh What Love. Eternal LP780303. 1975. LP.
*The Laughing Song. Eternal . 1975. LP.
*Plain Ole Gospel. Eternal LP751132. 1975. LP.
*For Keeps. Canaan CAS9776. 1975. LP.
*Easy on the Ears. Canaan CAS9791. 1976. LP.
*Albert Brumley Classics. Eternal LP70635. 1977. LP.
*Then... Now. Canaan CAS9807. 1977. LP.
*Best of. Eternal . 1978. 2 LP set.
*One at a Time. Eternal LP780302. 1978. LP.
*Sunshine and Roses. Canaan CAS9821. 1978. LP. Reissued: Cannan Classics: Sunshine and Roses. Homeland HD9822. 1998. CD.
*Live in Concert. Eternal LP740541. 1979.
*Keep on Singing. Eternal LP791006. 1979. LP.
*You Ain't Heard Nothing Yet. Canaan CAS9842. 1979. LP.
*The Cathedral Quartet. Custom. 1979. 2 LP set.
*The Best of... Rite LP760646. 197? 4 LP set.
*Music Time. Eternal LP761125. 197? 3 LP set.
*The Best of the Cathedrals. Eternal . 197? LP reissues.
*Interwoven. Eternal LP800519. 1980. LP.
*Telling the World about His Love. Eternal LP801027. 1980. LP
*Better Than Ever. Canaan CAS9857. 1980. LP.
*Live with the Cathedrals. Artists LP791051. 1980. LP.
*The Cathedrals. Artists LP791058. 1980. 4 LP set.
*Sunday Singing Gospel. Arrival CS34394. CD. Canaan reissues.
*Together. Arrival 37932. CD. Split CD with the Florida Boys.
*Individually. Eternal 830581. 1981. LP. Reissued: Daywind 830581. CD.
*Colors of His Love. Canaan CAS9872. 1981. LP.
*Greater. Eternal 810550. 1982. LP.
*Something Special. Eternal 811018. 1982. LP. Also: Something Special. Canaan CAS9890. 1982. LP. Reissued: Canaan Classics: Something Special. Homeland HD9909. 1999. CD.
*Cherish That Name. Eternal 811215. 1982. LP. Reissued as Crossroads Music 4525950202. 2001.
*A Collection of Their Best. Canaan CAS9896. 1982. LP.
*Oh Happy Day. Eternal. 1983. LP.
*Live... In Atlanta. Riversong BJU38632. 1983. LP.
*Voices in Praise A' Capella. Riversong R0303. 1983. LP.
*Favorites Old and New. Canaan CAS9909. 1983. LP. Reissued: Word 8068861402.
*Distinctively. Custom. 1984. LP.
*The Prestigious. Riversong ZLP8405. 1984. LP. Reissued: Homeland HD9749. CD. (Classics Vol. 5).
*Especially for You. Riversong ZLP5407. 1985. LP. Reissued: Homeland HD9750. CD. (Classics Vol. 3).
*A Cathedral Christmas A' Capella. Riversong ZLP8506. 1985. LP.
*An Old Convention Song. Riversong SBP150. 1985. LP. Reissued: Homeland HD9752. CD. (Classics Vol. 6).
*Master Builder. Riversong ZLP8510. 1986. LP. Reissued: Benson 8441841572. CD. 1996. Reissued: Homeland HD9751. CD. (Classics Vol. 4).
*Travelin'. Riversong R02324. 1986. LP.
*Classics Vol. 1. Riversong R3886. LP. Half from HWS 1853, half from HWS 1909.
*Classics Vol. 2. Riversong R03930. Half from HWS 1853, half from HWS 1909.
*Seniors in Session. Eternal. 1987. LP.
*The Cathedral Quartet. Custom. 1987. LP.
*Land of the Living. Riversong R02389. 1987. CS.
*Symphony of Praise. Riversong R02402. 1987. CD.
*Goin' in Style. Homeland HC801. 1988. CS.
*Collection Vol. 1. Riversong C02471. 1988. CS.
*Telling the World about His Love. Miracle Music C1010. 1988. CS.
*I've Just Started Living. Homeland HC8906. 1989. CS.
*Collection Vol. 2. Riversong C02523. 1989. CS.
*25th Anniversary. Homeland HC8912. 1989. CS.
*Telling the World. Singing News 100685. 198?
*Collector's Series. Homeland HD9016. 3 CD set. Reissues.
*Climbing Higher and Higher. Homeland HC9018. 1990. CS.
*The Best of Times. Homeland HC9055. 1991. CS.
*Collection Vol. 3. Riversong C02745. 1991. CS.
*Masters of Gospel. Riversong 8441828764. 199?
*Christmas A' Capella. Riversong 8441885064. 1992. Reissue of ZLP8506?
*Worship His Glory. Canaan 7019518532. 1993. CS number.
*High and Lifted Up. Canaan 701516020X. 1993. CS number.
*Campmeeting "Live." Canaan 7019997538. 1993. CS number.
*Raise the Roof. Canaan 7019534635. 1994. CD.
*30th Anniversary. Canaan 8068832722. 1994. Reissues.
*A Reunion. Canaan CRC9511. 1995. CS number.
*A Cathedral Christmas. Canaan CRC9526. 1995.
*Some of Their Finest Moments. Homeland HD9080. 1995. CD. Reissues.
*20 Favorites. Benson 8441842162. 1995. Reissues.
*20 Favorites. Benson 8441844292. 1996.Reissues.
*Radio Days. Canaan 7019698506. 1996. CS number.
*The Cathedral Collection. Homeland HD9610. 1996. CD.
*Alive! Deep in the Heart of Texas. Homeland HD9707. 1997. CD.
*Faithful. Homeland HD9801. 1998. CD.
*Live. Homeland HD9929. 1999. CD.
*21 Favorite Hymns and Songs of the Church. Homeland. 1999. CD.
*Hymns and Spiritual Songs. Homeland HD9931. 1999. CD.
*Through the Years. Homeland. 1999.
*20 Convention Classics. Southern Classics SCD2201. 1999. CD.
*A Farewell Celebration. Spring House SHD2223. 1999. CD.
*Anthology. Homeland HD9957. 2000. CD reissues.
*Precious Memories: Hymns of the Faith. Homeland. 2000.
*Signature Songs Vol. 1. Homeland. 2000.
*Signature Songs Vol. 2. Homeland. 2000.
*Super Hits. Sony 85181. 2000. CD. Also: Elektra / Word, same number. Reissues.
*Southern Gospel Treasury. Sony 85304. 2001. CD. Reissues.
*Live: Coast to Coast. Cathedral CH50182. 2001. CD. Reissues
*The Cathedrals. Madacy MC21254. 2001. 3 CD set. Reissues. Individual CDs are numbered: MC21255, MC21256, and MC21257.
*The Best of the Cathedrals. Spring House. 2002. CD.
I’m Nearer Home
Side 1: I’m Nearer Home. Jesus Use Me. In the Shelter of His Arms. Lord Teach Me How to Pray. Brother Ira. Down from His Glory. Side 2: He the Pearly Gates Will lOpen. Does Jesus Care? Unclouded Day. Heaven of Rest. More About Jesus. Near the Cross.
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Side 1: Yesterday. Help Me Lord. Sweet Relief. So Dearly. Jesus My Wonderful Lord. Side 2: Jesus Is Coming Soon. Kneel at the Cross. You Better Get Ready. Big Boss. Had It Not Been. Rock of Ages.
One at a Time
Glen Payne. George Younce. Mark Trammel. George Webster. Haskell Cooley: piano.
Songs: Jesus, I Love Living with You. So I Love Him Dearly. Promise You'll Meet Me. Ask God. Rise Again. The Old Time Preacher Man. Forever Is a Long Long Time. Anchored in Love Divine. There Go I. Devil, Get out of My Way.
Produced by Glen Payne.
Live ... in Atlanta. Riversong BJU38632.
Songs: You Can Walk on Water. I'm Gonna Live Forever. Everywhere I Go. We Are Blessed. I'm Going Home Someday. It's So Peaceful. Rivers of Joy. We Shall See Jesus. Lord, I Want toLove You More.
Produced by Glen Payne and George Younce.
20 Favorites
Songs: Can He, Could He, Would He, Did He? (2:36). Champion of Love (3:59). Wonderful Grace of Jesus (3:02). The Rocks Shall Not Cry Out (2:42). Who Can Do Anything? (3:04). Room at the Cross for You (2:28). An Old Convention Song (2:21). No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus (3:34). Won't It Be Wonderful There? (2:05). My Jesus, I Love Thee (2:06). Movin' Up to Gloryland (3:02). For What Earthly Reason (5:06). The Master Builder (4:04). Boundless Love (4:47). Somebody Touched Me (3:43). Tell It to Jesus (1:40). At the Cross (2:53). Blood Washed Band (2:39). Have You Visited Heaven Lately? (2:46). Great Is Thy Faithfulness (3:16). Compiled by Craig Bond and Tammy Goetz.
Radio Days
Songs: Ride That Glory Train. Mansion over the Hilltop. Hard Trial Will Soon Be Over. Echoes from the Burning Bush. I Know My Savior Is There. A Cappella Reprise. I'm Gonna Serve My Lord. The Love of God. The Light of Love. I've Been with Jesus. I'm Looking for Jesus.
Marc Catley
*The Peel Tower Hop. MARC C 1R. 1987. 7 inch, 33rpm.
*This Is the Birth of Classical Acoustic Rock. Plankton PCN 115.
*In Difference. Plankton PCN 123.
*The Off the End of the Pier Show. Plankton PCDN 130. 1991. with Geoff Mann.
*Fine Difference. Plankton PCDN 133. 1992. Compilation with Geoff Mann.
*Make the Tea. Plankton PCDN 135.
*C.H.A.R. (listed "and the Flaming Methodists").
The Peel Tower Hop
Marc Catley - vocals, guitar. Geoff Mann - vocals, drums. Heather Davenport - vocals. Clive Davenport - guitar, drums. Steve Ridley - keyboards.
All songs by Marc Catley, except as noted.
Side 1: Keep On (2:03). Magnify (Catley - Paul Donnelly 3:37). Side 2: Weep for the City (4:37). We Are One (2:40).
Produced by Geoff Mann. Engineered by Clive Davenport. Artwork - Dave Brownlow. Photos - Andy Labrow and John Applegate. Recorded at Charter Studios, Central Hall, Oldham St., Manchester, England.
Nadia Cattouse
*Judas and Mary b/w Sydney Carter: When I Needed a Neighbor.
Caustic Eminence
Marion, Indiana
*Grossly Misaccused. Custom. cassette only.
*Ingest This and Be Happy. Custom. cassette only.
*"Trampled." Boot to Head. 1996.
Cauzin' Efekt
Rap group from the JPUSA community in Chicago
*Listen to His Voice. Ocean / Grrr 7018137691. 1991. CD.
*Familee Affair. Grrr / REX 44003-2. 1994. CD.
Cavalier Quartet
*Cavalier Quartet. Sing MFLP250. 1958. LP.
*His Way. Sing MFLP251. 1959. LP.
*Crossing Jordan. Gospel Tone GT102. 1977. LP.
*Gloryland Jubilee. Silver Clef 4020. 197? LP.
*Day of the Son. Custom 208049. 198? LP.
Stuart and Sandy Cave
*Dawn on Sunday. Profile GMOR143. 1977. LP.
*Scott, Ken. Archivist: Vintage Vinyl Jesus Music 1965 - 1980. 3rd ed. 2003.
Brisband, Australia
Rock and pop
*Choose to Fly. EP. CD.

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